I was curious to know how good my team in Platinum is. I am just past Cynthia.
This is my team:

Crobat (Lv.50)

Cross Poison
Aerial Ace
Fly (I need this one)

Serious Nature, Inner Focus ability, Sp.Atk and Atk are equal, Dread Plate item

Roserade (Lv.50)

Magical Leaf
Grass Knot (I want to keep this one)
Giga Drain
Stun Spore (I want to keep this or Sleep Powder for catching. How do you get Sleep Powder?)

Rash Nature, Natural Cure ability, Big Root item

Fan Rotom (Lv.52) (I want to keep the Fan forme, as it has the most reliable forme-exclusive move)

Shadow Ball
Air Slash
Double Team

Lonely Nature, Levitate ability, Spooky Plate item

Infernape (Lv.53)

Fire Punch
Brick Break
Close Combat

Naive Nature, Blaze ability, no item

Giratina (Lv.54)

Shadow Claw
Dragon Claw
Earthquake (this is my only Ground move, I want to keep this)
Shadow Force

Naive Nature, Pressure ability, no item. I don't want an Origin forme, as I need this one's bulk. The SpDef drop caused by its nature is compensated for by SpDef EV-minerals. I also EV'd it to slightly favour physical moves, but the difference is small between the two offensive stats. Mine is exceptionally fast.

Vaporeon (Lv. 56) <3

Water Pulse (I want to replace this)
Aurora Beam (I want to replace this as well)
Surf (I need this)
Ice Beam (I need this)

Serious Nature, Water Absorb ability, no item. I don't need Waterfall, as I'm past all Waterfalls I want to go past. Or else, I'll catch a low-Lv Buizel and climb Stark Mountain.


I don't like low-PP moves with low accuracy (Thunder, Hydro Pump, etc.), moves like Outrage and recoil moves.


Is this a good team?