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Thread: Community POTW #123

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    my secret lair


    realised i forget to come up with a name for the Shelmet lc set

    how about Safety Shelmet?

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    Accelgor is a speed freak pokemon... With 145 speed and 100 sp attack one would immediately think that accelgor is a wonderful special sweeper. Truth is, for a special sweeper, accelgor is average at best held back by a shallow special movepool and bad coverage. Accelgor's speed is sadly the only thing very good about it while everything else just die for a little bit boost to be perfect for that speed. Accelgor's abilities are mediocre, while unburden is arguably totally useless, sticky hold's effect is situational at best but when it comes the moment you'll notice that this ability is not half bad... Keeping your item when you most needed is a keen ability. Hydration is the most useful ability but needs rain support to work properly.

    Accelgor's defenses are bad... not decent... just bad. 80/40/60 means that you'll die to any SE hit even unstabbed. That been said, accelgor rarely has to rely on it's defenses seeing it's amazing speed but still, that just means you won't be staying long.

    The movepool is enough to say the least... It lacks some decent attacking options and coverage moves since bug type attacks have bad coverage...
    I was going to detail the usable moves that accelgor has access to, but these two sets really sums them up:

    Un escargot tout chaud
    Accelgor @ Choice specs
    ability: sticky hold
    Evs: 252 Sp ATT/ 252 HP/ 4 SPD
    Nature: +Sp ATT / - ATT
    -Bug buzz
    -Giga drain
    -Focus blast
    -Hidden power rock / Acid spary
    The special sweeper set... With a choice spec, accelgor can hit pretty hard. The main problem with this set is it's capability to be played around by your opponent. Bug buzz is your main attacking stab. Giga drain is your main weapon against rock, ground and water types while recovering some useful HP. Here is where the good parts end... With your movepool being so shallow, focus blast present itself as your ONLY way of trying and get past a steel type while HP rock will be your only way to take down flying types that wall you too! Acid spray can be used to force a switch but not entirely useful on this set!

    Accelgor @ Leftovers
    Ability: Sticky hold / Hydration (in rain)
    Evs: 252 HP/ 252 SPD/ 4 Sp DEF
    nature: +SPD / -ATT
    -Yawn / Toxic
    -Acid spray / Me first
    This set capitalizes on accelgor's speed! Sacrebleu is right! Set up spikes as fast as you can while punishing pokemon that tries to set up on you with encore. Beware of opponents setting up agility though or dragon dance... Encore will mostly let you set up spikes safely... Once done_or if you like before_Cripple it with a status. Yawn will force switchings racking up some spikes damage while toxic is reliable way to take down walls and bulky tanks. Taunt is the main counter to this set, this is why acid spray can let you attack while still messing with the opponent's strategies forcing him to an early switch. Me first can be used here to use a shadow ball on a ghost type ideally but it's mostly gimmick as the main attacks aimed at accelgor will be fire types attacks coming from a fire type pokemon possibly with flash fire! Similarly, rock types attack and flying types attacks will mostly hurt you more than it will do to them!

    Other options:
    -Guard split can be used to mess with your opponent's defenses.
    -Final gambit is a great suicidal move on this pokemon leaving your opponent's pokemon severely crippled. Don't like it personally as there is so much to do with this guy other than kill it from the first turn to do some damage.
    -Recover is a good move in general but accelgor is too frail to use it properly.
    -Agility is the only option that accelgor can baton pass to an ally... Curse can be used too to baton pass it but lowering accelgor best feature is just stupid.
    -Rest with hydration and rain dance is a good way of healing but let an ally set up rain dance except if you were using accelgor for that purpose.
    -If you really want to use rest but don't have rain dance, Sleep talk is there for attacking but not worth it anyways!

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    Item: Leftovers
    Nature: Modest
    EVs: 252 HP / 252 SpA
    Ability: Sticky Hold
    - Giga Drain
    - Guard Split
    - Bug Buzz
    - Recover
    I got the game recently and I want to build a collection.
    Looking for hidden abilities, good ivs, or egg moves.

    IGN: Lauti
    FC: 1865-1925-8999

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