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Thread: ruby, sapphire, emerald battery replacement

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    Default ruby, sapphire, emerald battery replacement

    my 2 Sapphires batteries ran dry, but I really like the berries growing. Is there a company that will repace these games batteries? Would an electronics repair store fix somthing like that... I'm kinda scared to take apart my game even though I have some knoledge in electronics by fixing motors and engins. But I would like it done by someone else :/

    thanks for the help

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    No establishment has any institutionalized service for fixing these - this isn't VCR repair. As for whether there might be a small electronics store in your area willing to do the dirty work for you, no one here can tell you that as no one here knows where you live or what's around you.

    Your options are basically do it yourself or not at all.

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    Yeah, you can't. Once it's dead, it's dead. Back then you could replace it at the cost of losing all your save data, but no longer can you replace it, oh well.
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    Actually its doable but the risk is you might lose your saved data. If you're experienced enough in electronic n have bought the battery, just try it.
    Maybe theres a video on Youtube that could help you...
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