What are your favourite five Pokemon movies and why do you like them?

My favourites:

1. Pokemon Heroes

I thought a lot about this, but when I was a kid, this was to me the best thing that I'd ever seen, and when I think about Pokemon, that is the guy that I listen to. It had everything I wanted in a Pokemon film, a good plot, believable but good villains and it had the guts to go for a sad ending. Also, gotta love the Pokemon Master Quest theme.

Oh and VENICE.

2. Pokemon 4Ever
This film emotionally affected me as a child. It was that sad. Anyway, I like it for this, and equally

3. Pokemon Movie 3.

DAN GREEN as Entei, the plot. and well there's only one real reason to watch this isn't there? Charizard vs Entei is awesome.

4. Pokemon The Move: Mewtwo Strikes Back

I like the allusions throughout the entirety of the first series to the film, even to making the eighth gym battle completely based around foreshadowing Mewtwo. Otherwise, I love the Mew vs Mewtwo battle, the theme of anti animal violence (in Pokemon!) and the fact that Mewtwo Returns is a thing.

5. Lucario And The Mystery Of Mew
This is the only of my top five that I didn't watch while growing up. I don't really know why I like it, except maybe because of the tree of life theme and that there is something sorta commemorative about it.

So yeah, nostalgia pretty much dictates my list, probably due to the fact that I still maintain that up until the end of the Battle Frontier was when I watched the show most religiously, but when I was like 4 and 5 I was watching the earlier films. Other films that I like but not as much include The Power Of One, Arceus And The Jewel Of Life and Giratina and The Sky Warrior.