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Thread: Challenger Approaching! (Hey!)

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    Default Challenger Approaching! (Hey!)

    Hey there guys!

    I'm Nuri, better known as the ORIGINAL g4g from the Ptcgo Forums. I'm an artist, a Lucario-obsessed Fangirl, and a fun friend to have all-in-all. I hope of opening a fan art shop someday. I play all my pokemon games on my 3DS, (Which consists of) Pearl, Conquest, SoulSilver, and White. I have a few friends and acquaintances from places already on here. I also like Dubstep, Photoshop, Reading, basketball and running. I hope some of you folks will get to know me better, but until then...



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    I play for fun. Beating the game is for others to accomplish.

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    Welcome to the Serebii Forums! My name is Klizcool, but you can call me Klizcool.

    If you ever need anything, feel free to PM or VM me!

    By the way, I really like Fanart, but lack the ability to actually draw. Let me know when (or if) you open up shop!

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