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Thread: Help!!!! Please rate my team

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    Hi everyone, this is my third competitive team, can you rate my team? If something is wrong tell me. Thanks

    Nature:+Def -Sp.At.
    Iv´s: 252Hp/252Def/4Sp.Def
    Iron Barbs
    -Leech Seed
    -Stealth Rock
    -Gyro Ball
    -Toxic or Toxic Spikes

    ~This is my lead, i start with Stealth rock, damege the enemy when switchs, leech seed is for recover some HP, rapid spin takes out all annoying entry hazards. It haves a big weakness againest the fire type, so heatran with flash fire counter the weakness.

    Iv´s:252HP/252 Sp.Def.
    Flash Fire
    -Earth Power
    -Lava Plum/Flamethower

    ~Makes a goos synergy with Ferrothorn, ground and water types are countered by his partener. Lava Plum/Flamethower have STAB, also hearth power, the combo toxic and protects annoys the opponent. (STALL)

    Latias@Life Orb
    Nature: Modest
    -Dragon Pulse
    -Calm Mind
    -ThunderBolt/Eneregy Ball

    ~My special sweeper, dragon pulse has stab, and the ice and dragon weakness are countered by heatran, also Jellicent helps countering the wakness. Calm Mind is for boosting, and recover helps setting the calm minds. The last attacks gives latias more coverage.

    Water Absorb
    -Shadow Ball

    ~This is my special wall, scald has STAB and also burns the opponet, if i want to burn my opponent to lower the attack, i can go with will o whisp. Shadow Ball has STAB and recover help keeping alive my wall.

    Can you suggest me a pokemon which makes a synergy with Gliscor?

    Gliscor@Toxic Orb
    Nature:+Def. - Sp.At
    Poison Heal

    ~This is my phisical wall, toxic orb+poison heal+protect helps recovering HP, fling boost acrobatics and poison the opponent. Acrobatics has STAB and Earthquake also has STAB
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    Pokemon with Hidden Abilities:
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    Pokemon with Egg moves:
    Ralts jolly with Memento, Shadow Sneak, Encore and Disable
    Snivy timid with Glare, Mean Lock and Grassy Terrain
    Buneary with Ice punch
    Skarmory with Stealth rocks
    Pikachu with Voltaje Tackle
    Marill with Belly Drum and Aqua Jet
    Charmander with Outrage and DD
    Shuppet with Gunk shot, Destiny bond and Shadow sneak
    Zubat timid with Hypnosis, Defog, Nasty plot and Whirlwind
    Absol with Play Rough, Megahorn and Baton Pass
    Riolu adamant with Bullet Punch, High Jump Kick and Vacuum Wave
    Snorut adamant Switcheroo and Block
    Torchic jolly with Baton Pass[SPOILER][/SPOILER]

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