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Thread: Contest Tie (Contestshipping)

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    This story is a classic! I love it just as much as the other Contestshipping fics, can't wait for the next chapter! (might have replied once, don't know)
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    I'd bet this'll make an awesome anime if it ever shows on TV, lol. I think Episode 11 and episode 12 were ones of the best ones. It just got that taste, you know? The romance, action, drama, and all of that good stuff, lol.

    There should be another kiss somewhere in the near future. And some jealousy. Make Harley appear or something! XD That'll be amusing! Nah, just kidding. But it'll be interesting if you ever decide on making Harley appear in your fic!

    Becky is annoying. >.>;; I'm predicting that we'll see her again in the future? Maybe you should have another girl that's the opposite, or almost the opposite, of Becky that May can really be jealous of! And happened to be one of May's good friends (unlike Becky) in CT. ...I think that's just my wish talking, lol.

    Ah well, be quick with that Epi. 13 of yours! >=O

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    Good chappie! I really liked it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiori
    I'd bet this'll make an awesome anime if it ever shows on TV, lol.
    I agree this will make a great anime! I can actually see it happening on tv!^^

    Quote Originally Posted by Kiori
    There should be another kiss somewhere in the near future. And some jealousy.
    Yah not that I dont like the way you write. I just think it shouldnt just be a one timer.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kiori
    Becky is annoying. >.>;; I'm predicting that we'll see her again in the future? Maybe you should have another girl that's the opposite, or almost the opposite, of Becky that May can really be jealous of! And happened to be one of May's good friends (unlike Becky) in CT.
    I TOTALY AGREE! That would make a great chappie! ^^

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    Sorry I didn't review right away... it was fantastic! even though it was a little short, the battles made up for it!
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    Loved the chappy! (I might have already said that, but this is good enough for me to say it again)
    Wow, maybe people with the name Becky are attracted to Drew for some reason (my real name is Becky........not Lara). At least I'm not as noobish as her. And i loved the trick Drew pulled on her at the end. I wonder if they'll see her again?
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    Could I have been any quicker with this episode? O_O *was so inspired* Well...for starters, I am so sorry if this episode is the least shippy you've ever read. But, hey, this is a any series there must be fillers! We meet two new Pokemon...that's something right? *failing at attracting readers* Oh well, enjoy best you can. New sprites at Ama's Stuff. Okay, roll tape!
    Episode 13 – Lost in Redburn Forest! Help the Weedin!
    Rated PG

    South of Penningreen Town is a large forest known as Redburn. Within the thick trees and underbrush, many groups of Pokemon live in the hot, sticky weather. It is here that one particular group is breaking apart. Someone has left their duty and post. Order has been lost.


    The forest seemed to thicken as May and Drew made their way through, pushing away brush and vegetation away for a small path. Above, the canopy sheltered the ground from the sky. Only small windows between bare branches gave any sign to a real sky not made of leaves. Flying Pokemon soared overhead, just beneath this cave-like canopy. A flock of Spearow zoomed overhead and up out of the trees. Drew kicked a rock and it landed in a puddle.

    “Hey, May I think we’re lost,” he said.

    It was the first bit of speech they had heard in hours.

    “We’re not lost,” May said as the leader, “We just don’t know where we are.”

    “In other words, we’re lost,” Drew teased.

    May gave him a scowl, “As long as we don’t make any big turns and keep going straight, we’ll be fine.”

    Drew said, “Ya know, this isn’t like Mangrove Pastures. Scarlet City could be ten feet in front of us and we would never know.”

    May was getting a little frightened inside, but she didn’t let it show. She was determined to be a good leader.

    “We’re lost,” Drew teased to her.

    May grumbled but didn’t say anything. She kept her head high, hoping to find a rest house or something along the route where she could talk to a person and get directions. In the midst of all the loud thinking going on between the two, a loud yelp pierced the white noise of far off Pokemon.

    “YAAAAA!!!” came the screech from right in front of them.

    They looked up, startled. A man in an explorer’s suit, complete with round, tan hat, bursted from out of the brush and scurried up the tree behind them. He held onto the thick tree for dear life. He was scrawny, yet taller then the two. He wore a tan explorer’s uniform and wore glasses on his long nose. His eyes were big with black pupils and his hair a mess underneath his hat. On his feet were big, brown hiking boots, covered in crumbling and wet mud.

    He stammered, “C-c-c-come up. I-i-it’s s-s-s-so d-dangerous!”

    From out of the bushes from where this man had leapt came three angry Breloom.

    “Oh no! Not this again!” May wailed as she remembered back in Hoenn when she and her friends were attacked by angry Breloom.

    She scrambled up the tree. Drew sighed, knowing he’d have to take care of it. The Breloom looked at him in anger. Drew looked back at them, not impressed.

    “Come on out, Flareitten,” Drew said as he threw the Pokeball to the ground.

    The orange fire cat popped out of its ball. Its tail was lit up in flame. The Breloom angrily backed up.

    “Flareitten, use Fire Spin!” Drew called out.

    Flareitten released a bright flame. It didn’t harm the Breloom, but it scared them off. The man and May slid down the tree when it looked safe.

    “Oh thank you!” the man said happily, “My name in Professor Vandor. I’m researching this forest and its inhabitants. I guess you’re…wondering why I’d be dumb enough to…eh, tick off a wild Breloom, ehehehe.”

    “Yeah, I’m Drew,” Drew introduced himself to the shaky professor, “And this is May.”

    “Oh, hello there!” he said, “From your reaction, I’d say you’ve had to deal with wild Breloom before.”

    “Yeah,” May said, scratching the back of her head.

    “And from the direction in which you were coming, I’d say the two of you are heading toward Scarlet City,” Vandor said, “Or completely lost.”

    “No, we’re heading to Scarlet City,” May said, “But we aren’t entirely sure if we’re going to stay on the right track, though.”

    “Yes, it’s very easy to get lost,” Vandor explained, “But I’ve been living here for thirty years, so I know almost every nook and cranny of this area. Come along. I have a small cottage in the forest not too far from here. You should get rested. It’s much safer there.”

    Vandor trudged through the bushes where he had come, deeper into the forest. May and Drew shrugged to each other and followed him. Bird Pokemon cawed overhead.

    Vandor had made May and Drew comfortable in his little wooden shack. He liked to call it a cottage to make himself feel better about his living space. It was located next to a small, fresh water brook that ran deeper into the forest. In the little spot, sunlight was able to break through the branches of the high trees and make it to his rooftop. Inside the wooden shack, Vandor had spread out some furniture amongst the three rooms – a big main room that held a sort of “living room” assortment and a dining room set. The other two rooms were two simple doorways in which one led to a small room, which was his bedroom and the other to a small kitchen. Vandor served them cold drinks on his little wooden dinette set. He sat down on an empty chair.

    “So you have come all the way from Auburn, have you?” Vandor said, “I bet that was quite the journey.”

    “Yeah,” May said, “We’re now heading to Scarlet city to take on the contest there.”

    “Very good,” Vandor said, “How many ribbons have both of you won?”

    “One, from Norbrown,” Drew answered.

    “Well, none yet, for me,” May said looking down.

    “Don’t worry about it,” Vandor said, “You still have many more places to go before Orchida.”

    “So, Vandor, what are you doing with those Breloom?” Drew asked.

    Vandor answered, “It’s not the Breloom I’m studying, and it’s the wild Weedin group. Fascinating creatures they are, and rare too. It seems lately they’ve been in hiding. Usually they are ready to defend their territory at all costs. But…ever since those Breloom came in, they’ve chased the Weedin away. I don’t understand why. So I’m doing field work to find the answer. But…every time I look for the Weedin, I find a Breloom that wants me in a knot.”

    “Wow,” May said, “That’s pretty dangerous. Especially with a fighting Pokemon like Breloom.”

    “Oh yes, very,” Vandor said, “I just need to find out why they are so afraid all of a sudden. When I do, I can probably help somehow. This area has always been Weedin territory, making it very easy for humans to pass through. But, if the Weedin run away and the Breloom take over, it will be too dangerous for people to pass by.”

    “That’s really bad,” Drew commented.

    “Yep, and we’re gonna help you, Vandor!” May said joyously.

    “Oh, you will?” Vandor asked, getting excited.

    “We are?” Drew asked, being sour to the idea.

    “Yeah, we’ll never be able to pass if Breloom keep attacking us! And…it’s a nice thing to do!” May exclaimed.

    She stood up straight and put her hands on her hips.

    Drew sighed, “Alright. Vandor, do you have any fire Pokemon?”

    “Uh, no, I don’t,” he answered glumly, “I only have a Panolin(PAN-oh-lin). And, what can a Ground type like Panolin do against a bunch of Grass Pokemon. Pany! Come and meet our new guests!”

    Vandor called out to an unknown Pokemon. The Pokemon came through the doorway that led to his bedroom. It was long and thin, like a Furret. It had a slender head, in which ended in a point for a nose. It’s long, snake like body had a blanket of brown spikes on its upside that ended right after its back paws. Its underside was a pale yellow, dotted with dark brown splotches. At the end of its body was a long tail, in the same shades as its underside.

    “Panolin!” it said in a cute, child like voice to welcome them.

    “Wow, cool Pokemon,” May said and flipped open her Pokedex.

    “Panolin, the Pangolin Pokemon," the Pokedex informed, "This Ground and Steel type Pokemon is covered in spikes. When in danger, it will roll itself into a ball and shoot its spikes out at the enemy.”

    “Sounds like a Sandslash to me,” Drew said.

    “Well, they are distant cousins,” Vandor said, “A friend of mine does research on desert Pokemon in the Amarillo Desert. He sent this one to me as a gift years ago. I’ve named her Pany.”

    “Wow,” May said as she put her Pokedex away.

    “She helps me track down certain plants in this forest,” Vandor explained, “But I think we should be off looking for those Weedin right about now. Come along, Pany.”

    “Pano!” it answered.

    “We’ll come too,” May said and followed Vandor out with Drew.

    Vandor led them around, explaining his work. May and Drew sweat dropped to each other, remembering Ranger Dan from the Weekend Mountains. Pany the Panolin sniffed the ground and Vandor followed her, but no luck. They couldn’t find any Weedin.

    “Why do you suppose they've run off, Vandor?” Drew asked.

    “I don’t know,” Vandor said, helplessly, “Weedin are very determined and tough Pokemon. The best kind of attitude for a starter Pokemon. The thing is, is that wild Weedin tend to stay in close knit groups. They do everything together under a sole leader's command, which takes care of all problems. I’m starting to think now that the leader himself might be the cause of all this.”

    Vandor ended and walked deeper into the forest. May followed right behind him. She looked around nervously.

    “Uh, would a Breloom jump out at us, you think?” May asked nervously, her arms crossed in front of her as if she was cold.

    “I would expect so,” Vandor said, “They’ve done it plenty of times with me.”

    May froze for a second and then walked on. That wasn’t exactly the answer she wanted, even if it would be a lie. Her head sank low on her shoulders.

    “What’s a matter, May? Scared a big bad Breloom’s gonna get ya?” Drew asked teasingly.

    “No!” May denied it.

    They walked on for a few seconds.

    Drew jumped at May and went, “Breloom!”

    She shrieked and ran up to Vandor. Drew laughed uncontrollably.

    “Drew! You jerk! How could you?” May exclaimed, her hands at her hips, furious.

    “How could I not?” Drew said between laughs.

    Vandor had stopped, trying to hold in his own laughter. It was good to have human company, rather than always walking by yourself. He watched as they argued in fascination of them. He had been with Pokemon for so long, for a second he thought he might have to do human field work instead. He had forgotten all about human nature.

    “If you’re so scared, why don’t you release Combusken and have it walk with you to protect you?” Drew nagged.

    May stopped fighting, seeing as he had a point. She took out Combusken’s Pokeball and released it. It was happy to be outside.

    "Combusken!" the young fowl Pokemon squawked.

    “Breloom! Breloom!” the calls came from afar.

    “Here they come,” Vandor warned.

    “Weedin!” cried a scared Weedin as it ran past them.

    They watched it jump into some bushes. Not far behind came two angry Breloom.

    “Combusken! Use Flamethrower!” May called out.

    Combusken let out a thick Flamethrower at the mushroom Pokemon. They jumped and dodged it.

    “What?” May shrieked.

    “They dodged it!” Drew said, astounded.

    “No time to try another. Run for it!” Vandor ordered.

    He and Pany ran, and May, Drew, and Combusken followed his lead. They quickly caught up to the Weedin from before. They pushed some bushes out of the way and there lay a fallen tree trunk. Weedin jumped over it and kept running. May, Drew, and Vandor followed it.

    “Wait, look!” Vandor shouted and stopped.

    They turned around. The Breloom had stopped at the tree trunk. One smelled it as the other glared at them.

    “Bre, breloom,” the one that smelled the log mumbled.

    They gritted their teeth and ran away.

    “What was that all about?” May asked.

    Vandor walked up to the log and examined it. Pany came up and sniffed it.

    "Pano! Lin lin!" Pany said to Vandor.

    “Just as I thought,” Vandor said, “They won’t pass because this area already belongs to someone.”

    “Who? Exactly?” May asked, afraid something more terrifying was living in this neck of the woods.

    “A Weedin relative,” Vandor said, “Don’t worry, we are safe.”

    With a little more hiking, May, Drew, and Vandor discovered a Weedin hideaway. It was a little clearing, surrounded by trees and bushes. A break in the high canopy above let in some sunlight. A whole group of Weedin lied around on the soft grass or played together. May, Drew, and Vandor watched them from behind some bushes.

    “Hmm,” Vandor said in thought.

    “What’s up?” Drew asked, seeing as how Vandor had noticed or discovered something.

    Vandor turned to them, “It does appear our hypothesis from before is correct. These Weedin have a problem with their leader. He’s not present!”

    “How do you know one of these Weedin isn’t the leader?” May asked.

    “’Cause he would have run those Breloom out of town,” Drew informed her.

    “Oh, right,” May said, dimwittedly.

    “Yes, but that doesn’t explain why the Breloom refused to come in here. If there is no leader, then why would they be afraid to tread here?” Vandor thought out loud, “Doesn’t make any sense.”

    “When did the Weedin start becoming scarce?” Drew asked Vandor, determined to figure this mystery out.

    “About two weeks ago,” Vandor said, then gasped with a slap of genius, “The same amount of time a Weedin or one of its relatives’ scent stays on territory!”

    “The leader must have left then,” May said.

    “Yes, that sounds right…but,” Vandor rethought it, “So abruptly? Without someone to take his place in his absence?”

    “Have there been trainers coming through here lately?” Drew asked.

    “Hm, that must be it. One of them must have captured him,” Vandor said, “Throws everything out of whack, but still. One of them should have seen it and tried to evolve or take charge.”

    “Weedin! Wee!” a Weedin cried out.

    The three looked up. It was the same Weedin from before. It was trying to talk with the others, but they wouldn’t listen. Instead they pushed it down and went on with their lives.

    “Looks like that one is trying to take charge,” May mumbled loud enough for Drew and Vandor to hear.

    They nodded.

    May, Drew, and Vandor set up camp in there hiding spot that night. The forest became very dark, as the shadows from the trees became wider and mixed with the night. The clearing the Weedin stayed in was lit up by the moon through the break above. The three of them slept in sleeping bags behind the bush. Vandor’s loud snoring had woken May up. She sat up in her sleeping bag and looked over at him. He was out like a light and snoring. Pany, the Panolin didn’t seem to notice as she slept right next to him. May looked to her other side at Drew’s sleeping bag. It was empty. May looked around and found him on the other side of the bushes watching the Weedin. She got up as quietly as she could and made her way around. She sat down next to him.

    “Couldn’t sleep?” May whispered, “With all that snoring, me neither.”

    She heard Drew giggle.

    “It’s not just that,” he said, “Look.”
    He pointed out to the clearing where the Weedin all slept in a pile, keeping each other company. May didn’t see what the big deal was until she shifted her eyes at a Weedin that slept alone. Again, it was the one they had met earlier when being chased by the Breloom.

    “Why is that one such a misfit?” May whispered.

    “I don’t know,” Drew replied in whisper, “My guess – the leader left the pack behind. They all think he’s going to come back, so none of them take charge. They don’t think it would be right to take his place, except that one. Making it a misfit.”

    “That makes sense,” May said, “How long have you been up figuring that out?”

    “I don’t know,” Drew said, “But it’s better than listening to you two snore.”

    “I do not snore!” May whispered loudly.

    “Shhhh, you’ll wake the Weedin,” Drew said with a smirk.

    May scowled, but let it go. She knew Drew could not ever pass up a chance to ruffle her feathers.

    The next morning, when the group woke up, their misfit Weedin was missing. The other Weedin didn’t seem to mind or care.

    “I wonder where that Weedin is,” Vandor said, thinking out loud.

    “You don’t think it would try going into the new Breloom territory like yesterday, do you?” May asked, concerned.

    “It’s a possibility,” Vandor said.

    Suddenly, a ruffling in the bushes made the three turn around as their misfit Weedin bursted through in a hurry. It spotted them and stopped, then resumed running to its group.

    “Wee! Wee! Weedin din Weedin din din!” the Weedin shouted to its group.

    They wouldn’t give it the light of day though.

    “What’s going on?” May asked, “I wish we could understand what they were saying.”

    “As a Weedin expert, I can tell you,” Vandor said.

    “Talk about your hidden talents,” Drew mumbled.

    “There are a select group of specialists that can speak Pokemon language,” Vandor continued, “There is one in Limestone City Wardy that can speak Pikachu and one in Hoenn that can speak Gulpin that I know of.”

    “So, what are they saying?” May asked.

    The three of them turned back to the commotion. The misfit Weedin was frantically yelping out as the others lied around, not caring.

    “I think he is saying that the Breloom are coming,” Vandor said.

    “Wee! Din din! Weedin din weedindin!” the Weedin shouted out some more.

    “C’mon. Please listen. The barrier scent is disappearing,” Vandor translated, “Oh dear. The log of the leader’s scent is about to become useless!”

    “And that means the Breloom will come barging in,” Drew said as they turned back to the Weedin.

    The other Weedin didn’t care or believe the misfit Weedin and went back to their lives. The misfit Weedin sighed and looked down. It wanted to so badly to defeat the Breloom, but it couldn’t do it on its own. It walked back to the bushes and stared at May, Drew, and Vandor.

    “Hello, Weedin,” Vandor spoke to it, “We would like to help you.”

    “Weedin,” the Weedin thanked him, “Wee weedin din weedin.”

    “Yes, we overheard,” Vandor said, “The Breloom are coming.”

    “Is there anything we could possibly do, Vandor?” May asked, hopeful.

    “We could, but we should really let the Weedin do it themselves,” Vandor said, “If we over help, the moment we leave, the Breloom will start up again. The Breloom need to be scared of the Weedin, not us.”

    “Got a good point,” Drew commented.

    Vandor went back to the Weedin, “I know this is a lot to ask, but maybe if you evolve it will help you get some respect. Maybe you can then reclaim your lost territory.”

    “That is a lot to ask,” May commented, “From what I know of Pokemon evolution-”

    “Which isn’t a lot,” Drew said.

    May slapped him in the head and continued, “Then Weedin would have to level up…and that would take more time than we have.”

    “Yes, I know,” Vandor said, “But it’s the only way.”

    There was rustling in the bushes further down from them. Twelve Breloom popped out, ready to run the Weedin out of the area. They announced their arrival, and all the Weedin became startled.

    “Bre! Breloom bre!” the leading Breloom called out.

    All the Weedin ran into the bushes to hide.

    “What did they say?” May asked.

    “I don’t speak Breloomian, but I have a hunch that they ordered them to go away,” Vandor said, crossing his arms in front of him.

    Their misfit Weedin took a deep breath and ran out of the hiding space to face the Breloom. It ran on its little stubby legs and blocked the Breloom from approaching closer to the bushes where the rest of the Weedin were hiding.

    “Breloom!” the Breloom ordered.

    The misfit Weedin shook its head angrily. The leader Breloom kicked it in the face and sent in flying. The other Breloom laughed. May gasped. It was hurt badly, but its spirit wasn't. It got up and trudged in front of the Breloom again. They gasped in surprise, but then regained their superior stance.

    “Bre loom loom bre bre breloom!” the leader Breloom said again.

    “Wee! Weedin wee din weedin!” the misfit Weedin said.

    “No. I will not move,” Vandor translated to May and Drew.

    May got caught up in the leadership of the misfit Weedin and stood up.

    “C’mon, Weedin! You can do it! Evolve and teach those Breloom a lesson!” she shouted.

    The Pokemon turned around. Drew sweat dropped behind the bushes and Vandor crossed his arms.

    “She’s got spunk,” he commented.

    Drew sweat dropped more. Now they were involved and the Breloom would probably come over to kicks their butts. They didn’t though. The Breloom turned back to the misfit Weedin and kicked it the same again. It went flying back. When it landed on the ground, it got up and returned to its post quickly. The Breloom were astonished. May had put her hands over her mouth. Drew and Vandor stood up as well.

    “Wee dindin weedin wee weedin weedindin din,” the misfit Weedin started to make a speech.

    “Our leader will not be coming back,” Vandor translated.

    “Wee wee weedin din wee wee dindin weedin,” the Weedin continued.

    “So one of us has got to step up and take charge,” Vandor translated further.

    “Wee weedin wee din din wee wee weedindin wee,” Weedin said.

    The Breloom were silent and listening. May had her fists up, rooting for the misfit.

    “For years, we have been dominating here,” Vandor translated more.

    “Wee wee din weedin wee din wee,” Weedin ended.

    “And I won’t let it end here,” Vandor said.

    The misfit Weedin began to glow white. Its form started to mutate and change. May, Drew, Vandor, the Breloom, and the rest of the Weedin stood astonished with their mouths gaping open. They were surprised Weedin had enough experience to evolve at that moment.

    “How amazing,” Vandor murmured.

    Weedin stopped evolving to reveal a new Pokemon.

    “Yongdin! (YONG-din)” it said in a deeper voice than previously.

    “A new Contesta Pokemon,” May said as she flipped open the compact Pokedex.

    “Yongdin, the Scarecrow Pokemon,” the Pokedex said, “The evolved form of Weedin, This Grass and Fighting Pokemon is very quick on its feet. It appears to teleport as it runs in a zigzag motion.”

    “Wow, I’ve never encountered a Weedin evolution in person before!” Vandor exclaimed, “This is very exciting.”

    Drew and May were silent, yet happy for the newly evolved Yongdin. They knew it would no longer be a misfit afterward. Yongdin looked like Weedin in which it had a tuff of dried grass on top of its round head and a body covered in the same dried grass. Now that it was a Yongdin, its legs were longer and more slender, as was its body. It now had long, wooden arms, ending in dried grass hands, tied to the arms in what seemed like rubber bands. Its eyes were two, thin slits and its mouth looking as if it was sewed shut.

    “Yong, yong din din!” the newly evolved Yongdin ordered.

    “I believe he said, ‘now, you get out’,” Vandor said.

    The Breloom grinded their teeth in anger. They weren’t about to give up now that one puny Weedin had evolved. The leader Breloom picked up its leg and went to swing at Yongdin. In a flash, Yongdin disappeared and Breloom’s leg kicked air. Breloom gasped. Yongdin reappeared behind Breloom and used Double Kick on it. Breloom fell to the ground. The other Breloom were frozen in amazement.

    “Yong! Yongdin yong!” Yongdin called out to the other Weedin.

    They came out of their hiding place behind the bush. Confidence was evident in their eyes and posture.

    “Yong dindin!” Yongdin shouted.

    It then jumped up into the tree above extremely fast as the Weedin opened their mouths. They were lined up in a perfect row. They shot out Bullet Seed toward the Breloom. Some Breloom were hit while others tried to dodge. The leader Breloom got up and ordered an attack. The Breloom started to charge as the Weedin kept up Bullet Seed. Before the leader Breloom could hit one of the Weedin, Yongdin jumped down from the tree with a thick stick in its hands. It bashed the stick into Breloom’s side and sent it flying.

    “Ah! It used Sword Swipe!” Vandor said, “A devastating move only the Weedin family can learn. Good show!”

    Yongdin continued to use this maneuver as the Weedin helped take out Breloom with Bullet Seed. The leader Breloom got up and ordered its group to pull back. They did just that. In no time, the Breloom were pushed back onto their area of the forest. The Weedin jumped for joy and Yongdin looked on at its good work.

    “Way to go, Yongdin!” May shouted to it.

    “Yong yong!” Yongdin shouted back.

    “With your encouragement, Weedin was able to evolve into Yongdin and chase out the nasty Breloom,” Vandor said to May, “This route through Redburn is once again safe for travelers to pass through.”

    May blushed, “It was nothing. Yongdin was the one who did all the work.”

    “If you follow this route with the scratched trees, you will be able to navigate right to Scarlet City,” Vandor said, “When they end, you’ll be able to smell the ocean. Follow that right to the city.”

    “Thanks for your help, Vandor,” Drew thanked him.

    “No problem,” Vandor said, “And good luck with your contests. May you win all the ribbons!"

    “Thanks! See ya around, Vandor,” May said as they turned to leave him behind.

    They waved goodbye to him as he soon disappeared amongst the brush.

    “Hey, Drew,” May said as they walked through the forest, “What do you think made these big scratch marks on these trees?”

    “I don’t know,” Drew said, “Maybe a big Breloom.”

    May heard the taunting in his voice.

    “Stop it,” May said, “It was not.”

    “No,” Drew said, “Maybe an Ursaring! Or a Tyranitar!”

    “Drew!” May whined.

    The afternoon sun hung in the sky to fulfill the day it had started. The trees were still as no breeze swayed them. The road to Scarlet City was still ways away.
    Hope you enjoyed it. ^^;;;;;;; I know it wasn't really all that shippy, but hey, I really tried. Anyway, I promise the next episode will be shippier, so stay tuned. ^^
    Kiori - Thank you for replying!!!!! ^^
    Next time on Episode 14 - Night in Redburn Forest! The Night Pokemon!
    While walking through Redburn on their way to Scarlet City, May and Drew find a new Contesta Pokemon with the power to make it seem like night time. When Team Gem finds out of this unique Pokemon, May and Drew will have to help the Pokemon escape Team Gem's evil clutches. See ya there!
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    that was fast........... anyways i loved it........... the end was sweet........ ^^........ can't wait for epi 14 ^^

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    Oh man Ama, I didn't expect this chapter up so soon. But I'm SO glad that it was. It was AWESOME! OMG! I loved it!

    Now, I hope you update the next chapter as fast as this one XD

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    Indeed fast, but, who cares? I love it! XD Great epi!
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    Great chapter, Encyclopika. really good, hope U update soon.
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    Cool episode^^ Good for a filler, and it made up for the lack of shippyness
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    I thought it was really for being a filler, I liked how Drew kept trying to scare Hakura, and I thought it was really cute. Awesome job, can't wait for the ep.
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    Another good episode Encyclopika! Keep it up!
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    Fantastic! For the lack os shipping it was great!
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    Great episode! Keep up the great work!
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    Alas, I don't detect any shipping as already stated. However the constant arguring and teasing between May and Drew are quite enjoyable and in-character. Otherwise, this episode acted as a typical filler, and thus should be treated as much. I'm awaiting Team Gem's return and     Spoiler:

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    Oooh, haven't seen Team Gem in a while. That'll be something to look forward to.

    Don't worry about the lack of shipping, this has always seemed to me like more of a gen fic with a strong shippy subplot. If May and Drew were always UST-ing at each other, they wouldn't have time to get anything done.
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    OMG! It was so cute! XD! I really loved it when Drew teased May, classic! XD
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    That was a great chapter Encyclopika, keep up the good work, CS forever!
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    Another nice eppie Encyclopika. Drew was being really mean to May...she should of smacked him really hard around the head...or hurt him in another place. That Weedin was really brave and managed to evolve that was so cool. Can't wait for the next episode.
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    nice!! I loved it!!! I liked the part when Drew scared May by screaming "Breloom!" It was so kawaii some how...Keep it up!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Encyclopika
    Kiori - Thank you for replying!!!!! ^^
    No problem. XD It was going to happen sooner or later, but since we're talking time-frame here, I'd say it's been way overdue. Wouldn't you agree? XD Nice job on your Episode 13. ^^ I love the tease remarks from Drew.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jo-Jo
    Don't worry about the lack of shipping, this has always seemed to me like more of a gen fic with a strong shippy subplot. If May and Drew were always UST-ing at each other, they wouldn't have time to get anything done.
    Agreed Jo-Jo. This is, after all, one of the best fanfic ever, lol.

    And boy, Ama, you don't exactly have a lot of things that can be criticized over, imo. o.O Still... I'm hoping there will be an episode in the future (hopefully in the near future) where Drew gets to save May or the other way around. . . . Just for fun (to write, for you, and to read, for us ).

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    wo!!i love all this chapters!!keep work!i love them all...

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    Nyah, I forgot to tell you I changed my SN. I was wondering why you were taking so long with the next chappie! ^^; oho!

    Now I have TWO rolemodels. Oho.

    That was indeedquite shorter than the rest, but good nonetheless, keep up the good work! *works on new fic with renewed inspiration*

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