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Thread: Contest Tie (Contestshipping)

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    Your chapter was great, again! Keep going at it! I loved the way May and Drew teamed up together to beat the crooks. Go them! XD Anyway, PM me once your new episode is done! ^___^

    For those who'd like to keep in contact, you know where to find me. ♥

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    Wow, the episodes are really cool, I been reading for a while, I love how you put romance,adventure and you made it funny. It's great to see some Contestshipping fics, I was wondering could you pm when your next chapter is up if it's not too much trouble thank you, your doing a great job.

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    XDD Wow a update so fast! Great chapter. Episode 5 sounds intersting XDD Update soon!

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    Hey, I love this fic, and I'm obviosly a contestshipper.

    could ya put me on the PM list?

    PM me for a tag

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    yeah, she should update soon...lotsa supporters there

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    Ok, so sorry for taking so long to update. I had work at my site again - Pikachu Rated . But I'm back...oh and I also added a new poem! *link via sig* Also, new sprite at the Contesta page! ^^ click ok, Episode 5 is about air! ^^


    Episode 5 - Night of Golden Roses! Save Them Drew!
    Rated - G

    A wide, open field that stretches from the east at Auburn Town all the way west to Mangrove City. It streches north to Norbrown City and south down to the Redburn Forest. Mangrove Pastures is the world's largest plain full of nothing but open grass, speckled wth random trees and shrubs. A little more north in Mangrove Pastures is a little flower garden full of daisies, tulips, and mysteries. A small wooden town sits at its border, as its protector.

    May and Drew strolled down a dirt path through Mangrove Pastures. It was a sunny day, yet it wasn't hot. A small breeze kept it cool. In the distance, a small, wooden town could be seen.

    "So, May, what's the name of our next pit stop?" Drew asked her.

    May was in charge of the map because it was in her bag. She took it out and unraveled it.

    "Doesn't say," May told him.

    "I think you need to get your eyes checked, you're always seeing things," Drew taunted.

    "No, I think I need some Psyduck tape so that I can tape your mouth closed until I can prove what I see or don't see is real," May threatened him.

    Drew snickered to himself. That one statement was really creative of her.


    They walked through the tiny town. It had one dirt road that cut the town in half. Wooden buildings lay on each side of the road. Homes were loacated on the second floors of the shops.

    "Ah, we have visiters!" an old woman cried and ran as fast as her old legs could carry her to them.

    May and Drew stopped and turned to her as she made her way away from the store porch and out into the sunlight. She had wrinkly, white skin. Her back was bent a little forward and her hair was a white bun behind her head. She wore a flowery, pink dress, under an off white apron. Her shoes were also pink and they came from under her dress one then the other as she walked. Her eyes droopy, but still very much alive.

    "Visitors! We haven't had much of those in a while!" the old woman swooped down on Drew, grabbed his hands and held them up.

    A younger woman came up to greet them as well, when the old woman said, "And a cute one at that."

    "Grandma!" the young woman whined as she batted the old woman in the head, "I'm so sorry for my grandmother, she still thinks she's eighteen."

    "O-kay. Nothing wierd about that," Drew muttered to himself.

    The younger woman turned to them. She couldn't have been older than twenty five. She had bright blue eyes and redish brown hair. She wore tight jean pants with a light, long sleeve shirt. It was a pinky orange with a white flower shape on the front.

    "My name is Clover and this is my Grandmother, Frita," she told them.

    "And we have a sale going on right now! Come on in!" Frita cried crazily dragging Drew along.

    Clover shrugged, "Sorry about her, she's a little crazy sometimes, but won't you come in?"

    "Oh, sure," May said happily.


    "So what do you sell?" May asked as she followed Clover into the dark room inside the dark shop that was ahead of them. The door screeched loudly in its old age as it shut itself hard. The screen wiggled in the frame and then became still as before.

    "Oh, my grandmother sells medicine for Pokemon and people. She's made all kinds of cures for deadly diseases," Clover answered.

    "Then shouldn't this town be famous or something?" May asked.

    Clover looked at her as if it was a very stupid question, but then answered, "Well, we can't let anyone find out about the town."

    "Why not?" May asked again, completely letting Clover's look go over her head.

    "Because Grandma doesn't want the competition to get their hands on...her secret ingredient," Clover said mysteriously, annoyed.

    As the conversation between Clover and May continued, Frita was overwhelming Drew by giving him different bottles of liquids and pills. She was very happy and lively as she did it. Drew, on the other hand, was half buried under bottles and boxes.

    "A little help here, May, would be great!" Drew said underneath the stack.

    "No, I think I'll let you handle that yourself," May said to him, half laughing.

    "I'm so sorry that Grandma is being clingy to your boyfriend," Clover told May awkwardly and walked toward Drew and the old woman.

    "He's not my..." May started, but she saw Clover wasn't listening to her.

    May didn't like Clover at all. She could tell Clover didn't like her either. May could also see she liked Drew a little bit too much for comfort. She let it fly over head though. He was barely a friend at times, why should she care?

    "Hey, you mentioned something about a secret ingredient in these things. Well? What's in them?" Drew said referring to the medicine he had dropped on the floor in a big mess.

    "A magician never tells his secrets and neither do I," Frita stated as she folded her arms and turned away from him.

    "Well then I guess I can't buy any of this," Drew taunted.

    "Wha what?" Frita turned back to him in disappointed shock.

    "If I don't know what's in this medicine, how can I trust it enough to give it to my Pokemon? Or myself?" Drew asked in a taunting voice that let everyone know he knew he had won the argument.

    "Fine! We'll show you!" Frita gave in, but her voice was still strong.

    "Come with us, Drew," Clover said sweetly.

    "Ahem," May stated from behind them, feeling very left out.

    "You can come too, dear," Frita said to her, linking their arms.

    May smiled weakly. Frita was a nice old lady. It was Clover she couldn't stand.


    Frita and Clover lead May and Drew outside. The sun hung high in the early afternoon sky. They walked until they reached the border lines of the town. There, they could see a giant flower garden, full of color. Grass and Bug Pokemon tended the flowers alongside people who picked them and took care of them. They walked through the garden. May stood to Drew's left and Clover stood to his right. Frita was a little bit ahead of them talking.

    "This town has but one purpose, to protect this garden and harvest its flowers and vegitation for medical needs," Frita told them happily, "This is where I get all the ingredients I need."

    They came up to a blossoming tree, all white and pink. It arched to the right, shadowing a small statue of a Pokemon. May broke away from the group to look at it.

    "Frita? What's this?" May called.

    The old woman heard her and came over. Drew and Clover followed her over to where May stood next to the statue. It was a little worn, but its details were still visible. It was made of a gray stone of some kind and sat upon a column made of the same material. The statue dipicted a grasshopper looking Pokemon. It had a small, triangle shaped face with long anntennas. Hanging
    from the bottom of each of the two antenna were little flowers. Its front legs were skinny, ending in one claw on each. It's back legs looked very powerful. They were bent to put it in a sitting position. It's big, round knees had a spike coming out from the top. Its body was an oval shape with two wing like
    structures on its back and a plating of some kind on its underside. It ended in a whip like tail with a small flower at the end like that of its antennas.

    "Ah, that's Graibow(GRAY - bow), our sworn protector. When and if we fail to preserve the garden, Graibow will be there to help us out," Frita said triumphantly.

    "Graibow?" May asked as she flipped open her Pokedex.

    "Graibow, the Stained Glass Pokemon. This Grass/Bug type Pokemon spends most of its time in tall grass on mountain sides in the sun. If threatened, this Pokemon uses its strong legs to jump ten feet into the air and twenty feet away from its predator." the Pokedex informed.

    The pokedex showed an in color version of the statue. The Pokemon was a light green all over. Dark green was cast on its antennas, big knees, wing covers, and tail. The flowers on its antennas and tail were light blue, just like its big oval eyes. Its underside plating was an array of different colors, from blue to red to yellow to pink and purple. This is where it got its type, stained glass.

    "What a cool pokemon," May commented.

    "Yes, but you see these closed flowers next to the statue? They are my secret ingredient. This one patch is the only place in the world where you can find these kinds of flowers!" Frita said excitedly.

    Six bushes huddled around the statue. They were dark green in color and had closed flower pods scattered within them.

    "Yeah, but wat kind of flower are they?" Drew asked.

    "Oh, it's a secret. We'll show you when they bloom, we believe tonight," Clover told him in a cute, yet secretive voice.


    In a coffee shop close by, Dona and Derek of Team Gem listened in on the conversation. Dona had her hand to her ear, a small instrument used to listen in on far away sounds had picked up the information. Derek could tell they had found something good by Dona's evil grin. The grin spread as she learned more. She then put her hand down and folded it with the other hand in front of her on the glass table. They sat out on the outside porch the coffee house provided.

    "So? What's up?" Derek asked.

    "Something good. I think we finally have something of value here. The boss will like this little parting gift. He'll be able to finally get those doctors to get on our side," Dona said.

    "Well? Don't leave me hanging! Tell me already!" Derek was getting annoyed.

    He hated being a "partner".

    "Some rare plants with amazing healing powers. Sound good to you? Maybe not, but to a doctor it will," Dona said in an even tone with no emotion.

    Dona had always been serious with her job. She was only playful when she knew she'd get away with something.

    "So? When do we strike?" Derek asked anxious and excited for another mission.

    "Tonight," Dona said.

    She reached into her pocket and pulled out a small, black, rectangular thing. It turned out to just be her wallet. She left a few singles on the glass table and got up.

    "I can't believe you gave that guy a tip," Derek told her as they walked away from the shop,"I aksed for decaf and he gave me regular!"


    That night, Clover showed Drew and May to their rooms. They climbed the stairs on the far wall of Frita's medicine shop on the far, right corner. Upstairs was dark and loomy. Only two yellow lights were used to light up the small hallway. Along the hallway were doors leading to bedrooms. The stairs lead them to Frita's room immediatly. When they turned in the opposite
    direction to follow the rest of the hall, there was a little bathroom to the side. Up ahead, there were three rooms for guest staying. The first one was Clover's room. The door was slightly open. Inside there was a singlton bed and a dresser opposite the bed. Next to Clover's room was another room shut off by a door. Clover grabbed the handle, turned the gold knob and opened
    it gingerly.

    "This will be your room Drew," she said in a sweet, puke worthy smile.

    A smirk thrown to May for just a moment. The room looked like Clover's room. It had a singlton bed against the wall and a dresser opposite it against the other wall. There was a window that over looked some of Mangrove Pastures. The late afternoon sun shone in from the glass window. Yellow streaked against the wooden furniture. Drew walked into his room. Clover turned back
    into the hallway with May. She came to the last door and opened it forcefully. The room looked like the others, except there was no window. It was blocked up by bricks.
    "Sorry, Grandma had some renavations that she never finished. Hope you understand," Clover said tauningly and slammed the door as she walked out.

    "Why does she hate me so much?" May asked herself.


    Late at night, May lay awake in the bed thinking. Clover had become more intolerable as the day went by. And she thought Frita was clingy to Drew? Please! Suddenly the door busted open, interupting May's thoughts.

    "May! C'mon, they're going to show us the plants now. They're blooming," Drew told her, in a calmer voice than she was expecting to hear.

    "Why'd you open the door so loudly? You scared me half to death!" May asked.

    "Well, for one thing the door's practically coming off the hinges," Drew informed her, showing her that the bottom hinge was so old it had rusted and broken in half.

    "That room sucks. If you wanted we could've traded," Drew told her.

    "I don't need you stinkin' room!" May yelled and stormed off down the stairs.

    "Okay," Drew said to himself.

    His wished that when he tried to be nice she would be nice back, but it never seemed to land in a good time. Then it hit him.

    "Oh, I get it," Drew said, knowing he had figured it all out as he followed her down the stairs.

    May was jealous, even if she didn't know it or was denying it.


    Frita was waiting for them outside. She lead them to the statue where the bushes were lined up. Clover was already there, watching the bushes as they sat there doing nothing. Frita, May, and Drew caught up just in time. The moon poked out from behind a dark cloud and beamed onto the garden. The white light from the moon hit the bushes as well and they sprung into life. The
    flower buds that were scattered within the bushes suddenly opened to reveal golden roses. Each petal sparkled with a yellow glow.

    "Yes, my secret ingredient is the legendary golden rose. Golden roses are immortal plants, they never die. These same bushes have been in my family for generations. When added in my medicine, they cure any pain, and that's why my medicine is top of the line. So, you see now why I can't let anyone know about them. They'd try to take them away," Frita explained.

    "I understand now. They are beautiful," May complimented and Frita smiled a wrinkly smile.

    Suddenly, the ground shook from beneath their feet. The bushes seemed calm until they were sucked underground.

    "My roses! Where did they go?" Frita cried frantically.

    A drill machine popped up from the ground. I was a big machine with a large drill in front. At the top were small windows where Dona and Derek of Team Gem looked on from. At the bottom was a large window that held the rose bushes. The window provided the moonlight they needed to stay in bloom. Dona giggled over a microphone inside.

    "Well, well, well. Derek, look what we have here. It's the same two brats that foiled our plans in Auburn Town," Dona said over the microphone.

    "What? Team Gem?" Drew asked, surprised they'd make another appearance.

    "Great! Now Grandma's prized flowers are going to two nut cases and it's all your fault!" Clover yelled at May and pointing at her.

    "Clover, calm down," Frita urged.

    "Yeah, May didn't want to see hem, I did," Drew informed her with the same force in his voice Clover had expelled herself, "And don't worry, Frita. We'll get those bushes back."

    "How are you proposing to do that?" Derek asked over the microphone he had grabbed from Dona, "This drill is made of pure steel!"

    "Steel, a?" Drew said, his arms folded, "Come out Flygon and Flaritten!"

    Drew threw two Pokeballs and soon his dragon and kitten Pokemon emerged. Bulbasaur and Roselia released themselves from their Pokeballs.

    "Hey, what's going on?" May questioned.

    Soon, other grass Pokemon emerged from out of the flower garden.

    "They sense the danger of a plant species. They want to help it survive," Frita told her seriously.

    Hoppip, Gloom, Weedin, Bellsprout, Oddish, and other grass Pokemon, as well as Bug and Water types surrounded the drill.

    "Flareitten, use a Flamethrower on the drill!" Drew called to Flareitten.

    The cat shot out a bright flame from its mouth. It melted the drill structure.

    "No big deal. We'll still get out of here. All we have to do is run you all over!" Dona said and went to start the engine.

    Sleepy people began to emerge from the small homes and buisinesses of the town to see what was going on.

    "Flygon, Rock Smash that window!" Drew called to his green dragon.

    Flygon lifted itself into the air and smashed Team Gem's window, exposing them from the inside.

    "Diawarkit! Come out now!" Dona said as she threw her pokeball to the ground to expose her giant, purple snake.

    "Slithlect!" Derek cried and let out his wire and battery Pokemon, "Use your thundershock on that Flareitten!"

    Slitlect shocked Flareitten, irritatling its flying type. The shock knocked the fire cat out.

    "Return Flareitten," Drew said, disappointed.

    May went to reach for one of her Pokemon. She tried to decide which Pokemon she could choose. Icechik and Beautifly stood no
    chance with Slithlect. Combusken stood no chance with Diawarkit.

    "Go, Munchlax!" May called out the fat Pokemon.

    "Diawarkit, give that Flygon a taste of your Ice Beam!" Dona called.

    Diawarkit shot out a light blue beam. Flygon dodged best it could, but it had no room to attack again. Drew realized he was in trouble. Meanwhile, the wild Pokemon banged against the glass that separated them from the rose bushes inside Team Gem's machine. Flygon was hit with the Ice Beam and crashed to the ground.

    "Munchlax, use a Body Slam to slow Diawarkit down!" May told her Pokemon.

    Munchax made its way quickly to Diawarkit, only to be zapped away by the defending Slithlect. The two snake Pokemon brought both Pokemon down.

    "Oh, if only Graibow would appear..." Frita said sadly.

    Then an idea struck her.

    "Grass and Bug Pokemon! Call for Graibow! It might just hear you!" Frita called to the Grass and Bug Pokemon trying to free the rose bushes.

    All the Grass and Bug type Pokemon, including Blubasaur ad Roselia called for Graibow. They shouted into the sky. Beautifly and Masquerain jumped out of their Pokeballs to help.

    "Silence them with your Flamethrower, Diawarkit!" Dona said to her snake.

    "Diawarkit sure it full of surprieses..." May muttered to herself.

    She hoped afterward they would never have to deal with it again. Diawarkit shot a steady flame at the Grass and bug types. Some were knocked out, but the survivers kept a steady call. Then, from behind Team Gem, flew out a large Pokemon. It landed in between Team Gem and Drew and May. It was Graibow. It was a very big bug Pokemon, standing nearly five feet tall.

    "What a strong and rare looking pokemon..." Dona murmured to herself.

    "Diawarkit!" Dona called.

    "Slithlect!" Derek called.

    Both snakes knew what to do. They started to wrap themselves around Graibow. Graibow had no time for foolishness and spread a Sleep Powder on them from the flowers on its antennas. Slithlect and Diawarkit fell into a deep sleep. Graibow took no time so Double Kick the windows that penned in the bushes. The glass shaddered and numerous Pokemon started to help get the bushes out with much care.

    "I don't think so, Graibow!" Dona said and pushed a button in her hand.

    A net flew down from a small compartment on the drill machine and over Graibow. It scooped the grasshopper up into the air. It struggled, but it was no use.

    Drew reacted to the situation, "Roselia, use Magical Leaf!"

    About ten Roselia, including his own, shot out a Magical Leaf attack at his command towards Team Gem. Now occupied with the leaves, Team Gem
    was unaware of their surroundings.

    "Bulbasaur! Use a Razor Leaf to cut the net open!" May ordered and Bulbasaur obeyed.

    It let out two, razor sharp leaves from its bulb and sliced the net open. Graibow fell to the ground, landing on its feet.

    "Hey, Dona..." Derek said frightfully when he opened his eyes when the Magical Leaf stopped.

    An angry Graibow glared at them. Dona turned to look at it. Graibow bent its front legs down and its back legs became straight. A fake sun appeared over its body. The Grass Pokemon absorbed the sunlight.

    "Ah, Graibow is using Sunny Day," Frita commented.

    When the grass Pokemon looked ready, Drew shouted, "Solar Beam!"

    Each Grass Pokemon shot out a colorful beam of light towards Team Gem. An explosion and cloud of dust was the outcome. When it cleared, Team gem was no where to be found.

    "Did they hit them? Did they go 'blasting off'?" May asked as she approached Drew.

    "Who knows? As long as they don't come back," Frita said as she looked to the sky. It began to brighten as the sun poked up from far away in the east.

    "What? Morning already?" Drew complained, "Ya know, May. I used to get a lot more sleep than this before you came along."

    "Oh, well! Excuse me!" May said putting her hands to her hips.

    Frita walked over to Graibow and the Pokemon that stood at its feet.

    "Thank you so much. Without you, the Golden Rose would be extinct," Frita thanked them.

    She turned to May and Drew with a smile of thanks also.

    "Gray," Graibow finally spoke in a soft, quiet, almost cildish voice.

    It turned and jumped high into the air, disappearing into Mangrove Pastures' tall grass.

    "I want you two to have this. My famous Pokemon medicine! The best I have as a small thank you for saving the flowers," Frita said and handed May a dark bottle of some sort of liquid.

    "Wow, your welcome and thank you," May said.

    She put the bottle into her yellow bag.

    "And I want to thank you so much for saving our plants, Drew," Clover said to him in a sweet voice holding his hands in hers.

    "Ok, it's time to leave. Hope we see you around some time. Goodbye," May said and dragged Drew away from Clover's grasp.

    Frita and Clover waved goodbye to them as they left the tiny town.


    The sun was in an early position and the winding path to Norbrown City lay right in front of May and Drew.

    "You really didn't like that girl Clover did you?" Drew said tauntingly.

    "She was an annoying, stupid, mean little witch and I hope I never see her again!" May shouted.

    Her fists were clenched tightly in front of her.

    "I know she gave you a bad room, but is she really a witch because of that, or was there something else that she did?" again Drew tried to make her tell him the truth.

    "She was just annoying!" May said, her face becoming a little red.

    "Hey I got something," Drew told her, reaching into his own bag.

    "Clover gave it to you, didn't she," May said accusingly.

    "No, but I'm giving it to you," Drew said and handed her a napkin with something inside.

    He walked ahead of her as she slowed down to see what it was. She unwrapped the napkin to find a rose, not only that, but a gold
    one. It was still in bloom.

    "C'mon! If you keep stalling we'll never get to Norbrown City. If we miss the contest, I'll blame you!" Drew told her from twenty feet away on top of a hill on the path.

    May ran to catch up to him.

    "Oh shut up and keep walking," May said with a smile.

    They continued down the long road towards Norbrown City. The area around was a plain of grass, scattered with trees, and a mountain in veiw up ahead.

    Ok...that's it for Episode 5. Hope you all liked it. Now its time to answer people individually! ^^
    Sequoia - Thanks for the tip. ^Is that ok?
    kojho and Waterstar Misty - You've been added to the PM list. ^^
    Avegaille Spellman - Ok, don't fall too behind though. I'd feel awful if you had to read all of that in one sitting. ^^;
    Rene Bellosh - I'm not telling. :X lol You just sit back and relax, I got everything figured out. ^^
    Sweet May - Where are you? I miss you! ;_;

    Thanks to everyone else who reads and replied. Remember to tell me if you want off or on the PM list - so far the following are on the PM list: Sweet May, kojho, Waterstar Misty, MayShuuFan, misty_aquamaster, Monstrous Magikarp, Juny, Riyu, and MistyMix89.

    Next time on Episode 6 - Turning Lake Ball! Dance of Skies!
    Turning Lake is known to throw a big celebration for the mating of the Flying/Bug type Pokemon that come around every year. May and Drew have come at the right time. With a little extra time on their hands, they decide to stay for the festival for Beautifly and Masquerain. Unfortunatly, a trainer and his Heirking have plans for May and Beautifly. Can Drew and Masquerain redeem themselves? See you there! ^^
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    Hmmmm, good as usual. Is it just me or does Team Gem have an obsession with drills (much like Team Rocket's obsession with mechas)?

    About sprites, I wonder if you can make sprites of humans as well? Or possibly the infamous Team Gem drill? Those would be interesting to see.

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    This was very good, May getting jealous and Drew trying to kinda get it out of her was cool. Drew giving her that flower, was nice, I can't wait for the next ep, it sounds really good and thank for the pm. Your description on the pokemon you made up are really cool, you have a really good imagination for new types of pokemon.

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    thanks for the PM, I really loved the chapter. keep up the good work
    PM me for a tag

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    Great chapter! Your story is getting better and better as it goes! The rose part was very sweet and I know that it must have made May feel better. ^_^

    BTW, would you like to read my story? It's not pokemon but I'm sure that you'll like it a bunch. =) It's at my sig if you want to read it.

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    *sidles into thread feeling guilty for not having reviewed so far* Hey, Encyclopika! Wow, a Contestshipping fic that's good. There's hope for us yet. I really like the way this is going - you've managed to make it very close to the style of the anime, but at the same time it's tightly plotted and doesn't waste endless page space padding itself out with filler material. May and Drew are nicely IC, their bickering spats are cute and funny, and am I mistaken or was that a gigantic bout of UST in chapter 3? (At least, I think it was that ch...) There is one thing that always bothers me, though, and that's that the new Pokemon are a bit confusing to read about. In the anime, there are no problems with a load of new critters being dumped on us in the first few episodes of the series, because we can see them - visual information is much easier to process - but in a fic, all we have to go on is a description. I know there have been a couple of occasions, such as the battle in this latest chapter, where I found myself skimming through, because I'd just lost track of what all the different names were, which one belonged to which trainer, and so on. I'd recommend introducing the Pokemon slower, and giving each one a strikingly memorable debut so that they stick in people's minds. This isn't essential for the random one-shots, but it might be for any Pokemon that is going to appear regularly, such as the ones owned by Dona and Derek. Also, I know it's a radical change, but I wouldn't have given May and Drew new Pokemon right from the beginning of the fic. Catching new ones like Sawbura during the course of the fic is fine, but Flareitten and Icechik were a bit jarring. If their line-ups had to be added to, it might have been less confusing if you'd stuck with existing Pokemon.

    Anyway, apart from that, I'm enjoying it all. I can't help wondering how things are going to work out with May and Drew both entering contests together - the rivalry element between them is one we haven't so far seen in any of the show's travelling groups. Update soon?
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    OMG, not another update..... *huge sweat-drop*

    I haven't even read your last chapter, -_-;;;;; but it's good that you update that fast... so that people around won't get impatient.......

    I'm sorry, but I'll try reading it when I get things done off my site and my gaming, plus my fan fic, plus my review..... okay?

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    That was so cool Encyclopika! You even added May getting jealous in it but I have to agree what she said about Clover at the end...she was right *nods*, but you should bring her in a later episode as it would probally cause some shippy hints because of May's jealousy. Drew gave May a golden sweet I loved it. Anyway Episode 6 sounds good too so update as soon as you can.
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    Claimed Henry Cavill on the Celebrity Claiming thread...he's all mine muh ha ha ha ha...^^;.

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    Encyclopika that was great!! Like it? I didn't like it, I LOVE IT! I just love when people get jealous. I think that the part I liked the most was when Drew gave her the golden rose, that was really sweet.

    Also there was a part I didn't understand. You see, I'm learning english I don't speak it very well, but I understand. It's just this, that I didn't. What did you mean by
    Drew snickered to himself. That one statement was really creative of her.
    could you explain me that? If you don't mind.
    Please read & review my Fanfiction:
    Friendship, Love, Rivalry and Misunderstandigs
    Now on Chapter 19 !!

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    WOW! This is really good Encyclopika! I just started reading it and I just read all 5 chapters so far. I'm really interested. You had SO many ideas that I was thinking. Well, one but thats a lot too XD. I was JUST thinking this morning of Drew and I was thinking that if I wrote a story...I would have May talking to Drew at the Grand Festival and asking him if his parents are here since its his big day but he turned his smirk to a frown and bitterly said "No" and then May would ask why and where they are and he would be "Dont know. Places" and then walk away. I was gonna have him have a bad past with his parents. Either they abandoned him when he was young or they died or something like that. Then, I read this story and here ya had him make a frown when he thought of his mom. I was like "OMG! Thats like me!!" ehhehehe

    ANYWAY! I'm really interested in this story. Its really good. I hope you update real real real soon. If you dont mind, can you please PM me with updates. I'm looking forward to reading your next chapter.

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    Great chapter. I liked how May was jealous of Clover and how Drew gave May a golden rose at the end ^^. Could you add me to the pm list? Thanks.

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    Alright, well, sorry for taking so long...I again had work at the site, plus you don't want to know how long it took me to make Heirking's sprite just right. ;_; Oh well, I'm glad people are somewhat patient. About this episode, I'd like to inform you that UST doesn't make too much of an appearance, as sad as that may seem. Even though I squeezed it everywhere it could be, this episode is one of those that didn't originally call for it. This episode is meant to get a message by, hope you catch it. Well, here it is, Epi 6!
    Don't forget to check out the sprites at ama's stuff

    Episode 6 - Turning Lake Ball! Dance of Skies!
    Rated - PG-13 - For bad language and *stuff* <--no spoilers for you! XD

    With a surface of glass, calm breezes, and a small forest shaping the land, Turning Lake is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Year after year, Bug Pokemon gather like clock work to meet their match, and then fly into the sun set together. With this annual and natural occurence, people have begun to fit themselves into the pattern, throwing parties and feasts at the lake's edge. But, what kind of love can come out of this? Not all love is good...

    .................................................. .....

    A small breeze swept down the path, picking up dust and then letting it settle in a new place, a new home.

    "It's gotten windy since we got out of Mangrove Pastures," May said to her partner Drew, who was walking right next to her.

    He wasn't paying a lot of attention to her. He laughed to himself eveytime the breeze pasted through. Some wind started to gust and May started her whining.

    "Oh, why is it so windy!" May asked.

    "What does this remind you of?" Drew asked, finally about to tell what he had been laughing at.

    "No. what?" May asked turning to him.

    "Oh c'mon. Dust out those cobwebs. Think about it! A windy day, two bored kids..." Drew edged on.

    "Are...are you saying I'm dumb?" May exclaimed.

    "N-I mean, yeah. Yeah, May, your dumb as a pole," Drew said.

    He almost lost a chance. May gave him a look, telling him silently that she didn't buy it.

    "C'mon! What does a windy day and two bored kids remind you of? Childhood movie ring a bell?" Drew tried again.

    May thought for a while.

    "I got nothing," May confessed.

    "Let's go..." Drew began to say, sing songy.

    May caught on, "Fly a kite!"

    "There ya go!" Drew told her, laughing now that it was in the air, "Cobwebs all out?"

    "That's it! I'm gonna help you knock your cobwebs out the old fashioned way!" May yelled and went to grab his head.

    He dodged and started to run.

    "You get back here you big Torchic!" May yelled again.

    "Tor chick chick chick!" Drew taunted to her.

    May ran faster at him. He stopped short and she kept running for a few seconds. She then stopped at the top of a hill. She looked over the hill at a giant, ocean sized lake. Its surface was waving in the wind, but it was still clear like a mirror. It reflected the beautiful day above it. Tall evergreen trees circled it in dotted lines and patterns. Off to May's left was a thick forest of the evergreens. Along the lake edge were tents of different colors. Behind a large evergreen were small shops. It looked like a carnival.

    "Hey Drew, I think a carnival's in town!" May shouted.

    Drew took this as a perfect chance to annoy May with a familiar statement he uses, "You need our eyes checked again?"

    "That's it! Where's the Psyduck tape!" May asked into the air, "No, really, look."

    "I know, I see it," Drew admitted.

    "Let's see what's going on!" May exclaimed in excited joy, and ran down the hill into the campsite.

    Drew followed her, walking.


    The campsite was dead. There was almost no life. Not a soul stirred, not a movement could be picked out. They must have all been sleeping in still. Then, some rustling came from a tent off to May and Drew's left. A small girl and ball of fluff tumbled out of a red tent. They started running towards May and Drew, unaware of them. The little girl looked up and saw them. She stopped and stared. Her little fluff ball Pokemon did as well. The girl had brownish red hair, all curly on her head. Her skin was pale and full of freckles. She had bright blue eyes and a skinny body. Her clothes consisted of light blue jean shorts and a blue blouse. The Pokemon at her feet did not grow past her knee. It was a very light purple, almost white color. It literally was a ball of fluff. It had two dark purple feet and long antenna that reached up and bended from on top its head. It had large oval eyes and a mouth almost covered up by its fur.

    "Hi, are you here for the Dance of Skies festival?" the little girl asked.

    "See? I told you something was going on!" May told Drew.

    "There's a festival going on? Where is everyone?" Drew asked the little girl, almost ignoring May's comment.

    "Oh, there was a big, late night party last night, so everyone is still sleeping," the girl said, "My name is Fran, and this is Foamy, my Foamite(FOE - might)."

    The girl pointed down to the fluff Pokemon.

    "I'm May, and this is Drew. What a cute pokemon," May commented and opened her Pokedex to it.

    "Foamite, the Fuzz Pokemon. This normal type Pokemon can easily be found in cotton fields eating cotton. They are known to nusences to farmers." the pokedex informed them.

    "Fo!" Foamite said happily.

    "What exactly is this festival celebrating?" Drew asked the girl as the Pokedex stopped talking.

    "The Dance of Skies is a mating ritual for Flying Bug pokemon. People have been coming here to enjoy the good weather and pretty dances of the bugs for years. This is my third year that I can remember. Won't you join us?" Fran pleaded, "It's lots of fun!"

    "Sorry, but we're on our way to Norbrown City before we don't get to the contest in time," May told her apologeticly.

    "Oh! You guys are coordinators! Cool! But I think you got your information wrong," Fran told them.

    "Huh? What do you mean?" Drew asked.

    "Norbrown isn't having their contest for another week in consideration for the festival here," Fran said cutely.

    May and Drew fell to the ground in embarassment.

    "How does Lily annoy me without even being here?" Drew said when he and May recovered.

    "What are we going to do until then?" May asked him.

    "The festival is still here..." Fran trailed.

    "I guess then we'll stay for it. Besides, I'm sure Beautifly and Masquerain will like it," May pointed out.

    Drew nodded in agreement.


    Night had fallen over the campsite, and little by little, people emerged from the tents to enjoy the festival. May and Drew were led around the area by Fran. Foamite stayed close behind her, trying its best to keep up with its short legs.

    "You guys are really lucky to have come so early in the festival," Fran explained as they passed some carnival style games, "It practically just started!"

    The carnival bustled with young couples and families with young children. Bells rang, balloons popped, and "You won a prize!" traveled through the air. The floor was covered in litter and the smell of sweet treats made its way to May's nose.

    "I smell doughnuts!" May said happily.

    Drew tried his best to resist buying her anything. He knew in a place like this with a girl like that, it only took time to have your wallet open for any schemeing carny.

    "Don't waste your money," Fran said, "They smell good but that's it! I had some yesterday and they had no taste!"

    Drew thought, "That's usually the case..."

    They walked out of the carnival and to the lake's edge. There, flying bug pokemon could be seen flying over the water, dancing in circles around each other. Butterfree, Beedrill, Ledian, Beautifly, and many more were flying overhead. Many had found partners already. Others were seen trying their hardest for the mate of their dreams, failing.

    "Beautifly, come on out," May said as she threw Beautifly's Pokeball into the air.
    The pretty butterfly came out of the pokeball and twirled in the sky, showering shiney sparkles below it.

    "Come out, Masquerain," Drew called and threw Masquerain's Pokeball out.

    The blue bug came out of its pokeball with a cry. When it saw Beautifly, it flew over for a friendly hello. Beautifly accepted and cried a hello back.

    "Aw, they're so cute!" Fran exclaimed.

    "Thanks," May said as she turned to Fran.

    "Fran, say good bye to your friends. It's getting late for you," Fran's mother called from somewhere.

    Fran looked disappointed, but obeyed her mother like a good little girl.

    "By guys. I have to go now," Fran told them and ran towards the carnival.
    "Bye, Fran," May and Drew waved goodbye.

    Masquerain and Beautifly turned around to view the other bug Pokemon over the lake. They immediatly knew what was going on. Masquerain lowered itself below Beautifly in the sky. In Pokemon language, it was about to ask Beautifly for a dance, but it was cut off. A large, butterfly pokemon swooped in on Beautifly. It bumped Masquerain out of the way. The butterfly looked similar to Fran's Foamite, having light purple, to white fluff covering its head and long body. Its feet and antenna that were bent out were dark purple. It had big, oval eyes and a mouth almost covered by its fur. Unlike Foamite, it had huge butterfly wings with two fingers at the ends of its top wings. The top wings were salmon pink with purple, jagged patterns outlining the outter rim. The bottom halves looked the same as the top halves, but smaller and no fingers. The bottom halves also had two, long "tails" each.

    "Heir? heir king king," the butterfly said to Beautifly.

    Beautifly blushed a little.

    "Heirking(AIR - king), I see you've found a match," an older boy said from the lake's edge.

    The boy must've had two years on Drew, making him sixteen. He had pitch black hair with a patch of it a light brown color. He was tall and muscular. He wore a long shirt that had buttons going down the front. The shirt was black and had flames on it. His pants were baggy and he wore white sneakers. A white rock necklace choked his neck.

    "Heir!" the butterfly answered and then went back to flirting with Beautifly.

    Eventually, it asked Beautifly for a dance and she excepted, forgetting all about poor Masquerain.

    "What kind of Pokemon was that?" May asked as she once again opened te Pokedex.

    "Heirking, the Sky King Pokemon. This triple typed Normal Bug Flying Pokemon is the evolved form of Foamite. It rules the skies with an iron fist, so much so that even bird Pokemon try thier best to say out of its territory." the Pokedex finished.

    "With such a dependent and outgoing personality, I couldn't blame your pretty little Beautifly," the boy said complimenting both Pokemon.

    May said, "That was a cool Pokemon!"

    The boy seemed to enjoy her. Apart from them stood Drew. Masqauerain came close and landed on his shoulder, angry in rejection before it even had a chance. It felt cheated somehow. It refused to look as the Heirking danced with Beautifly. Eventually, Drew could hear the boy introduce himself as Jake. He then could have sworn that he heard flirting. Drew became sullen and quiet, but he refused to allow them to be alone. Something about Jake made Drew uneasy, and it wasn't because he was hitting on the girl Drew was trying to get to know and be with. Just something in the way he kept looking up to him every now and then, the way he rudly came into their business, the way he shifted from side to side, the way he looked like he had just caught a fish on a hook as he spoke to May.


    The next day, Drew awoke to find morning. He got up on his blanket and stared out to the lake. It looked just as it did yesterday, its surface of glass. Some bug pokemon fluttered together above the lake. Drew turned to May. She was still sleeping peacefully on her own blanket. Nothing happened last night. She had ended her conversation with Jake and told Drew that it was time for bed. Drew shook the memory away and saw Masquerain sleeping close to Beautifly, like it was insecure about something. He looked back to the water. He heard May stir and stretch. She then got up into a sitting position much like his and stared striaght ahead like him. Waking up for the day became a trend as Beautifly ad Masquerain opened their eyes and awoke.

    "Good morning!" May said cheerfully.

    "Oh no, the morning person is here," Drew mumbled to himself, but loud enough for May to hear.

    "Oh no, it's the cranky person, everyone run!" May exclaimed as she referred to Drew.

    "Good morning, Beautifly," a deep voice from behind them said.

    Drew had only heard the voice once, but could tell who is was. Jake.

    "Hi, Jake," May returned to him as she got up.

    Something in his voice made Drew aware that Jake wasn't referring to May's bug when he said that. Heirking showed up from behind him. Masquerain became enraged, but tried to keep it to itself, taking on one of Drew's characteristics. Beautifly raised into the air and greeted the giant butterfly.

    Before Masquerain could become even more enraged, Drew said, "Well, I'm going to get breakfast, you wanna come May?...Jake?"

    "No thanks, little dude," Jake said, "C'mon May."

    They walked behind the bushes and up to the carnival. Drew didn't appreciate being called little or having May be taken off somewhere without hearing her answer first.

    "C'mon Masquerain," Drew said sulkly.

    Masquerain followed in the same manner as it watched Heirking take Beautifly out to the lake.


    Drew got fast food from a stand. It was some breakfast sandwich. He tried to give Masquerain some of it, but it refused to eat. Drew knew now how depressed the bug was, it would usually steal these out of his hands and eat the whole thing itself. Drew leaned on a boardwalk rail, looking out to the lake. Every once in a while, a breeze would comb through his green hair and rustle his jacket. Masquerain's eye like antenna would sway back and forth. They could sometimes point out where Beautifly and Heirking were on the lake. Masquerain would then turn its head away in rejection.

    "Foamite!" a familiar voice said from behind.

    Drew turned his head to look straight into Fran. She gave him a big warm smile. Drew snickered.

    "Ice cream for breakfast?" he asked as he turned back to the lake.

    Fran was holding a vanilla ice cream cone in her hand.

    "Daddy said i could," she confirmed.

    She looked at Masquerain.
    "What's wrong with your Masquerain?" Fran asked concerned.

    "We'd rather not talk about it," Drew said, sparing Masquerain's feelings.

    "Ok, well, where's that girl you were with?" Fran asked.

    "May? She's somewhere," Drew said and bit into his sandwich.

    Fran climbed up onto the railing so that she could look him straight in the eyes.

    "How could you not know? Isn't she your girlfriend?" Fran asked loudly.

    Drew's stomache turned at the thought and a bit of red found a place of his face.

    "No, not really," Drew answered.

    "Oh, I figured you guys were. You were traveling together, your Pokemon like each other, and...your blushing," Fran pointed out.

    She didn't mean to cause any trouble, but that's how little kids are. Masquerain became a little ticked off by the way Fran kept pushing that button, inferring Beautifly. Drew looked down in defeat. There was no way to talk to a little girl about anything without them figuring it out.

    "Don't worry, Masquerain. You can fight for her on Choosing Day!" Fran said excitedly.

    "Choosing Day?" Drew asked, happy that another subject had come along so quickly.

    "Yeah, Choosing Day! On that day, boy bugs can battle each other to see who deserves the girl the most. I think it's tomorrow," Fran said innocently.

    "Foamite Foam!" the little fluff ball cheered below her.

    Fran got off the railing and started to walk away.

    He turned back to Drew who watched her go and said, "I have to find my mommy now."

    "Ok, see you around, Fran," Drew said to her with a smile.

    "Oh, and that guy with the Heirking is mean," Fran added and ran away into the carnival.

    Drew and masquerain looked at each other. They knew that already, but when will May find out?


    Meanwhile, May only hung around with Jake for a little while.

    "Who's that guy?" Jake asked May as they strolled down the lake's edge.

    It was sandy, cool and calm. Across the lake, bug Pokemon flew together.

    "Oh, that's Drew," May told him.

    Jake kicked a rock down the path. A breeze stirred up and ruffled with May's hair, but Jake's stayed still with all the gell in it.

    "Oh," Jake replied, "You guys going out or something?"

    May was startled by this, but answered, "No, I don't think so."

    "Good, because he looks like a loser. You could get better than that," Jake replied again.

    He fumbled with his hands in front of him, keeping his eyes straight ahead. May was confused about his intentions.

    "Well, he's not. He's a much better coordinator than me," May stated.

    Jake looked at her in 'you must be kidding' look. He turned his head back to the path. He snickered.

    "Well, I should go now. See you again sometime," May said and scooted back down the way they had come. She walked up the sandy path and then up into grass. She soon reached the colorful carnival. It was still bustling with people, but not as much as last night. She looked up and down the isles of stands for Drew. She could see him coming from the boardwalk. He seemed to not be all there, as if he were stuck in thought. May greeted him and he snapped out of it.

    "So, what did you do?" Drew asked her.

    "Nothing really," May answered, "I think we're becoming really good friends."

    This relieved Drew a little. If Jake got stuck in the friend zone, it would be difficult for him to get out, making an easier time for Drew to get back in the race, sorta speak.

    "What did you do?" May asked him.

    Masquerain was still perched on his shoulder.

    "Oh, we had breakfast. I spoke with Fran again," Drew told her.

    "Isn't she so cute?" May commented.

    Drew shook his head as he said, "Yeah, sure."


    The rest of the day was slow and boring. May and Drew walked together for some time. Beautifly came back and Masquerain ignored her. May had asked of Masquerain's actions, but Drew thought it better not to go on the subject, again sparing Masquerain's feelings. Night fell. The sky had been a rainbow of color as the sun set under the evergreens. The lake's second sky reflected a beautiful picture of fire and cool colors. Drew sat alone on the beach where they had decided yesterday to sleep. May had gone to the carnival to find dinner of some sort. Drew wasn't hungry and thought she could handle herself. As much as he hated it, Fran was wrong, they weren't going out, nor did he think they could be called friends. Masquerain sat on the sand. Beautifly had gone with May. It stared out at the horizon, pain stricken. May and Beautifly returned with their food and started to dig in.

    "Why didn't you get anything?" May asked.

    "I wasn't hungry," Drew said.

    Then he didn't say anything else. He couldnt find it in him to nag her, playfully tease her, or anthing that had made their relationship worth while. May noticed this a little, but just took it as he was tired, or something to that extent.


    The next day, May and Drew got up as they did yesterday, but it was much more quiet. Jake made his usual round and took May away for the morning. Drew and Masquerain became enraged on the inside, calm and collected on the outside, a very unique skill for the two of them. May had assured yesterday that Jake was just a friend to her and nothing more, but something wasn't right about Jake. He sure didn't see May as just a friend. And what Fran had said - "That guy with the Heirking is mean." - it was almost like she knew what was going on.

    "Masquerain! Mas!" Masquerain told Drew in a determined tone.

    Drew knew that it wanted to take Fran up on her offer and fight for Beautifly. It was very out of character for Drew to do such a thing, but he couldn't resist helping out his pokemon, it had done so much for him in the past, why not? Masquerain flew away to find Heirking. Drew went to find Jake. By now, May must've left to find him in the carnival, which was perfect because he
    didn't want her to watch anyway. He forced himself to believe he was only doing it for Masquerain. He found Jake sitting on the beach looking out to the lake, obviously watching the romance of Heirking and Beautifly. He smirked to himself on how well of a job he had done.

    "Hello, Jake, what's up?" Drew started off calm, and friendly, even though that was the last thing he wanted to do. He had always been taught that it was better to finish things rather than start them. Who knows? He could even be wrong about Jake and it could all be a misunderstanding. Wrong!

    "Look who it is, the loser May hangs out with," Jake started, "I don't see the advantage she has with sticking around with you."

    Drew took this a good chance for the final straw.

    "Well you're nothing special either," Drew told him, trying his best not to become blindly angry.

    "May told me you were a coordinator," Jake started again, "What are you? Gay?"

    "What are you? Unemployed? A rookie trainer? A loser trainer? Just a loser?" Drew began his list of things he really thought of Jake.

    "I am a good trainer! Better than some ****** coordinator!" Jake yelled back.

    Drew was pleased. His insults worked finer than he had hoped. Even though he thought poorly of Jake, he still expected him to keep calm and have loads of back up lines.

    "Ah! Er! Air!" came some noises from out on the lake.

    Drew and Jake turned to see Masquerain and Heirking going at it, Beautifly trying to stop them.

    "Heirking, get over here!" Jake ordered.

    The fluffy butterfly flew over to him and reported for duty.

    "Masquerain, come!" Drew called out to Masquerain.

    The blue bug flew over to him. Beautifly followed.

    "Oh, look! A faggy trainer has a faggy Pokemon," Jake sneered.

    Drew thought quickly and said, "Who's the bigger ***? The guy with a blue bug or the guy with the pink butterfly?"

    Jake had broken down just a little and said, "That's it! I challenge you to a match! One on one! Your dumb Masquerloser against my HeirKING!"

    "I accept," Drew said.

    "Perfect, I've been waiting to knock you out of the competition for a while now. Not that May would have gone with you anyway," Jake told him.

    "This isn't about May," Drew lied to himself.

    "Yeah, ok," Jake said, "Start the match!"

    "Masquerain, use Bubble!" Drew ordered.

    Masquerain shot out numerous blue bubbles at Heirking. It was blown back, but it was so powerful, it didn't seem to be effected in anyway.

    "Heirking, use Signal Beam!" Jake ordered his Pokemon.

    The butterfly shot out a blue and red beam from its mouth that hit Masquerain with such force, Drew's stomache turned with fright. Masquerain was blown back far, and just barely kept itself in the air. It breathed hard. The only thing that kept it going from this point on was its love for Beautifly and hate for Heirking.

    "Now use a Double-Edge!" Jake called.

    Drew was worried about Masquerain, but he knew it wanted to go on, just by the look in its eyes.

    "Masquerain, use a Silver Wind," Drew told it.

    Heirking was coming fast with a Double-Edge. Masquerain's diamond shaped wings at the bottom of its body glowed white. It then flapped them quickly to release the attack. It hit Heirking with a lot of force, but it was back again to finish the attack. It only seemed to delay it.

    "Masquerain, keep a steady Silver Wind!" Drew told it.

    Masquerain started the attack again. It delayed Heirking some more. Beautifly was located to the sde of the battle in the air between Jake and Drew. It was looking down in defeat as it didn't wish for this battle, but it couldn't stop it either.

    "Heirking, use a Signal Beam to cut into that Silver Wind!" Jake called.

    Heirking shot out the blue and red beam again. It cut through Masquerain's pitiful Silver Winds, creating a path for Heirking's Double-Edge. Masquerain fell to the ground with a slam.

    "And it looks like we're just about done here," Jake started to say.

    Drew ran to Masquerain's side. Masqueran pushed him away and tried to go on, but it fainted. Beautifly looked down at it in pity and sadness. It knew that Masquerain did it for her, and only her. Heirking flew over to Beautifly and started to boast. Beautifly looked away, no longer amused.

    "Heh, you are a loser. I don't expect May to stay with you for very long," Jake taunted.

    Drew didn't answer him. He was too preoccupied with Masquerain. It lay on the sandy ground, eyes closed. Drew was on his knees next to it and picked it up. It's body was limp, but it was still very much alive. It opened its eyes and tried to get out of Drew's grasp. It then gave up in a blind stuggle and settled down in his hands. Beautifly was lead away by Heirking and Jake had walked toward the carnival. He was obviously looking for May to tell her how much he had kicked butt in a battle. Drew brought Masquerain back to the little camp site and cleaned it up. Thank goodness for Frita and her medicine! They cured all of Masquerain's aches and bruises, but they could never repair Masquerain's feelings. Drew tried again to feed it, but it refused as usual. Drew then let out his other Pokemon, and they huddled together and ate whatever he had brought back from the carnival. Flareitten, Drew's orange fire cat, walked over to Masquerain. It offered a friend to him as it sat down, its long wings projecting into the air. Masquerain blew it off, and Flareitten gave up. When Flareitten went back to the bunch of Pokemon to found nothing left for it. It looked angrily at Flygon, who gave it a dumb grin. Sawbura offered the rest of its food and Flareitten took it graciously. As this went on, Drew tried to play the fight over again in his head to see where they went wrong. He couldn't find anything. It seemed as though Heirking was just better trained. Drew understood why, though. Heirking must be Jake's only pokemon, so he has all the time in the world to train it. Drew has the same time, he realizes, but he has to split it amongst Roselia, Masquerain, Flygon, Flareitten, and now Sawbura.


    May returned to the campsite right before the sun put on another light show.

    "Where have you been all day?" Drew asked her.

    "Oh, I was walking around the carnival with Skitty and Munchlax. You would not believe how much garbage Munchlax ate! Everytime I turned around, there he was, in the can," May said, laughing.

    Drew laughed with her lightheartedly, but stopped soon after.

    "Oh, I also saw a lot of Jake today. He says he wants to meet me tomorrow after the sun goes down so that we can watch part of the Dance of Skies," May told him.

    "What about Masquerain and me?" Drew asked.

    "I asked him if you could come, but he said it would be better if we were alone for a little bit and then I hang out with you," May said to him, she understanding and believing every word of it.

    "I dont know May, that doesn't sound right to me," Drew told her.

    He couldn't help it. Even if she was thirteen by now, he had to do something to open her eyes to the real world. Not everything is as great as it seemed.

    "What do you mean?" May asked, "We're just friends."

    "I don't know if he knows that," Drew said.

    Jake may not be nice to him, but May truly thought he was her friend, and maybe he was. He tried to keep his opinions and the facts separated.

    "I don't think you should go, sounds fishy," Drew added.

    "Listen, I think I'm old enough to figure things out for myself!" May shouted, now blinding and shutting herself off from any reasoning, "I'll make my own decisions and take my own risks, thank you!"

    Drew was shocked. She was really yelling at him, and it wasn't what he had usually gotten back in Hoenn, it was deeper. May wanted her freedom, that's why she made her own decision and came with him instead of following the crowd again. She wanted to be free from rules and regulations that her friends, parents, and even sibling strapped her to. Drew understood, but he
    couldn't help but play as an older brother for her. He knew she needed one. She had always wanted to think the best of people, no matter what they had done to her in the past. She needed to have her eyes opened to the real world and the real actions people with selfish needs will do.


    The next day was the Dance of Skies. People were bustling, bugs were fluttering, and Drew and Masquerain were sulking. There was nothing to do at this point but watch May and Beautifly take their chances with Heirking and Jake. Then in the end, if it was partly happy, Drew and Masquerain would have to say "I told ya so." Masquerain finally ate something just to please his owner. Drew's other pokemon became aware of Masquerain's depression and were told to leave it alone for their best intentions.
    Meanwhile, May did her usual five minutes with Jake, which was nothing out of the ordinary. They talked about the weather for crying out loud. She then left to find her way back to Drew in the carnival. She was unaware of his location, and soon gave up and hoped he would find her. She let out all of her Pokemon for lunch.

    "Come out everyone!" May shouted and released them.

    She placed a bowl of Pokemon food in front of each of them and they dug in. She sat outside the portable Pokemon center on the other side of the carnival. Nurse Joy had given her the bowls for them. Beautifly didn't eat much, which was startling to May. Right from the start, Beautifly had always been a good eater, especially when it was a tiny Wurmple.

    "What's wrong, Beautifly? Aren't you gonna eat?" May asked the butterfly.

    Beautifly sat on the out door table. Behind her, Skitty and Icechik ate their food. On the ground next to May was Combusken, Munchlax, and Bulbasaur enjoying their meals.

    "Be! Be! Beautifly be Beautifly flyfly beau!" Beautifly explained sadly, but May didn't seem to understand.

    Beautifly was trying to tell May about the battle Masquerain and Heirking had the other day. Beautifly saw May's confused face and went to Icechik for help. Beautifly told the story to the blue penguin and asked for asistance in making an example.

    Icechik opened its big, yellow bill, "Ice!" and agreed to help.

    It and Beautifly got off the table and came to the ground. Beautifly and Icechik stood apart from each other as if ready to battle. Skitty, overhearing the conversation, also jumped down from the table. It started drawing in the sandy dirt, and soon too ugly pictures of two bug Pokemon were drawn next to Beautifly and Icechik. A picture of Masquerain was drawn under Beautifly,
    and Heirking's picture was drawn under Icechik. May nodded with understanding.

    "Beau!" Beautifly cried.

    It and Icechik slammed into each other to show a battle. Then Beautifly and Icechik stopped their demonstration and Beautifly pointed to itself. May understood.

    "So, Masquerain and Heirking fought, over you?" May asked, trying to get the whole story.

    Beautifly nodded sadly.

    "Well, who won?" May asked, still shocked that Masquerain would do something like that.

    Beautifly pointed to Icechik, indicating that Heirking won.

    "It's completely normal," came a small girl's voice from behind May.

    May turned to look at Fran. She stood across from May. Foamite jumped up onto the table.

    "Normal?" May asked her.

    "Yeah, it was Choosing Day yesterday. On Choosing Day the boy bugs fight with each other to see who's stronger," Fran informed her.

    May nodded. Still, it was very unlike Masquerain, or Drew, to take such action over that.

    "It's ok. How's the blue buggy doing?" Fran asked concerned.

    "It looked fine last time I saw it. I didn't even know they had a fight," May said, sadly.

    "As long as that Heirking didn't kill it, it will be fine," Fran said mysteriously.

    "Fran! Honey! Where are you?" came Fran's mother's voice.

    "I'm right here mommy! I'm coming!" Fran yelled back.

    Fran picked up Foamite and started running towards a middle aged woman farther into the carnival.

    "By, May," Fran called to May as she kept running.

    Skitty and Icechik had found their way back to the top of the table and had finished eating. May's other Pokemon lay around the table, some asleep, some staring into space. May looked down at her Beautifly. She opened her arms wide to it and it jumped in.

    "Don't worry about it. We won't stay with Jake and Heirking that long when we go," May promised, "Besides, you and Masquerain have a date tonight, wouldn't want to miss it!"

    Beautifly looked happily into May's face and hugged her back.


    Meanwile, Drew spent his day throwing rocks into the lake. He couldn't think of a more worse time he had at a carnival. In fact, he couldn't think of one time he had been to a carnival. He didn't remember going as a kid with his parents, nor did he ever have that kind of time to waste when he had been on the road. Why now did he have the time? He knew that if he were by himself going through Contesta, he would be in Norbrown by now. Was May possibly holding him down? Maybe. But he didn't seem to care.


    That evening, as the bugs got ready for their Dance of Skies, May met back up with Drew, who hadn't moved from the campsite. He looked at her and she didn't answer it.

    "I'll be back in a few minutes," May told him and made her way down the sandy path.

    "Mas mas masquer rain mas mas masquerain," Masquerain mumbled to itself, imitating May's statement in its language.

    May walked down the path, Beautifly perched upon her head. Jake was waiting at the edge of the lake. He heard her coming and turned to face her.
    "What's up, Beautifly?" Jake asked.

    Beautifly answered sweetly and May answered, "Good, you?"

    "Just...fine," he said with an excited sigh.

    Heirking joined them from out of the blue.

    "Looks pretty, don't it?" Jake asked May as he inched closer to her.

    "Yeah, the sky is all different colors," May complimented.

    Bug pokemon swirled in last minute rehearsal across the mirror that was Turning Lake. The sky bled yellows, greens, blues, and purples as tiny stars poked into view. The sun was setting in the west, as it always did, getting ready for another night of sleep until it rose the next morning for a day controlled by those who lived it. Jake moved closer in.

    "Heir, Heirking?" Heirking asked Beautifly for a Sky Dance.

    "Be, Beauti. Be, be beauti beau be beautifly be fly," Beautifly rejected.

    It told Heirking it already had a partner for the dance, but thanked it for the offer. That broke the peacefulness.

    "Heir?" Heirking asked who it was.

    "Beautifly," Beautifly told it Masquerain.

    "Heir! Heir king king ki heir!" Heirking shouted it couldn't believe Beautifly would still want to mate with such a pathetic loser.

    "You know what, Jake? I think we should go now. I don't want to keep Drew waiting," May told him.

    She was frightened that his Pokemon was flipping out next to Beautifly. It made her feel very insecure. She promised that they wouldn't stay long anyway to Beautifly. Beautifly went to fly down to May, but Heirking caught it with a String Shot.

    Jake wrapped his arms around May and said,"Why? Don't you wanna stay a while?"

    "Get off me!" May ordered.

    Jake didn't listen and covered her mouth. He picked her up and moved her to a place behind some bushes and a closed down stand. He let go of her mouth and pinned her up against the empty stand's outside wall. It was shady and the wood was hard against May's back. She could feel some splinters on the wall as well. Jake ran his face threw her hair and sniffing it like a drug. His body was very close to hers and she could feel him getting excited. May was silent. Her voice had escaped the tragedy, but it wasn't completely lost.

    "Use Ice Beam!" came Drew's voice.

    A light blue light shot from somewhere and blasted Jake all the way into the lake. The Ice Beam hit and froze Heirking. Beautifly was released from the String Shot. It landed to May who was now on the ground on her knees, speechless. Drew walked over, Masquerain perched on his shoulder. May didn't say anything to him.

    "I hate to say this, but I told ya so," Drew started.

    He wasn't done though, he had something to say.

    May sighed, "I know."

    "You gotta listen to me. I know you think everyone and everything is great and nice. But they're not. This is the real world, May. No one hands anyone anything on a silver platter. People take people for granted. They take advantage of little girls, they steal candy from babies...and steal hopes from kids. People are selfish, greedy...*******s. So when I tell you something isn't right, you have to trust me," Drew told her, "I don't understand why you don't trust me. I've never given you a reason not to. This isn't the first time you've done something like this."

    "What?" May looked up to him.

    "You trusted Harley, remember?" Drew asked her, "And he turned out to hate you, and yet you still gave him that second chance that you've never given me once. Why? Why don't you trust me?"

    May looked up to him and saw a lot of pain. He was right. He had never given her a reason not to trust him. When he told her she stunk at coordinating, she knew back then he was right. And now he told her Jake was a bad guy, even though he had been such a cool friend. He went and lured out so that he could've raped her. Drew walked away, hoping May would follow, but she
    didnt for some time. She thought about his words that echoed in her ears - "Why dont you trust me?"


    Later that night, Drew had made his way over to a wooden bench located on one of the Lake's shores, closeby their campsite. After he had found May, Masquerain and Beautifly reunited and went out to the lake. Drew looked out to the lake. It sparkled with the shine of a million or so stars. The carnival had shut all of their lights to make the Dance of Skies as natural as it could be. Drew thought about what he had said to May. He hadn't planned all that, it just came out as he noticed it. A selfish, greedy *******? Reminded him of someone. There was movement to his right and someone sat down next to him. It was May. She was looking very apologetic.

    She sighed, "You were right, I'm sorry for not beliveing you. You do seem to know more about the world than I do."

    "Started before you, I have a year on you, remember?" Drew informed her.

    "Yeah," she inched closer to him and gave him a friendly hug.

    He cringed in his seat. It was very unexpected, but relaxing and relieving at the same time. The night would have gone better if May hadn't spoken again.

    "You're my best friend," she told him, muffled by his clothing.

    Drew sighed, "Yeah."

    He looked down in defeat, almost as if Jake had won. He then looked up to Masquerain as it fluttered around Beautifly in their personal Dance of Skies. After all that had happened, he realized he was jealous of his own Pokemon. Masquerain had everything it could ever want, in his eyes. A good trainer, fame, friends, and a love life. Plus everything that comes out of those subjects.

    Drew thought to himself, "Stuck in the friend zone...damn."
    I love how this one ends! ^^ I'd also like you guys to know that the title of this ep isn't the original one. It was originally "Mystery of Turning Lake! Dance of Skies!" So, yeah, I dubbed my own series. I know what you're all thinking, "Encyclopika, you moron! You make a series and then you dub it yourself? We're gonna have to smack you!" If you want to smack me, go right ahead, I know I need it. lol Now to answer everyone individually! ^^

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    Jo-Jo - Yay! You're reading too! Sorry if they are a little confusing, I realized that when I read Epi 5 again...sorry! I tried to clear it up for you in this ep, hope it helps. If not, that's what my sprites are for.
    Rene Bellosh - Stop reading my mind! I was going to make human sprites and others, but after I got through making Heirking this epi, I was like "No more sprites! I can't take it!" It was just really hard, but I'll make them during this week if I can.
    misty_aquamaster - If you like people getting jealous, then you'll love this fic. ^^
    MistyMix89 - I read some of your fic, gonna read more...but right now it fricken rocks! ^^
    To everyone else - Thank you for reading and posting reviews. I love you people! ^^

    Next time on Episode 7 - Norbrown City! Return of Medicham!
    ^Is this what you were talking about Rene a little while back? Well, May and Drew have finally gotten to Norbrown and entered the contest. They have to wait one more day for the contest to actually begin though. While hanging around the Pokemon Center, they meet up with Grace and her Medicham. Grace says that there's a PokeBlock making contest in the contest hall and invites them on her team to whip the snotty Pokeblock master's butt. It's a fierce battle of the PokeBlocks as the master introduces new ways, and schemes to make PokeBlock. <--I know, it's more interesting than it seems.
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    Meena nooga neega!! Jake nearly RAPED May!!! I hope he rots where the devil lives! I also hope Drew gets out of the best friend stage too. Keep it coming!
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    Yay, it's great! I love the descriptions, and I really love Fran as a character, she's so cute ^^. The grammar and spelling looks rally good too, and I'm still a fan of the plot. Every chapter gets better Anyway, keep it up, can't wait for the next chappie!
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    Encyclopika, what do you mean this chapter had no UST? It was probably the shippiest one yet! I "awww"ed over May's line about Drew being her best friend, and his reaction. The references to past canon - Harley, etc. - were a nice touch, and is it just me, or did the Beautifly/Masquerain subplot seem reminiscent of Bye Bye Butterfree? It was good to see a bit of pay-back for the last chapter, in which May had to put up with Clover. Although it did seem ever so slightly as though May's being made to suffer more than Drew in that regard. She was treated quite badly by Clover (the crummy room), and Jake tried to freakin' rape her. Whereas Drew got along OK with Clover, even if he did get pushed around by Jake. Just something I noticed.

    Probably the part that didn't sit quite right with me was Jake's interest in May - it seems as though Drew should have been more emphatic about protecting her if he really had thought Jake was bad news. If there'd been a part earlier where he'd tried to warn her off and she'd got annoyed with him, that could have served as build-up for the bit later on where she gets angry and shouts at him. Also, I would have had her put up more of a fight when Jake tried to rape her - although she tends to freeze up in panic situations, she's gotten better at it over the course of the show, and I doubt that she'd just lie there in terror under the circumstances. The other part that gave me pause was the slanging match between Jake and Drew; Jake using homophobic slurs is one thing, but Drew sinking to his level kinda spoils things. Besides all else, it's hypocritical, as he does have a bit of a flaming streak. That line could always be rewritten as something like:

    Drew raised an eyebrow. "This from a guy who owns a pink butterfly?"

    At any rate, good chapter overall, look forward to the next part. Yay, Grace comes back! One of my favourite co-ordinators. It always bugged me that she was given the shaft in the Grand Festival.
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    I can say this has been one of the most memorable chapters yet. I confess UST is good and all, but without a little bit fluff (or whatever the opposite of UST is called) the romance gets static and dosen't move anywhere. But I think you're handling that quite well IMO so no worries there.

    Indeed, I have noticed that May usually gets the blunt of the "sufferring" in this story. Aside from what was mentioned, she was already hit on by a drunken passenger and almost abducted by a duo of poachers by knifepoint. Just once I'd like to see Drew earn a (life-threatening) ailment/injury with May doing her best to save him. On the record I may agree with Jo-Jo's 2nd paragraph but since I wasen't given a pause, tis really not all that bad.

    Woot Grace returns! Perhaps Drew may finally have his revenge in this upcoming Contest? I shall await to see who ease manages to come back.

    PS: Only when a title has been PUN-ished can it be considered dubbed.
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    wow! Another great chapter. I really liked this and I also really liked the ending. I felt bad for Drew when he said he was in the friend zone but it was cool. I was surprised by how fast you updated. I just finished reading all these yesterday and now theres another chapter. That's awsome. I love it when chapters are updated fast XD. I also noticed something that can and might be forshadowing. Well, not really but kinda. Its something I noticed Drew said that might be shown later on about his past and maybe his parents issue also. Maybe I'm wrong but it seems really likely. It was something I noticed and then there was this other thing I noticed that backed up my theory. So, I hope you update real real real real soon cause I cant wait to read it.
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    Guys! Guys! (Jo-Jo and Rene) You guys gotta calm down. Don't worry, I have everyting planned out already - so Drew will get his fair share of "suffering" later on - IMO much worse than what May got. So rest your little heads. ^^
    As for what you said about Drew and Jake's talk fight, I know that wasn;t the best line to put with Drew, but I couldn't help it. I laughed so hard in my sleep that my mom came into my room and demanded to know what was so funny.
    I also forgot to mention why I added new pokemon to Drew and May's lineups...because it wouldn't seem right in my head. I mean, going through Wardy where there are new guys and you don't pick up one? Huh? I know I'm weird...
    Also, I wanted to explain why Drew didn't take action the minute he thought Jake was bad news. It was because he didn't want to restrain May. He thought she would be able to make her own decisions, even if they were the wrong ones. This episode was meant to open their eyes - May now knows everyone isn't nice and Drew knows to keep a sharper eye on her. See?
    As for MasquerainxBeautifly - I'm such a fan of this ship. I didn't realize that it was related to Bye Bye Butterfree...oh well. I like it and see you do too. ^^
    Ok, hope that clears up my intentions, for the next ep, expect what happened with ep 4 - writer's block...-_-;;;
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    *finishes reading*

    Wow, I must say that I'm very impressed and surprised yet excited at the same time!

    Fran is too kawaii for words! She's so adorable that I have a clear picture in my mind!

    I loved the parts when Drew was simply the classic jealously from Jake! GF pics come to mind for me. ^_^ I felt bad for Masquerain, poor little guy! It made me mad about Heirking <--did I spell that right? XD I'm really glad that he got Beautifly! *sighs romantically* They make such a good couple!

    I knew that there was something bad about that Jake! Poor sweet May! I'm just so glad that she's okay. Thank god for Contestshipping! XD That quote left May wondering about Drew, which is very sweet! Maybe she's starting to like!

    Overall, I noticed very few mistakes, but hey, we all make them, even me! XD

    So, in the proceeding paragraphs (that line is now stuck to me from English class ^^, you did an excellent job and the plot is terrific! And I'm so glad that you enjoyed my story so far too!

    Be sure to PM me once your new chapter is up! It's keeping me in suspense, which is a good thing! ^_~

    For those who'd like to keep in contact, you know where to find me. ♥

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    If I may say so, being in the friend stage isn't so bad, but once you're out of it and already in the "constantly stare-at" phase, it's all down hill from there. In Drew's case, that is no exception.
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