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Thread: Contest Tie (Contestshipping)

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    Kawaii!!!!!!!!!!! did they even notice that they came back for eachother even though they said they wouldn't, that was cute ^_^ good work pika-san!! bravo!!!

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    Another good chapter and funny, too. OH, could you add me to you PM list? hope you have next one soon
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    Awesome job there! Your desctription is getting better and better! Keep it up!

    For those who'd like to keep in contact, you know where to find me. ♥

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    Sorry it took so long to update. I had to work and give attention to my multiple sites plus I had Writer's Block gone bad, real bad. It's like an ugly disease! Then I didn't have the liberty like last episode to make one sprite - I had to make two - right here Sprite Page for new Contesta Pokemon
    Here's epi 4 - hope everyone likes. ^^

    Episode 4 - Sawbura in Need! Hunt of Poaching Pokemon!
    Rated - PG-13 - for bad language.

    The Amarillo Desert is named after the Spanish word for yellow - amarillo. It is covered in a yellow sand that follows the blowing of the ocean winds. Sand dunes are scattered around its area. Sometimes they disappear due to the wind and turn up somewhere else. The sky has not one cloud, just a sky blue covering that seems so low you could touch it. Nights are hot, but days are hotter. The desert's low latitude and barren wasteland like structure make it almost unbearable. Even further, there is one escape, the cooling winds by the surrounding ocean. Life finds security from the sun underground or bare it.


    "It's so hot," May complained.

    She was walking beside Drew who seemed to be suffering as much as her, but keeping his mouth closed about it. He knew hot weather like this made him irritable and he didn't feel like having a fight right now.

    "Yeah," he answered weakly, "What did you expect? It's a desert!"

    "I know," May said, fanning herself.

    They had passed Muk Rock a while ago. The sun was unbarable today. It scortched the ground and everything that was in reach.

    "Why are we here?" May asked, still suffering.

    "We have nothing else better to do. Norbrown's contest isn't taking place for another week," he answered irritably.

    "What's that thing?" May asked him looking stright ahead.

    Her hand was shielding the sun out of her eyes.

    "Maybe you're seeing things," Drew started.

    "I'm not seeing things! Why don't you look first before opening your mouth!" May yelled, getting irritable as well.

    Ahead was a big brown Pokemon. They only saw it from behind. It's big head was sniffing in a burrow in a sand dune ahead of it. It had a long, thin tail that ended in two yellow pinchers. Its legs were medium length, bent foward as it kneeled to inspect the burrow.

    "I have no clue," Drew said in defeat.

    "Let's see what the Pokedex says," May said and flipped the round, red Pokedex open.

    The Pokedex said, "Liequartz(LIE - kwarts), the Light Bulb Pokemon. This Rock/Electric Pokemon has very bad eye sight, and therefore always feels threatened. It will charge at will. This Pokemon is known to be the biggest trophy for sport hunters, making this Pokemon endangered."

    "Wow, so it's a rare Pokemon!" May told Drew quietly, excitedly.

    The Liequartz turned around and looked at them. Now they could see its whole body. It had a long face, almost beak like. Shiney yellow horns stuck out of its neck and head. It had a rounded horn that looked like a light bulb at the tip of its nose. Its front feet had long claws and its underside was protected by a silver plating. It grunted at them disturbed.

    "Uh, nice don't want to run us over with those claws," Drew said frightened and backing away.

    May backed away with him, very scared. Liequartz turned completely around and started charging. Drew and May gasped and started running for their lives.

    "I don't get it! What did we do?" May cried as she ran along side Drew.

    "Didn't you hear the Pokedex?" Drew said as he ran, almost out of breath, "It said they'll charge at anything!"

    They ran and ran and came close to a large rock that was randomly placed.

    A small brown, rodent Pokemon emerged from the rock and called them, "Saw! Saw!"

    May and Drew hid behind the rock with the small Pokemon. The Liequartz ran past them. It then stopped, noticing it was chasing nothing. It then walked off as if nothing happened.

    "Oh, it's a Sawbura(SAW - ber - uh)!" May cried in delight at the small, brown rodent Pokemon, "We saw a bunch of them in Wardy!"

    "A what?" Drew asked.

    He snatched May's Pokedex and pointed it at the Pokemon.

    "Sawbura, the Mole Pokemon. This Ground type Pokemon spends most of its life in a desert burrow. Its long, sharp nose helps it drill underground."

    Drew looked back at the Pokemon. It was much smaller than Liequartz. It was brown, furry, and had a long stiff nose. The nose had spikes coming out of it. The rest of its body was small and flat. It had short legs that ended in little black toes. Its tail was short and limp.

    "Saw! Saw bura!" it said.

    Sawbura climbed up the rock and looked back at them. It then turned towards its destination ahead and jumped down.


    "That Sawbura was so cute!" May told Drew a while later.

    "Alright! Enough about the Sawbura. We saw it hours ago," Drew told her.

    "Oh! You don't understand!" May complained.

    Night was falling and they set up camp near a large rock. Night fell fast afterward. The sky was as clear as it had been on the beach, but it wasn't as pleasent. There wasn't any gentle crash of waves, the shuddering of leaves in the wind, not even the chirping of night birds, nothing. A breeze slithered through sometimes, but it did so so silently that it wasn't noticed.

    "Drew! I found one!" May cried.

    She had picked up his drawing hobby from the other night. He hadn't joined her this night, though. Instead, he just watched her in a day dream. When she turned to him, he jumped in surprise.

    He calmed down and asked, "What is it?"
    "A fish!" she said cheerfully.

    He looked up to see it and immediatly saw it, all constructed with big, bright stars; a sign that she was a newbie at this.

    "It's one of those two second, cheap fish," Drew said, "You're happy about that?"

    "Oh can it! I haven't been doing this as long as you. I had a life!" May said pretending to be disappointed, folding her arms over her chest and turned her head away from him.

    "Hey-" Drew started insulted.

    He was cut off by a cry that cut threw the air in a ear splitting screech.

    "What was that?" May asked, still surprised by the sudden noise.

    "Sounds like someone's dying," Drew admitted, his ears feeling like they would bleed.

    "We have to see what's going on!" May cried.

    She got up and ran ahead in the desert where the sound had come from. Drew didn't follow immediatley.

    "If it's that guy and his Illiumead again I'm going to kill him! Just to let you know!" Drew shouted after her as he got up.


    "Shut the 'ell up, ya stupid things," a man yelled as he loaded a cage full of Sandshrew onto a large pickup truck.

    On the truck was a cage with little Sawbura in it. Liequartz was already loaded onto the truck in its own cage. It was charging at the bars.

    "Cut that out!" another man cried.

    He splashed a bucket of water on it. It backed up and wimpered. It's rock type didn't like the water and it was painful. The Sandshrew and Sawbura were scared stiff and they all were quiet, afraid it might happen to them.

    "Hey! What are you doing?" May shouted.

    The two men looked up at her. One was short, thin, and looked intelligent. He had on a red jacket over a black shirt and jean pants. He had brown hiking boots on and his hair was a mess of black on his head. The other man who was loading the Sandshrew was much bigger than his partner. He wore a green baseball cap on top of his fat head, covering his bald spot that stuck out in back. His pants were loose, so much so his butt crack showed when he bent down. His fat belly was covered up by a blue sweatshirt. May couldn't understand how he was surviving in it. The night air was cooler than the hot day, but it was still not worth a sweatshirt.

    "Scram, girlie! We gots business!" the smaller man told her coldly.

    "You guys aren't supposed to be treating those poor Pokemon like that! They don't like water, they're weak to it," May told them innocently.

    "Make her hand over her Pokemon, George. I don't like her atitude much," the big one said.

    "Better yet..." George, the smaller man, trailed and gave the bigger man a signal, "Come with us, we're goin for a little ride."

    The bigger man grabbed May from behind, pinning her hands behind her back. His hands were squeezed around her wrists so hard it cut off most of the circulation. May cried out in pain. George exposed a dagger from his back pants pocket.

    "Shut up! Or I'll-," the man had walked up to her and held the knife close to her throat. A light beam suddenly shot into him and pushed him ten feet away from May.

    "Or you'll do what?" Drew asked him, daring him.

    Roselia stood at his feet angrily. The big man holding May in place, let go of her, and backed up stupidly to his partner, not wanting what his partner
    had gotten. May ran away from where she had been standing and over to Drew's side. Liequartz lit up the area with its shiney horns so that it could see better. The horns were now glowing a bright yellow that covered five feet all around.

    "You wanna fight? You wanna fight with us, kid?" George asked, challenging Drew.

    "Sure! Why not?" Drew said, daring back.

    "Okay then!" the man said, stalling.

    Drew caught on and egged him on,"Come on, old man, school me!"

    "Ok," the man said and let out his Pokeball.

    The Pokeball released a Geodude. Drew wasn't impressed.

    "Ok, now either you're really dumb, or that's all you have," Drew said, knowing this was an easy win for himself.

    "C'mon, Lenny, help me out here," George whispered to the bigger man.

    "What do ya want me to do, George? You tol' me I couldn't have no Pokemon," Lenny answered loudly.

    "The help you awr," the small man said.

    "Roselia, use a Petal Dance," Drew ordered and Roselia started spinning.

    Pink petals zoomed in on Geodude. It was hit directly and thrown back.

    "C'mon! Do somethin'!" the small man ordered nervously.

    Drew could tell he had never done this before. He was like a Growlithe with all bark and no bite. Meanwhile, May had gone around the truck and was looking for the keys to open the pens. She was looking in the driver's seat when she saw three keys, attached to each other by a key ring, in the ignition. She pulled the keys out and ran to the cage doors still on the other side of the truck, opposite the battle. Lennie, the big man, had spotted her and tried to stop her from releasing the Pokemon.

    "Hey! What's you doin with George's keys? Give that here ya little ****," he asked her as he tried to grab them from her.

    He decided it easier just to grab her and hold her down, just as he had done before. Luckily for May, Skitty's bad habit of coming out of its Pokeball was about to pay off. Skitty came out of its Pokeball. It then jumped to the rescue as it slapped Lennie away with its big, pink tail. Meanwhile, Drew had finished off George and his Geodude.

    George returned the Pokemon saying under his breath, "Worthless piece of ****," and then looking back up to find Liequartz staring at him.

    "That mean girl an' her Skitty are tryin' to let out the Pokemon, George," Lennie cried to his partner.

    "No crap," George said, backing away slowly from the angry Liequartz.

    It glared at them with fury. George looked for the bucket of water, but it was empty. It was on the side of their truck, over turned and too far away to reach anyway. George and Lennie smiled scared and stupidly at the ready to charge monster.

    "Kwarts!" it yelled and charged.

    "Ahhh! Run!" George screamed and ran for his life.

    It took Lennie time to react to do the same. Liequartz chased them far into the dark horizon. May and Drew laughed at them, knowing they won't be bothering these desert Pokemon anymore. May gave Drew the other key on the key ring. May went to the Sandshrew and opened the lock. They jumped out and turned around to look at her for a thanks. They then scuried together far off. Drew fiddled with Sawbura's lock, but got it open just as successful. Sawbura looked back at them both and walked off slowly. Something was on its mind for sure.


    May and Drew had made it back to their camp, only to get in a few hours of sleep before the sun poked up from the far off horizon. They packed their things and made their way out of the Armarillo Desert towards Muk Rock.

    "I think this bread is stale," May said as she chewed on a piece of bread.

    "And, what would you like me to do about it?" Drew asked her.

    "Nothing! We just don't talk at all when we're walking if you haven't noticed," May told him a matter of factly.

    "So you think I'm interested in your bread because..." Drew trailed.

    "Saw!" came a voice from behind.

    They turned around to see Sawbura. A challenging face on the critter. It was in an attack pose.

    "I think it wants to battle you. Guess it saw how well you fought off the hunters, maybe it wants to try for itself," May said happily.

    "No problem. I'm guessing it wants to battle Roselia," Drew said and threw Roselia out of her Pokeball.

    Roselia came out, ready to battle on Drew's side as always.

    "Sawbura!" Sawbura came charging with a tough Tackle, but Roselia easily dodged the basic technique.

    "Use a Stun Spore!" Drew ordered and Roselia obeyed.

    A fog of orange dust spewed over the little rodent. It coughed and shut its eyes.

    "Now use a Petal Dance!" Drew called again and Roselia spread pink petals all around as it twirled in the air. Sawbura was hit hard with them and fell to the ground weakened.

    "Go, pokeball," Drew announced and threw an empty Pokeball to Sawbura's weak body.

    The ball bounced off sawbura gently and opened. Sawbura became a red light and was sucked into the machine. When closed, the pokeball shook with Sawbura's will to get out. It was no use, and soon sawbura accepted defeat and the ball stopped shaking. Drew picked it up from the sandy ground. He never thought his first catch in Contesta wouldn't be a Contesta native,
    but he was satisfied. Sawbura would make a strong addittion to his team of Roselia, Masquerain, Flygon, and Flareitten.

    "Awsome! A new pokemon on the team!" May said excited.

    She couldn't wait to see what Sawbura had in store for them.

    "Yeah, I know. That's one catch in Contesta for me. And that gives you, zip," Drew taunted again.

    "What was that supposed to mean?" May asked putting her hands on her hips.

    "You said we need to talk more when we walk," Drew said and continued down the road towards Muk Rock.

    May didn't have any other choice but to follow. The sun had elevated to a high point in the sky. The breeze from the ocean swept through the sandy desert, picking up sand and dust as it went by. May thought to herself, maybe it wasn't sawbura that things in store for her, maybe it was Drew.

    Oh, yeah, finally! Epi 4 completed! Now, time to answer everyone individually! ^^ This probably my fav part of the job. Oh, remember - just tell me if you want off or on the PM list. I also want everyone to keep their eyes open for FORSHADOWING - events that give you hints about future event in a story. I've had some so far, hope you caught them.

    misty_aquamaster - You've been added to the PM list. Yeah, that ep was meant to be funny. ^^
    Riyu - Glad you mentioned that. Yes, I believe they did notice. That was the "inner message". Even when in a fight, they still care about each other - fluffy I know, but ain't it great?
    MayShuuFan - Yeah, my fic's been added to ANOTHER site. ^^ Glad you thought it was funny, so did I. ^^
    Rene Bellosh - If only you would've waited 1 more episode XD lol Glad you finally like it. ^^
    Sapphire Chan & Sweet May - Thanks for reading and keeping up! ^^
    Juny - As you can tell, I update fast for eps I'm syched about and others take forever. lol
    Avegaille Spellman -I kept your's for last because I laughed so hard. Yes, I'm a girl, but I guess I would think I was a boy I really act that bi at the May Club? lol

    Next time on episode 5 - Night of Golden Roses! Save Them Drew!
    May and Drew are passing through Mangrove Pastures in order to get to Norbrown City's contest. On the way, they stop at a small village(not shown on the map at the site) known for their great medication advances for the world. Their secret lies in the Golden Roses that lay outside the village. Team Gem over hears and can't wait to get their hands on the valuable resoarces. See ya there!
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    Foreshadowing eh? Well only thing I can think of is that     Spoiler:
    . Kinda hard to perdict things in a fan fiction with no apparent ongoing plot beyond what's used in the games and anime (you know, Ash getting badges, May getting ribbons, obligatory sidetrack to save the world, ect.). Nothing wrong with setting the plot on that level (quite accepted to do so), but once I get my fan fiction up and running (if ever, procrastination sucks) I would make its plot more focused but this has no significance as it only reflects my personal tastes.

    But on that level, I do hope Team Gem is set up as a decent evil organization capable of much chaos and destruction as the past evil teams were (I love the bad guys). If nothing else I would wish for Teams Gem and Rocket fight a "gang war" over control of Contesta's underworld (go Rockets ), but once again that's a matter of personal taste as I'm a follower of the Rocket Gang. Point being: don't let them go to waste.

    PS: I was wonderring, do you have plans for various minor secondary characters and past one-shots from the anime to show themselves?
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    ^^ once again great eppie Enyclopika! I really enjoyed reading it, the grammar and spelling was good, and I loved the plot Keep it up!
    Has a Fic -now be surprised l3- Love Is a Many Blundered Thing Contestshippy-PG- Chapter 6 up Here (Very sorry for the delay). Please R&R! ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Encyclopika
    Avegaille Spellman -I kept your's for last because I laughed so hard. Yes, I'm a girl, but I guess I would think I was a boy I really act that bi at the May Club? lol
    I knew that would make you laugh! lol! XP

    You updated so fasT! To be honest, I haven't read your previous chapter yet, I jsut quickly browsed throguht it........ but I promise, I will read it offline, okay?

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    XD i admire how you created the new names too...i only found it funny at first that it wasn't easy to pronounce or work out which element they belonged to...anyways, the description was much better this time...XD keep up the great work! oh yeah...try and add some sort of break from your chapter to your authoress notes, it makes it easier to read...

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    Another nice episode Encyclopika. Sawbura seems so cute and those mean (rude, stupid and so on) poachers tried to take it...I wish May had caught it but oh well at least it's travelling with them. Anyway update as soon as you can.
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    thanks for adding me to your PM list. It was a good chapter, hope you have next one soon.
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    Your chapter was great, again! Keep going at it! I loved the way May and Drew teamed up together to beat the crooks. Go them! XD Anyway, PM me once your new episode is done! ^___^

    For those who'd like to keep in contact, you know where to find me. ♥

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    Wow, the episodes are really cool, I been reading for a while, I love how you put romance,adventure and you made it funny. It's great to see some Contestshipping fics, I was wondering could you pm when your next chapter is up if it's not too much trouble thank you, your doing a great job.

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    XDD Wow a update so fast! Great chapter. Episode 5 sounds intersting XDD Update soon!

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    Hey, I love this fic, and I'm obviosly a contestshipper.

    could ya put me on the PM list?

    PM me for a tag

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    yeah, she should update soon...lotsa supporters there

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    Ok, so sorry for taking so long to update. I had work at my site again - Pikachu Rated . But I'm back...oh and I also added a new poem! *link via sig* Also, new sprite at the Contesta page! ^^ click ok, Episode 5 is about air! ^^


    Episode 5 - Night of Golden Roses! Save Them Drew!
    Rated - G

    A wide, open field that stretches from the east at Auburn Town all the way west to Mangrove City. It streches north to Norbrown City and south down to the Redburn Forest. Mangrove Pastures is the world's largest plain full of nothing but open grass, speckled wth random trees and shrubs. A little more north in Mangrove Pastures is a little flower garden full of daisies, tulips, and mysteries. A small wooden town sits at its border, as its protector.

    May and Drew strolled down a dirt path through Mangrove Pastures. It was a sunny day, yet it wasn't hot. A small breeze kept it cool. In the distance, a small, wooden town could be seen.

    "So, May, what's the name of our next pit stop?" Drew asked her.

    May was in charge of the map because it was in her bag. She took it out and unraveled it.

    "Doesn't say," May told him.

    "I think you need to get your eyes checked, you're always seeing things," Drew taunted.

    "No, I think I need some Psyduck tape so that I can tape your mouth closed until I can prove what I see or don't see is real," May threatened him.

    Drew snickered to himself. That one statement was really creative of her.


    They walked through the tiny town. It had one dirt road that cut the town in half. Wooden buildings lay on each side of the road. Homes were loacated on the second floors of the shops.

    "Ah, we have visiters!" an old woman cried and ran as fast as her old legs could carry her to them.

    May and Drew stopped and turned to her as she made her way away from the store porch and out into the sunlight. She had wrinkly, white skin. Her back was bent a little forward and her hair was a white bun behind her head. She wore a flowery, pink dress, under an off white apron. Her shoes were also pink and they came from under her dress one then the other as she walked. Her eyes droopy, but still very much alive.

    "Visitors! We haven't had much of those in a while!" the old woman swooped down on Drew, grabbed his hands and held them up.

    A younger woman came up to greet them as well, when the old woman said, "And a cute one at that."

    "Grandma!" the young woman whined as she batted the old woman in the head, "I'm so sorry for my grandmother, she still thinks she's eighteen."

    "O-kay. Nothing wierd about that," Drew muttered to himself.

    The younger woman turned to them. She couldn't have been older than twenty five. She had bright blue eyes and redish brown hair. She wore tight jean pants with a light, long sleeve shirt. It was a pinky orange with a white flower shape on the front.

    "My name is Clover and this is my Grandmother, Frita," she told them.

    "And we have a sale going on right now! Come on in!" Frita cried crazily dragging Drew along.

    Clover shrugged, "Sorry about her, she's a little crazy sometimes, but won't you come in?"

    "Oh, sure," May said happily.


    "So what do you sell?" May asked as she followed Clover into the dark room inside the dark shop that was ahead of them. The door screeched loudly in its old age as it shut itself hard. The screen wiggled in the frame and then became still as before.

    "Oh, my grandmother sells medicine for Pokemon and people. She's made all kinds of cures for deadly diseases," Clover answered.

    "Then shouldn't this town be famous or something?" May asked.

    Clover looked at her as if it was a very stupid question, but then answered, "Well, we can't let anyone find out about the town."

    "Why not?" May asked again, completely letting Clover's look go over her head.

    "Because Grandma doesn't want the competition to get their hands on...her secret ingredient," Clover said mysteriously, annoyed.

    As the conversation between Clover and May continued, Frita was overwhelming Drew by giving him different bottles of liquids and pills. She was very happy and lively as she did it. Drew, on the other hand, was half buried under bottles and boxes.

    "A little help here, May, would be great!" Drew said underneath the stack.

    "No, I think I'll let you handle that yourself," May said to him, half laughing.

    "I'm so sorry that Grandma is being clingy to your boyfriend," Clover told May awkwardly and walked toward Drew and the old woman.

    "He's not my..." May started, but she saw Clover wasn't listening to her.

    May didn't like Clover at all. She could tell Clover didn't like her either. May could also see she liked Drew a little bit too much for comfort. She let it fly over head though. He was barely a friend at times, why should she care?

    "Hey, you mentioned something about a secret ingredient in these things. Well? What's in them?" Drew said referring to the medicine he had dropped on the floor in a big mess.

    "A magician never tells his secrets and neither do I," Frita stated as she folded her arms and turned away from him.

    "Well then I guess I can't buy any of this," Drew taunted.

    "Wha what?" Frita turned back to him in disappointed shock.

    "If I don't know what's in this medicine, how can I trust it enough to give it to my Pokemon? Or myself?" Drew asked in a taunting voice that let everyone know he knew he had won the argument.

    "Fine! We'll show you!" Frita gave in, but her voice was still strong.

    "Come with us, Drew," Clover said sweetly.

    "Ahem," May stated from behind them, feeling very left out.

    "You can come too, dear," Frita said to her, linking their arms.

    May smiled weakly. Frita was a nice old lady. It was Clover she couldn't stand.


    Frita and Clover lead May and Drew outside. The sun hung high in the early afternoon sky. They walked until they reached the border lines of the town. There, they could see a giant flower garden, full of color. Grass and Bug Pokemon tended the flowers alongside people who picked them and took care of them. They walked through the garden. May stood to Drew's left and Clover stood to his right. Frita was a little bit ahead of them talking.

    "This town has but one purpose, to protect this garden and harvest its flowers and vegitation for medical needs," Frita told them happily, "This is where I get all the ingredients I need."

    They came up to a blossoming tree, all white and pink. It arched to the right, shadowing a small statue of a Pokemon. May broke away from the group to look at it.

    "Frita? What's this?" May called.

    The old woman heard her and came over. Drew and Clover followed her over to where May stood next to the statue. It was a little worn, but its details were still visible. It was made of a gray stone of some kind and sat upon a column made of the same material. The statue dipicted a grasshopper looking Pokemon. It had a small, triangle shaped face with long anntennas. Hanging
    from the bottom of each of the two antenna were little flowers. Its front legs were skinny, ending in one claw on each. It's back legs looked very powerful. They were bent to put it in a sitting position. It's big, round knees had a spike coming out from the top. Its body was an oval shape with two wing like
    structures on its back and a plating of some kind on its underside. It ended in a whip like tail with a small flower at the end like that of its antennas.

    "Ah, that's Graibow(GRAY - bow), our sworn protector. When and if we fail to preserve the garden, Graibow will be there to help us out," Frita said triumphantly.

    "Graibow?" May asked as she flipped open her Pokedex.

    "Graibow, the Stained Glass Pokemon. This Grass/Bug type Pokemon spends most of its time in tall grass on mountain sides in the sun. If threatened, this Pokemon uses its strong legs to jump ten feet into the air and twenty feet away from its predator." the Pokedex informed.

    The pokedex showed an in color version of the statue. The Pokemon was a light green all over. Dark green was cast on its antennas, big knees, wing covers, and tail. The flowers on its antennas and tail were light blue, just like its big oval eyes. Its underside plating was an array of different colors, from blue to red to yellow to pink and purple. This is where it got its type, stained glass.

    "What a cool pokemon," May commented.

    "Yes, but you see these closed flowers next to the statue? They are my secret ingredient. This one patch is the only place in the world where you can find these kinds of flowers!" Frita said excitedly.

    Six bushes huddled around the statue. They were dark green in color and had closed flower pods scattered within them.

    "Yeah, but wat kind of flower are they?" Drew asked.

    "Oh, it's a secret. We'll show you when they bloom, we believe tonight," Clover told him in a cute, yet secretive voice.


    In a coffee shop close by, Dona and Derek of Team Gem listened in on the conversation. Dona had her hand to her ear, a small instrument used to listen in on far away sounds had picked up the information. Derek could tell they had found something good by Dona's evil grin. The grin spread as she learned more. She then put her hand down and folded it with the other hand in front of her on the glass table. They sat out on the outside porch the coffee house provided.

    "So? What's up?" Derek asked.

    "Something good. I think we finally have something of value here. The boss will like this little parting gift. He'll be able to finally get those doctors to get on our side," Dona said.

    "Well? Don't leave me hanging! Tell me already!" Derek was getting annoyed.

    He hated being a "partner".

    "Some rare plants with amazing healing powers. Sound good to you? Maybe not, but to a doctor it will," Dona said in an even tone with no emotion.

    Dona had always been serious with her job. She was only playful when she knew she'd get away with something.

    "So? When do we strike?" Derek asked anxious and excited for another mission.

    "Tonight," Dona said.

    She reached into her pocket and pulled out a small, black, rectangular thing. It turned out to just be her wallet. She left a few singles on the glass table and got up.

    "I can't believe you gave that guy a tip," Derek told her as they walked away from the shop,"I aksed for decaf and he gave me regular!"


    That night, Clover showed Drew and May to their rooms. They climbed the stairs on the far wall of Frita's medicine shop on the far, right corner. Upstairs was dark and loomy. Only two yellow lights were used to light up the small hallway. Along the hallway were doors leading to bedrooms. The stairs lead them to Frita's room immediatly. When they turned in the opposite
    direction to follow the rest of the hall, there was a little bathroom to the side. Up ahead, there were three rooms for guest staying. The first one was Clover's room. The door was slightly open. Inside there was a singlton bed and a dresser opposite the bed. Next to Clover's room was another room shut off by a door. Clover grabbed the handle, turned the gold knob and opened
    it gingerly.

    "This will be your room Drew," she said in a sweet, puke worthy smile.

    A smirk thrown to May for just a moment. The room looked like Clover's room. It had a singlton bed against the wall and a dresser opposite it against the other wall. There was a window that over looked some of Mangrove Pastures. The late afternoon sun shone in from the glass window. Yellow streaked against the wooden furniture. Drew walked into his room. Clover turned back
    into the hallway with May. She came to the last door and opened it forcefully. The room looked like the others, except there was no window. It was blocked up by bricks.
    "Sorry, Grandma had some renavations that she never finished. Hope you understand," Clover said tauningly and slammed the door as she walked out.

    "Why does she hate me so much?" May asked herself.


    Late at night, May lay awake in the bed thinking. Clover had become more intolerable as the day went by. And she thought Frita was clingy to Drew? Please! Suddenly the door busted open, interupting May's thoughts.

    "May! C'mon, they're going to show us the plants now. They're blooming," Drew told her, in a calmer voice than she was expecting to hear.

    "Why'd you open the door so loudly? You scared me half to death!" May asked.

    "Well, for one thing the door's practically coming off the hinges," Drew informed her, showing her that the bottom hinge was so old it had rusted and broken in half.

    "That room sucks. If you wanted we could've traded," Drew told her.

    "I don't need you stinkin' room!" May yelled and stormed off down the stairs.

    "Okay," Drew said to himself.

    His wished that when he tried to be nice she would be nice back, but it never seemed to land in a good time. Then it hit him.

    "Oh, I get it," Drew said, knowing he had figured it all out as he followed her down the stairs.

    May was jealous, even if she didn't know it or was denying it.


    Frita was waiting for them outside. She lead them to the statue where the bushes were lined up. Clover was already there, watching the bushes as they sat there doing nothing. Frita, May, and Drew caught up just in time. The moon poked out from behind a dark cloud and beamed onto the garden. The white light from the moon hit the bushes as well and they sprung into life. The
    flower buds that were scattered within the bushes suddenly opened to reveal golden roses. Each petal sparkled with a yellow glow.

    "Yes, my secret ingredient is the legendary golden rose. Golden roses are immortal plants, they never die. These same bushes have been in my family for generations. When added in my medicine, they cure any pain, and that's why my medicine is top of the line. So, you see now why I can't let anyone know about them. They'd try to take them away," Frita explained.

    "I understand now. They are beautiful," May complimented and Frita smiled a wrinkly smile.

    Suddenly, the ground shook from beneath their feet. The bushes seemed calm until they were sucked underground.

    "My roses! Where did they go?" Frita cried frantically.

    A drill machine popped up from the ground. I was a big machine with a large drill in front. At the top were small windows where Dona and Derek of Team Gem looked on from. At the bottom was a large window that held the rose bushes. The window provided the moonlight they needed to stay in bloom. Dona giggled over a microphone inside.

    "Well, well, well. Derek, look what we have here. It's the same two brats that foiled our plans in Auburn Town," Dona said over the microphone.

    "What? Team Gem?" Drew asked, surprised they'd make another appearance.

    "Great! Now Grandma's prized flowers are going to two nut cases and it's all your fault!" Clover yelled at May and pointing at her.

    "Clover, calm down," Frita urged.

    "Yeah, May didn't want to see hem, I did," Drew informed her with the same force in his voice Clover had expelled herself, "And don't worry, Frita. We'll get those bushes back."

    "How are you proposing to do that?" Derek asked over the microphone he had grabbed from Dona, "This drill is made of pure steel!"

    "Steel, a?" Drew said, his arms folded, "Come out Flygon and Flaritten!"

    Drew threw two Pokeballs and soon his dragon and kitten Pokemon emerged. Bulbasaur and Roselia released themselves from their Pokeballs.

    "Hey, what's going on?" May questioned.

    Soon, other grass Pokemon emerged from out of the flower garden.

    "They sense the danger of a plant species. They want to help it survive," Frita told her seriously.

    Hoppip, Gloom, Weedin, Bellsprout, Oddish, and other grass Pokemon, as well as Bug and Water types surrounded the drill.

    "Flareitten, use a Flamethrower on the drill!" Drew called to Flareitten.

    The cat shot out a bright flame from its mouth. It melted the drill structure.

    "No big deal. We'll still get out of here. All we have to do is run you all over!" Dona said and went to start the engine.

    Sleepy people began to emerge from the small homes and buisinesses of the town to see what was going on.

    "Flygon, Rock Smash that window!" Drew called to his green dragon.

    Flygon lifted itself into the air and smashed Team Gem's window, exposing them from the inside.

    "Diawarkit! Come out now!" Dona said as she threw her pokeball to the ground to expose her giant, purple snake.

    "Slithlect!" Derek cried and let out his wire and battery Pokemon, "Use your thundershock on that Flareitten!"

    Slitlect shocked Flareitten, irritatling its flying type. The shock knocked the fire cat out.

    "Return Flareitten," Drew said, disappointed.

    May went to reach for one of her Pokemon. She tried to decide which Pokemon she could choose. Icechik and Beautifly stood no
    chance with Slithlect. Combusken stood no chance with Diawarkit.

    "Go, Munchlax!" May called out the fat Pokemon.

    "Diawarkit, give that Flygon a taste of your Ice Beam!" Dona called.

    Diawarkit shot out a light blue beam. Flygon dodged best it could, but it had no room to attack again. Drew realized he was in trouble. Meanwhile, the wild Pokemon banged against the glass that separated them from the rose bushes inside Team Gem's machine. Flygon was hit with the Ice Beam and crashed to the ground.

    "Munchlax, use a Body Slam to slow Diawarkit down!" May told her Pokemon.

    Munchax made its way quickly to Diawarkit, only to be zapped away by the defending Slithlect. The two snake Pokemon brought both Pokemon down.

    "Oh, if only Graibow would appear..." Frita said sadly.

    Then an idea struck her.

    "Grass and Bug Pokemon! Call for Graibow! It might just hear you!" Frita called to the Grass and Bug Pokemon trying to free the rose bushes.

    All the Grass and Bug type Pokemon, including Blubasaur ad Roselia called for Graibow. They shouted into the sky. Beautifly and Masquerain jumped out of their Pokeballs to help.

    "Silence them with your Flamethrower, Diawarkit!" Dona said to her snake.

    "Diawarkit sure it full of surprieses..." May muttered to herself.

    She hoped afterward they would never have to deal with it again. Diawarkit shot a steady flame at the Grass and bug types. Some were knocked out, but the survivers kept a steady call. Then, from behind Team Gem, flew out a large Pokemon. It landed in between Team Gem and Drew and May. It was Graibow. It was a very big bug Pokemon, standing nearly five feet tall.

    "What a strong and rare looking pokemon..." Dona murmured to herself.

    "Diawarkit!" Dona called.

    "Slithlect!" Derek called.

    Both snakes knew what to do. They started to wrap themselves around Graibow. Graibow had no time for foolishness and spread a Sleep Powder on them from the flowers on its antennas. Slithlect and Diawarkit fell into a deep sleep. Graibow took no time so Double Kick the windows that penned in the bushes. The glass shaddered and numerous Pokemon started to help get the bushes out with much care.

    "I don't think so, Graibow!" Dona said and pushed a button in her hand.

    A net flew down from a small compartment on the drill machine and over Graibow. It scooped the grasshopper up into the air. It struggled, but it was no use.

    Drew reacted to the situation, "Roselia, use Magical Leaf!"

    About ten Roselia, including his own, shot out a Magical Leaf attack at his command towards Team Gem. Now occupied with the leaves, Team Gem
    was unaware of their surroundings.

    "Bulbasaur! Use a Razor Leaf to cut the net open!" May ordered and Bulbasaur obeyed.

    It let out two, razor sharp leaves from its bulb and sliced the net open. Graibow fell to the ground, landing on its feet.

    "Hey, Dona..." Derek said frightfully when he opened his eyes when the Magical Leaf stopped.

    An angry Graibow glared at them. Dona turned to look at it. Graibow bent its front legs down and its back legs became straight. A fake sun appeared over its body. The Grass Pokemon absorbed the sunlight.

    "Ah, Graibow is using Sunny Day," Frita commented.

    When the grass Pokemon looked ready, Drew shouted, "Solar Beam!"

    Each Grass Pokemon shot out a colorful beam of light towards Team Gem. An explosion and cloud of dust was the outcome. When it cleared, Team gem was no where to be found.

    "Did they hit them? Did they go 'blasting off'?" May asked as she approached Drew.

    "Who knows? As long as they don't come back," Frita said as she looked to the sky. It began to brighten as the sun poked up from far away in the east.

    "What? Morning already?" Drew complained, "Ya know, May. I used to get a lot more sleep than this before you came along."

    "Oh, well! Excuse me!" May said putting her hands to her hips.

    Frita walked over to Graibow and the Pokemon that stood at its feet.

    "Thank you so much. Without you, the Golden Rose would be extinct," Frita thanked them.

    She turned to May and Drew with a smile of thanks also.

    "Gray," Graibow finally spoke in a soft, quiet, almost cildish voice.

    It turned and jumped high into the air, disappearing into Mangrove Pastures' tall grass.

    "I want you two to have this. My famous Pokemon medicine! The best I have as a small thank you for saving the flowers," Frita said and handed May a dark bottle of some sort of liquid.

    "Wow, your welcome and thank you," May said.

    She put the bottle into her yellow bag.

    "And I want to thank you so much for saving our plants, Drew," Clover said to him in a sweet voice holding his hands in hers.

    "Ok, it's time to leave. Hope we see you around some time. Goodbye," May said and dragged Drew away from Clover's grasp.

    Frita and Clover waved goodbye to them as they left the tiny town.


    The sun was in an early position and the winding path to Norbrown City lay right in front of May and Drew.

    "You really didn't like that girl Clover did you?" Drew said tauntingly.

    "She was an annoying, stupid, mean little witch and I hope I never see her again!" May shouted.

    Her fists were clenched tightly in front of her.

    "I know she gave you a bad room, but is she really a witch because of that, or was there something else that she did?" again Drew tried to make her tell him the truth.

    "She was just annoying!" May said, her face becoming a little red.

    "Hey I got something," Drew told her, reaching into his own bag.

    "Clover gave it to you, didn't she," May said accusingly.

    "No, but I'm giving it to you," Drew said and handed her a napkin with something inside.

    He walked ahead of her as she slowed down to see what it was. She unwrapped the napkin to find a rose, not only that, but a gold
    one. It was still in bloom.

    "C'mon! If you keep stalling we'll never get to Norbrown City. If we miss the contest, I'll blame you!" Drew told her from twenty feet away on top of a hill on the path.

    May ran to catch up to him.

    "Oh shut up and keep walking," May said with a smile.

    They continued down the long road towards Norbrown City. The area around was a plain of grass, scattered with trees, and a mountain in veiw up ahead.

    Ok...that's it for Episode 5. Hope you all liked it. Now its time to answer people individually! ^^
    Sequoia - Thanks for the tip. ^Is that ok?
    kojho and Waterstar Misty - You've been added to the PM list. ^^
    Avegaille Spellman - Ok, don't fall too behind though. I'd feel awful if you had to read all of that in one sitting. ^^;
    Rene Bellosh - I'm not telling. :X lol You just sit back and relax, I got everything figured out. ^^
    Sweet May - Where are you? I miss you! ;_;

    Thanks to everyone else who reads and replied. Remember to tell me if you want off or on the PM list - so far the following are on the PM list: Sweet May, kojho, Waterstar Misty, MayShuuFan, misty_aquamaster, Monstrous Magikarp, Juny, Riyu, and MistyMix89.

    Next time on Episode 6 - Turning Lake Ball! Dance of Skies!
    Turning Lake is known to throw a big celebration for the mating of the Flying/Bug type Pokemon that come around every year. May and Drew have come at the right time. With a little extra time on their hands, they decide to stay for the festival for Beautifly and Masquerain. Unfortunatly, a trainer and his Heirking have plans for May and Beautifly. Can Drew and Masquerain redeem themselves? See you there! ^^
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    Hmmmm, good as usual. Is it just me or does Team Gem have an obsession with drills (much like Team Rocket's obsession with mechas)?

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    This was very good, May getting jealous and Drew trying to kinda get it out of her was cool. Drew giving her that flower, was nice, I can't wait for the next ep, it sounds really good and thank for the pm. Your description on the pokemon you made up are really cool, you have a really good imagination for new types of pokemon.

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    thanks for the PM, I really loved the chapter. keep up the good work
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    Great chapter! Your story is getting better and better as it goes! The rose part was very sweet and I know that it must have made May feel better. ^_^

    BTW, would you like to read my story? It's not pokemon but I'm sure that you'll like it a bunch. =) It's at my sig if you want to read it.

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