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Thread: Pamu's Poke'Doodle Cave

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    Default Pamu's Poke'Doodle Cave

    Well hey! Why not? :3 Enjoy~
    deviantART gallery:

    And have a Fakemon:
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    I LOVE seeing Pokemon remade in a new style, and the way you portrayed them in a realistic approach just made it all the better!

    My favorite pieces were practically all of them!

    The only thing that looks kinda off, though, was Jolteon's facial structure.
    The placement of its eye and the angle of its head makes it look like it only has that one eye.
    The angle isn't that much of a deal though, because you seem to have a good idea of it in the picture of the Buizel.

    Anyway, great work!
    Oh, before I forget, do you mind sharing how you shaded your Danogheicus?
    I adore that kind of color-work, because it looks both realistic, but right on the verge of a rushed cartoony style

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    Thanks, hun <3 It's really just my natural style coming in to play. xD The only one I was aiming for realism was the charmander. It's always fun to see other styles, yes!
    Yeah the one with the jolteon is an older one. I don't want to mess with it though. I know all too well what happens when you mess with the past. But thank you <3
    As for the Danogheicus, I honestly don't remember xD it was a total experiment. I was trying to simulate Sugimori's style and found a tutorial. If I find it again, I'll like ye to it :3

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    Wow, these are good. Seldom nowadays that I see a rather good artist posting here, especially doing them rather realistically. What do you use in making these? Anyways, once again, they're good.
    - Nate the

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    Haha well I've been drawing for 15 or so years and some of that was spent drawing with a broken arm so I hope I'm at least somewhat good xD
    Thanks, hun <3 I've been using Paint Tool SAI with my Wacom Bamboo tablet for these. I use photoshop cs5 for what little crappy simple animations I might do and for transparents bg's because SAI can't do that for whatever reason.

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    Gogoat <3

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    Now for something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!
    Some 'commissions' I've taken from users in the game Spiral Knights.

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    I'm not really a fan of this style, but as long as it is done well, I don't mind it. Keep up the good work.
    My favourite is probably Gogoat. You've managed to use the stye well the capture the pokemon as a goat, without making it not look like gogoat.
    There is one thing that I dont like and that is the the heead of the cat (its a cat right?) anthro above, It's a bit too big and doesn't really fit on the body. Just something to think about.
    But overall, good, you clearly have some talent.

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    Semi-realism you mean? Well thank you for uh.. what little compliments there were in there. It is just my style and when I draw pokemon, I end up mixing my own in it.
    As for the 'cat', it's not a cat. It's actually a gremlin from the game Spiral Knights. The heads are actually much bigger than in my drawing.

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