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Thread: I 'tried' to draw Charmander...

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    Default I 'tried' to draw Charmander...

    All I can say is... I tried.

    USED: Paint Tool SAI.





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    You don't seem to be very happy with the result, the emphasis on "Tried" is a big giveaway. What's the point in posting work that you're unhappy about? Unless that is, that you're looking for help on how to draw something.

    although the pictures are (very) small, the first charmander doesn't look to bad, it's pretty accurate, although the face seems a little off.

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    Not too bad, my attempts would come out similar or worst (I have attempted to draw 5th gen. Pokemon - need to find my notebook with them). A few days ago my mom bought 3-1 printer so I scan my drawings to my pc.

    The thing I can say (/ advise) is the same thing I remind myself before drawing - to practice and have lots of patience - you will get good at it.
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