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    Hey everyone! I'm an old school Pokemon card collector. (Stopped collecting after the Team Rocket set came out) - but going to the Card Shop to play Pokemon back in the day is definitely my favorite past time. So I've recently invested a lot of money in purchasing MAD POKEMON GEAR / ACCESSORIES for this video I am working on. It's called Card Shop, but its strictly about Pokemon cards! Anyways, the only opinions I really care about are fellow Pokemon fans like myself! We have about 50% more of the video to shoot before its uploaded, but I do have a teaser video already up! It also gives a sneak peak of the 8-bit beat remake that gives it the gameboy feel. Let me know what you think! I'll have the full video up within the next 2 weeks tops! Look forward to chatting with most of you!

    PS: I didn't notice the digital media section. Can an admin please move the thread? Sorry and thank you!
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