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Thread: Sneezy Steel and the Flower Possy- UU RMT

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    Default Sneezy Steel and the Flower Possy- UU RMT

    Hello, all Serebiiers and Serebites. Good evening, or good morning, or goodnight, or good afternoon, or whichever one applies to you. This is a team I made about a week ago, and I'm laddering with it at the moment. It's working really well, so I figured I'd see what you all think of it.

        Spoiler:- Team Building:

    With the team building out of the way, let's get straight to the members themselves.

    Registeel @ Leftovers
    Trait: Clear Body
    EVs: 252 SDef / 252 HP / 4 Def
    Calm Nature
    - Thunder Wave
    - Seismic Toss
    - Toxic
    - Stealth Rock

    The first of my two walls. It's really self explanatory, honestly. Thunder Wave paralyzes the speedy offensive threats I'll be switching in on, and those that will be switching in on me. Seismic Toss lets me attack with no attack, if you know what I mean, which I'm sure you do. Stealth Rock is huge for most teams, and Registeel is my dedicated rocker. The last move slot I'm still changing around a bit. Toxic is really nice for set up sweepers and walls, and is the only real way for Registeel to dent them.

    Cofagrigus @ Leftovers
    Trait: Mummy
    EVs: 4 SDef / 252 HP / 252 Def
    Impish Nature
    - Sleep Talk
    - Rest
    - Shadow Ball
    - Will-O-Wisp

    Part two of the walling core. Fully physically defensive, this thing can take immense hits surprisingly well. Due to Mummy, even Sheer Force Darmanitan fails to 2HKO. RestTalk let's me get around Toxic, and I must say, having two walls able to get around the move is huge. This team in general absorbs status really well, but back to Cofagrigus. RestTalk is self explanatory; you Rest to get back health and clear status, you Talk to due something while napping. Shadow Ball is a nice bit of special STAB that does reasonable damage to most things, considering this is a wall. The chance for a Sp.Def drop is lovely, too. Will-O-Wisp is a fantastic addition to the team, permanently crippling the physical walls I switch in on, and gradually wearing down the HP of things like Registeel that lack any real recovery.

    Shaymin @ Life Orb
    Trait: Natural Cure
    EVs: 252 Spd / 252 SAtk / 4 SDef
    Timid Nature
    - Psychic
    - Earth Power
    - Seed Flare
    - Rest

    My first offensive Pokemon, Shaymin is vital to the team. It forces a lot of switches, giving opportunity for prediction and heavily damaging an opponents team. Seed Flare is a terrific STAB move with a terrific added effect, dealing impressive damage to virtually everything that doesn't resist it. Earth Power hit fire type switch ins as well as steel types who otherwise wall me. Psychic deals heavy damage to the likes of Roserade, Amoonguss, and Crobat switch ins, which is nice. Rest is fun to do on a predicted switch, or to take a hit from full health, since Shaymin is fast enough to Rest before being struck a lot of the team. This counteracts Life Orb recoil really nicely, and with Natural Cure, I'm awake as soon as I come back in. Shaymin is a great team member, and one of my personal favourites in UU.

    Scrafty @ Leftovers
    Trait: Shed Skin
    EVs: 4 Atk / 252 HP / 252 SDef
    Careful Nature
    - Bulk Up
    - Drain Punch
    - Ice Punch
    - Crunch

    One of the later additions to the team, Scrafty is typically my go to guy to finish a game off. Once its counters are removed, of which there are few, it's free to wreak havoc. The defensive set lets me switch in on the most possible Pokemon, and start setting up. Drain Punch is the best possible fighting STAB move to use on a defensive Pokemon, in my opinion, and is my main way to recover HP. Crunch hit all of the ghosts switching in on Drain Punch super effectively, and is the reason Scrafty is so hard to wall. I run Ice Punch over the standard Rest to get around the like of Zapdos and Gligar with less resistance, and I've never had an issue with it. Drain Punch and Leftovers seem to do enough for my needs.

    Crobat @ Black Sludge
    Trait: Inner Focus
    EVs: 136 Spd / 116 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SDef
    Jolly Nature
    - Brave Bird
    - U-turn
    - Taunt
    - Roost

    Modified version of the Smogon set, with the only difference being the EVs. 252 Attack EVs let me KO Dragon Dance Scrafty almost all of the time, guaranteed if Rocks are up. This alone is huge, as DD Scrafty can rip through my entire team really quickly. This is my main lead, and serves several purposes. U-turn is brilliant for scouting, and works not only to get me the benefitial switch, but to check whether walls are physically defensive or specially defensive. Brave Bird is the mandatory STAB move, and serves to let Crobat be my main (read- only serious) Scrafty check. Taunt shuts down all walls, such as Bronzong, after which I can U-turn on their switch. Roost gives me back health after being dented, and give Crobat surprising survivability.

    Suicune @ Leftovers
    Trait: Pressure
    EVs: 252 Def / 252 HP / 4 SAtk
    Bold Nature
    - Calm Mind
    - Rest
    - Sleep Talk
    - Scald

    Wow, is thing ever an improvement over Porygon2. It laughs at the fire types I've been playing around so carefully, and the extra defense is REALLY nice to take some strain off of Cofagrigus. RestTalk, as I'm sure you can tell by now, is a playstyle that I'm rather fond of. This Suicune works pretty simply; switch in to take a hit, rest off damage when necessary, and set up for a win when all water resists/ specially defensive behemoths are eliminated. Another wonderful thing about the addition of Suicune is that it always wins 1 on 1 against Umbreon, and it can serve as my endgame win button, taking a lot of pressure off of Scrafty. Overall, this guy melds WAY better with the team than Porygon2 did, and it's a fantastic threat when it can get set up. Not to mention it's my main way of dealing with *cough* incredibly scary *cough* swift swim teams. I love it.

        Spoiler:- Recently Benched Porygon2 Set:

    And that's that. Let me know what you think, everything's appreciated.

    Have a lovely day! ^_^
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