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Thread: Riding a Train

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    Default Riding a Train

    Shell Bell
    Bullet Punch
    Night Slash (should I replace with Quick Attack?)

    (252 SPecial Attack, Mixture HP/Special Defense)
    Earth Gem
    Storm Drain
    Ice Beam
    Earth Power

    (252 Special Attack, 252 Speed)
    Wise Glasses
    Flash Fire
    Shadow Ball

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    Shell Bell's a really unreliable item in terms of the HP you recover. Since your strategy on Scizor seems to be 'hit and run', since you're running Superpower (which lowers your attacking stat) and U-turn, more power in your moves will probably be helpful, so go with Choice Band as your item. Quick Attack seems like a good idea > Night Slash I guess.

    If you're running max SpA on Gastrodon, Toxic stalling shouldn't be one of the things you try and do; instead you should focus on your attacking moves (Scald, Ice Beam, Earth Power) and run Recover > Toxic for healing, so you can continue to decimate your opponents. Earth Gem isn't the best item to use since it only powers up one of your moves. Leftovers, on the other hand, works well as an item, increasing Gatrodon's longevity; however, if you feel that Gastrodon isn't hitting hard enough, run Life Orb imo, or Wise Glasses if you don't use it on Chandelure (see below).

    Calm Mind > Psychic and Energy Ball > WoW on Chandelure. Calm Mind boosts its already good SpA to amazing levels, and Energy Ball covers your Rock-, Water- and Ground-type weaknesses. Max SpA (if you're running Modest nature) + Calm Mind + Wise Glasses might be overkill though, so I'd run Leftovers as your item if you're not using it on Gastrodon.

    This team might do decently on the Battle Subway, but if you want to get a really good streak you're going to need to breed for desirable natures (Adamant/Jolly, Modest and Timid/Modest respectively, imo) and have better/more specific EV spreads, especially on Scizor and Gastrodon (because what does 'mixture' mean?).

    Hope this helps (:
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    SD Scizor > CB Scizor in the BS, you'll find plenty of oppurtunity's to set up. Run Bullet Punch / Swords Dance / Substitute / Brick Break. 248 Hp / 8 Spe for the Spread.

    tbh you should use Gastrodon as a crippler; it has access to Recover, Flash and Memento to really be a good crippler. Alongside that, Scald is solid. You'll want to use 252 Hp / 220 Def / 36 SpD to even your Defenses, but still not give P-2 and P-Z a SpA boost.

    Chandelure just dosen't seem like a good fit; it's pretty frail and it has average Speed. I'm going to suggest using Salamence with Dragon Dance / Substitute / Dragon Claw / Brick Break. Max Atk and Spe will suffice. Use 4 SpD as well, so P-2 and P-Z, as mentioned before, don;t get a SpA boost.
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