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Thread: Looking for an Artist to work with...any takers?

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    Default Looking for an Artist to work with...any takers?

    I am currently writing a fanfic titled "Adventures in Acirema" which follows Ash & Pikachu on their journey through a new region. I have gained a decent following, and some people have said that some art to go with the story would be nice and I concur. However, my gift is writing, not art :/ So I have been looking for an artist that would be gracious enough to draw a few Fakemon I have created for the region. There are currently only two, a fire type starter and a grass type starter, but a few more new Fakemon will show up later in the story so for continuity purposes, I would like to have just one artist.

    Check out the story in the FanFiction forum or on my profile under Writer bigC94 or search the title "Adventures in Acirema". The starter Pokemon don't come in until Chapter 3 and there are currently only two of them, so it wouldn't be asking too much.

    Thank you in advance.

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    This is a request, which can be requested from either a Shop in the Fan Art Shops forum or in the Open Fan Art Request thread in the same forum. This place is more of displaying your own works. Ah I could have sworn I already repled here...

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