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Thread: iPhone 5 Waterproof cases?

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    Default iPhone 5 Waterproof cases?

    Hey guys, I'm getting an iPhone 5 this Wednesday, and I was wondering what the best waterproof case is that also doubles as a protective case? I've heard that the Lifeproof Fre case is good for waterproofness, but sucks all around, with MANY design flaws. I like taking dips into the pool and the ocean, and also hate leaving my phone behind when I take showers. I want to know what the best case is that will protect my new phone when I do these activities, and any drops or the like. If you have any experiences with these cases, or know someone that has, cite it! Thanks!
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    Default Iphone 5 cases

    One of my friends have a iphone 5, He also ask me to find a good place to buy iphone 5 cases, So did some digging. And i found a site called His old mobile is iphone 4, I told him about this site, And he told me that he is going to buy iphone 4 cases for his old old mobile which is iphone 4 to check the quality of this place, He said it's my old mobile anyway, Smart choice, And it's turned out good. Now he is looking forward to buy a iphone 5 case from the same place. Maybe this will be your solution.

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    I have a Lifeproof and I find it very reliable. It's 100% waterproof and quite shock proof as well. Another cool thing to add about the Lifeproof is if just say, somehow you break your Lifeproof. If you are registered on the website you can send in the broken Lifeproof in return for a new free of charge (I believe)

    Here's the link:

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    Water proof cases won't be working properly most if the time and there is a new technology that shields the phone.

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