Rated PG for mild violence and possible, extremely mild, swearing.

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Shymain: Hey guys, this is my new show, Pokčmania! What we do in this show is, well, complicated. While I think of a way to explain, let's turn over to Shaymin for the first part of the show!

Shaymin: Good day to you all! Today we shall start off with a small one-shot featuring Giovanni, the famous criminal mastermind behind Team Rocket!

(Applause soundtrack)

Shaymin: This one-shot is about a normal day for Giovanni! Now, without further ado, I present to you...

The Life of a Mastermind
by Shymain

"Mrow?" purred Persian, his ears perking up as he heard a disturbance.

"What is it, Per-per-persian?" murmured Giovanni to the beige cat on his chest, stifling a yawn. Giovanni rubbed his eyes, sitting up as Persian dropped to the floor.

"Purrpurrsisian!" growled Persian, his back arched, creeping towards the door, moving closer and closer, footsteps approaching the d-

Suddenly, there was a thump on the door, and a red-headed youth strolled in, a Murkrow on his shoulder.

"Silver! What are you doing here?" exclaimed Giovanni, while Persian rubbed against his legs, and occasionally hissed at the boy.

"We need to talk. Get dressed and meet me in the living room."


The youth named Silver sat on a soft couch made from genuine Tauros hide. There was a crystal chandelier, hanging from the high ceiling and glistening in the sunlight.

"So this is what it's like..." murmured Silver cryptically to himself.

"Krow!" croaked Murkrow from Silver's shoulder.

A man in a black suit walked into the lounge, holding a tray with a pot of coffee and two mugs on it.

"Hello, Silver." said the gentleman.

"Hello... father."

Giovanni smiled briefly, then sat down.

"Some coffee?" queried Giovanni, pouring himself a mug. "It's made from the finest Cerulean beans!"

"I'm here to talk business, not for idle chat." said Silver quietly. "Now, let's get started."

"Giovanni drummed his finger against his mug, then said, "So what do you want?"

"An Arcaine?"

"What? Do you know how rare those things are?" roared Giovanni, slamming his mug on the table. "You walk in here uninvited, bang on my bedroom door, then ask me for an Arcaine?"






"OKAY!" shouted Giovanni. "I've got three. If you can defeat one of them with just one Pokčmon, I'll give it to you."

"Then bring it on." grinned Silver.

Gentleman Giovanni
Trainer Silver


Giovanni pulled a Pokčball out of his jacket and tossed it both casually and swiftly, if that was possible, onto the battleground. In a sudden flash of light, an Arcaine was standing on the field, blowing a beam of fire out of its mouth.

Silver flicked his wrist, and, in an instant, a Sneasel popped out of the red-and-white sphere.

"Arcaine, use Fire Blast!" commanded Giovanni.

"Sneasel, use Slash from behind." said Silver indifferently.

Arcaine coughed out a five-pronged star of fire, which hit... empty air. Suddenly, Arcaine collapsed in pain from a Slash to the back.

"Good. Fury Swipes, if you please." said Silver quietly.

"Arcaine! Use Bite!" shouted Giovanni urgently.

Sneasel's claws grew, then suddenly Sneasel started swiping like a madman, fast and furious, not relenting. Arcaine's fangs grew as it stumbled back, then it jumped forward and bit down- but Sneasel had eluded Arcaine once again.

"That's it! Arcaine, shoot a Fire Blast straight up!" yelled Giovanni.

"Finish this. Ice Beam now." said the voice in what was almost a ghostly whisper, so detached it was from life and emotion.

Arcaine readied a Fire Blast- then collapsed, unconscious.

"B-but-I-wha?" stammered Giovanni.

"Keep your Arcaine." Silver ordered tonelessly. "My Pokčmon are the best I have, and the best I ever will have. I came uncertain in their abilities, thinking an Arcaine would be better, but now I am convinced otherwise. Now I believe in them."

He returned Sneasel, then tossed a Pokčball onto the ground. A Murkrow- the same one from before- emerged.

"Fly, please." he said.

As Murkrow rose above him, he grabbed onto its talons, and together, they flew off into the distance.

"Goodbye, son." whispered Giovanni. Then he turned and walked away.


Shaymin: And that's it for that fanfic! Now, let's hand over to Shymain once again!

(Applause soundtrack)

Shymain: So, guys, hope you enjoyed that! And now, for a commercia- (hears something from earpiece)- or not! Guess no one feels like sponsoring us anymore. Want to advertise something here, such as a forum, breeding/trading shop, art shop, fanfic or clan? Just send me a PM!

(Glances at watch)

Shymain: Well, folks, time to turn over to Castform for the weather report!

Castform: Thank you, Shymain! Now, here's the stats: Hoennians, expect a downpour this week, as the Ludicolo have gone on strike- and they're all using Rain Dance to protest! Also, if you live in Johto, Ho-oh has been sighted recently, so look out for rainbows! For everyone else, expect a normal week! See you next time!

Shymain: Thanks, Castform! Now, there have been a lot of legends in recent news, so to answer these rumors, I present to you a new member of the cast- Kecleon!

(Applause soundtrack)

Shymain: So, Kecleon, is the rumor that Mothim have been attacking Munchalx by honey trees true?

Kecleon: Yes, yes it is. You see, this is due to trainers smearing honey on the honey trees, which attracts Munchlax- they appear wherever there's food! Combee have been going for the honey as well, and the Mothim are attacking the Munchlax in order to give the Combee time to collect the honey before it's eaten by the Munchlax.

Shymain: Thank you for that interesting explanation. Now, for the last feature of the show, we have an interview with Tate and Liza! Give it up for the twin Gym Leaders!

(Tate and Liza walk in and sit down, applause soundtrack with cheers sounds)

Shymain: Tate! Liza! Glad you could make it!

Tate: It's a pleasure...

Liza: ...to be here!

Shymain: So, what's it like being a Gym Leader?

Liza: Amazingly...

Tate: ...exciting!

Liza: You see, we get to battle a lot...

Tate: ...and we love battling! It's a great honor to be...

Liza: ...a Gym Leader!

Shymain: What's it feel like when you lose?

Tate: Disappointing, but we know we're not the best! I mean...

Liza: ...look at the Elite Four, the Champion, and all the trainers...

Tate: ...that have beat them!

Shymain: Do people get confused often by the way you speak?

Liza: Actually, yes...

Tate: ...people say...

Liza: ...we're confusing, but...

Tate: ...I can't figure...

Liza: ...out why...

Tate: ...they say that. We...

Liza: ...speak just...

Tate: ...like other...

Liza: ...people do...

Tate: ...right?

Shymain: Yeah, if other people drove everyone else in the vicinity insane when they were talking, then yes, you would talk normally.

Tate: Oh.

Liza: Well, that's...

Tate: ...sorta mean.

Shymain: Wow, look at the time! We need to finish up now! Thanks for coming, you two!

Tate: Always...

Liza: ...a pleasure!

Shymain: Bye!

Tate and Liza: Bye!

(Tate and Liza walk out, applause soundtrack with cheers)

Shymain: Thanks for watching, folks! Watch out for the next episode!

Cast: Bye!

Host: Shymain
Weatherman: Castform
Co-host: Shaymin
Legends, myths and rumors: Kecleon
Guests: Tate and Liza


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