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Thread: Pets! They smell, but you still love 'em.

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    Cats are so stuck up and snobby; how can people actually like them more than dogs who are so innocent and friendly? Genuine question

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    Short story...we're pretty close to meeting the maximum limit of animals we can own in this area. XD

    Long story, we have SEVEN animals in total. The pit bull mix and chihuahua have been here the longest, followed by my tubby Siamese mutt kitty. And then, last summer, we got six pullet hens to raise for the eggs--three Buff Orpingtons, two Ameracaunas, and one runty chick who we thought was another Ameracauna but turned out to be a Speckled Sussex. Sadly one of the Ameracaunas got sick and passed away during the winter, and the other was ostracized and henpecked to where she wasn't allowed to eat and was eventually culled.

    Also, given a recently passed ordinance in our city, my mom is looking at getting a baby goat to round off the lot. Oi vey, momma.

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