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Thread: Black 1 and 2 team ratings

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    Default Black 1 and 2 team ratings

    Okay, so I've decided to share my teams with you guys, my teams from Black 1 and Black 2. I've already beaten Black 2 a while ago, but I recently restarted Black 1 to play it again and now I'm on the 6th gym I believe. Well, here goes nothing.

    I'll find the exact levels later, I don't really feel like checking them right now. I do know my Black 2 team is in the level 70-80's, and I know my Black 1 team is on it's 30's.)

    Black 1 Team
    - Servine (Zack)
    - Sawk (Karataaay)
    - Zebstrika (Electrify)
    - Excadrill (Holy Moley)
    - *empty*
    - *empty*

    Black 2 (finished) Team
    - Serperior (Zack Jr.)
    - Espeon (Evoli)
    - Unfezant (Fastwing)
    - Raichu (Shiningbolt)
    - Lucario (Rio)
    - Arcanine (Flame)

    Alright, now you can rate, since you've went over my teams. Just remember that I'm not exactly into wi-fi battles nor do I do competitive battling. Therefore, I don't put super-mega-effort into my teams (Though that doesn't mean I don't put any. :P)

    Well, that's all. Happy rating!

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    So......where are the movesets?

    Also, it's better if you put each team on a different thread.

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