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Thread: And I go back to Black 2

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    Default And I go back to Black 2

    Figured I'd restart Black 2 to save myself from boredom. So here it is.

    Serperior- Justice
    Naive Nature
    -Leaf Blade
    -Dragon Pulse/Outrage
    -Aqua Tail

    Azumarrill- Lola
    Adamant Nature
    Huge Power
    -Ice Punch

    Timid Nature
    -Shadow Ball
    -Icy Wind

    Arcanine- Firestar
    Naive Nature
    Flash Fire
    -Wild Charge
    -Dragon Pulse

    Meinshao- Kiddo
    Adamant Nature
    -Hi Jump Kick
    -Rock Slide
    -Aerial Ace

    I can't think of a 6th PoKeMoN. I really want
    a Ground type or at least an Earthquake user.All PoKeMoN are replaceable since I've just started.

    THANKS!!! (:

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    Use Return in Azumarill's last slot; alongside Waterfall it gets near perfect neutral coverage, bar hitting Empoleon who isn't common and is hit by Superpower anyways.

    iirc Drifblim has access to Charge Beam; I'd use that instead of Thunderbolt. The SpA boost may come in handy at some point, and Drifblim dosen't exactly have the best attacking stats.

    You can just use Haxorus; it's a solid DD Sweeper and it evolves before the E4. If so, use Dragon Dance / Brick Break / Earthquake / Dragon Claw.
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    if you're using Naive on Serp, then third move must be Dragon Pulse, otherwise you might as well use Adamant/Jolly instead.

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