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Thread: AIΩN [R] (Code Geass-Esque RP)

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    An Alternate Universe RP:

        Spoiler:- Intro:

        Spoiler:- Rules:

    At the start of the game, practically everyone's going to be in Galveston. For your character's history, you might want either a high school student who lives there (foreign exchange students are alright) or a college-aged character who's either visiting there or is going to a university there. Essentially everyone else is in school right now (although some may not be). Right now, for available cities to start in, there's Galveston, Houston, maybe London (you won't get to play until much later if you choose to start out there), Reggio di Calabria, and Shinjuku. If you choose from the beginning for your character to have a psychic ability, they won't get an opportunity to become any other kinds of characters with certain abilities later on. However, if you join now, your character's abilities will already have started off getting stronger, and have ended up being exponentially more powerful by the time the RP progresses.

    So far, psychics are the only type of character with special abilities. There will be more later on; if you wait for the plot to progress, you'll see, and you might even get something(s) in return. No one will begin having psychic abilities; they'll be given to them shortly after you post and they'll become much stronger as the game gradually progresses. THE PLOT THICKENS VERY QUICKLY.

    There will be multiple cities where the game will be set which will be substantially different from their real-life counterparts.

    I've been considering having this RP take place about 100 years even further into the future; if anyone thinks this would be a good idea, tell me.

    The game is considerably futuristic; there is sustained nuclear fusion and there are airships...

    Also, mind games; lots and lots of mind games...

        Spoiler:- My Sign Up:

    Joined: None as of yet.

    Reserved: None as of yet.

    Reservations only last for a week at a time.

    Co-Owner(s): 1 Open

    To be a Co-Owner, you have to be on this thread frequently (at the very least, post about 2-3 times per week). Being a Co-Owner will let you know an extent of what the plot is going to have happen in advance. You will also get the opportunity to influence part of how the plot will turn out, as well as, if you desire, whatever additional sub-plot(s) you want (although, of course, you'll have to have my approval).

    Sign Ups:

    Name: Self-explanatory.
    Gender: Either male or female.
    Age: Generally 16-24.
    Personality: At least 5 sentences.
    Appearance: At least 5 sentences.
    History: At least 7 sentences.
    Power: Optional, and preferably accompanied by a flaw.
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