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Thread: What is your favorite and least favorite Pokemon game?

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    Default What is your favorite and least favorite Pokemon game?

    My favorite pokemon game is Platinum because I love the pokemon in that generation, Sinnoh is a great, and I like the music.

    My least favorite pokemon game is Black/White (Not B/W2) just because after you finshed the game there really isn't a whole lot to do.

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    Favorite would probably be RS. The Hoenn region itself is expansive, full of secrets and optional paths, fleshing out the diverse areas you explore. The distribution of Pokemon is top-notch, and besides Yellow and Challenge Mode BW2, I'd say the GLs are the toughest in the series. The pacing is excellent, the colors are vibrant, and there's a massive amount of distraction for when you don't want to battle.

    Least favorite is GS. The pacing alone is enough to ruin the experience, being wacky and unpredictable. Johto is bland, small, and watered-down, whereas Kanto is reduced to a shadow of its original self. The game itself is essentially a straight shot from start to finish, and the Pokemon available are unexciting and, later on, show up too underleveled to use. Phone rematches are terrible in pretty much every way, and while every other region can stand on its own perfectly, Johto's dependency on Kanto makes GS essentially RBG 2.0.

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    Topics include:

    1. What’s your favorite POKEMON GAME?
    (Any game at all: Yellow version, HeartGold version, Pokemon Pinball, Mystery Dungeon, Colosseum, etc)

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    My Favorite = 2nd Soulsilver 'Cause you can walk your pokemon and it looks fruity and colorful~

    My least favorite is..: Pokemon Black ;A; Didn't remind meh of my childhood <~>

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    My favorite game were Emerald. There a lot of places to go besides defeating the main game and the offer of Pokemons were very good.

    My least favorite were G/S. Johto was too smal, few new Pokémons and easy.

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