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Thread: Community POTW #126

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    Bisharp @ Leftovers
    Trait: Defiant
    4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
    Adamant/Jolly Nature
    ~ Substitute
    ~ Rock Polish
    ~ Sucker Punch/Night Slash
    ~ Low Kick/Brick Break

    Substitute - Rock Polish - Sweep. Night Slash is most of the time preferred over Sucker Punch, because you'll already outspeed a lot and Sucker Punch is pretty unreliable, and has less PP. If you fear screens, or want to hit Porygon2 harder, Brick Break is an option, but Low Kick is generally preferred because there are a lot more heavy pokémon that get hit harder.

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    Well, I am back after a long stint away from POTW.
    Well, time for the VGC corner. In vgc, intimidate is prevalent. It is kinda outclassed by dw tornadus i, but it has its niches. It can KO alot of cresselia at +1 att. And that isn't the start. Defiant works wonders against icy wind and snarl users, since bish gets a 2+ boost every time it has a stat reduction from a foe. It stops alot of trick room teams as well. But, fighting moves are common, due to hitmontop, conkeldurr, toxicroak and breloom, 2 of which usually carry mach punch. Earthquake and heat wave can cause pain. Under rain, it falls to scald and muddy water. It has niches but is a beast when supported

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    Counters & Checks

    Cobalion - Cobalion has no trouble dispatching of Bisharp. With its monstrous defense, it is not 1HKO'ed by anything barring a +2 Low Kick, and it outspeeds and 1HKOs with Close Combat. It can easily switch into Bisharp on the turn it uses SD, and force it out. In addition, Bisharp dares not use a Dark type STAB on it due to Justified (though a 4x resistance to it is deterrent enough).

    Heracross - The often-proclaimed King of UU only fears the uncommon Psycho Cut on Bisharp, and resists its two most common offensive moves (Sucker Punch and Low Kick). It also has no trouble 1HKO-ing Bisharp with its Close Combat, and outspeeds it with ease.

    Hitmontop - Hitmontop has to be careful around Bisharp; its Intimidate can trigger Bisharp's defiance, leading to trouble. However, with its mighty Mach Punch, it can pick off Bisharp with ease.

    Mienshao - Though it's frail, it easily outspeeds Bisharp and can 1HKO it with ease with its powerful Hi Jump Kick. Even Focus Sash variants of Bisharp have to be wary due to Fake Out breaking the Sash. A resistance to Sucker Punch doesn't hurt its chances either.

    Gligar - With Eviolite giving it incredible bulk, Gligar can shrug off Bisharp's attacks and proceed to throw Earthquakes at it with reckless abandon. Bisharp's coverage moves don't particularly bother Gligar, either.

    Sableye - While it does have to be careful due to its pitiful bulk, Sableye's access to Prankster + Will-o-Wisp can let it cripple Bisharp with a burn. It has to be careful of Substitute variants though, as it lacks the means of breaking said Subs.

    Suicune - This bulky water can take pretty much anything Bisharp throws at it, and retaliate back with Scald, which not only preys on Bisharp's low SpD, but also has a chance to burn and cripple it. And if all else fails, it can also phase Bisharp out with Roar.

    Blastoise - Blastoise is pretty much in the same boat as Suicune; its bulk allows it to take a hit or two, and try for a burn or phase it out. However, Blastoises that choose to rely on Dragon Tail instead of Roar may have problems with Substitute variants.

    Swampert - You guessed it; a bulky water that can phase Bisharp out with Roar, or just attack it with its STAB Earthquake. None of the bulky waters can wall Bisharp indefinitely though, so they don't want to be forced to take too many hits.

    Darmanitan - Its fast, it hits hard, and its high HP stat lets it take a Sucker Punch and retaliate with its Fire STAB to check Bisharp with ease.

    The list isn't all inclusive, of course, but the general gist of it is the same; Bisharp hates fighting type attacks, and will typically have no choice but to switch out. It's also crippled by a burn, but can manage to avoid it if it hides behind a Sub. It relies heavily on Swords Dance and Substitute to set up, so phasing it out is always an option. And of course, Bisharp's low speed makes it very easy to check. Its weaknesses are rather common too, considering that fighting, ground, and fire attacks are everywhere in the metagame. Its reliance on Sucker Punch can also screw it over; in fact, many Bisharp use it as the sole dark STAB, which can lead to problems if prediction is off. Bisharp also has relatively poor special defense, so it can't really take all that many attacks from the special side.
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