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Thread: Stupid gyrados

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    Default Stupid gyrados

    Does anyone know a good gyrados moveset? I dont wanna do the smogon ones cuz those ones are a litte bit too competitive for me. ( i already. Taught earthwuake to my salamance)
    Here it is...

    Gyrados. Lvl 48

    Ice beam

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    spiritomb with wonderguard........ ugh..,

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    Replace Ice Beam with Blizzard
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    Replace bite with crunch.
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    Gyarados is better with physical moves.

    Dragon Dance (to set up)
    Waterfall (STAB + chance of flinch, also one of the best physical water moves)
    Earthquake (To deal with electric types. if you've had the chance to dragon dance enough you can outspeed and KO them)
    Outrage (huge damage to most of the game)

    I know you said you didn't want to do a competitive moveset, but tbh if that's the case, you may as well teach it anything at all.
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    Your best bet is to teach it Physical moves which are not STAB, unless you can handle its horrible Special Attack, as all Water type moves in this gen belong to the special movepool, regardless of how the attack is executed. Like Earthquake for instance. Or teach it Hydro Pump if you are so inclined.

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