Chapter 7

Sorry for the late review then. But it was only four days. That isn’t late at all.

Mewtwo aka the “most powerful Pokemon in existence” joining the team? That’s a little shocking since he’d seemingly blow all threats out of the water judging from the hype he received in the previous chapter. The Mew bit turned me off a little to be honest since it was pretty rushed. You could’ve put in more impactful scenes where we see Mewtwo worried over where Mew is instead of a quick bit of narration telling us what he was feeling. The motto “show, don’t tell” should be in use here in my opinion. Show us that Mewtwo is sad. Now, I know that you had the scene where he was crying but in that scene that’s all we get in the scene. You telling us that he was crying is okay but try showing his body language during the search maybe some of the Pokemon trying to comfort him as he is losing hope.

I suppose that I’m okay with Mewtwo having this blackout problem if he’s joining the team though. It’ll probably help stop him from being a mega overpowered Pokemon.