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    Quote Originally Posted by Jo-Jo
    Oh, is that what Drew was saying? O_o How odd. Normally whenever May goofs up, he can't wait to rub it in her face, but this time he looked really angry with her.
    He was honestly angry at her. He was angry at her for not thinking more about her Pokemon and just blindly taking someone's advice. Here's how it worked out:

    May comes in and apologizes to Harley for not taking his advice. Drew tells her there's no need for her to apologize, because Harley's advice was just part of his strategy to defeat her. Harley admits to it, and May gets mad.
    May: That...That was HORRIBLE OF YOU!
    And then Harley immediately gets in her face and says, "I'M not the one at fault here." He points at May. "Because YOU were the one who didn't trust your own Pokemon, and trusted me instead."

    And to confirm the truth of this, after Harley leaves, Drew criticizes May for falling so easily into Harley's trap. May protests, but Drew cuts in, REALLY ANGRY now, and yells, "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE UP TILL NOW?!" May looks stunned, and Drew calms down a bit, leaving her with one final piece of advice, "You ought to think more about your Pokemon."
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