Hello There,

I'm TSS_Killer, a PocketMonsters.net Admin (and the Head of Media Operations). Basically, I go out to conventions/launch events and make event coverage videos on behalf of our website.

Serebii advised me to post my idea in this section of the forum, so here goes.

For a while now I've always wanted to participate on a Google+ Hangout On Air to discuss various facets of the Pokémon franchise. This time, however, I'd like to ask if any of the staff here and a few members of PM.net to participate in a live Google Hangout session which will be recorded and placed on potentially both websites as a "true" fans prospective on the direction of the franchise and the upcoming Generation 6. Unlike that other site which has a virus infested wiki, and the other site where the guy spews straight up rumors and is made out of a borderline non-toxic blue liquid, this will be as fair and as unbiased as possible.

I'm not sure if any of you would like to participate (as it seems like a tall order considering I only know the man who owns this site), but I believe that it could be possible with the right people and a strong topical outline.

As for when...I would say sometime within the next 3 weeks, most likely on the weekend. I'd like to establish myself with the participants and have a few "practice runs" before we commit to such a task.

I thank everyone in advance, and hopefully some of you can take this opportunity and voice your valued opinions publicly.