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    My girlfriend and I are using a random number generator to select 6 random pokemon to start the game with. All will start as stage 1. For example if I got raichu through the generator, I would begin with pichu. Any pokemon we got that evolved due to a certain path taken were required to stay on that path. For example, she got flareon which means she will start with eevee which must evolve to flareon. We are starting at level 5 with all 6 pokemon. Our game selection is emerald. All pokemon were selected using the nationaldex id numbers. Legendaries were excluded for obvious reasons.

    My random team (stage 1s):

    Trapinch, Surskit, Poliwag, Azurill, Lickitung, Machop

    Girlfriend's pokemon (1st stage)

    Pichu, Aron, Eevee, Psyduck, Swinub, Slugma

    Will be a fun race. We are both starting together. Only cheats used will be wild pokemon modifiers to acquire our 6 starters. Will be going on gameclocks. I give the advantage to her team as mine is a bit waterly intensive, but we will see. Wish us luck.
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