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Thread: Do you htink beta Pokémon like Happa or Honoguma will ever be remade?

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    Default Do you htink beta Pokémon like Happa or Honoguma will ever be remade?

    I think Gamefreak might remake them in Gen 6. To me it seems like Tirtouga is just a revamped version of the Turtle pokémon that didn't make it into gen 2.


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    They'll show up in one way or another - like you said with Tirtouga. Maybe not exactly as they were originally designed but, yeah. In some way. I doubt we'll ever get that beta Hitmontop / Clefairy hybrid because I mean, what the hell. It was better for it to evolve into the Hitmontop that we're familiar with. y'know?

    Further example; we'll never get Happa because Happa was basically an early Chikorita. So we got that instead. And the Kasanagi evolution looks just like Ledian so, Ledian. I think. Right?

    (For anyone's information, we're talking about these.)
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    A lot of beta Pokemon have already been created later, look at Shellos.

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    The only pokemon that was "unused" was Shellos/Gastrodon family. Everything else was left alpha/proto for a reason. Chances are they will not be revisited.
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