Darkrai EX - Dark Explorers X3
Sableye - Dark Explorers X3
Druddigon - Noble Victories X3
Bouffalant - Dragons Exalted X3


Skyla – Noble Victories X4
Colress – Plasma Storm X3
Professor Juniper – Plasma Freeze X2


Pluspower - Black & White X4
Rocky Helmet - Noble Victories X4
Pokemon Catcher - Emerging Powers X3
Pokemon Communication – Black & White X3
Random Receiver - Dark Explorers X3
Escape Rope - Plasma Freeze X3
Hypnotoxic Laser - Plasma Storm X3
Virbank City Gym - Plasma Storm X2
Rock Guard - Plasma Freeze X1


Double Colorless Energy X4
Darkness Energy X9

Ok,basic Darkrai EX and Sableye.. but with Drudiggon and Bouffalant .
Druddigon put 2 damage counters on the opponet and Bouffalant reduce hes attack with 20 damage. with Rocky Helmet it will be realy painfull to attack them and with Pluspower they will attack more powerfull.
with darkness energy they retreat is 0 so the deck is very dynamic and Sableye recycled the item for me.
sounds very fun to me... so make comment plz !