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Thread: When will ash see his old pokemon again??

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    Default When will ash see his old pokemon again??

    OK so the last episode that aired in japan was a butterfree episode, and at the end they basically re-created one of the saddests scenes from the original series.....

    So will ash ever even get to see his butterfree again? Hopefully after he is done in the Unova region he will go back to Kanto and see his buttefree and pidgeot again.

    He practically lied to Pidgeot about returning for it after he delivered the GS ball.

    Any thoughts?

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    I think its crazy that they haven't shown Pidgeot, Primeape and Butterfree again! I doubt they will even show the Oaked Pokemon for years, DA and BW as a whole has been a terrific letdown.
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    Does ash even know where his Butterfree is? Inb4dead

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    None of your business


    I can live without him reuniting with butterfree, I want him to revisit Pidgeot and give his Oak pokemon some more screen time.
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    Is this where I make joke?


    Ash has a 50 page list of people he left behind to never be seen again I doubt he wants to ruin his high score.
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    I neither know why this is in Anime Spoilers nor do I want the same topic discussed for the 92349829th time, especially when it's covered by the FAQs. The writers haven't forgotten about these Pokémon, the latest episode shows that Ash doesn't forget about them. If they feel like showing them again, they will. If they don't, they won't. End of story.

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