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Thread: Should I bother finishing LeafGreen?

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    Default Should I bother finishing LeafGreen?

    I've beaten this game, not this one in particular but I beat Pokemon Red waaaay back in the day, when these games first hit the US (I was 11 or 12 then, and i'm 23 now lmao). I want to start my pokemon experience again and I wanted to beat this game purely to take some of my stronger unique pokemon into my next adventure which will be Heart Gold or Soul Silver (i want mewtwo, charizard, etc.) and I'm wondering if I should bother beating this game if that's all I'm doing it for. Are these unique, "one of" pokemon worth all the trouble i'm going through?

    I realize there's more to the game after the elite four and your Rival, but I'm not sure if I'll even play past that point. Should I bother continuing? I'm at the poison gym leader, I'm a grinder from hell so I've already sank 30 hours into this playthrough (I know I'm wasting time). Is it smooth sailing from here? I just got surf from the safari. I don't have any of the birds yet though.

    I'm not necessarily a completionist, but I am a perfectionist so all my pokemon have the best possible natures they can have, though I don't worry at all about IVs or EV training (this isn't a competitive team). Between knocking down the pokemon to red health, then putting them to sleep, THEN hoping I capture them and on top of all of that if I don't get a decent nature I AM going to reset, it's getting very tedious and time consuming. But I don't want a piece of crap Snorlax/Articuno/Mewtwo/etc. with completely the WRONG nature (Mewtwo with adamant or something of that sort).

    I guess the question, when it comes right down to it: are Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and Mewtwo worth playing through this entire game just to take to my next game? If I can get easy replacements then I don't think I'll bother to continue.

    Right now I'm having a terrible time deciding what moves my Modest gengar will have to go through the E4 with =/ (I have such a hard time deciding, with OCD nagging at my every fiber to make my team as perfect as possible short of EV training and checking IVs).

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    No because you can get Mewtwo and the 3 legendary birds in Heartgold/Soulsilver. Unless you were looking to palpark them and do a playthrough with those? Idk, just thought id throw that information out there. Leaf Green is my favorite game (just completed the national dex lezz go) so I'd normally recommend playing it but if that's solely what youre after..

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