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Thread: **help me with my team electric pokemon**

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    Default **help me with my team electric pokemon**

    hello I am Apo Luc plz help me with a electric pokemon for my hoenn playthrough
    things that I look for in the pokemon:
    needs to be in the regular dex
    needs to have a evolution
    looking nice would be appreciated
    thanks for the help I will hopefully receive
    any other pokemon that should go into my team would also be appreciated

    my current team is:
    Combusken Lv. 29
    Mightyena Lv. 27
    Well that's it.

    P.S. Don't post stupid pokemon from gen 4-5 this is gen 3, and Plz be polite

    Thankz to Astral Shadow for the team pose, and Myself for the banner!

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    Get an Electrike. It appears quite early in the game and It evolves into Manectric, a very fast and powerful pokemon.

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    Electrike is definitely the way to go, unless you want to wait all the way until the safari zone to get a pikachu.
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    Lanturn is the best and most beautiful evolution of all. U can find its first evolution underwater

    Ps: put ur team in the in game team rate so i can help u.... If u need help.......
    spiritomb with wonderguard........ ugh..,

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    Man get a raichu they are awesome strong. Then again rattata is strong if you train it right.
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    If you need more advice, use the Rate My Team forum section for 3rd gen. Closed.

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