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    This was a pretty good episode, didn't expect to see it told from Dento's perspective. He was really likable this episode and I feel like his moments of insight added some more to it. Human interaction episodes are a dime a dozen so it's nice to see them more often, especially not mainly centralized around Pokemon but people. What I mainly liked about this episode was seeing the ten-year-olds actually act like ten-year-olds. I feel like we don't get those small moments of realism from them as much as we should. It was quite dialogue-heavy in some areas as well so that's part of the main enjoyment of it all too. Kibago was even more adorable in this episode than he usually is, picking flowers for Iris like some young child would do so for their mother, his saddened state while him and Iris are alone and even when he saved Zuruggu and Pikachu from Team Rocket. I never took Nokocchi as being one to fly, the wings are so minuscule.

    As for the fallout scenes, I thought they were all well done. The yelling at Kibago for running into Pikachu while startled by Screech and the aftermath of it all. It truly did impact Iris and we saw her in a moment of weakness get upset and isolate herself from the boys. Her Kibago is essentially a chink in her armor or her Achilles heel so it's like a direct attack against her ego to blame him. Satoshi trying to make amends via apples was actually a sweet scene, the backfiring of it and it being the straw that broke the camel's back when he started laughing at her because she got a bad apple was great. Satoshi simply laughing at her misfortune is refreshing, we don't get enough scenes of him acting like an actual kid. The boys taking a bite from her apple after she walked off was amusing, indirect kiss between the BW trio?

    Satoshi's Pokemon were amazing here as well, they've all bonded and had their moments with Iris and her Pokemon so you can naturally feel their disheartening feelings with her being gone even for a little while. Waiting out in the rain and refusing to go back into their balls was a very noble scene, I also like how Chaobu was letting himself get wet while keeping the others dry. I've been wanting to see Zuruggu for a while so it was nice to see him get some focus in this episode, given his connection to Kibago as a brother-like figure. Tsutarja was her usual cool and calm self this episode waking Satoshi up like that and encouraging him to find and apologize to Iris, along with all the other Pokemon joining in was easily my favorite scene of the episode. It's all even a nice callback to the fact Iris was friendless in her early youth at Soryuu Academy.

    Satoshi and Iris's reflections on their actions was a nice way of reinstating how much the two have become friends since they've started traveling together. Satoshi accidentally setting a place for their absent third member and how use he is to her. Best scene for him was easily climbing the tree and choosing to sleep there for the night, emulating Iris's way of sleeping and feeling bad about their parting. Even the flashbacks to all their moments like vine-swinging or the Tachiwaki gym battle against Homika were commendable in their own right.

    Team Rocket, I wish they weren't in this episode at all to be honest. There's no reason for their small moment of conflict in a human/human interaction episode like this, it wasn't even centered around Tag Battling like the last two fight episodes. I felt like the resolution was way too quick with Kibago and Pikachu sending TR sky-high and should have been done better, shame more couldn't be done. At least TR's motto is cool, but it was just more of their usual minimalist, predictable actions. Seeing Iris put aside her feelings and save the boys like that was an admirable scene.

    The final scene with them exchanging flowers and apples and forgiving each other, I really liked it, I'm not a NegaiShipper but I really liked that moment and this whole episode. I never thought I would see the day where Satoshi would give a girl a flower. The two definitely have the most rivalry dynamic of all the Satoshi/Pokegirl friendships. They've been portrayed as being equals for the most part most of the series, whether it be a tournament, vine-swinging or even their Pokemon(Kairyu/Lizardon, Kibago/Zuruggu, Tsutarja/Emonga, Pikachu/Doryuzu), their friendship is pretty enjoyable. I noticed a severe lack of background music in this episode, it keeps the tension on-point better by not having it so I can see why was excluded. Think I only remember four or five tracks, I'm sure the dub will *fix* that unfortunately.

    All in all a good episode, Da! has pulled out two very good episodes in a row. Let's go for a third with the Jirachi episode next week. TR were as tiring as usual, but I'm getting better at ignoring them.

    Only thing I really want now is an Iris/Dento interaction episode.

    EDIT:Iris blushed at Satoshi's first peace offering, wow didn't notice that at first.
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