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Thread: BW2-Live And Let Die PG-16

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    Default BW2-Live And Let Die PG-16

    Authors Note-After working on the basic story line for months now I have finally completed the first chapter of the sequel of BW-The Spy Who Saved/Changed Me! BW2-Live And Let Die will have a few more mature references than than its predecessor so audience beware Yami is Live (happy) and Yume is Die (happy) Please enjoy the newest installment in the WhiteOut Saga!

    "Yume Nagisa! This all-star tennis star was the center of the public's attention for half a decade! Since the tender age of 9, Yume has been able to compete against Tennis Veterans as if she were on an expert level. For months no one was able to beat this seemingly unstoppable diva! Poke-Magazine and the NPMC even made her their youngest to date spokesperson... Until, the day of destiny came for Ms. Nagisa when she was paired against another young woman Tennis Player at the age of 14. Though the match seemed to be going in Yume's favor, Yuki Nao won the match after delivering a fatal blow to Yume's left arm thus ending Yume's admirable career at too short of an age. Not long after, Yume disappeared from the limelight of the media and not long after that she literally disappeared from the world in general... Her father, Coby Nagisa has placed a $100000 Poke bounty on whoever finds his daughter... Which leads us to our current situation- who cares?" a mysterious man asked a group of people sitting around a round table with a giant Poke-Ball design in the middle while a member of the group raised the hand which earned them the mocking laughter of the mysterious man.

    "Thats... Yami Kohei! I heard that he's the undefeated son of the world famous Kohei clan... Whats someone like him doing in a tournament for novice? He's going against experts like Koji Toi and Misuki Junai! Its insulting to think that he would come to a tournament of novice just to make us look even worse in front of our parents." one of the child novice said to his friend who could only look at the young man with short brown hair, and the worlds most intimidating and terrifying eyes a 14 year old could posses.

    "I'm sorry to intrude on your tournament, Jiyo-sensei... But it has come to my attention that I will not be in Aspertia for several months and I would like to end my rivalry with your son before I left." Yami said to the teacher in the most mature voice the novice students had ever heard when suddenly Yami is struck by the sensei's son's sword in a brutal clash as Yami releases his sword from his sheath and fights back with his full potential.

    "I believe my son has already decided that for me... Keep it clean, there are children present..." the sensei said as he received a back rub from the Chansey that was behind him at the time while Yami and his son continued their powerful clash.

    "So your leaving on a Pokemon journey two years after the correct time? You were suppose to leave two years ago... Then I would have taken over this dojo long before now!" the sensei's son said pushing Yami back with the full force of his sword when suddenly he is struck in the stomach by Yami's sword.

    "If I left two years ago then I wouldnt have had the chance to see the hope in your eyes vanish when I defeat you in front of your father. Better look next time, huh?" Yami said to the sensei's son after defeating him quicker than anyone else in the dojo believed was possible for someone of his level.

    "Yami... You are far too clumsy with that sword of yours... If you continue on like this you could end up in the worst possible way-" the sensei said to Yami as he walked out of the dojo without looking back at the crowd of people still in awe of his ability. "Even if I was to hold back my power no one would respect me- even though no one respects me now." Yami said to himself as he changed his clothes in the dojo's lockeroom and began to head for his home at the edge of Aspertia city.

    "... I wonder what its gonna be like to go on a journey- to be a Pokemon Trainer... Whats it gonna be like when you have to work with little monsters and go around collecting gym badges? The whole thing just seems so surreal and ridiculous."Yami said looking at the sky as he entered his house only to see his mothers and his 6 sisters preparing dinner.

    "Oh Yami! Your back early from kendo practice... How was your final lesson before going on your journey?" his mother asked him as she stirred the soup for their supper and his sisters cut the vegetables to go inside of it.

    "It was fine... I got into a fight with the sensei though, hopefully he'll cool down by the time I make it back from my journey... Old fart- he even protested that new gym being built because he thought it would dishonor his dojo, I think he's becoming senile." Yami said going into one of the houses many bathrooms to fix his hair in the position that suited him best and lay down on one of the futons in the largest living room of the house.

    "Yami, since you're living on your journey tomorrow- do you think you could at least sit down and eat dinner with us one last time before you left?" one of his sisters asked him as they set the table for dinner when their father returned home.

    "No, not today... I have too much on my mind- like what starter I'm gonna choose tomorrow and stuff." Yami said to his sister as he stared at his sword, clearly lying through his teeth as if he actually cared about the journey he was about to partake on.

    "Oh alright... I'm just gonna miss our little baths- oni-chan..." one of his other sisters said with a wink which sent chills down his spine and made him want to vomit.

    "Thanks for that lovely amount of nightmare fuel, sis... That will totally not scar me for the rest of my life." Yami said getting up from his futon and going into the bathroom to take a wiz when suddenly his youngest sister comes from behind and pour hot water on him.

    "I must relinquish you of your unpure thoughts! What were you going to do in the bathroom, huh?!" his youngest sister said ready with another bucket on water while his mother trying to urge her to sit down.

    "I was gonna go piss! Even though thats none of your business-" Yami said before all of his sisters started to beat on him because he said 'piss' while his mother giggled at his torment.

    "I really gotta get out of this house... These girls are gonna be the clear cut death of me..." Yami said trying to message his back after the beating he received from his sisters earlier that night. When suddenly he overheard a conversation between his mother and his father that caused him to stop in his tracks.

    "I understand what you're saying but you must remember that Yami is only a child... He is in no way capable of deciding important factors like going on a journey for himself. I just cannot believe that someone could possibly think that a 15 year old could possibly decide something as drastic as going on a journey for themselves. Until you are married and starting your own family you are still considered a child in my household, that goes for my daughters and for my son." Yami's father said to Yami's mother as she washed the dishes without saying a word on the subject until her husband was done ranting.

    "So does that mean that Yami cannot start his journey tomorrow?" Yami's mother asked him still washing the dishes but with more obvious concern for her sons well being.

    "Yeah, he isnt going... Not until I know that he's mature enough to take care of himself on a journey... Or at least until he's married." Yami's father said as he took the leftovers from dinner out of its container and began to eat it as Yami watched them in the darkness of the hallway with eyes of betrayal and hate.

    "Who does he think he is? Telling me what I can do until I'm married? And what if I decide to never get married? What if I decide I dont like women?" Yami thought in his head as he packed up the clothes that were inside of the room he shared with his sisters and raided his eldest sisters mini-fridge for the previsions he could use on his journey.

    Suddenly, his youngest sister wakes from her sleep and see's him about to leave.

    "Yami... Dont go...If you go now then daddy will never let you come back... I thought you were gonna wait to leave until tomorrow? Please wait... Its a cold world out there and you dont have a winter coat in that bag- so...please dont go." Yami's youngest sister Oromiko said to him with her eyes filling up with tears which Yami knew would awake his other sisters so he moved over to comfort her.

    "Oromiko... Dont cry... I'll come back one day- I promise you that no matter the circumstance, even if I come as only a head...I will come back here and tell you all about my Pokemon journey." Yami said rubbing on her head with his hand and then smiling faintly and then running off towards the back of the house when he is suddenly interrupted by seeing his mothers reflection in the mirror closet to the door.

    "Yami... Your leaving me so soon? I thought you were gonna wait until tomorrow when-" his mother said with tears almost falling out her eyes realizing that he overheard their conversation and that he had not planned on returning to her anytime soon.

    "... Cut the crap mom, I heard everything...I wont be able to leave this house until I'm married- I know what Dad really thinks about us." Yami said opening the door to the house and starting to walk out when his mother calls for him to come back but he ignores her plead and leaves out of his home for the final time.

    "Man... I didnt even know places like this existed- how did you find this place Yuki?" Yami said as he crawled into a hole inside of a wire gate that blocked out the bad part of Aspertia from the good side which his friend Yuki kept watch that no one was looking.

    "Not everyone can live in the good side of Aspertia and get everything handed to them- I had to find the place in order to survive." Yuki said crawling in the hole after him as they both ran in the street causing several Pidove to fly away towards the blazing sun.

    "You found a street with a bunch of prostitutes in order to survive? That sounds like you were having hormone problems Yuki..." Yami said trying to run at his friends pace but after realizing he could never run as fast as the cities track star he stopped and just looked around at the women on the streets and the Pokemon beside them.

    "I feel bad for these women...I give them some charity when I fell I need to repay the world for allowing me to live each and everyday." Yuki said going into a back alley that led to the place he was taking Yami.

    "Right charity... Why do I get the feeling they give you some charity as well?" Yami asked Yuki who merely scoffed and went up towards a set of steps that led to the highest point of the city.

    "Up there... Up there you can get the best view for a hundred miles- You said you dont know where to go now that your about to start your journey so go up there and see if that inspires you." Yuki said pointing to the steps and the hill that they led up to while Yami already started up the steps while he was talking.

    "Yeah, yeah... I'll see what you mean when I get up there." Yami said going up the stairs and then reaching the top where he see's a girl with a large green hat and a orange winter coat looking at something.

    "... Hey... I didnt know anyone else knew about this spot- Isnt this entire area condemned after what happened 3 years ago?" Yami asked the girl who merely turned around and giggled at his comment.

    "If' there' was' a sign' there' I' aint seen it... Oops, my bad... My' name is Bianca' and I'm a professor from Nuvema Town." a now 18 year old Bianca said with a giggle and with more intelligence than previously but with her still annoying accent.

    "Um... Er... Why do you talk with that fake *** country accent? I mean... people can get really offended by that- I would make it less offensive by trying to sound black... People seem to be okay with that these days." Yami said standing next to her leaning on the railing and then looking at the large mountains that covered the region.

    "I'm' not' comprehending' your' stupid' comments', maybe you should stop slinging so much neck and actually learn grammar pretty boy." Bianca said with her accent almost completely fading away from her speech while Yami merely looked at her with confusion and then when realizing what she said he drew out his sword.

    "What the hell did you just say?! *****! I will cut you!" Yami said to Bianca with his sword directly next to her neck while she began to panic and blurt out random nonsense.

    "Oh' my' jeebus'! Oh' my' buddah'! This yellow' person' about' to cut' me up' like my auntie Rhonda did' my uncle' Harry'! Damn'! I jus' got' my one of Pokemon' stolen' from me by a hooker' and now some' Jap'?!" Bianca said in panic mode which let out her racism and unintelligent when she suddenly regained her composure but Yami was intrigued by one of her comments.

    "Hmm... Come to think of it, since I left home without getting my starter Pokemon which was suppose to be a Cubone... I'm in desperate need of a starter Pokemon at the moment." Yami said looking in Bianca's direction which caused her to clamp up a bit. "Um... Can' I' help' you?" Bianca asked him after he withdrew his sword and put it back inside its sheath.

    "Yeah, you can give me a starter Pokemon... Once I got one I'll be out of your hair." Yami said looking at Bianca with the eyes of a demon which made her almost defecate in her pants but she held it together and agreed to give him a starter Pokemon.

    "You' can' choose' from' these' two' since' the other' one was stolen... Snivy... And Oshawott." Bianca said presenting the two starter Pokemon he could choose from which made Yami roll his eyes and make a quick decision.

    "I choose Oshawott... Since he's a swordsmen like me." Yami said taking Oshawott's Poke-ball and releasing him.

    "Before' you' take that' Oshawott' you should know it has' a few'- issue's..." Bianca said just as Yami let Oshawott out of its Poke-ball which revealed that it was hopelessly lazy and didnt even feel like standing up at the moment.

    "... What the hell is wrong with this **** *** Oshawott?"Yami asked Bianca poking it with his sheath which caused it to roll over and hit the railing.

    "Well... You see, after I made a bet with Professer Juniper that if I can become a Professor' before I was 18' she' would' have to treat' all her Oshawott better... Well' I' became' a proffesor' and' won the bet but then all the Oshawott became lazy and spoiled..." Bianca said picking up the crying Oshawott and rubbing its injury.

    "Ew, then no... Give me another one." Yami said about to hand her back the Poke-Ball before Bianca interrupted him.

    "I cant... This Oshawott and Snivy are the only two Pokemon I have on me since Tepig was stolen by a hooker... If you want an Oshawott he's your only choice." Bianca said to Yami as Oshawott burped very loudly and then winked at him with the most uncute smile. "Hell- no." Yami said starting to walk away when Oshawott suddenly sprayed water on his head and laughed.

    "I'm sorry... This one is kind of a prankster-" Bianca said before Yami kicked it with all his might towards Aspertia city while Bianca could merely watch in shock.

    "If I gotta keep him then he needs to learn some respect... There's nothing like good ol' fashioned abuse to make your Pokemon respect you." Yami said patting Bianca on the back and then starting down the stairs as she looked up at the sky to see him falling down towards the city.

    "You kicked him pretty far... Do you think he's gonna be okay?" Bianca asked Yami who looked towards the direction that he landed and shook his head.

    "If he survives something like that then he's good enough to be my Pokemon...If he doesn't- then he's dead." Yami said waving goodbye to Bianca who could only hope and pray that Oshawott wouldn't die under his ownership.

    "So what did you decide on?" Yuki asked Yami as they walked the streets of the good side of Aspertia towards their favorite cafe while Yami looked an every alleyway for his Oshawott.

    "I met this girl who gave me an Oshawott." Yami said looking in yet another alleyway but seeing nothing but old beer cans and flyers from 3 years ago.

    "An Oshawott? Whats that code for?" Yuki asked Yami as he spotted the cafe and was about to head into it when he suddenly heard a girl scream.

    "Aaaaah! Oh hell no! You better have my mother***** money Tepig! I dont feed and bathe you for you not to be running them streets! Now, I want you to back out there and start stealing me some wallets again!" a girl with long brown hair but into long pigtails said as she typed something into her computer while her Tepig scoffed at her comment.

    "... What the hell? Why did you scream over something like that? And why are you pimping a Tepig?" Yami asked the girl who finally stood up from the sidewalk and dusted herself off

    . "I was screaming because I wanted to, ****! When I do something I dont like to be questioned junior! Now you can march yo' uptitty *** back to the boondocks where you belong! Shoot... I aint got time for no scrubs." the girl said getting really close to Yami's face and then turning to back to her Tepig who high fived her for her rude reply.

    "Who the hell says "scrubs" anymore? Anyway... You dont look like you belong here, you smell too nice to be street trash." Yami said to the girl who flipped her hair and smiled.

    "Yeah, I dont belong here... I'm waiting for someone to come here and give me something." the girl said picking up her laptop of the ground and then starting along the sidewalk to the cafe Yuki and Yami were about to enter.

    "Well... Looks like were about to go to the same place, you want to sit with us?" Yuki asked the girl who grinned for some reason and ran towards the nearest booth.

    "Yuki... I think this girl is a hooker- if you feed her then she'll never leave." Yami whispered into Yuki's ear who was deeply offended by his comment.

    "What?! Why would you say something like that?! There's no way this girl is a prostitute!" Yuki said to Yami in a stern and upset tone of voice which caused the whole cafe to stare at them and the girl to hide behind the menus.

    "Whatever... Ask the **** if she stole that Tepig I bet you she'll say she did." Yami said going to sit down at the booth in the seat directly in front of her while Yuki sat next to her.

    "So... How do you two know each other? Are you butt-buddies or something?" the girl said eating the cheddar biscuits that were left on the table from the previous customers causing Yami to snicker.

    "... No... Were just childhood friends- tell me more about you... And Tepig." Yuki said to Yumi as he sipped the coffee that the waitress gave to the three teenagers while Yami merely chuckled at something.

    "Well... My name is Yume, and this here is Puttery...I was born to this really rich family and ****, but I didnt really like the way they did things so I ran away from home and joined a gang, then I left the gang and became a blogger, then I stole Tepig from this stupid blonde ****- and here we are." Yume said as she ordered more cheddar biscuits and devoured them thoroughly.

    "...So are you a hooker?" Yuki asked Yume hoping that Yami was when suddenly Yume shot up from the booth and looked like she was about to kill him.

    "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST ASK ME?!! DO I LOOK LIKE I BE HOOKIN' TO YOU?!! THIS HOLY TEMPLE HASNT BEEN TOUCHED ONCE IN ITS EXISTENCE HONEY BOOBOO!!" Yume said screaming at the top of her lungs causing the whole restaurant to look in her direction and then sitting down calmly and proceeding to eat her cheddar biscuits like nothing had happened.

    "... So you ran away from home?" Yami asked her finishing his coffee as Yuki shook in fear because of her powerful rage.

    "Yeah, I didnt like being there anymore... It was really dumb and there were too many- things that held me back from what I wanted to be." Yume said finishing off the cheddar biscuits and then ordering a steak and a basket of ribs.

    "Okay then... Marry me." Yami said not looking her in the eye because she was ripping an entire steak to shreds along with her Tepig while Yuki just looked at Yami like he was an idiot.

    "You dont really expect such a nice girl to say 'yes' after knowing you for only like an hour right?" Yuki asked Yami who was ignoring him by this point because his attention was on Yume.

    "Okay, sure." Yume said after she finished her steak and let out a huge burp along with her Tepig who accidentally burned Yuki's hair with his flames.

    "Ok then... "Yami said getting up from his seat and heading out of the cafe with Yumi taking her ribs to go and following after him.

    "This has sure being one weird day... First I steal a Tepig from that stupid blonde bimbo, then I beat the Aspertia Gym with one Pokemon, and then that Oshawott falls out of the sky-" Yume said as she began to remember her day when she was suddenly interrupted by Yami's next comment.

    "An Oshawott fell out the sky?! I think its mine- where did it fall?!" Yami asked Yume who had to think for a second then pointed toward the alleyway.

    "Me and Tepig were mugging this school girl when suddenly this Oshawott fell out of the sky and allowed her to get away- it was some ol' bull**** man..." Yume said as they both ran towards the alleyway that she saw Oshawott fall in.

    "Hey... Oshawott... Are you alive?" Yami said poking Oshawott when suddenly it sprang up from its stupor and sprayed Yami with a Water Gun which caused him to kick him again.

    "Dont do that... I'm not one of those type of Trainers who plays around and lets my Oshawott ***** me around. Your a Pokemon- you get as much respect as you need... But your not gonna spray me with water even if kick you 200 miles- you understand?"Yami said picking Oshawott up from the ground and hanging him upside down which caused the blood to rush to his head forcing him to agree with his demands.

    "Tee-hee~ I'm starting to like you more and more Moody-guy..." Yume said giggling at how he treats Pokemon as he walked down the sidewalk and she skipped.

    "My name is Yami... I guess you should know the name of your husband, huh?" Yami said as they walked down the sidewalk when they were suddenly approached by a purple limo.

    "Oh ****, I forgot about this guy..." Yume said regretting that she left the corner she was on when a man with a purple suit suddenly walked out of the limo and slapped Yume.

    "Aye' ****! What did I tell you about leaving that corner?!" the man in the purple suit said to Yume who began to shake in rage at him hitting her out of the blue while Yami withdrew his sword from his sheath and released Oshawott from his Poke-Ball.

    "Excuse me but the '****' that you just slapped was my fiance and I refuse to allow someone I'm gonna marry to be disrespected by trash like you." Yami said as he ordered his Oshawott to blast him with water but he didnt obey him when suddenly the man in the purple suit released a Purrloin from its Poke-Ball and ordered it to attack Oshawott and Yami.

    "You dont tell me how to handle my property!" the man in the purple suit shouted as his Purrloin went into attack Oshawott but was easily defeated by its Shell Blade attack.

    "Hey... At least you know how to defend yourself before your attacked..." Yami said to his Oshawott who rolled its eyes and returned itself to its Poke-Ball.

    "... You beat the bosses Purrloin..." Yume said in shock and then rushing over to Yami and kissing him on the chick as he dashed towards the man in the purple suit and sliced his clothes off causing him to run off.

    "I thought you said you werent a hooker..." Yami said to Yume as they walked down the pier of the city at night with Woobat flying around them.

    "...I'm not...I had to earn enough money so I could pay him back for this laptop but since you kicked his *** I can keep it for free!" Yume said rubbing her head on Yami's arm as they approached the edge of the city.

    "So... I was wondering Yume- would you run away with me?" Yami said dashing towards the gate while dragging Yume along by her arm while her eyes widened and she smiled.

    "Of course! I'm gonna be your wife, right?!" Yume said with a wink as they reached the gate and decided that now was the right time to pass through it- together.

    "Once we enter this gate then we have start our journey... There's no looking back or going back, once we start our journey then we can never return to this city ever again." Yami said to Yume looking deep within her eyes with her nodding and pushing him along into the gate.

    "I'm glad we decided to wait to get married... I wanna go the Pokemon League and get married there- that would be... my dream wedding." Yume said to Yami obviously revealing something that she never revealed to anyone else before in her life before causing Yami to smile until he realizes what she said and stops her from pushing him along.

    "Wait- did you just say your going for the Pokemon League?! You cant! I am too!" Yami said to her completely shocked that she was also going for badges (obviously forgetting that she said she challenged the Aspertia Gym).

    "Eh?! Who the hell are you to tell me what to do?! Bastard! I'm an independent woman, thank you!" Yume shouted to him as loud as she could which caused everyone in the gate to stare at them as they began their first argument.
    What happens when two diffrent people connect through an unlikely adventure?
    Pokemon-BW- Dare to live?

    So how many Pokemons are there?

    Silly Jack, the plural of Pokemon is Pokemon

    Quote Originally Posted by Street Comedy View Post
    Pokemon: Filler Adventures and Pokemon: Rise of the Penguin respectivley.
    Quote Originally Posted by TheFonz View Post
    Now that I think about it....that poster is a horrible advertisement
    Quote Originally Posted by Street Comedy View Post
    Wow, I'm just stating that I'm uncomfortable with one of the few decent pokemon on the train wreck that is Ash's Unova team getting shafted and you accuse me of impersonating an imposter?!

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    Wow, alot of profanity in this story xD. Since this is a sequel I guess I'm going to have to read the story before it to even have any idea what is going on lol.
    Fan Fic: Nexus Renegade
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBlackDuelist View Post
    Wow, alot of profanity in this story xD. Since this is a sequel I guess I'm going to have to read the story before it to even have any idea what is going on lol.
    Yeah xD This story might actually have more profanity than its predecessor so beware~ lol I would recommend reading the story before it but in the first 4 chapters it has no real bearing on the sequel, but all in all its up to you I hope you enjoy both stories for what its worth.
    What happens when two diffrent people connect through an unlikely adventure?
    Pokemon-BW- Dare to live?

    So how many Pokemons are there?

    Silly Jack, the plural of Pokemon is Pokemon

    Quote Originally Posted by Street Comedy View Post
    Pokemon: Filler Adventures and Pokemon: Rise of the Penguin respectivley.
    Quote Originally Posted by TheFonz View Post
    Now that I think about it....that poster is a horrible advertisement
    Quote Originally Posted by Street Comedy View Post
    Wow, I'm just stating that I'm uncomfortable with one of the few decent pokemon on the train wreck that is Ash's Unova team getting shafted and you accuse me of impersonating an imposter?!

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    Authors Notes- Chapter 2!! Yami and Yumi come across something absolutely tragic on their journey and they arent quite sure on how they can solve it!A legendary Pokemon's life is in jeopardy and its up to these two to save its life! What has Alder been up to these past 2 years?! Find out! And Enjoy!

    /Live 2-So were just gonna wander around doing nothing for the rest of our lives?” Yumi asked Yami as they walked along a river toward an unknown destination which frustrated her most of all.

    “I don’t know, it depends on if there’s a gym nearby… If it is then I wanna earn my first badge there, you can take a break of course since you already cheated and got one from Cheren.” Yami replied to Yumi’s frustration with jealously as they both walked along the route angry at each other and starting to regret ever agreeing to be engaged when suddenly Yumi steps on something and hears a shriek.

    “Huh? What was that? I better go back to see what the hell that was… I don’t want some serial killer coming after me- All I have is Puttery and Purrloin with me and they cant defend ****! Let alone my fiancé is the weakest swordsman in existence…” Yumi said as she rolled her eyes and continued to step on whatever she was stepping on and continued to hear the loud shrieks until Yami looked down and realized what the problem was.

    “Yumi… Your stepping on something… And by nature its screaming because of it…” Yami said pushing her aside and observing what she was stepping on which appeared to be an injured Riolu.

    “Riolu… Are you okay? Sorry about stepping on you like that… I gave you all of these injuries.” Yumi said trying to comfort the Riolu as she took some Potion out of her bag and began to apply it to Riolu’s injured areas.

    “First off, when did you stop being a heartless coldhearted/coldblooded street walking ****?” Yami asked Yumi who merely looked at him with complete disgust and then back to the Riolu with eyes of pity and guilt.

    “There’s a difference between a really ignorant person and an injured Pokemon, I maybe the biggest ***** in all of Aspertia, hell, possibly even Unova but I would be damned if I would let an injured Pokemon die on this shitty route just because of my complete and utter *****iness.” Yumi said finishing treating the Riolu then proceeding to take a Poke-Ball out of her bag.

    “… So basically everything you just said was ********, you wanna catch that Riolu for yourself you sneaky little brat. But that’s okay… Because Riolu wont be caught by you regardless because he’s gonna be my Pokemon.” Yami said taking a Poke-Ball from his belt and proceeding to capture Riolu when suddenly he is charred in the face by Tepig’s Ember.

    “If this franchise used any common sense right now you would dead right now! But luckily for you the only thing that Ember gave me was a distraction to steal Riolu!” Yumi said sticking out her tongue as she ran towards the nearest town to get as far away from Yami as possible.

    “Really? She’s gonna just run around with an injured Pokemon on her back? How immature… Man… Why did I ask a complete stranger to marry me? I mean, she does have nice boobs… But other than that there’s nothing I like about her-“ Yami said as he began to question why he asked Yumi to marry him in the first place when he suddenly heard screams of horror coming from the direction Yumi ran in causing him to panic and dash toward the screaming despite the possible consequences.

    “I… I don’t know what happened… I just- I just ran in this forest… And I realized that it smelled like the back of a Kangaskhan’s *** and I started to look around for what the smell is, and then I realized I stepped in some Pokemon ****.” Yumi said shaking as her Tepig proceeded to lick the Pokemon defecation off of her shoes much to Yami’s disgust and annoyance.

    “Why did you scream over something so minor? The price of going on adventure is that sometimes your gonna step in some Pokemon **** and its gonna suck- hard… But if you really wanna be a Pokemon master then sometimes you gotta get your Nike’s dirty, Yumi.” Yami said helping her up from the ground and taking his spare pair of shoes from his bag so that she could feel better.

    “You didn’t let me finish… Yeah, the whole Pokemon **** thing was bad, like really bad-But after I stepped in it I fell to the ground in shock and I realized why the smell was so potent…” Yumi said leaning Yami towards the ground and showing him something from the perspective she saw, revealing thousands of injured Pokemon lying on the ground either dead or on the edge of death causing Yami to almost scream in horror but instead running towards one of the Pokemon who he had no clue what it was.

    “This one seems to be the one with the most injuries! It has- gunshot wounds all over its body… And there appears to have been a blue horn-like object on the top of its head but its been broken off by manual force. Whoever shot these Pokemon was a human!” Yami said treating the unknown Pokemon’s wounds as best as he could but to no avail as he did have the proper medical prowess to help treat their gunshot wounds.

    “… Who could shoot these poor innocent Pokemon? Who could do such a horrible thing and feel no remorse for it?! This is just the shittiest of all shittiest things to do in this world! Whoever did this is the most horrible person in the world! This is just awful…” Yumi said treating the smaller Pokemon with Potions and other medical items as the Riolu from before finally regained consciousness and without them knowing snuck away towards somewhere.

    “We have to get help from the Pokemon Center- there should be one in the nearest town! Go get help and I’ll stay here with the Pokemon-“Yami said to Yumi before being interrupted by a man jumping down from a giant mound and then dashing towards the unknown Pokemon.

    “Keldeo, this Pokemon is gonna make me filthy freaking rich! Hahahaha!” Alder said picking up the Keldeo and putting it on his back as he began to climb back up the cliff before Yami came to his senses and sent out his Oshawott to shoot Alder back down on the ground causing Alder to loose his grip of Keldeo and causing it to fall to the ground until Yami caught it in his arms.

    “And just what were you about to do with this Keldeo you bastard?! Were you the ******* who shot all the Pokemon in this forest?! Because if you were your going to prison and I’ll make sure its one where Vaseline is common, if you catch my mutha’***** drift ****!” Yumi said getting really close to Alder’s face as he rolled his eyes and pushed out of the way to get to Yami.

    “Hey cutie… You mind handing that Keldeo over to me? I was gonna sell it at the auction so I could invest in a little amusement park called Poke’Land… You like amusement parks don’t you kid?” Alder said walking slowly over to Yami and then groping him causing him to draw his sword out of his sheath ready to attack if necessary.

    “Woah! Woah! Hey pal, sorry but not only does my fiancé not swing that way but he would also never get with some old pedophile… Why don’t you go away before we call Officer Jenny you sicko?” Yumi asked Alder who merely turned to her then back at Yami and made a very creepy smile.

    “You seem really tense for someone your age, why don’t you come back to my house and let me give you a little massage?” Alder asked Yami discretely trying to take back to Keldeo as he lowered Yami’s guard but to no avail as Yami became even more intense.

    “Sorry but I think I learned my lesson about going off with strangers when I watched that Missing White Woman Syndrome movie… Cant remember what it was called, or what it was even about… All I remember was that there was a missing white girl and everyone cared even though there was a black girl who went missing at the start of the movie from the park and all she got was a few posters, but the white girl got newspapers, national news coverage, milk cartons- hell, one of the 5 Benedicts even made a public address about missing children while at the same address a Latina mother and her child were abducted from the parking lot… And then at the end of the movie it turned out the missing white girl wasn’t even really missing, she was the one helping the old pervert kidnap kids- I forget the girls name but I think the guys name was Alder and it was based off of a true story…” Yami said in a sort of long rant so that he could transfer Keldeo from him to Oshawott and Tepig who then proceeded toward the nearest Pokemon Center to get help for Keldeo and the other Pokemon.

    “What?! Somebody made a story about me and Alexa and I wasn’t even made aware?! Man, now that’s just rude… I mean, do you know how hard it is to steal children? Let alone killing a Latina woman to do so… I put a lot of effort into kidnapping those kids and then proceeding to become a fugitive when it all went south! I even gave up my title as Champion when Alexa sold me out to the International Police… Please tell me that someone sexy played my part, like Brycen or Carrot Top.” Alder said sitting indian style on the ground and sighing at the fact that his life had become so complicated because of his own personal sabotage.

    “… Nah, you were played by this loser named Pop Roxie- He did an accurate portrayal though, obviously since he was just as crazy as you appear to be.” Yumi said looking at Alder up and down to make sure she could give an accurate description to the police when they arrived and if he escaped.

    “Don’t you have to be infecting some lonely 14 year old ginger with a bold spot with gonorrhea or something?” Alder said standing up in frustration that Yumi was belittling him even though he believed she was a hooker.

    “Awe, is that why you go after kids? Because they don’t have STD’s like the hooker you bought when your wife divorced you?” Yumi asked Alder with all sincerity in her voice making her sarcasm almost seem legit until Alder snapped.

    “Well, obviously not since there’s a 15 year old with syphilis in front of me!” Alder shouted in the most disrespectful tone he could muster causing Yumi to laugh at his poor choice of words.

    “Really syphilis? Who am I? Marilyn Monroe? Natalie Wood? Cree Summers? Tara Strong?! Why don’t you come up with some updated insults before you try to insult me honey boo-boo? Cause I’m the ***** pro!” Yumi said taking Yami by the arm and dragging him towards the direction Oshawott and Tepig ran in.

    “I’m sorry… But unless you all have Poke-Insurance I cant help this Keldeo… Without Poke-Insurance I wont be paid and this Pokemon Center is not a charity, it’s a business. Now get your Pokemon asses out of my center before I call the Department of Health Services on that ugly *** mutation… Bye, I hope to see you again~” Nurse Joy said to Oshawott and Tepig who were merely frozen in shock by her complete rudeness when suddenly Yami and Yumi ran into the center.
    “Tepig! Oshawott! How’s Keldeo?! Eh?! Why is it not in the back being operated on?!” Yami asked Nurse Joy when he reached the front desk concerned that the Keldeo’s life may be in danger if it was not to be operated on soon enough.

    “Oh, you don’t want Keldeo in the back… That’s where I put all the dead Pokemon that I have to replace with new ones- I usually just heal Pokemon on this machine when their in the Poke-Ball for about like… 3 seconds and then I hand them back to trainer, that’s all I was really trained to do to be honest.” Nurse Joy said as another trainer handed her his Poke-Balls and she healed his Pokemon without hesitation.

    “All you were trained to do?! Arent you a Pokemon physician?! Didn’t you go through an extensive learning program to become a Pokemon Doctor?!” Yami asked her almost in complete anger that she was gonna deny them help and that she was possibly lying about her credentials.

    “First off, you need to watch who your talking to little boy… Second off, is there anywhere in my title that suggest I’m a Pokemon Doctor? No- I’m a Pokemon Nurse… All I’ve been “taught” to do is heal Pokemon with some crackpot machine that actually makes them worse and sometimes infects them with Pokerus. All of the real Pokemon Doctors left from the Centers years ago when they realized helping Pokemon was complete ******** and went off to find real jobs. However unlike them, the Joy Family for some ******* reason has refused to accept that helping Pokemon is in fact retarted so were stuck in these centers helping snot nosed little *****s beat their Pokemon to near (if not already dead) death and to do it with a smile… I hate my life… I’m gonna go inject some morphine until my lunch break is over, oh yeah, its my lunch break from 4:00 to 9:00 so if you want me to heal your Pokemon you better make it snappy because its 3:58…” Nurse Joy said getting a hidden flask from inside of her hat and proceeding to chug all of it down while Yumi simply applauded her attitude causing Yami to flick her on the head.

    “Nurse Joy… Is there anyway we can help this Keldeo and the other Pokemon on the route? They’re riddled with gunshot wounds from an unknown assailant…” Yami said trying to invoke some emotion from Nurse Joy but only getting a belch after she was done with her whiskey.

    “Why don’t you go to Flocessy Ranch? They have Rangers and **** there…” Nurse Joy said putting up her “Lunch Break” sign and proceeding into the back of the center.

    “Where would that be?” Yami asked her hoping she would at least answer this question.

    “Hey, hey, hey… You see that sign? It says “Lunch Break” which means I don’t have to answer that question according to my contract… Why don’t you go ask that skank who hangs around that statue who speaks all those different languages? She should have a clue.” Nurse Joy said waving them goodbye as she and her Audino wheeled a IV of morphine into the back and closed the door.

    “… Well, that was awesome… Anyway- looks like our first adventure on our journey starts now…” Yumi said stealing a Poke-Ball that was left on a cart and putting it into her pocket.

    “Yeah, looks like it… Don’t worry Keldeo,we will help you no matter what!” Yami said to Keldeo trying to encourage the injured Pokemon.
    What happens when two diffrent people connect through an unlikely adventure?
    Pokemon-BW- Dare to live?

    So how many Pokemons are there?

    Silly Jack, the plural of Pokemon is Pokemon

    Quote Originally Posted by Street Comedy View Post
    Pokemon: Filler Adventures and Pokemon: Rise of the Penguin respectivley.
    Quote Originally Posted by TheFonz View Post
    Now that I think about it....that poster is a horrible advertisement
    Quote Originally Posted by Street Comedy View Post
    Wow, I'm just stating that I'm uncomfortable with one of the few decent pokemon on the train wreck that is Ash's Unova team getting shafted and you accuse me of impersonating an imposter?!

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    Authors Note- I cant really say I'm happy with this chapter XD It took me a really really long time to make it tbh but I did the best I could to get past the Flocessy stuff lol Team Plasma appears for the first time in the sequel! Alexa appears! Keldeo is saved by Sewaddle's herbs! And what mysteries lie ahead in the future?!


    "According to these directions Flocessy Ranch is just northeast of here..." Yami said carrying Keldeo on his back which is causing him to walk at a slower pace toward Flocessy Ranch.

    "Thats cool I guess... I didnt know that you were so determined to help wild Pokemon, Gloomy-guy... But there's alot of things I dont know about you so its cool I guess." Yume said picking up a stick from the ground and begining to tear it up bit by bit to relieve some of her tension.

    "Is there more that you want to know about me? Just ask and I'll answer your questions..." Yami said continuing up the road with Keldeo on his back as Yume thought for a moment what she wanted to ask.

    "Well, how about if your gay or not? I mean, I'm perfectly fine with having a sham wedding but I would like to know up front if my husband is an *** chaser or not." Yume said breaking off the last piece of the stick while Yami stopped for a moment and thought of a reply.

    "I'm leaning more towards Pansexual I guess, I mean if you hadnt accpeted my proposal than I probably wold have proposed to Yuki next." Yami said with complete honesty as they made it to the hill that led towards Flocessy Ranch.

    "I see... So does that mean your gonna invite people into the bedroom? I mean, I'm cool with an open marriage but we should inform each other before we just start with our adultery." Yume said to Yami as she quickened her pace so that she could get ahead of him.

    "I wouldnt cheat on you- I dont really like intercourse...What about you? Would you cheat on me?" Yami asked Yume who simply began to chuckle at his comment then replied with almost a little too much confidence.

    "You cant honestly expect someone who looks like me to remain absolutely faithful. I mean, we might as well be swingers~!" Yume said flipping her hair as she bellowed on and on about how no man would able to resist her charms while Yami merely rolled his eyes at her conceited attitude.

    "Are you gonna be like this forever? Or is there another side to you I dont know about?" Yami said slightly turning his head to see her expression which was mixed with confusion and anger.

    "What does that mean? Either you sign up for the entire "Yume-Train" or you dont sign up for any of her! Why dont you go to the ranch and find a nice closeted cowboy to be nice to you all the time?! Cause it sounds like you wanna be someones *****!" Yume said pouting as they made it to a sign that read "Flocessy Ranch" so she walked towards the gates while Yami set down Keldeo and wiped the sweat from his face.

    "Am I not already being ****ed by a woman? Why would I want a man to do the same?" Yami asked Yume who had already begun to ignore him slightly as she flicked him off and headed into the ranch.

    "Wow... Look at all those Mareep! Do you think if I was to kick them down this hill their heads would roll?" Yume asked running towards one of the Mareep and promptly poking it with a stick until it shocked her.

    "I think you just got your answer... Huh?" Yami said before he realized that a group of Tauros who were chasing a Dunsparce were heading their way with maximum speed.

    "Aaaah! ****! I'm too young, pretty, and white to die!" Yume shouted as she saw the Tauros heading towards her about to crush her under their mighty hooves when suddenly an Aura Sphere and a Thundershock from a Riolu and Mareep respectively appears and stops the Tauros stampede and a man appears behind Yume to scoop her up in his arms.

    "Are you okay, little darling? That Dunsparce is always causing trouble for those Tauros and makes them stampede sometimes which can lead to deaths of very minor characters." the man said trying to sound both informative and concerned at the same time while Yume simply gazed into his dark blue eyes with a dreamy look which was obviously caught by Yami who pulled her away.

    "She's fine, I'm sure... Yume, can you stop being a **** for one second and thank this guy?" Yami asked his fiance who was too captivated by the young man's appearance to possibly listen to anything he had to say.

    "Thank you, oh so very much for saving me good sir... If there's anything I can do, and I mean anything~ Let me know..." Yume said brushing herself up against the young man who didnt know whether to feel embarrassed or grateful when suddenly he noticed the Keldeo behind Yami and made a slight meancing grin but gained his composure and ran over to it.

    "Excuse me but... Why do you have this Keldeo in your possesion and why is it hurt so badly?" the man asked looking at the gun wounds that were inflicted on Keldeo while Keldeo shook in fear when it gazed up at the man.

    "Its not like we shot our own Pokemon! I dont even own a gun... Keldeo and some other Pokemon were shot up in the route outside of Flocessy Ranch. This **** Nurse Joy told us to come here because the people here were the only ones who could help." Yami said trying to sound smart but the man was not paying attention to him whatsoever.

    "... Miss, if it isnt too much of a bother could you please go into the woods and get a Sewaddle for me? The herbs that grows on its leaves can be used to make medicinal marijuana." the man said taking a first-aid kit out of his bag and starting to dress the Keldeo's wounds.

    "What would pot be useful for in this situation?" Yami asked the man who was once again not listening to him as Yume simply agreed and ran into the forest.

    "... Keldeo, to think that you managed to avoid this place for so long and then these *******es bring you right back here to us. I dont know whether this is some really poor *** writing or if its divine intervention... Nonetheless, Project BLADE is now off of its hiatus." the man said picking up Keldeo and putting him on his Zebstrika as Yami was stunned at first then came to his senses.

    "Hey! What are you doing?! I thought you were gonna help Keldeo!" Yami said about to send out a Pokemon when the man used a certain gadget to capture him and immbolize him.

    "You people these days are far too trusting- dont you know that this is a new generation? Its the end of trust and loyalty! If Team Plasma didnt roll in the *****es and the racks for me I'd be out of this game and seeking more fortune like the big fish in Kalos right now! Hahahaha!" the man said taking off his disguise and revealing himself to be a member of the now infamous Neo Team Plasma. "Your part of Team Plasma?! Wait... Thats actually kinda lame..." Yami said to the Neo Team Plasma member who made a thud on the ground and proceeded to scream at him.

    "And just how is it lame exactly?! Team Plasma is one of the few organization that the Government themselves have put alot of effort into seeing being annihilated! Hahahaha! Were not like those wimps from two years ago!" the Neo Team Plasma member said with an equally lame evil laugh as Yami sighed and proceeded to express his point.

    "So what exactly is any different from you all than the old Team Plasma? Because you both seem equally pointless to me... But if I remember correctly, the old Team Plasma lied and said they were the Pokemon Liberation And Segregation Movement Association, that acronym cant be the same for you guys since all you do is steal Pokemon from Trainers who are too stupid to battle seriously, i.e. Trainers who use baby Pokemon like Patrat and Lillipup. I wonder, how many Patrats and Lillipups must Team Plasma be racking up right now?" Yami asked the Team Plasma member sarcastically as he discretly released Yume's Purrloin who proceeded to cut the metal wires that held him.

    "... So what if we have a Patrat army?! Patrat are the future, dammit! Patrat are the coolest Pokemon ever! Patrat can win the entire Unova League if trained correctly!" the Team Plasma member shouted in a bellowing manner as he obviously snapped when Yami delivered a truth he did not like.

    "Yeah, yeah, yeah... All I hear is, "Lame! Lame! Patrat! Lame! Beer-pong! Lame!" And now that I'm free from those really loose wire ropes I think its about time I took Keldeo and kicked your ***." Yami said standing up from the ground and sending out Oshawott who fell on the ground instantly as if he were defeated causing Yami to kick him awake.

    "Hahahaha! And you make fun of Team Plasma's Patrat Army! Hahahaha! I've never seen a Oshawott so weak in my life!" the Team Plasma member said as he laughed at Oshawott's weak behavior while Oshawott yawned and then went into battle mode by taking its Scalchop off its stomach and lunging at the Zebstrika who had Keldeo on his back but got hit by Stomp and fainted.

    "What... The... Actual... ****! Oshawott! Your my only Pokemon! Get up and kick this Zebstrika's ***! Now, before I release you and have these Mareep shock you to death." Yami said stepping on Oshawott until he woke back up obviously at the edge of his life when suddenly Riolu sent out a Aura Sphere at Zebstrika saving the Keldeo and retrieving it from its back.

    "Gah! I thought that Riolu was loyal only to Team Plasma! How could it betray me in such a dire situation! If I dont bring that Keldeo to Sir Zinzolin they'll exile me from Team Plasma and I'll have to return to Kalos and be killed by that man!" the Team Plasma member said as he sent out his Watchog who used Hypnosis on both Riolu and Oshawott, Riolu manages to dodge it but Oshawott doesnt even move out the way and is put asleep.

    "You **** *** Oshawott, dont think that just because you got put to sleep by a move that its any different!" Yami said kicking Oshawott high into the air and then having him crash down ontop of the Watchog defeating him.

    "... What the hell kind of luck is that?! Or was it on purpose?! Could it be... You are a true Pokemon Master who is willing to risk the safety of his Pokemon in order to win a battle because the bond between you is so strong that it wont end your relationship?!" the Team Plasma member said getting teary eyed at the thought that was circulating in his head until he saw Yami's expression.

    "Nah, I believe that if you abuse a Pokemon they'll start to listen to you... Same with children, abuse is what keeps the world going round bro." Yami said with a serious expression while Riolu simply shook its head at his comments as the Team Plasma members mouth dropped open.

    "Are- Are you telling me that you really believe that?! This is exactly what Team Plasma of old was trying to end! Your one of those Trainers who abuse Pokemon for their power without sentiment for their feelings! You should be ashamed!" the Team Plasma member said sending out his Herdier who was ready to attack as Yami rolled his eyes in a very annoyed fashion.

    "I should... Now! Riolu, I know I'm not your Trainer but if your the same Riolu from before you owe me and my fiance for saving your life so can you please help me beat this loser?" Yami asked the Riolu who looked deep within Yami's eyes for an answer on his character and agreed with a nod as he released several Aura Spheres that devastated the Herdier completely.

    "... ****..." the Team Plasma member mumbled as he kicked his Zebstrika awake and they both ran away into the sunset.

    "Sexy guy~! I got the pot that you wanted! But this Sewaddle wouldnt let go off it~ Huh?" Yume asked when she saw that the man from before was gone and Yami was playing with the Riolu and several Mareep.

    "Oh hey Yume, took you long enough- you would never believe it but that guy was from Team Plasma and he tried to take Keldeo or something so me and Riolu beat him and sent him packing." Yami said as he rubbed a Mareeps stomach while Riolu stood triumphantly until Yume suddenly snapped on them both.

    "WHAT THE **** DID YOU JUST SAY?!! DO YOU KNOW WHAT I WENT THROUGH FOR THIS WEED?!! DO YOU?!!" Yume asked Yami with tons of fury in her voice while Yami and Riolu merely shook in fear at what she was gonna do when suddenly she calmed down and handed Yami the Sewaddle.

    "Huh? Arent you mad for us sending your boyfriend away?" Yami asked Yume who merely shook her head and made a warm-hearted smile.

    "Of course not... Because I know the reason why you sent him away- you were really jealous of his feelings for me, right? And then you two had a long and difficult battle over my heart and the winner had to leave, right? And you ended up being the victor! And I was your prize~ Ah... How romantic... So I'm giving you that Sewaddle as your other prize." Yume said with a wink as she walked over towards Riolu and started to message its ears.

    "I've never met a woman who's wanted to be a prize before- but whatever... Thanks for the Sewaddle.." Yami said throwing a Poke-Ball at it and catching it with relative ease as Yume began to fangirl over Riolu.

    "Oh my ***** Buddah! I'm gonna catch this Riolu, okay?!" Yume said taking a Poke-Ball out of her pocket but being stopped by Yami's arm.

    "Wait a minuet... Me and Riolu seem to have more of a bond then you and him, so why dont you let me catch him?" Yami asked Yume who looked at him with kindness and then immense anger.

    "Since when do you give a damn about connections and all that junk, Gloomy-guy?! Your just trying to make me pity you and let you have Riolu but it wont work because Riolu belongs to me~ I helped save it when it was on the edge of life so it owes me..." Yume said making cute face for Riolu to smile but the only reaction she got was annoyance from both him and Yami.

    "Should we have a battle to decide who gets to keep Riolu?" Yami asked Yume who looked at him like he was an idiot and shook her head.

    "How about instead of battling we agree to share Riolu, I'll use Riolu whenever I want and you can have him for the rest of the time~ Sounds like a ****** good deal to me!" Yume said making puppy dog eyes at Yami who couldnt help but agree to her terms much to his dismay.

    "Fine, we can "share" Riolu... But he's gonna be a permanent member of my team, if thats cool with you." Yami said to his dominant fiance who was too busy playing with Riolu to listen to what he was saying making him give up and take a nap on top of the Mareep as Sewaddle gave some of its herbs to the injured Keldeo which for some reason healed the gun wounds with ease.

    "Oh look... Your Sewaddle healed Keldeo... Good... Now we can leave it here..." Yume said happy about now having to save it anymore and not being in danger for having a legendary Pokemon with her.

    "Who says Keldeo is leaving? He's gonna be here for as long as-" Yami said before Keldeo suddenly stood up when it heard something in the distance and raced toward it.

    Yami stands up and tries to catch up with it but it loses it when it comes to a lake leaving him dumbfounded on where it could have gone.

    On an island in a sub-region in-between Unova and Kanto, the Decolora Archepeligo...

    "Dollie! Baby! Come on! Why wont you go out and perform for all your adoring fans?! This could be your big break!" a man in a black suit and a large green hat said to a woman who was finishing putting on her make-up in front of a heart shaped mirror.

    "Pedro... Do you remember what you said to me when you first met me? You said, "when I met you I got tunnel vision"... That was quite particular if you ask me." Dollie said getting up from her chair and heading towards the back door of the trailer.

    "Yes, and? Whats wrong with me having a particular way of showing my affections to those who I love? What are you accusing me of Dollie?" Pedro asked her both confused and worried that somehow she was on to his scam.

    "Well... 3 years in a row there were reports by several women about a man named Pedro Rivera who swindled them into entering very tight contracts and then milked all of their finances from them bit by bit, calling it "manager royalties" and "theater cost". Seperately these three women identified Pedro as a seductive but cunning man who used his charms and chalant to make them enter these contracts where they felt more like slaves than performers. They also said that when he met them, he said he experienced "tunnel vision" which in itself is quite particular... Its almost as if its a catchphrase for baiting women into his scam. Isnt it strange? You used the same phrase with me, you have the same name, and your a manager... Could it be possible that your Pedro the Swindler?" Dollie asked him with a smirk on her face as she removed her long flowing dress and revealed her true outfit shocking Pedro because he recognized her.

    "Gah! Dont tell me that your Alexa from the NPMC's Santalune division?! The NPMC sent someone after me?!" Pedro said starting to runaway from Alexa toward the other door when suddenly Alexa sent out a mysterious Pokemon who used a certain move to destroy the door and stop him from leaving.

    "I am Alexa, and while I am part of the NPMC I'm also a private investigator for the International Police. They sent me here after learning that I fit the profile for the women that you target... You should come in quietly without fuss, that way we can leave this place intact." Alexa said cuffing him with handcuffs and starting to escort him out of the door when he suddenly exclaimed something.

    "He sent you here, didnt he?! That pervert just wants more men like me to fill up his prison!" Pedro shouted as he tried to escape Alexa's grip but it was no use.

    "If your talking about who I think your talking about he did just happen to send me here... But I dont think your going to prison- I hear, they have different plans for you." Alexa said dragging him outside to the hundreds of Police officers who had surronded the area as he screamed in panic.
    What happens when two diffrent people connect through an unlikely adventure?
    Pokemon-BW- Dare to live?

    So how many Pokemons are there?

    Silly Jack, the plural of Pokemon is Pokemon

    Quote Originally Posted by Street Comedy View Post
    Pokemon: Filler Adventures and Pokemon: Rise of the Penguin respectivley.
    Quote Originally Posted by TheFonz View Post
    Now that I think about it....that poster is a horrible advertisement
    Quote Originally Posted by Street Comedy View Post
    Wow, I'm just stating that I'm uncomfortable with one of the few decent pokemon on the train wreck that is Ash's Unova team getting shafted and you accuse me of impersonating an imposter?!

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    Authors Note- Made a really long chapter cause I havent updated in awhile :P Anyway, Yuki reveals shocking news about an event that could shake the entire world! Yami participates in his first Gym battle! Yume has many special talents?! Cecillio appears, he's gonna be important! An old character appears- are they friend or foe?! And... Enjoy!


    Goddammit Yami! Look what you did! You lost the Keldeo that I was gonna sell on the black market so we could offer a nice honey moon in the Decolora Archipeligo! Do you know how many years I've dreamt of going to Big Island and seeing the bi-annual meteor showers?! Since last year when I saw it on the television! And you've ruined that dream by letting that stupid horse-thingy get away from us... Damn, damn, damn!" Yume said in a sort of rant as she pouted away along the road towards Virbank City while Yami ignored her frustrations and thought to himself about where the Keldeo was headed after it ran away from him and Yume.

    Suddenly, Yuki and Snivy pop up from the bushes and Snivy uses Vine Whip on Yami knocking him to the ground.

    "Ah crap! Yami?! My bad... I thought you were the guy I've been looking for all this time..." Yuki said helping him up off the ground as he returned Snivy to his Poke-Ball, Yume turns around to see what happens but after she see's Yuki she rolls her eyes and starts to walk away again.

    "Have fun with the man who you were suppose to marry Yami... Your Plan B will be going to Virbank City all on her lonesome now..." Yume said trying to sound independent but ended up sounding like she needed Yami to protect her as Yami once again ignored her and questioned Yuki for attacking him.

    "Why did you attack me thinking I was someone else? Just who in the world are you looking for Yuki?" Yami said dusting himself off as Yuki pondered for a moment if he should tell him and then decided that it was alright if he did relay the story.

    "As you must know from school Yami, there exist a country far from Unova that is not under the Government's control... This region is home to the Samurai and Ninja clans and they are considered especially lethal because of their battling prowess and their military might. Well, it turns out that one of the Samurai from this country joined the Government as a briefly temporary representative and so thus he gained inside information by being affliated with the Government. Well, now he's gone rouge from the Government and has reportedly relayed the information he required to his region's own government and now our Government and their government are expected to have a war soon...So, this Samurai guy is considered a national war criminal and there's being a bounty posted for whoever can find and secure him for the Government." Yuki said trying to relay the information as quickly as possible and also trying to make his communication effective but to no avail because Yami was still confused but he nodded anyway throughout his explanation.

    "Basically you wanna catch a Samurai who started a war... Okay... Hmm... People are saying that he's hiding out here in Southwest Unova?" Yami asked a bit confused on how Yuki assumed that he was the man as Yuki thought for a moment and then replied to him.

    "Yeah, there's been reports of people seeing him in the area and since you a had a sword on your person I just assumed that you could be him... I was in the bushes so I couldnt see your face. Oh well, now I know that I should hide behind a tree now when I need to ambush him." Yuki said trying to make the situation sound opstimistic but only ending up with a punch on the head from Yami who was still annoyed that he attacked him out of completely nowhere.

    "Why dont you leave catching the war criminals to the professionals Yami? Didnt your lesson about messing with criminals after the incident 2 years ago? Your not strong enough yet to handle people like that..." Yami said trying to convince his friend to stay away from the man who he was trying to capture but only ended up making Yuki angry.

    "That incident 2 years ago was because I was a fool who thought that this world just served justice on a silver-platter... Now I know that if I want to pursue justice then I'm gonna have to release my rage! I can no longer rely on others to acheive my justice for me... If I was to do that I would be nothing more than a child and thats something I absolutely refuse to be, ever again! Not only will I capture this Samurai criminal but I'll get Team Plasma as well- just like my grandfather would have wanted!" Yuki said in a passionate rant but receiving nothing more than an eye roll from Yami who did not care about his ambitions nor his convictions so he settled down his passion and waved Yami goodbye and headed the opposite way back to Flocessy Town.

    "Man... Yuki really needs some therapy after what happened to him 2 years ago... This just proves that the world will forget about someone's experiences if it doesnt affect the world greatly." Yami said looking at Yuki walk away towards Flocessy Town and then remembering he was with Yume who was already gone out of sight so he dashed toward Virbank in hopes of catching up with her.

    "Yume... Did all of this?!" Yami asked a woman along with a bunch of children outside of a daycare as he gazed at all of the beautiful grafitti that his fiance sprayed across the walls surronding the school.

    "Y-yes... I wasnt sure if she was angry or excited about helping us paint the school but then all of a sudden she ordered her Tepig to use Ember on us and while all were injured she suddenly grabbed a spray can and started making... this." the teacher said showing Yami all of the artwork that Yume created as the students all played with Yami's Pokemon in the playground.

    "So Yume was around here earlier then? Do you have any idea where she could have gone to after she was done here?" Yami asked the teacher who to think for a moment then remembered the rude comment that Yume spouted when she left the day-care.

    "She said that she had business to take care of in the Virbank Complex today... Then she took all of the treats from the treat jar and ran towards there." the teacher said as her students remembered Yume and began to shutter while Yami apologized for her actions he looked up and saw the large construction complex in the distance and decided that he would head there next.

    "Mademoiselle... Its truly an honor that you have come here to my Gym... I'm sorry that I cannot accept your challenge though as your are a woman, and I dont battle women. Its against my code of honor." a young man with light green hair said to Yume as his Pansage massaged her back but the comment he made caused her to get angry quite fast.

    "What do you mean you dont accept the challenge of women?! What kinda bull crap is that?! Do you know who I am?! I'm a Trainer from Aspertia City who's already earned one Gym badge! And now your telling me to my face that you wont battle me because I'm a woman?! This is discrimination! I'll sue your *** and the PLA!" Yume said angry that she was being denied a gym battle because of her gender and ready to sue anyone who would deny her in general.

    "No... No... I cant cant you give a Gym Battle, miss but I can give you a Gym Badge regardless... Since you proved yourself against one Gym Leader already- and because you have such a beautiful smile and charming attitude I would be honored to give you the Trio Badge." the young man said taking the badge out of his shirt pocket while Yume thought for a moment if she wanted the badge then came to her senses and quickly refused it.

    "Despite what most people might think when they first meet me I'm not lazy and I certainly dont wanna earn badges just because of my "smile" and my "attitude" I wanna earn all of my badges fair and square... I dont wanna have to sling neck for my badges like Yami." Yume said just as Yami walked into the room with furious passion in his presence that made the young man and Yume turn around instantly when he arrived.

    "Yume... If you would have told me that you were in love with another man I would have taken back the proposal... You didnt have to hide that you already had a boyfriend me- you wouldnt have hurt me if you just would have told the truth." Yami said a bit heartbroken that Yume had not told him that she was already in love with someone else which in actuality was not the case.

    "What the **** are you talking about? This guy here's name is Cecillio and he's a Gym Leader from Striaton City on a tour around Unova... You're a real douchebag you know that?" Yume said to Yami now feeling betrayed thinking that she would have hidden such information from him while Yami face palmed for a moment then went back to Cecillio.

    "So your a Gym Leader from Striation City, huh? Then why are you all the way in Virbank City?" Yami asked questioning Cecillio's actions which caused Cecillio to chuckle modestly.

    "Well, you see... 1 year ago there was an outbreak of chlamydia in the Striaton City Gym- the three Gym Leader's Cilan, Chilli, and Cress attempted to hold this outbreak inside of the Gym but it sadly spread across the city because several Gym Trainers who shall remained unnamed at the moment continued to take part in sexual activity despite knowing they had the STD. This brought the Department of Health and Social Services to the Gym, which led them to not only find out the Gym had several more STD outbreaks in the past few months but the main reason was because the eldest brother Cress was running an underground prostitution ring beneath the Gym. They also found out that Chilli, the youngest brother was trafficking drugs through the food that was being prepared and served... The only Gym Leader who actually remained true to the Gym and its justified ways was my idol- Cilan who, while the Department found out he was purposely killing people with toxic food he still prepared his food to the total satisfaction of the customer~! Aie~me... I love Cilan so dearly, he's my mentor and he's like the older brother I've never had... And when he made me the new Gym Leader of Striaton Gym when he was arrested along with his brothers I was like a giddy school boy! Of course, I realized that at my current level I was doing the Gym no justice while being there... So I closed the Gym and decided to become a Connoisseur instead!" Cecillio said explaining why he was out of Striaton City and why he was the Gym Leader in a few confusing rant that both Yami and Yume had no idea what he was even saying.

    "All I got from that was that the original Gym Leaders went sent to prison, they made you Gym Leader, you left the Gym, and now your training to be a Connoisseur or something..."Yami said trying to summarize what he had heard and merely getting a nod from Cecillio while Yume finished getting her back massage from Pansage.

    "Yume told me about you... She said that you were her fiance or something like that, right? Well, I challenge you to a battle for Yume's hand in marriage!" Cecillio said in a passionate bout of emotion but was ignored by Yami who had begun to talk to Yume about something else causing Cecillio to get extremely irritated.

    "And thats how I was able to find you here... I had no idea that you were able to make such beautiful artwork Yume. Have you ever thought about making it a profession?" Yami asked Yume who was a bit pre-occupied with her back rub but managed to hear most of what Yami was saying.

    "As a member of a socialite family I've been blessed with many skills, such a fencing and vocals... And sense I spent some time running the streets I'm also good at spray painting. My whole life I've tried to gather new skills in order to see the dream that I want to blossom... And I guess at the moment the skill that was most useful for me suddenly exploded." Yume said hopping off of the chair after Pansage was done with his massage and then thanking him for it while Yami simply shook his head in disbelief of her explanation.

    "So you have alot of skills, huh? Because your rich and you spent some time on the streets doing lord-knows-what?" Yami asked Yume who simply looked at him from the corner of her eye and then replied with a nod as Cecillio's frustration exploded.

    "Hey now! Are you two just gonna ignore me or are you gonna actually listen to what I have to say?! Well?!" Cecillio asked the two who had finally pulled away from themselves long enough to remember that he was still there.

    "Oh yeah... You... So are you still a Gym Leader or what? Because I hate having my fiance be ahead of me when it comes to Gym Badges... So... I wanna challenge you for one, not for Yume's hand in marriage because I think thats absolutely ridiculous to be honest." Yami said to Cecillio who was a bit astonished by his refusal for Yume's hand but he then gained composure and agreed to his terms.

    "Now that I think about it, it would be rude to battle for a womans' hand as if she was some sort of object... So I accept your Gym Battle challenge, Yami! But I should make you aware before the battle... Because I have decided to close the Striaton City Gym this badge will only be valid for one year if you wait any longer than that to use this badge then it will be invalid and it will not be permitted to allow you to enter the Unova League in Vertress City." Cecillio said trying to sound more professional to impress Yume but to no avail as she was now playing with her Pokemon instead of listening to their conversation.

    "Cool with me... So, whats the rules for this Gym Battle? Is a one on one with no substitutions?" Yami asked Cecillio who was kind of depressed over Yume not paying attention to him but when he remembered the battle he gained some composure and replied with valor.

    "Hahahaha! Yes! Those are the exact rules, you young naive challenger! Hahahaha! My first Pokemon will be Pansage, come to my Pansage with elegance!" Cecillio ordered his Pansage who stopped playing with Yume's Pokemon almost immediately and did a back flip towards its master but instead of landing gracefully it falls on top of his head knocking them both down on the ground.

    "Um... Are you gonna be okay? That looked like it really hurt dude..." Yami asked Cecillio who "recovered" almost immediately and let out another banter of how he was going to defeat him and then looked at Yume who was still ignoring him.

    "... Ok... Well... Um... Show me all of your Pokemon and I'll choose which one I wanna battle! This a truly refined recipe of any Unova League Gym!" Cecillio said as he began to go on a rant that was tuned out by Yami who sent out his three Pokemon and awaited Cecillio's decision.

    "Please excuse them... I just started my journey about two weeks ago and they're not in the best shape because of it... Except for Oshawott, he's just a fat*** lazy *** dumb*** Pokemon with no other talent than to make my life more miserable. I've tried to release him but he just keeps coming back because he smells the Pokemon food in me and Yume's bags." Yami said kicking Oshawott across the Gym towards Yume's Pokemon who runaway when they see Oshawott and then attack him when he starts eating the food Yume prepared for him.

    "... Aie~me! Looks like its evaluation time~! Yami, all of your Pokemon other than your Riolu are highly under trained and even he seems to have a very rotten attitude towards you! Your Oshawott is just as you described it but he's also as ugly as a mutation, I recommend either you put him down humanely or inhumanely depending on that amount of pleasure you receive from it- and finally, your Sewaddle's demeanor is just all wrong... Its like a little baby! A down-syndrome baby that is- either you mature it or it will not win any battles nor evolve into a Swadloon or a Leavanny! As a B-class Connoisseur, my overall evaluation is that you get your act together because your Pokemon are in desperate need of both discipline and affection~!" Cecillio said in the most annoying and rude rant he has ever spouted before causing Yami to cringe but soon he realized Cecillio was technically right about his Pokemon so he simply agreed and let it slide.

    "You said that my Riolu was the most powerful out of the 3, right? So he'll be the one who I use in the battle against you... Even though he has a rotten attitude, that doesnt matter as long as he can kick your neatly assorted ***!" Yami said with the same amount of passion as Cecillio had been exhibiting from the start while Yume finally turned toward their battle and began to cheer for Riolu.

    "She's only paying attention to us now because of Riolu?! What is wrong with that young woman? She's still super hot though... I wouldnt mind putting my flower in her pot-" Cecillio said before Yami's normally calm and collected expression turned to red-hot anger when he uttered his last comment about Yume.

    "Excuse me but thats my fiance that your talking about deflowering! No one's gonna deflower Yume before- I have the chance to sign a pre-nup with her! Riolu, use Quick Attack!" Yami ordered his Riolu who caught on with his passionate attitude and did exactly as he said and fired the attack toward him.

    "Like I could possibly allow you to land an attack on my Pokemon so easily... That would just be insulting! Pansage use Dig to avoid the attacks then come back up and hit Riolu with all of your might! Go!" Cecillio ordered his Pansage who did just as he said and knocked Riolu halfway across the room with the power of his Pansage's Dig as Yami began to scowl.

    "Damn... How am I gonna be able to hit Pansage if it wont stop making those burrows underground? Its like its a Ground type... But its not... Wait! Thats it! Riolu, wait for Pansage to come up next time!" Yami ordered his Riolu who looked at him like he was an idiot but still stayed in place until Pansage came up ready to attack.

    "Have you totally given up on winning this battle now? Yeah, thats probably for the best... Because me and Pansage dont plan on losing this battle- at all! Pansage deliver a Seed Bomb attack when you come up next!" Cecillio ordered Pansage who finally dug his last burrow and then came up with a Seed Bomb ready to be launched at Riolu when suddenly Riolu's hand began to glow with Aura and it shot him back down the hole with a full powered Aura Sphere.

    "Yes! Yes! I knew that Riolu's natural reaction to being surprised would be to use his Aura Sphere, so using that knowledge I allowed your Pansage to come up from behind him... I just had no clue that Riolu's Aura Sphere was so powerful." Yami said as he walked over to Riolu and high fived him for his victory while Cecillio merely stood in shock over Riolu's power.

    "Um... Erm... What... The... ****?! Since when is a bloody Riolu able to use Aura Sphere?! What the hell is this?! Only Lucario should be able to use such a move... This is- This is unreal." Cecillio said now having somewhat of a mental breakdown over Riolu's strange powers when suddenly Yume comes behind him and knocks him on the head to snap him out of his funk as Yami and Riolu walk over to him to receive their badge.

    "So how about that badge?" Yami asked Cecillio rather simply as Pansage dug into his pocket and pulled out a Trio Badge for Yami while a depressed Cecillio mourned his loss in the corner.

    "God, you would think someone so "high society" would know how to lose and not be a ***** about it but that Cecillio guy is taking it the worse way possible that he loss- I guess that just proves that even though you're a neck slinging, *** eating, **** pulling, *** your cool with me... And I guess it would be cool if I marry you, I guess." Yume said with a wink as she took Yami's badge from him and put it inside her badge case.

    "Hey, just what the hell do you think your doing with my badge ****?" Yami asked his fiance as she started to walk out of Cecillio's Gym with no sign of returning Yami's gym badge while Cecillio started to recover from his depression spell.

    "I take it you dont have a badge case, right? So I'm gonna hold onto this until you do... You dont want this falling into the wrong hands now do you?" Yume asked Yami who shook his head but then remembered something about Yume while Cecillio stood up from his corner and started to walk over towards Yami.

    "Arent you the definition of "wrong hands"? How do I know you wont try to sell it to get some money for our honeymoon or something?" Yami asked Yume who rolled her eyes and then gave him an icy cold stare as she turned back around and started out of the room once again.

    "I cant even give that a reasonable answer... I cant believe that you still cant fully trust me after all we've been through together, you fighting the guy in the purple suit, us finding all those dead Pokemon and trying to save them, me finding out your gay with Yuki, you fighting with Team Plasma (which I was absent for), you losing Keldeo, you having an equally gay conversation with Yuki, you finding me here with Cecillio thinking I love him-" Yume said as she began her rant about all the things that had happened along their journey so far when out of nowhere Cecillio slams a box on top of Yami's head and began to yell at him.

    "Dont think that just because you won here at my Gym that your hot-****! So what if you have one Gym badge... That means nothing... All it means is that you were able to beat a chump, me. But you have yet to face the greatest nightmare that all Trainers must experience so I dont wanna hear you bragging and crap, you got that? But congrats on defeating me... You've truly earned your Trio Badge." Cecillio said trying to lecture Yami in the best way he knew how as he gave him a thumbs up while Yami thought about hitting him he stopped because he realized he hit him to teach him a lesson.

    "Whatever... I wasnt getting a big-head over winning your Gym anyway... Now, where's the real Virbank City Gym?" Yami asked Cecillo who had to think for a moment then pointed north of the Complex.

    "Virbank Gym is only open during the night... And its very hard to miss because its jammed in-between two buildings and the entrance is very narrow. The Gym Leader, Roxie- built her Gym like this so she could perform her loud *** music and annoy the **** out of residents of Virbank City... Luckily I'm just passing through so I wont have to hear that racket for the rest of my life." Cecillio said returning Pansage to his Poke-Ball and starting to pack up the rest of his Gym so that he could hit the road while Yume pondered where she remembered hearing the name "Roxie" from.

    "Roxie... Isnt she that metal core/alternative **** who ate those Zubats on stage at one of her Johto tour concerts or something?" Yume asked Cecillio who laughed for a second and the nodded.

    "Yup, thats the same Roxie... She's only 13 but she likes to think of herself as a rock legend for some even though all of her songs only have like 7 words in them- and I mean literally 7 words... I dont even know if you can call that crap a song anyway since all you can hear is random satanic sounds and screaming and moaning... ***** needs to be exorcised I swear to God, no lie." Cecillio said packing up the rest of his things into a large box and then putting it on a cart as Yami looked frightened at the thought of battling against a satanic Gym Leader.

    "Is she really like that? Or is that really just her stage persona or something?" Yami asked obviously afraid that it really was her true personality as Yume and Cecillio laughed at his cowardliness until they were blue in the face.

    "Oh Yami, dont you know that what you see is what you get? Roxie is really a satanic little girl... I hear she was once checked into a mental psych ward because she started speaking in tongues while her father was performing in one of his stupid made for TV movies. Oh yeah, one more thing- dont ever call one Roxie's songs "Screamo" she once bit off her own mother's ear at one of her basement concerts for calling it that... Girl is nuts, man. I would dress appropriately for her underground club as well. You two dress waaaay to preppy for her taste, the second she see's you, you'll be dead long before your Gym battle." Cecillio said hopping on his cart and opening the door of his Gym as he rushed out on the open road while Yami and Yume looked at their clothes and shrugged.

    "I guess we do wear preppy clothes in a way- but I only dress this way because its comfortable... What does he mean by "dressing appropriately" anyway? What are we suppose to wear? Cut up skinny jeans with skull designs and black t-shirts with upside down crosses or something?" Yami asked Yume who got a devious smirk on her face which made Yami regret ever describing a set of clothes for them.

    "I cant believe your making me wear this... I look like Kelin Quinn..." Yami said looking at himself in a shop window as Yume took pictures of herself on her X-transceiver and sent them to somebody on her contacts list while people walking by thought they were members of a band and asked for their autographs which Yume signed happily.

    "Can you believe this? All you have to do is wear outfits like this and the people swarm around you thinking that your the biggest thing since ******ing butter! I know that Virbank is full of nerds and fanboys trying to get inside PokeStar Studios but I never knew that there were so many people who appreciated the music of the Gods." Yume said with a modest smile on her face as she waved towards the crowd of people waiting for her and Yami to sign their albums which had a young man and young woman who resembled Yami and Yume except with punk rock designer outfits on the front covers.

    "Oh... So this is why everyone is asking us for our autographs... They think were some Underground Alternative Rock band called "Thelma Hates The BlackOut Too". Maybe we should change back to our original clothes... It could be trouble if we meet the real Thelma band members and get arrested for impersonation." Yami said finishing signing a bunch of screaming fangirls albums and turning to Yume who was already done signing and had moved on to signing shirts.

    "Oh, whats a little jail time? I'll meet a girl named Alex and start a lesbian affair with her while you meet a guy named Chris and start a Oz affair with him... Sounds nice enough to me." Yume said as she scribbled a random signature down on a very large man's shirt while Yami couldnt believe that she would say something like that then remembered who he was talking to and then simply shook his head and sighed.

    "Fine... But if we get caught then I'm throwing you under the bus and getting some time off of my sentence so I can be Chris when I get out." Yami said sarcastically as he handed out a few more signatures to some fangirls while Yume finished putting random signatures on large men and let out a very weird chuckle and then winked.

    "So~ Who can tell us where the Virbank Underground Scene is?!~ Me and my boy here have a gig there with the band "DOGAR"!" Yume said with so much enthusiasm that it almost killed Yami to hear it as her "fans" screamed at the top of their lungs and made a giant arrow with their own bodies pointing towards a very narrow building jammed between two buildings just as Cecillio said.

    "Well, there it is... Are you ready- for our "gig", Yume?" Yami said in a whisper to Yume who let out another weird chuckle and headed towards the narrow building with her crowd of fans.

    "Well, well, well... This place isnt so bad... I mean, despite the green blood on the walls its actually quite quaint isnt it Yami?" Yume asked Yami who was been smothered by his fans and could barely make it out of the crowd as the people who were already inside of the building were moshing to someone who was on stage playing a very familiar beat.

    "I cant take this anymore... Thats it... I am changing my outfit as soon as I find a bathroom in this literal dump..." Yami said finally making it out of the crowd of fans and remaining unseen when he suddenly bumped into a woman with lime green hair and a black cocktail dress.

    "Uyuyuyuyu... You might not want to do that- the patrons of this club are quite sensitive to having outsiders in this place... They wouldnt take too kindly to finding out that you were impersonating members of their favorite band either. It would be best for you if you just stayed like that until you ended your battle with Roxie, since thats the reason you came isnt it?" ??? asked Yami with a warm smile on her face as she set her lime martini glass down on a table and reached out her hand for a handshake which Yami delivered.

    "Um... Thanks for the advice miss... But how were you able to recognize that I wasn't a member of "Thelma Hates The Blackout Too"?" Yami asked ??? who giggled at his question and pushed her sunglasses up her on face because they were falling down as Yume peeked over towards Yami to hear his conversation with the beautiful woman.

    "My name is Calico Mune... And I have a very high interest in Underground rock bands- I never miss a single concert when it comes to Thelma Hates The Blackout Too and I've met the two main band members personally during one of their concerts. And I also can tell that you werent them because the two main members are cousins and you and that young woman are engaged." Mune said with a smile as she looked over at Yume along with Yami who was now in a mosh pit with several rowdy men enjoying herself.

    "Wow... You could tell that we were engaged without even having a conversation with us? You must be some sort of genius or something Ms. Mune..." Yami said in awe that she was able to find them out so easily which caused her to laugh so hard that her glasses came off her face so Yami picked them up for her.

    "I'm no genius... I just invest too much in studying the behavoir of different individuals and then applying it to my daily life. A wise man once said, when you see the world through a looking glass the image will be blurred... So I try my best to see the world from all perceptions rather than my own." Mune said putting her glasses back on her face and taking a sip of her lime martini as Yami pondered what she meant.

    Suddenly, a large cloud of toxic smoke covers the stage and the beat of the band "DOGARS" echoes across the Gym as the lead singer Roxie begins to sing the signature song of the band.

    "Well, this is crap... I mean like, I've heard screams of labor better than this crap..." Yume said as she stopped moshing because she was overall disappointed with the song that was being played by Roxie while everyone else in the Gym gasped at what she said.

    "... Did she just say what I think she just said?" one of the patrons said in shock that someone could be some stupid. "Does she really have no clue who Roxie is?!" another one of the patrons said in complete horror that a murder could possibly be committed that night.

    "... Oh really now?!~ You think that the Great Roxie's music is crap do you, baby?!~ Just who are you anyway?!" Roxie asked Yume who got out of the mosh pit and moved over towards the stage and jumped on it with grace and flair.

    "My name is Dani Ellie... I'm the lead singer of the band Thelma Hates The Blackout Too... I came here looking to see if DOGARS had any talent but it appears that I was mistaken in even coming here. You guys are complete trash and I wouldnt even waste my time shitting on you..." Yume said trying to openly antagonize Roxie for some reason as everyone else in the Gym shook in fear while Yami attempted to make it through the crowd to get to her in time.

    "... Is that so?~ So you think that you can sing a song better "Dogars Rules"?! Well, prove it... Right here on this stage, Ms. Dani Ellie!" Roxie shouted as her fans and Yume's "fans" cheered and shouted in anticipation and excitement as Yami finally made it on stage to pull her off but the music had already started and he was thrown the guitar to start off.

    "When it was darkness~ I was with you~ But you said the darkness would last until Season 2!~ I cant feel you there... So- I cry~ ... Are you messing with me?~ When you say that you hate it?~ Cause if you do then were kindled souls!~ I hate the darkness~! I need your love~!" Yume sang incredibly as the entire club began to cheer and dance Yami watched as Yume brought the entire place to life until she finished her song and was met with an unexpected amount of replies.

    "Yume... How did you know a song by the band that were impersonating?" Yami asked Yume who giggled and whispered something surprising into his ear.

    "Like I told you... I have many talents... And I just so happen to be childhood friends with the lead singer... He~he~he." Yume whispered in his ear then turned to her adoring fans and waved and bowed as they cheered for her and Yami who eventually decided to bow as well.

    "Amazing! Simply amazing! Even the great Roxie is blown away by your excellent display of rhythm of beat, Dani Ellie! I've always wanted to meet the lead singer and guatarist of Thelma Hates The Blackout Too and I got to meet them! I'm so excited! You know what would please me and my fans even more? If you were to grant me a battle with you two! Please? I'll even give you badges for all your trouble!" Roxie said enthusiastically as everyone in her Gym cheered and begged Yami and Yume to battle her which they agreed to immedieatly since it was the true reason they were there in the first place.

    Yume and Roxie begin their battle with Mareep vs Trubbish as Yami looks around the club for Mune but see's no sight of her at all from his viewpoint.

    "Uyuyuyu... You wouldnt believe the kind of people I meet at these little functions, Devon... These two kids who I just met remind me so much of those other two kids from 2 years ago... They even seem to have the same exact aura as them. Its almost creepy how similiar people can be and not be related to them in any kind of way... Isnt it? Uyuyuyu..." Mune asked someone over the phone as she glided over Virbank City en route to Castelia City while the person over the phone let out a disturbing chuckle and then finally replied.

    "Zuhahahaha! Yes, it is... That just means that the Wills that were established long ago in Ransei are still alive today and that they will not be miffed so easily! Zahuhahahaha!" Devon said with his usual disturbing chuckle as Mune giggled herself and proceeded toward her destination.

    "Sometimes I wonder... What it would be like to be one of them- one of those, hero-like people..." Mune said griping the phone in her wings so that Devon couldnt hear her comments as she looked over at the giant buildings that covered Castelia City.

    "Man... That was an intense battle! You really are the best, Dani! Too even beat the Great Roxie! Here! Take this Toxic Badge as proof that you beat me!" Roxie said throwing the badge towards Yume who caught it in one hand and then proceeded to put it into her badge case next to Yami's Trio Badge.

    "What? The battle is over already? Wow, I thought it was gonna go on forever but it was over after like 3 minuets..." Yami said patting Yume on the back and then getting a kick in the groin by her for being "sexist" as Roxie shrummed her guitar and then proceeded to challenge Yami.

    "Cletis! I challenge you now! Send out your Pokemon so we can entertain the crowd and engage in another intense battle! It'll be a 2 on 2!" Roxie said with a full amount of enthusiasm as she sent out her Koffing who was quite obviously drunk.

    "Alright then... I'll send out Sewaddle! Let's go! Time for me to win my 2nd badge in one day!" Yami shouted as his Sewaddle and Roxie's Koffing started off the battle with a Poison Gas attack and Tackle attack.
    What happens when two diffrent people connect through an unlikely adventure?
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    So how many Pokemons are there?

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    Authors Note- Soooo... I haven't updated in 2 weeks apparently >_< Its kinda because of school and also because I've been computer-less since July lol But since I was gone for so long I've made sure that this is a really great chapter- Yume is invited to be in a movie at PokeStar Studios! Who are Steven Speilbuyer and Kevin Stark?! What is the deal with fast talking Meowth?! What kind of movie will Yume be starring in?! Whats up with Yuki's vendetta for Team Plasma?! And most of all- enjoy!

    /Live-5 (Alternative Title: So You Want To Be In Pictures

    "I cant believe Roxie and Yami are already both down to their final Pokemon... And just what was that strange technique Roxie used against Yami's Pokemon?! It was as if when she swung her guitar string- it was poisoned..." Yume said to herself as she watched Yami and Roxie continue their battle with Oshawott vs Trubbish and pondering Roxie's battle style when suddenly Trubbish releases an attack that instantly poisons Oshawott.

    "Oh yeah, baby~! This is the works, man~! This is how it should be when you battle! Your truly a great opponent, Cletis!" Roxie said in adoration of Yami's skills as her Trubbish continued to fire attacks that constantly hit Oshawott directly causing him to be close to fainting.

    "Great... Oshawott, you cant let this weird rock **** beat you! If you lose, I'm gonna release you somewhere totally deprived of water- like a desert! Do you hear me?!"Yami shouted at his Oshawott who had begun to be fed up with his behavior so he refused to listen to him for a moment and defeated the Trubbish with his Razor Shell attack.

    "Wow... Well, that was unexpected to say the least... Looks like I lost twice in one day, and against the members of Thelma Hates The Blackout Too nonetheless. Oh well, for all your hard work and for making my crowd so bloody energetic, I give you the Toxic Bagde Cletis!" Roxie said throwing Yami the badge which he barely managed to catch before it fell to the floor with Oshawott fainting from exhaustion and him returning it to his Poke-Ball.

    "Well, like always your Oshawott is a ****king failure at life- but hey, at least you got the badge using your most laziest Pokemon! I would feel real accomplished if I was you!" Yume said trying to congratulate her fiancé and make him feel better but only making him feel as if it was even more of a cheap win.

    "Meh, whatever... I cant go over the feeling that this win was forced for some reason- like an entire section of my battle was skipped just because the author forgot where he was in the story because he hadnt wrote or thought about it in weeks... (... I have no idea what he's talking about... *cough* *cough*)." Yami began to banter as he got off the stage along with Yume and began to head out of the Gym with all of their "fans" and Roxie's cheering for them as they exited into the broad daylight that seemed to burn their eyes after leaving the tinted club.

    "This crack your smoking... Give me some, dude." Yume said in reply to her fiancé's ridiculous banter while they walked along the street toward nowhere in particular.

    "Now, that were done with the Gym... What else can we do here in Virbank City so that it wasnt a complete waste that we ended up here?" Yume asked Yami as they looked around the seemingly empty town that was gloomy because of the smell of factory smoke while close behind them someone followed.

    "I dont know... I always heard there was some sort of super-famous studio in Virbank City, but according to this brochure that I got when I entered the city... There's no such place around for miles." Yami said looking over the brochure over and over again to make sure that he wasnt confused as Yume began to sink in despair of her own boredom

    . "This city sucks... I thought once when impersonated Dani and Cletis we would get into all sorts of fun trouble, you know? But its even more dead then it was before we impersonated them... Man, we should've impersonated a Facebook famous teenager at least we'd get recognized then." Yume said in her own form of ridiculous banter as Yami also soon began to sink in despair of his boredom and hunger when suddenly the man who was following them appears in front of them full of enthusiasm.
    "Aaaah! Its really you! Just the two people who I was looking for to be in my next movie! This is perfect! Just perfect! I can now die happily!" the man said shaking both Yami and Yume's hands in the process while handing them both his business cards.

    "Steven Speilbuyer... Wow, thats totally not plagirism, nope in no way could that be seeing as plagiarism your telling gonna get away with having this name dude..." Yami said putting his business card in his pocket and rolling his eyes as Yume began to freak out over who he was

    . "Omg! Omg! Omg! Yami, dont you know who this is?! This is Steven Speilbuyer! The same Steven Speilbuyer who made Hustle and Flow 2! Omg! Omg!" Yume said freaking out over Steven as Yami cringed at the thought of Hustle and Flow 2.

    "You mean that random movie that had absolutely nothing to do with original masterpiece Hustle and Flow was? I mean, all I remember from that horrible movie was it being about some white guy meeting some hooker and then killing her the end... That was pretty much the entire movie, other than them going to Vegas and playing a few tables of Poker then having totally random-out-of-nowhere hotel sex. It should've been called "Movie 43-2" cause it was that bad... And if this is the guy who's responsible for making that garbage then I'm heavily obliged to but him into tiny little pieces and have Puttery eat him." Yami said in the most violent way possible while he began to unsheathe his sword as Steven did several twirls across the sidewalk.

    "Follow me! Follow me! And I'll lead you all into a magical land of wonder~!" Steven said racing toward somewhere as Yume suddenly became filled with energy and ran along with him while Yami remained unchanged and walked along the sidewalk pondering where he was going.

    "Welcome! This here is Poke-Star Studios! Formerly called Poke-Wood, but after we were sued by Hollywood for plagiarism (whatever that is) we decided to change to something a bit more generic so we didnt have to face any more lawsuits." Steven said showing them all around the front gate of the Studio with Yume taking pictures of each and every attraction on her phone.

    "I've always wanted to come to Poke-Star Studios but my mother wouldnt let me because I was too busy with tennis and all of my other extracurricular activities... This is a dream come true for me, I wonder what my 8 year old self would think if she saw me at the worlds most hottest location with a handsome man in tow, and by that I mean Steven! Whoever said there are dire consequences for impersonation can suck my left-" Yume said before Yami cut her off with what he said next after her long offensive rant.
    "Um... Hey, about this whole dream of yours, it wouldnt also have to do with being in a movie, would it? Because you know that you cant do that, right? Since you're a runaway and your guardian will be able to find you if they were to watch the movie you starred in." Yami said trying to bring some rational sense into the conversation which was ignored by Yume as she continued her overly romantic rant about her childhood and her dreams.
    "Of course every little girl dreamed of being in a movie directed by none other than Steven Speilbuyer! I remember watching Romeo x Juliet and thinking, hey, I wanna marry Leonardo De'Caprio and win an Oscar while he doesnt! Ah~... I know its just the ridiculous wishes of a little girl but there was no doubt in my little heart that it was gonna come true~." Yume said over dramatically about her childhood dream of being a star while Yami merely scoffed at her ignorance.
    "Dont you at least wanna know what kinda movie he's gonna put you in? I mean, yeah... It seems now that this is the worlds greatest opportunity for you- but what if he puts you in a movie with Seth Rogen? Then it will be rated R and you wont even be that famous... Like the guy from the Office." Yami said trying to make as many culturally relevant references as possible so Yume could understand him but only getting a dirty look from her.

    "Excuse you, Yami! But Mr. Speilbuyer is sure to understand that I have more talent than those *****es from those Seth Rogen movies! I'm more than just eye candy! I'm more than just fanservice! I'm Yume Nagisa, ****!" Yume shouted so loudly that everyone in the perimeter heard her which caused instant shock among them as Yami face palmed at her lack of common sense.

    "... Your- Your- Yume Nagisa?!! The famous Tennis Star who vanished from the face of the earth 2 years ago?! Such a legend is here, in our studio?!" Speilbuyer shouted simultaneously as the people there started to rush towards Yume for an autograph as well as reporters hoping to get a scoop from her whereabouts for the last 2 years when suddenly a large older man comes in-between them and Yume.

    "Well, well... If isnt Mrs. Nagisa... How long has it been since I've seen you? You were even passed my hip the last time I saw you. My, my... How time flies." the older man said giving her a quick hug and shaking Yami's hand who was looking at him with an awkward grin.
    "Now, I know who you are! Your the legendary director and producer Kevin Star or Mr. Stu Deo! You've directed thousands of short film classics and PokeWood Blockbusters! I cant believe I'm meeting such a legend right before my eyes!" Yami said ecstatic at his meeting of Mr. Stark while Speilbuyer began to sink in depression at his words as Yume remained silent with him in their presence.
    "Hahahaha! Its great to know that I still have someone who looks up to me... I was worried that all of the revisions I'm going to make to my movies would discourage my true fans from showing interest in my original works." Mr. Stark said with a laugh as Yami looked confused for a moment and then questioned as to what he was referring to.
    "What are you talking about sir? What do you mean by revisions?" Yami asked Mr. Stark who was surprised that Yami had no heard about his revision plans.
    "Well, you see... Overtime, films become dull and boring... People see them a million times a year on all of the major film channels and networks and they begin to lose interest in them all together- this causes my sells to drop, however, so I needed to find a way to ensure people would continue to watch my films. So! Along with a team of the countries greatest innovators I was able to come up with a solution- I would revise my films to be more modern... Such as, in the film Beheeyem: The Extra Terrestrial instead of him and Tommy riding away on a bicycle they will instead ride away on a Harley Davidson 2013 series Motor-Bike! And in the Poke-Raiders of The Lost Ark instead of using a whip Pikachu shall now use a belt to imitate Pootie Tang, showing new cultural references not present in the original." Mr. Stark said with a wide grin of his face thinking he's the greatest film maker of all time while the crowd behind him along with Yami and Yume look at his with annoyed expressions.
    "Well... Thats not the dumbest thing I've heard all day, that would have to be when Speilbuyer asked Yume to be in a movie- but you cant just edit every movie you've ever done! Filmmakers shouldnt mess with classics, did you not learn from when they made Mean Girls 2?! Yeah, it wasnt a remake but it was like I was watching an ABC Family movie- an ABC Family movie!" Yami said showing his obvious passion for keeping classic movies untouched but only receiving a heap of laughter from Mr. Stark.
    "Boy, you are a hoot! How about you and Ms. Nagisa join me and my board for lunch so we can discuss more of this film revision thing, huh?" Mr. Stark asked Yami and Yume as Yami quickly nodded Yume shook her head.
    "Whats wrong Yume, why dont you wanna go eat with your old friend Mr. Stark? This is the entire reason you came here to be famous! He could edit you into one of his revised movies, wouldn't that be great?" Yami asked Yume trying to convince her to come to lunch with them but only getting the same reply as before.
    "I'm sorry... I cant eat with someone like him... On the outside he may seem like a bubbly man full of happiness but inside I know that he's a monster just like my father. I've seen the leaders of this world do things Yami, horrible things... You cant trust him- I cant stop you from eating lunch with him but as your fiance I order you to not become friends with this man." Yume said completely serious for the first time that Yami had known her causing him to be a bit fearful and nod his head nervously.
    "Ah, Ms. Nagisa! If isnt too much of an issue I would like to show you the studio where I believe we will be shooting the movie, its in Mr. Stark's studio- 56..." Speilbuyer chimed in as he scooped Yume up and pulled her along into PokeWood Studios while Yami and Mr. Stark walked slowly into the studio. Suddenly, Yami feels a chill down his spine as he walks past Mr. Stark.

    "Wow... Look at all of these beautiful buildings and sets! This is truly every stars dream world! I cant believe I'm really here... Its just amazing..." Yume said looking around at the sets and the trailers that were inside PokeWood as she shook hands with famous actors and actresses.
    "This is pretty neat... I cant believe that such a place exist either, this is like something from a movie itself. Well, since movies are made here I guess that would make sense." Yami said trying to make sense of what he just said but failing while Yume raced toward Studio 56 ahead of the others.
    "If you look closely, you can see some of the props are moving around here, yes? Well, this is one of the unique features of Studios 30-60... They are the only studios that use animatronic props that seem to have a conscious but do not." Speilbuyer said to Yami trying to explain why some of the props were moving around without anyone controlling them with some of the props greeting Yami and the directors with waves and kisses.
    "So the props can move?! Thats some real sy-fy **** man, but I like it! I cant wait to shoot our movie! Are any of the animated props gonna be in it?!" Yume said excited about working with the unique props so much that she was practically jumping up and down.
    "Hahahaha! You should... Some of these props were made especially for your movie actually-" Mr. Stark replied to her comment which caused her to cringe when suddenly everyone noticed a strange prop walking toward them with a cigarette in his mouth.
    "Its a Meowth prop... How strange, I thought all of the props were suppose to be appear to be alive but werent really living... But this Meowth seems to have lungs." Yami said waving his hand in the Meowth's face and getting smoke in his eyes because of it while Mr. Stark and Speilbuyer pondered what it could mean.
    "Wooow! What a cute prop~! I always wanted to meet a Meowth in person~! Even if it is a prop its such a honor to finally meet one~!" Yume said practically strangling the Meowth as she hugged and squeezed with all her might causing him to forcefully break away from her.
    "Hey you stupid ****! How would you like it if I suddenly started squeezing out all of your 9 lives?! Can you have some goddamn courtesy?! God!" Meowth said putting out its cigarette and glaring at Yami and the others who were shocked that he was able to speak.
    "Holy crap! I didnt know that it was possible for a Meowth to speak! Or is your prop just able to speak?!" Yami asked Mr. Stark and Speilbuyer who looked at each other concerned with the situation.
    "Well, some of our props are able to speak the human language but they certainly arent able to curse... And I most definitely do not remember a Meowth prop, let alone one that could speak, do you?" Speilbuyer asked Mr. Stark who looked at the Meowth and then replied in a similar manner.
    "I agree... I do not remember designing such a Pokemon Prop either... This prop is quite strange indeed." Mr. Stark said as he studied the Meowth who had obviously become frustrated with them.
    "I'm not a goddamn prop! I'm a real Pokemon you bozos! How can you not tell what a real Pokemon is when you see one?!" Meowth barked at the group who all looked at him and then began to giggle.
    "Aw, how cute... The prop really thinks its alive... Thats just adorable~!" Yume said hugging it once more but this time receiving a Scratch attack from Meowth who was no longer in the mood for their nonsense.
    "I am not a freaking prop! How can I get this through you thick skulls?! I am a Pokemon! A Pokemon!" Meowth screamed now totally frustrated that they were calling him a Prop as Yume massaged her face.
    "Ow... That hurt like a *****ing ****! But its okay... Because this is one badass and cute Meowth folks~!" Yume said clapping for Meowth who cringed at her comment and then proceeded to give up on their group and ranaway out of their sight.
    "Oops... I think Yume made the Meowth mad... Yume, you really need to learn some self control- that Meowth prop was obviously made with a sensitive personality." Yami said trying to inform Yume that she probably insulted the Meowth causing her to roll her eyes.
    "That Meowth was no punk like your implying... He's a true blue badass. And there's nothing that I wouldnt give to have a Pokemon like him~!" Yume said with a wink as she got up from the ground and dusted herself off while Mr. Stark and Speilbuyer looked at each other with menacing expressions.

    "Thank you so very much about changing your mind to coming to lunch with us, Yume dear... I wanted to discuss my role in the upcoming film as well." Mr. Stark said sipping some of the Coke he ordered as Yami and Speilbuyer ordered their drinks.
    "Its all good- as long as your feeding me, I have absolutely no problem with being here with you..." Yume said as she along with her Tepig devoured the entire meal that was ordered for them as Oshawott played with his food causing Yami to throw him far from the Studio.
    "So... About Yume's movie... Whats it gonna be about? Because I refuse to allow my wife to be subjugated into a role that belittles her terrific personality..." Yami said reading off of the napkin that Yume left on his side of the table in order to make the discussion go smoothly.
    "It will be quite simple actually- Yume will be your average Pokemon Trainer on a journey with a smart-mouthed sidekick (You), when suddenly she is put into a dangerous confrontation with a crime syndicate! It'll be an absolutely masterpiece! I can see the reviews now... Ah... I cant wait until filming starts next month." Mr. Stark said taking the last sip of his glass of Coke and then setting it down gently while Yami and Yume try to process everything he said.
    "Filming starts next month?! I cant wait around in Virbank for that long... I need to collect more Gym Badges so I can get married to Yami." Yume said trying to convince not to postpone to the filming for that long while Yami also wondered how it was gonna work out for him as well.
    "Whatever that means... Um... We'll find you when were ready to start filming and we'll film on location of wherever you are, how does that sound?" Speilbuyer asked Yume who agreed to the terms and then went back to devouring her food while Yami began to worry about the directors true intentions.
    "So... You say that Yume will be the hero in this story and she'll be up against crime syndicate, right? So tell me... How does this make it an automatic Blockbuster? The world has seen so many of these type of movies that it would be boring to watch... Whats gonna make my fiancé's movie so original that people will come in droves to see it?" Yami asked Mr. Stark who was a bit surprised by his question but then proceeded to laugh it off and replied.
    "Well, you see... its because of the surprised ending that we have planned for the movie- and because its a surprise, we wont be able to tell you about it." Mr. Stark said starting to eat his lunch when suddenly a poisoned dart flies past the table and hits the wall next to them.
    "Holy ****! What was that?!" Yume asked totally stunned by whatever just happened when all of a sudden a man in a captains uniform appeared before them from the shadows.
    "How dare you put me in yet another LifeTime original movie, Stark?! Do I look like Valeria Bertinelli to you?!" the mysterious man asked Mr. Stark who finished his entire plate of food before he answered him with a grin that was quite misleading.
    "You see... Pop Roxie... You lack the skills that a true actor holds- you dont have what it takes to be a truly great actor when all you ever do thats outside of the box is moan a little when your character is having sex... Thats not what people come to see when they go to the theatres, rent movies from BlueBox, and/or illegally download movies off of the Internet! They come to see passion and emotion, not artificially feelings- those are meant to be for movies for things like LifeTime and ABC Family movies, and on many occasions reality television... Now either you knock up one of the Kardashians or get back in Studio 28 and make that new LifeTime movie "Mommy Slept With My Male Babysitter Who's Really My Algebra Teacher: The Katlyn Tuurbo Story" or you fired." Mr. Starks said with the most warmhearted smile he could muster that made Pop Roxie's hair stand on end.
    "... Wow, that was the most cruel way of telling someone they have no talent that I have ever heard... That was truly terrible of him." Yami said to himself and Yume who nodded and looked deeply at Pop Roxie who obviously wanted to breakdown and cry at the harsh words he said but instead he dug something out of his pocket, revealing it to be a Captains hat.

    "Thats all I needed to hear... With this powerful amount of discouragement that you have given me I now realize that it is time for me to move on away from my dream of being a Movie Star, and returning to my duties as Captain of the Virbank-Castelia Ferry Service. Roxie told me that I would have my dreams crushed and she was right, now I will return to where I belong, good day Jewish directors and possible closeted-couple." Pop Roxie said with a bow as he walked out of the Studio discouraged by Mr.Stark's words who was laughing and liting a cigar for him and Speilbuyer.
    "How could you just laugh at him like that?! Thats some real ****ed up ****! Regardless of his lack of talent you have no right to treat him as if he's less than a human being..." Yume said trying to convince the two directors to apologize to him but only getting scoffs as they continued to smoke their cigars when suddenly Yami stood up and stomped away from the table along with Yume.

    "You were right about those jerks... The leaders of the media are complete assholes!" Yami said to Yume who was too angry to even express herself in words anymore as they marched onwards towards the Virbank Harbor in order to apologize to Pop Roxie for the directors when suddenly they see Yuki and Roxie face to face with three strange people in strange uniforms.
    "What is Team Plasma doing in this city?! Are you planning to bring harm upon it and its citizens?!" Roxie asked Team Plasma strumming her guitar to get ready for battle if she had to as Yami and Yume raced toward them.
    "Team Plasma... Its because of you people that two important people in my family were taken away from me! I'll never forgive you monsters for what you did 5 years ago! Ever!" Yuki shouted at the Team Plasma members who were chuckling at his and Roxie's generic comments as they sent out their Pokemon to attack them.
    "Oh great looks like its time to battle, Yuki!" Roxie shouted as she sent out her Koffing who fired a Sludge attack at a Patrat and easily defeated while Yuki's Pidove defeated a members Herdier just as Yami and Yume arrive on the scene.
    "Hey... Looks like you two generic *** weaklings are too bad at this... But how about you leave this to the real pros, eh?" Yume asked Yuki and Roxie as she ordered her Tepig to use Flame Charge on the enemies Trubbish defeating it in a single blow when suddenly a Watchog comes in to attack but is flattened on the ground when Oshawott falls out of the sky on top of him.
    "Oh yeah... I threw Oshawott like a half an hour ago... I cant believe its just not falling from the sky... And this far too? Wow, I must have a better arm then I thought." Yami said wondering how Oshawott managed to get that far while the Team Plasma members became dishearted and ran away towards the edges of the city.
    "Or maybe alot of people have been kicking and throwing Oshawott around the city- anyway, thats not whats important! We need to find those Team Plasma members! Come on! Lets go!" Yuki ordered the two of them who punched him in the face and then proceeded on towards where they believed Team Plasma to be.
    Meanwhile, a hidden camera is recording all of their actions in high definition.
    "They have to be around here somewhere! I'm sure they couldnt have gotten that far..." Roxie said looking in the bushes while Yami and Yuki looked behind the tree's and Yume looked farther along the road.
    "I dont see those ***s anywhere... We should just give up and call it a day... We wont be able to find them right now." Yume said wiping the sweat from her face after running along the road for miles as Yuki became instantly frustrated with her.
    "How could you say that?! Do you not realize how much of a threat to the people Team Plasma is?! If we dont find them then we wont be able to save Unova-" Yuki said before he was cut off by Yume simply flicking him off and then proceeding to sit down on a boulder. Suddenly, a helicopter appears in the sky with Team Plasma inside as they fly away into the distance.

    Meanwhile, in the skies of Unova...
    "So the mission was succesful, I take it?" a man said typing on a computer inside of a completely white room with women in lab coats performing experiments behind him.
    "Yes, Doctor... We were able to locate the girl who you have been looking for and we have confirmed that she is in Virbank City- of course, her location may change soon so if you need us to capture her we will need reinforcements-" the Team Plasma grunt said over the phone before being cut off by the Doctor's next comment.
    "There will be no need for that... As long as I know she's out there all is well... There is no need to act- just yet. Return to Undella Bay, we have much to prepare for..." the Doctor said to his subordinates who saluted him and ended the video chat as the Doctor grinned menacingly.
    What happens when two diffrent people connect through an unlikely adventure?
    Pokemon-BW- Dare to live?

    So how many Pokemons are there?

    Silly Jack, the plural of Pokemon is Pokemon

    Quote Originally Posted by Street Comedy View Post
    Pokemon: Filler Adventures and Pokemon: Rise of the Penguin respectivley.
    Quote Originally Posted by TheFonz View Post
    Now that I think about it....that poster is a horrible advertisement
    Quote Originally Posted by Street Comedy View Post
    Wow, I'm just stating that I'm uncomfortable with one of the few decent pokemon on the train wreck that is Ash's Unova team getting shafted and you accuse me of impersonating an imposter?!

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    Authors Note-So sorry for the long gaps in updating the fic guys, at first it was not over having a computer now its school :/ But! For now on am I dedicating myself to upload a chapter a week to prepare for my career as a writer... Anyway, this chapter kind of irked me lol But there's some important information in this chapter... Geoff returns! Yami and Yume have random adventures in the sewer, on the surface were introduced to Yame and UN, and just what is the plan of Damon Luther's organization and the Royal Unova?! Enjoy!

    "That seems like the case... Its too bad that Yuki left before we were able to come to such an agreement on the situation." Roxie said inside of her night club cleaning the strings of her guitar while Yume rested on Yami's lap.
    "There's no other way around it... For whatever reason, Team Plasma has appeared for a specific reason and if we were to take action against them now it would just be futile in our favor... We need to wait awhile before we do anything against them. Especially since according to the news larger Underworld Empires have begun funding smaller organizations like Team Plasma in the Kalos Region." Yami said stroking Yume's hair as she began to doze off while Roxie cringed at the thought of Team Plasma becoming stronger.

    "I hear that the situation has become far worse in Kalos... The once small organizations are begining to become empires because of the brokers that they've allied themselves with- the Government has been able to pin-point one of these organizations in particular... It appears that they've have been given influence because of the Mafia that exist there. I've heard that this particular has gained control of an entire city... Its just sickening when I think about it." Roxie said looking down at her glass of wine and thinking about the chaos that was occuring in Kalos while Yami looked undecided.

    "What we need to do now is make sure Team Plasma doesnt make it to Kalos- of course, I'm just an ordinary Trainer, but you're a Gym Leader so you should be able to have more influence than me on this situation, dont you think?" Yami asked Roxie who nodded and then proceeded to play her guitar when suddenly Yume spoke in her sleep.
    "I need to go to the city of lights... I need to see the big buildings... Zzzz..." Yume said in her sleep as she slapped Yami in the face at the same causing him to realize it was about time that they left Virbank City for the next city.

    "Sounds like she wants to go to Castelia City really bad... Have you gotten a ticket to the ferry yet? I heard from my Dad that its gonna be out of port for a few months cause this really rich guy has booked the entire Castelia Harbor for his party cruise called the Royal Unova." Roxie said showing Yami a flyer of the cruise ship causing him to roll his eyes at how materialistic it was while Yume suddenly sprung up from her sleep and grasped the flyer with a tight grip.

    "Hell to the ****ing yes! This is some great ****! Come on, Yami! Pack your bags! Were going-" Yume said before she was cut off by Yami shaking his head and sighing.

    "You know we dont have any money to go a cruise this luxurious... And even if we did, it would be an insult to my pride to attend such a fascist thing like that." Yami said truly not understanding most of what he was saying as Yume began to whine and pout about not being able to get on the cruise.

    "So... Are you guys gonna go get your tickets now because today is the last day and the harbor closes at like... 10... So..." Roxie said confused as to why they had completely missed that part of the conversation causing Yami and Yume to pop up and run out of the night club toward the harbor.

    "Ah, you two came just in time... We were just about to make our final voyage for Castelia City in about 20 minuets. Captain Roxie should be at the front desk right now, since he's still being totally emo about his dreams being crushed and all." one of the seamen said analyzing the ship one final time before departure while Yami and Yume huffed and gasped after running all the way there.

    "Thats right... The PokeWood directors crushed his dream or whatever... We forgot to apologize for them... And we definitely dont want some depressed jerk off sailing our ship." Yume said taking a few more gasps of breathe and then running down towards the desk where Pop Roxie was filling out some type of form while sighing.

    "I cant believe its already been 20 years since I started being a ship Captain here... I've been married and divorced 4 times, 2 of which were shotgun weddings when I had that whole "Love Boat" phase going on... Man, I've lived a long life-its about time it ended." Pop Roxie said finishing his sentence when suddenly he is knocked over by a furious Tackle from Mareep while Yume stands over him with her arms folded.

    "How can you say that, Pop Roxie?! I had more respect for you than wanting to kill yourself over not being in a movie... Thats just crazy man, you have a daughter who I think really gives a few shits about you. Are you willing to throw all that away over not being in a movie?!" Yume said trying to convince Pop Roxie to live but only getting a very confused stare from him as Yami ran down toward the front desk to see what the problem was.

    "I- I wasnt planning on killing myself... I plan on selling this harbor and having an early retirement where I'll live in Undella Town and marry a nice blonde named Susan- no that's too proper... Maybe something like Ashlynn... Or something white trash like Zoey- yeah, I would totally marry a white trash woman named Zoey." Pop Roxie said fantasizing about his dream retirement as he finished signing away his harbor to an unknown party while Yami and Yume looked at him with shock.

    "I thought this harbor was your dream... Why are you gonna give it up to live in Undella Town? You dont like look like you should be retiring... You dont look a day over 50." Yami said trying to convince him to stay as the Captain of the harbor but to no avail as Pop Roxie cringed at his comment.

    "I'm 35... See, this is what being a ship Captain and the father of a rebellious teenage alternative punk rock artist does to you! I'm being forced into early retirement so I dont go crazy! If you sailed some of the seas that I've sailed then you would be crazy as well! I've some **** man... Some real crazy ****... Dead bodies floating in the sea, waiting to be eating by Basculin and Sharpedo... Trainers kicking their Pokemon into the sea and drowning them cause they lost Gym Battles or something of the like. When you've traveled the seas that I have, you'll be ready to retire as soon as you are offered the oppurutunity to." Pop Roxie said looking up at the ceiling as he thought about all of the adventures and voyages he's been on while Yami and Yume look at each other and shrug.

    "Oh, well... We were just performing our duties as the de facto protagonist to convince you to keep the harbor, but if you dont want to... We dont really give a ****." Yami replied to Pop Roxie's banter as he walked back on the departing ship with Yume in tow while Pop Roxie looked at them like they were the biggest jerks on the planet.

    "Near...~ Far...~ Whereveerrrr you areee~ You are safe-" Yume sang at the edge of ship looking out towards the wide ocean when suddenly she is almost knocked over board by Riolu's Aura Sphere.
    "Yeah, turns out Oba is a really big Celine Dion fan, I wouldnt do that anymore if I was here... He gets pissed when people **** with his Dion." Yami said rubbing Riolu's ears as Riolu glared at Yume who was ready to throw Riolu overboard but gained composure and just laughed it off.

    "I didnt know Oba was gay... But it would make sense because his Trainer is..." Yume said walking over towards her fold out chair and relaxing with her Solrock sunglasses firmly on her face.
    "Arent you his Trainer too? Is this your way of coming out to me, Yume? Because you could have just made a tweet like Raven..." Yami walking up to her chair to collect his Lunatone sunglasses because the sun began to beam down on all of them.

    "Whatever... Have you realized its been getting hot as hell out here? Go ask that ******* Pop Roxie what the hell is up!" Yume said scratching her arms because she was beginning to have an allergic reaction to the sun while Yami sighed and started to head towards the Captains Quarters when suddenly someone came on the Intercom.

    "Hello, passengers of Virbank Ferry Services... We regret to inform you that we will not be able to make direct contact with Castelia City because of a Government sanctioned Barrier being put up around all of their harbors... We will instead be docking on Liberty Island, where the next Ferry should show up in about 2 days time, We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience, please have a quaint day." the woman on the intercom said hanging up the Intercom causing all of the passengers to become rowdy and angered.

    "Who are they to make us wait on an island for 2 days waiting for some other Ferry to take us to Castelia!" one of the passengers said rocking his baby daughter and her baby Joltik in his arms as others agreed with him.

    "Yeah! I needed to get to Castelia City by tonight in order to pick up my mail order bride, this is some bull crap man!" another passenger said angered by the situation as the other passengers all yelled in agreement while Yami and Yume simply watched on drinking sweet tea.

    "So are we gonna get involved in this ridiculous ****? Or are we just gonna go with the flow and wait for the Ferry on Liberty Island?" Yume said sitting back on her chair and finishing off her glass of sweet tea while Yami shrugged and looked onwards toward the next island far in the distance.

    "Let's do whatever we want... We're on our own journey... No one's suppose to decide what we want to do anymore." Yami said relaxing and ordering another lemonade from the waiter when suddenly the angry passengers surround Yami and Yume with pitchforks.

    "So... Are you kids gonna join us in our mutiny?!" one of the angry passengers asked Yume who lifted her sunglasses up and gave them a cutesy wink. "Go- the-****-away~" Yume said adorably but really trying to sound rude as she is picked up by the angry passengers and thrown overboard.

    "What the hell?! What the hell is wrong with you people?!" Yami said jumping up from his chair and quickly taking off his clothes and shoes and digging around his bag for his goggles and snorkel.

    "She's obviously in league with the crew of this demented ship... We were just making sure that she didnt sabotage our plan to take over this ship!" the angry passengers replied to Yami's distress as Yami finally pulled the required items out of his bag and without hesitation jumped in after Yume who was already sinking to the bottom.

    Yami is pulled back by the stream and almost loses consciousness because of the cold temperatures of the water but he manages to overcome it and catch up with Yume, where he then wraps her up in his arms and swims back to the surface.

    "....... Where am I? Where the hell am I? Where the **** am I?! And why does it smell like a shitty Muk?!" Yume said popping off from her sleep and looking around to see that she is on top of a pile of sailing garbage.

    "... You're awake... Thats good... I thought you swallowed too much water and died, I was about to have a burial at sea for you." Yami said drying his clothes on an old clothes line when suddenly Yume kicks him into the ocean.

    "Burial at sea my ***! Anyway... Why are we on this moving dump, and where are we headed to?" Yume asked Yami as he managed to climb back on the garbage dump as he gasped for breathe.

    "I had to bring you to somewhere without water or we both would have eventually drowned... And I have no idea where this thing is headed to, we were on our way to Liberty so hopefully it leads us there or to Castelia..." Yami said finishing drying his clothes then lying back down on a broken mattress as he looked up at the sky that was filled with Pelliper and Wingull carrying messages from place to place which gave Yume a good idea.

    "Hey... How about we send my Pidove to Castelia city to give someone our SOS? That way we can get off this shitty *** dump and back into the land of the living!" Yume said sending out her Pidove who was for some reason eager to do something for Yume (probably cause she never used it prior...).

    "Thats a great idea Yume. Now we can be saved sooner than I thought... We wont have to wait on another ship passing to get saved." Yami said as he wrote something down in a letter then clipped it to Pidove's talons as he rose up in the air and headed toward the nearest island.

    "... Do you think Pidove is gonna come back for us?" Yume asked Yami who looked at her once and then back up towards Pidove who was flying away.

    "Yeah.... Probably not... Were gonna die here... Most likely." Yami said sighing and then slouching down back on the broken bed while Yume started to hear a strange noise.

    "... Hey, Yami... Do you hear that? That- flushing noise?" Yume said looking out towards the sea where she could have sworn she heard the sound resonating from as Yami rolled his eyes at her comment.

    "There's not a toliet in the middle of the ocean, we already went over this on the ship, Yume..." Yami said looking towards the same direction she was to see if he heard it to but eventually hearing nothing when suddenly several Trubbish, Grimer, Muk, and Garbordor came from out of their hiding spots on the dump pile.

    "Woah, what the ****?! I thought this place was empty... What are all these smelly *** Pokemon doing here?!" Yume shouted pissed that the worlds most smelliest Pokemon were on the same dump as her on Yami while the Pokemon ignored her and braced themselves for something.

    "... What do you think they're doing? The way they're standing its as if they're about to jump into the ocean or something." Yami said studying the Pokemon who were now totally inanimate at this point and ready to take the dive as soon as possible.

    "Do you think- there's... a really a giant toliet under the sea?" Yume asked Yami trying to annoy him causing him to flick her on the head.

    Suddenly the dump pile stops instantly and as soon as it stops a whirlpool appears around it sucking it down under the sea.

    "Gah! What the hell?! There really is a giant toliet in the middle of the sea?!" Yami asked as he was sucked down deep into the sea long with Yume who was cursing Yami with her last breathe.

    "... It still stinks... Are we still on the dump pile... Or? Is Hell really this smelly?" Yami asked barely opening his eyes to look around his surroundings that appeared to be a desolate sewer with a few Rattata scampering around while Yume also began to wake up.

    "I swear to God I am going to murder you Yami... Thats the last time I ever let you skepticism dictate my life, when I say there's a giant toliet in the sea- there is a giant mother****ing toliet in the sea!" Yume shouted after she hit on the head one good time and took a glance at her surroundings causing her to break down in tears.

    "I wonder where we are, the only sewer system in this world thats large enough to hold us would have to be Castelia's, but it wouldnt make sense for us to have drifted there in only a matter of hours. Unless that "toliet in the sea" was really some type of natural drain that brings all of the garbage sent out by the people of the city to the sewer... But that doesnt really solve the whole pollution problem- at all." Yami said starting to walk along the very thin floor towards what appeared to be a flight of stairs while Yume shook her head in disbelief and ran off towards somewhere else.

    Suddenly, Yami hears strange noises up above him and heads up the flight of stairs to see what it is.

    "Move that pipe over here, Sneasal... We have to keep up with the deadline or my entire plan could be ruined, and we dont want that now do we?" a short man with blu-ish gray-ish hair ordered his Sneasal to move heavy pipes around a very wide open part of the sewer causing Yami to twitch.

    "I dont know if this Poke-abuse or not... But it sure doesnt look right, why are you having that little Sneasal do all of your work for you when its "your plan" that needs to be accomplished?" Yami asked the man who turned from his Sneasal and made a very menacing grin towards his direction causing Yami to roll his eyes at his possibly perverted appearance.

    "Ah, another young gentleman who doesnt support my views on how to treat people and Pokemon! Nice to meet you young man, my name is Geoff! And I used to be an executive of the top accord in the fair city of Castelia, I was the head of the Pokemon Battle Company! The worlds largest influence on Pokemon battling, making me one of the most succesful men in the world under the Five Benedicts and Hugh Hefner!" Geoff said introducing himself with a bit of a courtesy bow as Yami looked away and thought to himself.

    "So this is Castelia Sewers... But this guy... Just what the hell are you are you doing here anyway?" Yami asked slightly unsheathing his sword from its sheathe while Geoff simply chuckled at his question.

    "Oh~ Someone hasnt been interested in my little scenarios for quite sometime! This truly brings about an explosion of glee within me~! Do you wanna be best friends, young man?" Geoff asked Yami with twinkles in his eyes causing Yami to not being able to refuse and nod his head in agreement.

    "I guess... But... That doesnt really answer my question..." Yami said backing away from Geoff to be ready just in case he needed to defend himself when suddenly Geoff practically busted in happiness.

    "Yay~! YAY~! I made a friend! You probably would never guess but most of my current friends are either old or senile... Its great to have a friend with so much youth and energy, it makes me feel 30 again! Hahahaha!" Geoff said almost with tears in his eyes as he took something out of his bag and placed it on his portable board while Yami glanced at what appeared to be blueprints.

    "So... According to these blueprints you `plan on doing something involving the flow of the sewage... Which in its own right is disgusting." Yami said reading over his blueprints and then rolling his eyes at how gross and unrealistic his plan was.

    "Yeah, its pretty gross... But it will get the job done! For 2 years I've been pushed around and treated like a third class citizen! But with this plan- I can make sure that I'm never disrespected by anyone ever again! First, I will apply (by I, I mean Sneasal) the pipes to different sections of the sewer this will cause a back up and cause it to a spurt up to the surface... Thus, creating a flood of sewage- this leads to the next part of my plan! While the people are begging the Government for help in order to escape the sewage I will appear to save them from their devastating fates, I'll use my giant pump and suck away all the sewage making me the hero and causing everyone to love me again! Then I can reclaim my company and be one of the richest men in the world again and live happily ever after~ Hahahaha~!" Geoff said in a rant as he displayed all that he said on his diagram while Yami started to rethink accepting to be his best friend.

    "That sounds like a really stupid plan, so stupid in fact that I won't even have to attempt to stop you and it will still fail- you might as well just start making your getaway cause this plan is gonna go south really fast... Best friend." Yami said starting to walk away as Sneseal applied the last additional pipe to the structure and it started to bend unknowingly to Geoff who was laughing hysterically.

    "You are such a horrible friend! Hahahahaha~! You just had to put down my dreams like that, really?! Evil masterminds have feelings to you know... That hurts me deep..." Geoff said depressed as he pressed a button and the pipes broke completely starting to flood the room as Yami dashed off to avoid getting caught up in the sewage while Geoff and his Sneasal were already swallowed by his own mess.

    "What are the rules that I've been telling you since you were a little boy, Yame?! There's no way that you can live in this crazy world without them... It's a pity when your only son won't listen to you, even when you try to give him sage advice on life- As a officer of the law! You are ordered to listen your father-" the police chief of Castelia City said before he was interrupted by his son flopping his suitcase on the bed and throwing whatever he could find inside of it.

    "I dont care about those rules... Those rules dont mean anything to me... Those rules didn't apply to what I just had to suffer- Where are those rules for the poor and desolate people of this city? Of this region? Of this world?! There's no way I can just sit around and listen to you spout rules to me anymore, I'm not gonna live my life like Red- I refuse to! I'm not gonna live my life with some much regret that it eats me up inside... I've already decided- I'm gonna go on a Pokemon journey!" Yame said finally managing to close his suitcase and slouched it over his shoulder as he tried to hurry out of the door but was blocked by two large Arcanines.

    "I cant let you go, Yame... You were raised to be a police officer, you have no skills to be a Pokemon Trainer- you know how to arrest people not raise Pokemon... Do you wanna make that **** Officer Jenny right about you? Saying you were too gay to be a officer of the law?!" the police chief said almost begging as he dropped to his knees pleading for his son to stay as Yame stared at his father pleading the only thing that could come into his mind was kicking his father and running away, which he did.

    Suddenly, the person in the chair in the back of the room begins to burst out in laughter.

    "I cant believe he just left, thats cruel... I always thought you and your son were like super close or something, right? I guess I was wrong." the mysterious person said playing with some sort of squishy substance as what appeared to be a Rotom levitated over him.

    "You don't understand my pain, UN! You have no idea what its like to have your son discover the truth about the world and then leave right before your eyes... It hurts- like death..." the police chief said trembling in sorrow as the mysterious UN arose from his chair and patted him on the back and smiled a very cold smile at him.

    "You dont need to worry about such a unstable investment any longer, chief... All you have to worry about now is that time-share package that the big boss sent you. If you accept then you can go to the city of your dreams, far away from the trials and tribulations of life..." UN said trying to convince him to accept some sort of time-share package which caused the chief to have to consider the offer until he is hit on the back by his Herdier's Tackle which snapped him out of his funk.

    "What nerve you have! Whether you're a representative of one of the worlds most prestigious families or not there is no way that I will accept such a time-share, and how dare you try to sell me paradise after I just lost mine to this world?! I'm gonna have to ask you leave, Mr. UN..." the police chief said opening his door for UN to leave who was laughing hysterically at his sudden outburt of passion and with a bow left without saying a word.

    "Crap... I should've thought this out better, there's no way that I can just catch a Pokemon in Castelia City... Thats why people usually have a starter Pokemon- I had that Lillipup, but it took a dump on my leg so I kicked it around the city until it died... Man... Now I dont have a chance to catch a Pokemon at all." Yame said looking around the city at all of the wild Pokemon that were either eating crumbs off the street or playing with each other in the little gardens in the main square when suddenly an Eevee and Skitty pounced off his head in a heated battle with each other.

    "Oh, look... It's that Eevee and Skitty duo again, probably had another falling out that's gonna lead into a good resolution at the end of this episode..." a shop clerk said rolling her eyes at the Eevee and Skitty launching weak attacks at each other that did little or no damage while Yame watched in awe.

    "I-Must-Have-Those-Pokemon!" Yame said as he threw a Poke-Ball in each of their directions but had each of them bounce off the Pokemon meaning that they were already captured by someone else while everyone around him laughed and giggled at his being unaware.

    "Of course you cant catch those two... They're Pokemon who ran away from their masters meaning that they're still captured just not with their Trainers any longer- sorry, but those two are uncatchable." another shop clerk said as he chuckled at Yame's embarrassed expression.

    "But... What do you mean that they ran away from their Trainers? I've heard of Trainers releasing their Pokemon but I had no idea that Pokemon could actually leave their Trainers..." Yame said completely interested in the topic at hand as the shop clerks expression turned from joyful to serious instantly.

    "It's a strange phenomenon that started in the Kalos region and suddenly ended up here in Unova, one minuet you can be feeding your Pokemon the most delicious dinner ever the next it just ups and leaves you without warning or indication prior. It's truly a mysterious event..." the shop clerk said as everyone stared at the Eevee and Skitty who were battling harder than before over what appeared to be a slice of bread.

    "Oh, so you met Geoff too? That actually sounds convincing... You know, since you two are both spoiled rich brats..." Yami said walking alongside Yume along the sewer heading towards nowhere in particular as Yume wanted to yawn but held it in because of the toxic fumes.

    "It was actually pretty fun... I helped get him some pipes or whatever and we made some hilarious *** jokes about poor people, it was pretty much the highlight of this entire horrible experience so far." Yume said putting her hands behind her head and walking ahead of Yami thinking about something while he pondered just why was he marrying a person like Yume.

    "I'm glad that you can laugh at the expense of poor people... That's like so totally nice, you should like get a Nobel Peace Prize like all of the other famous people who have charities but really diss poor people behind closed doors." Yami said trying to make Yume feel bad for herself but only getting a rolling of the eyes as they reached what appeared to be a dead end.

    "Well, damn... Nice directions ******* now were gonna be stuck in this sewer for the rest of our lives and we'll become mutants- aint this a *****." Yume said looking around for another way out but seeing nothing when suddenly something afar caught her eye and made her burst with joy.

    "Whats wrong with you? One second you're mad cause I got us lost and the next you look like you're fangirling over the newest boy band-" Yami said before he saw what she was so happy about as a Meowth walked past them with its head down until it noticed Yume who was ready to catch it.

    "So the Meowth from PokeWood was really a real Meowth after all! And here I thought you were one of those assholes creations~! I'm so happy~ I finally get to catch the Pokemon of my dreams~" Yume said fangirling over Meowth who had recovered from its stupor enough to realize that she was trying to capture it causing him to tense up.
    "Oh great, the crazy **** from PokeWood returns... This is just my luck... First that weird scientist and now her- when will this miserable life of mine end already?" Meowth asked slumping down again wishing for its horrible life to be over while Yume quickly began to pity it.

    "I'm sorry Meowth... I didnt know that you didnt wanna be captured- I mean I just assumed all the Pokemon in the world wanted to have a Trainer, I mean its kind of implied cause after we catch you guys you do whatever we say..." Yume said trying to communicate with Meowth on his level out of pity leading him to make a devious smile inside of his mind as he filled up with tears on the outside.

    "Oh... Woah... Oh... Woah... Woah, is me... Woah is Meowth... My life is soooo horrible... My best friend, is stuck- in a cave in... Boo-hoo... Boo-hoo-hoo..." Meowth said crying and whinning over something that sounded fictitous to Yami but truthful to Yume as he once again made a devious smile inside of his mind.

    "Oh, my... Is there something I can do to help? I just can't sit around and let a Pokemon be stuck in a cave-in. It goes against all of my morals..."Yume said pleading with Meowth for her to help as he got up from the ground and wiped his tears to explain the "situation" while Yami rolled his eyes over the entire conversation.

    "You see... Me and my Poke-pal Drilbur were looking for treasure in what appeared to be a brand new cave that suddenly appeared inside of this ol' sewer... So while we were being are ol' Poke-selves a big, mean, ugly Onix came and used Earthquake and caused a cave-in so that we would stay away from his treasure... However, my best friend Drilbur, who's always been the brave type was not detoured! He went up against the Onix, but despite his efforts he was flung onto the wall and has been stuck there ever since... I've tried to ask people on the surface for help but they've only tried to catch me... Oh, woah is me... Woah is me..." Meowth said whinning and crying once again to make his story seem legit as Yume also began to cry with him out of pity and empathy.

    "How horrible! Of course I'll help you and your Drilbur friend! There's nothing worse then being stuck in a wall... Come on Yami-"Yume said before she saw the unconvinced expression on Yami's face who was looking at Meowth like he was the worst thing he's ever seen on the planet.

    "Why does this story of yours not add up? If there was an Earthquake under the sewer then we would have felt it along with everyone up on the surface- another thing is, how did a Drilbur get stuck in a wall? Drilbur could have just dug it's way out... And then the most strangest thing is, you say that an Onix was guarding treasure inside of this cave right? Then why would it use Earthquake when that's such a devastating move that it could destroy this entire sewer system along with this fabled "cave" that you speak of... Sorry for being skeptical, but you seem like a fast-talking *** toy who takes advantage of stupid people like my fiance here." Yami said looking at Meowth with the most serious expression he could muster as Meowth cringed that he had found faults in his story as Yume became instantly furious with Yami.

    "How could you say that?! Despite all of your "reasoning" you've forgotten one thing you twit! Meowth is a Pokemon- and there's no such thing as a bad Pokemon! Jerk!" Yume said flicking Yami off and taking Meowth's hand and walking off toward the direction the cave was in while Yami shrugged and continued trying to find an exit.

    "When you think about it... The length of this sewer system is amazing... It just proves that bigger cities produce ten times more waste than smaller ones- which is also disgusting because that implies people taking dumps..." Yami said making it to another dead-end and sighing as he turned back around to find another passage that could lead to an exit when he saw something strange to the right of him and turned around completely to see what it was.

    "I see... So the excavation that Clay was referring to 2 years ago has finally begun, I wonder just who is fundraising this little excorsion of his... Drilling through sewers of all things, doesnt he know that can upset the balance of an entire city? Then again, Clay has never truly been a reasonable Texan before... Like most of them." a man who appeared to be a scientist with a strange hairstyle said using some sort of device to take pictures of his surroundings and what appeared to be an entrance to a cave as Yami headed towards him by crossing over a very thin beam over the sewage.

    "Hey... Haven't I seen you somewhere before? Like on a magazine... Maybe it was Men's Health? Nah, your too pale and skinny... Hmm... Where was it?" Yami asked approaching the man and looking at him face to face while the scientist smiled and chuckled at his curiosity.

    "My name is Doctor Colress, I'm a Pokemon researcher... I work with many different powerful political leaders and power organizations in order to discover the best method of brining out a Pokemon's true power- you might have seen me in an old issue of "Pokemon Times" on my theory of a new kind of evolution that some final stage or single stage Pokemon are able to posses. Early, I saw a girl with a Riolu who defeated a set of Team Plasma members this caused me to wonder if a Riolu as has the ability to reach the new form of evolution, since his strength seemed to grow greater when he was exposed to even the outskirts of this cave. This could lead into a whole new research outlet for me because if this new form of evolution does have to do with whatever is inside this cave then I can find a harness- and that's always good... Sorry, I have a passion for ranting when it comes to my research." Dr. Colress said a bit embarrassed that he had an entire rant about his research so much that he was blushing while Yami looked down at his Poke-Balls and noticed that Riolu's Poke-Ball was indeed missing from the group.

    "Oh great! She really took my Riolu to help that stupid Meowth! Hey, where did the girl go to after you saw her defeat those Team Plasma members or whatever?" Yami asked Colress who had to think for a moment then remembered.

    "Well, when I first encountered her she was running out of the cave away from a bunch of Zubat... And the talking Meowth that I saw earlier was with her, it was strange though because the Zubat seemed to be after Meowth rather than the girl but the girl refused to let Meowth out of her arms so that the Zubat would take him instead... Then she bumped into Team Plasma, which lead into their confrontation and the talking Meowth ended up running away in the opposite direction while the girl chased after Team Plasma up on the surface..." Colress said pointing to a ladder leading out of the sewer causing Yami to facepalm and shake his head at the same time.

    "So Yume's up there, huh? I see... Alright, thanks-" Yami said before he realized that the Doctor was already gone so he shrugged and started toward the ladder before he was attacked by a Zubat who he simply threw a Poke-Ball at and captured.

    "I can't believe that I was able to encounter Yume in a place like this... And she didn't even recognize me either... Had it not being for that Meowth's ploys to get the treasures from that cave I would have never had this oppurutunity to meet her again. He was simply a pawn in this round, but... His existence is quite startling- Could it be that he's one of those Pokemon? No, thats not possible... I would have been made aware that one of them had come to the Unova region- but then again, how is a Pokemon able to speak in the human language so clearly? It is quite mystifying..." Colress said walking along the city streets of Castelia followed by several men in strange black suits until they reached an alleyway where they stopped for some reason.

    "I would love to tell you all of that, but first... I want some information from you- just what is the Pokemon Meloetta, Doctor? That's a life-long mystery I've been wanting to know for ages now." Meowth said sitting on a torn up box in the alley sharpening his nails as Colress laughed at his question and proceeded to tell him all that he knew about the subject.

    Meanwhile, hoovering over them is Pidove who is recording them with a microscopic camera.

    In the skies of Castelia city...
    "Uyuyuyuyu... Look at this city of lights... The people who live here- so unaware of the turmoil that surrounds them... Living in the light, living without a care in the world... Uyuyuyu... How I envy these people of the light, that God shineth his light upon them, and not me- for I am sin itself. I am not meant to be... Uyuyuyu... Reciting that brings back memories." Mune said soaring around Castelia city looking down at the people living their daily lives when she suddenly received a call on her X-Transceiver.

    "Mune, this is Prunella... Devon is away at the moment but he wanted to be sure that you got this message- tonight at 9:50 on the nose, the Royal Unova will begin it's Maiden Voyage to the Johto Region... Before it sets sail however, we need for you to destroy it along with anyone onboard... These are orders directly from Devon himself, obey them on your discretion." the Prunella woman said in one quick speech before she hung up without an answer prompting a giggle from Mune who was amused with the mission that she was assigned.

    "Uyuyuyu... What could Devon's intentions be with destroying the Royal Unova I hardly can see what it has do to with the Key that we've been trying to find for 4 years now... How strange, is this just to get the Government's attention? Because I'm almost positive that they're already aware of our existence... Nonetheless, I will do as he says. There's nothing else to do in this boring city anyway." Mune said soaring from the sky and making a soft landing then turning back into her human form and walking among the people and Pokemon toward the harbor that the Royal Unova lies.
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    What happens when two diffrent people connect through an unlikely adventure?
    Pokemon-BW- Dare to live?

    So how many Pokemons are there?

    Silly Jack, the plural of Pokemon is Pokemon

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    Wow, I'm just stating that I'm uncomfortable with one of the few decent pokemon on the train wreck that is Ash's Unova team getting shafted and you accuse me of impersonating an imposter?!

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    Authors Note- So if you couldn't tell this chapter was kinda rushed >_< I still enjoyed writing this to one though... Yami and YUme relationship is brought into more depth, Yume's past is foreshadowed, Who is Yume's mother? What connection does Colress have with her? What is Mune's operation? And where's Cheren when fanservice is needed? Enjoy!

    "Wow... So there really was a Drilbur stuck in a wall back there? That's interesting and here I thought that Meowth was just a lying ******* trying to trick you into stealing some treasure that didnt belong to him." Yami said rubbing the Drilbur's nose causing him to sneeze and then giggle while Yume scoffed at Yami's "rude" comment.

    "For your information- treasure belongs to anyone that finds it, *******! Haven't you ever heard of the golden rule?!" Yume asked Yami who rolled his eyes and just patted her on the head like a child then walked over toward a sign.

    "Says here that the Gym Leader of this city, Burgh is also a famous painter- who is one of the advocate's for same-sex marriage in this city. And he's having a fundraiser to support his cause at his Gym in a few hours." Yami said turning to Yume who was half paying attention because she was pulling something out of bag soon revealed to be her badge case which held the Insect Badge.

    "Yeah, I already met that super-queer... He was cool thought, despite how utterly gay he was. I mean, I've seen gay before but Burgh just took the cake bro... He had his Gym Trainers calling him "Queen"." Yume said putting the badge case back in her bag and then shivering at the thought of it while Yami once again rolled his eyes at her.

    "No he didnt... Stop over-exagerrating, Yume. I'm sure he's not that bad... Gay people are pretty cool when you get to know them, and me being pansexual, I'm probably gonna meet alot of them along my walk of life." Yami said as they both started walking towards Gym Street as Yume mocked him by copying every single word he said.

    "Yeah, yeah, yeah... Dont you think its bad enough for me that I gotta have a husband who rather be with a man?! You dont have to keep reminding me about it every 4 seconds..." Yume said mocking him by fake crying as Yume for the third time in a row rolled his eyes and walked ahead toward the Gym making Yume mad who ran to catch up with him.

    Suddenly, Yume accidentely bumps into someone and drops Drilbur on said persons head.

    "Ow... That hurt... Can you watch where you're going please?!" the person said rubbing their scalp as they picked Drilbur off the ground and handed it back to a shocked Yume who was totally stunned by who she was seeing.

    "It's... It's... The- The- Champ-" Yume said before she was cut off by the young girl putting her hand over her mouth to keep quiet and then shushing her with a wink while Yami looked at the two confused as to what was going.

    "Yume, who is this dark skinned street walker? One of your friends?" Yami asked looking the young girl up and down as Yume slapped him dead in the face appauled at his accusation.

    "Wow, you remind me of a really racist country girl I met in this city 2 years ago... My name is Iris, and I'm just a traveling Trainer like you two- trying to find my purpose in the world."Iris said with a smile and a wink to Yume who agreed to keep quiet for whatever reason Iris had while Yami folded his arms in disbelief.

    "Whatever... You look like you came from some blaxoplotation spoof of George of the Jungle is all I know..." Yami said looking at Iris unconvinced that she was just a simple Pokemon Trainer like him and Yume while Yume sent out Tepig to deliver a powerful Flame Charge to him sending him crashing into a lamppost.

    "Please excuse my moron of a fiance... He doesnt know who he's talking to- Even I have more respect than him, gawd Yami, I thought you were suppose to be the mature one in the relationship dammit!" Yume screamed at Yami who was barely managing to recover from the blow Tepig just gave him as Iris giggled at their chemistry.

    "He's your fiance is he? I can tell... You two seem to really care about each other." Iris said with a smile as Yume and Yami stared into each other's eyes and then shook their heads.

    "Nah, I just wanted a wife so I could be independent without my father's interference..." Yami said to Iris with a straight face while Yume thought about why she was marrying Yami but could not come up with a reason so she instead asked Iris a question.

    "Iris, what brings you to Castelia City anyway? I thought that there was some other business that you had to take care of... Didnt the Government call for another Representative and Champion council?" Yume asked Iris who had to think of how she was going to respond to her question when suddenly Yami chimed in.

    "Wait, Iris is affiliated with the Government?! Is she a representative or a Champion?!" Yami asked Yume who refused to answer as she pretended to zip her lips shut while Iris waved dismissevly at the comment.

    "There's no need for me to go there this year, I dont think anyone likes me there anyway- and to answer your question on why I'm here in Castelia City, I received word that Team Plasma was sighted in the area and that the authorities were having constant trouble with them as of late so I decided to offer them a bit of my assistence... But I just learned from Officer Jenny that Team Plasma has already fled the city- There's just one thing left to find out... Who could have possibly caused them to flee?" Iris said with a wink to both Yami and Yume who looked at each other and blushed until Yume hit Yami.

    "You didnt defeat them in this city! I did! You're the weakest link in this relationship Yami, I'm thinking about cutting you off cause you're holding me back." Yume said flipping her hair as Yami rubbed his cheek and wanted to take his sword out and slice her but he held himself back while Iris once again giggled at their chemistry.

    "You two are gonna be so in love when you get married... I can tell that you two really care about each other- I wish I had someone who loved me like that." Iris said with a half smile as she thought about something in her past while Yami looked at the clock on top of a building and realized how much time has passed.

    "Crap! Yume, we gotta go if we don't wanna miss the art show! Say bye to your black friend and hurry up!" Yami said running ahead of her towards Gym Street as Yume bowed politely to Iris and ran after him.

    "Those two... Yeah, they remind me alot of those two heroes from 2 years ago... Akira and Darien, I wonder how things are going for them." Iris said looking up at the sky and thinking about the two heroes that she had encountered previously and left the thought with a smile.

    "Wow... This is gayer than Rupaul's Drag Race... And I didnt even know that was possible..." Yume said looking around at the men wearing women's clothing and under garments as the women walked around in suits and ties as Yami stood uninterested in it all.

    "Yeah, I guess this can classify as too gay... But that doesnt give you the right to judge them, Yume." Yami said starting to walk toward the punch ball that was being manned by a woman with very large buckteeth (or it appeared to be a woman) meanwhile in the background a Leavanny weaves clothing for some children.

    "Man, **** all that... I'm gonna judge who I wanna judge, truth be told. If you're a man and you're wearing women's clothes there must be something wrong with you... Excuse me for sounding like a 50s bible thumper, but their gonna be damned in hell." Yume said walking away toward a painting that caught her eye and fascinated her as Yami rolled his eyes at her comment and went to greet one of the other patrons who waved at him when he was suddenly pushed into a broom closet.

    "What the hell?! Who's there?! I'll cut you into pieces-" Yami said before the person turned on the light switch revealing himself to be Burgh, Castelia's Gym Leader and world famous artist.

    "I'm quite sorry for my unflattering behavior but there was no way I could possibly approach you with all those people out there, there was simply no way that I could say what I needed to say... Out there with all those people watching me." Burgh said blushing as his face moved closer and closer to Yami so close that they were almost kissing as Yami began to blush so much he felt blood swelling in his brain.

    "What is... it?" Yami said slowly trying to back away so that he had enough room to think when suddenly Burgh bursted with energy and exclaimed what he needed from Yami.

    "I need you to battle me~! I need a strong battle partner so that my patrons can get the true feel of this gallery, if you catch my drift... From one gay bro to another- please, do this for me..." Burgh said grasping Yami's hands pratically begging for him to battle him no matter what it took as Yami came to his senses and quickly reacted.

    "I came here to battle you in the first place... But I'm glad that I got to meet you so easily... I dont know how long I would have lasted with all those big guys hitting on me." Yami said peeking out of the closet to look at the male patrons trying to find him while Yume appeared to be having a conversation with a mysterious young man next to the painting she discovered.

    "I see... So it's settled then! We will have a battle right in front of all of the patrons- in the nude!" Burgh said stepping out of the closet and revealing Yami to the entire room who applauded his boldness for battling in the nude in front of everyone.

    "I said no such thing! I never agreed to battle you in the nude, I would never-" Yami said before all of his clothes were tore off by Leavanny's String Shot and he was left with nothing but a leaf covering to shield his naked body along with his Burgh who had tore off his clothes voluntairly.

    "I'm going to assume that this is your first time accepting your true sexuality... Come- let me show you what it feels like to be a man of Castelia!" Burgh said as a giant platform appeared in the middle of the gallery with several spider webs being flopped down all around it to give it a more natural setting as Yami slowly and meekily stepped on stage exposing his mostly naked body to the crowd and getting another round of applause for it.

    "... I don't know what to do... Should I send out my Pokemon- or..." Yami said looking around at the patrons who had begun to take pictures of him and record him as well while Yume seemingly disappeared out of the gallery leaving Yami all alone and scared.

    "It's alright, Yami... All you have to do battle like normal,except this time you're embracing your body and showing the whole world that its okay to be who you are." Burgh said waving his arms and twirling around the stage until he almost fell off had he not being caught by his Leavanny's String Shot.

    "... Alright then... I guess, I'm gonna go with Oshawott! Screw this up and i'll leave you out on the streets for the rest of your natural born life!" Yami said sending out Oshawott who for some reason was eager to battle until it saw Leavanny and became instantly intimidated so it ran back to its Poke-Ball until Yami literally kicked it ball onto the battlefield.

    "Wow... I see that your Oshawott has a certain fear of my dear Leavanny, that means that he should face his fears and battle against it~! Just like you faced your fears of battling nude in front a bunch of sex offenders- I mean people..." Burgh said twirling once again as the people cheered and applauded causing Oshawott to blush and become bashful while Yami remembered his predicament and tried to cover himself some more.

    "O-Oshawott... The only way I'm gonna win this badge is if I do something shameful so I think you can risk getting your *** handed to you for the sake of the team, huh?" Yami asked Oshawott as he covered his nipples with two smaller leaves while Oshawott thought about it for a moment and then agreed to battle.

    "Well then, looks like the hideous and cowardly Oshawott has given his consent to battle- Let us start this battle then, shall we? Leavanny lets start this off with Leaf Blade!" Burgh ordered his Leavanny whoms leaves lit up and went in to attack Oshawott with full force sending him crashing into a tree.

    "Oh ****... Oshawott, your really gonna let that Leavanny beat your *** that bad? Damn, I thought you had some manly balls, but I guess I was wrong- I guess you really are a spineless, hideous, freak-ish, coward... Everyone was right about you, you're never gonna be anything... You're pathetic- you're just a walking piece of ****. Meh, I should have chose Snivy as my starter... Even though you have a sword, you are no samurai." Yami said about to recall Oshawott when he suddenly stood up after hearing Yami's hurtful criticism, preparing to attack Leavanny with its Schalchop at any time.

    Oshawott begins to chant something and its Schalchop grows longer and longer until it is almost as tall as the gym.
    "Oh my... Could it be that you used those hurtful words to motivate Oshawott? How could this be... I didnt know that Pokemon responded to negative criticism in such a way, I was always taught that you should have a high friendship with your Pokemon and not to harm them in any way, shape or form... Whether it be emotionally, physically, or mentally. But what I'm seeing now its... Shocking. I just might have to steal it! Leavanny! You piece of ****! I order you to use Struggle Bug on Oshawott pronto!" Burgh ordered his Leavanny in the most rudest tone he could muster expecting Leavanny to react the same as Oshawott but getting the opposite result with Leavanny instead ignoring his orders and taking a nap on the battlefield instead.

    Oshawott charges at Leavanny with his giant Schalchop and delivers a critical blow on her leaving her with very low health enough for Oshawott to deliver a finishing blow with Aqua Jet.

    "We did it! We beat Burgh! And you faced your fear of getting your *** kicked by Pokemon that are obviously stronger than you- unless the plot interferes and you pull some ******** to become stronger than them- even if just for one battle." Yami said about to hug his Oshawott affectionately when he is suddenly sprayed in the face with Water Gun from Oshawott who wanted an apology, instead however Yami simply returns him to his Poke-Ball and sends out his newly caught Zubat.

    "I can't believe that Leavanny lost that round... Oh well, thats just how it goes sometimes~ Now, how about I show you a Pokemon of true bug type mastery? I present to some and introduce to others~ My darling Swadloon!" Burgh said sending out his Swadloon who was fast asleep and not caring that it was sent out to battle as Zubat was so eager to battle that it took a poisonous bite out of Swadloon any, poisoning it and awakening it from its sleep making it angry in the process.

    "Oh great... I see now that my Zubat is gonna be the really annoying member of the group- and here I thought that was Oshawott and Yume's position..." Yami said as his Zubat began to hit itself for no reason and fly around the Gym screeching at everyone and everything at the same time causing Yami to have to recall it to its Poke-Ball embarassed at its behavior (no longer embarassed that he is now completely naked after Oshawott blew his leaves off with its Water Gun).

    "Well... That was strange... Anyway- Swadloon! Get ready to attack Yami's next Pokemon with a full powered Solarbeam~" Burgh ordered his Swadloon who was so angry that it actually obeyed him as Yami sent out his Sewaddle to take care of Swadloon.
    "Hopefully evolution really doesnt matter in this situation... Sewaddle, its time to use that one move that I always forget what its called... Um... Um... Bug Buzz? No, that's not it... Bug Crunch? No... Oh yeah! Use Bug Bite, full power on Swadloon!" Yami ordered his Sewaddle who eagerly awaited his orders and delivered a powerful Bug Bite on Swadloon knocking it out of the battle along with the poisoning it experienced earlier.

    "Oh my... It seems that you have defeated 2/3 of my dear Pokemon- that means that I have one darling left before this battle comes to a close~ Alright, Crustle! I choose you!" Burgh said sending out his Crustle who was the only one of his Pokemon who was fully prepared to battle as Yami recalled Sewaddle and sent out Oba instead.

    "Oba... I'm gonna need for you to follow your natural Riolu instincts and beat this Crustle's ***... You're my strongest Pokemon; fighting category and I need this win in order to get this badge- So could you do me a solid and win this?" Yami asked Oba face to face but only getting a spat in the face by Riolu who did its own thing by running up to Crustle and releasing a poweful Reversal on him defeating him in a OHKO.

    "Wait- Wait-Wait... What the hell just happened? Did one of my strongest Pokemon just lose against a Riolu without dealing any damage? What kinda steriods are you bastards taking anyway?!" Burgh exclaimed completely shocked that Riolu was able to take down Crustle without even batting an eyelash as Yami and Riolu chuckled at his comment before Riolu punched Yami in the stomach for laughing with him.

    "Ow... Anyway... I guess this means that I've overcome my fear of being naked in public- and that also means that I get a Gym Badge from this Gym, right?" Yami asked as Leavanny handed him another set of clothes that it made during the rest of his Gym Battle this time the clothes had a more red design to them as the patrons cheered and applauded Yami on his victory.

    "I guess so... Here you go, this is the Insect Badge, its proof that you won here at the Castelia City Gym- and its also proof that you overcame some sort of fear when you battled here... Rather it be anchrophobia, stage fright, or fear of sexuality... It's just great that you've been able to overcome it~" Burgh said twirling one last time leading to a long round of applause for both him and Yami who fought valiantly (according to the individuals who had taken many drugs prior to this) during his Gym Battle.

    "Great, thanks... Now I just need 5 more and I can get into the Unova League with Yume-" Yami said before he noticed a drenched Yume over towards the exit of the Gym, looking down at the ground as if she was shamed or distraught over something causing Yami to drop everything and run over towards her through the large crowd.

    "Yume, whats wrong? You havent said a single thing... Even when I asked you back in Burgh's Gym... You didnt say anything- I'm really worried Yume... You're never this quiet... You're usually loud and full of life- what's up? Is it because I was naked in front of all those people? Cause if thats the reason, I'm sorry... I should have refused to do it..." Yami said looking into Yume's now lifeless and void eyes wondering what she could possibly be thinking in her mind as they walked through the cold, dark, and damp streets of Castelia alone at midnight.

    "... Do you think that if you give people a chance... they can change? Do you think if I accept that my mothers dream was deferred because of me then I can move on with my life? Do you think that if I accept that woman back into my life then everything will go back to normal? No, that can't be right... I shouldnt have to settle for having such a terrible woman be in my life- I wanna die happy. Thats all I want... I wanna die happy, so ****ing bad." Yume said resting her head on Yami's shoulder as they walked on towards the city square as tears dropped and slid down his shirt but he wasnt sure if it was from her or from the droplets falling from the buildings.

    "... I dont know about all of this dying stuff, but I do know one thing... I dont ever want you to die. I want you to live Yume, I want you to live a long and happy life with me and our 6 and a half kids. I know my proposal came out of completely nowhere orignally but there is no doubt in my mind that I will be happy with you. You make me happy... You make my life a happy thing to have." Yami said with a smile attempting to cheer her up but only getting a half smirk from her which was far more unconvincing than her tears as they finally made it to the city square and layed on a bench together looking at the stars.

    "..... My mom never let me look at the stars, she told me that if I did that then I would become a lesbian- cause only lesbains like science and stars and junk..." Yume said looking at the beautiful stars that were visible even in the muggy city of Castelia on a night like this one, as the moon shined down on them both specifically.

    "I dont know about all of that... But I heard that when you stare at the stars, you're really looking at the souls of people and Pokemon... And that every soul is a star." Yami said connecting each point with a different constellation and smiling when he noticed that Yume was doing the same.

    "Every soul a star... I like that, it sounds kinda like something a 5th grade girl would color on her notebook-but I like it... It's kinda nice. That can be our quote, remember it for our wedding, okay?" Yume asked Yami who nodded and continued to connect the constellations as their hands meet and they grasp each other tightly.

    "Don't ever leave me, Yume... Can you promise me that no matter what you will never leave me?" Yami asked Yume with total seriousness in his voice as Yume continued to stare at the stars and think about what he just asked her until she was finally able to give a sincere reply.

    "It's too late for me to leave you now... Our souls- our stars... Are already attached... If I were to leave you now then neither of our stars would shine anymore... And to me, that's the most important thing in the world to me right now- and forever." Yume said pointing to two stars that seemed to be colliding with each other in the distance as Yami looked towards them and smiled.

    "Then those are our stars... We've claimed them, and that means no one else can have them. If someone tells us any different then we'll kick their asses- cause... Those are our stars." Yami said closing his eyes to dream a little as Yume soon followed suit with a big grin on her face, happy that she had finally found true romance and happiness.

    Suddenly, the smell of smoke inteferes with their slumber as they awake to find a man standing in front of a streetlight with several Magneton and Magnemite smoking an electric cigarette.

    "The moon tonight, though... Its so beautiful... It's the perfect night for two lovers to just lay down and look at the stars. Even in Sin City, on this night the stars shine just for people like this. There's a legend behind that you know... It's the legend of a Emperor-to be and a ***** named Miranda." Dr. Corless said turning off his electric cigarette and sticking a piece of mint gum in his mouth to remove the taste and smell as Yume looked up from the bench and began to shiver in fear and anger.

    "Oh, Dr. Colress... We didnt notice you there until now... That electric cigarette of yours really have a distinct smell to it, you know." Yami said getting up from the bench as to not be disrespectful to a man of his high esteem while Yume slowly got up from the bench shaking the entire time.

    "It's great to see you again- Yami, was it? I'm glad that such a dashing young man has been able to take care of such a free spirit as Yume, you see- she's a bit of a handful but by all means she means well- enough." Dr. Colress said walking over and shaking Yami's hand then reaching out to hug Yume but only getting a cold icy stare as a reply.
    "... I'm sorry... Did I miss something here? Do you know Yume, Doctor?" Yami asked Colress who smirked a little then went back over towards his Magenton and Magnemite.

    "As a child... I always dreamed that I would be with a beautiful woman, a beautiful woman who would love and treasure each and every one of my experiments... I couldnt believe it when I met such a woman- at a tennis match... 5 years ago." Dr. Colress said chewing his gum even more rapidly as Yume apparently flashbacked on something in her childhood, Yami notices this and turns stern with Colress.

    "Doctor... Just what are you implying right now?" Yami asked Dr. Colress who chuckled a bit at his seriousness and the tone of his voice.

    "Nothing perverted like what you must be thinking... I'm talking about Yume's mother- I met Yume's mother at one of Yume's tennis matches 5 years ago. We fell in love, we had an affair, Yume caught us once, accidently spilled the beans to her father, and they got a divorce... It was as simple as that." Dr. Colress said with a smile towards Yume who could no longer keep quiet and felt the tension and anger rise through her lungs.

    "THATS A DAMN LIE AND YOU KNOW IT!! YOU GAVE MY MOTHER THAT POKEMON FORMULA **** AND MADE HER A JUNKIE!!" Yume shouted in complete and utter rage that she felt herself shaking and quivering so much that Yami had to hold her.

    "Hahahahahahaha! Really, Yume? Is that how you remember it? Well then, I know which one of us would get their idea put into a Lifetime movie... Hahahaha." Dr. Colress said trying to make light of the situation as Yume clenched her first and gritted her teeth in order to keep from murdering him while Yami looked at the man who obviously hurt Yume so.

    "I think that you should leave, you're making my fiance angry, and I dont like it- at all..." Yami said about to take his sword out of his sheath at that exact moment when suddenly Colress put one finger up to signify that he needed one minuet to explain something.

    "Before I go... Let me explain something to you- First off, 2 years ago Team Plasma attempted to seperate people from Pokemon... I had not agreed with this decision, and as a result they changed their focus on "liberating" Pokemon to flat out stealing them. Take this statement as you wish, but just know that I gave you a major clue to the mystery that surronds Team Plasma- and even your fiance Yume." Dr. Colress said with a smirk as he walked away with his Magnet Pokemon in tow towards the outer gates of Castelia City while Yume flopped down on the ground feeling defeated, and Yami held her tightly in his arms.

    "The appetizers on this cruise are absolutely delicious... I cant say that I have ever tasted anything better in my entire life." a gentleman said to a Lady aboard the lavish Royal Unova as the other cruise-goers toasted to random things and celebrated the cruise Maiden Voyage.

    "Yes, they are delicious... And so are the crewmen on this ship... I could just eat them up- I wonder how much it would cost me to buy them." a Lady said checking what was inside of her wallet and pulling out a large wad of cash and credit cards as the man she was talking to chuckled at her comments.

    "I heard that some of these crewmen were once great Pokemon Trainers in their time... I wouldnt be surprised if one of them put up a fight when you try to bring them back home with you! Hahahaha." the gentleman chuckled along with the woman as they toasted for no reason and continued to have materialistic intolerable conversations.

    "Can you believe these people? Do you think they ever suffered a day in their lives? Like at least once?" a man asked a young woman who was playing chess all by herself near the piano inside the dining hall.

    The young woman ends her game of chess against herself and finally replies to the young man.

    "I can't say that they have actually... But thats one of the reasons why I'm here- it intrigues me to hear the conversations and rambling of magnificent bastards such as themselves. Some are war heroes who turned into cowardly office executives after striking oil, some married into rich families because they have no skills themselves, some won alot of Pokemon Contest and became famous icons... Either way they are all the same- rich and pompous... Uyuyuyu... Except you, you have a different feel to you than the others." Mune said looking up from her chessboard toward the young man who stood beside her and the piano looking bashful and shy.

    "My names Cheren, I'm the Aspertia City Gym Leader- and, keep this on the low- but I' m also a secret agent from the NPMC sent here to investigate any strange occurences that might happen onboard this vessel." Cheren said showing Mune his identification and everything causing her to giggle and wink to show that she understands him.

    Suddenly, a very wealthy business man opens up a large bottle of champaigne and a huge celebration crowds the dining hall.

    In the confusion, Cheren loses track of Mune and wonders where she went off to.

    "My casino in Kanto has finally reached its billionth customer! I'm gonna be even more rich! Hahahahaha!" the wealthy casino owner said as he began to brag on and on about his wealth, fame, and power all over the world.

    Almost of completely nowhere, the room begins to chill and appliances and furniture begins to freeze.

    Suddenly, a giant blizzard covers the room, encasing the entire dining hall in snow preventing the passengers from leaving as feminine giggles are heard from the ceiling.

    "Uyuyuyuyu... 'When the giant champaigne is opened, the operation begins' those were Devon's orders if I remmeber correctly... Alright then, I guess that means its time to kill these lowly *****s and zealots." Mune said with a giggle as her wings turned from ice to lightning and all of the power of the ship suddenly went out simentanously.

    "This must be what the boss was talking about! Go! Stoutland, I need your assistence! Get ready to battle, the enemy is near... There may be alot of them, so watch out." Cheren ordered his Stoutland who obeyed and kept a close eye out for enemies when suddenly he was struck with a Thunderbolt from the ceiling causing to leap up to use Bite but was quickly subdued with a Fire Blast attack.

    "Uyuyuyuyu... Sorry, NPMC agent Cheren- but under the orders of my associate... I cannot allow you to interfere with the operation." Mune said still hidden from Cheren as the blizzard continued to cover the room and all of the passengers panicked and ran amok trying to escape the now sinking ship.

    "Whoever... You are... I will end you here!" Cheren exclaimed when suddenly a chandelier broke and trapped him and several other passengers underneath it as he caught a glimpse of the culprit, a small Pokemon with a long lime-green hair singing a shallow hymn as the Royal Unova sank in the sea, with no one escaping.
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    What happens when two diffrent people connect through an unlikely adventure?
    Pokemon-BW- Dare to live?

    So how many Pokemons are there?

    Silly Jack, the plural of Pokemon is Pokemon

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    Pokemon: Filler Adventures and Pokemon: Rise of the Penguin respectivley.
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    Now that I think about it....that poster is a horrible advertisement
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    Wow, I'm just stating that I'm uncomfortable with one of the few decent pokemon on the train wreck that is Ash's Unova team getting shafted and you accuse me of impersonating an imposter?!

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    Authors Note-Sorry for uploading this one so late folks, I know I said I would upload one every week but I've been pretty busy :/ But since all you peoples are so special~ I'm gonna upload two more chapters today just for you! Anyway, What is a Crime Emperor? Who is Coby Nagisa? And what effects will Colress's weapon have on the future? Enjoy!


    "Yami... How'd we end in a tough spot like this? I mean, I know that we were on the path... But... How'd it end up like this?" Yume asked Yami looking into the dry sky while laying inside of a heap of sand in a dry desert area.

    "I have no clue... All I remember was a Sandile appearing from the ground, you trying to use Drilbur to find him but I had him so you were at a disadvantage... But then you sent out Pidove, which didnt make sense because Pidove is a Flying type and it would obviously not do anything against a Sandile-Anyway, said Sandile ended up beating your Pidove taking my Sewaddle and Oshawott and running off towards who knows where." Yami said sitting on the sand checking his Town Map to see if he could find somewhere close by where they could possibly get some water.

    "Fail... And dont blame me for this-all these Pokemon type mechanics are so confusing you *******! How can I remember that Bug is super effective against Flying types?!" Yume shouted at the sky frustrated that Yami had blamed her completely for what they had gone through instead of taking them blame for himself.

    "Well, that's not a true statement... But anyway... It says here on the Town Map that to the east there's a small settlement called "Black Town" if we go there, we can get some water." Yami said helping Yume off the ground and pointing towards the eastern part of the desert that was being blocked by a giant sandstorm in the distance.

    "Well, ****... How are we suppose to get over there with that huge sandstorm raging? I take it there isnt a move out there that ends sandstorms..." Yume said as they both started to walk toward the dangerous sandstorm hoping that they wouldnt get to fatally wounded.

    Meanwhile, in another part of the same desert area along a lone road...

    "Man, I can't believe that I managed to get a badge from the Castelia City so easily... I guess the Pokemon that I caught was stronger than I had originally planned." Yame said walking along the road toward Nimbasa Town as he stared happily at his Insect Badge when suddenly he notices a man on the middle of the room fiddling with some sort of gadget.

    "I can't believe this- it was working perfectly fine earlier where Nagrui experimented with it on that Staryu colony... Why is it having no effect on these Crustle?" Colress asked fiddling with the remote some more and then checking to see if any loose wires had come loose as Yame approached him with intrigue.

    "Wow, I've never seen any kind of gadget like that before- is it some sort of new kind of weapon? And why are you pointing it at that group of Crustle? Is it some sort of military weapon that controls Pokemon?" Yame asked intrigued as he looked over the remote himself when he found and the put the correct wire in the correct spot causing great shock within Colress.

    "Amazing! I would have never figured this out... Thank you so very much, young man. You see this is a special remote control that has the ability to control a Pokemon's migration- using this... I can send those Crustle packing so that they no longer block the only road to Castelia or Nimbasa." Colress said pressing a button on the remote causing the Crustle to react instantly in the process and head toward somewhere off the path as Yame applauded.

    "Incredible... I can't believe that science like this actually exist! It's incredible is what it is- you must be brilliant man..." Yame said looking at Colress up and down as he put away his special remote control in his pocket and then bowed.

    "Thank you for fixing my remote control... You were truly a big help- I dont know what I would have done without you." Colress said with a bow as Yame blushed when suddenly a Sandile appeared out of the sand from completely nowhere and took Colress's remote and then burrowed back underneath the sand.

    "... Did that Sandile just take your life's work? Wow, why is Poke-abuse illegal again? Yame said as Colress stared blankly at the Sandile continuing in the sand before sending his Klink out to go find it.

    "I can't believe this has happened... I must leave now-But thank you for helping me fix my invention... My name Doctor Colress and I research the true potential of Pokemon, my research right is now is focusing on the correct way to bring out a Pokemon's true strength. If you ever need my help, or anything at all- call this number." Colress said handing Yame a business card with the Plasma logo on it as he bowed to Yame and then started off following the Klink that was following Sandile.

    "What a strange yet brilliant man... I had no idea there were inventions that could alter a Pokemon's migration- I wonder what other kind of inventions that he can create... It's truly mysterious." Yame said starting back along the path now that it was Crustle free, toward Nimbasa Town.

    "Are you serious? All that alcohol in this town was drunken up by one Pokemon? That's some crazy **** man... I thought alcohol would be too acidic for the Pokemon but apparently these little ****ers are chuggers." Yume said pouring alcohol into Tepig's mouth and then shaking him so that bubbles fizzed out of its snout as the other bar patrons laughed and applauded.

    "There has to be some law against giving a Pokemon alcohol- Like, some law that everyone should be aware of..." Yami said mumbling the last bit of his sentence as he drunk the rest of his chocolate milk and then handing the cup back to the bartender while his Oba played blackjack with several thugs in the back of the bar.

    "Whatever- At least I'm trying to make this situation a little bit brighter... Your Oshawott and Sewaddle are probably dead, but that doesnt mean that you should just sit around here mopping... It's time to move on Yami, its been like 4 hours since Sandile stole them and at least you still have that retarted Zubat, the Drilbur that you stole from me, and that ignorant *** Riolu." Yume said trying to make the situation seem a bit more brighter but only making Yami feel worse cause she listed the worst qualities of his Pokemon.

    "Whatever... Let's just get out of this town it smells like *** and dead bodies, and I think their both related to each other in some way." Yami said standing up from his chair and walking over toward the exit of the saloon while Yume paid the bartender and headed out along with him.

    "You're no fun... Those guys said that they were about to start an auction for a rare Pokemon all the way from the Kanto region called, "Magikarp" I dont know what kinda Pokemon it is, but it has magic in its name so it must be something badass!" Yume said trying to convince Yami to go back in to no avail as they passed by a crowd of people along the road toward the next city.

    "No, Yume... Were not about to do something stupid like that- we're find the way we are... Huh?" Yami said turning around to see that there was a man handing out flyers to the crowd of people that read "Join Avenue For Sale-Once in a lifetime deal".

    "I wonder what Join Avenue is... It sounds like some sort of speed dating thing- you wanna try it out and mess with lonely perverts/possible serial killers and see what happens?" Yume asked Yami who studied the flyer as the man who was handing them out tripped and all of the other flyers when flying through the sky.

    "Oh man, this is just my luck... I can't believe that just happened... And on today of all days! I need to sale that damn Join Avenue or else I'll be screwed!" the man said picking up as many flyers off the ground as he could when suddenly Yami and Yume appeared over him with pity in their eyes.

    "Oh my god... I dont think I've ever seen a more desperate man in my life... This truly hurts my soul deep right now. This is what happens when we let immigrants into this region- it destroys the Unovian dream..." Yami said helping him pick up a few more of the flyers along with Yume who also had begun to pity him in her own kind of way.

    "I just feel bad for him because he must never get laid... I mean look at him- the women who do sleep with him must have their self respect drained like a Giga Drain." Yume said picking up the last of the flyers and then handing it back to the man who had become even more depressed than before after hearing their harsh words.

    "Gee, thanks... Now if you excuse me I gotta keep on handing these flyers out that no one but the homeless people even glance at- or else I'll end up going to Castelia City and jumping off the nearest skyscraper." the man said slowly walking toward another crowd of people before he was stopped by what Yume had to say next.

    "... My father was once a lone salesman- who no one would give a chance because he was born into a low class family and his step-father had created a bad reputation for his entire clan because he murdered his first wife. However- once my father demonstrated his product to the correct investor (a Poke-Mart to be precise) they listened to his pitch and gave him 1,000,000,000 Poke to start off with! So... Whenever I see a salesman struggling- I think of my father, who had he not gotten a chance... I would have probably never been born. So! I'll listen to your presentation! Even if it sucks ***! Cause you deserve a chance just like everybody else." Yume said with a full amount of passion resounding from her voice causing the man to turn around instantly and run back over to them.

    "Thank you so much for this opportunity to appeal to you! My name is Ross, I am the owner of alot of real estate all over the world, specifically in the Kalos region- originally my company had no real estate here and our name wasnt even known to the people of Unova... We decided that instead of selling houses here we should open up some type of business to attract a different target market. And thats just what we did! We called in "Join Avenue" a kind of marketplace where Trainers, breeders, coordinators alike would trade goods and services for money... Everything was going great for this business! We had any unbelievable amount of income coming in, I was so rich that I had a Slakoth wiping my *** for me! Ah, it was the life... Until- it came time for me to pay for property taxes... And being the daredevil that I am, I borrowed money from a notable Criminal Emperor- and then I found myself lost in debt soon afterward... The IRS is on my ***, the Government is especially on my ***, and the one of my *** the most is the Criminal Emperor I borrowed the money from! And he's the worst... I mean- the worst... Like you can't get any worse than him. So... That leads to my proposition- How would you two young gullible fools like to buy a nice little marketplace?" Ross asked Yami and Yume who at first both looked at him like he was a complete and utter moron until something busted inside of Yume that made her unbelievably gleeful.

    "Are you telling me that I can buy an entire marketplace from you~? Oh my god, that is my dream! I've always wanted to buy a badass marketplace! I would pay anything for it..." Yume said with wishful and eager eyes as Yami pulled her back to have a talk with her.

    "Why the hell would we buy a marketplace from who just said that they were affiliated with some sort of criminal empire or something? That would be worse than stupid Yume, that would be retarted... We would be definition of retarted if we did that. I can't allow you to make such a brass decision that could put both of our lives in d-" Yami said before he realized Yume had already begun to sign some sort of contract with Ross, totally ignoring the valid points that he was making.

    "My fiancé is such a pussy... He doesnt wanna open a business cause he's afraid were gonna get killed! Ha! I wish a ***** would try and kill me, Tepig would be blowing flames so far up their ***..." Yume said finishing signing the contract just as Yami moved in to stop her as Ross applauded the deal and shook both of their hands eager and relieved.

    "Thank you sooo much! I'm finally free of that burden... Now I can pursue my true dream of being a Pokemon Stylist! Thank you so very much, truly thank you for being a fool." Ross said bowing repeatedly as Yume blushed and waved at his dismissively.

    "Oh, it was no problem at all really... I've always wanted to own my own marketplace and my dream has finally come true. I should be the one thanking you for all that you've done." Yume said thanking the man for helping her dream to come true as Yami tried to drag her away to get out of the deal but she just ended up kicking him in the groin.

    "I guess I should show you what you just bought, shouldnt I?" Ross said pushing them along down a road that lead towards a very large building in the distance.

    "This place... Looks like crap- I bet you regret buying this place now, huh?" Yami asked Yume who was so overcome with her emotions that she could not hear him as she hugged each and every piece of dusted and broken furniture inside of the building.

    "Sorry about all the dust... I havent been able to utelize this place ever since that Crime Emperor put it under his surveillance- but it should be cool now since its under new ownership." Ross said about to take a seat when the chair suddenly snapped in half when he made contact while Yami surveyed the area and concluded that it was too dangerous.

    "Yume, we can't buy a place like this... I know its on your weird little list of fantasies to own a market but we cant risk our lives for it. I'm sorry but we're gonna have to decline his offer." Yami said trying to reason with Yume who was unfortunately for him already so far gone that she was ready to burst with excitement.

    "**** all that! We'll definitely take it Mr. Ross! This is my dream... My dream has manifested itself- and this is it. I won't take no for answer Yami, no matter what! We will make this work... I know we have a journey ahead of us still but... Thats why we'll appoint a manager~" Yume said with a wink as she looked around to see if there was a homeless man there and there had just so happened to be one near the end of the avenue trying to eat a dead Ratatta.

    "You're not really gonna make that man the manager of this place... Yeah, it used to be a strip club when it was under my supervision but this is a disgrace to Roxxane's legacy- Roxxane is the stripper who died here last year when she attempted to do a lap dance on two men... At the same time." Ross said bowing his head in respect as her memorial lay right along what appeared to be a barrel of Pokemon feces.

    "Meh, whatever... I doesnt matter who's the manager of this place- As long as they honor my rules and respect me its all good to me. But... I feel like we're gonna have to fix this place up a bit before we open for business... There's a few things here that the Department of Health Services might not appreciate for consumers." Yume said looking around at the disasters that had overtaken the entire avenue after only 2 months of a cleaning crews absence as Yami slowly crept away to get out of work before he was tied down with vines.

    "You said there's a few things?! Look around you, this entire place is a death trap! We are going to die if we open up shop here... And there's no way we can get these problems done-" Yami said before he felt Yume's lips embrace his in order to silence him and get him on his side which worked.

    "Thats better... Now, Ross if you would excuse we have alot of work to do here in this avenue... Thanks again for giving it to us though- And I promise to you! I will not disgrace Roxxane's memory~" Yume said with tears falling down her face slowly and comically while Ross saluted her and ran off in the distance as Yami was still love-struck after Yume's kiss until he saw something.

    "What the hell... Is that a- Sigilyph? What's a ancient Pokemon like Sigilyph doing in a place like this? This is truly peculiar..." Yami said standing up from the dusty floor and following the Sigilyph all over the place who appeared to be looking for something or someone.
    Meanwhile, Yume continued to fix the floor boards all her own with the spare wood she found in the closet when suddenly a Sandile pops out of one of the holes in the floor and winks at her.

    "OMG~ OMG~ OMG~! I must have you! I must capture you... I must..." Yume said digging around in her backpack for her Poke-Balls when suddenly a whole pack of Sandile appear from the ground along with a Swadloon and Yami's Oshawott.
    "... Yami, what would you call a large group of Sandile? Would it be a herd or a pack?" Yume asked Yami who was still mindlessly following the Sigilyph around by this point but managed to hear her.

    "I think it would be called a pack because their mostly hostile Dark type Pokemon- but I could be wrong... This would be a nice time to have one of those Pokedex things, huh?" Yami asked Yume who chuckled along with him when suddenly two of the Sandile bit her on the head causing her to pull them off and throw them towards the glass windows shattering them in the process.

    "**** all this... Go! Chiakli! Crest! Chipper! Petulia! I choose you little bastards, now come out and take care of these assholes!" Yume ordered her Pokemon as they pratically leapt out of their Poke-Balls to take care of the Sandile when suddenly a dozen more Pokemon from the desert appeared, including Scraggy, Darumaka, and Sandshrew.

    "Man... Looks like Yume's in hot ****... I guess I have to intervene cause she's my fiance? ... Fine." Yami said sending out all of the Pokemon that remained on his team as well as kicking Oshawott back into the group and shoving what he thought was his Sewaddle evolved into the group as well.

    "Yami, I think these little bastards are trying to ruin my dream... And we can't allow that! I dont care what you have to do- I want these Pokemon jerks dead in the ground, if not dead then I at least want them to suffer!" Yume said as her Pokemon and Yami's Pokemon fired random attacks at the onslaught of Pokemon, defeating some but leaving some still standing as they fired Embers and Sand Tombs at their opponents.

    "Great... See, this is the type of trouble that happens when you try to open up a market that should stay closed for a reason... Whatever- Tachisu! What the hell is wrong with you why are you twitching like that?!" Yami yelled at his Zubat who had apparently begun to have a seizure in the sky before he starts glowing and eventually evolves into Golbat on the spot.

    "Well, that was unexpected... I wonder if its still gonna be tripping balls or not." Yume said as her Pokemon continued to fight head to head with the wild Pokemon as Mareep launched a Thundershock toward the Sigilyph who had also begun to attack Yami and Yume.
    "Let's see- Tachisu! Use Gust on the Scraggy! I wanna see if you're still insane or not..." Yami ordered his Golbat who followed his exact commands before it flew over and bit him on the head in order to suck his blood until he is zapped by Mareep in order for him to get a grip.

    "Nice work Mareep... I've taught you how to be a ***** well, obviously. Huh?" Yume said before she noticed that Mareep had begun to glow and almost immediately evolved into Flaffy right before her eyes.

    "Wow... That's three evolutions in one chapter... I wonder how many people are gonna be pissed about how rushed this is now." Yami said as his Oshawott delivered a powerful blow to a group of Darumaka as he also began to glow indicating that he was evolving when suddenly Yami kicks him into a wall to prevent it.

    "Well, that's one way too make sure that a Pokemon doesnt evolve- you two are the strangest people I've seen in my life... And I'm a homeless man who lives in an old abandoned strip club." the homeless man said eating a bar of soap as the Pokemon continued to battle before his eyes while Yami and Yume stared at him for a moment then went back to ordering their Pokemon to battle as Pidove began to evolve as well eventually evolving into a Tranquil.

    "Wow, okay... This is actually getting really old now... Like for real- who's gonna evolve next Tepig? I'm done with this- like so done... Let's just stop battling these wild Pokemon so that our Pokemon dont evolve anymore, Yume." Yami said returning all of his Pokemon causing the wild Pokemon to gain the advantage in destroying the avenue completely.

    Suddenly, a Dragon Pulse puts a stop to all of the commotion by knocking out each and every one of the wild Pokemon including Yume's.
    "Son a *****! Whatever that just was hurt my Pokemon too! Some bastards gonna pay for this-"Yume said before she turned around to see that it was the homeless man who had now taken off his "pedestrian" clothes and revealed his true identity.

    "Sorry for that, I guess my Dragonite (Faiju) doesnt know its own strength... My name is Special Inspector Lance of the Pokemon G-Men... And I've been sent all the way from our headquarters in the Johto region in order to protect you, Yami." Lance said taking off the rest of his disguise and returning his oddly colored Dragonite back to its Poke-Ball as he shook hands with Yami and Yume to be more formal.

    "Y-Your Lance of the Indigo League of the Kanto and Johto regions- what are you doing in Unova?! And more importantly- what are you talking about?!" Yume said trying to keep herself from totally fangirling over Lance but ending up doing it anyway as Yami shoves her aside to ask his own questions.

    "What do you mean you've come here to protect me? Who gave you such orders?" Yami asked Lance who gave a half smile and then pointed towards the west with full confidence.

    "Your grandfather of course- he said that he trusted me enough to train you into being a powerful warrior in order to assist his country in the steadily growing tension between his country and the Government. I couldnt possibly refuse your grandfather's request- To refuse your masters request is- is- blasphemous." Lance said with a full amount of fiery passion in his voice as Yume applauded his "bravery" and "selflessness" while Yami merely rolled his eyes annoyed.

    "I can't believe he sent someone here just so that I can participate in that little war of his- tell him thank you for the offer, but I really must refuse... Tell him that I'm getting married to this woman right here." Yami said grabbing Yume and embracing her hand causing her to both blush and kick in him in the groin once again as he groveled to the floor she decided to ask her own questions.

    "What are you guys talking about? Is Yami some type of Mafia boss's grandson or something? Or maybe he's really a Prince?! Is he~? Is he~?' Yume said getting closer and closer to Lance as she spoke while Yami eventually recovered from the blow and crawled over to Lance and Yume who had begun to have their own strange conversation.

    "... And that's why I have returned to the great Unova region... In order to make sure that Yami here keeps the promise he made to his grandfather all those years ago- you havent forgotten the promise that was made, have you Yami?" Lance asked Yami who was already cringing thinking about the promise that he made to his grandfather many years ago.

    "I remember... But I've decided to go back on that promise- I no longer have any reason to keep it now that my father has technically disowned me from my entire family." Yami said folding his arms in refusal of Lance's offer as Yume shook her head in disbelief of Yami's refusal.

    "How could you be so cruel to your grandfather?! After all these years your grandfather has never once forgotten the promise that you made to him and this is how you repay his love? That's skan Yami, like really skan..." Yume said trying to trick Yami into peer pressure as she poked his face repeatedly irritating him to point that he exclaims.

    "Fine! I'll keep my promise! Just stop being annoying!" Yami said frustrated that he was being forced into keeping his promise to his grandfather as Lance and Yume put up the V for victory sign with their fingers.

    "... Oh my god... I can't thank you enough for this Lance! I can't believe that you sent all of these people here in order to fix up the avenue... That is so beyond nice! I just cant believe this!" Yume said looking around at the now completely redone and remodeled Join Avenue with different people from Lance's group working at different shops as well as her own shop that read YUME MART causing her to grin as large as she ever had in her life.

    "It was no problem- I would do anything to make Mr. Yami and his family happy." Lance said with a bow to both Yami and Yume as the people who worked at the shops also bowed in unison causing Yume to practically explode with happiness.

    "These are the moments that I enjoy the most- seeing Yume happy like this... But, I am to keep my promise to my grandfather then I wont be able to see her happy smile anymore. I wish that I could've avoided this destiny- but it seems like God has different plans for me now." Yami said looking at Yume making her workers bow to her and create a special throne for her out of the left over materials from construction as Yami smirked a little and realized that no matter what he would be happy if he had Yume.

    Meanwhile... In Aspertia City- a company known as Pokemon Battling Institute...

    "Sir, It has become apparent to us that all of our sales have begun to plummet... All of the merchandise that we had Don George selling through the Pokemon Battle Clubs have barely left the shelves. Barely no one is attending our tournaments-" one of the sales clerk said to a man who was sitting in a chair putting his pet Skitty as he looked out the window at the busy streets below him.

    "Look at them all... Do you think any of them care about big business? Do you think any of them care about sales and marketing? Engineering? Nah, I dont think so... I think all they care about is help each other and living their lives to fullest- I envy such people. I wish that I could just take a permanent vacation away from all of these stacks of paperwork and annoying meetings... I wish I could runaway from all of my troubles and leave them all behind me- But that would make me a copycat, because a Nagisa has already done that." the man said turning around in his chair revealing himself to be a portly man with brown hair and chubby cheeks.

    "Sir... I know that you are still quite worried about your daughter but I promise you that there is no need to fear. Children runaway sometimes... Yeah, she could be homeless and destitute right now but she couldnt possibly be far- I ensure you that she is still somewhere in Aspertia and we will have the best- and I mean best private investigator out looking for her as soon as possible. He is so good, that he said we won't need to pay him until he finds Yume and safely returns her home. He is quite an expert, I promise you." the sales clerk said with full confidence in the private investigator that they hired to find Yume while her father began to look worried.

    "Yume is definitely not the type of girl who will be returned home so easily if it is against her will... I hope we wont have to pay for any of his medical expenses..." Yume's father said worried that he might have to waste money because of his daughters temper as the sales clerk pulled something out of his messenger bag.

    "Speaking of expenses... It appears that he's already spent over 10,000 Poke on hotels and singles bars... If this continues then we might go bankrupt..." the sales clerk said reading over the list over and over again to make sure that he was correct as Yume's father face palmed and turned to look out the window at a man questioning several people on the streets with a photo of Yume.

    "Tell me, have you seen this girl? She's been missing for a couple years now and we are deeply concerned about her... You know the owner of the Pokemon Battle Institute, Coby Nagisa? This is his daughter Yume. I'm sure he would be willing to give you some sort of monetary reward if you were to find her." the man said showing them several pictures of Yume in obvious fan service and questionable positions as they men shook their heads and went on.

    Suddenly, a round of Embers is shot at the man from atop the Battle Institute building.

    "Hey you! Don't tell people that I'm gonna give them some sort of reward if they help find my daughter! I'm already going bankrupt because of your freeloading ***!" Yume's father shouted out from atop the building in his office as the man grinned and waved towards him not able to hear a thing he had just said.

    "My name is Remington Steele! I'm a PI from Castelia City sent here to investigate the disappearance of your daughter- I promise you sir, that no matter what I will find your daughter and return her home to you. You have my word as a former Castelia City chief of police!" Remington said with a salute as he marched onward toward his next lead about Yume's whereabouts while her father simply stared down at a man who he believed was deluded and insane.

    "Yeah... There is no way in hell that that man is ever going to find Yume- we might as well send out a SWAT team instead." Coby said looking down at Remington who had just tripped on his own shoelace as little kids pointed and laughed at him causing him to whimper and whine.

    "Yes, that man has absolute no competence whatsoever I would never trust him with such an important assignment- if it wasnt for his partner he would never even have touched this case once. But- his partner is such a stealth and absolute PI that it didnt matter how incompetent or stupid he was... I think you would really like his partner, she has a daring and cool attitude- and she shares a name with someone that you hold dear." the sales clerk said getting a nosebleed describing whoever PI Remington's partner was as Coby got intrigued.

    "Could her name by Veronica? I remember purchasing a prostitute with that name not so long ago..." Coby said somewhat sarcastically as the sales clerk waved at him dismissively and finally elaborated on who she was.

    "Her name- Yumi... But with an I- when it comes to sleuthing, there is no one in the world who could ever do a better job than her." the sales clerk said cleaning the blood from his nose with a hankie while Coby wondered just what in the world he was talking about.

    In a back alley in Virbank City...

    "Are you telling me that she isnt in Aspertia City anymore? Where could she have gone then? Have you asked the people that at the very least?" a young woman said feeding her "baby" some milk in the alleyway as she took pictures of a man cheating on his wife and talking on the phone with someone at the same time.

    "The people in this city are so mean to me, boss lady~ They wont even let me eat in their restaurants when I dont have on shoes... I dont like this place. I liked Undella much better- I wanna go back there instead... Maybe Yume went there?" Remington questioned over the phone to the young woman who had just finished feeding her "baby" who in reality turned out to be a baby Larvitar as well as finished taking pictures of the adulterous husband.

    "Well... Maybe... Or maybe she isnt- actually there's more of a chance that she's in her bedroom right now than her being in Undella. The next time you whine about wanting to go somewhere more easier I'm gonna do disown you as my partner, you understand? You used to be the chief of police of Castelia City... What the hell happened?" the young woman said getting on her motorcyle and strapping her baby Larvitar on the back securely to make sure he was safe while stick his binkie in his mouth.

    "... Yes ma'am... I'm sorry boss lady... It wont ever happen again- I promise... I'll find Yume here in Aspertia City if its the last thing I do!" Remington proclaimed so loudly that everyone around him turned and laughed at his outburst while the young woman he was on the phone with scoffed.

    "There's no need to remain in Aspertia City- if my hunch is correct then Yume has already left there and might even be on mainland Unova by now... Somewhere near Nimbasa Town or Nimbasa City. I'll head there now and you meet up with me there..." the young woman said as she revved her motorcycle and proceeded down the streets of Virbank toward the pier as people watched her in awe.

    "Wow~ You are genius, Ms. Yumi~! I will serve you to the ends of the earth~!" Remington squealed over the phone as Yumi smirked.
    "I already knew that... Dummy." Yumi said she got off her bike and headed down towards the only remaining ship left at the harbor.
    What happens when two diffrent people connect through an unlikely adventure?
    Pokemon-BW- Dare to live?

    So how many Pokemons are there?

    Silly Jack, the plural of Pokemon is Pokemon

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    Pokemon: Filler Adventures and Pokemon: Rise of the Penguin respectivley.
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    Now that I think about it....that poster is a horrible advertisement
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    Wow, I'm just stating that I'm uncomfortable with one of the few decent pokemon on the train wreck that is Ash's Unova team getting shafted and you accuse me of impersonating an imposter?!

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    Authors Note-I just realized two things, the reason the chapters aren't released as frequently are cause I'm making them longer :P And XY comes out on Saturday so I A. Won't be as interested in BW2 stuff anymore or B. I will add some XY stuff in mix with BW2 stuff- probably B lol... Anyway, very important information this chapter! Who is Goku?! Who's Yumi with an 'i'?! And why would they wanna free Hat?! Enjoy!


    "Oh yeah, mother****er! We finally made it to Nimbasa City~! This is awesome, after all that time in the desert and then teaching those idiots about running Join Avenue- we finally made it to Nimbasa City..." Yume said looking over the city from atop a hill directly outside the city while Yami simply shrugged and head onwards.
    "Oh well... It isnt such a big deal... We're gonna make it to a lot of cities hopefully- what's the point of being so excited over just making it to Nimbasa? It's not like its any more special than the other cities or something." Yami said walking along the steps that led down to the city as Yume began to boil with rage but soon simmered down when she realized Yami may not know a lot about Nimbasa City.

    "Well, you obvious *******... It's obvious that you dont know that Nimbasa city is nicknamed Battle Central because of its powerful emphasis on battling, training, and the like." Yume said with a large grin as she pulled Yami along til they reached several buildings that had the word "battle" in their name as well as the largest Pokemon Center in Unova headed by 3 different Nurse Joys.

    "Hey Nurse Joy, remember me? That girl who came in here and tried to expose this Pokemon a drug smuggling ring?" Yume said to one of the Nurse Joys as if it was a warm greeting while the other Nurse Joys took a smoke break in the back with their Chansey's and Audino's.
    "Oh yeah! You were the only person in the entire Unova region to even come close to finally getting this place shut down... Lucky for us, Chansey's are able to hide alot of things up its rectum- well, much better than Audino to say the least. Damn anal dysfunction... Could've ruined our entire operation." Nurse Joy said picking up several Poke-Balls that were left on the counter from previous Trainers, looking around for any observers then throwing them away in the trash can next to her.

    "Wow... That's one way to lose your job- why would you throw Pokemon away in the trash can? That's just cruel and unusual punishment for them doing absolutely nothing to you or anyone else." Yami said trying to get the Poke-Balls out of the trash but only receiving a smack in the face from Nurse Joy's Blissey.

    "How about you not, 'kay? You know how hard my job is? I have to put these Poke-Balls in this here machine, turn on the machine, wait several seconds for them to be healed, then give them back to the Trainers who asked me to heal them... I dont see any reason why I shouldnt able to cut corners." Nurse Joy said taking the trash bag out of the trash can and then handing it to Blissey so that she could throw it away while Yami cringed at the entire predicament.

    "I can't help but agree... It must be so much more simpler to cut corners than do **** that difficult- see, this is why the Nurse Joy's are the my idols Yami! They're so wise and they're in charge of their own lives, you know?" Yume asked Yami in complete awe of what she perceived as a fully confident role model and woman but Yami begged to differ.

    "All I see right now is an extremely lazy ***** who doesnt like to do **** and so she cuts corners so that she can go smoke meth with her sisters in the backroom." Yami said completely annoyed at the entire situation while Yume scoffed and rolled her eyes.
    "Sorry but I beg to differ... First off, I'm not lazy- I get up from my usual 14 hours of sleep and come in here 5 hours late and help snot-nosed little ***** brats like you heal you're ugly *** Pokemon. Then I go in the back with my aunt and mother and smoke E-meth with them... Sorry but you left out very important details that help this situation look much better for outsiders." Nurse Joy once again picking up a batch of Poke-Balls and throwing them away in the trash can beside her, this time however letting loose a Roselia from its Poke-Ball who went flying into the air, letting out millions of beautiful rose petals in the process.

    "Really? Cause that totally helps your case... Anyway... These flowers are beautiful... I wonder who's Pokemon this is-" Yami said before the light suddenly went out except for a lone strobe light in the distance with snapping being heard in the background.
    "Wow... Whoever set this whole thing up is like super super gay... Like, they are so gay that I wanna punch them in the face with a rainbow right now." Yume said completely irritated by the lights suddenly going out as the person appeared from the darkness into the strobe light and let out a delightful squeal.

    "Roselia~ I finally found you~! I can't believe that we would end up in the same Pokemon Center after so long apart~" the young man said racing toward Roselia and turning the lights back on in the process as she brushed up against Roselia in glee of seeing his old friend again as Yami and Yume wondered where they recognized him from.

    "Yami... Havent we seen this guy somewhere before? Like... inside a shack? And he hit on me or whatever?" Yume asked Yami who looked closer at the young man and recognized him to be the former Gym Leader of the Striaton City Gym, Cecillio. "Yeah... It's that sexually confused Connoisseur guy..." Yami said folding his arms in disapproval of Cecillio being there with them while Cecillio jumped away from his Roselia onto a surprised Yume.

    "Oh Yume, my darling~ How long the days have felt since I've been able to see you... This life that I've lived would be utterly meaningless had I not known you were at the end of my path." Cecillio said pretending to be in tears as Yume blushed and waved dismissively at him.
    "Oh come on now, Cecillio... You know that you're just saying that..." Yume said embarrassed while Yami began to fill up with a certain rage inside of himself until he was simmered down by Nurse Joy pouring cold water on him.

    "Hey Frenchie, you forgot your Pokemon here again... I was gonna throw it away in the trash like I do all the others but lucky for you your Roselia had enough common sense to release itself from its Poke-Ball before I got the chance to." Nurse Joy said a bit disappointed that she wasnt able to throw Cecillio's Pokemon away in the trash while Cecillio continued to flirt with Yume in a nonchalant manner.

    "Actually, my dear Yume~ When I heard from the Gym Leader of Castelia City Burgh, that you would be coming here soon I waited here in order to meet you here... I have to ask you a favor, will you please participate in the the Tag Battle Train challenge with me at the Battle Subway? That way I'll be able to battle with many different powerful Trainers, rather than the previously weak Trainers with weak Pokemon like Cubchoos and Glooms." Cecillio said disdainfully remembering the easy wins that he got from battling weak Trainers that came to challenge him while Yume thought for a moment then graciously agreed to help him.

    "It would be my honor to battle with you Cecillio... I mean, at least you arent a total stick in the mud like Yami- it'll be fun to battle alongside someone I actually have chemistry with." Yume said with a wink and a smile as she took Cecillio's hand and skipped off with him towards the Battle Subway.

    "Not that my finace just left me to be with a dirty Frenchmen... This must be how every single man who's ever gone to see the Pink Panther must feel. Or worse, cause they actually went to see the Pink Panther." Yami said with a sigh as he started out of the Center alone not knowing what to do when suddenly a wad of paper hit the back of his head.

    "You look like you need a release... And by release I mean you look like you need to smoke some good-good, bro... That's a flyer/invitation to a Musical Festival in Anville Town hoping to legalize the use of weed. I guarantee that once you hit up this joint (pun intended), the stick up your *** will at least be loosened and you'll be more mellow than Cheech and Chong." Nurse Joy said putting up her "Break" sign and heading towards the back where her mother and aunt were still smoking E-Meth along with their Chansey and Audino respectively.

    "... Not that I wanna smoke some marijuana- but this Musical Festival does seem interesting, I actually know some of these bands too. It should be a good experience to go and check this out-" Yami said before he was interrupted mid-sentence by Nurse Joy pretending to snore loudly at the sheer boredom of his generic comments.

    "Huh?! Oh sorry,I fell asleep listening to you inquire about some BS... Go to smoke some weed or listen to music it doesnt matter just go. The train for Anville Town is called the Brown Train and it leaves in less than a half an hour, if you really wanna go you better hurry up or it'll leave you." Nurse Joy said waving goodbye as she walked towards the backroom and then closed and locked the door tight so that no one could enter the room while Yami stared down at the flyer and decided that he was definitely gonna go the Music Festival in Anville Town.

    "So this is my first ever Music Festival to be perfectly honest- my dad always said that it was a sin to go to these kind of things cause of the sodomy, drugs, and domestic violence but now I'm like "who cares", you know? I mean, I'm already on a journey without his permission... What's the worse that I can do now? You know?" Yami asked the young woman who was sitting beside trying to keep a conversation so that he didnt totally give in to the vapors of marijuana that had covered the train.

    "Yeah, I totally get you! Like, my parents were super strict too, you know? Like I couldnt do anything until I got Giochu here, you know? Like we've been all around the world and stuff- to places like Johto and Hoenn, just hitting up the random Music Festivals, challenging a few Gyms and a few contest along the way... It's been a long adventure but I'm glad that I've been able to have my close friends like Larvitar with me, you know?" the young woman said snuggling with her Larvitar who was wrapped around in a baby blanket and drinking from a bottle.

    "That's great! I just have one question though... Why is a fully grown Larvitar being treated like a baby? Dont you think that'll negatively affect his psych in some kinda way? Like... What if he really thinks he's a baby Pokemon for the rest of his life?" Yami asked the young woman who looked down at her Larvitar then back up to Yami then back down to her Larvitar then back up to Yami about six times before she finally came up with an answer.

    "But he'll always be my baby~ I would never make my Larvitar have to feel like he has to grow up just because of the worlds standards... He can be whatever he wants to be and I'm never gonna tell him any differently, isnt that right, Giochu?" the young woman asked her Larvitar who burped in her face as a reply and then went back to drinking from its Larvitar while Yami suddenly began to see strange colors floating around the train car forming into strange bubbles and then strange puff-balls.

    "Fail... So much fail right there... Hey, do you see these bubbles floating around the train miss..." Yami said before he realized that he didnt even know the name of the young woman he's being talking to for the past hour as the puff-balls started to turn into Poke-Balls that began to rotate around random people's heads.

    "My name is Yumi, with an 'i'... I didnt use to say that to people but ever since I found out there was this girl named Yume with an 'e' in her name, I've made sure that I clarified that mine is spelled with an 'i' and not a 'e'." Yumi said in a sort of rant as Yami began to grab the Poke-balls he saw from atop her skull with his hands just going right through them much to his annoyance.

    "Dammit! I can't get these Poke-Balls... And they look ultra rare too! I mean have you ever seen a Pokemon that moved on its like these before?" Yami asked Yumi who finally realized that he had inhaled some of the marijuana through second-hand smoke so she used Larvitar's Tackle to knock him out until the train arrived in Anville Town.

    "Sorry about knocking you out like that, it's just that you had begun to grab at my hair and it was becoming really, really irritating and I just couldnt take it anymore..." Yumi said to Yami who was still recovering from Larvitar's blow due to the damage it did to his skull.
    "It's alright, pink butterfly... I could never stay mad at you, like ever." Yami said snuggling close to Yumi thinking she was pink butterfly with her patting him on the head affectionately so that he didnt have a sudden outburst of rage.

    "I hope this whole brain damage thing isnt permanent though, I didnt mean to make you go nuts or anything, I just wanted you to be knocked out for the rest of the train ride... I forgot how sensitive normal people are to physical blows after working so long with only Pokemon at my side, sorry." Yumi said to Yami in a form of apology but not to much avail as Yami was still tripping balls from the brain damage.

    Suddenly, they both notice the large crowd of people gathering in the center of the town in front of what seemed like the worlds largest stage.

    "Hey... That must be where the Music Festival's taking place, come on Yami! We dont wanna miss the opening ceremonies!" Yumi said grabbing the now unconscious Yami's hand and dragging him towards the giant stage but getting blocked by the horde of people in front of them.

    "Hey, man... You're friend doesnt look so good- actually he looks like he's dead... If he's dead is it cool if I urinate on him or whatever? The guy that I usually urinate on left me for some Ursaring Lover's society or whatever..." a really smell young man said starting to pull down his pants and piss on Yami but only getting a kick in the face from Yumi.

    "Have you people no standards?! God, I thought that people from Unova would have more class than this but I guess I was wrong... You're not the first person who's asked me if they could pee on my friend I have a feeling that you wont be the last. I can't believe this... The image that I had for Unova has being completely demolished... I thought people who smoked pot were suppose to be mellow, not perverts!" Yumi said in another rant about the ethics that she thought Unova held but was sadly mistaken as the smelly young man backed off and went off to find someone else to urinate on.

    "Yo~ man... Are you willing to sign a petition to let my brother free from prison? Despite what the news and the media says, my brother is a really great person man~ I remember this one time when we were kids, my brother took me to an adult movie theatre! Thats what real big brothers do man... Forget the rules and norms society has set forward for us." the young man who smelled like completely cannabis said in what appeared to be an extended sneeze as he handed Yumi the petition.

    "What's the petition for? I mean like, why is he is in prison? What'd he do?" Yumi asked the young man who blatantly ignored the question and went on another rant about how his brother was such a good person.

    "I remember this one time he saw this homeless man on the street man... He gave him 50 bucks man... Yeah, it was after making him getting a little freaky in his van, but at least he paid the poor man-man..." the young man said trying once again to make a convincing that his brother was innocent but not presenting why he was in prison in the first place.

    "Yeah, you're still not telling me why he's in prison... I'm not gonna sign a petition for his release if he's just gonna turn around and murder me, sorry.” Yumi said about to hand the petiton back before the young man finally gave in and told her why he was in jail.

    “It’s because he was in possession of some weed, man! ... And a few machine guns... And he might have shot a few babies with the machine guns... But it was only self defense, man! Those babies were so strung out on his weed man... They would’ve killed him had he not protected himself.” the young man said trying to sound convincing to Yumi but to no avail however the rest of the crowd was apeased with it and they all crowded around him to sign his petition causing Yumi to have to struggle herself away from the crowd along with Yami and her Giochu.

    “I can’t believe this... No bands have gone on yet or anything, just people spouting nonsense about smoking weed and legalizing weed, its ******** is what it is.” Yumi said covering her Larvitar’s ears for the last part of her speech as a man on the stage vocalized his opinion on legalizing marijuana.

    “Did you know that except in hick towns like Petalburg and Lilycove City, that weed is completely legal in Hoenn?! You can walk around butt-naked, smoking a joint and none of the Officer Jenny’s would even question it, man! This is what Unova needs, and if not all of Unova then at least Nimbasa City and Anville Town! This is so unfair, man! Unova sucks! Unova sucks!” the young man on the stage began to chant as the others in crowd soon followed in suit while Yumi rolled her eyes and stayed in the clearing that she discovered outside of the crowd as a woman walked over towards her.

    “You’re friend, he doesnt look so good... Do you think he needs to go to the hospital?” the woman asked her checking Yami’s pulse and vital signs as Yumi suddenly began to tear up.

    “You’re the first person at this Music Festival that’s even cared about my friend... People have asked to piss on him, force him to write an unconscious signature, they even tried to use him as a test dummy for their Weed Man suit- I cant believe I’ve finally met a sensible person in this horde of weirdo's.” Yumi said drying the tears from her eyes as the woman continued to look over Yami and eventually came to a consensus on what needed to be done.

    “It appears to he has sustained significant head damage... I’ll be able to heal him in a matter of seconds, do you happen to have a Lum Berry with you perhaps?” the woman asked as Yumi dropped down in despair at the comment the woman just made.

    “Well... There goes the sensibility that I thought you had... But yeah, I do actually have one of those.” Yumi said digging one out of her bag and handing it to the woman who bit off the stem and then sliced it open with a knife and fed the juices to Yami.

    “I know it may not seem like such a reasonable way to heal someone but this is our best bet at the moment... I hope it works.” the woman said continuing the feed the juice to Yami until he became green in the face and spat out the rest of the horrible tasting juice.

    “Ew! What the hell?! Why does it feel like a guy tried to pee on me, force me to sign a signature to release a a serial child killer, and being used as a test dummy?! What the hell is going on?!” Yami asked the two women looking around to see that he arrived at the Music Festival and therefore had already answered his own question as he got up from the ground, dusted himself off and stood up looking at the bands who had finally begun to play.

    “I’m glad you’re alright... I wasnt sure if my procedure would work or not, at all really... But I’m glad that you’re alright- I’ll see you two around, I have to make a speech later so I gotta go backstage to get ready with the other smelly hippies- see you~” the woman said with a wave then running off toward the back of the stage with eagerness while Yami and Yumi watched her and then shrugged in unison.
    “I take it that means that you looked after me up until now then, Yumi? Thanks so much for that... You’re such a great friend.” Yami said with a smile at a guilty-looking Yumi who gave a half smile and nodded.

    “Even though its kinda my fault that you fell unconscious... Anyway... This joint is dead (pun intended) you wanna go check out some of the trains before the really good bands and groups come out?” Yumi asked Yami who shrugged as they walked toward the old train station in the far end of the town.

    “Man... It really smells out here, like really really bad. Now I know how it must feel to go to a French cotillion...” Yami said looking around at the crowd of people who were either smoking with each other, making out with each other, or going into tents with each other.

    “Yeah, this is kinda gross... Huh?” Yume asked when she saw a man being pursued by what appeared to be two Police Officer’s Growlithe’s.
    “Heeeelp! Help me! These Police Officer’s are exerting their authority in an unlawful manner! Heeelp!” the man said as he ran along the clear path but eventually falling over his own samurai gi as the two Growlithe leaped in to deliver powerful Fire Fangs on him.
    Suddenly, the Growlithe’s are sent back thanks to a quick Counter attack from a Woubbeffet.

    “Are you okay? Come on, lets go!” Yumi said picking the man up and putting him on her back as they ran further and further from the Police Officers until they were finally out of sight.

    “I am so sorry for all of the trouble that I have caused you two... My name is Gokuwarura, but you can either call me Goku or Go for short- I came to this region in order to find someone that was taken from my by the Government and those Police Officers were one of said opprsesers.” Goku said with a sigh but still with a great amount of dignity and pride as Yami applauded his pride if not only because he was a samurai.

    “I can’t believe I’m getting to meet a real-life Samurai from another region... This has been my dream for so long, you don’t even know! I would ask for your autograph but that could be considered disrespectful couldnt it?” Yami asked Goku who shook his head and happily gave him some signed material much to Yami’s glee.

    “So... How do we know that you arent one of those rouge Samurai’s who are out to oppose the Government on orders from the Emperor of the country of Samurai’s and Ninjas?” Yumi asked concerned for her and Giochu’s safety as the Samurai’s expression became stern and serious but her reply was only met with a shrug causing her to fall over.

    “There’s nothing I can say that can provide true evidence that I am not one of the rouge Samurai... There’s actually more evidence that suggest I am one, then not being one. All I know is that your Government holds something of mine in the region next to this one known as Kalos- and I want it back.” Goku said standing up from the ground and dusting himself off then looking off into the distance with a stern and cool expression much to Yami’s happiness causing him to fanboy over it.

    “I guess I understand what you mean... All I can do is pray that you arent, huh? Imagine having to deal with a Samurai of all people when you’re already looking for some runaway kid?” Yumi asked also getting up from the ground to see who was playing at the moment and then realizing that the woman from before was about to give her speech.

    “Hey... Looks like whatever that woman was talking about is about to happen- you wanna go check it out, Yumi?” Yami asked Yumi as he stuffed his autographed material into his bag and Goku started to walk over towards the trains.

    “I suppose so... Huh? Is something wrong, Mr. Goku?” Yumi asked Goku who had already walked up directly to one of the oldest trains in the station and observed its exterior. “These trains are said to be over 300 years old- I came to this town in particular in order to learn the connection between these trains and the trains that exist in my home country. However... Within this train I feel something- something... Strange.” Goku said reaching for both of his swords at the same time and then unsheathing them both simultaneously.

    “You’re saying there’s something inside of the train?! Like where? I dont see anything...” Yami said looking within the windows of the train as much as he possibly could but seeing nothing but darkness while Yumi merely stared at Goku with a piqued interest when suddenly a woman appeared beside her looking at Goku with a smile.

    “Goku... Has the ability to see thing that normal people are unable to see due to his Will of Ranse ability of Inner Sanctum... It’s truly a mysterious ability, but he’s somehow being able to master it- but what else could you expect from someone of his caliber? Uyuyuyuyuyu...” Mune said in a sort of mumble as Goku got in front of the trains and then pointed it towards the train with full confidence and valor.
    “I refuse to allow for these Pokemon to be trapped inside of this train, I Gokuwarura Ichimonji the 9th shall save them from their deaths at any cost!” Goku exclaimed as he put his swords behind his back and then swiped toward the train and cut the entire train in half as if he was using two perfectly sharpened knives much to the shock of Yami and Yumi who’s mouths had dropped open by this point.

    “No way... There is no way... He was really able to cut those trains in half with such minimal of ease?! What the hell kinda swordsman is this guy?!” Yumi asked herself in complete and utter shock as Goku but his swords away and proceeded away from the train, as hordes and hordes of Pokemon leapt out from underneath a secret compartment.

    “I can’t believe this... He’s more awesome than I thought~ If I wasnt on a journey with Yume then I would ask him to let me be his student! That’s just how incredible he is!” Yami said running up to the man and asking for another autograph and getting one almost immediately while Yumi looked confused for a moment on why he thought they were on a journey together.

    “Go-san... It appears that you have caused a bit of a problem now, havent you? Rather or not these Pokemon were being kept here against their will you have destroyed what must be a million dollar train... Their not just gonna let us go without paying for this. Unless we runaway before they catch us or something...” Mune said to Go with a bit of a smile from the amusement she got from thinking about running away from the authorities as Goku thought about it for a moment then deciding that running would be best.

    “Once again... Thank you both for all that you have done for me today, if we ever meet again I would love to treat you all to some takoyaki... It’s my hometown’s treasure! Now, until we meet again- stay gold!” Goku said sending out a giant Alataria from his Poke-Ball and hoping on its back and then flying away into the distance with Mune.

    “That was strange... And why was Mune here? That was really strange? And why were these Pokemon in that train? That’s even more strange... Everything about today has just been so freaking strange man...” Yami said folding his arms and deciding to give up when suddenly the train exploded but rather than destroying it, it froze everything from the inside out.

    “What in the world?! What’s going on now...” Yumi said looking over the train to see if there was any Pokemon left but thankfully they had all managed to escape just in time. “There are some really strange things happening... Just like I said before- had the person who put all these Pokemon inside that train meant for them to be frozen in ice?” Yami asked himself and Yumi as they both looked at the frightened and scared Pokemon who had begun to run toward the nearest forest to get as far away from humans as possible.

    “Soooo~ When I first came to this town I was under the impression that I was about to get Jamaican wasted- but then I heard about this poor, poor man in jail named Hat Vattetican- who was falsely sent to prison over having possession of marijuana, possession of machine guns, giving out marijuana to minors, and then murdering said minors because they suddenly became hostile toward him... Now I dont know about you but I believe in freedom and the 2nd amendment! I believe that a person should have the right to bare arms and be able to hold marijuana on the person... And also believe that if children are trying to kill you then you have the right to kill them Isnt that just fair?! So I’m proud to say that thanks to Mrs. Sarah McHahan we were able to reach 2,000 signatures in order to let Hat Vattetican free from a Kalos prison! Who’s ready to welcome back Hat?!~” Elesa said sparking a powerful fury within the crowd as they all started to celebrate by breaking stuff and punching each other eventually starting a riot much to Yami and Yumi’s dismay.

    “Excuse me but... Did you just say that a person should have the right to kill children? I’m sorry but thats the most terrible thing I have ever heard a person say- And I can’t possibly stand for a person like that to be let out of prison... So- I challenge you, Elesa or whatever your name is! If I win then you all have to burn the signatures, got it?” Yami said climbing over the crowd of booing and angry people onto the stage where he formally challenged Elesa to a battle.

    “Oh my... It seems that I caused this little man to blow a fuse~ But I humbly accept your challenge, young man! It’ll be a one on one battle... If I win then the petition stays as it is and Hat Vatteican is set free from prison, but if you win then we destroy the petition and Hat will be released from prison by sunset tomorrow... Are you ready?! Electabuzz! I choose you!” Elesa said sending out her giant Electabuzz much to the pleasure of the crowd as Yami shook his head and sent out his Riolu to take care of Electabuzz.

    “When you helped me before with that Lum berry I thought that you were a considerate person- but if you advocate the death of children then there’s no one I can let someone like you set free a person like Hat! Riolu, lets start this off with an Aura Sphere to the skull!” Yami ordered his Riolu who instead of ignoring him like most other times actually obeyed him and released a devastating Aura Sphere to Electabuzz who would have been sent back had it not used Light Screen.

    “You’re gonna need to do better than that, my dear challenger~ Electabuzz, lets send a shock to his system with a Thunder Punch!” Elesa ordered her Electabuzz who shot electricity from its antenna's then hit Riolu with a unbelievable Thunder Punch in the jaw knocking him on the ground instantly.

    “Oh no... Riolu, are you okay? We gotta keep fighting! We can’t let this nutcase woman and these coked out hippies let a man like that Hat guy free... If you can understand my resolve then please, get up!” Yami asked of his Riolu who managed to stand up a little bit but was pummeled again with a Thunder Punch and then taking multiple blows until he began to glow with a strange light.
    “Oh no... It looks like Riolu is gonna die... Or what else does that light mean again? I forgot...” Elesa said as the crowd watched in awe at Riolu evolving into a Lucario right before their eyes with newfound determination.

    “Oh heeeeell yeeesss~! Oba, you evolved into Lucario! I’m so proud of you! I am like so freaking of proud of you, omg!” Yami shouted as he began to fanboy over his Riolu evolving as Oba leapt into the air and delivered a powerful blow to Electabuzz with a Force Palm but was soon met with a Fire Punch in the stomach.

    “Come now... Don’t think that evolving is gonna help you out of this- Electabuzz, finish him off with your most powerful Fire Punch!” Elesa ordered her Electabuzz who ignited its most powerful flame on its fist then went in to deliver a powerful blow to Lucario but instead was met with a slap in the face from Oba’s Bone Rush defeating him almost simultaneously.

    “Next time a Pokemon evolves mid-way through a battle, you should know that the challenger has already won... Also- Nice job Oba! We did it! We beat Elesa!” Yami cheered along with Yumi before she got dirty looks from the now angry crowd of people so she ran off toward the now departing Brown Train along with Yami and Lucario who didnt wanna miss the train either.

    “Thank god we still have 5 more minuets before the train is suppose to depart, I did not wanna be left here all night with these insane people.” Yami said huffing and puffing after running all the way from the stage to the station thinking that the train was gonna leave him while Yumi simply giggled at him.

    “You were great though Yami... Now all they have to is keep the side of the promise and that Hat jerk will never be let out of prison, ever.” Yumi said breathing a sigh of relief that the world would have one less maniac in it when suddenly Elesa and her entourage appeared at the station followed by the paparazzi.

    “Oh my goodness~ Thank goddesses I found you, Yami... I almost forgot that I was suppose to give you a badge because you defeated me. It would be against my code as a Gym Leader to not give a powerful Trainer a badge after going through all that effort to defeat me.” Elesa said handing Yami the badge then curling it into his palms with a kiss and a round of cheerful applause from the paparazzi and her entourage
    . “Hold on... Are you telling me that you’re the Anville Town Gym Leader or something?! I didnt even know there was a Gym in Anville Town.” Yami said completely confused at what was going on which caused everyone around him to chuckle.

    “No, no, no... I’m the Nimbasa City Gym Leader Elesa- I came here today to sing at the Music Festival but then I got all mixed up in that drama with that Hat Vatteican guy- oh yeah, and dont worry I made sure that the petition is burned. The hippies promised me that it wouldnt be given to the Government.” Elesa said with a wink and a smile as the paparazzi and her entourage again applauded her for no reason while Yumi looked at her unconvinced.

    “Are you sure we can trust those hippies? Last time I checked they were too high to even know where they are right now... Can we really take their word that they’ll burn the petition?” Yumi asked Elesa who thought for a moment then shrugged causing everyone to fall over in disbelief of her stupidity.

    “But its all good... My husband is the Mayor of Nimbasa City, so I’ll make sure that he makes sure that Hat isnt released from prison- I promise you~” Elesa said with another wink as she put back on her sunglasses and headed back toward the stage to deliver the performance she promised everyone while Yami merely stared at his badge intensely.

    “This makes badge #4... That means I just need 4 more badges and I can get into the Vertress League- I can’t wait!” Yami shouted in enthusiasm as Yumi giggled once again and the train conductor motioned for the passengers to get on the train leaving for Nimbasa City.
    “I think I’m gonna leave this place too... There’s really nothing to do when everyone’s either a drunk hippie or a Elesa fan, you dont mind me tagging along with you, do you?” Yumi asked Yami with a cutesy wink causing him to blush and nod slowly so that he didnt seem to eager.
    “T-Then let’s go... I got my badge so all I need to is wait for Yume and we can leave Nimbasa City for Driftveil.” Yami said talking to himself not aware that Yumi heard him and wondered why he thought he needed to wait on her.

    “Are you serious?! They were really keeping such a dangerous man in here without maximum security?! Do the 5 Benedicts just not care about the safety of anyone but themselves?” a security guard said walking the prison cells with a senior security guard to make sure the prisoners were behaving appropriately. “Yuup... They said there was no need to have any guards because he had no physical strength other than his Pokemon and they were all released by a Pokemon Release Specialist. So there’s nothing to worry about- I have no doubt that the 5 Benedicts know what they’re doing.” the senior guard said with a blank expression of happiness as he passed by the cells and bowed respectively to what he assumed was the boss of the cell division.

    “But I can’t believe that they’re ordering for his release along with that Hat fellow, this is completely unprecedented- no other prisoner has ever left this prison after they’ve entered it.” the younger guard said as they made it to the back of the cell division to a lone cell at the very end with two older looking men inside the cage bickering about something.

    “They said that a powerful ally of theirs from a distant country has agreed to let them into his Halfway House- I dont know all the details but it was convincing enough for me, considering it came from the heads of the world and all.” the senior security guard said opening up the cell slightly and making a large grin as the younger security guard took out a list and read something off of it.

    “Prisoners #2456 and #46456, we are under orders from the most mightiest powers of the Government to release you from the custody of this behavioral correction facility into the custody a acquaintance of yours from the past... Please excuse all of the abuse you have suffered from this point, and have a nice life--- Warden Goliath.” the security guard said reading from a letter that the Warden wrote as the two prisoners ended their argument and both grinned largely in unison.

    “I told him there was no way he could keep me here... Well, there goes the neighborhood! Hahahahaha!” the prisoner bellowed along with his fellow prisoner and the senior security guard. “Once again, our deepest apologies... Don Giovanni, sire.” the senior security guard said a respectable bow soon to be followed by the younger security guard who had no idea what was going on.

    “Don’t worry about it... Just make sure your men never make the same mistake again, understood?” Giovanni said receiving his hat, overcoat, and cigar from several more guards and then let out a menacing chuckle.

    “Hey... Check this out, it looks like some kind of old style X-Transceiver... I dont want it, but do you?” Yumi asked picking something up from the ground causing Yami to jump back a bit.
    “Do you just pick up random things from the ground and take it? Thats ratchet...” Yami said before he saw what she picked up and became somewhat entranced with it for some reason.

    “I’m not the only one who does it- anyway... I don’t want it- you can have it, it’s all yours.” Yumi said handing it to Yami who couldnt refuse it since he had become interested in it for whatever reason.

    Suddenly, someone appears over the large monitor on top the Big Stadium with some sort of PSA.

    “Yume Nagisa! I know you can hear me! My name is Yuki Nao, I dont know if you remember me but I definitely remember you! I want to make sure that the score between us is settled- once and for all... So I’m asking- no I’m demanding that you accept my challenge tomorrow- my challenge to end our heated rivalry once and for all!” Yuki Nao proclaimed across the screen so that no matter where Yume was in Nimbasa City she could hear her sparking a instant amount of interest inside of Yami who was worried about the safety of his fiance and puzzled by her past.
    What happens when two diffrent people connect through an unlikely adventure?
    Pokemon-BW- Dare to live?

    So how many Pokemons are there?

    Silly Jack, the plural of Pokemon is Pokemon

    Quote Originally Posted by Street Comedy View Post
    Pokemon: Filler Adventures and Pokemon: Rise of the Penguin respectivley.
    Quote Originally Posted by TheFonz View Post
    Now that I think about it....that poster is a horrible advertisement
    Quote Originally Posted by Street Comedy View Post
    Wow, I'm just stating that I'm uncomfortable with one of the few decent pokemon on the train wreck that is Ash's Unova team getting shafted and you accuse me of impersonating an imposter?!

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    LAuthors Note- What's this?! Another chapter in the same week?! :O And you'll be getting more? What?! Lol But on a more serious note... Romance~ Betrayal~ Creepers~ Relationships are established! Heartbreak occurs- but for whom?! And just who is this man who has plans for Giovanni?! Enjoy!


    "Not that somebody just challenged my fiancé on a big screen or whatever... I wonder who Yume pissed off now." Yami said gazing at the young man on the screen who was now showing off her golden tennis racket to Yume and all of the pedestrians who were watching the PSA.

    "Again, what are you talking about? Since when am I your fiancé? And what do you mean I pissed someone off?" Yumi asked Yami who was no longer paying attention to her out of concern for Yume and what was going on with her since he left her a few hours ago.

    "Sorry Yumi... But I have to go to the Big Stadium and see what's up, if this situation threatens our wedding I'll never be able to forgive myself." Yami said starting to walk away in a fast pace as Yumi sighed in defeat of not knowing what Yami was talking about whatsoever.

    "You know what I give up... But this situation does seem proposing however- Yume is just the girl that I was looking for in the first place... And if she's really heading for the Big Stadium- now is my chance to get her while I can." Yumi said snuggling with Larvitar for a moment then running ahead of Yami towards the Big Stadium.

    "Hohohohoho~! Looks like both of the stars returned just like I knew they would... It's great to see you again Yume, I've missed you so very much- no one has ever played a game like you. When I watched your games I (and I'm sure the rest of the audience) were mesmerized by the prowess of such a young woman like yourself... It's just a shame that you sustained an injury during that exhibition match, it cut your career far too short." a sort of beefy older man said to Yume as he pushed up his sunglasses and made the most awkward toothless grin Yume had ever seen in her life.

    "I see that they knocked out most of your teeth during the Pokemon Baccer... But you still look badass even without your pearly whites~ I've missed you too, Mr. Buffalo." Yume said giving Buffalo a hug (for once) and then pulling away just in time for him to sneeze.

    "Sorry about that... I was exploring Spiral Mountain a few weeks ago and I think I caught a cold from one of my fellow adventurers! Hahaha! But what brings you back here anyway? It couldnt be for that ridiculous broadcast challenge that Yuki sent out to you." Buffalo said folding his arms to show that he did not approve of Yume's decision to accept the challenge.

    "What other choice do I have? I can't just let her go around talking **** behind my back... And for what she did in that match- I couldnt pass up a chance to whoop that *****es ***! You should know how I feel, you were an athlete once before that steroid scandal..." Yume said trying to make her point to Buffalo who was still unconvinced but had no choice but to let her do her thing as Cecillio marveled at the Big Stadium.

    "This place is incredible! I never knew what it was like to be in the Big Stadium of Nimbasa City- but now I know~ It's almost too perfect to explain, the smell of sweat, blood, tears, and hot dogs- its simply intoxicating." Cecillio said shaking hands with all of the players that were inside of the stadium while Yume blushed in embarrassment of his behavior.

    "I've been dealing with you're Connoisseur crap all day, could you make yourself useful and go get me some smoothies?" Yume asked Cecillio with the sweetest tone she could muster causing him to spring up from the ground and race toward the concession stand.

    "That young man is weird... Well, since you're here to challenge her, I guess you should go meet Yuki, huh?" Buffalo asked still a bit disappointed in Yume as she nodded and headed towards the female athletes locker room when suddenly Yami crashed into the stadium.

    "YUME!! I've come to save you from utterly embarrassing yourself!" Yami said falling over the rafters onto the field right on his face and then getting back up almost automatically and rushing over to Yume and shaking her.

    "Screw- you! I'm not gonna get defeated by Yuki, ever again... I've decided that no matter I will crush Yuki- no matter what the challenge is, I will not let that rich ***** win!" Yume said with monstrous passion in her voice as she rushed toward the locker room with Yami being completely stunned by her sudden enthusiasm.

    "This is something... I wonder what the story is between Yume and Yuki- do you know, sir?" Yami asked Buffalo who simpy shook his head and followed in behind Yume to the locker room.

    "I can't believe that you really came here- even though you knew that you would never be able to defeat me, you still came to accept my challenge... You truly do have a foolish and childish mind. To think that you can defeat Yuki Nao, the tennis legend of the world in a match... You must have lost some of your sanity when you ran away from home, speaking of which I heard that you spent some time selling yourself... Now no man is ever gonna want you, it probably feels like meatloaf down there, huh?" Yuki said with a wicked smile to Yume who was using her last ounce of patience to not deliver a deadly blow to her smart mouth as Yami and Buffalo watched behind the locker room door discreetly.

    "Nope, no brain damage here... This is all confidence! Confidence that I'll be able to beat your sorry *** up and down this court tomorrow, no holding back!" Yume said reaching inside of her bag and taking out her tennis racket and posing in a competitive position.

    "Wow, I never knew that the mannerly princess would ever curse... I guess the streets did make you into a little thug, didnt it?" Yuki said taking out her racket as well which was made from solid gold and diamonds on the outline as Yume grinded her teeth to keep from pummeling her.

    "It made me something, I'll say that! And it certainly wasnt a punk *****! The Yume that you managed to beat before no longer exists, *****- I just came here in person so there wasnt any surprises tomorrow when I literally whoop your *** with this racket! Tomorrow at 2:00 PM, I challenge you to a match of the century- I want it broadcasted live so everyone and their mother****ing grannie knows that I beat your ***." Yume said trying to sound intimidating which was accomplished blatantly from Yuki shaking and nodding slowly to agree as Yume stormed out of the locker room from the other entrance while Yami pondered her some more.

    "Just what is up with Yume? Come to think of it, I'm gonna marry her but I have absolutely no idea what's up with her." Yami said looking at his fiance storming away in anger and frustration and wondering what helped to influence the person she is now.

    "Did you just say you're gonna marry Yume?! You need to explain! Now!" Buffalo barked as he dragged Yami away from the locker room door and began to shake him with all his might. "Well... It's a long story... But I'll explain..." Yami said regaining himself after a series of shaking.

    "Which leads us to the current situation... It appears that a criminal will begin his convoy to a Halfway House the day after next...The Charizard Bridge will be closed because of this, thus creating a block-in for Yume, allowing us to securely capture her. Understood, Remington?" Yumi asked over her X-Transceiver to her somewhat incompetent partner who barely understood what she said but agreed to it regardless.

    "I understand you completely, Boss Lady! And dont you worry, I'll be in Nimbasa City before the night is out, there's a lot of traffic on the highway but as soon as it dies I'll be there in a jiff." Remington said with a smile as he hung up the phone to conserve battery when suddenly Yami comes running out of the stadium looking for Yume.

    "Oh great... Where could she have gone? I hate when she gets in these kinda moods... And it's not good to have her by herself when she's feeling like this- It could lead to something even worse." Yami said looking around the outside of the stadium for Yume but coming up with nothing as Yumi looked over at him and giggled.

    "I take it you lost someone, Yami? Lucky for you- you know a famous PI!" Yumi said skipping up the steps and saluting towards Yami in a flirty manner as he blushed but regained himself when he remembered Yume.

    "Yeah, I'm looking for Yume... She's really dear to me and I care about her a lot, I'm even gonna marry her- I think you would like her a lot you two seem to have a lot in common." Yami said to Yumi trying to convey how he truly felt for Yume in words but being unable to as Yumi giggled thinking he was talking about her.

    " I dont think she would like me... There's a lot of things about me that she doesnt agree with, sometimes I wonder if she'll ever like me. I really want her to like me though, I mean- everyone wants that dont they?" Yumi asked getting extremely close to Yami as she ironically talked about her own inner feelings while Yami believed she was talking about his fiancé, Yume.

    "I guess alot of people do like her... But I dont think she has to like you for you to be "whole" or whatever- what she thinks of you shouldnt dictate you're entire life... The only person who's opinion should matter is your own." Yami said trying to make her feel better about herself but only confusing her since she was believed they were still talking about her inner reflections and not the other Yume.

    "... Okay... Haha... You're really confusing Yami, but that's cute- I like when men have no idea what they're talking about... Well, to an extent." Yumi said thinking about Remington at the last part of her sentence while Yami attempted to maneuver himself away from her but his feet felt numb for some reason, as if he was meant to be standing there.

    "I can see what you mean, I suppose... I mean, I like when a woman knows what she wants so I guess a woman who's a match for me what have to like a guy who doesnt know what he wants- opposites, you know?" Yami asked her with a half smile trying to keep the conversation from going into much more awkward territory given the fleeting space between them.

    "You... Are... So... Funny~ I never thought I would like a younger guy, but you make me feel so... Strange. I know you feel it to because you're always saying things like were already a couple or something "Yume this or Yume that" it makes me feel like you really want us to be together... It's so cute, and sweet, and romantic- I just, I feel some type of way when I'm around you... And I can't describe it." Yumi said getting even closer then before to Yami now practically touching chest with him as she moved towards his lips for a kiss.

    "Ummmmm.... I think you're confused???" Yami said in a mumble but unable to project himself as he felt Yumi getting closer and closer to him, he felt as if his feelings for Yume were on pause and Yumi was the only person in the world at that moment.

    Meanwhile, in the stadium's lost and found...

    "Yamiiii! Where are you?! I've been trying to find you all daaaay!" Yume shouted into the microphone that broadcasted all across the stadium trying to find Yami but to no avail as the other people in the lost and found covered their ears from her loud shrieks when a man suddenly walked in accompanied by another young man.

    "Ms. Nagisa... I looked and looked and I think I was able to find the young man that you're looking for- his name is Yame isnt it?" the security guard said moving aside and showing off the young man behind him who was in no way the Yami that Yume was looking for.

    "... Who the hell is this? You're not Yami..." Yume said looking over Yame up and down and seeing nothing in the resemblance between the two except for their similar hairstyle as Yame scoffed.

    "My name is Yame Johansson! I dont know the Yame that you're looking for but I'm not your guy..." Yame said trying to end the argument between them as the security guard was called to the front of the stadium for something and rushed out while Yume looked over Yame one last time.

    "Why are you here then? Why'd you come to the lost and found with the security guard if you know you weren't my Yami?" Yume asked Yame who looked around the room for something then sighed in disappointment. "I came here looking for some loose change... At first I came here to Nimbasa City to borrow money from my Uncle, Rob Reiner but then I found out he was gone... I shouldn't have left on a journey with only 500 Poke- and then spending 450 of that on a Magickarp from some sleazy Gypsy! I know it's racist to say Gypsy, but I dont care anymore..." Yame said with frustration and regret in his voice as Yumi began to feel bad for the literally poor young man and took something out of her bag.

    "Here take this, It's all I have on me for real for real... But I can just get someone to wire me some more tonight so go ahead and take it." Yume said taking a large wad of cash from her bag and giving it an extremely grateful Yame who was practically jumping up and down.

    "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I don't know how I'm ever gonna be able to repay you but- I know, I'll marry you! My old man always said when a woman gives you money then you have to be engaged to them- So I guess this makes us engaged?! Epic!" Yame said ecstatic about being "engaged" to Yume and receiving the large amount of money that he did from her as Yume slowly backed away from him. "First things first, no one says "Epic" anymore... Second thing, I'm already engaged to a guy named Yami, so I definitely do not need another thank you, and the third thing is- Yaaaaaamiiiii! Heeeelp! Some creeper is trying to marry me out of the blue like yoooouuu!" Yume said running out of the lost and found onto the field and then out of the stadium altogether.

    "Mom always said women play hard to get... I had no idea that my fiance would do the same but whatever- I like the chase." Yame said with a hopeful grin as he counted the money he got from Yume and daydreamed about their wedding day (and night).

    "Yumi... I think you really have the wrong impression..." Yami said still in a mumble but with more force, trying to keep the feelings that he had for Yume entact as this other woman pressed her warm body against his seductively.

    "Dont speak... I want to... Communicate with you through the heart..." Yumi said now completely kissing Yami on the mouth with her tounge intertwining with his in a heat of the moment type of passion as Yume stepped out of the stadium only seeing Yami's back and not the rest of the scene.

    "Oh thank goodness... I thought I would have to fight off that creep with my Pokemon alone, I'm glad that you're okay, Yami." Yume said walking further out of the stadium and noticing that it is starting to rain a little bit. Yami does not notice Yume because he is so far deep into the moment with Yumi that it takes him away from the rest of reality.

    "Damn... It looks like it's about to rain, Yami... Someone must be having a dramatic moment or some shi-" Yume said before she was instantly stopped mid-sentence when she finally noticed that Yami was in the middle of a passionate kiss with another girl holding her tightly.

    Tears streamed down Yume's face and she didnt even know why, she had no clue... All she felt she could do at the moment, was stare at the man who had just betrayed her.

    "Hello, hello? Daddy are you there? This is Yancy... Hello? Hello?" a voice said over a X-Transceiver as a party raged in the background and the sound of fireworks cracked as well.

    "..... Hello? Yancy? Yeah, Daddy's here... Sorry about that- we're just launching the pilot of my new mini-series and things are getting pretty intense, yuyuyuyuyu!" a man said over the phone to the young woman as she rolled her eyes in reality but made a fake giggle over the phone.

    "Oh is that so? I hope you all have fun... Meanwhile, me and Curtis are stuck cleaning up a mess caused by a organization not even affiliated with us." Yancy said groaning in the process as the man over the phone laughed a little but kept his tone professional.

    "Don't forget that this mission is extremely important... If you mess this up, then the entire Family could go down in the process- we need to make sure that Don Giovanni is freed from prison and sent back here to me." the man over the said trying to convey his message as accurately as he could without being in person while Yancy rolled her eyes again but answered with false loyalty.

    "Of course... Anything for the young master... I'll make sure that Curtis does his half of the assignment as well." Yancy said with a wink as the man over the phone gave her a thumbs up and went back to partying with several silhouetted figures in a large poolside mansion.

    "Don Giovanni... When he arrives in this country- the fun can truly begin! Yuyuyuyuyu!" the man laughed as fireworks exploded in the sky and people cheered.
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    What happens when two diffrent people connect through an unlikely adventure?
    Pokemon-BW- Dare to live?

    So how many Pokemons are there?

    Silly Jack, the plural of Pokemon is Pokemon

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    Pokemon: Filler Adventures and Pokemon: Rise of the Penguin respectivley.
    Quote Originally Posted by TheFonz View Post
    Now that I think about it....that poster is a horrible advertisement
    Quote Originally Posted by Street Comedy View Post
    Wow, I'm just stating that I'm uncomfortable with one of the few decent pokemon on the train wreck that is Ash's Unova team getting shafted and you accuse me of impersonating an imposter?!

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    Authors Note- Happy X and Y Day everyone!! In celebration of this momentous day in Pokémon history I would like to give you all a very special gift- Yume's past! Don't know if you all really cared or not... But here it is! What will happen to Yami and Yume's relationship after his infidelity?! How will this shape the rest of the story?! The first half of Yume's complicated past is revealed! And if I don't fall asleep you all might get Part 2 as well! What? It's 2:00 am here man ._. And most importantly, Enjoy fellow Pokémon fans!

    //Live-11 Die-14

    ".... Yumi... I dont... I think..." Yami said pulling away slowly from Yumi's lips enough to catch his breathe and think about what just transpired between the two of them. "... I love you too-" Yumi said before she cut off by a sudden screech and whine from the front of the stadium soon revealed to be a bawling Yume who was face down on the ground in tears.

    "Yume?! Yume, I- I- I can explain! It's not what you think, this is all a misunderstanding!" Yami shouted toward Yume's direction but when she looked up only getting a look of hatred and rage as she got up from the ground and stormed off back into the security of the stadium behind her.

    "... Yume... That's Yume?! Then all this time she really has been in Nimbasa City, just like I predicted." Yumi said feeling like a genius because she was able to predict Yume's movements perfectly as Yami pulled away from her completely and started toward the stadium causing Yumi to follow after him.

    "Yeah, well... She just saw you kiss me so I think I'm in major crisis- do you know how hard it is for a person to see their fiance being kissed by another woman? She must... be dying." Yami said walking even faster thinking about a way to explain himself or even apologize as Yumi got in front of him with a stern look.

    "Are you telling me that all those times you were talking about Yume, you were really talking about her? I can't believe this... This entire time that I was trying to find Yume I was following in after her fiance- you're the one who made her runaway from home, arent you?" Yumi asked taking something out from her pocket as Yami rolled his eyes and shoved her aside so that he could proceed toward the stadium.

    "I have no idea why Yume ranaway from home- but if you have some sort of connection to her family I'm starting to see why." Yami said walking away with more attitude than before while Yumi stared blankly at the man who she thought she loved but was reconsidering her feelings.

    "You know when I find out that you are the one who kidnapped Yume- I'll have you arrested and the Nagisa Family will make sure that you never see the light of day again!" Yumi shouted trying to persuade Yami to leave Yume alone but only getting a simple scoff from him as reply leading to her heart feeling as if it was smashed into pieces.

    "There's more important things- than seeing the light." Yami said as he stopped before entering the coliseum and then proceeded inside fully prepared for the consequences of his actions.

    "I've been walking around this coliseum for what has to have been an hour... Why haven't I ran into Yume yet? Or anyone else for that-" Yami said looking around the apparently desolate stadium before he was struck in the back by Roselia's Petal Dance causing him to fall over in pain.

    "You have a lot of nerve coming here, after what you did to Yume! I absolutely hate men like you, you have no sort of chivalry- you ask one to marry you then you go off with the first floozy that you meet. If you knew the pain that Yume was in right now, you would've never come back." Cecillio said standing over Yami with his arms crossed in complete disgust of what Yami had done to Yume.

    "I'm sorry... I really am... I dont know what overcame me, I should be ashamed of myself- please, forgive me." Yami said groveling to someone for once in his life so he could see Yume when he is suddenly flattened on the ground by an extremely large mass.

    "HOW DARE YOU COME BACK HERE YOU LITTLE ****?!! After what you've done to my Yume, I outta flatten you and feed you to the Basuclin! You jerk!" Buffalo said smashing Yami into the ground with his very large mass with all his force as Yami gritted his teeth and tried to talk through the pain.

    "Why do you think I'm here?! I'm here to apologize to Yume... There's no excusing what I did but-" Yami said before he was cut off by another blow from Roselia as Cecillio looked at him with pure hate.

    "You know nothing... You feel nothing- you obviously dont care for anything either since you so easily betrayed a young woman's heart. I can't believe that we are of the same species... When I heard Yume's story, I didnt know what to think before... Now, it's all become quite clear to me." Cecillio said turning away from Yami and thinking about what he learned about Yume a few hours prior to the this confrontation.

    "Yume's story what are you talking about? Why're you guys acting like I know everything about Yume's life?! I dont know Yume... At all, to be honest. Sometimes she cries about things that I truly have no clue about..." Yami said thinking about all of the times that he saw Yume crying to herself during the journey as well as the times that she reacted to something in a strange manner.

    "That's because since Yume was a child she has had to grow up with a certain kind of darkness inside of her heart... A darkness that she has not been able to show anyone else, or they will abandon her... And since you have betrayed her, she feels as if you have betrayed her as well." Buffalo said holding back the deep emotions that he felt so that he could be able to express how Yume felt and the pain and agony that she kept within her to mend her heart.

    "I don't know, what is it that you've done to me~ But it's caused me to act in such a crazy way~ Whatever it is that you do, that you done do to me~ It's a feeling that I want to stay~ Cause my heart starts beating triple time~ With the thought of lovin' you, on my mind~ I can't think about just what to do~ When the cause and cure is you~ I.... Get so weak in the knees I can hardly speak, I lose all control and something takes over me~ In a daze, it looks so amazing~ It's not a phase~ I waaant you to stay with me-" Yume sang with her headphones on full blast inside of a locked room before she could no longer take the lyrics of the song and instead began to cry tears, tears that seemed to burn her face.

    Suddenly, her Pokemon are released from their Poke-Balls to try to cheer up but they are instead soon turned gloomy when they see for the first time that they're Trainer is not even a bit amused by them.

    "I dont wanna feel anymore... I will never understand life... Why... Why do I feel this way... I thought I was suppose to be unattached- so why? Do the tears fall when they dont need to? I dont love him... I really, really dont love him..." Yume said putting back on her headphones and continuing the hum the song as she feel into a deep sleep with her Pokemon crowding around her to be her cushions.

    5 years ago, the New Age developmental project known as Aspertia City was simply a thought... During this time, there was another city that in it's place known as Marshae- Marshae was the home of many different wealthy families from all over the world. From business moguls to Noblemen from the Kalos region, Marshae was always the source of political and economic buzz... The men make the deals in the big buildings and the women make the deals in the kitchen and the bedroom- this was the golden rule for the sexes of Marshae... Until the Battle of the Sexes, when a woman defeated a man in a battle of Tennis! The men were furious were furious, but the woman were enticed... How could they prove their merit as women in society? Welcome, to the world of Marshae 5 years ago...

    "Ladies and Gentlemen, on behalf of the North Province School for Gifted Young Women- I would like to introduce to some and present to others~ The NPS, Florettes~!" the MC said on stage as several flower petals feel from the sky provided by several Sunflora and Vileplume, during that exact moment a dozen girls come on stage with flower petals on their backs bowing to the audience gracefully and then spinning in complete unison toward a large flower opening up to reveal a young blonde girl with angel-like wings on her back flying towards the rest of them earning instant applause from the audience.

    Waltz Of The Flowers begins to play in the background and the young girls begin to twirl around the flower once again in perfect unison as if they were true professional ballerinas.

    "Ah, yes... What else would you expect from the fine young women of our respectable establishment? These girls have dedicated their lives to this folks, come on- let's give them a round of applause, shall we?" the MC asked as the audience once again clapped this time with more fruition as the young girls continued their dance.

    "Look... Over there, dear- it's Yume... Oh I wish we brought a camera, This may the final chance we get to see Yume doing something feminine in the slightest." an young woman with long brunette hair that reached her shoulders and blue eyes like the ocean said to an younger but more portly Coby Nagisa who was too busy checking his Pokemon's status on his Poke-Gear to pay any mind to what his wife was saying.

    "Yes, yes... What a shame, maybe next time dear." Coby said clicking the refresh button over and over again to make sure he didnt lose track of the stats.

    "... My feet hurt... So bad... Ouch..." a younger Yume mumbled as she almost tripped over one of her peers but managed to catch herself as the other girls scoffed at her but continued to perform admirably as to not disappoint their overbearing parents.

    "You need to suck it up, Nagisa... You went to this school for 4 years and caused us nothing but trouble, this will be your last time to make us happy... My daddy said when I grow up, I'm gonna marry a wealthy man who'll run over a million different companies worldwide so I need to be well-rounded to suit his taste, so you better not screw this up for me." the little girl said stepping on Yume's feet purposely as she twirled away with the other flowers towards the blonde angel then back towards the edge of the stage.

    "Why don't you grow up and own millions of companies yourself? Why do you need a husband if what you really want is to be rich? Why not earn your own money?" Yume asked the girl in a whisper but for some reason she remained completely silent and returned to the routine rather than the conversation while the pointe shoes on Yume's feet began to scorch her feet like a Ember attack.

    "... This it everyone~ Time for the finale!" the MC shouted as the girls delivered their final twirls and then falling over to make over for the blonde angel to deliver her beautiful finale causing the auditorium to burst into applause.

    "You were simply amazing Christina, when we get back home I'll make sure to get your Chimchar out of Daddy's sex dungeon..." the blonde girls mother said as they walked out of the auditorium causing Yume's father to shake in disgust and head over to his daughter to congratulate but was too late as his wife was already there offering Yume negative critic for her performance.

    "I saw every single moment that you tensed up... Ballerina's do not do that, Yume! I'm very disappointed in you... You need to remember that you represent this entire family when you get on that stage, understood? Now go introduce yourselves to those deans because the school won't be accepting you back for the Spring semester." Yume's mother said with a cold and cruel expression on her face throughout the entire conversation and then rolling her eyes as her daughter's hurt expression when Coby came over and gave Yume a warm hug.

    "You did great sweetie... I've never seen such a beautiful flower before, you blossomed on the stage just like you do with everything else, I'm so very proud of you. Now, go make some friends, huh?" Coby asked Yume with a warm and sweet smile that caused Yume to grin and nod her head almost at the exact moment that he encouraged her while his wife folded her arms and looked away from Yume in disgust.

    "I'm disappointed in you too, Coby... You're spoiling that girl, she's gonna think that the worlds gonna be handed to her on a silver platter- but it won't be, however, she'll never learn that." Yume's mother said completely frustrated with her husband to the point that she wanted to slap in public but held herself because he was still smiling at her despite her awry attitude.

    "Nagrui... You really need to start building her self-esteem... She's of an age where she needs a support system, they're gonna start calling child services on us if they find her crying in the bathroom from hunger pains... From now on Yume is gonna eat meals as many times as she wants- I refuse to send her to a new school if she's gonna be kicked out for the same reason as the previous one." Coby said with a sort of stern voice toward his wife who once again rolled her eyes and proceeded toward the exit until she stopped to ask Coby something.

    "You like that little devil more than, don't you? How hurtful... A wife never wants to find out that her husband loves their daughter more than her, it's absolutely devastating." Nagrui said in a sarcastic manner as she finally exited out of the auditorium to the parking lot where she would wait for Yume and Coby when they were finished.

    Meanwhile, Yume shook hands with a very older man causing Coby to move over towards her.

    "Oh, Sir Nagisa... You're daughter is an absolute treasure... She reminds me so much of my little Yuuki back home in Kalos." an elderly man said applauding Yume who was balancing herself on one foot and striking a pose with a Poke-Ball for a photo with the current CEO of the company.

    "... Amazing... I told Yume to make friends and instead of befriending their children, she's befriended the CEO's themselves... Yume is gonna make an amazing business woman someday." Coby said walking over to his daughter and putting his coat over her to make sure that wouldnt get cold when they headed out to parking lot.

    "Daddy, that man said that I can be his companies poster girl whenever we go to Kanto- can I do it? Please?" Yume asked with adorable eagerness jumping up and down as the two prepared to leave out to the parking lot when the elderly man Yume shook hands with before said something.

    "Yume would be a perfect match for my daughter Yuuki, they would be best friends I mean! Haha! I would love it if we were to set up some sort of play-date for the two... How about it, Nagisa?" the elderly man asked with a humble yet warm smile as Nagisa was almost too happy to say yes to the play-date while Yume watched confused at the mixing of personal life and business.

    "That took you two long enough, would did you do? Talk to the whole auditorium?" Nagrui asked chewing roughly on some gum that she found in the glove department of the car to keep from smoking while Coby and Yume entered the car from the right and left respectively.

    "No, but I did get Yume a play-date with one of the most powerful nobles from Kalos! This is so great Yume, I'm sure you're just gonna love Yuuki... I heard that she's a complete doll." Coby said starting the car and driving off onto a lone street with no other cars, Yume looked out of her passenger seat window and wondered just what type of girl this "Yuuki" was.

    "... I'll never learn to understand either one of you... Yume wants to be in ballet yet she can't dance, and you want to be a business mogul but you can't make a proper deal... The both of you are disappointments." Nagrui said as she continued to chew away on the gum in her mouth while Coby simply shrugged off her comment Yume felt it was time to put in her input.

    "I- I don't really wanna take ballet, I only took ballet because I thought it would make you happy, mother. I really really wanna be a Tennis star~ Like my idol, Billie Jean!" Yume said so enthusiastic that she could burst when suddenly Nagrui took the staring wheel and jerked the car to a halt to lecture her daughter while Coby screamed in shock.

    "Your idol?! Did you just say that you're idol is one of the feminist buffoons?! I ought beat you right now for saying that... But I'll let you think about what you said, because that's how nice I am." Nagrui said as she turned back in her seat and continued to chew on her gum she felt Coby giving her a very displeased stare, he turns back to Yume and gives her good news.

    "Don't listen to this negative nilly... If you wanna take tennis instead of ballet then you'll take Tennis- just like Billie Jean, if that is what you really want." Coby said with a warm smile toward Yume which caused her to smile back and hug him affectionately as Nagrui pretended to vomit and turned back to her Poke-Gear to provide her with entertainment while several cars honked for the Nagisa family to move out of the way.

    And that's just what Yume did, she rose from the bottom to the top and became a star... No one had any idea where this young girl came from, who was able to deal with men twice her size in matches! Days went on, seasons changed, and the days turned into months that turned into years...

    "Did you just ask to be put into Varsity Tennis? Like I'm gonna just give you the place on the team cause you asked politely?" a very buff woman asked Yume as her Vigoroth stacked papers and applications for her behind the desk, Yume shakes her head quickly and replies with all the proper manners her mother instilled into her.

    "Pardon me, ma'am... I was just so eager to be on the team that I might have asked to join the team pre-maturely, but please listen to me... I've tried out for every under team in the area, even the one at the public school but they won't let me join because I was too good for their teams- not to brag." Yume said trying convince the woman to allow her to join the local high school team despite only being 13 at the time.

    "... I see... According to all the footage I'm getting from some of your matches you're really good- However, what makes you think that you're good enough to be one of the Dunsparce Dames?" the woman asked now getting a message on the back from her Vigoroth as Yume thought of a reply she noticed a game that was in progress during the conversation with a very attractive young man against a young woman.

    "... B-Because I love Tennis more than life itself! I've been playing since I was a child and I haven't wanted to give it up since... I know that I must sound like a total spoiled brat from Marshae, asking to join a team from Aspertia, but it's the only thing that I have left! Please, at least consider me for team?" Yume said bowing constantly and even resorting to groveling as she tugged on the woman's skirt causing her to shove her off.

    "... I guess... If you manage to beat that guy over there- there's no way that I could possibly deny you from the team, that would be dumb on my part." the coach said signaling for the young man to come over as he steadily approached them Yume felt her heart racing in her chest wanting to pop any second, when he finally arrives she simply blushes as the coach and him converse.

    "Ah, I see... So this little Freshman thinks that she can match the best Tennis Player in the Unova region? This I gotta see... Bring it on, beautiful." the young man said with a wink as Yume was sent back into a corner by his comment that both confused and flattered her.

    "You're beautiful, you jerk! I mean handsome... No I mean..." Yume said completely baffled on why her opponent just complimented her out of of nowhere as the coach screamed at the both of them to get on the court.

    "I'll tell you now... I'm not gonna go easy on you just cause you're a girl, I dont believe in gender borders like the other male athletes at this school." the young man said starting off the game with a mighty serve toward Yume who was ready to strike back with her own powerful serve which then turned into a fierce battle between the two until Yume finally slipped up and the young man earned a point.

    "Alright... Alright... I really got get my head in the game..." Yume said taking headphones out of her pocket and putting them in her ears with the song "Hello" playing in the background of her mind to give her a pumped up spirit which helped her to deliver more powerful serves toward the young man who had begun to lose his nerve.

    "I never thought that you would be this good, little freshman! Now it's time to get serious, I guess!" the young man said this time serving a ball that seemed like it had caught on fire for some reason but Yume did not falter and managed to hit the ball right back to him, earning her a point and making the game at a match set.

    "Darn... Looks like we're tied- that means the next serve ends it... Gotta put my faith in the ball, my faith in the ball..." Yume said jumping up into the air and delivering the most powerful serve she ever has in her life causing her a little pain in her right arm and breaking the net in the process, giving the young the automatic win.

    "The winner of the match is Ghetsis Harmonia, the loser is Yume Nagisa which means she will not be allowed to join the Varsity team-" the referee said before he was cut off by Vigoroth putting his hand over his mouth and the coach coming over to talk with Yume.

    "I've never seen someone who's been able to match Ghetsis like that... There's no way that I'm not gonna allow you on this team, welcome aboard Nagisa-san! I hope you're ready for the hell thats gonna come from joining the worst team in the region." the coach said jokingly as Yume tried to hide her emotion but was soon overcome and hugged the coach until she was blue in the face.

    "Nagisa? Like Coby Nagisa? No way... I work with you're father down at the power plant- I didnt know that you were his daughter... Had I known that I would have dressed more like a gentleman than an athlete- I wanna impress the woman that I'm gonna marry." Ghetsis said with a wink towards Yume who blushed so much that she looked like a Pokemon using Rage while the coach giggled and walked away to give them some privacy.

    "Ummm... I don't know what to say- thank you? Umm... Can I at least know you're name before you start proposing to me?" Yume asked Ghetsis who chuckled a bit at his own rudeness and then bowed politely to introduce himself.

    "My name is Ghetsis Harmonia, and I've come from the past in order to take over the world- but most people just call me UN." UN said with a little bit of sarcasm but sounding sincere for the most part causing Yume to looked confused at him for a moment then laugh it off as a joke.

    "You're really funny... I like guys with a sense of humor, that's why I hangout around the Comedy Central Studios to see if Jon Stewart or Matt Stone would sign my boobs~" Yume said with a wink trying to sound funny but just sounding dumb causing her to hide her face in her hands as UN chuckled even harder at her "funny joke" and moved her hands from her face.

    "You're really funny... I don't know why I havent seen you around the school, do you not wanna study Pokemon like the rest of us?" UN asked Yume who shook her head and showed off the Poke-Ball that she always made sure to keep in her pocket.

    "Inside this Poke-Ball is my Marill... I would go to school to learn how to raise her better but mother says that going to school to study Pokemon is ridicolous because women arent meant to be doctors or professors." Yume said rolling her eyes and pouting a little bit causing UN to laugh a little then give her a confidence.

    "That's ********, just look at Proffesor Juniper! She's a succesful female Pokemon Professor, isnt she? I wouldnt let your mother dictate your life if I was you- but I'm not... So it's truly up to you." UN said patting her on the head and then walking her over to the vending machine to buy her a soda or two as she took his words into consideration and recorded them into memory.

    Suddenly, from behind them the voices of snobbish socialites are heard.

    "Oh, my... If it isnt Yume, now I know what kinda Tennis court this is now, dont I?" a Yuuki from two years ago said with a bit of a *****y smirk as she and her father passed by Yume and UN on their way to the Golf course.

    "Yume! It's been ages my dear, I haven't seen you since that big Tennis tournament in Goldenrod City! How have you been, darling?" Yuuki's father said taking a seat on a nearby bench as to converse properly with her while UN scratched his head at who these two people were.

    "Yuuki, Reggie... It's been so long- I'm fine, I've been trying out for Varsity Tennis teams in the area and I finally managed to get into one just a few moments ago." Yume said with a confident and proud grin that caused Yuuki jealously, Yuuki walks over closer to Yume and looks her in the eye.

    "Don't go getting a big head over something so microscopic... I heard that you were only trying to get into Tennis teams because you can't play in the Nationals without being on a Varsity team at least one year in high school, lucky for me I don't need such things- I'm privileged enough to have a father who's Golf chums with the head of the National Tennis Association. Daddy is so good at making the right kind of friends." Yuuki said with a humble yet devious smile that made Yume wanna pound her teeth in but she kept her rage and simply agreed with a nod as UN made the acquaintance of Reggie to boost his network.

    "Yes, yes... I'm actually planning on giving a bit of charity to this Pokemon Academy actually- I heard that it's at its last leg... According to my friend, the future Mayor of Aspertia city and current Mayor of Solaceon Town in Sinnoh, there's suppose to be a new Academy opening when the town is built. I heard it's going to have a hundred times as many classrooms as this one." Reggie said with a modest laugh while UN cringed a little at the thought of the school being closed down but let go of his pride a little to laugh as well.

    "I understand that sometimes change needs to occur in order to move forward in the future- but why does this entire school have to be destroyed because another one is gonna be built? Can't they have two schools? It just doesnt make any logical sense to me to be perfectly honest." Yume said popping her soda pop and taking a long sip as Reggie got up from the bench and collected his golf clubs next to him.

    "Well... It's like this, Yume. Wouldnt you rather have a man with intelligence and charisma being Unova's Educational Representative rather than an uneducated woman?" Reggie said with a completely sincere smile that made Yume's skin crawl at this point and UN almost snap on him but he kept it inside thinking of his network.

    "... I don't see any resemblance between the schools and the analogy that you decided to use, sir. Are you saying that a woman is less capable than a man? Are you willing to say that to your own daughter?" UN said to Reggie trying to challenge his opinion but only getting cynical laughter from both Reggie and Yuuki who replied with complete sincerity.

    "Yuuki is the dumbest ***** that I've ever met in my life... Her mother's side of the family was inbred so much in their lifetime that she has more mental challenges than a retard reading Shakespeare! She has nothing in here, and whatever is, it's never gonna help her be a "politician" or a "doctor"... Yuuki can't even speak for herself most of the time- that just how dumb she is! However... There is no one in the world that can beat her when it comes to Tennis! I've made sure of that- right, Yuuki?" Reggie asked as Yuuki got on her knees and agreed with her father repeatedly by hitting her head on the ground.

    "... That's degusting... But I have to disagree with you- there is someone who can beat your daughter in Tennis, me. And I'll make sure that I do just that! Meet me and my team at the Nimbasa Small Stadium on Monday next week- bring however many people you want... They'll all watch your daughter lose and I'll expose you for the sexist, arrogant, bastard that you are." Yume said cursing for the first time in her life and feeling like she could choke herself after standing up to a man like Reggie who was for an unknown reason pleased with her declaration.

    "Finally! Someone challenges my Yuuki! I've been waiting for this day for so long... Yuuki's crushed most of the Tennis Players in Kalos and now she'll move on to Unova! Oh, this will be joyous! I cannot wait... Monday next week in Nimbasa it is, come along Yuuki." Reggie said bowing a goodbye to Yume with Yuuki simply scoffing and following in behind her father who was grinning with devious excitement.

    Over the next week, Yume trained day and night with both her team and her pet Marill in order to be ready for the challenge that awaited her in Nimbasa... The day of destiny finally came, and Yume was ready to face off against Kalos's Greatest Tennis Star

    "WELCOME!! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!! TO THE MATCH OF THE CENTURY!! YUME NAGISA, UNOVA'S YOUNG TENNIS LEGEND AND YUUKI NAO, KALOS'S GREATEST WILL FACE OFF IN A WINNER TAKE ALL MATCH!! ARE YOU READY?!!" an insanely energetic man said over the intercom as the crowd cheered and yelled in anticipation for the match while Yume's team gave her a few encouraging words before she went out on the court.

    "I know we've only known you a week (and got not screen time, not even a training montage) but we believe in Yume! Or some ****... You can win! Probably... Probably not... Either way, go out there and make us proud!" the team captain said trying to encourage but being unable to as they were basically complete strangers, Yume thanks them all with a respectable bow and heads off towards the court.

    Suddenly, confetti feels the air as well as several Vanillite who use Blizzard on the court turning it into solid ice all for Yuuki's overdramatic entrance.

    "HERE SHE IS FOLKS!! THE ONE WE'VE ALL BEING WAITING FOR- YUUKI NAO!" the overly energetic announcer shouted through the microphone as the crowd roared for the arrival of Yuuki who fawned over their praise to the point that she literally in the air because of all the hot air she had gotten as Yume began to lose her nerve she saw her father in the stands giving her a thumbs up giving her confidence.

    "Daddy made it... Alright, then I gotta buckle down and this! Just like all I won all the matches... Just like how I made it on the team last week- I can't lose as long as I feel the power of my friends within me (or some **** like that, I dont know people leave me alone, let's see you write something better!)." Yume said to herself as Yuuki removed the robes from her body and revealed a completely overdressed Tennis uniform that caused the crowd to go into a mini-frenzy.

    "I feel bad for Yume... No one else is sharing for her except us... Even her own team is cheering for Yuuki now." Coby said in between shouting insults to people cheering for Yuuki and apologizing to Reggie for Yume challenging his daughter in the first place.

    "Whatever.... I no longer care anymore... It took 4 days to get here from Marshae, I've now realized what it would have been like had I gone on a Pokemon journey." Nagrui said reading her book, completely not interested in what was going on around her as Coby shook his head at her disinterest.

    "IF EVERYONE'S READY!! LET THE MATCH BEGIN!!" the announcer shouted as the gong rang signaling the first serve which belonged to Yume as she won the coin toss application, Yume sends the ball high up in the air and serves a power ball toward Yuuki who manages to knock it right back to her with minimum ease.

    "Crap... I have to step up my game right off the bat then? Alright! Like a Staryu, I will shine! Like a Ursaring I will be fierce! Like a Sawk I will endure this trial! I will succeed- no matter what." Yume said as she then slipped her headphones into her ears and blazed "Hello" as loud as it possibly could to drown at the "booing" coming from the crowds and the unerving thoughts in her head.

    "Putting you're headphones in during a tennis match?! How insulting! Especially to someone of my magnitude! Thats it- you asked for this!" Yuuki said running over to the other side of the court and taking a strange racket from her bag as Yume failed to see this because she was praying at this point.

    Suddenly, she feels the gust of a serve being made but the ball is going to fast to counter earning Yuuki a point.

    "Holy- ****! How did she do that?! Wait, what kinda racket is that?! And why is it changing colors?" Yume asked herself as Yuuki waved her racket around to the crowd who went almost berserk when they saw it.

    "I SEE WE HAVE ALOT OF TENNIS AND POKEMON EXPERTS WITH US TODAY!! AS YOU ALL MUST KNOW THAT IS THE NEW POKE-RACKET 3000 ALL THE WAY FROM THE SILPH CO. IN KANTO!! THIS PARTICULAR RACKET HAS THE SYNTHESIZED POWERS OF MANY DIFFERENT KANTO NATIVE POKEMON!! I'M ALMOST 9000% SURE (yes, I went there- you're welcome~) THAT THIS MATCH HAS BEEN SECURED FOR YUUKI~!!" the announcer shouted in pure enthusiasm as Yume felt like should burst out crying right there in front of everyone, wanting to quit before she was embarrassed by the fan-favorite and her illegal racket but instead she gained confidence from within herself and tied her sweat-band around her head to focus her determination.

    She serves the ball and launches it toward Yuuki with all of the sheer force inside of her body as Yuuki activated the Wigglytuff setting of her racket causing the ball to easily bounce off and go back towards Yume with extra strength.

    Yume jumps in the air and sends it right back at her, injuring her right leg a little in the process while Yuuki simply readjusted her racket to the Pidgeot setting and sent the ball back at jet speed causing Yume to miss it and lose a point.

    "It's either now or never... Either I end this now- or it'll all be for nothing... All those days of training (that I skipped, once again- you're welcome~)... I can't give up now! If I put all of my heart into this next serve then I'll totally win, there's no doubt! I just need to put my soul in this next shot... Just a little-" Yume thought to herself when suddenly her racket is torn in half but some sort of hydro-powered blast that was added when Yuuki fired the tennis ball out her.

    Not only did it break the racket but the hydro-blast was so powerful that it continued to go through until it reached Yume's right arm, fracturing it and eventually moving down her body to her right leg that was already injured totally dislocating it.

    Yume lay motionless on the ground... Hearing the heartless cheers of the people in the stands, she felt her heart beat so she knew she was still alive.

    However, the pain that she felt both physically, mentally, and emotionally made her desire the opposite outcome.

    From this day forward, Yume knew... She would never be the next Billie Jean, and she would never be able to pursue her dreams- Ever again.
    What happens when two diffrent people connect through an unlikely adventure?
    Pokemon-BW- Dare to live?

    So how many Pokemons are there?

    Silly Jack, the plural of Pokemon is Pokemon

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    Pokemon: Filler Adventures and Pokemon: Rise of the Penguin respectivley.
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    Now that I think about it....that poster is a horrible advertisement
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    Wow, I'm just stating that I'm uncomfortable with one of the few decent pokemon on the train wreck that is Ash's Unova team getting shafted and you accuse me of impersonating an imposter?!

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    Authors Note- After escaping the addiction that has become Pokémon X version I have finally been able to work on my fic again! Since XY has begun to impact everyone so much I'm making sure to add a few references about them into the story- so... If you don't want any XY spoilers... Beware! Oh yeah, and I'm also gonna make an XY fic, if that wasn't already obvious enough lol Anyways, in all seriousness- The story of Yume's tragic past continues! What happened after Yume's defeat from the previous chapter? What is the connection between Yume's mother and Colress? Will a new side of Coby be revealed? And whats up with this mysterious Siebold Familia?! Enjoy!


    "The doctor said that you should be out of the cast in a few weeks and not to worry about Tennis for awhile... I'm sure you'll be able to play soon though, you'll be back on your feet in no time." Coby said flipping the channels on the TV to keep himself from looking at the mummy that his daughter had become to keep himself from laughing.

    "That's great news- I suppose... I dont think I'm gonna do Tennis anymore though, there's just too much at stake when I take that racket in my hand." Yume said looking at the aquarium of Goldeen in her bedroom while her father twitched a little at her reply but took a deep breath and replied calmly.

    "Yume, when you've invested so much time into something you can't just quit... You've been playing Tennis since before you hit puberty, to give up because of a little injury shows no dedication." Coby said sitting on the bed trying to coerce his daughter into thinking his way but unfortunately for him, failing since Yume had already made up her mind about it.

    "I just can't do it anymore... I thought that Tennis was gonna be my lifestyle for the rest of my life- but now... I think I need to pursue another goal... Something tells me that Tennis just isnt what I need right now." Yume said shaking her head a little bit frustrated and then grabbing a pillow and screaming in it when she remembers her loss against Yuuki causing Coby to rub her head affectionately.

    "You know... Sometimes I forget that you're only 13 sometimes, but I really need to start remembering that. You have a lot of dreams and goals ahead of you, and if Tennis isnt your thing then as your father I cant find myself forcing you into doing something you dont love... Please Yume, just make sure you follow your heart the next time you make a life changing decision- Cause I dont wanna sit in a hospital for 10 days because you challenged someone out of your league again, okay?" Coby asked Yume in a stern and authorities voice so that she could receive his message clearly as Yume nodded her head slowly and trembling inside when she remembered her loss against Yuuki.

    "Yeah... I'll make sure to follow my heart... Don't worry about me, pops." Yume said with a halfhearted smile as Coby gave her a warm hug and then left out of the room to attend to his business, Yume looks out the window at the sky and wonders when she'll be able to go past the limits of even the sky.

    "What do you mean that business isnt going so well? All of my investments have gone into your company! Who could've made you have to file for bankruptcy?!" an elderly man said over the phone inside of Coby's study as he began to get more and more frustrated with the man who he was on the phone with.

    "I take it that you have some pressing matters with one of your business partners? Haha! I remember when I was your lowly assistant and you used to make me drive you all the way to the nearest fast food restaurant so you could start and argument about how they must up your order and/or hit them with your cane... Ah... Good times- but now you're so old." Coby said adjusting the old man in his chair as he was slipping in current conversation as the old man became instantly hot-headed and began to bicker.

    "I don't know who're calling old?! I've been running this company since before you were even conceived! "Pokemon Battle Test" "Pokemon Battle Subway"? None of that crap existed before me! So not matter what age I am- this company will forever belong to me." the old man said standing up proudly before going into one of his coughing fits leading both of his nurses to walk over and treat him.

    "Yes, old man... I know that you're a treasure and a legend and what-not, but you need to start thinking about your successor... Like, who will take you're place after you're gone? Will it be Mitchells from Accounting?" Coby said as he started typing something on his PC while the old man looked up at the ceiling for what must have been several minuets and then back down at Coby who was still typing.

    "... Yeah... My successor... Is probably gonna be the only person I can trust in this backstabbing company, someone who invites me over to their house for no reason every Saturday... Just because they think it'll make me more healthy to have "close friends"- yup, I want a foolish dreamer like that to run my company, not some tight ***." the old man said sitting back in his lounge chair and remembering when he first created his company and hired Coby as his assistant.

    "Sir... It would be my honor to be CEO of this company! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity, sir!" Coby said bowing repeadetly until he hit his head on the desk and the old man merely shook his head in embarrassment.

    "I heard from your father that you're gonna be able to walk in a few months, thats great news isnt it?" UN said opening up Yume's blinds and letting in some of the morning sun as the Pokemon in her garden flew around pollenating the flowers and going about their business.

    "Sorry for my lack of enthusiasm... I'm still a bit pissed about that loss- I feel like I lost the entire fight for women... Now no one will question sexism. I feel like womanhood has been defeated, worse than every time a President cheats on their wife- so pretty much everyday." Yume said sinking into her pillow thinking about what had occurred months prior as UN walked over towards her and stroked her.

    "Don't feel like Tipper or Hilary... You're not old, white, and your boobs dont sag yet... There's no way the President would cheat on good-looking jailbait like you." UN said with a smile trying to keep Yume positive to the best of his ability but ending up leading into a even bigger joke with her.

    "You're just saying that! The President could go to North Korea and find even better jailbait than me- it isnt about how the jailbait looks nor the chase of the jailbait... It's about how much the police care about you sleeping with said jailbait." Yume said getting up from her pillow and starting to open up to UN more than before.

    "Well you have pretty big boobs so that is kind of a jailbait turn off... You might as well just give up on getting a President now- the only way you're gonna get a President is if you like cigarette burns." UN said with a laugh as Yume couldnt keep her laughter in anymore and busted into laughter until she gave him a passionate hug which almost led to a kiss but it was interrupted by a maid coming into the room.

    "Excuse me Madame... But there is a man outside of the mansion asking for us to let him inside, your mother is not home and your father has locked himself inside of his study so we have no way of reaching him- I thought it would be okay if I asked for your permission." the maid explained as she shivered inside of the cold storage that Yume's room had become while UN looked at the Maid like she was the biggest **** blocker on the planet.

    "Um... I dont know why you're asking the 15 year old, but... Wheel me outside so I can see who it is- If it's like a burglar or something Daddy would be pissed if I just gave my permission to let him in out of the blue." Yume said collecting her jacket from her bed rails and carefully placing herself on her wheel-chair as the Maid rushed quickly behind it and pushed her out of the room with UN following closely behind.

    "This is the man who asked to be let in? Why would I let some hipster *** inside my house? Turn him away, tell him we dont want any of his independent reggae music... Sayanora~" Yume said looking at the man from behind the gates of her mansion as he smoked an electric cigarette that filled the air like millions of raspberries feeling an empty room.

    "He looks like a hipster alright... But those glasses make him look like some type of professor, you dont think he could be one of Prof. Juniper's assistants do you?" UN asked as he chewed on a piece of beef jerky while Yume and the Maid shook their heads.

    "That's not possible... Last I heard the Professor and all of her assistants were away at DragonSpiral Tower and Opelucid City, investigating the reawakening of the Pokemon Reshiram." Yume said remembering what she read off a newspaper a few weeks prior as the Maid nodded to confirm what she was saying was true.

    "If thats the case... Then who is this guy some kind of freelance doctor? You dont think he's come here to sell some underground medical supplies, do you?" UN asked suspicious of the man's actions as the man put his electric cigarette in his left pants pocket and proceeded toward the gate again to ring the doorbell.

    "Excuse me, I know I asked about an hour ago... But is it alright if I come in? I would like to start Yume's lessons earlier than her parents asked, I have business to tend to next Monday." Colress said readjusting his glasses as Yume wheeled herself over towards the gate directly in front of him to get a better look at him and have a direct conversation.

    "Sorry, but who are you? You can't just walk up into someone's house and asked to be let in- what do you think this is? You're gonna have to supply more information than that before I let you in here." Yume said with a whole attitude in her voice as Colress cracked an amused smile and bowed respectfully to the young socialite.

    "My name is Doctor Colress... I am Pokemon Researcher, researching the potential of Pokemon strength... Your father asked me to tutor you a couple times a week Ms. Yume, however I have business to take care of when you were scheduled to be tutored before so I came when it was most convenient for me." Colress said with a charming smile as Yume became instantly annoyed and rolled her eyes at the complete disrespect that she just felt Colress dealt to her.

    "Well, then I guess that means you're not a very good tutor then... Coming when you feel like it and all." Yume said attempting to make him come out and say he was a bad teacher but only getting a wag of the finger from Colress.

    "Now, now, now... My attitude and productivity has no bearing on how good a teacher I am (well, it should...) Before being a home tutor I am Pokemon Researcher, I've come here to tutor you in the ways of Pokemon Battling by personal request of your father... However, I dont even see a Poke-Ball on your person... Are you really a Pokemon Trainer?" Colress asked a bit confused on why there was no Pokemon anywhere next to or with Yume causing her to face palm but then make a very fake giggle.

    "Well~ You see... I'm like the only teenager in the world who doesnt have a real Pokemon yet, you know? I mean I kinda do, but Marill is really really weak and I dont think you wanna teach me how to train a Pokemon like that." Yume said waving dismissively at Colress from behind her gate as he chuckled a bit and then proceeded to explain himself.

    "It doesnt matter what Pokemon I teach you to use, it is my belief that every Pokemon has the potential to become stronger- no matter how "weak" they seem now, they can always make it past that handicap and become an extremely powerful Pokemon." Colress said as he started to climb up the gate and then hopping over it much to the dismay of the Maid and the head of security.

    "I see... Alright then- if you teach me how to train Marill properly, I'll make sure that these two dont report you to the proper authorities, deal?" Yume asked calling for her Marill who appeared from under a bush and rushed to her side obediently.

    "Of course... You're a favor for me also, showing me the potential between Pokemon and Trainer through different means." Colress said sending out his Magnemite and starting off the battle with a Screech attack that did pretty much nothing to Marill.

    "Wow... Why would he use a status move to start off a battle? Wouldnt an offensive move been best?" UN asked the Maid and the head of security as they shrugged in the same amount of confusion as him while Yume did not falter and ordered Marill to use a Water Gun on Magnemite which caused minimal damage.

    "Gah! I told you that Marill was weak yet you still persisted on sending out an Electric type?! You're an *******, you know that?!" Yume shouted at Colress who made a very amused chuckle as his Magnemite fired a Thundershock and ended the battle in his favor.

    "I didnt win because of the type advantage... I won because I started off the battle with a Screech which lowered Marill's defense even more, thus earning me a smooth victory... Just attacking Pokemon will get you nowhere, you'll need more knowledge over Marill's move set before you're ready to train it. And since I'm your tutor, it is my duty to teach you." Colress said walking over to Yume and shaking her stiff hand as she rolled her eyes and wheeled over to Marill to see if she was okay.

    "Yume said Marill wasnt strong enough from the beginning yet you still used your Electric type, was that not overkill?" the head of security asked Colress who smirked a little at his comment then turned once again toward a gloomy Yume with an interesting reply.

    "The potential that exist within you and your Marill is simply astounding-I have never felt a more powerful presence from somewhere before this battle! Excuse my strange comments, but you see... I was born with a strange ability known as Will of Ransei- And the specific Will of Ransei that I'm able to use is known as Potential Dowsing, which allows me to see a persons hidden potential." Colress said petting Marill's head and then spraying some Full Restore on her wounds as Yume shook her head and returned Marill to its Poke-Ball.

    "What does that even mean?! I have potential all of a sudden?! Right, sure... Then why do I keep on losing?! First Yuuki- and now you... Do I just have horrible luck against blondes or some ****?!" Yume shouted in a sudden outburst of emotion as Colress at first was surprised by this but then cracked a smile and began to chuckle along with everyone else nearby.

    "Sorry, Yume... We just cant take you seriously when you curse! Hahahaha! It feels... So forced! Hahahaha!" UN said as the others continued to laugh at her making her blush and turn away towards them in a pout for not taking her emotions seriously.

    Suddenly, a woman walks through the gate and the sounds of her stiletto's hitting the ground causes everyone to turn around to see her.

    "What's with all this commotion in the gardens? And why is there a strange man standing so close to my daughter? Are you not doing your job after all, Masori?" Nagrui asked the head of security as he reacted almost immediately and went over to contain Colress who was technically a trespasser.

    "Mama! Wait! I told that man that he could come inside if he battled me! There's no need to apprehend him!" Yume yelled at her mother and Masori as Colress struggled to get free from his captors while UN also tried to persuade Nagrui to release him, Nagrui turns towards Yume and smacks her on the face.

    "Who gave you the authority to allow people into this property? Neither me nor your father had so I guess that means you just took it upon yourself, right? Your lucky that I'm in a good mood or I would have you get out of that wheel-chair and crawl back into your room...The next time you wont be so lucky, understood?" Nagrui asked her daughter coldly with the most cruel eyes imaginable as she turned back over to Colress and told Masori to escort him to her chambers.

    "... I understand... I understand a little bit too much actually..." Yume said rubbing her cheek as she glanced at the expression that her mother gave Colress that appeared to be an expression of lust and happiness.

    "I'm sorry about what happened down in the gardens... Your dad put me in charge of you for the next few days and I shouldve stopped you from letting Colress inside- Now your mom is pissed at you... I'm so sorry." UN said watering the plants inside of her room to busy himself while she changed her wound bandages and prepared to take a bath.

    "Don't worry about it... Like she said, she's in a really good mood today... I mean if she wasnt I wouldnt have made it into the house by now, right?" Yume said taking a towel out of the closet and heading towards the bathroom door on her crutches while UN rushed over towards the door and opened it for her when she approached it.

    "Well, I still feel bad... About everything. I owe you a favor now, just tell me what to do and I'll do it." UN said standing behind the door and looking up at the ceiling as to not see Yume undressing as she finished dressing she stepped into the tub and began to think.

    "I'll remember that, just so you know. I might want you to kill a man someday so you better not forget this promise..." Yume said sinking into the bathwater and thinking about all of her experiences up to this point until she overheard a conversation in the room below hers that happened to be her mothers.

    "I'm sorry Masori treated you so brutally, its just the way he was trained to handle intruders is all- a total meathead he is... Has no clue how to be kind, as far as I'm aware." Nagrui said in a very rough form of Unovian as she walked over towards Colress and seductively removed the handcuffs that Masori had put around his hands and then slightly stepped away to get a complete view of Colress.

    "I see that Unovian is not your first language... What country are you from? Or should I say region?" Colress asked Nagrui who made a school-girl giggle and put a finger over his mouth to signify for him to be quiet.

    "I have to ask you a question... It's your reason for being here... When my husband told me that you were coming here to teach Yume- excuse my school-girl innocence but I originally believed that you were coming here for me. I know this must sound silly, seeing as how were both adults with our own lives... But... I thought you remembered me, and that you had come here to be here with me, just like before." Nagrui said with the most innocent/heartbroken expression on her face as the tears that swelled inside of her eyes began to stream down her face, Colress looks at the young woman standing before him and tries to remember where he could have met her before.

    "I'm- I'm sorry but I have no memory of you... Have we met somewhere? Unovian is not your native language so is it possible that you are from a region I previously explored? However... I believe I would recognize a beautiful woman like you." Colress said looking intently at the woman trying to be remember where he could have met her before but coming up with nothing in his memory as Nagrui pointed towards his head.

    "We met... In my dreams... You were the hero, who saved my soul from eternal unhappiness... You were the man who rode inside of the white spaceship and took me on a adventure around the galaxy... You were the one who showed me that it was possible for me to become a greater person, even with how I am right now. I saw it, it was in a vile... It was in a vile with a ribbon, the key to my happiness... I swore when I woke up I would do anything to get it, and get you. I want you- I dont just mean intimately I also mean... I love you, man from my dream world." Nagrui said standing completely still as she felt her heart skip many different beats and felt that if she walked even a step that she would faint.

    Colress looks deep into her eyes and see's something inside of her that he had never seen in a person before and without knowing why he felt a sudden passion swell inside of him and threw Nagrui on her bed and embraced her immensely in a heat of passion.

    All the while, Yume overhears this entire transaction, and feels utterly betrayed by her Mother and Colress.

    The months moved on... And soon 2 months passed since the mysterious Doctor Colress arrived to be Yume's tutor...

    "The mistress has been abnormally chipper lately... I wonder whats up with her, huh? You think she started "exercising"?" a Maid said in complete sarcasm as the other Maids began to giggle along with her continuing their rude gossip while Yume painted in close vicinity to them.

    "I wonder if she started having an affair, or maybe doing drugs. Or both. She is glowing after all! Either that or she's finally pregnant again, just like she always wanted! Hahahaha!" one of the older Maids wisecracked in a way that she was obviously trying to get Yume involved in the conversation that not only berated her mother but insulted her own integrity.

    "... I dont think any of what you're saying is funny- its completely disrespectful and... Intolerable! The help talking about their employers is one thing, but when you insult their integrity, even when you already know what you're saying is the truth- is despicable! You 5 should be ashamed of yourselves, talking about a woman having an affair so lightly... Not taking the feelings of the poor man she's cheating on into consideration?! I dont understand society, what gives you the ****ing right to talk about someone who you know has problems?! Dr. Colress hasnt taught me a damn thing in 2 months! Do you think its funny that a grown woman is using her daughters education to sleep with a man for drugs?! Do you think its comedic that she's doing it in my fathers bedroom?! I just dont understand society, just because you assume that were of a higher class than you that she doesnt need as much help and prayers as your peers?! That its okay for her to do this because you think she's some social elite *****?! Let me tell you something, to me- this is not funny! This is not comedic! If my father ever finds out that she's been sleeping with another man my entire life will be ruined- no longer will I see my Mother and Father together... I'll be the child of a divorce, of a loveless marriage- but this must be the funniest thing since Kevin Hart for you people, isnt it?! Haha! Look at those rich bastards problems- everyone laugh and gossip about them like they're not even human! HAHA!" Yume said throwing her canvas on the floor and stomping out of the room with the most angry expression she could make in her entire life as the Maids looked at each other embarrassed at their actions.

    "I can't believe these people... I just can't believe them... My mother's going through a drug addiction and all they can do is crack jokes? If this is what high class society is like then I no longer want any part in it." Yume said stopping in front of her mother's door as she stomped her way to her room and overheard strange moaning sounds and concluded for herself what was going on in that room causing her to shake and tremble in rage and walk onwards toward her room until she passed her fathers study where she overheard another conversation.

    "The acquisition of Silph Co. will begin shortly... As soon as we are able to separate the old man from the public eye, we'll be able to have a smooth acquisition of the company- all thats needed is for it to appear that you have succeeded Satoshi as the new CEO of Silph Co." a man in a blue suit and blue tie said as his unknown Pokemon polished his shoes with its tongue as Coby stared intensely into the eyes of the men who had walked into his office and home uninvited a few hours previously wondering how he could escape this disaster.

    "I dont understand why the company needs to switch shareholders- I understand that Satoshi is dying but... I could handle the company myself- there is no need for the Siebold Familia to interfere in this dire process." Coby said trying to sound professional and keep his emotions together at the same time but only receiving a mocking chuckle from the men in the room.

    "Hehehehe! It's so cute how you still believe that this is simply another company aquisition by the Siebold Familia- Can't you see that there is more to it than that? Silph Co. is the worlds paramount in production of goods and services- when we take over the company, the Siebold Familia's profits will double! So as you can clearly see now, this is much more than a simple buyout of the company.... For more than that I fear." one of the Siebold Familia's goons so in a mocking smart-alic tone that made Coby cringe a bit at not being able to do anything as the man's Pokemon stopped polishing his chews and exposed its large fangs at Coby who jumped back abit.

    "I take it you dont have any Pokemon, correct? I would make this process as easy as possible then... You do not wanna make this process any more painful than it already is- I mean, that old man raised you didnt he? And now he's dying... This must be extremely hard for you to hear, but if this continues... There is no way that you will remain at this company, even as a low level employee- so... Are you going to comply with the request of the higher ups or not?" another Siebold Familia thug asked Coby in a very intimidating manner as he chewed on a tough piece of sugar cane, Coby looked at the picture of him and Satoshi in their younger days and then up to the goons who were smiling deviously.

    "... If it will save the company from being sovereign by the likes of you- then I have no choice then to comply... I will kill Satoshi Miyamoto, with the poison antidote that you've given me." Coby said standing up from his seat and walking over to the door, hesitating for a second and then taking the doorknob and then walking out of the room slowly towards the room where Satoshi lies.

    Yume quickly reacts to what the goons have ordered her father to do and takes the secret shortcut to the room that they said Satoshi was in.

    "I can't believe that all this time old man Satoshi has been in this house! Is this place really so needlessly large that I didnt even know that my own godfather was here?! What the hell?! And now my father is about to kill a man who he see's as his own father?! What the actual ****?! I can't fathom any of this- but... I have to do something!" Yume said running into the secret closet that led into the room that Satoshi was being held as she crept into the deep darkness of the closet she realized that her father had already arrived there.

    "Wow, you look as young as ever... I can't believe this- Am I looking at the same person? Like, wow... This is something alright. You don't look a day over 60." Coby said pulling up a chair from a desk in the corner and sitting down next to a dying Satoshi who looked more pale than snow.

    "Stop... Being a kiss-***... What brings you here to see a dying old man? I can't wire you anymore money... Greedy bastard..." Satoshi said as he coughed into an already bloody napkin so Coby replaced the napkin with a new one.

    "I asked you to wire money for me once when I was your assistant and you still refuse to let it go? You're such a stubborn old man... I can't believe you havent forgotten about it, considering that you're pretty much senile." Coby said shaking the poisonous vile around in his pocket as he was instructed to do as Satoshi cracked a bit of a smile and tried to spit in Coby's face but could not bring out enough energy.

    "Forget you, rookie... Have you come here to just insult a dying old man? How petty..." Satoshi said glaring at Coby until he stood up and walked to other side of the room with a coffee table so that he could collect some cups for him and Satoshi.

    "Nah, I thought I would do that some other time... I've actually come here to have a drink with you is all, nothing less nothing more." Coby said with a warm smile as he set the cups on his dresser and then proceeded to pour the whiskey and bourbon inside the cup.

    "Giving a dying old man alcohol? What the hell am I? A pirate? Don't you know this is gonna kill me even faster?" Satoshi asked cynically just as Coby dropped his own cup after hearing the latter part of the sentence.

    "Ha...Ha... You're funny, old geezer. You always knew how to make me laugh." Coby said walking back over the table and getting a new cup then back to the dresser, pouring him another drink and discreetly missing the poison into Satoshi's drink.

    "... Yup... I sure did... Hey, have I ever told you the story on how I first received my first 100 Poke?" Satoshi asked taking the cup and taking a sip from it then sitting it down on his dresser as Coby sat down in his chair and shook his head at the old man.

    "Not that I'm aware... I always assumed that you just were born into a rich family and the money just came to you through inheritance." Coby said taking another sip from his own drink and then looking into Satoshi's eyes that had begun to fill up with many different emotions.

    "People can assume that... But its not true... I'm actually from a dirt pool family in Southern Kanto- we didnt have anything growing up as a child... I remember my first toy being a sack of potatoes' or maybe they were pumpkins... Or maybe it was a Pokemon- I can't remember... Regardless, we were poor. When I turned 10 I quickly left home and went on a Pokemon journey with my Bulbasaur in order to provide financial support for my family. However, along my journey I met and befriended many future important individuals from Prof. Samuel Oak to former Elite Four member Agatha- we even traveled to a few locations with each other... Battling different Gyms and Gym Leaders and eventually making it to the Indigo League Pokemon Conference. Just as we were about to challenge the conference together, I was confronted by woman named Miyamoto who offered me 100 Poke if I agreed to not enter the tournament and give her son a chance to win... I was conflicted- me and my Pokemon had worked so very hard to make it as far as we did and I felt as if it was a choice over my pride or my financial obligations... In the end, I chose the money. Do you understand why I'm telling you this story?" Satoshi asked an already emotional Coby who was squeezing his cup and biting his lip so hard to keep from crying that he could only shake his head.

    "I'm telling you this story because I want to educate you on what it means to have a choice, if you choose the wrong thing then what will become of your life? You know... I'm dying... And when you die, your life flashes before your eyes? My life has flashed countless times in the past 2 months... It's saddening really how often these visions come... And the most saddest thing about it is, the life that flashes before my eyes is not the birth of my sons, not the first time I won a Pokemon Battle, when I met my wife of 57 years... No... It showed the first time I got that damn 100 Poke- The first time I gave up my happiness for someone else... To make someone else happy rather than myself... The life that flashes before my eyes is not personal- its business! And the business that it shows is the worse visions a person can imagine... Lay-offs, deception, corporate takeovers, the absence of morals when producing and selling products- the life that flashes shows not the good side of me, but the horrible aching side that eats me whole every time I sleep...The black faces, the blank faces, the belittled faces of my would-be peers, young men and women who I took out of the competition because I knew they would one day try to take my place as CEO... The dreams I ruined because I was selfish enough to not feel what needed to be felt! Damn these flashes! Damn them to hell! ... I know you're the one who's killing me Coby... I knew you would do this all along- its best this way... To have the mentee I treasured most of all throughout my lifetime kill me is always the way I wanted to go... And to drink one last drink of whiskey and bourbon with him is simply a pleasure... No, a moment for life... This right here is a moment for life... People can call this fruity of queer but I no longer give a damn! And to all the people who dare shame you for killing your mentor- **** ALL OF THOSE DAMN HYPOCRITES!! For they know if given the opportunity that would do the same with even less hesitation then what you had. I dont care what you've done to me on tonight, as long as you're happy dammit! As long as you can tell me with all sincerity that me dying is making you happy I will no longer care, as my entire reason for teaching you was to show you the road to the pursuit of happiness... If you can look me in the face and say that "I'm happy" I can die right here, happily. Hell, even if its a bold face lie I will accept it... As long as you tell me right here, right now before I die by your hands that you are happy and you will die happy then I can die happy! So just tell me... My dear son... Are you happy?" Satoshi asked Coby who had already broken his cup in half by this point and was in the middle of a complete breakdown as tears poured down his face he could barely make out the words but he managed to say 'happy'.

    Satoshi cracks a smile and reaches out for Coby's hands and rubs them as he remembered first meeting Samuel Oak in Pallet Town the day he started his journey and meeting the orphan Agatha who was too frightened of Ghost Pokemon to enter Lavender Town's Pokemon Tower without their help.

    He smiles one final time and takes a deep whiff of air from the room that for some possibly symbolic reason smelled of the farm he grew up on in southern Kanto as he looked over to the closet and then back at Coby and muttered his last words.

    "There is no doubt they will freeze me until the acquisition is over... But when they do... Make sure that the Ampharosite is frozen with me- give it to who you see fit... Oh yes, and one last thing- tell Yume that worth this world and more... Don't forget to treasure her because daughters- need their fathers...... Goodbye, son." Satoshi said taking a last whiff of air and then closing his eyes to die peacefully despite the poison tearing apart his stomach as Coby wept more than it was natural for a person throwing everything he could lift in the room at the window asking God and the heavens why Satoshi had to die.

    Yume quietly wept in the closet almost as hard as Coby as for the firs time in her life she realized that everyone dies but not everyone lives.

    "So I decided that there's no other way around it... I can't stay here anymore... From the lucrative affairs to the corporate takeovers... I- I just cant take it." Yume said throwing random stuff into her backpack as UN checked the hallway for anyone who could overhear their conversation and then proceeding to close the doors.

    "Yume... You don't have to leave... All you have to do is wait, I'm sure you'll adjust the world that you were born in- I know at our age its hard to realize the world wasnt made for us individually but- you'll see one day." UN said to Yume trying to convince her to stay, Yume shakes her head and opens up the window in her bedroom and then looks out at the large buildings in the distance and making the largest smile she has ever made in the past 2 months.

    "Don't you see that? How could you not wanna experience that? Just look... Those tall buildings... I just know that those people dont have to go through the things I've gone through... You mentioned the world I was born into, as if the world of people of big business and nobles are separate from the "commoners" and "peasants"- I'm sorry but I can't relate. I believe we all share this world, but it was created for us all individually... I'll go through different experiences than you because the world was created like this- its the end of the rope for me in Marshae, sorry." Yume said getting her backpack off the edge of the bed and then sitting on the window sill gazing out at Aspertia City in the distance as UN clenched his fist in frustration.

    "How are you just gonna leave me here all alone? The only reason I started working for your father was because you were here for me... I can't go on without you- I traveled through time to find a love like this, and I want to keep it. I want you to stay with me, by my side- through it all." UN said moving closer to Yume in order to get intimate close but soon getting stunned when Yume suddenly pops up from the window sill in enthusiasm.

    "Then come with me! We'll have so many adventures together, UN! I mean... Look at those lights, how can you tell me that there's not a world of adventure out there? We'll have so many countless adventures that no one would ever be able to tell us that we're not gonna die happy! Come on, no one will be able to tell us what to do- we'll be completely independent just like the kids who live outside of Marshae!" Yume said holding out her hand to UN who stared intently at the hand that she offered to him but only getting it shoved out of his way.

    "I'm sorry... There's no one I can do such a thing... I have think about my future- Ghetsis Harmonia will not be a failure... I promised my family that I would make the Harmonia name known all across the world. And at the moment the only way I can do that is if I stay here and work under your father. I'm sorry Yume, I can't go..." UN said stepping back away from her and looking down to avoid making eye contact while Yume turned away from him back to the lights of Aspertia.

    "I understand... A person has a choice in life, whether they're willing to give up their happiness for greatness or keeping the happiness that they sought for throughout their lives. I guess, you've chosen to lose your happiness for greatness... Then, I wish you all the best UN~ I can't stay in the same house as a murderer and a ****, so... I'm gonna head for Aspertia City, okay? Don't tell my parents though... Tell them I ran away on a ship to Olivine City, if isnt too much a problem. I probably wont ever be back ever again in my life, so dont wait up~" Yume said with a soft-spoken wink as she jumped off her window sill onto the next-door neighbor's roof then proceeded to jump from roof to roof towards Aspertia while UN held his face in hands, utterly disappointed at the choice he had just made.

    "... How are you?" Colress asked Nagrui who breathing deeply next to him in her heart shaped bed, possibly nude from the waist down.

    "Heh... heh... The best you ever had." Nagrui said leaning in to give Colress a kiss and receiving one from him instead. "You know... You dont have to live here with a man that you hate, you have every right to leave this house forever and never come back, no one would blame you." Colress said kissing her neck as she squealed in pleasure and then rubbed his hair with a smile.

    "But where would I go? I have nothing out there for me. I've built my life around the perplexities of Marshae... What am I gonna do outside these walls?" Nagrui asked Colress with a smile as he stuck an electric cigarette in his mouth and blew out raspberry scented smoke into the air then answered sarcastically in a way.

    "You could make outfits for me and my team... That way you could earn your keep in Team Plasma- we would protect you and you would have room and board." Colress said over thinking the entire thing as Nagrui giggled at his apparent deep concern until she realized he was serious.

    "If you're serious... Doctor Colress... it would be my honor to work you and your team... Whatever you want- I will do it." Nagrui said kissing Colress on the middle of his chest as he made a bit of a devious smile he lifted her head up to look deep into her eyes.

    "There is no doubt in my mind... I will make you regret saying that." Colress said to Nagrui with complete sincerity as she giggled thinking he was kidding then proceeding to kiss him passionately thinking that her future was now secure with Colress and Team Plasma.

    ".... Yume! Wake up in there! It's time for your match to start! We gotta get this going before the Pokemon Baccer is scheduled to start!" Buffalo shouted into the room as Yume shot up from her sleep and looked up at the clock that read 12:00 PM on the dot.

    "Alright, i guess its time to right my wrongs... Let's do this." Yume said continuing to look at the clock and then turning to her sleeping Pokemon and deciding it was now or never to finish what she started 2 years ago
    What happens when two diffrent people connect through an unlikely adventure?
    Pokemon-BW- Dare to live?

    So how many Pokemons are there?

    Silly Jack, the plural of Pokemon is Pokemon

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    Pokemon: Filler Adventures and Pokemon: Rise of the Penguin respectivley.
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    Now that I think about it....that poster is a horrible advertisement
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    Wow, I'm just stating that I'm uncomfortable with one of the few decent pokemon on the train wreck that is Ash's Unova team getting shafted and you accuse me of impersonating an imposter?!

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    Authors Note- So this is like, the opposite of what I said during BW but... From now on the chapters will be shorter! Your welcome~ Anyway, the fated match between Yume and Yuuki finally takes place! Who will win?! What's up with the Pokémon G-Men?! What will Don Giovanni's prison convoy turn into?! And who is this mysterious laughing man? Enjoy!


    "They cant keep me out of the stadium if they cant find me... All I have to do is blend in with the crowd and then I'll be able to sneak into the control room and apologize to Yume the way she would want, as the center of attention..." Yami said sneaking among the large of crowd of people who were literally being horded into the stadium by advertisers and stadium employees.

    "I can't believe that after all these years we're finally gonna be able to see the legendary Tennis stars face off once again! Their match 2 years ago just didnt end the way I wanted... It seemed almost one-sided, I hope Yume has improved." a male patron said to his wife and kids who were just as eager as him to see the match against Yuuki as Yami walked onwards with the rest of the crowd yet confused on what he just heard.

    "Yume had a match against this Yuuki girl two years ago? Does that mean this is nothing more than a revenge match? If thats the case then I dont know if I can allow Yume to participate in something like this... It's too vengeful for my taste-"Yami said before he hit his head on a sign from not paying attention as to where he was walking while loud cheers and applause broke out in the stands of the stadium.

    "Hello! Hello! It's a pleasure to see all of your adoring faces here~ I am Austin Miare! I've come all the way from Anistar City in Kalos to be the MC at the momentous match! The fated battle between Tennis legend Yuuki Nao and Tennis superstar Yume Nagisa is about to begin! I suggest all of you get to your seats quickly cause you dont wanna be an open target during this match, folks!" Austin said trying to give the crowd some enthusiasm which was a success as the crowd became instantly excited and cheered for both Yume and Yuuki more than ever before. Yami sneaks in with a family and sits close to them before he manages to sneak away from a security guard.

    Suddenly, a tall person with lime-green hair appears behind him and stops him from going any further.

    "I'm sorry... But could you please refrain from talking to Yume right now? She's already gotten a bit frazzled by this whole ordeal and I'm sure the last thing she wants to do right now is have a screaming match with you." the mysterious young man said pushing Yami along to a private box inside of the stadium where they got an ever better view of the field below them.

    "You said I shouldnt talk to Yume? Why would I not talk to her? I have to apologize for what I did to her... Or else... She'll never forgive me and we can never get married-" Yami said before the stern look the young man gave him practically silenced him out of fear.

    "Is all your thinking about still that childish marriage? Can't you see that Yume playing such games with you is the reason why she's so confused right now? She doesnt know... How she's gonna stop playing these games with you, even though thats what she needs to do." the young man said sitting down on one of the couches inside of the box room as Cecillio and Buffalo entered the room as well.

    "I guess you still didnt realize it yourself, huh? That your relationship with Yume is no more... She never wants to see you again, and it would be best for her if you just left her alone, the connection that you once had with Yume is gone... Now please, after the match, leave this city and never speak to Yume again." Buffalo said in a surprising kind and compassionate voice as he moved over towards the pexi-glass and looked down at Austin who was once again pumping up the audience as they waited for Yuuki and Yume to enter.

    "The relationship between People and Pokemon are the same as People and other People, if Yume no long trust you, then there is no bond that can be shared... Thus making your entire relationship, unnecessary and pointless." Cecillio said in the most harshest way he could think of as Yami shook his head not believing a word that was being said to him, he tried to run out to Yume but he is forced down on the ground by Buffalo's Milktank.

    "I dont think so, kid... You're gonna need to see the outcome of this match from the same view as us, so that you can see why you and Yume are no longer meant to be together! And if your actions affect her performance whatsoever, I swear to God I will murder you with this Milktank!" Buffalo shouted right into Yami's face as Milktank cracked its "knuckles" and made a menacing expression.

    "Whatever... I wasnt gonna do anything to mess up Yume's game... I was gonna try to make her feel better about this whole thing." Yami said unsure as to how he should address anyway and was partly thankful for Buffalo and Milktank stopping him as the mysterious young man removed his baseball cap and gazed at Yume with lustful eyes drawing Yami's attention.

    "I gotta do this... It's now or never... If I dont get it done then there's a chance me and even my Pokemon could be disgraced for the rest of our lives... I need to win this match! Not just for me, or my Pokemon... But for the womanhood as a whole!" Yume said sliding on her tennis cap and proceeding out towards the bright sunlight that lit up the stadium like a thousands lightbulbs as the crowd went into a frenzy to see the former legend return to the limelight.

    "Heeeereee~!! She is! One of the fair ladies you've all been waiting for! The young woman once given the name "Superstar"! Yume Nagisa!!" Austin shouted into his mic as the entire stadium roared with excitement causing Yume to grin with happiness and gave her some of the confidence she needed to face her fears and go against Yuuki once more.

    "... I can do this... There's no doubt this time... I will kick this *****es *** so bad that the jury will think I'm Chris Brown... I will win... I wont be the McCain/Romney of this match... I will win this!" Yume screamed as she held up her tennis racket triumphantly causing the crowd to applaude and cheer, Austin also cheers until he receives a message on his Holo-Caster from his boss.

    "Yes, sir... I understand sir... Yes, of course... No, no, no... I'm sure neither of the girls would mind- heck, Yuuki isnt even done taking her shower yet! You said turn it to Channel 69, correct? Alright, will do." Austin said in a casual manner to his boss as he ended the call he rushed over to the control room and informed them of what he was asked to do.

    "Huh? Why did Miare move up there? Just what is that man up to now? He's so full of surprises..." a female patron said looking up at Austin in the control room as he explained what needed to be done and why as Yume takes a few more breathes to relax, in the box room Yami and the mysterious young man watch her intensely.

    Suddenly, the large screen that practically encased the entire stadium emits static and then goes completely black no longer showing Yume much to Yami's dismay.

    "What the hell is going on? I didnt give anyone permission to mess with that monitor... Those *******es in the control room better not mess this up for my Yume." Buffalo said completely annoyed and frustrated as he prepared to walk through the doors to speak with the control room he was interrupted when he heard electro pop music coming from the room and the it turning completely white this time then blue to red.

    "Holy ****! We're gonna get seizures if they do this ****! Will Pokemon ever learn?!" Yume shouted down on the field trying to cover her eyes from the fast changing colors when suddenly she heard a soft and familiar coming from the screen.

    "Oh je suis desole pour le interruption! Je m'appelle Diantha. I've come here to presente important news... A way to change your life to be exact. Did you know? That 1 out of 6 individuals go through a sudden period of boredom and depression? Did you know? 6 out of those 6 are not from the Kalos region? This is simple, yes... Because when you come to Kalos, there is non such thing as boredom! Fashion! The latest and most fabulous attire can only be purchased in Kalos' Unique Boutiques owned by the infamous Fashion Madonna, Valerie Dubious! Passion! You're guaranteed to find romance of any kind in Kalos! Whether you are in a committed relationship or not... You are bound to find a Kalos lover! Celebrities! No other region has as many celebrities as Kalos, even those from Unova's Poke-Star Studios flock to Kalos because they know no one else compares! Patriotism! Your great and honorable Government is stationed right here in Kalos! Come and thank your Government for all it has done by stopping by and meeting with at least one of the 5 Benedicts (monetary transactions necessary to meet one of the 5 Benedicts...)! I wish I could tell you about all of the lovely things of the Kalos region but I wouldnt only ended up looking like a lunatic! So before I end up embarrassing myself even further... Get'em Grant!" Diantha said appearing as if she flew away off stage toward a giant CGI mountain that Grant just so happened to appear to be climbing as he jumped down and began his speech.

    "Bonjour, Je'mappelle Grant! I am the Gym Leader from the Kalos region and if I was to be as bold to say, I used to be alot like you! I used to stay in all the time, eating, playing video games, taking pictures of my food and uploading it on Instagram- all that junk! Until I found Kalos and realized there were many more ways to enjoy life in a more active state! Watch this!" Grant said flexing his muscles a couple times then sprinting back towards the CGI mountain where he climbed it to its peak and yelled "King of the world".

    "Salut! My name is Valerie Dubious, and I'm definitely not just doing this because my former traveling companion Siebold told me he would kill me if I didnt... You should come see the beauty and mystique that lies within Kalos! Sitting around waiting for something to happen will only cost you your happiness- So come to Kalos! And experience mystical adventure~" Valerie said with a wink as the screen transitioned to a giant sign that read "GO TO KALOS" causing the entire stadium to erupt in cheers and applause while Yume simply stared at the screen totally confused on what had just transpired.

    "So... Confused... So basically we just had a propaganda commercial to influence people to go to an overrated region? K." Yume said turning her attention away from the **** bomb that had just been launched into the stadium and back to preparing herself mentally for her match.

    Suddenly, fireworks and streamers are launched into the sky to welcome in Yuuki who was wearing a fashion designer exclusive Tennis uniform and matching shoes as the crowd once again roared with enthusiasm at the entrance of their idol.

    "I can't believe that I actually get to see her up close... This is truly the best day of my life~ I wonder if she'll let me put her in my trunk and let me have her skin... Ah~ That would be great." one fan of Yuuki's said as the other members of the fan club agreed and continued to cheer for the already pratically helium filled young woman as she blew kisses and bowed.

    "Oh... You people are truly too much~ I can't believe how nice you are to little ol' me~! I love you so much! Now, dont forget that if you wanna go to the after party on my grand-father's yacht you cant be ugly, fat, fat/ugly, poor, smelly, Yume, and/or depressing~ Okay?! Oh, so basically the majority of you..." Yuuki said with complete seriousness and sincerity that was not felt by the crowd who had begun to laugh at her comment as if it was a joke except for Yume, who knew she was being serious.

    "Oh, Yuuki~ You say such harsh things but we know you dont really mean it..." an older fan of Yuuki's said with a pleased chuckle as the others continued to chuckle and giggle as well.

    "Wow, they should all have ***** stamped on their heads right now... This is truly depressing- just shows how suppressed society is by celebrities." Yume said flexing and stretching a few more times before the match actually started.

    "Oh Yume... I didnt even see you there, heh... heh... Care to shake hands before the match starts? Our- I mean my fans would love that." Yuuki said moving towards Yume with her palm already ready to shake Yume's hand, Yume thought about knocking it away but eventually decided it would be best to just shake her hand rather than start confrontation.

    "I'm gonna beat the living **** out of you, you little blonde princess *****- you understand? I'm gonna make you cry, cry like a ***** in front all of your fans... And you know what will happen? They wont care... Because you're rich." Yume said pulling her hand away from Yuuki forcefully as Yuuki shook in both fear and anger of the new person Yume had become after 2 years.

    "Alright!! Are you ready?! Yes? Okay! Let's start!!" Austin shouted into his mic as the crowd cheered in anticipation of what was about to unfold as Yuuki started off with her turn sending the ball quickly towards Yume so much in fact that Yume was unable to hit it soon enough.

    "Oh my... Looks like you're not as good as you thought you were, huh? Actually... It seems like you've actually gotten worse over the course of time- heh... heh..." Yuuki said earning an entire blowout of cheers from the crowd because of her amazing serve while Yume shook her head to get the negative thoughts out and waited for Yuuki to make another serve which this time was not fast but had a certain chill to it that caused Yume to misread the direction that ball was coming from.

    "What the hell?! Why was that ball so freaking cold?! It almost felt like someone was using a Blizzard attack on me..." Yume said looking all around her to see if there were any Ice type Pokemon near her who could have done it but seeing nothing as Yuuki laughed triumphantly.

    "If you cant find out how come the ball became so cold then you have no right to call me your rival... I would just give up now anyway, there's no way you can beat someone like me- You're the daughter of a lowly inventor and a ***** while I'm the daughter of one of the Governments most decorated Nobles... You have no chance." Yuuki said preparing to make her third and possibly final serve if Yume did not react in time when all of a sudden anger filled Yume's eyes.

    "First off, did you just call me your rival? Oh god, you really do think too highly of yourself dont you? I've never called nor considered you my rival in any fashion- you're just some ***** who shows up every now and again and causes obstacles for me... You're nothing more nothing less. Second off, did you just call my mom a *****? Arent your parents like cousins or something? So the next time you decide to take it upon yourself to do some "**** shaming" you should evaluate your entire existence, kay *****? Third off, does your inter-bred little mind really think social class has anything to do with your ability as Tennis? My father being an inventor and my mother being a "*****" are totally irrelevant to my skills at Tennis- so before you claim your damn social class is the reason behind your skill, re-evaluate anything anyone has ever said to you before- oh yeah, and I found out your little cheating trick now... Go! Crest!" Yume shouted as she sent out her Tepig to the field who was ready and willing to do whatever she wanted at this point as a stunned Yuuki stood still shocked that Yume had figured out her trick.

    "How could you have found out?! My trick was absolutely unsolvable! Daddy said so himself!" Yuuki yelled as he began to pout in front of everyone who thought it was "cute" and "adorable" of her as Yume rolled her eyes she also ordered to Tepig to use Flame Charge on a nearby bush sending the Pokemon that was hidden inside of it out, revealing it to be a Snover.

    "At first I didnt understand how I couldnt see the Pokemon that was creating the chill... But then I remembered that were on a grass field, so if the Pokemon had some sort of secondary grass type typing then it could remain undetected in this field." Yume said with a wink that sent the entire crowd into a frenzy at both her knowledge and her cuteness while inside the box room, Yami smirked.

    "Noooooo! How could this be?! I cant win without that strategy! Last time I used that super-Tennis racket it broke almost immediately afterward! I have nothing left to cheat wiiiiith!" Yuuki pouted along with her Snover who mimicked her personality to a note as Yume grabbed her Tennis racket from the ground and got in the position to make her first serve.

    "This next serve should end this match actually... I've being enhancing and improving on it since I was out on the streets for the past 2 years... I think since you're already filled with helium this should send you flying, right?" Yume asked tossing the ball into the sky as gently as possible and then delivering a mightly serve to Yuuki and Snover who because they were still pouting had no time to react and were sent flying out of the stadium.

    "Ugh! You'll pay for this Nagisa! I swear to God that you'll pay for all of this! Daaaaaadddyyy~!" Yuuki shouted as she went flying into the sky with her Snover until she was nothing but a glimmer in the sky, Yume looks up into the sky and shakes her head.

    "Like I said... She's just another obstacle that I need to overcome sometimes... She'll probably be back though... No doubt she will be at some other stage of my life." Yume said to herself with a sigh as Crest ran over towards her and rubbed himself against her leg and then began to glow, signifying his evolution into Pignite much to the crowds delight who were already cheering greater than ever before.

    "Yume won? Thats great! She's much better than that brat Yuuki any day!" one of Yuuki's fans said tearing off her Yuuki fan merchandise and replacing them with Yume merchandise along with the other fan club members.

    "... Well... I guess that means we won... Doesnt really matter to me- the only reason I did this was to teach Yuuki a lesson. Oh well, I won." Yume thought as she waved and blew kisses to the thousands of people that were cheering and applauding her and Crest for their hard work and victory.

    "Now I hope you see... If you go back to Yume the happiness that she has felt in this moment would be for naught, the independence that she gained through this victory would be all for nothing. She would go back into the safety and security of another mans love... The only reason Yume accepted your marriage proposal was because she believed she needed someone to provide for her- but now... She no longer needs that, as you can see." the mysterious young man said walking over to Yami and setting him free from Milktank and then opening up the door to show Yami the way out.

    "... You say that I'm a hindrance to Yume because she cant grow up being with me? What does that have to do with anything? I love her... We should grow and mature together... There's no reason for us to grow alone- we were meant to be together, Yume is my star and I'm her star." Yami said looking down at the ground the entire time as he knew if he were to look at any of their faces that were filled with pity he would burst into tears.

    "Yami... Um... Leave talking to Yume about all of this to me, okay? I'll- I'll make sure she knows how you really feel and all of what you have to say to her. And- when you guys meet up with each other again, whenever that is... I'm sure she'll be ready to talk you about all of your problems, just give it some time, okay?" Cecillio said in the most kind and sincere tone he had ever used in his life as Yami nodded slowly and left out of the room toward the exit of the stadium.

    "Do you really think Yume will ever want to speak to him again?" the mysterious young man asked Cecillio who shook his head and turned over towards the field where Yume was still waving and smiling at her fans.

    "All I know is is that Yume's feelings are the ones most hurt right now... And none of us want them to be even more desecrated, right UN?" Cecillio asked the young man revealing him to be an aged UN who agreed with Cecillio and stared at the gleeful Yume with a sense of pursuit in his eyes.

    "Servine! Use Leaf Tornado!" Yuki ordered his Servine who reacted almost immediately and launched a powerful Leaf Tornado at the enemies Liepard and Watchog defeating them both in one go.

    "Crap, I never thought this kid would be so strong... I dont remember the boss saying anything about there being another boy traveling around with Yume!" a Team Plasma member said returning his fallen Pokemon to its Poke-Ball and then proceeding to send out a Zangoose to take care of Servine.

    "I dont think any of our members have reported this kid before... I think he's just some wannabe hero out trying to save the world or something- how lame!" another Team Plasma member said returning her Liepard and then sending out her Golbat to handle Servine as well.

    Servine manages to keep up with the enemies until it is struck down by a Zangoose's Fury Cutter.

    "Oh no... Servine was my last Pokemon all the others are at the Poke-Center, what am I gonna do now?!" Yuki questioned himself when suddenly a powerful Water Gun attack sent both the Golbat and the Zangoose flying into a building. Above Yuki and the Team Plasma members is Yami who is glaring at Team Plasma with his Dewott (how the hell did it evolve?!) doing the same.

    "Can't you guys just leave Unova be... You become more and more annoying each and every time I see you." Yami said jumping down from the stadium's roof next to Yuki who was overjoyed to see him.

    "Yami! You came just in time! These Team Plasma goons are trying to steal Pokemon from the Poke-Center." Yuki said pointing to the two Team Plasma members who tried to best look innocent and sweet but ended up making them look even more guilty.

    "Well, if by Poke-Center you mean Pokemon Center then I cant stand for the Pokemon there being stolen... Wado! Use Aqua Jet!" Yami ordered his Dewott with stern assertion as Dewott launched itself toward the Team Plasma members and sent them flying into the same building as their Pokemon.

    "Thanks Yami... Now the machine that they were using to steal Pokemon wont work. You know, you're really good at this whole beating bad guys thing- Have you ever thought about joining the G-Men?" Yuki asked finally returning his fainted Servine to its Poke-Ball as Yami returned his Dewott and looked at Yuki totally confused.

    "You're asking me if I've ever thought about joining the Government before? No... Not really. You know who my Grandfather is, he would never approve." Yami said with a roll of his eyes as Yuki shook his head and handed him some sort of paper.

    "The G-Men are more than just an embodiment of the Government... They're also superheroes who save the world from evil organizations like Team Rocket and Team Galactic! I mean, who wanted wanna work with legends like Lance?!" Yuki asked Yami obviously passionate about being in the G-Men while Yami thought about it for a moment but still rolled his eyes.

    "I grew up with Lance and let me tell you, he is definitely not all what the media cracks him up to be. He's a selfish zealot... I'll leave it at that." Yami said putting his Poke-Ball back away and about to move on to the next town when suddenly a wadded up piece of paper hit him on the back of the head.

    "What's this? It just says something about escorting a prisoner to a halfway house or something.... And some old guy named Clay." Yami said looking over the paper and not being able to understand most of what it said because it was in very poor Unovian.

    "It says that the Gym Leader of Driftveil City, Clay- is willing to give out a badge to anyone who escorts two prisoners to a halfway house in Driftveil. Personally, I dont need the badge but I would never deny helping someone who's in need- its just not in my nature." Yuki said taking the wadded paper back and putting it into his pocket as Yami thought about the opportunity for a moment.

    "Hmm... I could get a free badge out of it, so I guess thats a plus- and its not like these prisoners are like terrorist or something dangerous like that, right?" Yami asked with a reassuring smile that was soon daunted by Yuki's incoherent whistling.

    "Um... Well... Actually the criminals that are being escorted are Don Giovanni- a former Mafia boss and Kanto's most legendary criminal and Hat Vattican are former (and probably current) child murder." Yuki said in a sort of nonchalant manner that made Yami slap him in the face.

    "Are you nuts?! First off, why would I escort two world-class prisoners when I have no prior training in that field?! Second off, who would let a guy like Hat free?!" Yami asked Yuki with anger and frustration in his voice as Yuki managed to squeeze a couple words out with Yami shaking him back and forth.

    "I- Heard- It- Was- Someone-High-Up- In- the Government..." Yuki managed to say causing Yami to stop shaking him and question just who let Hat free possibly based on a whim.

    Meanwhile, in a country as far away from Unova as possible...

    "Don Giovanni... Team Plasma... The Pokemon G-Men... And the newfound Resistance that has started to stir up trouble in Unova. There is no doubt in my mind that when these forces clash it will create quite the flood of news all across the world." a man wearing pink heart-shaped sunglasses said drinking a martini with literally hundreds of women crowded around him.

    "Personally... I wouldnt have set someone like Hat free, big brother. He may be family but he's also insane-he killed children for God's sake... How could you ignore that and just let someone like him walk free with the people of the world?" a young girl said chewing on several marshmallows (or something that appeared marshmallow-like) as she tried to make a point to her older brother that did not stick.

    "Lalalalalalalala! Why did I release him from his dainty prison you ask?! Why? Because its gonna be hella fun when he does something terrible, thats why! Have you read the papers lately? Everything has been so god forsakenly boring... But now- We'll reach a pinnacle of news! Don Giovanni, the man blessed with the power to destroy the world on a whim! Team Plasma, once an underdog in the game but now a rising power to say the least! The Pokemon G-Men, Government Dogs who see themselves as some sort of law-abiding superheroes! And finally the new power of the Resistance, if they make an even bigger splash than the Tea Party then we're sure to be in a for a treat when it hits the press! Lalalalala! How can you not want to release Hat after hearing about all the terribly wonderful things that will happen when he's free?! Hat may be a *******, inter-breed moron... But he's the reason- the world will change! Lalalalala!" the man in the heart-shaped sunglasses laughed into the crimson sky as the women around him followed him in laughter being forced to by the giant Pokemon that held weapons to their heads.

    "Well... When you put it like that... The only true answer to my question is that- you're crazy." the young girl said as the man in the heart-shaped sunglasses laughed once again and the Jynx next to her poured her another glass of milk to drink with her marshmallows.

    "Now my dear sister- no one ever said there's anything wrong with being crazy, its just the crazy side you show to the public that matters." the man in the heart-shaped glasses said in a bit of laughter as the women around him praised his wise words much to his pleasure.

    "Don' Giovanni', huh'? I reckon he's gonna' be' quite' the task' fo' me today..." Clay said looking down at his watch and then up to the guards who were escorting Giovanni to his squad car.

    "When they said they were sending the best- I didnt know they would be sending Andy Griffith himself..." Giovanni said with a mocking smile as Clay grunted and pushed him violently into the car along with Hat who was following in behind him.

    "The' first' thang' you oughtta know' bout' me' is that I dont play games with little kids..." Clay said closing the squad car and getting in the passenger seat beside the officer who was driving and then headed on his way to Driftveil City.
    What happens when two diffrent people connect through an unlikely adventure?
    Pokemon-BW- Dare to live?

    So how many Pokemons are there?

    Silly Jack, the plural of Pokemon is Pokemon

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    Pokemon: Filler Adventures and Pokemon: Rise of the Penguin respectivley.
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    Now that I think about it....that poster is a horrible advertisement
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    Wow, I'm just stating that I'm uncomfortable with one of the few decent pokemon on the train wreck that is Ash's Unova team getting shafted and you accuse me of impersonating an imposter?!

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    Authors Note-I'm gonna be honest with you guys when I say I have no idea what I wrote in this chapter ._. Like... It may make sense to some people but if it doesn't please don't shoot me lol Anway, Giovanni and Hat's convoy begins and for some reason its being head by two teenagers and a really stupid Officer Jenny... K. Team Plasma strikes! or something... Oh yeah, and Skyla is an idiot... Enjoy!


    "We need to secure Yume the moment she leaves out of the stadium... Yami has already departed from Nimbasa City so there's no longer any way to use him to get to her anymore- we're better off just going in there and getting her now anyway... Since its all over." Yumi said feeding Larvitar with a bottle as she huddled over in a corner still saddened over what had happened the previous day with Yami.

    "... You know... It's not all that bad- Yami could come to his senses and realize that you and him are meant to be and not that girl Yume-" Remington said before he was cut off by Yumi standing up from the corner and walking gloomily towards the entrance to the stadium.

    "It's over... Yume won... She has Yami's heart- even if she doesnt love him, he still loves her. I lost, Yume won." Yumi said stopping in front of the stadium and looking down at the puddle beneath her to see her depressing reflection, Remington looked at his depressed partner and decided that it would be best to lie.

    "You know... I wonder what Yume's father has to say about her getting married to Yami. I mean... Would a father normally be alright with his daughter marrying a total stranger? I doubt it. All we have to do is bring Yume home and Yami will be all yours... That simple." Remington said with a half smile as Yumi turned around with the largest smile he had ever seen her wear before as she embraced him with a thankful hug and made a somewhat devious face.

    "Well if thats the case... Do you still have connections with the Nimbasa City SWAT?" Yumi asked with a devious smile as Remington nodded his head slowly and inside regretted his desicion to lie to Yumi.

    "What do you mean Yume just up and vanished?! She was just out here on the field before I went to get the trophy we made for her..." Buffalo asked one of the stadium workers who was still a bit stunned about what happened himself to explain. "Well you see... It all happened so fast but- Yume was on the field when you left there's no doubt about that, then her friends UN and Cecillio came to congratulate her on her victory when suddenly- a man with a black and white mask on with the number 2 tattooed on his face appeared out of nowhere- him and Yume talked for like less than a couple minuets and next thing and I know all 4 of them are gone somewhere in hyperspace or something!" the worker exclaimed panicking that Yume and the others might have been abducted by some sort of alien as Buffalo shoved him out of his way he began to ponder just what really happened while he was away.

    "Could it be... No, if they were going to take anyone to join the Resistance it would not be Yume- I dont think she has a courageous or heroic bone in her body. That would be... Impossible." Buffalo thought walking towards his office as the Baccers prepared to start their game he remembered seeing several strange men in white cloaks walking around Nimbasa City a few days prior.

    "I dont really know if I like these guys frisking me like this... It makes me kind of uncomfortable." Yuki said shivering a little as the cop with the coldest hands among them frisked him to see if he was carrying any weapons or something of a lethal nature as Yami smirked.

    "How is this any different from when were kids and we used to play cops and robbers- And I would frisk you?" Yami said with a perverted wink causing Yume to glare at him and begin to shout about his sexuality and how straight he was while Clay walked over to Yami and shook his hand.

    "I' reckon' this aint the' best' time ta' be' greeting' ya' but my name is Clay and I'm one of the Pokemon G-Men." Clay said with a lowering of his hat and a gracious southern gentleman bow as Yami bowed himself and made a half smile.

    "Yuki failed to mention that you were one of the Pokemon G-Men... All his said was that you needed help escorting two prisoners- speaking of which! I have something to say about that!" Yami shouted before he was interrupted by Clay turning away from him and looking off into the distance as he began to own rant on the situation.

    "I know... I know... How' could' I' possibly' justify' allowin' someone like' Hat Vattican out of prison, right? I mean... This is completely unjustified... There's no way to explain my actions however- I do know that in the Government... There's someone pulling some strings, and I dont mean pulling the little threads I mean some big, long, thick (yeah, I went there) strings... Controlling the world from outside the Government's walls. I mean hick-hick-white trash talk- trailer park hussie- I shoot' Pokemons' with' mi gunz' cause I'm a Texan'! USA! USA! I mean- UNOVA! UNOVA!" Clay said originally sounding educated and knowledgeable and then returning to his preferred form of purposely form of fragmented Unovish.

    "... Anyway... Thats interesting to know... I had no idea that someone high up in the Government was the one who let Hat free- I just thought he served his time." Yuki said surprised that someone from the Government would be selfish enough to release a person like Hat Vattican from prison for whatever purpose.

    "Why would they let a child killer free from prison? He mustve gotten life for killing all of those children, right Clay?" Yami asked Clay who shook his head and rolled his eyes.

    "Unfortunately, there was no real evidence sustaining him as child killer- he was actually put into jail for the loads of marijuana and cannabis he and his family were trafficking around Sinnoh..." Clay said disappointed completely in the Government not taking enough action against Hat.

    "What do you mean no evidence? What about the eye witness accounts? The dead bodies that he must have kept around his house?" Yami asked realizing that the conversation had gone to awry and opted to end it as a squad car pulled up alongside the road and two officers proceeded out of the car toward Clay.

    "Mr. Clay, sir! The criminals that have been sent from the Kalos region are being contained in our vehicle, sir! We will release them into your custody as soon as you are ready, sir!" both of the officers said in complete unison as one of them held the keys to the squad car tightly in his grip and the other saluted Clay to show respect.

    "... Alright... Well' if' you' two' are' ready' and rememba' what I taught' you' bout' escortin' criminals' then' were' ready'." Clay said as the two officers pushed and shoved Yami and Yuki toward the squad car while the two boys struggled to get out of their grips.

    "Are you serious, right now?! You never taught us anything about convoying criminals! We're totally inexperienced! If we do this then we'll surely die!" Yuki said as he struggled to get free from the officers who unfortunately for him and Yami were too strong and determined to escape from as Clay chuckled. "Hahahahahaha! All you have to do is believe in yourself and all that crap! If' ya' lett'em know' who's boss' then they' wont' ***** ya' around none'!" Clay with an amused chuckle as Yami and Yuki whimpered when they made it to the squad car that held the two criminals they were now being forced to convoy.

    "These guys have been to prison... So they'll probably be reeling for some outside intimacy- Yuki, I'm sorry... But you'll probably be easy prey for them-" Yami said before Yuki cut him off by yelling and hissing.

    "Yeah right! Look at that pretty face of yours, they're gonna rip that **** up the moment they see an opening! Hope you liked your cherry cause you wont have it anymore-" Yuki barked before the squad car doors were opened by the two officers and the two criminals were forcefully pulled from the vehicle.

    "... ****... Just ****..." Yami said to himself as the two criminals stood up on their own and looked at Yami and Yuki menacingly causing the latter to scream like a little girl. "Aaaaaah! It's the two criminals! You guys are seriously gonna leave the convoying of these two assholes to me, are you?!" Yuki asked as the officers hopped into their squad car as quickly as possible and drove off into the distance as Yami and Yuki slowly turned their heads to Hat and Giovanni.

    "I' hope' this' isnt' gonna' be' too' much of a' problem' for you' kiddos'... Ok now- Giovanni will be convoyed by Yami and Hat will be convoyed by Yuki- is that clear?" Clay asked the two boys who soon began to bicker over who would take Giovanni and who would take Hat.

    "Why would I take the child killer?! I'm younger than you! What if he suddenly snaps and tries to kill me cause I'm the youngest person in the vicinity?" Yuki asked Yami in total fear that Hat would somehow murder him despite the high security restraints on his person.

    "Then you're screwed I guess... Clay gave me Giovanni and thats that, I mean what could be so wrong with a former mafia boss? He's not as bad as Hat..." Yami said triumphantly before Clay took out a list and recited all of Giovanni's crimes. "Since the age of 10 Giovanni has been charged with larceny, arson, attempted homicide, manslaughter, serial murders, grand theft auto, grand theft Pokemon, terrorism, soliciting sex, and many many more crimes that I dont even want to begin describing... Giovanni is truly one of the worlds greatest criminals and worthy of his title as the Man Who Can Destroy The World On A Whim that the Government has labled him... Its truly terrifying just what he can do." Clay said rubbing his scalp then putting his hat firmly back on his head as Yami yelped in terror.

    "Wait! No! I change my mind! I wanna escort Hat now, I wanna escort Hat!" Yami begged as several helicopters appeared in the distance with the Pokemon G-Men insignia on the front. "Requesting permission for landing..." the pilots said in unison as Clay gave the thumbs up and they landed right in front of Hat and Yuki who was pushed on the aircraft by Clay.

    "Because of the severity of the crimes that Hat has committed he will be transported by aircraft to the convoy point- they will provide the best security possible... Let me tell you, you're more safe in there than you are out here. Speaking of which, Giovanni will be convoyed through the bridge method... We'll have several cameras (from several reality shows on MTV) follow you and Giovanni to provide you with as much security as- we want to." Clay said before Yami through his shoe at his head and started to shout.

    "How are you gonna leave me with the worlds worst criminal and only offer me limited security?! What kinda joke is this?!" Yami shouted at Clay who was now rubbing the bump on his head and whimpering before an Officer Jenny arrived on the scene.

    "Sorry I'm late... I was throwing case files of minorities being victimized in the Driftveil City Police Annual Bonfire... And then I looked down on my X-Transceiver and there was like, 12 missed calls from Clay, most of them were death threats/ morose code but the most recent was about the convoy of a very dangerous criminal so I was like- "Oh ****, better stop twerking on the Police Chief and head down to this bridge or whatever... #IMightGetSomeTonight" Officer Jenny said in the most random rant imaginable as she finished with a wink in Hat's direction who's skin crawled in disgust. "Oh' lookie' hur'... If' it' isnt' Officer' Jenny'... Just' the woman' I was lookin' for. This' youngin' hur' dont' wanna' transport' Giovanni' by' himself', you reckon' you can help'em out?" Clay asked Officer Jenny who looked Yami up and down and then took a picture of him on her X-Transceiver.

    "I am so putting this on Instagram for my *****es~ I can't believe that I just met the Yami! I know I must sound so pedo right now but there wasnt a swimming meet that I didnt watch! You were my inspiration for becoming a Water Type specialist." Officer Jenny said sending out her Wartortle who was posing the instant it came out of its Poke-Ball for a picture on Instagram.

    "Oh... I didnt even know anyone remembered me from my swimming days- I wasnt really hot **** outside of Aspertia." Yami said looking down at the ground a bit embarrassed by Officer Jenny's flattering words.

    "I used to be stationed in Aspertia before all that **** with Team Plasma went down, then I was like- "Oh ****, better stop giving a lapdance to the Mayor and the Police Chief and actually do my job here- But then I realized that Aspertia was ghetto as hell so I was like "Forget this, I'll just go to a different city and not do **** there." Officer Jenny said with a proud smug expression as Yami shook his head in disgust.

    "Ya' two' should' be leavin' now'... The airforce' is' about' to' take' off' now..." Clay said as Yuki stuck his tongue out at Yami from the helicopters windows and the helicopters took of toward Driftveil City.

    "FML... FML... FML..." Yami said hitting his head on a nearby tree as Officer Jenny took more pictures of him for her Instagram page.

    "I'm gonna put this under #FutureBabyDaddy #Lol #****TheHaters" Officer Jenny said uploading the picture to Instagram as Clay liked the photo himself and Giovanni took a cigarette out of his pocket.

    "Are you serious?! You're like 40! Why are you obsessed with Instagram?! And you! How'd you get a cigarette!" Yami shouted in Giovanni's general direction causing him to glare at Yami with the eyes of a demon making Yami turn around slowly toward the bridge to take-off running before he was scooped up by Officer Jenny's Fregalitar.

    "I dont think so~ I'm not about this convoy this bastard all by myself... I barely do my real job, why would I do this all by myself? Giovanni is your responsibility, Golduck." Officer Jenny said with a wink as she handcuffed him and Giovanni together much to the displeasure of the both of them. "This is degrading! I'm a free man! Why must I be treated like I'm still a prisoner?!" Giovanni barked at Clay who shook his head and smirked.

    "This Officer Jenny is a bit different from the others... She may seem a bit ditsier than the others and lazy, but she's really the best of them all- they call her Marble the Clear." Clay said opening his car door and getting inside with a final bow to Yami and Officer Jenny as he headed toward Driftveil but not via the bridge.

    "... So... This pretty much determines that I'm gonna die today, right? Get these things off of me! I'm the one being convoyed!" Yami complained as he attempted to break off the handcuffs but was stopped by Officer Jenny's Wartortle who launched a Bubblebeam on his face.

    "Come on now... This is gonna be fun! We can tell each other stories about our lives and ****, and I'll tweet about it and make statuses on Facebook- hell, I might even make a new blog on Tumblr! Cause I forgot my password... I think it had ****tyKitty34 but I forget..." Officer Jenny said pulling Yami and Giovanni along, making their way toward the Driftveil Drawbridge.

    "I can't take this anymore... If she makes one more remark about how many Twitter followers she has I'm gonna rip that blue weave out of this womans hair!" Yami shouted as Officer Jenny blatanly ignored him and continued to rudely read her messages out loud to them about her babydaddy and her eldest daughters tweets.

    "Women in general are irritating... If it wasnt for women then I wouldnt have gone to prison in the first place- Had my mother not told me to do all this... None of this would have ever happened." Giovanni said continuing to smoke on his cigarette and cool and collected manner like the mafia Don he was.

    "... Sorry to rudely butt in on your little monologue but you cant blame your mother for all of your actions- I dont think anyone was holding a gun to your head when you committed all of those crimes. Dont blame women for all your problems." Yami said rolling his eyes as he tried to avoid the cigarette by turning his head in the opposite direction.

    "... It sounds like you have a problem with women yourself. There's a girl on your mind... An ex-girlfriend perhaps?" Giovanni asked Yami who glanced over at him for a second to see the conniving smirk on his face then back in the opposite direction.

    "An ex?! Who this ***** I gotta cut?!" Officer Jenny exclaimed out of nowhere as Yami looked into the sky thinking about all of the fun he had with Yume prior to what went down in Nimbasa City.

    "... Yeah... I'm having girl problems... I hurt a girl who was really close to me, and I dont know how to let her know how sorry I am. I dont wanna lose her. I want her to be with me for the rest of my life- I just dont know how I can make that possible the way things are now." Yami said thinking about what happened over and over again in his mind and the hurt expression that appeared on Yume's face.

    "It seems to me... That this girl has you on some kind of leash, she has you whining and *****ing about losing her even after the fact. Why dont you grow some balls and stop worrying about a girls who's probably already over you? You ****ed up... It's over. Get over it." Giovanni said in a brutally honest manner as he puffed a heap of smoke from his cigarette into the air around Yami purposely as Yami coughed because of it.

    "... I want to give up on it... I've tried to just forget about her and just continue my journey to the Vertress Conference without her but- everywhere I go I'm reminded of her... Her face, her smile, her witty remarks, her terrible grammar, her beautiful eyes... The way she pouts when she doenst get her way- I've tried to forget about her but... I cant." Yami said with a sigh as he remembered all of the things that made him love Yume the way he did.

    "... You are love-sick, you're the reason why this entire world is ruled by love in the first place. If it wasnt for that overly passionate fool Adel then the Government wouldnt exist... He couldve stopped all of this from happening." Giovanni said take a few more puffs from his cigarette as Officer Jenny took a picture of him looking cool and added it on Instagram.

    "Any one could have made the same mistake that he did- It's not his fault that he wanted some strange but it wasnt being delivered." Officer Jenny said tweeting about being with Giovanni as Yami continued to think about Yume.

    "Sometimes I wonder... What if I hadnt done it? Would we have left each other for some other reason? Or would we have been happier? I'm so confused... I dont know what i wanna do right now but I know it has nothing to do with helping the Government of convoying this *******- I just wanna make things right with Yume... Thats all." Yami said looking down at the bridge depressed as Giovanni scoffed and returned to humming to himself and Officer Jenny continued to tweet.

    Suddenly, Yami steps on something and it cracks a bit underneath his foot, he moves off of it and picks it up off the ground.

    "What is this? Some kind of old fashioned X-Transceiver? Its strange though... The language on the back is in French... Is it from Kalos?" Yami said as he remembered Yumi handing him the old X-Transceiver just before they headed to the stadium, Yami opens up the back and notices that the battery still functions perfectly despite its old age.

    "Picking things up from off the ground? Just like I would expect from such a peasant... Don't you know how many germs there are on the ground? Especially this bridge... You might as well be HIV+ right now." Giovanni said walking onward along the bridge with his eyes closed because while he was carrying a conversation with Yami he is also thinking about something important he forgot to do.

    "Me picking up something from the ground is just as unhealthy as you smoking one of those death-sticks. Thanks for being worried Giovanni, but I'm fine." Yami said putting the back case of the X-Transceiver back on and looking forward at Officer Jenny who had asked her Wartortle to take pictures as she twerked on the Driftveil Drawbridge.

    "Death-sticks you say... How I wish that was the case. Not a day went by that my father didnt smoke one of these "death-sticks"... He would always have a fat one in his mouth every time I would encounter him in a new city along my journey. He never even raised me as kid, yet... He was always the first one to ask me for money so he could blow it in the Celadon City Casino. How I loathe the casino... I thought- back then at least... Had this casino not existed I might have a better relationship with old man Deccino. So when I was older, I sure as hell bought that casino- yet, the only time I've seen Deccino as an adult was when he helped some punk kid break into my Gym and force me to battle him for a badge. That twerp Red... I'll never forget that he was the only one who after defeating all of my Pokemon took off his jacket and persisted on boxing hand to hand with me. I was on the verge of getting my *** kicked when I pulled out of the fight by turning over " a new leaf". Years later, I planned a comeback in Goldenrod City... But because of a noisy Celebi and brat named Ethan, my plans were foiled." Giovanni said with a grunt as he chewed on some his cigarette without thinking but quickly stopped when the ashes began to choke him a bit.

    "Sounds like you've had a rough life... Thanks for telling me all this... Because I like totally cared." Yami said sarcastically as he fiddled with the broken parts of the X-Transceiver in order to get it to turn on even for a little bit.

    "I dont know why you assume that I'm talking to you. I was simply thinking to myself out loud... I have lost a bit of my sanity being in the dark and cold prison with a maniac for 7 years you know." Giovanni said to Yami directly this time as Yami rolled his eyes and continued to mess with the X-Transceiver.

    "It's not like you were in there for no reason... You did all sorts of bad things, you had to atone for your sins just like everyone else in society." Yami said as he finally managed to get the screen to turn on on the X-Transceiver causing him to celebrate a little.

    "Sins... Sins never leave me. No matter how much I repent, the sins inside of me never leave. For years- in the cold prison cell I wish for nothing more than to be pulled down into those infernal gates... Yet, there was always something holding me back. Just like the something that holds me back from smoking more than one of these things every time something significant happens in my life. I wish to die- but I prevent myself from doing so. According to a doctor who visited me the day before I left that prison, I'm as healthy as a horse, I have no physical ailments anywhere on my body and my immune system is great. It is because of this that I believe I curse myself for not being able to take the next cigarette out of the packet all because it is tradition. If you take nothing else from this conversation twerp, listen to this. Everyone wants to go to heaven but no one to die." Giovanni said taking his cigarette out of his mouth and throwing it over the bridge watching it sink into the water below them and then smirking.

    "... You are one weird man, Giovanni." Yami said scrolling down through the contacts on the X-Transceiver hoping to find some sort of personal information to see who it belonged to (so he could troll them with numerous selfies).

    Suddenly the X-Transceivers texting feature receives some sort of message.

    THEY found out, I'm gonna go get help. Wait at the B Terminal until 8:00... If I'm not back I'm finished and you need to finish what we started.

    Yami stared at the message intently, wanting to know who sent the message and why but then seeing that the message was sent over a year ago and the senders number had been disconnected since.

    "Whats wrong Yami? You're looking at that X-Transceiver liked my husband looked at me when he saw me in bed with his brother." Officer Jenny said moving over towards him and Giovanni and looking at the message that had garnered Yami's attention.

    "The duldrums of fools... I wonder if this world will ever be free of such pathetic trifles." Giovanni said to himself under his breath as he looked into the sky and saw some sort of object coming toward him and Yami. Just as he is about to move out of the way to avoid the object, a shuriken cuts the handcuffs binding him and Yami together thus freeing Giovanni completely unbeknownst to Officer Jenny and Yami.

    "I think I saw this on the news a few years ago- It was about a situation that happened in Lumiose Station, with these strange writings appearing out of nowhere." Officer Jenny said actually completely serious for once as her X-Transceiver rang on silent at that exact moment.

    Suddenly, the bridge is shot at by what appears to be 5 Magnezones and 2 Magnetons that managed to hit everything but avoiding Giovanni.

    "Why are these Magnezone attacking us?! We didnt do anything to disturb them, did we?!" Yami asked Officer Jenny who shook her head and sent out her Empoleon to use Whirlpool on the opposing Magnezone who avoided the attack and continued to fire powerful Thunderbolts in their direction.

    "These Magnezon mean business- come on Giovanni, we're running-" Yami said before he looked down at the now disconnected handcuffs and then turned to see Giovanni stretching his arms and legs as he chuckled at the entire predicament.

    "I'm truly a free man now... No longer will the chains that bounded me hold me any longer- I am free! The moment my handcuffs were sliced it was a sign to begin the counterattack. These Magnezone are not wild nor do they hold a personal vendetta against you, they are under the orders of a business partner of mine." Giovanni said popping his knuckles and smiling deviously at a stunned Yami who tried to stop Giovanni from running by sending out to Swadloon to tie him down with String Shot but to no avail as Giovanni easily moved out of the way of the attack before it wasnt even launched.

    "I wont let you get away, a man like you has no right to be free. If we let you go then the entire world will be in danger. At least at the halfway house there would be people still guarding you." Yami said as he ordered his Swadloon to launch an Energy Ball at Giovanni but was quickly stopped when several Seviper appeared from under the bridge and devastated Swadloon with a barrage of Poison Stings.

    "This is bad... I need to call for back-up... And fast..." Officer Jenny said digging around in her pocket just as a Magnezone and Seviper attempt to hit her at the same time she moves out of the way swiftly and avoids their attacks and even manages to see that she had a missed call at the same time.

    "Team Plasma should be arriving anytime now to retrieve me and Hat- That fool, did he honestly believe that he would just get us so easily? He thinks he has connections with the Government? Ha! My network is ten times more than his!" Giovanni said sitting on the edge of the bridge as something in the distance continued to deposit Pokemon after Pokemon toward the bridge in order to get Giovanni.

    "We're in some deep **** now... Come on, come on. Reach these damn people already!" Officer Jenny shouted at her X-Transceiver just as it finally managed to reach the reinforcements she was calling for.

    "Hello?! Hello?! Officer Jenny is this you?! This is Commander Morgan from AirForce Unit 0098! We've been ambushed! I repeat we have been ambushed! Strange Cryogonal and Golbat have appeared in the sky and are directly attacking us! We do not know the identity of the enemy but one of my men report seeing a man in black sneaking aboard the helicopter carrying Hat and retrieving him- and then vanishing! We are NOT dealing with normal people, Officer! We're requesting backup from the AirForce units in the area- please, stay safe!" the AirForce Unit Commander said hanging up as soon as he was done conveying his message as the Pokemon continued to attack Yami and Officer Jenny.

    "This must be Team Plasma's doing! They're the only ones who are capable of doing such a thing with no empathy! But why would they want Hat and Giovanni?! Giovanni said they were business partners... But..." Yami said looking over at an overly amused Giovanni who was beyond excited to see two giant Pokemon approaching the bridge.

    Suddenly, without warning a giant Shiny Garchomp and Shiny Dragonite begin to fire attacks at the bridge indiscriminate as the bridge soon caught on fire because of the blows being dealt to it by the powerhouses.

    "This is bad... With this fire we wont be able to keep track of Giovanni- Yami! I'm gonna need you to secure Giovanni! Leave these fires and those two Dragon Pokemon to me!" Officer Jenny said putting on a gas mask to shield her face from the flames as she sent out all of her Water Pokemon who began to put out the fires as swiftly as possible. Yami races toward the spot where he last saw Giovanni but when he makes it to him he is flattened on the ground by Garchomp.

    "Ugh... Giovanni... I wont... Let you get away... You're the scum of the earth- endangering lives... Just so you can escape? That kinda person... Doesnt... Have the right... to live free...!" Yami exclaimed as he coughed up blood because of the blow Garchomp dealt to his back, Giovanni pets Garchomp's back and rubs Dragonite's chin.

    "You two have been waiting on my for 7 years now... Please forgive my absence, I hope that foolish son of mine treated you all fairly." Giovanni said to his two most beloved Pokemon as they made pleased noises and smiled at seeing their old Master once again.

    "...... Those Pokemon are his? He was able to evolve Gible and Dratini to their final forms? What kinda man does he have to be to do that..." Yami thought inside of his head because his mouth was too filled with blood to speak at the moment as Giovanni walked over towards him and stood over him like a titan.

    "Stop playing hero... Its just gonna get you into deeper **** than you're ready for. You rush into things because you think you know the outcome, which must be what happened with that ex of yours... You did something to hurt her and you rushed too soon to apologize to her. You dont know how to take it slow... You're rushing into things. You dont understand that the world around you, wants you to slow down. I however, have had patience since the day I was born. Since the day I was born I was gifted with a monstrous ability that could send the entire world into turmoil. My mother told me to keep this power to myself and not to use it until the time is right. However... With all the time that I spent in prison I realized that there may be a time that I need to use my powers but I wont be able to- because I could already be dead and gone. So... As an announcement to the world that the man who wishes to be immortal has returned! I will- Use the Will of Ranse ability that was given to me by my ancestors of old!!" Giovanni shouted into the sky and then promptly rolled his eyes to the back of his head.

    "You're insane... No human has an "ability" thats all fairytales and ********... You're not a God Giovanni, stop thinking you are-" Yami began to say before he felt a small tremor on the bridge and opened his eyes wide when he noticed Giovanni himself was shaking intensely with his eyes rolled to the back of his head and his mouth wide open.

    The tremors turn from small to gigantic in an instant causing the bridge to start to fall down.

    "Giovanni... Is destroying the bridge?! But how?! Just what the hell is he?!" Yami asked himself in his head as Giovanni continued to stand in the same position before he was able to snap himself out the trance but still a bit shaken after using his powers.

    "My ability... Is... Known... As... Will of Ranse... Quake de Laude... Its... The... Power... Said... To... Be... Able... To... Destroy... The... World..." Giovanni said falling to the ground in exhaustion and then crawling towards his Garchomp and getting on his back as the bridge still continued to fall with Yami barely being able to move even a little away from the spot he was in.

    "Dammit... If I die here... Then... I'll never... Be able to... To... Do... Anything... I cant- die here." Yami said taking ahold of the gate on the bridge that had already begun to lean over causing Yami to begin to lose his balance on the bridge.

    Giovanni orders Garchomp to fly him to the assigned location and with Garchomp's speed he jets toward said location.

    Yami's Pokemon look at him through the Poke-Balls with pity and Golbat releases itself so it is able to fly him toward the nearest Pokemon Center for care.

    "Golbat... There's no need to do that... I sense the good intentions in your heart... You really care for this Trainer- so please... Leave his treatment to my sister and I." an average looking woman with long blonde hair said as Golbat slowly dropped Yami down to the ground and went back inside of its Poke-Ball in exhaustion.

    "Concordia... We must make sure that this boy is safe- just as Rood asked of us. He said... This boy had the same aura as of our former King... N." Anthea said as her Gardevoir appeared from behind her and lifted up Yami with its Psychic attack.

    "Yes, but this boy has sustained substantial wounds sister... We must bring him back to the secret house and treat him there. If we we're to be discovered not only would we be in danger but the Resistance in general." Concordia said collecting the Poke-Balls that had fallen out of Yami's pockets and putting them into her own.

    Out of nowhere, a voice comes from the X-Transceiver asking "Hello, is this Cletis?"

    "This is it..." Giovanni said getting down from Garchomp and limping towards a strangely colored bush on the outskirts of Driftveil City, behind the bush appears one of the Shadow Triad who was apparently waiting for Giovanni the entire time.

    "Don Giovanni... I hope that you had a good convoy. Now, Team Plasma's leader- the good Doctor Colress has asked but one thing from me... I am to bring you the next designated location and have you be briefed on just what Team Plasma needs you for, understood?" the Shadow Triad member said in a cold and monotone-like voice as Giovanni began to lose conscious he managed to nod and fell down on the ground with a smile on his face, happy that he was finally free.

    "So we we're able to get Giovanni and Hat after all? Thats good news... After I heard that children were in charge of their convoy I thought all hope was lost, given both of their track records with youth after all." Colress said typing something on his laptop computer as a member of Team Plasma poured him a hot cup of tea.

    "Apparently Giovanni is injured... And we're not sure if he will be able to perform his duties as soon as we originally planned. We understand if you just want us to scrap him now..." the grunt said trying to keep his own life secure as Colress finished drinking the tea he smirked and shook his head.

    "Don't be ridicoulous. We went through all this trouble to get him, now why do you think I would just get rid of him so easily? Think about it. Why would I get Giovanni to come all the way here to Unova if I was gonna scrap him so easily for being insufficient at the moment? I wouldnt. Actually... Giovanni being injured is an aid in my plan... I just havent thought of a reason why yet." Colress said turning off his laptop and then walking over towards the window and looking outside to see a large sea below them.

    "Then I will make sure that Giovanni receives first aid immediately, sir!" the grunt said about to walk out of the room before Colress turned to him.

    "Yes, yes... First aid is always good... Except not now... I think we need to- condition Giovanni. Make sure he's good for Team Plasma or what-not. Make him recover naturally, and then beat him to near death again. I want to see the extent that his will can truly go." Colress said with an insane smile as the grunts in the room all saluted and stormed out of the room toward the medical ward.

    "How cruel of you Colress. You're gonna deny the poor man medical treatment just because you want to condition him? I thought you studied Pokemon- not humans." a woman in black short skimpy dress said drinking red win directly from the bottle as a large Team Plasma member massaged her feet.

    "On the contrary, my dear... I'm not being cruel. I'm being a man of science! And since science is the benefit of all mankind, I'm being a contributor not a cruel person." Colress said walking over to the couch and sitting next to the woman who giggled at his comments.

    "Whatever you say, good doctor~" the woman said with a daunting smile that made Colress cringe on the inside but showing a false smile on the outside.

    "So... I heard Giovanni got away... Along with Hat. Thats the worst news yet. I cant believe that we suffered a complete defeat like this." Yuki said sitting next to Yami's body in some kind of room as two former Team Plasma members stood guard outside of the room.

    "I' reckon' he wont' be' able' to speak' fur' a' while'... That' doesnt' matta' though'... Ya' did' a good' job', Yami'! Ya' protected' all' of' the' people' in the city' to the best' of' ya' abilities' I' hur'... So- because' of that'! I'm givin' you this' Quake Badge... Now', even' though' you're' not awake' to know' why'... I hope you at least put this thang' to good' use'." Clay said taking Yami's badge case from his pants pocket and sticking the Quake Badge inside of the case.

    Outside the house, Meowth watches Yami sleeping with a menacing expression along with a very tall man with a black and white mask with a #2 tattoo on his face.

    "This is Skyla~ I heard you called for reinforcements~ But... It looks like everyone is already dead~ Oopsie~" Skyla said looking over the crashed helicopters from inside of her plane as her son made baby noises to mimic his mothers incompetent behavior.
    What happens when two diffrent people connect through an unlikely adventure?
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    Wow, I'm just stating that I'm uncomfortable with one of the few decent pokemon on the train wreck that is Ash's Unova team getting shafted and you accuse me of impersonating an imposter?!

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    Authors Note- Sooo... No one saw a special about Cecillio happening right? You know what this mean, right? Cause I don't... Anyway, this is kinda sad, more dramatic than sad to be honest lol If you don't like having feels, I would avoid this special! The reason I released this special so abruptly is because the climax will begin in the next arc as well as BW2 Chapter Zero so I didn't want to have to interrupt it for Cecillio's crap... Anywho, enjoy!

    13 years ago... In the Sinnoh's Veilstone City...

    "And then I said no Brain, your father already asked me to marry your sister! Hahahaha!" a girl said walking along the streets gossiping and chatting with her friends as they ignored the little boy running through the streets to escape the baker chasing after him.

    "Hey! Get back here, you! You cant just steal bread and not expect someone to chase after you! Hey!" the baker shouted as he raised his spatula in the air and chased after the little boy furiously.

    "If you're not gonna feed the needy then you have no right to be a cook, its that simple!" the little boy said sticking out his tongue and jumping over the hole on the sidewalk until he ran into a tall, bulky man.

    "And just where... Do you think you're going with that stolen bread young man?" the man asked Cecillio with a death glare causing Cecillio to shake and squirm.

    "You know where I'm going with this bread, Dad- I mean Darren! You jerk! You wont come home from that freakin' casino to bring food home to Mom and the doctor said-" Cecillio said before Darren lifted him up by the back of his shirt handed the bread back to the baker and proceeded home with Cecillio pouting and struggling to escape.

    "Come on now Cecillio... You didnt honestly think that I would just let you do whatever you wanted, did you? You have to have order in your life if you ever wanna get something accomplished- order is key." Darren said patting his son on the head and he held him in his arms like a bag of groceries causing people to point and giggle at the spectacle.

    "You're one to talk! Mom hasnt seen you in 6 months! I bet she'll have a heart-attack when you bring me home!" Cecillio shouted at his father who simply chuckled then sat him down on the ground and then went into "dad mode" to have a talk with him.

    "Cecillio... I know I havent been home lately- but it cant be helped. I have an obligation that I must keep with someone and if I break my promise then I'll be even less of a man." Darren said to Cecillio trying to help him to understand his conviction but only getting an eye roll.

    "Whatever... Everyone in town knows that your just at the casino all the time to win that all-you-can-eat-buffet! Whats the point dad?! Mom is at home starving herself and you're just out to feel your own greedy stomach." Cecillio said looking his father directly in the eyes and only getting a warm smile and another pat on the head.

    "You're too young to understand now... But someday you will, I promise." Darren said giving his son one last pat on the head then heading back towards Veilstone Casino much to Ceciilio's dismay.

    "I thought just once... You would come home and see mom. She wouldve loved that." Cecillio said turning away slowly and proceeding towards the house on the outskirts of the city.

    "Cecillio! If you mess up another outfit I wont be able to take you to church with my on Sunday! I thought you liked Hearthome City... You get to smell all of those delicious scents~" Cecillio's mother Abigal said with a loving smile as she dusted the dirt off of Cecillio and wiped his face with a warm towel.

    "But the doctor said you needed food, real food! Not just the fruit that grows around here... You need starches and meats..." Cecillio said with a frown close to crying as Abigal wiped the tear that was about to run down from his face and gave him a warm hug.

    "I'll be fine... Cecillio... As long as I have the love that you provide for me- just by being alive. I wont need any food..." Abigal said giving him another hug and the sitting him down at the table with a warm bowl of soup.

    "You said that... But... Oh yeah- I saw Dad today... He's still at the casino trying to win that buffet. I dont like him, mom! Cant you just get a divorce and get us a new dad?!" Cecillio asked in a child-like manner that made Abigal giggle as she cut up some apple slices for the stew on the stove.

    "I'm sorry, Cecillio. But when your father and I got married we made a vow to be with each other until death do us part. I love your father and he loves me and you, and thats all that really matters." Abigal said patting Cecillio on the head then going back to cooking the stew until it was finished and she served it to Cecillio.

    "You're making so much food... But you're gonna eat with me? I dont like this..." Cecillio said looking at his reflection in his soup with a frown on his face as Abigal patted him on the head once more.

    "Dont worry about me, I'm on a diet- just like the doctor told me to be... You dont have to worry about me, Cecillio... Go ahead and eat." Abigal said giving him one last faint smile then walking over to the sink and began to wash and dry dishes as Cecillio finally began to eat his soup.

    "... So he's dead? Thats it? He just died?" Abigal asked the police officer who came to their house one cold, wet morning as she stood motionless in the doorway, her heart broke at that moment and she was unable to speak.

    "I'm sorry... He was walking along the street when he was suddenly assualted by three men dressed in black, witnesses didnt get to see who they were but they were sure it was your husband who was attacked... We were able to collect a few of his belongings that werent charred when he was lit on fire." the officer said motioning for his partner to get Darren's belongings out of the car and hand them to Abigal who slowly grasped them within her palms.

    "He... He called me last night... And... He told me that he would was on his way home- because... because... He finally won the all-you-can-eat buffet that he's been working for all these years! He was gonna go with us to Sunday mass and then... We were gonna have our first family day in years at the buffet... The buffet, thats all he's wanted for all these years and he got it. Do you think- he went without regrets because of that?" Abigal asked with tears flowing down her face as the officers tried to comfort her, Cecillio watched from inside of his bedroom peeking out to see the sadness that had overcome his mother.

    Months went by... And Abigal still refused to eat, hardly slept, and would cry endlessly into the long hours of the night... Until one day, she could no longer hold in her depression and ended her life... The date was March 24th, Cecillio remembered the date well... Because this was the day he was born and the day his mothers life ended...

    "She left behind a son... He's too young to just send off on a Pokemon journey so I think we need to find some sort of guardian for him- he has an uncle named Roger, he owns a small restauraunt outside of Lake Valor, he should be happy being with family." an officer said to his chief as he packed Cecillio away in his squad car and drove away from the home Cecillio had lived in for most of his life.

    "... Mommy... And daddy too... They're both gone... And its all because of food... I dont understand. I thought food was suppose to provide life so why is it taking lives away from me? ... I dont wanna be alone... I wanna be with mommy and daddy." Cecillio said curling himself into a ball as the squad car drove out of Veilstone City along the route toward Lake Valor.

    ".... Cecillio-kun... Um... You know... Your uncle is world-famous chef, he once cooked for a Queen of a foreign country even! He's a great man... I'm sure- you'll have a great time..." the officer said looking at Cecillio's saddened expression from his rearview mirror taking a deep sigh and continue driving toward Lake Valor.

    "Nothing will ever be great again... Never ever..." Cecillio said clutching his fist to keep the tears from following as he remembered his mother and father and the good times and bad times they shared together.

    "So this is the little brat that my brother made that woman squeeze out of him, eh? That fool... Didnt listen to me when I said feeding the lot of would be difficult then he ended up dying for it. He was the youngest so he was spoiled... Couldnt have expected a better result for him." Cecillio's uncle Roger said looking him up and down as he walked through the kitchen where it seemed like 30 cooks were preparing meals for the upper class that graced their restaurant.

    "... The officer told me- He told me that you you were a cook... But you dont sound like it." Cecillio said looking his uncle in the eye but trembling because of his great size and stature.

    "I was a chef for the Marines once upon a time but then I quit and opened up this here restaraunt... So of course I dont sound like those other fancy cooks that your probably used to. That woman could buy you meals from a 5 star restaurant but she would never feed herself... It was absolutely pathetic." Uncle Roger said getting back to work by washing his hands (poorly) and then cutting up a row of carrots for a customers order.

    "... My mother..." Cecillio said before he was realized that if he argued with his uncle it could cost him his room and board so he bared and grinted by literally putting his fist in his mouth as the other cooks watched him and chuckled.

    Years passed... And Cecillio was finally allowed to prepare food in the kitchen... He learned all of the cooking styles that his uncle had taught him and even developed his own... However, he was not allowed to prepare meals for the customers...

    "Man, why am I always stuck making Pokemon food for those snooty bastards? This is an insult to my skills as a chef. I work just as hard as everyone else." Cecillio said grinding up a bunch of poffins into a powder and then dumping it over some generic Pokemon food to give it a aesthtic appearance.

    "Hahaha! You're never gonna get behind a cutting board with that type of attitude, your uncle doesnt allow anyone with such a negative outlook to even hold scissors in his kitchen." one of the cooks said as he sliced up several pieces of salami and put it inside of a pot to boil.

    "We need 4 Kingdra scales over here with some Cherubi flakes too... Oh yeah, and the customer asked for some Octillery as an appitizer." one of the waiters said from behind the door not wanting to let the heat from the kitchen out for the customers to feel.

    "All of that makes me want to be a vegetarian... Sheesh, you would think these people would be easier on us but their not." Cecillio said as he put the Pokemon food on a tray and then walked out to personally deliver it to the customer that ordered it to see the look on their face.

    "Oh my... Looks like a little chef was the one who made your food this time. Lets take a look shall we? Was it prepared correctly? ... Oh my... This looks like commoners food! I'm sorry little chef, but my Delcatty would never even touch this food! Can you please make it another batch? But this time... NO GENERIC BRAND." the wealthy customer said in a very rude and snobbish manner as she shoved the bowl of Pokemon food back at Cecillio and went back to devouring the steak that Uncle Roger had prepared for her.

    Cecillio looks down at the Pokemon food and his stomach growls, he bows at politely and then returns to the kitchen.

    "Wow... That was rough... We heard the way she chewed you out Cecillio, but its okay. Sometimes the customers dont know how to talk to great chefs." one of the cooks said with an opstimistic smile as Cecillio's stomach growled once more and he took the bowl of Pokemon food and dumped it into his mouth much to the dismay of the other chefs.

    "Ew! Cecillio, what the hell?! Humans arent suppose to eat large portions of Pokemon food! Thats disgusting!" one of the head chefs barked at him as he swatted his across the head for doing such a thing and put him in the corner forcefully.

    "... I will never let food go to waste... Thats my motto, and I will live by it no matter what." Cecillio said to himself facing the wall as the other cooks snickered at his conviction.

    "The customer returned this saying that it tasted like commoner food.. I guess we should throw it away, huh?" one of the waiters said coming into the back and preparing to throw away the food in the trash can when his arms is suddenly grasped by Cecillio's hand as he retrieves the plate and begins to devour the customers rejected platter.

    "... I REFWUSE FWOR ANWONE TO WASTE FWOOD IN MY PREWSENCE!!" Cecillio said with a mouthful of food as tears poured down his face remembering his mother and fathers death because of the lack of food in their household as the other chefs stare at him their mouths open.

    "He really ate... A Nobles food... Thats taboo... What kinda balls?" one of the cooks said rushing over to the kitchen door and locking it to make sure that none of the customers overheard their conversation.

    "Cecillio! Eating Pokemon food to make a point is one thing but when you eat a Nobles food thats an offense against the Government?! Do you want Lake Valor to be destroyed?!" Uncle Roger said coming over and shaking Cecillio had wiped the tears from his eyes and teared up.

    "If a person dare to waste food when there are starving people in the world... I HAVE NO RESPECT FOR THEM!!" Cecillio shouted into his Uncle's face for the first time since he came to the restaraunt.

    ".... Hahahahahahaha! That boy has a lot of balls, first to eat Pokemon food, then a Nobles food, then shout at the terrifying Roger himself? I love this kid!" an elderly man said standing beside the kitchen door appearing out of nowhere.

    "Ugh! Its you! How did you get in my blasted kitchen dammit?! Go the hell away! Get out of here, you!" Roger said trying to throw the elderly man out but only getting a shove in the face as he approached Cecillio.

    "I havent heard someone defend food like that since an old friend of mine in the Marines... My name is Sukimo Long, I own a little establishment in the Johto region and I'd be honored to have you work under me." Sukimo said with a trusting smile as Roger hit him repeatedly with a gradle and Cecillio looked at him confused.

    "What? You want me to work with you just because I have a smart mouth? Are you really a chef?" Cecillio asked Sukimo who chuckled and nodded and showed him some kind of certification that he indicated he was a true chef from Johto.

    "That doesnt matter! Why do you want him just because he eats thing he's not suppose to?!You're a fool like always Sukimo!" Roger barked at Sukimo who turned around with a warm smile and replied with total seriousness.

    "If he couldnt cook as well as he defends food then you wouldnt care if I took him right now... You'd be negotiating with me about when he can start, so he can obviously cook quite well. Now, Cecillio-kun... Will you please join me?" Sukimo asked reaching out his hand with a warm and kind smile, Cecillio looks at the anticipating faces of the other cooks and without hesistation shakes his hand and takes the job much to the dismay of Roger.

    Olivine City, Johto...

    "Wow! Look at all those awards! Are those really yours, old man?!" Cecillio asked looking around the room examining the many awards and certificates that Sukimo had.

    "Yes, yes... Those are quite a few awards some even from the Government themselves- however, none of those awards show my true skill as a chef- sometimes its depressing to look at them as it reminds that once upon a time I believed awards were the only way to show recognition for my food... Now I know that is far from the truth." Sukimo said sitting down on his study chair and showing Cecillio some old photos of him receiving the awards and competiting in the competitions he had in his youth.

    "Awards arent recongition? That doesnt make sense... Arent awards the defintion of recongition?" Cecillio asked a bit confused on what the old man meant about the awards as Sukimo chuckled and patted him on the head reminding him of parents.

    "If you keep on cooking and learning new experiences, you'll know what I mean someday." Sukimo said putting his coat on the rack and returning to his study chair to write down something in his "Recipe Journal".

    "Recipe journal? Did you discover a new recipe while you were in Sinnoh or something, old man?" Cecillio asked Sukimo who nodded with a warm smile and showed him what he had written down in his journal.

    "Lake Acuity's snow is more rich in flavor than the snow that surronds Snowpoint City as less pollution has afflicted the lake than the city... This makes for great natural snowcones, a favorite among our viewers- oh yes, and Twinleaf Towns' Lake Verity is home to many crusteceans, I wasnt able to catch any myself but it was interesting to see that there are unidentified Pokemon in that area, I even saw some kind of blue Lobster there! It was unbelievable." Sukimo said as Cecillio was handed the book and began to flip through the pages that described strange recipe after strange recipe.

    "Blue lobster, huh? Do you know if its good with butter? Did you get to cook it?" Cecillio asked intrigued by Sukimo's discovery of a blue lobster as he read about a poisonous Seahorse somewhere in the Hoenn region.

    "Nope, like I said I wasnt able to catch any of the Pokemon I found there as I had left my Poke-Balls at the Center on accident... My viewers are going to be so disappointed." Sukimo said with a sigh as he took out another journal and wrote down the different herbs he discovered in Sinnoh on his trip.

    "Viewers? Dont tell me... Your some type of day-time chef or something? Cause thats lame..." Cecillio said with a disappointed expression on his face that made Sukimo laugh out loud.

    "Well, yes... I am... But I always thought of my profession as cool- its news to me that its lame! Hahahahahaha!" Sukimo said laughing so hard he fell out of his chair much to Cecillio's annoyance. "You're gonna be a difficult man, arent you?" Cecillio asked causing Sukimo to laugh so hard his face began to turn as red as a beet.

    So Cecillio worked with old man Sukimo in his restaraunt and backstage on his daytime television show... Until one day...

    "There's nothing like waking up to cook, huh Cecillio?" Sukimo asked Cecillio as he poured yolk into several bowls to practice for the show later that day.

    "I guess... We've been waking up early for the past seven days practicing for this one recipe- Is it really that hard to master?" Cecillio asked as he continued to hand Sukimo eggs.

    "This recipe is quite a feat indeed... If it done correctly- Ah, nevermind that... It's done correctly most of the time, there a very few mistakes that can be made for this recipe." Sukimo said taking a bag of flour and literally dumping the entire thing inside of the ball much to Cecillio's dismay.

    "You know I'm the one who has to clean that up, right?" Cecillio asked with an annoyed expression as Sukimo bowed sarcasticly as an apology receiving a punch on the head from Cecillio.

    "Hahahaha! You're taking things to seriously... Cecillio... You know- when you cook, you dont have to be a total straight arrow, you can have fun in the kitchen." Sukimo said getting some milk from the freezer and pouring it into the mixture as Cecillio shook his head.

    "Yeah... There's one thing to have fun in the kitchen then there's one thing to make messes that you dont plan on cleaning yourself." Cecillio said getting the cleaning supplies from the closet and begining to clean up Sukimo's mess.

    "All we need is Snorlax or a Munchlax and this mess would already be clean! Hahahaha!" Sukimo joked earning another punch on the head from Cecillio's much to his delight.

    "Hello everybody!~ And welcome~ To Cooking with Sukimo!~ All you all ready to see some masterpieces today?" the announcer asked the audience who cheered and applauded as Sukimo came on stage toward the display area.

    "Hello, everyone... I feel like its been ages since I've been in a kitchen! That holiday break really threw me off schedule, I thought I was a Noctowl off its internally clock!" Sukimo joked causing somewhat forced laughter from the audience as he shrugged and started to prepare the kitchen for the recipe.

    "He had a little difficulty with the recipe this morning... I hope he doesnt screw it up." Cecillio said looking at him from backstage as Sukimo told another joke and earned forced laughter from the audience.

    "Alright, alright... I'll stop with the jokes now! As long as you all are willing to welcome a peer of mine- he was a former student but since this morning has gradurated into a sous chef like I. Let's all give a welcome to Cecillio, shall we?!" Sukimo said presenting Cecillio the audience as he was shoved from backstage onto the stage where the audience greeted him with cheerful applause and happy smiles.

    "H-Hello... My name is Cecillio... And apparently out of nowhere I am now a sous chef?" Cecillio asked turning back to Sukimo who was smiling brightly proud of Cecillio for his accomplishments.

    "Of course you are a sous chef... When you're in the kitchen Cecillio, its like your a different person entirely! When our customers taste your food they feel like they've died and gone to heaven, you've become a very good chef over the years Cecillio... So I think you're ready to take on this little daytime program, eh?" Sukimo asked moving him towards the display table where the ingredients and utensils were layed out all ready for him to prepare the meal.

    "... If you say so... Sukimo..." Cecillio said looking down at the ingredients as if they were gonna jump up and bite him on the nose.

    "Come on now, I'll guide you! Are you folks ready to see the debut of the worlds greatest chef?!" Sukimo asked the audience who received his enthusiasm with their own enthusiastic applause and cheers as him and Cecillio began to prepare the recipe. Cecillio adds in all the ingredients that are listed in the recipe as Sukimo begins to step away to let him handle it on his own.

    Cecillio puts the now mixed ingredients in the oven for 20 minuets until they are a golden brown color, he removes it from the oven and smathers blue and red icing on it to make it aesthitic.

    "There! I think thats how you do it..." Cecillio said wiping the sweat from his face as the audience applauded and were each handed a piece of the cake that Cecillio had made.

    "Great job, Cecillio! It seems like the audience is enjoying the cake a lot!" Sukimo shouted as the audience cheered because of the delicious taste and appeal of the cake, Cecillio smiles largely much to the delight of Sukimo.

    "You did a great job out there, Cecillio... The audience really liked the cake... I was wondering though, about that soup that you made the other day- do we still have some of that?" Sukimo asked checking the freezer and eventually discovering the pot of soup buried deep within the fridge.

    "... The other cooks said that it was inedible... Are you sure you should eat it? I followed all the directions on your recipe but I dont think I did it correctly cause the other cooks wouldnt serve it to the customers." Cecillio said remembering the disappointment he felt when the cooks rejected the soup being served to the customers, Sukimo pats him on the head and pours a little of the soup inside of a thermus.

    "Once upon a time... When I was young chef... After hard days in the kitchen I would sit beneath the stars and drink hot chocolate, tea, and soup from this thermus. I would be teased with by the other cooks because I had no life outside of the kitchen, but it didnt bother me any... Because I've known since I was a child that I was born to prepare and serve food- and if that meant having my life revolve around a kitchen then I had no problem with it." Sukimo said taking a long whiff on Cecillio's soup proceeding to chuckle then taking a long delighted swallow from the thermus.

    "Isnt that kinda depressing? Living your life revolved around a kitchen... Dont you travel to different regions learning about new recipes? Its not like you dont have a life, you just live your life around food." Cecillio said as he put the soup back into the freezer in proceeded to sit down next to Sukimo who chuckled a little bit.

    "I have a philosphy... Without well-rounded chefs like you and me Cecillio, everyone in the world would starve. No one understands geniuses until they are gone Cecillio, never forget this. You can make the worlds greatest feast and everyone in the world could enjoy it- but there's a possibility none of them will ever call you a "chef" or a "culinary genius" until after your dead. Not to sound depressing or anything but... I dont have much time left, you see Cecillio-" Sukimo said before he started having a coughing fit that caused him to collaspe on the ground as Cecillio called for help from the staff.

    "... How did this happen? We were just talking about random stupid stuff and... Then..." Cecillio said sitting on a chair in the waiting room inside of the clinic as the other cooks paced around the room worried about Sukimo just as much if not more than Cecillio.

    "A few weeks ago, the Doctor told the old man that his health was worsening and he eventually diagnosed him with an incureable illness, I could tell that this broke the old man's spirit more crucially than he allowed us to see..." one of the older cooks said rubbing his eyes consistently to keep the tears from following as the other cooks nodded in agreeance.

    "What the hell are you guys talking about?! What do you mean the old man was diagnosed with some type of illness?! Why is this my first time hearing about this?!" Cecillio asked the other chefs who could not bare to look in the eye as they sighed and explained to him what happened.

    "When Sukimo was first diagnosed, he asked us to keep it a secret from you as he knew it would interfere with your cooking skills and he was just begining to evaluate you for the sous chef position." another one of the cooks said holding their apron tightly so that they didnt get choked up with emotion.

    "He really said not tell me? How could he do such a thing?! I couldve been there for him... And now..." Cecillio said looking down at the ground thinking about the moments he shared with the old man over the years when suddenly Sukimo's nephew popped out of the room and began to strangle Cecillio.

    "Manny! Whats wrong with you?! Get off of him!" one of the chefs shouted as they finally managed to pull Manny off a frightened Cecillio was too shook up over Sukimo to react to anything else.

    "You... You poisoned my Uncle! I dont know- And I dont care why! But there is no doubt in my mind that you were the one who poisoned him!" Manny shouted at Cecillio who looked totally shocked and appauled that he would make such an accusation against his character.

    "I would never do that! Sukimo is my teacher- no! He's more than that! He's like my father! I would never poison him! How could you say I would do such a thing?! HUH?!!" Cecillio yelled as Manny wiped the tears from his eyes and began to explain himself.

    "There was a trace of poison inside of him... Poison that came from a soup known as "Toxique Potage"... It's a soup from Kalos that was used by assassins to kill their enemies, because there is an ingredient inside of the soup that makes it especially toxic... The ink of a Skrelp, a poisonous sea-horse Pokemon from that region. When you served my uncle that damn soup did you have any idea of the contents inside of it?!" Manny asked Cecillio was who now trembling because of the mistake he made as he played the sequence of events back and forth in his mind.

    "I didnt serve it to him... He took it out of the freezer... Even though the other cooks told me it was unedible I refused to throw it out because I thought that they were just antagonizing me... I had no idea that it could hurt someone, I had no intention of hurting anyone... Especially not Sukimo!" Cecillio said as the tears filled in his eyes and poured down his face in waterfalls as Manny ran over and took him by the collar of his shirt and lectured him.

    "Before you make food- before you do anything that involves another person- you must always remember to think twice! The soup had the damn word "toxic" in it yet you still persisted on making it! And then after that you persisted on keeping it in the freezer despite the other cooks telling you to throw it out! You were completely irresponsible! You have no right to cook in kitchen if you dont take everything 100% serious when it comes to making a persons food! Like my Uncle said... Its alright to fool around in the kitchen but you never fool around when it comes to making another persons food as you are basically an angel of life and death to them. If you prepared the food appropriately and correctly then the person should live, if you cooked them the food wrong and it somehow deadly, you have killed them! When you make someones food you are in charge of their lives, there is no getting around that- you become the author of their destiny when you begin to prepare their food... And now... You have become an angel of death, thats a title you will not be able to escape from..." Manny said in a passionate rant toward Cecillio who was still trembling and crying thinking about what he had done to Sukimo when he finally realized what Manny was saying, he killed Sukimo- Sukimo ate the toxic soup and died.

    Sukimo was dead- and it was all his fault. He had unwillingly become an Angel of Death.

    "... Sukimo... Is... No... There's no... No... No... No! No! No! Why does this keep happening to me?! Why does food take away everyone I care about?! How come when I finally come to trust food it always does this me?! Now its taken Sukimo as well... Food- no, I... Kill everyone that I care about!" Cecillio said beginning to have a breakdown, the other cooks quickly rush over to comfort him except for Manny who stands there motionless.

    "Dont feel completetly responsible... My Uncle- There's no doubt in my mind that my Uncle purposely swallowed that toxic soup even though he knew what it would do to him. If he was to die from the diesease that had afflicted him, he would had felt defeated. He chose his own death... And he went out the way he lived his life, with the most delicious dish he could find in the vicinity... He died eating- so I'm sure... He died happy." Manny said to Cecillio with tears flowing down his face as the other cooks could no longer hold in their emotions and exploded with tears and groans as well filling the hostpital with the mournful cries of a chefs' beloved workmen.

    Years passed and Cecillio and the other chefs managed to establish order once again in Sukimo's restauraunt... One of the chefs attempted to continue the daytime show out of Sukimo's memory but the network eventually canceled it... And finally, when all seemed to be up and running for the restauraunt Cecillio presented the other chefs with a shocking revelation...

    "What?! Why would you leave when we finally manage to get the restaraunt back in order?! Sukimo made you the inheritor of this place in his will... And Manny is too drunk most of the time to run this place by himself." one of the waiters complained to Cecillio who was busy getting all of his things in his bag and making sure it fit.

    "It was a hard decision... But then I remembered Sukimo's words- he told me that without well-rounded chefs the world would starve. Staying here in this one kitchen wont help me to be well-rounded... I need to go off and see new places, new people, new Pokemon! Without doing that, I'll never be able to live up to the legacy that this place holds... So- I've decided! I'm going to Unova's Striaton City to study under world famous Connueseurs Cilan, Chilli, and Cress- if I become a Connueseur then I'll have more skills than just preparing food, I'll be able to rate wines, cheeses, heck, even Pokemon for goodness sakes! This is an opprutunity of a lifetime... And I need to chase it. After that, I may study with the Siebold Family to improve my skills as a chef." Cecillio said finishing packing his bag then putting it over his shoulder as he proceeded out of the door toward the harbor that lay on the outside of the restaraunt.

    Just as he is walking out all of the staff from the restauraunt rush out with signs that read "Good Luck!" and "Dont Give Up" causing Cecillio to tear up but he wipes the tears away quickly.

    "Dont forget to wash your hands before you serve food, pipsqueak chef." All of the staff said in unison causing Cecillio to fall to his knees and cry as he remembered his mother, father, and Sukimo.

    "... You guys... You guys- Dont need to remind me of that! Dont forget that when I come back from completing my training I'll be your boss so... You better be preparing yourselves for kissing my ***!" Cecillio said getting up from the ground and putting up a thumbs up to the staff who booed at him causing him to chuckle in the same manner Sukimo had.

    So Cecillio moved on with his life... Going to the Striaton Gym to learn the art of being a conneseur and improving his skills in life, Cecillio's life truly started to begin... More than he would ever have known.
    What happens when two diffrent people connect through an unlikely adventure?
    Pokemon-BW- Dare to live?

    So how many Pokemons are there?

    Silly Jack, the plural of Pokemon is Pokemon

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    Pokemon: Filler Adventures and Pokemon: Rise of the Penguin respectivley.
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    Now that I think about it....that poster is a horrible advertisement
    Quote Originally Posted by Street Comedy View Post
    Wow, I'm just stating that I'm uncomfortable with one of the few decent pokemon on the train wreck that is Ash's Unova team getting shafted and you accuse me of impersonating an imposter?!

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    Authors Note- Sooo... This chapter starts the PWT sub-arc of the BW2 arc of the Whiteout Saga! Gym Leaders from other regions appear, new enemies arise as well, Yami is joined by Anthea and Concordia, Meowth and the Man With The 2 Tattoo are plotting something, and just what is Colress's plans for Giovanni?! Enjoy!

    "Brycen~ Brycen~ Why wont you stay still so I can get a shot of your good side?~" Alexa asked Brycen as she focused on her camera on his muscular build and then rose to his terrifying expression that caused her to jump back a little.

    "I dont have a good side... Not after what happened to my family and then my dear Beartic- who murdered my family in cold blood (pun intended)." Brycen said making a praying position then posing for the countless paparazzi surrounding him.

    "Hmph~ So you can pose for all of them but not me? I see how it is Colress... You just lost an e-vite to my wedding, no one wanted to you gloat about your Beartic killing your wife anyway... Cause we all know that "Crazy Punch" thing or whatever wasnt accidental." Alexa said putting her equipment inside of her satchel that was on her goat Pokemon's back.

    "I dont know what you're talking about... My family died because of an accident on set- its not like I took out life insurances policies and finally let them out the house to see my movie just so I could kill them and blame it on my Beartic, I mean... What kind of sick- twisted mind would do that? Do I look like Tom Cruise to you?" Brycen asked Alexa as he posed for several more pictures for the paparazzi as Alexa rolled her eyes and sighed.

    "Whatever Brycen... You'll admit your sins one day... Any-who, I hear that a really powerful Trainer is coming to the Tournament today~ Have you heard about him? His name is Yami, he's a former athlete from Aspertia city, and I hear he's the son of a famous swordsman~ He's truly an intriguing specimen! I cant wait until he arrives!" Alexa said literally jumping up and down in excitement as her goat Pokemon shook his head in disbelief at her unprofessional behavior.

    "Yami... Never heard of him... Why is some no name Trainer like that coming to such a high risk tournament? These Trainers will tear him to shreds." Brycen said taking one last picture for the paparazzi before the ran over to another famous actor.

    "Because unlike you- Yami has strength of heart! If I wasnt forced to have an unbiased opinion over this Tournament then I would put all my money on Yami as the winner... Just a gut feeling really." Alexa said with a wink to Brycen who crossed his arms in jealously.

    "I thought you came here to write an expose on me, not about some wannabe Trainer from the ghettos of Southwest Unova." Brycen said in a jealous tone as Alexa waved at him dismissively.

    "No, no... I never said such a thing- you're hearing things now." Alexa said as other Trainers arrived via cruises and helicopters much to the joy of the paparazzi and herself.

    "Hmph... There's gonna be a lot of Trainers that steal the spotlight from me in this Tournament... I may have to kill someone to get some attention again ...... That'd work." Brycen said to himself as a nurse wheeled a Gym Leader from Johto, Pryce down from the cruise harbor.

    "And so I say unto you, dear brokers of the Underworld... What would be better than controlling the way 10 years start their journeys? Imagine... Instead of receiving the standard Fire, Water, or Grass type Pokemon- they receive Psychic, Dark, and Fighting types instead!" a small and meekly man exclaimed to the other Underworld brokers via X-Transceiver, the other brokers think about his proposition for about two seconds then shake their heads.

    "That is the most stupid idea I've ever heard... No Trainer would want to start their journey out in such a way... And I'm almost positive that the PLA and Professors Union would have any part in such a stupid idea as well- NEXT!" the apparent "head" of the group shouted as the meekly man scurried back into the shadows and Dr. Colress popped up on the group chat.

    "Hello, hello, hello... Underworld Brokers of the world- Some of you might already know me, my name is Doctor Colress and I am a Pokemon Professor studying the hidden potential of Pokemon and the ways humans can affect their development... Anyway... I have a special proposition from all of you kind, wealthy- well maybe just wealthy men. You see, a few days ago I came across a little special someone who you all might refer to as a "dangerous criminal" or "criminally insane"... The name of this man is- Don Giovanni." Colress said in a non-precautious tone as the other brokers leapt out of their seats in shock.

    "Dr. Colress... We have heard of you, you are the worlds most vile scientist... No one else in the world has dared to go to the grotesque regions of science like you- you are truly one of the worlds greatest Underworld figures." the "head" of the conversation said as the others nodded in agreeance and Colress laughed manically for a moment then returned to his proposition.

    "You seem to hold me in quite a high regard after all... Alright then- I'll let you all on a little secret that was suppose to be kept secret from the Underworld until the right time... 2 years ago, here in Driftveil City I performed an experiment in the former Cold Storage, where the PWT now stands... The experiment was originally a success, I had captured several workers of the Cold Storage and was ready to freeze them using a hyper-powered "freeze ray"... However, the sudden appearance of a young man and woman thwarted my plans as they unfroze the Cold Storage and in the process destroyed the prototype weapon I was using... Before that though, I was able to see a surprising result from my experiment! The freeze ray froze its targets from the inside out! It was a success for both me and science that day... I couldnt have been more pleased with my results... Ghetsis however, thinks otherwise and didnt want me to mention it to you all." Colress said in a groan as the other brokers received footage of the experiment in the Cold Storage from 2 years ago much to their pleasure.

    "Excellent... You can truly see the fear arising in those peoples eyes as they run from- "The Frost". I love the experiment Colress, and the weapon as well... How much do you want for it?" one of the brokers asked Colress in a professional business negotiator tone as Colress's eyeglasses gleamed and he smiled deviously.

    "Sorry, but... That particular weapon isnt for sale- you see, I only told you that story and showed you that footage because I wanted to get you more interested in my scientific achievements in general~! You see, when people such as yourselves only hear of one achievement a person has made they think nothing of it and dismiss it as beginners luck- I want to ensure you that I do not suffer from beginners luck in any shape or form. Like I said before I have recently acquired the world-class criminal Giovanni... And I would like to sell him to each and every one of you." Colress said with a devious smile that enticed the other members of the conversation to listen to his pitch. "It seems that you have a lot of confidence in your proposition... Lets hear it." one of the older brokers said lighting his cigar and flicking the embers on the screen of the X-Transceiver.

    "My pleasure... You see, when Don Giovanni first came into my custody he was deeply injured because of a prior bout against one of our enemies. We didnt know what would the best medical procedure to apply to Giovanni... However, it came to me that maybe it wasnt a medical procedure that needed to applied in the first place- what if the true issue was that Giovanni knew he was in pain? So I tested his brain... After a few test I received enough information on Giovanni's psych that I was able to perform a little conditioning experiment... Everyday I would give him a pain killer, it would be at the same time each day... Eventually the day came that I did not deliver the pain killer and Giovanni felt as if he was in agony- However, I should note that werent really pain killers, they were nothing more than simple flavored tablets. Hahahaha! It was a brilliant experiment! But I wasnt done! You see, I gave Giovanni a sedative that day in guise that it would relieve some of the "pain" he felt. When he was asleep I turned the speakers in his room on replay and repeated the same phrase over and over again... Hoping it would trigger hynopedia." Colress said to the brokers who showed intrigued and indifferent expressions until one of them spoke up.

    "Hypnopedia... Isn't that thing where a person learns something in their sleep? And like its recorded to memory but they dont actually remember it? Or something like that... I read a book that mentioned it once." one of the younger brokers said scratching his head trying to remember what Hypnopedia was.

    "Something like that, sir... Anyway, so I sent signals into Giovanni's brain, subliminally sending his messages- a certain phrase to be exact... "Red is to Silver as Green as is to Gold, Crystal becomes blue but only after turning Yellow, Yellow begots Ruby in the same way Sapphire begots Fire, Leaf begots Emerald as Diamonds appear, Diamonds are overtaken by Pearls and then ravaged by Platinum that return to Gold and Silver from whence they came to Black and White- 2..." Colress said in a long deep breathe as the other brokers attempted to record all what he was saying but his fast pace was too much for them.

    "Care to repeat that, Colress? I wasnt able to hear all of it..." one of the older brokers asked Colress who wagged his finger confidently.

    "No, no, no... I dont repeat myself... You had to have heard it that time or no time at all- Speaking of which... Who wants to buy Giovanni now, huh? All you have to do is say that phrase and he will become "another person"... An ultimate killing machine to be exact, dont question it just go with it. So, how much?" Colress asked as all of the brokers summoned their minions to display loads of briefcases full of money to him.

    "Forget briefcases, Dr. Colress... My country has been quite out of whack as of late, my people are becoming unruly and are constantly revolting against me and my nobility. With what you have shown me today, I can control my country far more efficiently... No longer will I have to send my crew- I mean, my royal army out to take care of the citizens minor little rebellions... As long as everyone is conditioned to obey me, I will have no problems, yes?" one of the brokers said as he swirled his royal crown around his finger and snickered, the events occurring in his country are depicted through a news report playing in his room showing his "royal army" destroying an entire region for taking up arms against him.

    "Oh, I didnt know that someone as important as you was listening to my proposition... Of course you have no interest in Giovanni, your army is more powerful than 100 Giovanni... Tell me, what do you want from me, your highness?" Colress asked with a smirk as the King made a wide smile that displayed all of the gold teeth in his mouth and his crooked smile that came with it.

    "People are stupid, they're revolting against me just because I kidnapped their children. I want to control their population, I want to control their minds, I want to control their fear... Give me the power to do that, and I will give you a "generous" sum of royalties." the King said with a wide smile as Colress bowed graciously to accept the deal and the other brokers sighed in discouragement.

    "Great... Another deal lost... The big guy isnt gonna be happy about this. Oh well, at least I have that brother and sister pair competing in that tournament! They're bound to make me a reasonable profit." a broker from the Hoenn region said counting the stacks of money that he pulled out of one of his briefcases.

    "Ha! You dont really think those brats stand a chance do you? Nah, they're just greenhorns compared to my guy... He's a former Pokemon League Conference Champion and even the former Pokemon League Champion! All my money is on him, all the way! He's unstoppable!" one of the younger brokers proclaimed as the other brokers rolled their eyes and shrugged.

    "Whatever... If you love him so much why dont you marry him? My girl is absolutely the best! Hands down... There is no way that she can lose in this pee-wee Tournament, she once beat the Sinnoh Champion... Well her Gastrodon as least." a young female broker said to the other brokers who did proceeded to burst into arguments over who would win the Tournament much to Colress's delight.

    "Little do they know... The winner and the outcome of the Tournament was decided a long time ago." Colress thought as he turned off his X-Transceiver and proceeded out into the warm embrace of the sun in the sky.

    "Are you sure you two will be okay walking around here with me? Clay told me that you two were trying to stay low key until the heat on you died down." Yami said walking on crutches toward the PWT stadium along with a docile pair of Anthea and Concordia.

    "Its alright... We wont attract too much attention to ourselves. And we do have these brilliant disguises that Rood himself designed." Anthea said pushing up her fake mustache and swirly glasses that made her stand out more than she had before.

    "Um... Sure... Whatever you say Anthea." Yami said looking at their poor disguises and waving at them dismissively.

    "The most important thing is that we help you through this Tournament... Ever since what happened two years ago with Akira, we feel it is our duty to make sure each Trainer is able to live their lives fully with Pokemon." Concordia said as her pink wig slipped off her head onto the ground much to the surprise of a young woman and her Lucario.

    "What in the?! Did anyone else just see that *****es hair fall out?!" the young woman said running over to Concordia and seeing if she was alright while also laughing at her apparent "hair malfunction".

    "Um... No, that was a wig. You can obviously tell that that wasnt her real hair, it still has the price tag on it and everything." Yami said picking Concordia's wig from the ground and showing it to the young woman who sighed in relief.

    "Oh good... I thought there was some type of hair parasite about or something. I'm really cautious about my health and the health of others- oh, sorry for not introducing myself... I'm Maylene, but my friends at my dojo call me Sumomo. And this is Lucario, he's my Pokemon partner." Maylene said with a fist pump to Lucario who fist pumped her back much to the delight of Anthea and Concordia.

    "It seems that you two have a very special relationship with each other... It brings joy within our hearts to see Pokemon interacting with their Trainers." Anthea said with a smile as she petted Lucario on the head and smiled at him affectionately.

    "Well, ok... Whatever that means- anyway... I was looking for the registration area when I noticed several of my Pokemon suddenly went missing. I know I should've done something right off the bat, but I got hungry and there was a really good ramen joint next to my hotel and..." Maylene began to explain before Yami patted her on the head.

    "If you want us to help you find your Pokemon all you have to do is ask. Anthea and Concordia are in a civil union with a Gardevoir and Gothitelle respectively (he's not lying...)." Yami said getting off his crutches and walking over to Anthea and Concordia to show Maylene he was legit.

    "Well, alright... Thank you so much! I'll find a way to repay you all for your help, no doubt!" Maylene said with certainty as the two girls giggled and proceeded with Yami and Maylene to where she last saw her Pokemon.

    "It was somewhere around here- I remember there being a large group of people gathering for some sort of pre-Tournament rally or something. A lot of people were getting into fights, trading, and even smoking together- but the most memorable thing would have to be that talking Meowth I saw on that podium- it was literally speaking the language of humans!" Maylene said trying to sound sincere as Yami cringed a little when he heard her say "talking Meowth".

    "... You did not just say talking Meowth... Oh god- Dont tell me that he was the one who stole your Pokemon! Oh wait, he probably is." Yami said looking around to see if Meowth was still around but only seeing a crowd of people bickering about being ripped off and scammed.

    "You traded your Pokemon with that talking Meowth too?" a man asked a younger man who nodded and then replied to his question.

    "Yeah! He promised me a super strong Gengar from the Kalos region, but all I ended up with was a Pidgey! He ripped me off dude! Lousy little Pokemon... I traded him my Butterfree for that Gengar." the younger man grumbled as Yami and the others ran over to access the situation.

    "So what you're saying is that a talking Meowth tricked you into trading your powerful Pokemon for weak little Pidgey? Do you have any idea where this Meowth went?" Yami asked everyone in the crowd as they all nodded and pointed to a truck heading for the highway in the distance.

    "That Meowth assured me that I was trading my Rotom for a powerful Garbordor and I believed him! You have to get my dear Rotom back, please." a woman ( or a man???) pleaded with Yami who was a bit indifferent about the entire scenario.

    "So... It was okay to trade your Pokemon away when you were being given powerful Pokemon in return but its not when its a weak one? How strange... I dont know who to agree with in this case." Yami said to himself as Anthea patted him on the shoulder and smiled warmly at him.

    "You dont need to make a decision now, all we need to do is go help those poor Pokemon- I'm also interested in seeing this talking Meowth for myself." Anthea said to Yami with eagerness along with equally ampt Concordia and a pissed off Maylene.

    "All I know is that I didnt trade my goddamn Pokemon to any talking flea bag! And I plan on getting them back in time to register for the Tournament! Let's go, Yami!" Maylene yelled as she ran ahead with her Lucario towards the truck that was carrying the stolen Pokemon, Yami and the two sisters stare blankly at her for a second then run after her.

    "The plan went perfectly Meowth... It was just as you said, the Trainers would be heartless enough to give up their enslaved Pokemon as long as they thought they were getting more powerful Pokemon in return. I do feel bad for those Pidgey however, we shouldn't have used them as pawns either." a man in a black and white mask with a tattoo of the #2 on each side of his face said to Meowth as he drove along the road towards the traffic covered highway.

    "None of that matters... Just remember our deal... I help you free all of the "enslaved" Pokemon or whatever and you give me more information on that phantom Pokemon Meloetta." Meowth said changing the radio station as none of them were playing any "good music".

    "Of course, I would never break a promise... Especially with a Pokemon, I hold you all in far higher standards than humans you know." the man with the 2 tattoo replied to Meowth with a smile as Meowth rolled his eyes and continued to change the station.

    "Whatever helps you sleep at night, *****." Meowth said in reply to the man with the two tattoo's comment, the traffic on the highway is so intense that no cars are able to even move.

    Suddenly, without prior warning to highly concentrated Aura Spheres land on the highway scattering several cars and causing multiple accidents.

    "What in the world?! Who's doing such a thing?" the man with the 2 tattoo said sticking his head out the window to Maylene and Yami as well as their two Lucario's glaring at them with vigorous expressions.

    "Uh-oh! That's the boy who always used to hang around the annoying girl! Whats he doing here?" Meowth asked as he jumped out of the car and then hid behind two damaged cars so that he would not be found.

    "There's no use hiding Meowth... Lucario and I are able to sense your aura, we know that your hiding behind that ugly *** Prius." Maylene said in Meowth's direction as he started to sweat a little but still remained behind the Prius, Yami orders his Lucario to attack and send the car flying thus revealing Meowth.

    "Are you all nuts? Are really going to risk the lives of thousands of people just to save a bunch of Pokemon?!" Meowth at the two Trainers who looked at each other for a moment then back to him.

    "For some reason in our world the value of a Pokemon's life is higher than the value of a humans... For whatever reason. So given these circumstances I would say that its socially acceptable that I kill some people to get these Pokemon back!" Yami said in reply to Meowth as his Lucario released another Aura Sphere on the truck thus opening the trunk and revealing loads and loads of Poke-Balls.

    "I dont care about any of that... All I know is... NO ONE STEALS FROM MAYLENE GOD DAMN ME!!" Maylene shouted as her Lucario reacted with her anger and went flying towards the man with the 2 tattoo to deliver a devastating blow, just as Lucario is about to deliver the blow the man with the 2 tattoo moves out of the way swiftly.

    " Such a fine Pokemon... Its a shame that its being enslaved by such an unruly Trainer such as yourself. Lucario, you should come with me. Join the Resistance and be free of human trash like your Trainer." the man with the 2 tattoo said as he reached out for Lucario's hand but was met with a Force Palm to the face that was for some reason easily shrugged off as the man with the 2 tattoo stood back up right after the blow.

    "Just who- or should I say what is that man?" Yami asked as Anthea and Concordia arrived with the Driftveil Police to apprehend the criminals who stole everyone's Pokemon.

    "Alright, where are the assholes who interrupted my mandatory donut break?" Officer Jenny asked as she glanced over at the man with the 2 tattoo and Meowth who had begun their own private conversation.

    "Meowth, I must take my leave now... But as promised I will deliver you the information about Meloetta that I know. There is a legend that when all seems lost, a beautiful melody will appear throughout the world and quell the chaos... This is just one legend of many however." the man with the 2 tattoo said as he wished Meowth farewell and literally vanished into thin air along with the Poke-Balls in the truck.

    "... What the actual ****?! I already knew all of that you cheapskate! Come back here and tell me more! Dammit! I did all of this for nothing?" Meowth asked himself as he looked over and saw Officer Jenny preparing to arrest him with her Wartortle.

    "... Did that son a ***** really just get away with everyone's Pokemon?! Really?!" Maylene asked as she started to dash over to Meowth to question him causing Meowth to dart away in the opposite direction.

    "I'm not getting arrested or getting my *** beat today! No thank you!" Meowth exclaimed as he ran away so fast he was lost from sight much to Maylene's annoyance.

    "Oh man... That guy with the mask and the tattoo got away with the Poke-Balls and so did Meowth... Now we have no lead on where the Poke-Balls could be." Yami said to himself holding his head down in shame as Anthea and Concordia walked over to him to comfort him.

    "Everything will be okay, Yami. We'll find that man and get the Pokemon back to their Trainers, there is no doubt in my mind." Anthea said with a smile that seemed to bring Yami a little bit of hope as Maylene yelled countless swears into the sky.

    In the distance an Ariados watches Yami and the others but it makes sure to scope out Yami in particular.

    "Oh, sir... You're back." a small petite woman said outside the entrance of a cave as the man with the 2 tattoo approached it nonchalantly with a bag of Poke-Balls.

    "The mission was successful thanks to that talking Meowth, the only problem now is that Tournament... I cant bare to even think about the cruelty those Pokemon must be experiencing being forced to battle each other for the joy of humans. We need to do something..." the man with the 2 tattoo said to the small woman who thought for a moment then came up with an idea.

    "How about... We use one of those deviants to our advantage? If you catch my drift." the small woman said with a mischievous smirk as the man with the 2 tattoo nodded and started to call someone via X-Transceiver.
    What happens when two diffrent people connect through an unlikely adventure?
    Pokemon-BW- Dare to live?

    So how many Pokemons are there?

    Silly Jack, the plural of Pokemon is Pokemon

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    Pokemon: Filler Adventures and Pokemon: Rise of the Penguin respectivley.
    Quote Originally Posted by TheFonz View Post
    Now that I think about it....that poster is a horrible advertisement
    Quote Originally Posted by Street Comedy View Post
    Wow, I'm just stating that I'm uncomfortable with one of the few decent pokemon on the train wreck that is Ash's Unova team getting shafted and you accuse me of impersonating an imposter?!

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    Authors Note- The PWT arc continues! New secrets are revealed! New powerful allies and enemies are introduced! Just who is Yancy and what is her connection to Yami? This chapter has a little impact, so make sure to check it out! Oh yeah, and just a little feedback would be appreciated folks... Anyway, Enjoy!


    "Alright then... Your both done with registration... Maylene from Veilstone City and Yami from Aspertia City. Maylene will be in Block D and Yami will be in Block B, please wait in the lobby with other competitors until your Block is called please." the receptionist said as she motioned them both towards two different doors labeled Block D and Block B respectively.

    "I'm glad you decided to give the Tournament a shot even though you dont have all of your Pokemon Maylene... I'm sure we'll find that guy soon enough, I already have my friend Yuki hot on his trail... His brother was a former PI so I'm sure Yuki wont have any problem finding that guy with the weird tattoos." Yami said with a thumbs up as Maylene half-heartedly smiled and went inside of the Block D lobby as Yami turned himself around and went inside of the Block B lobby.

    "Ms. Sabrina... You must eat something- if you dont eat you will be famished before your model and faint like you did at that Miss Universe contest in Somalia..." a man wrapped in a black cloak said trying to feed a young woman on some kind of throne-like chair shrimp and olives but only receiving a glare from her as a reply.

    "Franklin... I dont need to feed me, do I look like I need to eat to you? The only people who need to eat are the weak." Sabrina said chewing on a piece of cardboard secretly to had to fact that she was starving after their long trip.

    "Your husband is going to be really mad at me if he finds out that you had not eaten a thing while we were in Unova... You dont even want a hot dog from the concession stand?" Franklin asked Sabrina hoping that she would give him a "yes" but receiving a punch in this face this time as a reply.

    "I will never eat the same food as commoners... If you ever offer me a hot dog again I will send you to a tundra region and have your brains turned into paste- do you understand? You dont **** with Sabrina..." Sabrina said in third person as she began to text someone as her subordinates bowed respectfully.

    "That girl is such a *****... I hear that she only become a noble because her mother murdered a Kings wife and blackmailed him into marrying him- or something like that." one of the participants said to another participant who nodded to agree.

    "No, Sabrina is a noble not because of that rumor... Sabrina became one of the Governments most notable military powerhouses when she massacred an entire city in their name... When it comes to the Government she is an absolute monster- no one can compare to her brutality." an older participant said staring at Sabrina intensely and remembering something from his past that involved her and several other Gym Leaders.

    "She doesnt seem so bad... She just seems to have a disposition against ********... I like her." a young woman said drinking some milk from a bottle and flexing her muscles along with her partner Milktank.

    "I heard she has some kind of crime syndicate under her wing and they've already taken over the Poke-Star studios, so much for all those little girls who wanted to be famous actresses, Sabrina has the producers use the girls for sex then tosses them aside... She's a heartless monster." another participant said with a groan as the other participants glared at Sabrina who was otherwise uninterested in their anger at her.

    "Foolish people can spread rumors and lies about me, but as long as I know the truth... None of it matters." Sabrina said as she started to doze off in her "throne", Yami enters the room and notices that most of everyone there is still training for the Tournament with the little time they have minus Sabrina and a few others.

    "Huh... Maybe I shouldve trained before coming here... Nah." Yami said rolling his eyes and proceeding toward a corner where he could watch the training commotion from the best view.

    Suddenly, a strange yellow Pokemon jumps onto Yami's shoulders and licks his face.

    "Oh no~! Helipotile, you cant do that to random Trainers~ What if he has some kinda disease? You know the Poke-Mart dont sell to me anymore after Alder made me smuggle all those Potions~" Alexa said running up and pulling Helipotile off of Yami much to Helipotile's dismay.

    "Its okay... I guess my face is tasty? I've just never tasted it myself." Yami said with a friendly laughter as Alexa giggled and held out her hand for a shake.

    "My name is Alexa, I'm a Pokemon Journalist from the NPMC's Lumiose City branch. Sorry about my Helipotile... He likes to lick things cause he thinks thats his purpose in life, its kinda pitiful in a way... Kalos Pokemon are really weird come to think of it." Alexa said with a shrug as Yami analyzed Helipotile.

    "So this is a Kalos region Pokemon... I've always heard that the Kalos region was full of Pokemon not found in Unova, I didnt know if it was true or not." Yami said tugging on Helipotile's ears and receiving shock because of it much to the delight of several bystanders.

    "Helipotile~ Now you licked him earlier, why cant he just take a look at your ears? He's never seen a Kalos Pokemon before! Your his first, and when your someone's first you have to treat them special." Alexa said taking Helipotile in her arms and allowing Yami to look over him.

    "Wow... He's really cool. I wish I could get a Kalos Pokemon but there arent any here in Unova..." Yami said studying Helipotile's ears some more in the process.

    "Heh heh~ It looks like you've taken quite an interest in my Kalos region Pokemon, huh? Alright... I'll share something with you about the Kalos region- When I was covering a story in a city called Coumarine... Something strange happened! Plants started growing out of nowhere until they were as big as skyscrapers, this made it hard for Pokemon to cross into the Lumiose Badlands which upset the ecosystem surrounding both Lumiose and Coumarine. However, the worst part about it was that the plants were carnivorous, and its favorite snack was Gible..." Alexa said with a grumble as she remembered witnessing a Gible being devoured by a giant plant in Coumarine City.

    "... Thats weird... I always heard that the Kalos region had strange weather but that sounds- fake." Yami said unconvinced that such a thing existed even in the environmentally unstable Kalos region.

    "I promise you known of what I say is libel~ Okay, here's another fact about the Kalos region that I know you wouldnt be able to doubt! Lumiose City is known as a Lightening Rain City, this is because since ancient times the city has been afflicted by constant lightning storms-" Alexa said before Yami mocked her with a fake yawn.

    "That sounds... Boring. We have thunderstorms here too, most of them happen in the north because of the conflicting temperatures between Iccirus City and Mistralton..." Yami said trying to explain why thunderstorms happen in North Unova but only receiving the same false yawn that he gave Alexa.

    "When I say "Lightening Storms" I mean it literally rains lighting... For centuries the people of Lumiose City attempted to conquer the weather that plagued their city, with "special umbrellas" or "special rain suits" however... None of these attempts were to any avail.... Until! A legendary man appeared before the people of Lumiose City, they called him Lumione, however it is my belief that his true name was not Lumione but it sounded better than his true name- anyway, this Lumione man presented to the mayor of the city blueprints that could protect the city from the "Lightning Rain" that plagued it for centuries. It was a certain invention that can be seen anywhere in the city! But I dont wanna go into detail cause I think you should see it for yourself." Alexa said with a wink as some of the participants around her began to whimper and groan.

    "The Kalos region... That damn region! It ruined all of my dreams! If it wasnt for that region me and my team would still be going around causing hell...! Dammit! I shouldnt have gone in that city made of slopes and made that little black kid angry!" an older participant with a semi-large beard groaned along with several other participants who shared a similiar experience in Kalos.

    "My dream is ruined a different way... While on my way to my 7th Gym Battle I was mugged by the most beautiful woman in the world! She not only took my Pokemon and my Gym Badges but my pride as well... Its all because of those laws that the Government created 2 years ago!" a younger participant possibly in his early 20s exclaimed in protest over the laws that were passed a couple years ago.

    "You must be talking about the set of laws passed after the conflict with Team Plasma here in Unova... I forget the official name of these laws but they were very direct on what they were passed for. The first law stated that only 150 Pokemon Trainers could challenge a regions Pokemon League each year, and before a Trainer was allowed to challenge the Elite Four of their respective region they had to enter that regions League Conference and emerge the victor- the problem is that these conferences every 6 months which means technically on 2 people can challenge the Elite Four a year. The second law was a bit less direct, it stated that there was an age limit on Pokemon Trainers- this was indirect because there was no specific age given it was just stated there was a limit. The 3rd Law was that - no... I dont think I should mention that law." a young woman with brown hair and a simplistic attire said looking down for a moment then shaking her head.

    "Isnt that Jasmine, the Gym Leader of Olivine City? I heard she was taking part in this tournament but I always thought it was a rumor... I heard she's a Top Coordinator in Sinnoh and a world famous battler, they even considered her to be a member of the Indigo Elite Four!" a female participant said to some other participants who shook with fear as they stared at the timid Gym Leader who blushed.

    "Oh no... How did these rumors get all the to the Unova region? I was trying to make a fresh start here- oh whats the point, I might as well just go with it." Jasmine said to herself as she began to bite her nails out of anxiety.

    "The Kalos region ruined more peoples dreams then its given them... Its not just because of the crazy and unexpected weather but also because of the efforts of the Siebold, Maborisso, Versailles Families to make everyone living there miserable... Whenever you pay for something at a cafe all of those profits go directly to one of those families, its a shame really." Pryce said smoking a pipe in his wheelchair as his nurse checked his vital signs to make sure he was still able to be in the Tournament.

    "Yes, yes, yes... Kalos is a terrible place and all that junk- so your name is Pryce, right? My name is Brycen and I'm the Gym Leader of Iccirus City- how old are you? I'm 37! Haha! See, were all telling our ages here, so tell me how old you are- 60? 70? 90?" Brycen asked with an unsustainable amount of intrigue getting closer and closer to Pryce as he spoke.

    "Brycen! Stop trying to kill Pryce so everyone will pay attention to you again! God, your worse than Kimye!" Alexa yelled at Brycen who was surprised she found him out so quickly then switched to sly mode.

    "Whatever are you talking about? I'm just trying to make friends with the good old man..." Brycen replied looking down at Pryce smiling deviously inside but smiling warmly on the outside.

    "Oh god... Looks like were about to have an entire episode with Brycen, I'm not sure your prepared for this. I would stay out his way until someone else close to him dies and he gets media attention again- which wont be long from now cause Brycen kills people pretty fast." Alexa said confusing most of the people in the room as they were oblivious to Brycen's past actions and current actions.

    "Anyway... There's a lot of people here, like a ton. Are all these people Gym Leaders or what?" Yami asked Alexa who shook her head and pointed to a duo in the back of the room.

    "Nope, most of these people are actually either normal participants or criminals- well, not really criminals they're really fighting in the name of a Underworld Broker... Like those two over there, their known as Tate and Liza two powerful Trainers from the Hoenn region known for carrying out assassinations and coups with the most high quality precision. And then there's this girl in A Block named Dawn Platina who is not only the Sinnoh League Conference Champion but also a member of an Underworld organization known as Team Galactic. She took down the organization along with the Sinnoh Champion and then preceded to use the power of her fathers Pokemon Army to break the members out of prison and recreate Team Galactic as her own organization... That girl is insane I hear, something happened when she took down Team Galactic- they say she met the Gods of Space and Time and went insane." Alexa said thinking about the time she saw Dawn on the television modeling with her Lopunny for a new fashion line in Jubilife City.

    "Dawn Platina... I'll make sure to look out for her today in the Tournament and even once I'm out of here." Yami said taking out a journal from his pocket and writing down the name "Dawn" in it.

    "Speaking of Gods... Excuse me miss, but do you happen to know of the God Pokemon Ludacris? The reason I came to the Unova region was to find this Pokemon... But then a man in a purple hat convinced me that the Tournament would be the perfect place to learn about this Pokemon... I hear this Pokemon thrives on the souls of Pokemon and resides in a certain tower here in Unova region- though, there have been rumors that he was spotted at Mt. Pyre in Hoenn. The God Pokemon Of Dreams- I seek this Pokemon with my entire being." a man with a strange mustache and demeanor said in a very fast pace to Yami and Alexa who stared at him baffled as to what he just said.

    "Ludacris.... I heard rumors about a Pokemon like that in Mistralton City when I running a story on the hookers who masquerade themselves as Pilots there. They said that it would come and go during different times of the year." Alexa said reading through some of her old notes to deliver the information she heard to the man.

    "I see... So Ludacris can be found in the vicinity of Mistralton City- thats good news... Now maybe, the Government will spare my people!" the strange man exclaimed as he walked off towards another group of people to question them about Ludacris.

    "I didnt wanna say anything cause it might be racist- or prejudice but... What was up with that red dot on his forehead? Is that like his philosopher stone or something? (WHAT?! Sue me!)." Yami said folding his arms as he pondered just what the "red dot" was as Alexa put her cam-carder on her head and recorded the participants training for the Tournament.

    "Maybe we should have entered the Tournament as well... I dont like just waiting around for Yami to get ready. Its quite nerve-wrecking." Anthea said clutching her dress and drinking a slushy in anticipation for the Tournament.

    "We have no choice... If we ever want to be reunited with our King our best bet is Yami- he has a similiar aura as Darien... And because of that I'm sure our King will not miss the opportunity to make contact with him, regardless of the danger." Concordia said with a optimistic smile that seemed to give her sister a pale glimmer of hope.
    A few moments later a tall blonde young woman dressed in casual attire sit next to the pair of sisters and smile warmly at them.

    "I felt a warm aura around you two so I thought I would take a sit next to you. Everyone else here is either a goon or a subordinate of an Underworld Broker, its pitiful really... I wonder just how many legit competitors there are here." the young woman said taking a lick on her Casteliacone as Anthea and Concordia stared at her intensely.

    "... You're right... There are quite a few Underworld Brokers here- I think I even saw Marx and Luther here and their one of the worlds most ruthless Underworld moguls." Anthea said with a sigh at how the Tournament was already falling apart before it even started.

    "Yes, its quite a shame. Those boys- and girls... They come to play ball here and dont plan on leaving the park until closing time, and who knows when that will be." the young woman said using an analogy that Anthea and Concordia were unfamiliar with so they looked and at each other then preceded to shrug.

    "3 years ago... I sat in a seat similar to this one and watched a young man and a young woman battle- this young man disguised himself as a competitor and then revealed himself to be the leader of an international drug cartel- This took place in the Hoenn region... The man grew up to become a powerful politician in Kalos and the heartbroken and pride-stricken young woman grew up to become what many refer to as an "old hag" or "witch"... What a tragic tale. I hate reading stories like this but I cant resist the intrigue." an elderly woman said as a young male nurse wheeled her down the stairs toward the blonde young woman.

    "Ms. Bertha... You came all the way from your trip to Kanto to see the Tournament with me? I didnt know anyone even saw that Tweet... This means so much to me." the blonde young woman said her eyes filling with tears of joy as Bertha wheeled past her to Anthea and Concordia.

    "Dont get your hopes up so high now, Cynthia... You know I'm still on MySpace. I just came here to see my husband at work though I doubt he'll be capable of winning this Tournament with all these young folks running about." Bertha said wheeling herself towards an empty seat which she was placed on by the male nurse.

    "Husband? Didnt you all get a divorce a month after you guys got married? If I'm thinking about the right person." Cynthia said confused on what Bertha was referring to as Anthea and Concordia introduced themselves to the elderly woman and received hard candy.

    ATTENTION LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!! I AM EXTREMELY PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE THAT THE PLA'S POKEMON WORLD TOURNAMENT IS- ABOUT TO BEGIN!!" the announcer yelled via intercom as the crowd went into an enthusiastic frenzy over the begining of the Tournament and anticipation for the battles that were about to begin.

    "You hear those cheers? The crowd is ready for some action alright... I wonder if D Block will be able to deliver what they want, eh?" a young girl with pink hair said with a cutesy wink to Yami as her Milktank continued to flex its muscles to intimidate the other participants Pokemon.

    "We'll give them a show alright! Those people will never underestimate my family name again once they get a load of me! Hahahahaha!" a man with a scruffy beard and scars all over his face shouted as his subordinates who had also entered the Tournament cheered for him to win.

    "Thats Ragnut the Demolisher... I heard he's family used to be the royal guard over some King in a far away region but then a house fell on top of their leader and left them in financial ruin and chaos. I heard they sold themselves to some mafia boss who uses them as his tertiary army or something, its pretty pathetic." a young man said with a roll of his eyes as Ragnut scoffed and spat in his direction.

    "Yeah, thats how people see us now but once we win this tournament we wont have to go back to the Siebold Family! We'll be able to stand on our own two feet, right men?!" Ragnut yelled to his men who replied with drunken cheers as Alexa recorded their foolish behavior.

    "My readers need to know about the foolish competitors as well or else the true nature of the PWT wont come into light for them." Alexa said recording the Ragnut Gang making fools of themselves with their drunken actions and gimmicks.

    "This is just sad, its like watching a drunk man trying to pee- you feel bad for him but at the same time its too hilarious to turn away (until he turns around to see who's laughing at him as he's urinating...)." Yami said taking a seat on the bench and looking up at the monitor where the announcer is babbling on about all of the sponsors of the Tournament until finally he stops and calls in A Block to complete their Battle Royale Round.

    "Battle Royale... It spells death for alot of challengers here today. They all came in search of power, glory, and wealth but all they'll leave her with is a casket and a few broken dreams." Sabrina said from her throne as her subordinates fed her grapes and fanned her with giant leaves.

    "Thats not a very happy way of looking at it Sabrina... Everyone is gonna do their best~ Thats the best we can hope for, right?" Whitney asked with a smile putting on her battle attire to the extreme pleasure of the men inside of the room.

    "Whitney... You are the only one I know who would change in a room full of wild men and thugs." Sabrina said with a sigh and a face palm causing Whitney to giggle.

    "I never miss an opportunity to take off my clothes around men~ Hehe~" Whitney said with a wink toward the Ragnut Gang who went belligerent over her destroying several windows in the room in the process.

    "Those guys are a disgrace for the entire human race." Yami said with a rolling of his eyes as he turned back around toward the screen where the A Block were proceeding out of their lobby onto the battlefield.

    "This Tournament has 3 Rounds, Battle Royale which counts as the prelims for the PWT, then there's the Single Battle Matches which is a one on one, then there's the finals which is a 3 on 3... Man, I dont know how far I'm gonna get with all these rules." Jasmine said continuing to bite her nails in anxiety as Alexa recorded her as well.

    "Lets all give a warm welcome to our A Block competitors! We have several familiar faces here with us today! The Gym Leader of Blackthorn City and the current Editor in-Chief of the NPMC of Johto, Clair! The Gym Leader of Pewter City and a notable ladies man with 60 baby mamas across Kanto (who wrote this?!) the insatiable Brock! A Gym Leader from the Hoenn region who is a notable surfing enthusiast- Brawly! The Gym Leader with a heart of gold but a fist of steel- Byron! The Gym Leader who would like to keep his/her gender disclosed... Bugsy! And last but definitely not least, a celebrity who I think we can all relate to... Dawn Platina! The Leader of Team Galactic, the Governments authority on astronomy and anything else space related as well as the Sinnoh Conference Champion! Please meet them all with a mighty round of applause ladies and gentleman!" the announcer shouted as the crowd applauded them and cheered for their favorites.

    Meanwhile... The reactions from the other competitors were quite far off from the spectators

    D Block

    "Goldfinger... I know that you're somewhere in this Tournament... You can run but you cant hide. I will find you and put you to justice for what you did to Goldenrod City you fiend!" Whitney said to herself as she analyzed each Gym Leader to make sure they were the real deal but feeling she wasnt capable enough to make that judgment based on looks alone.

    B Block

    "There he is... The son of of a ***** that thinks he can just leave me and go off on a journey willy-nilly! Well, I got news for him! Wake doesnt take no for answer! We started something so we have finish it- dammit!" Wake shouted in anger as he exploded with rage he accidently broke the bench he was sitting on with one strike of his fist adding to the intimidation factor of the other competitors in his block.

    C Block

    "Oh great what is she doing here?! Of all the times why does she choose this one in particular to enter a damn PWT? Just great... How I am gonna be incognito now?" Lance said with a sigh as he stared at his cousin Clair practically absorbing the cheers from the crowd inside of herself.

    E Block

    "Heh... Looks like one of my targets has already appeared before me. So entering this Tournament wasnt a waste after all." a mysterious young man said lifting up his cowboy hat to see the monitor that displayed the 200 A Block competitors.

    F Block

    "I- It couldnt be... But there's no doubt... That young woman... She looks just like Princess Sycamore!" a man exclaimed to himself in shock at what he was seeing, dropping the boot he was putting on his left foot in the process.


    Yami's X-Transceiver begins to ring ominously but he still answers it. "Hello? Who is this? Can I help you?" Yami asked rather quickly as he was too busy watching the Tournament to give true notice to whoever he was on the phone with.

    "Hi... Um... This is Yancy... And I called- for no real reason. I just... really wanted to do something bad today so I thought, why not talk to a stranger you know?" Yancy asked in her sweet and innocent voice that caused Yami to have a lecturious nosebleed but quickly wiped it away so she did not see it.

    "Um... Well... I'm here... Like you said were both strangers but we can change that now, I guess." Yami said through the X-Transceiver to a overjoyed Yancy who met his kindness with a smile.

    "Alright! So tell me... How do you feel about nothing in particular?" Yancy asked a weird question with a bright smile on her face as Alexa secretly listened in on their conversation via her spy-gear.
    What happens when two diffrent people connect through an unlikely adventure?
    Pokemon-BW- Dare to live?

    So how many Pokemons are there?

    Silly Jack, the plural of Pokemon is Pokemon

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    Pokemon: Filler Adventures and Pokemon: Rise of the Penguin respectivley.
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    Now that I think about it....that poster is a horrible advertisement
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    Wow, I'm just stating that I'm uncomfortable with one of the few decent pokemon on the train wreck that is Ash's Unova team getting shafted and you accuse me of impersonating an imposter?!

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    I'm starting to read this (I'll read more after work!), and I've noticed some places where "your" is and it should have been "you're". It's just a minor error, so don't worry. Keep up the good work, ConUxie!

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    Quote Originally Posted by OnceUponATime View Post
    I'm starting to read this (I'll read more after work!), and I've noticed some places where "your" is and it should have been "you're". It's just a minor error, so don't worry. Keep up the good work, ConUxie!
    Hey there~ Sorry, I'm just not seeing this... First off and most importantly thanks for reading! I cant tell you how many times I thought no one was really reading this lol And second off, thanks for the feedback, and thanks for letting me know about the errors. Now I know that I have to double check for those with my spell check more than once... And I'll make sure to keep up the good work for a reader~

    Thanks again for reading
    What happens when two diffrent people connect through an unlikely adventure?
    Pokemon-BW- Dare to live?

    So how many Pokemons are there?

    Silly Jack, the plural of Pokemon is Pokemon

    Quote Originally Posted by Street Comedy View Post
    Pokemon: Filler Adventures and Pokemon: Rise of the Penguin respectivley.
    Quote Originally Posted by TheFonz View Post
    Now that I think about it....that poster is a horrible advertisement
    Quote Originally Posted by Street Comedy View Post
    Wow, I'm just stating that I'm uncomfortable with one of the few decent pokemon on the train wreck that is Ash's Unova team getting shafted and you accuse me of impersonating an imposter?!

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    Authors Note- So... Sorry about the late update folks, with the holidays and school I was really busy last week... Anyway, here's your chapter! Its longer than I intended for it to be, but I really wanna get done with the Block matches so expect some compounded chapters the next few updates lol Okay- What is Clair and Winona's plan to handle Brock?! Who is the King of Boaz?! Just what lies did the King Sherman tell his people?! Why is Colress here at the Tournament?! Why do people hate the King of Boaz?! Who is the Evil Smiling Man?! Who is Hugo and why is there an assassin after him?! Find out, and enjoy!


    "If its a business then there shouldnt be an issue behind it, yes? Isnt that what you told me Jupiter?" Dawn asked with a professional and esteemed expression covering her face as Jupiter and her followers cowered in fear at the arrival of their former foe.

    "A business?! You're not just asking for a foe... You're asking for us to hand our entire lives over to you... Just like what we did to Cyrus... And look where that got us... Here, without any employment, literally starving and turning to cannibalism." Jupiter said with content as she faced the weary faces of her subordinates that made her eyes swell up with tears.

    "The actions of Cyrus are his alone... I will never abandon my subordinates as he did- unlike him I will take a course of action to make sure that no one ever interferes in the matters of Team Galactic. We'll come off as a simple TM company... No more, no less. Unlike Cyrus, I wont operate in developed regions and this country, I'll make sure that all of our business occurs in lesser regions like Orre." Dawn said taking a seat in the chair that formerly belonged to Cyrus as Jupiter's subordinates and a few of Mars' rose from the ground and saluted their new leader along with Mars and Jupiter themselves.

    "The only person you should have any difficulty in signing on is Saturn... He's a devout member of Cyrus's Team Galactic and wont take nicely to a new leader." Mars said with a scoff thinking about the temporary Leader of Team Galactic, Saturn and his stubborn ways.

    "I'm sure it will be of no real issue... Me and Saturn once discussed my succession of Team Galactic- The person we have to watch out for is Cyrus's grandfather Blake, who has vowed to destroy me... Are you all ready to lay down your lives for me?" Dawn asked not receiving an immediate reply other than a few reluctant nods from Jupiter's subordinates.

    "... You know... This stadium is really nostalgic, it reminds me of when I entered the Sinnoh League with only a Piplup and a Clefable and beat this loser with a bunch of Rattata... Some said I was cocky because I beat most of the rounds with only two Pokemon- others called me weak because I didnt choose to evolve my Piplup until after I beat the Lily of the Valley League Conference- but in truth... I was a ***** because I sent those Bidoof using assholes to depths of despair where they rightfully belonged." Dawn said with a content smile on her face as her Empoleon stood in front of her as a sort of towering power.

    "I dont know why females choose to call themselves *****es these days... Its really dumb, it just makes men thinks its okay to call them one. And when another girl calls them a ***** they take it as a compliment, like thats just something they're suppose to be proud over... Let me tell you, a ***** is even more of a ***** if another ***** just told them they're a *****." Clair said to Dawn directly to discourage her from using the despised term as Dawn scoffed and went back to preparing for the battle that would start any second.

    "Oh Clair, I just love this attitude this you have! You know what, you should become my 13th baby mama! They said if they serve me for child support one more time I get a free cruise~ So how about it?" Brock asked with a thumbs up to Clair who shoved him aside.

    "Sorry, but to me and most people 13 is an unlucky number... And Lance would kill me if he knew I got pregnant out of wedlock." Clair said in a serious tone to Brock who rolled his eyes (Even though you couldnt see them) And proceeded toward another unsuspecting female participant.

    "That man is the scum of the earth... I cant believe that Flannery is still obsessed with him even to this day." Winona said with a sigh as she remembered Flannery rushing off with Brock and ending up having his child a month later.

    "Is everyone ready?! ALRIGHT THEN!! Let the Battle Royale of Block A of the Pokemon World Tournament begin!" the announcer shouted through his microphone as the crowd went into a frenzy and the participants scattered across the gigantic ring.

    "Hmph! The nerve of that Brock... Just coming to this tournament without asking me first- This is just pitiful... Now I had to enter this tournament in order to bring him home and help me raise our 8 children~ He'll pay for this! In a fiery explosion of passion!" Flannery exclaimed to herself while watching Brock scatter off around the ring chasing after several young women.

    "Will you please shut the hell up? You're disturbing the other Block F participants..." Juan said with a snobbish tone in voice and a snobbish expression on his face as Flannery stuck his tongue out at him.

    "I cant understand her conviction for coming here... Are you worried that your husband will not return upon leaving the tournament?" a man in a strange knight-like attire remarked to Flannery who was sure to get up in his face.

    "Are you seriously asking me about conviction?! Who's the one who's always whining about Princess Sycamore this and Princess Sycamore that?! She's just a little girl... God, its like you have some kind of obsession with this little girl or something... If you love her so much why dont you go back to your country and serve her like before or what not?" Flannery asked the knight obviously annoyed by his constant banter about Princess Sycamore and his home Kingdom.

    "I cannot do that... The man- The man who I must refer to as Master, he has her in his clutches- as if she's some kind of hostage... The horrible thing about it is that she doesnt know that she is a hostage, she simply thinks she's with her fathers brother and I'm away on business. She doesnt even know that the "Master" has overtaken our homeland." the strange knight said to Flannery who covered her face in shame of what she said before.

    "I'm so sorry... I had no idea that something like that still happened in this age. I'm sorry..." Flannery said in repetition as Juan shook his head and proceeded to look at the battles that had broken out in the A Block's Battle Royale.

    "Looks like that child Bugsy isnt doing so well at the moment... It looks as if their on their last leg..." Juan said looking at the monitor that showed Bugsy's Sycther being pummeled by other participants Pokemon.

    "Dammit! I should have thought this out better and evolved my Sycther before the match!" Bugsy shouted as her Sycther received a finishing blow from a random Trainers Gengar who was promptly defeated by Clair's Kingdra's Hydro Pump.

    "Sorry Bugsy... I guess this means that you're out of the match... Sorry." Clair said to Bugsy who returned his/her Sycther and ran off the ring in defeat as the other participants battles raged on.

    "Clair-sama- It's me Winona. I was wondering if you would be willing to declare a temporary alliance in order to meet a common goal." Winona said approaching Clair from the sky riding on her Altaria to stay away from the petty battles beneath her.

    "Common goal? Sure, why not... You've never steered me wrong before Winona." Clair said hopping on Altaria's back and proceeding toward a certain participant.

    "Oh my goodness~ These are delicious! You say these berries are only native to the Kalos region?" Yami asked Alexa in-between devouring the berries that she set out for him and their Pokemon.

    "Hehehe~ Yup! They grow on a certain Berry Farm located in a place called Route 7... I grew these myself actually." Alexa said taking a berry for herself and nibbling on it as they both looked up at the gleaming sun in the sky.

    "Are you sure its okay for us to be out here and not in our Block's Lobby? I dont wanna get disqualified just for having a picnic..." Yami said still eating the berries despite worrying about the repercussions.

    "Dont worry, dont worry... I'm actually really good friends with one of the chairmen of the PWT, they wouldnt disqualify us for being off grounds after we waited for so long." Alexa said eating several different berries and looking at the other people enjoying their time.

    "Alright... If you say so... Oh yeah... Why is your Mime Jr. eating so much of our food? Has it not eaten in awhile?" Yami asked looking at the Mime Jr. that continued to devour the berries as if it was starved for decades as Alexa turned to the Mime Jr. then back to Yami.

    "What are you talking about? I thought... This was your Mime Jr. because it sure isnt mine." Alexa said looking over the Mime Jr. who gave them both a berry filled smile and then went back to eating the berries prompting Yami to kick him away from their picnic.

    "Well, that takes care of that... When does our match start again?" Yami asked Alexa who looks over the schedule.

    "It says 3:00 but knowing the tiers that are in A Block and B Block it should be around noon... We should head back then I guess." Alexa said standing up and putting away her picnic basket and returning her Pokemon minus Helioptile to their Poke-Balls.

    "Yeah, I guess so... Hmm... I just have this kinda uneasy feeling about whats about to happen... Like, something we would never expect is gonna tear everyone apart from each other." Yami said to Alexa trying to communicate his feelings effectively to her but only receiving a pat on the head and then a push toward the PWT building.

    "Clair and Winona?! This is... This is... A dream come true~! I cant believe that two visions of beauty have graced me with their presences! This is terrific... I've never been so happy in my life..." Brock said on his knees crying as Clair and Winona rolled his eyes and kicked him in the face at the same time.

    "We've become tired of your lecherous ways, Brock. Your actions have begun to effect more than just yourself so were going to take actions into our own hands... We're going to make sure that you never flirt with another woman again... Whether that means you die or- lose your manhood." Clair said putting on an elastic glove and moving towards Brock's crotch area prompting Dawn to fire a powerful Hydro Cannon in their direction.

    "Just what are you two doing? This is a Pokemon fan-fiction, not Pokemon erotica... Please refrain from making contact with the perverts under regions." Dawn said as her Empoleon fired several Flash Cannons across the ring knocking out participant after participant from the tournament.

    "We were trying to help our friend secure the love of her life... Please refrain from meddling in our business." Winona said to Dawn hoping for her to excuse herself from the equation but ending up with the opposite result.

    "Love and Pokemon Battles should never be mixed... If you're friend wants a secure love life then she needs to do it herself, I wont allow you two to double team this poor man." Dawn said stepping in front of Brock who was impressed by her valor.

    "I had always heard that the new Leader of Team Galactic was a sociopathic nutcase but I guess it was all just gossip... Turns out you're a really great person." Brock said patting Dawn on the shoulder and stepping in front of her to handle Clair and Winona himself.

    "Dont think just because Flannery is in love with you that we will go easy on you... Actually, you should expect the opposite!" Clair shouted as her Kingdra shot a powerful Dragon Pulse at Brock who swiftly dodged the blast and called out his Onix for assistance.

    "Sorry to disappoint you two but I never expected you guys to go easy on me... Actually- I expected the opposite all along!" Brock said with a smirk as his Onix used Rock Tomb on Clair's Kingdra and Winona's Altaria respectively to their dismay.

    "Oh crap, this is the Onix that he used to train with Bruno of the Elite Four... We may not be able to match this Pokemon's power!" Clair shouted in Winona's direction as rocks continued to fall from the sky onto their Pokemon.

    "... I would have never guessed that the lecherous Gym Leader was able to match the likes of Clair and Winona- Nonetheless... I must proceed to survive in this match so that I can reach the finals and obtain the prize." Dawn said walking away from the conflict occurring between Brock, Clair, and Winona toward two inexperienced Trainers battling with a Linoone and Dodrio respectively.

    Suddenly, Dawn is embraced by a very strong grip and looks up to see her old friend, Byron.

    "Hahahaha! It's great to see you again, Dawn! I didnt see you in the Lobby so I didnt get a chance to say hello before the match and since one of us might lose this may be my only chance to say it. How are you, old friend?" Byron asked with a warm smile that seemed to warm Dawn up a little but no for long.

    "I'm fine... Trying to survive this Battle Royale is all... I'm amazed that you havent lost though- you were always the weakest Gym Leader in Sinnoh after all. Even Roark was more of a challenge for me than you, and I chose a Piplup." Dawn said in complete and utter seriousness while Byron simply laughed and sent out his Bastiodon to protect them from an incoming attack.

    "Lets just just say that I've gotten far stronger since then! The Byron that you knew all those years ago is no more- I've grown into an even more powerful man!" Byron proclaimed as Bastiodon roared in confidence much to Dawn's annoyance.

    "Attention competitors! The PWT committee have decided that its finally time to bring back our classic- Explosive Rush!! This means that in a matter of seconds, thousands of explosives will rain down from the ceiling and its up to you Trainers to shield you and your Pokemon from danger! Are you ready? No? Alright! Lets do this!" the announcer shouted as the ceiling flipped over to reveal thousands of explosives that began to fall down toward the now panicking competitors.

    "Holy ****! How are me and my Dugtrio suppose to avoid something like that?!" a competitor asked himself as the explosives promptly rained down from the ceiling onto the field.

    "We dont have much time... Byron! Get behind me and Empoleon! Quickly!" Dawn ordered Byron who moved swiftly behind her and was protected from the explosives by Empoleon's Water Shield.

    "This is bad... Kingdra! Use Safeguard to protect us from the explosives!" Clair ordered her Kingdra who flew in front of her, Winona, and Brock and shielded them with Safeguard to most of their relief.

    The explosions continue to rain down for the next few minuets then the last one falls and the smoke begins to clear, revealing the 8 remaining participants left on the field.

    "Just as our committee said- The explosions have leveled the playing field and the 12 participants who will move on the next round are present! Who are they? Let's see... Oh! It's Clair from Blackthorn City! Brock from Petwer City! Winona from Fortree City in Hoenn! Byron of Canalave City! Dawn of Twinleaf Town! Brawly of Dewford Town! Jean of Violet City! And Trudy from Sandgem Town! Congratulations to all of the winners!" the announcer exclaimed as the winning competitors looked around at each other to make sure of who they might have to face in the 2nd round.

    "So most of the Gym Leaders who were entered in A Block moved on... Thats kinda bias, I'm thinking that the people who are in charge of this thing knew that all along and were just waiting for the right moment to weed out the weaker Trainers." Yami said to Alexa who was a bit preoccupied with taking pictures of the victorious Trainers on the monitor to pay much attention to his banter.

    "Yeah... I know it seems kinda unfair but when you think about how powerful a Gym Leader is- It just makes sense." Alexa said finishing taking pictures and then recording herself discussing the competitors victory in A Block.

    "Whatever... I still think its unfair... Come to think of it- Who is in charge of this tournament? I keep hearing about some type of committee but no information beyond that is ever given." Yami said to himself pondering just what type of forces were in charge of the tournament he decided to participate in on a whim.

    "There's no need to worry, Yami. I hear that the members of the committee are all good natured politicians and Presidents- there's nothing illegal or unfair going on with them on the job." Alexa said with a reassuring smile as Yami gave her his own half hearted smile and returned to pondering about the committee.

    " B Block is scheduled to go into the ring next... Hopefully we get a good match this time cause the last competitors were absolutely terrible. I heard there were some big names in B Block, Darren- read the names aloud to me again." Sabrina said from her "throne" as Darren reached into his bag and revealed a long list of competitors.

    "Alright, here they are... Dr. Achroma Colress, Crasher Wake, King of Mortellino Kingdom Sherman, The Gym Leader of Cerulean City and our friend Misty, Leader of Team Cyclone Lawrence, Leader of Team Mystery Mr. ?, and last but certainly not least the King of the Capolliaro Region... This should make for an interesting round if I do say so myself." Darren said putting the list in his bag as he looked up and saw Sabrina's amused expression.

    "Sister Misty is up against some powerful people this time around... 2 Kings and 2 Leaders of crime syndicates. She's gonna have to pull out of all of the stops in order to make it out of this one- but I know she'll manage to do it." Sabrina said with an optimistic smile for once which surprised many of her subordinates and the other participants.

    "Madame Sabrina... This is an all new form of emotion in you, I've never seen this happiness in you before, the happiness of stealing candy from babies, sure, but this? I cant believe it." Darren said in amazement of Sabrina showing good emotions which earned him a scorning look from her thus bringing everything back to normal.

    "Will you all be quiet over there? B Block is about to go on... And I wanna see just what Misty is made of after all these years!" Whitney said with a big smile on her face as the B Block competitors made their way toward the tournament ring waving and posing.

    "Welcome! B Block participants! Unfortunately for you, after the dedication and determination we saw from A Block you have a gruff act to follow! Are you all ready to give it your best?!" the announcer asked the B Block participants, the rookie Trainers all exclaim randomly and put up victory signs while the more experienced Trainers remain silent.

    "I hope this doesnt just turn out to be another fiasco like the last tournament... Look at all those beginner Trainers, they have their hopes up so high to win this tournament it would crush my soul to defeat them... I dont think I'm gonna participate in this Battle Royale." Misty said with a disappointed expression as the rookie Trainers showed off their strongest Pokemon to each other before the match even started.

    "It's not your fault that these kids are amateurs, Misty... You should still do your best to level the playing field by defeating them... Dont feel bad for someone for no reason." Lawrence said with a flip of his long green hair that made the female audience members go into a frenzy to the joy of his Underworld investors who were also in the audience.

    "Lawrence is our companies greatest marketing tool... With him we can start selling Team Cyclone merchandise, we can make them seem like a superhero team or something." one of the investors said in-between phone calls as his associates nodded and agreed.

    "This is what happens when you have a former Gym Leader under you... Our boss is a genius for taking Lawrence under his wing." another investor said to the associates who once again nodded and agreed.

    "Sorry, Lawrence... But I cant bring myself to hurting those poor children's dreams- Being a Gym Leader I already do that enough. You know how bad I feel when a Trainer who chose a Charmander comes into my Gym? I end up just giving them the badge for effort... Which is probably why my Gym is always so busy." Misty said thinking to herself about changing the ways she handled business as the rookie Trainers began to argue over the Unova Gym Badges they had in their possession.

    "Rookie, Experts, Masters... Whats the difference? Compared to someone else out there were still nothing... No matter how good you are, there is always someone out there who can defeat you." Mr. ? said in a passive tone as he yawned in boredom, the Rookies look at him confused then go back to arguing.

    "Rookies are the best to research, the bonds with their Pokemon are weak so you can see it grow during battle... When you have an already powerful bond with your Pokemon that means that their strength is probably already at its pre-determined peak. For this reason, I rather battle a Rookie than any Expert or Master." Colress said fiddling with some kind of gadget as he waited for the match to begin and give him the opportunity to battle the Trainers.

    "I know you, you're Dr. Achroma Colress... You wrote a thesis on the extent of a Pokemon's strength and potential. I found it quite intriguing to be honest, my sisters thought it was garbage, but what do they know? They strip in the water for perverted Cerulean City gropers." Misty said with a scoff just thinking about what her sisters were probably doing at that very moment as Colress chuckled.

    "Eehehehehe! It's great to hear that someone appreciates my research... I was beginning to think that no one had in any interest in the potential of a Pokemon." Colress said to Misty obviously excited about someone actually reading his research.

    "I've heard of your research as well, however I dont share the same sentiments as Misty... I feel that you are exploiting the Professor's Union by writing half assed thesis about Pokemon potential to finance something of a totally different nature... Just a feeling though." King Sherman said with blatant annoyance in his voice at Colress and his research while Misty rolled her eyes.

    "This is coming from the King that lied to his people that they had a legendary Pokemon in your possession just to ensure that no one would rebel against you. I dont think you should be reprimanding anyone for "honesty", your highness." Misty said to reprimand the King for talking down to Colress and his research when he was guilty of the same crime.

    "Thats a completely different situation... I had to lie to my people or else they wouldnt settle down- do you know whats its like having murder after murder? Assault after assault? The people of my country are uncivilized zealots! Without evoking fear into them at thought of me having a Pokemon they would have never stopped what they were doing... I was just thinking of what was best for my country. Colress on the other hand is just thinking of himself." King Sherman replied to Misty who simply shook her head and started to prepare herself for the match as Colress shot a quick piercing glance in the King's direction but remained unseen.

    "Hey, isnt that the King of Boaz? Why is he dressed as a commoner? And whats he doing in a tournament like this anyway? I thought he was some kind of pacifist?" someone from the audience asked another man who confirmed it by looking up the King's image on the Internet, Cynthia turns towards them and then to the assumed King of Boaz.

    "Come to think of it... He does remind me of the King- the only difference is that he must have aged quite recently or something... And he has a new haircut, if you can call that a haircut- it looks more like someone used a Sycther and chopped his hair off of his scalp." Cynthia said looking over the poorly dressed man who wore violet rags and sported a very bad haircut much to her worry.

    "I heard that the King of Boaz was MIA and on the run from someone... So it would make sense that he ended up here." Bertha said chewing on her beef jerky as she analyzed the man everyone was speculating was the King of Boaz.

    "You're attracting a lot of attention even though you're suppose to be disguised, old man. So much for trying to not attract the attention of the media... Whoever you were running away is gonna find you any second now." King Sherman said with a malevolent snicker directed toward the man and young man standing next to him.

    "What makes you think he's the King of Boaz? Just because they look so similar? Look- the have two completely different hairstyles." the young woman standing next to the woman said showing King Sherman a picture to compare the two.

    "Pfft... Its obvious this is the same old man as the one who destroyed 50 of my warships 4 years ago- I would never forget the face of someone who I have declared my countries greatest enemies." King Sherman said looking the man up and down as the man tried to avert his gaze as to not cause more unnecessary confrontation.

    "I'm sorry... I believe you are confusing me for someone else, your highness- I am but a simple traveler here to participate in this tournament." the man said calm and collected as to not attract attention from the other participants.

    "Are you still going on with this old man? Come on now, I know that you're the King! I just cant begin to fathom why you're here... Its probably some futile at taking you're country back or something. We're living in a new era where people take whatever they want, the man who conquered your country wanted it- so he took it. If you dont follow suit then you might as well die... The era of sharing and asking for something is over." King Sherman said thinking about the countless times that his country was attacked in an attempt to be taken over.

    "... Boaz... My dear people... Please forgive for leaving you just as this new era approaches... I pray to God that you're all alive and well- I couldnt bare to lose any of you to this horrible era that we live in." the man said in his head holding back the tears that were starting to fall down his face, the young woman notices. "Your highness... Dont listen to him. The new era isnt as bad as he's making it seem, I'm sure our people will adjust to the changing just as they have done numerous times in the past." the young woman said trying to cheer the man up which seemed to work a little bit.

    "Charlette... I cant thank you and your family enough for these past 3 years... And the 6 months of hell that I've put you through in order to prepare for this tournament... Thank you for helping an old fool like me through these troubled times, you dont know how happy it makes to know that not everyone has given up on me and the other members of the royal family. Thank you for sticking by this terrible King of yours through all these years, Charlatte." the King of Boaz said with tears now starting to fall down onto the ground attracting the attention of Misty and Colress who wondered why the secluded man was crying.

    "Of course we stood by you, your highness. How were you suppose to know that opening up the gates to the country and weakening the barrier would lead to its greatest travesty? The people of our country are too quick to change sides... As soon as the Evil Smiling Man told them that you did it purposely they believed him. But me and Hennessey know better than to assume, we will never lose faith in our King." Charlatte said with a smile toward the King who looked up at her and wiped away his tears and stood proudly.

    "Yes, you're right... I mustn't lose faith in my people either! I must fight for them until I am able to get them back under me! I must not lose faith! For that is all I have! And a faithless person is a hollow person!" the King of Boaz said standing boldly in front of the other competitors who applauded his sudden burst of courage and pride. Suddenly, thousands of boos and thumbs down move through the audience.

    "Booooo!! You cant hide your identity from us you terrible King! We know who you are whether you wear a disguise or not!" a person from the audience yelled at the King as he threw his bag of popcorn at him hitting him directly in the face sending the King to the ground as the other audience members followed suit.

    "How could you do such a thing to your country?! Killing all of those innocent children! All of those poor children!" another audience member yelled this time throwing her empty Poke-Balls at him, on the ground the King begins to weep silently.

    "And those poor Pokemon! We know that you made them make you that giant palace! You should be completely ashamed of yourself! You terrible King! To hell with you!" one of the audience members yelled as his threw his leftover food at the King who now began to weep louder than before causing Misty to rush over to comfort him. Just as all of the audience begins to make remarks about the King half of them are knocked out by some sort of force.

    "Come on... Come on... You people sure know how to make a hangover worse dont you? All this ruckus and noise... Over what?" a mysterious man said walking out of lobby into the ring which causes more people to faint, Cynthia cracks a smile.

    "That face... Anyone should be able to recognize that face whether or not they've seen him in person before... The Wandering King of Capilliro, Hugo." Cynthia said with a giggle as Hugo took the mic from the announcer and pointed at each and every one of the audience members and then sat down.

    "In all of my years of traveling... I've done some really dumb *** ****- Broke the law more times than I can count... Ran off with more underage girls then you would think is possible... Stole more Pokemon from beginner Trainers than I even wanted to myself... But- there was always something that I always thought would be left taboo and unthinkable- and thats talking down to a King in the way that you all are doing. Never in my life have I ever seen such a pathetic bunch of people that would target this poor old man! DO YOU ALL KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE TO BE A KING?!! LET ALONE A FORMER KING WHO LOST HIS COUNTRY TO A LIAR?!! NO?! THEN SHUT THE HELL UP, GET THE **** BACK IN YOUR SEATS, AND MIND YOUR OWN DAMN BUSINESS!! Okay~?" the drunken Hugo asked the audience members (or at least the ones who didnt faint from his aura) as the all quickly returned to their seats and glued their mouths shut.

    "Thank you... So much..." Charlatte said finally stop biting her lip as she helped the King off of the ground. "No problem at all, young miss. The one thing I hate in this world is hypocrites... And dry counties." Hugo said taking a few chugs from his bottle of rum as the audience showed greatest disgust at his behavior.

    "These people are the terrible ones... Your highness, I'm sure you were just thinking about what was best for your country." Misty said to him trying to encourage him to not give up but seemingly have no avail on the King's crippled state.

    "I know I must not lose faith... But it so hard... When no one gives you a chance..." the King of Boaz said drying the tears from his eyes and glancing at the sneering audience members.

    "Alright then... If all of that is out the way- let us begin the 2nd Battle Royale! Block B! Prepare for battle!!" the announcer exclaimed as a gong was rang to signify the start of the Battle Royale, the Rookie Trainers begin to battle each other right away while the others wait for their next move.

    "I'm going to wait for the strongest rookie to come out on top then take him on to analyze his Pokemon's potential." Colress said typing down countless statistics on his Pokepad and then closing it to watch the rookies battle aimlessly.

    "Hey... Like... I dont know if this too much trouble but do you guys think you could knock me out of this tournament?" Hugo said in-between hiccups as the other participants look at him like he is even more crazier than he already was.

    "Um... Why would you wanna be knocked out of the tournament? The match just started- why didnt you leave before?" Lawrence asked Hugo who shrugged and pointed to his skull.

    "This bottle of rum here is what guides this ol' brain of mine... I have no mind of my own as long as I keep drinking this crap... Not gonna stop though." Hugo said in a mumble as he chugged the rum once again to the annoyance of Misty who was beginning to get annoyed at the man's utter incompetence.

    "How dare you enter this tournament just because of a drunk whim! Dont you know that Trainers have trained for months to enter this tournament and win it? How can you just decide to enter it out of the blue because your drunken mind told you to? Its insulting!" Misty shouted at Hugo who was now digging in hise nose and flicking his boogers in the direction of the audience to their disgust and his enjoyment.

    "You're getting worked up over nothing... I already asked all of you to just knock me out the tournament- being stuck here will only lead to my death." Hugo said in a way that drew the attention of all of the participants to his plead.

    "What do you mean lead to your death? Are you suffering from some sort of illness?" Mr.? asked Hugo who turned to him and shook his head and explained the situation to them.

    "For as long as I can remember I've meddled in peoples lives whether it was my original intention or not- this meddling however, has finally landed me in some real hot water now... You see, a few months ago I might have endorsed a criminal emperor who turned around and gave money to the person who killed a member of a certain dangerous man's team... And when I say "dangerous" I mean like the definition of dangerous- its the end of me if he ever gets his hands on me." Hugo said looking around to make sure that no one in a familiar uniform was spying on him from a distance then looked back at Mr. ?.

    "So what you're saying is that you think this dangerous man is after you? Then isnt the most safe place for you to be right now populated places? Why are you trying to leave a place where some of the worlds strongest Trainers are who can protect you?" Lawrence asked Hugo who turned around to him slowly and presented his argument.

    "Because I fear there is already an assassin here to kill me... To be more precise, I know there is an assassin here to kill me there is no doubt in my mind that he has come here to kill me for what I did to his fellow crewmate- well inadvertently I mean. So I need to leave this tournament as soon as possible as to not bring any more people into this conflict, I fear that none of you minus the few Champions present here today are strong enough to even compete with the man that is after me." Hugo said closing his eyes to picture just what kind of assault could be launched on the tournament any second if he was to stay there any longer.

    "... Alright... I understand... Then- Send out your Pokemon and I will knock you out of this tournament-" Crasher Wake said appearing from behind the rest of the participants and sending out his Floatzel to battle with whichever Pokemon Hugo sent out.

    Just as Hugo reaches for his Poke-Ball a strange force of energy moves through the other weaker participants knocking them out along with their Pokemon.

    "What in the world?! Who did that?! I didnt know a move like that even existed!" Misty exclaimed surprised that there was a move capable of knocking a Pokemon out without even being sent into battle.

    "That was no move, Misty... That was someone's Will of Ransei ability- Specifically called Nobunaga's Will! Someone here has God-like powers." Lawrence said looking to see which participant performed the technique on the weaker Trainers until he noticed only Misty, Wake, Hugo, Charlatte, King Sherman, Mr. ?, King of Boaz, and himself remained meaning that it would have to be one of them.

    "No... No... No...! Cant you all see whats happened?! The match is suppose to end when there is only 12 left in the ring! There are 8 people here right now- which means that the rest of us will advance! Cant you all see what he's done?! He used his powers to make sure I didnt leave! He's gonna make sure that he faces me in this tournament and kills me... This is it, my fate has been sealed by the boy with the Cowboy hat." Hugo said sinking down onto the ground and taking another chug from his bottle to ease the pain of the upcoming doom he will face in later rounds.

    "... I have no idea what just happened... But... Our committee has decided to proceed! The B Block Battle Royale is over! Misty of Cerulean City! Crasher Wake of Pastoria City! Lawrence of Casanova! Mr. ? of The Middle Of Nowhere! King Sherman! King Hugo! Lady Charlatte! Sir Michel! You all will move on the next round of the PWT! Congratulations!" the announcer exclaimed as the audience cheered and applauded but the 8 victorious participants stared at each other dazed and confused on what just happened.

    "Yeah, So your hunch was correct after all... Turns out he did end up entering the Tournament just like you said he was going to do. I dont know if you expected this or not but that guy planned on being knocked out of the Tournament before I got the chance to take him out... Dont worry, I'll make sure that he gets whats coming to him, boss." a mysterious man said hanging up his Holo-Caster and proceeding toward the rest of his fellow participants now that his private conversation was over.

    "Oh- Lance! You missed it! Some type of strange blast knocked out most of the B Block competitors so now the Top 8 from that match will move on to the next round! It was really exciting." a young girl with long blonde hair said to the mysterious young man revealing his name to be Lance in the process.

    "Oh, is that so? It's too bad I missed that... I'm gonna need to pay better attention this time! Haha!" Lance said playing innocent as he looked Hugo's worried and distraught expression via the monitor in the Lobby wearing a smirk the entire time.

    "Are you sure you're ready to do this? You know no one is forcing you to do anything that you dont want to do..." a young man's voice said via X-Transceiver as the person on the other end tied their shoes and put on their mask.

    "It's no issue for me, honest... I've been prepared since the very begining for things to turn out this way- if push comes to shove I'm prepared to activate this bomb at any time during the Tournament." the person said holding the X-Transceiver up to their ear so that they could the young man on the other end better.

    "Yes, understood. Thank you for all of your efforts... They will not go without notice, Yume." the young man on the other end of the line said with deep respect his tone as Yume tied her hair into a ponytail and smiled.

    "Yeah, it better not~ I'm gonna want a lot of steak after this mission... And maybe so fried chicken too!" Yume said putting away her make-up case and turning around to the towering PWT building, holding a black briefcase with a ticking time bomb inside of it.
    What happens when two diffrent people connect through an unlikely adventure?
    Pokemon-BW- Dare to live?

    So how many Pokemons are there?

    Silly Jack, the plural of Pokemon is Pokemon

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    Pokemon: Filler Adventures and Pokemon: Rise of the Penguin respectivley.
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    Now that I think about it....that poster is a horrible advertisement
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    Wow, I'm just stating that I'm uncomfortable with one of the few decent pokemon on the train wreck that is Ash's Unova team getting shafted and you accuse me of impersonating an imposter?!

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    Authors Note- Happy Holidays guys! Guess what? I'm in such a good holiday mood that you're all gonna get a Pokémon BW2 themed-Christmas special! However, be warned the aforementioned Christmas Special takes place after all the events of the BW2 Saga has occurred so there will be major future spoilers in it... Anyway, this was once again a long chapter but the remaining ones should be much shorter lol Who is Aya?! What's Blue's deal with Lance?! What's going on between Erika and Volkner?! What's Yume up to exactly?! Tate and Liza sure are acting weird... And just who is this Goldfinger character?! Enjoy!


    "Volkner, you avoid me for the rest of the Tournament... We have to talk about what's going to happen to us once the Tournament is over." Erika said to Volkner from behind the lockers in the Lobby C room.

    "... There's nothing to talk about Erika, our families have already chosen their positions in the upcoming war, I'm gonna follow my father into battle and your gonna do the same... Please dont make this more than it needs to be." Volkner said turning away from Erika and looking on towards nothing in particular as Erika's expression turned from hopeful to grim.

    "... I know that we should not be together because of our father's but- If there is even a small glimmer of hope that we can be together... I hope we can find it one day- because I really wanna be with you Volkner and I know I'm a chronic narcoleptic and you're bipolar but I also don't want those things to keep us apart, Volkner." Erika said holding her hands in a sincere manner, Volkner glances at her then back at nothing in particular.

    "It has nothing to do with that- you already know the reason why we cannot be together, Erika." Volkner said taking his bag from off the bench and walking out of the locker room with Erika rushing after him to reconcile. "I'll change, Volkner! I promise I will! Just please... Dont leave me! Please don't leave me!" Erika said as Volkner continued to walk away without taking notice of her pleads, she falls to the ground and whimpers.

    "You know... I was really messed up over a bad break up myself- not to long ago." Yume said appearing from the bathroom stalls to the astonishment of Erika.

    "Oh no... I'm so embarrassed... I didn't know anyone heard that conversation... Please don't tell anyone what you heard, if my father finds out that I'm in love with his greatest enemy's son I will be throttled." Erika said on her knees begging Yume as she whipped her tears and snot on the bottom of Yume's skirt much to her annoyance.

    "It's all good... It's all good... I wont tell anyone, you don't need to worry about me telling anyone, Lady Erika." Yume said helping her up from the ground and greeting her with a respectable bow.

    "Oh thank you~ Thank you! I dont know how to repay you for keeping your mouth shut- I mean, revealing my secret... Hmm... How about this?" Erika said reaching into her floral patterned bag and taking out both a egg and Pokedex.

    "Woah! Those are like, two really important gifts, like no ******** right now... Are you sure you wanna give those to me? I'll just pawn the Pokedex and break the egg open and make some French omelets." Yume said rubbing her stomach as she drooled over the egg, Erika waves dismissively and hands her both items.

    "You're so silly~ I know you would never do something so irresponsible, since for some odd reason adults seem to trust children blindly in this world. Anyway... That Pokedex is full of entries from every known region, even regions like Kalos! It used to belong to an old friend of mine named Blue... Please make certain to make good use of it." Erika said with a warm smile as she bowed politely and then ran off in the direction Volkner vanished into.

    "Wow... I hope that ***** knows I'm about to pawn this thing... Hell, I might even grow a conscious and give this piece of **** to Goodwill (No she's not)." Yume said putting the Pokedex in her pocket and the egg inside of her backpack, she picks up the briefcase from behind the stall and slides it under a vending machine.

    "Crap... Where'd my Pokedex go? I remember talking with Erika about Ramos then she gave me a hug... And now it's gone." Blue said looking around frantically for his Pokedex until he noticed a fellow competitor was having a hard time.

    "... Keep... Calm... Calm... Down... Aya... You... Can... Do... This. You and Girafarig trained just as hard as these other people... Who cares if one of them has the ability to defeat 100 Pokémon without even being in the room? You can do this dammit!" Aya said holding her head and breathing perfidiously to the annoyance of others around her and the dismay of Blue who went over to comfort her.

    "Hey, I take it this is your first time ever being in one of these tournaments... Everything's gonna be okay, as long as you try you hardest you shouldn't have any regrets, right?" Blue said with a reassuring smile that seemed to fill Aya with some hope before two other competitors approached her.

    "Well, well... I didn't know that we had any foreigners in this tournament... I thought they made sure to keep suspicious looking individuals out of the tournament... But looks like I was wrong." a tall man with a very rough looking face said to Aya attempting to intidimate her and psych her out as his partner chortled.

    "Dont listen to him Aya... Aren't you the suspicious looking individual here? You look like they shipped you out of the nearest prison... You better leave this girl alone, or else." Blue said with an intimidating expression that caused the tall man and his partner to tremble in fear and almost faint as they scurried away.

    "T-Thank you... But I could have handled him myself..." Aya said with a respectable bow to Blue who reassured her with a thumbs up.

    "I know it- I just hate seeing people being bullied by complete strangers it truly irks my soul." Blue said with an annoyed grunt thinking about all the neighborhood bullies in his hometown as Aya shook her head.

    "He isn't a complete stranger... I believe we have some kind of history prior to this, if he is who I think he is." Aya said with a worried expression as she flashbacked on some sort of conflict in a town somewhere far away.

    "Will the C Block competitors please make their way to the ring?!" the announcer exclaimed into the Lobby as most of the competitors hurried out of the Lobby towards the ring.

    "... This is gonna be interesting... We have a lot of notable fighters in C Block." Blue said with an intrigued smirk as Aya looked around at her competition and gulped.

    "Welcome C Block competitors! It's an honor to have such an infamous array of challengers in our ring today! The Indigo plateau Champion, Lance the Dragon Tamer! The former Indigo League Champion Blue now the Gym Leader of Viridian City! A fan favorite here in the PWT the Persian Sisters! The Gym Leader of Joho City, Loud! And last but certainly not least a constant tournament challenger in regions around the world, Aya the Desert Flower!" the announcer exclaimed as the crowd went into a frenzy over the famous individuals who were about to battle for their entertainment.

    "It's nice to see Lance again after so long... He hasn't aged a bit though." Bertha said drinking some hot chocolate and looking over her sisters former colleague. "I'm glad to hear that you've competed in tournaments before, Aya! The only thing I'm concerned about is... what's up with the armor?" Blue asked Aya who stood proudly in her magneta armor before the other intimidating challengers of C Block.

    "This is the armor manufactured in my home country, it was designed specifically for me to compete in the tournament today... But, I can see that it was an unneeded expense now." Aya said putting on her helmet so that none of the spectators could recognize her.

    "Yeah, it sure was unneeded... Huh?" Blue said as he looked up and saw Lance giving him a very distance stare that irritated him.

    "Blue... I had no idea that he was even here yet alone in my Block. However, this is the perfect opportunity to give him my proposition-" Lance thought in his head just as the gong was rung to signal for the Battle Royale to begin, each Trainer sends out their Pokémon with Aya sending out her Gigi, Blue sending out his Arcanine and Lance sending out his Dragonite.

    "Lance... How dare you show your face in my presence? I know what you did to Red, and I truly don't appreciate it. How could you allow him to do such a thing?" Blue said turning over towards Lance and his Dragonite with his Arcanine growling at them with obvious animosity.

    "Blue, I don't think you understand that we had any choice when the request was given... We simply told Red what was told to us. If he decided to act on his own will we couldn't do anything other than wish him good luck- you're acting like its some sort of death sentence." Lance said rather arrogantly to Blue who began to shake with anger and hatred.

    "Not a death sentence? Yeah, you're right... It wasn't a death sentence, its possible that its the complete opposite... But you know what happened with Red and what he has become! It's far too risky to give such a position of power! The entire world could end if he doesn't get the results that he wants from working with the Government! I cannot believe that someone who is my senior could do something so utterly irresponsible!" Blue said as he sent Arcanine at his Dragonite with a powerful Fire Fang so powerful that it ends up knocking out several other Pokémon in the process.

    "Those two are about to go all out... Which could mean trouble for me and you, Gigi..." Aya said to her Girafarig who was just getting done firing a powerful Psybeam at another participants Tyrouge.

    "Well, well, well... Looks like you've made it farther in this Battle Royale than was anticipated, eh? Princess..." a rough and gruff voice said from behind Aya prompting her to turn around and confront this figure revealing it to be the tall man from before.

    "Princess? Who me? I'm sorry... But you obviously have me mistaken for someone else- I'm just a girl who loves to participate in tournaments is all. There is nothing more or nothing less about me..." Aya said trying to divert the tall man's attention away from her so that her cover would not be blown.

    "You're not gonna be able to save the Sultan by just bringing him a Lunar Wing... You should not believe in every single folktale that you hear, Princess. You thought that our Kingdom wouldn't find out? That a member of the monarchy of a country under our influence escaped to Unova? Pssh. Please dont underestimate our information network, Princess... We are a very resourceful passel of pals." the tall man said now towering over Aya who began to tremble uncontrolled in fear and terror as her GiGi ran over to Tackle him she is hit by some sort of Water-based Swift-like attack and is knocked to the ground.

    "Oh no... Gigi... Please get up... If you faint then me coming to this region will have been for nothing... We need to find a cure for my father's nightmares-" Aya said before she looked up and saw a mysterious Pokemon standing over her bringing chills down her spine.

    Suddenly without warning, Lance orders his Dragonite to fire a powerful Twister attack that sends Aya and her GiGi flying to the other side of the direction and possibly saving their lives.

    "Crap! That attack is strong enough to knock Arcanine out if we arent careful...! Arcanine, use Flamethrower to counterattack!" Blue ordered his Arcanine who responded to his orders immediately and let out one of the worlds strongest Flamethrowers that clashed with Dragonite's mighty Twister as it flew around the ring knocking out competitor after competitor's Pokemon.

    "Ladies and Gentlemen! This is the power of two Champions from the Kanto region! One would only expect this from the Indigo League's finest!" the announcer exclaimed as the audience went into a frenzy over the epic battle between Lance and Blue.

    "Blue! Before you started to attack me for no reason I was going to offer you a very important proposition! That man that I have sworn my life to is in danger because of the upcoming war between the Central Government and his region! We need a power like you Blue to gain the upper hand in the war, please consider joining us!" Lance shouted towards Blue in order to convince him with his conviction and passion but to no avail.

    "I refuse... I've heard about that war and as it stands I want no part in it... What the Government does is none of my business and I don't wanna make it my business." Blue said with a sigh as his Arcanine and Lance's Dragonite continued to send powerful blast towards each others direction knocking more and more people out of the royale until only Lance and Blue remain standing.

    "..... What? Where...? Oh yeah! I'm in the PWT! Where is everyone else? And why is the crowd cheering and-" Aya said waking up from her injury inspired slumber, pondering what is going on until she realizes that the match is over and scurries over to Blue and Lance with her Gigi barely conscious on her back.

    "I cannot accept your answer, Blue... I will continue to request for your aid in the war until the destined day comes. Please, reconsider Blue." Lance said under his breathe so that the audience could not hear his remark as Blue rolled his eyes and just continued to bow to the audience.

    "Wait! Wait! Don't call the match yet! I'm still here! And Gigi hasn't fainted yet either! Please dont call the match yet Mr. Announcer! Don't forget about me! Please!" Aya said running towards Blue and Lance before collapsing on the ground gasping and panting as the audience watched in shock of whatever her convictions were.

    "...Aya... Your helmet is gone... Is that okay?" Blue asked Aya who was too exhausted to care until she realized that her cover was now blown and all of her country's enemies knew her current location as well as her admirers.

    "... Dammit... Dammit... Dammit... Dammit... Dammit..." Aya said hitting her head on the floor repeatedly until blood began to stream down her face causing Blue to take her off the ground and sling her over his shoulder to the relief of the worry audience.

    "So... With that... I guess- Congratulations to the victors! Indigo Plateu Champion Lance! Viridian Gym Leader Blue! Serenade Knight Aya! You will all advance to Round 2 of the PWT!" the announcer exclaimed as the audience cheered for the victors, Aya looks over to the audience and stares blankly at a strange man in the audience who sheds a tear then deliberately looks away from her.

    "That was... My dear Princess Javia! What is she doing outside of our country?! Don't tell me that they sent her to search for the God Ludacris as well... I told them that I could handle it without anyone's assistance! And now they've sent the love of my life to her death! This is unforgivable! They will pay-" the young man with the red-dot retorted before he was poked in the forehead by Whitney who gave him a wink.

    "Dont worry... As long as you make it to Round 2 you can be reunited with that "Princess" of yours and find it out for yourself, don't worry so much about it Rasheem~" Whitney said with a wink to Rasheem who blushed and nodded now embarrassed by his outburst.

    "And thats when we went to Nimbasa City together and we even opened up the Join Avenue with each other... If it wasn't for my mistake then we would be having adventures with each other right now- Sorry if I'm just ranting now, Yancy." Yami said to Yancy in an attempt to explain to her how he was feeling about the situation with Yume as Yancy took some time to ponder what to say next.

    "Hmm... Well... Maybe... Have you thought about just telling her what really happened? I know you said she is sort of irrational but I'm sure she'll listen- if she really does love you there is no doubt in my mind that she will at least listen to your side of the story." Yancy said trying to show support for Yami and Yume to get back together with Yami nodding although still unsure if that's the route he would take or not.

    "Thanks, Yancy. You've been a lot of help to me today... I'm glad I got to meet you and I hope we can talk again sometime." Yami said with a irregularly bright smile that made Yancy blush as she nodded and smiled back.

    "I'm glad that I met you too... Sorry, but I have to go do some errands... Can we talk tonight?" Yancy asked with a shy smile that made Yami feel weird inside but he nodded to agree and the video chat was ended.

    "You know... I feel like I know that girl Yancy from somewhere, I think I've seen her own TV a couple times while I was overseas." Alexa said pondering where she could have seen Yancy before.

    "I starred in a movie with a young woman named Yancy once, she even got to meet my family- before they were brutally murdered." Brycen said to attract the attention of his fellow competitors but instead being ignored by all of them to his dismay.

    "... Yancy is the name of a secret agent who doubles as an entertainer in a country ruled by Stephen Colbert... But like always no one is paying attention to me so I dont know why I even said anything." Sabrina said as everyone continued on with their conversations not paying attention to the vital information that she just presented.

    "Will the D Block competitors please prepare to enter the ring?! I repeat! D Block competitors, please make way to the ring!" the announcer shouted through the intercom as the oversized crowd of D Block participants rushed out of the door in a giant dust cloud.

    "Wow... I guess everyone wants to show their skills, huh?" Yami asked Alexa who shrugged and proceeded to sit down on a bench with her Helioptile following suit which confused Yami.

    "All those loud and rumbustious people would scare the dickens out of my Steelix... I know he may seem like a big mean powerhouse on the outside but he's a real scaredy cat on the inside." Jasmine said rubbing her Steelix's Poke-Ball against her cheeks and giggling as she heard Steelix's cry through the Poke-Ball.

    "Um... Why aren't you two going to participate in the Battle Royale? Wont you get disqualified if you don't participate in every part of the tournament?" Yami asked the two young women who looked at each other and giggled.

    "Dont be ridiculous, Yami. If they could do such a thing then no one would really move on to the next round... Look at all of those amateur wannabes out there. Do you think any of them will make it to Round 2? Probably not. The Battle Royale was implemented into the PWT this time around to weed out of all of the wimps and pussies- Which means if the PWT has confidence in your skills and knows that they don't have to take you out early, there is no reason for you to participate in the Battle Royale." Alexa said with a distinguished expression as her Helioptile awkwardly licked her face the entire time.

    "The PWT doesnt mind if we stay back as long as we know we will make it farther than Round 2. If you have doubt that you can make it far in this tournament I would go out and immerse myself with the other Rookie Trainers." Jasmine said to Yami pointing towards the entrance to ring, Yami thinks about it for a second then stretches and sits back down on the bench and watches the royale via the monitor.

    "Yeah, how about no? If I dont have to do it then I'm not gonna do it. I dont have time to waste on some wannabe Trainers... I came here to see how I compare to top tiers like Lance and the others." Yami said looking at Brycen and Pryce dominating the entire Battle Royale defeating Trainer with their Cryogonal and Dewgong combo to the excitement of the audience.

    "I wouldnt wanna get between those two anyway... I just hope Pryce doesnt get too exhausted with Brycen trying to murder him for publicity and junk. It looks like their getting along though- however, I dont know if thats a good thing or a bad thing." Alexa said feeding Helioptile some electricity from a bottle as Brycen and Pryce went after Whitney's Milktank but were sent back by her Rollout attack so they opted to leave her be.

    "I dont know why you insist on watching this pointless bloodbath, we already know who's going to win given the statistics and the fact that the plot of this arc is pretty straightforward."Jasmine said with a sigh as she turned her head away from Tate and Liza torturing a young girls Pokemon with their Lunatone and Solrock's powers.

    "It'll be over soon Jasmine... And I'm sure the next round wont be nearly as brutal given that all of the Trainers will be equally yoked." Alexa said shielding Helioptile's eyes from Whitney's Milktank repeatedly slamming an old man's Raticate in the ground.

    "... I never knew that a Pokemon Tournament could be so inhumane... Are these really the same people that we were just conversing with?" Yami asked Alexa who nodded her head and studied the malevolent expressions of her peers as both Sabrina and her Mr. Mime choked several Trainers Pokemon until they either died or fainted.

    "This is the most brutal round yet... Look carefully, Yami. These will undoubtedly be your greatest adversaries in the next rounds." Alexa said shaking in fear and anticipation as she witnessed the overpowered Trainers literally ripping Pokemon apart to advance to the next round.

    "Their down to 18 Trainers... It should be over in a few moments." Jasmine said peeking from behind the vending machine she was hiding behind to see the number count. Just as she says this Brycen and Pryce release a distarious Sheer Cold that devastates the entire stadium and knocks out the remaining "weak Trainers".

    "Its... Its... Really cold... But... We know the winners of the D Block Battle Royale is undoubtedly the Gym Leader of Mahogany Town Pryce! The Gym Leader of Iccirus City Brycen- Er, I mean world renowned sensation Brycen-Man! (Seriously, who writes this bull?) Lady Sabrina of Saffron Gym! Captain of Goldenrod City's Electabuzz Baseball Team and Gym Leader Whitney! Twin assas- I mean Twin Gym Leaders Tate and Liza of Mossdeep City! Estivial Knight and Elite Four Saint Rasheem! Congratulations to the victors! You all will advance to the next round!" the announcer exclaimed as the crowd went cheered causing the rafters to shake and tremble.

    "We were not at our best this time around, brother... We must improve our else that man will never recognize us." Liza said to her brother in a stern and authoritative tone that Whitney found peculiar.

    "I know... I'm sorry, sister. I am so sorry that I am a disappointment to you... I'm sorry that I am a burden. I am sorry that I am holding you back from achieving true success. I will give myself 45 lashings when we return to camp." Tate said in a very timid and shaken voice that gave even Whitney a little concern.

    "As long as you know what you have done. I will perform the lashings." Liza said to Tate in a way that broke Whitney's heart let alone what they were talking about.

    "Those poor children... I know their fellow Gym Leaders and competitors but I cant help feeling bad for the competition this time around... I wanna help them-" Whitney said reaching out her hand to comfort Tate before her hand is yanked away by Sabrina's psychic power.

    "Don't interfere in the lives of those children, Whitney. I know they may seem like simple children but those two are not normal- I heard they've killed an entire city full of people once in the name of their adoptive father, a Crime Lord from the West." Sabrina said trying to convince Whitney away from comforting such dangerous children but to no avail.

    "Tate, right? I thought you did really good... You're advancing to the next round so that must mean something, right?" Whitney said in her usual chipper Kansai dialect, Tate turns to her and his eyes flash red in unison with Liza effectively scaring off Whitney.

    "Now, Whitney... Did Lady Sabrina not just warn you about befriending those children? They dont want normal human interaction." Pryce said warning Whitney about befriending the twins as he also perceives them as abnormal. "... Though I know what its like to feel unwanted and unloved... Until I met Kiyo, I never knew what it was like to be in love or be loved. I wonder if thats all those two need." Sabrina said thinking about her husband back home and Saffron City as Tate and Liza discussed something via their psychic connection.

    So the Pokemon World Tournament continued... Battle Royale after Battle Royale... Battle after battle... Victory after victory... Until...

    "Ladies and Gentlemen! I am pleased to announce... That all of the Blocks of the PWT have been cleared! We will now change the battlefield to prepare for the 2nd Round battles! Lets give a round of applause for each and every one of our participants once more!" the announcer exclaimed as the crowd delivered a roaring round of applause to each and every competitor who participated in the Battle Royale section of the PWT.

    "Round 2 will begin in about 2 hours, so I think I'm gonna get some rest and go heal up my Pokemon center in the lower lobby, are you coming Winona and Flannery?" Clair asked the two girls until she noticed that Flannery had already left to her dismay.

    "Flannery left the second the Blocks were fused... She's most likely chasing after Brock. I really hate that guy, you know?" Winona asked Clair who nodded as she took off her head-gear and started to undress to put on her more casual clothes until her match started.

    "That girl is so irksome... Why does she insist on staying with that lecherous fool? Just because he got her pregnant with octuplets doesnt mean they're meant to be together." Clair said also undressing and putting on her more causal attire.

    "Are you saying that you could make Flannery happier, Clair?" Winona asked Clair with a little sarcasm and a little seriousness as Clair giggled.

    "I would like to say so... However, Flannery is more happier with opposite sex since they fuel her with all that fiery passion. And I dont wanna take that away from her." Clair said putting on some eye-liner and lip gloss as Winona zipped up her leather jacket and proceeded out of the room.

    "If you were to leave me for Flannery, I would be very lonely~" Winona said with a wink as she headed out of the room towards the outside.

    "I'm not following you... Are you saying that your Pokemon was stolen by- a Pokemon?" Roark asked Whitney who was practically panicking over the situation as if she was about to go into cardiac arrest.

    "Y-Yes! It was a Meowth, and you know how much I love Normal Type Pokemon, and when I noticed that it could talk... I just... I just... I didnt know what to do. And then he asked me for my Poke-Balls to perform a magic trick that could make my Pokemon talk and the next thing I know he's heading off in some kind of van." Whitney said a complete wreck over what had just occurred moments ago.

    "I see... Well, if that's the case... Go! Rampardos! Use Dig and track down that van!" Roark ordered his Rampardos who obeyed and quickly burrowed beneath the ground towards the direction the van was going.

    "Roark, Whitney, what's going on here?" Clair asked stepping outside of the Pokemon Center with Winona so Roark explained the situation.

    "I see... Thats indeed distressing! Leave it to me to find your missing Pokemon, Whitney!" Winona shouted as she sent out her Alataria and hopped on its back along with Clair who sent out her Dragonair to ride on.

    "We will help you out as well, Whitney. If its not a problem for you that is." Clair said with a warm compassionate smile that stunned both Whitney and Roark who were not used to seeing her nice side.

    "It's not a problem for me at all, thank you so much Clair and Winona!" Whitney said as she bowed respectably to thank them then proceeded to run after the van along with the others.

    "You know what they say, if its not broken dont fix it. Heh... Heh... If that Goldfinger guy didnt call me and tell me to make sure to keep Whitney out of the tournament I wouldnt be doing this. Goldfinger has a lot of authority when it comes to Pokemon archeology which can help lead me to Meloetta even sooner than I anticipated... Who the hell am I talking to?" Meowth asked himself as he made sure that Whitney's Poke-Balls were still in his possession when suddenly he felt a sudden shock to the back of his van.

    "You said he's inside of there, right Whitney?" Lt. Surge asked Whitney as his Raichu prepared to launch another Charge Beam at the van.

    "Yes, I'm sure this is the van that the talking Meowth used... There's no doubt in my mind." Whitney said concerned over her "darling" Pokemon being held inside the van as Meowth busted through the roof of the van ready to battle whoever was outside until he saw who was outside it.

    "Gah! Erika, Clair, Winona, Whitney, Lt. Surge, and Roark?! I'm surrounded by Gym Leaders! Wait, what are you doing here? I thought we had a deal- steal Whitney's Pokemon to make sure she stays out of the Tournament!" Meowth yelled at someone in the group as they all looked around to see who he was speaking to but no one knowing exactly who it was.

    "... Anyway... You better give those stolen Pokemon back to Whitney you little thief! Yeah, I may be a pickpocket but I would never go as far as to steal someone else's Pokemon!" Erika said with disgust in her voice as she sent out her Vileplume and ordered it to use Solar Beam on Meowth's van but luckily for Meowth he hops inside and drives away just in time.

    "Oh no! Meowth is getting away, what are we gonna do?!" Whitney asked the others as Clair patted her on the shoulder and sent out her Dragonite.

    "Dragonite, go ahead and destroy that van up ahead! You dont have to worry about the cargo inside, we already have that covered." Clair ordered her Dragonite who immediately obeyed and went flying towards the van knocking it down in the process.

    Underground, Rampardos digs a hole inside of the toppled van and takes all of the stolen Poke-Balls back and brings Whitney back her Poke-Balls.

    "Oh wow... Now thats the type of teamwork I know and love! Alright! Mission accomplished guys!" Lt. Surge said happily flashbacking on his days in the Unovian Armed Forces.

    Meowth crawls out of the van and before anyone notices him he runs away into the distance.

    "That *******! I'll never forgive that Goldfinger guy! He'll regret the day he backstabbed me!" Meowth shouted as he ran away towards nowhere in particular as long as he was away from the brutal Gym Leaders.

    "Are all of your Pokémon okay, Whitney?" Erika asked Whitney who checked each and every Poke-Ball and gave a thumbs up to everyone's relief.

    "I'm glad everything is okay now... Now we have to return the PWT grounds before our matches start. Huh? ..... Angel?!" Winona said just briefly looking up into the sky and the seeing some sort of winged woman fly past the forest they were in to her shock.

    "Hey, Alexa... I know I've said this like over a hundred times but you dont have to keep feeding me- I just ate lunch with you an hour ago." Yami said reluctantly eating some salad from one of PWT's many cafes.

    "Oh come on now, Yami... Just humor me will you?" There are a lot of cafes back in Kalos so I was just dying to go to one!~" Alexa said eating a chocolate parfait along with her Helioptile who was happy to just be eating.

    Suddenly, the Mime Jr. from before shows up and starts doing a dance until Yami gives him his entire appitzer dish.

    "Wow... I hope this thing doesnt become some kind of recurring gag Pokémon." Yami said feeding Mime Jr. mozzarella stick after mozzarella stick.

    Meanwhile, unknown to both Yami and Alexa a poisonous dart is being aimed at Yami from outside the café at the top of a giant oak tree.

    "Yami... I've heard many stories about the grandson of that man but I never knew they were true. The sword that he carries, it is undoubtedly the rare Ru-Grou, one of the cursed swords... It was an honor to see the previous carrier of the blade- Until I take it for myself." a young ninja said hidden inside the leaves of the tree as her Ariados keeps surveillance of Yami and Alexa.

    "Hey... Mary... Its me, Whitney. Just calling to check in with you... Yeah, I'm doing pretty good. I had a pretty close call today but it worked itself out. Actually, thats why I'm calling you. You see today I was tricked by a talking Meowth into giving him my Poke-Balls so he could perform some kind of magic, but that was a trick so that he could steal my Pokémon. With the help of several Gym Leaders however I was able to get them back.... what's the problem then you ask? Well, you see its what the Meowth said when me and the other Gym Leaders confronted him. He seemed to have made some sort of deal with them to steal my Pokemon, I know this may sound silly but... I think the person he made a deal with was Goldfinger. Now hear me out, Mary. Who else would have a grudge against me? I'm the only one who has seen Goldfingers true face, he wants to get rid of me anyway possible... Even by disqualifying me from the Tournament and giving him an opportunity to win it thus receiving the powerful military nation he wants so bad. So... Based on this, I have decided that Goldfinger could only be 5 people in this entire Tournament. Clair, Winona, Erika, Roark, and Lt. Surge. I know, I know... I could be totally wrong- but you gotta have more faith in me best friend~ I wish you could hear this... I hate that he did this to you... To me... Rest in peace, Mary. Crash those tunes in heaven..." Whitney said recording her message via voicemail to her late friend and then looking over the files of Clair, Winona, Erika, Roark, and Lt. Surge.
    What happens when two diffrent people connect through an unlikely adventure?
    Pokemon-BW- Dare to live?

    So how many Pokemons are there?

    Silly Jack, the plural of Pokemon is Pokemon

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    Pokemon: Filler Adventures and Pokemon: Rise of the Penguin respectivley.
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    Now that I think about it....that poster is a horrible advertisement
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    Wow, I'm just stating that I'm uncomfortable with one of the few decent pokemon on the train wreck that is Ash's Unova team getting shafted and you accuse me of impersonating an imposter?!

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    AN- So it turns out I shouldn't have started this tournament arc thing cause its ending now, which is far earlier than I intended... But, on the bright side we'll be getting to the good stuff even sooner! Anyway! What battles await our competitors?! What is Aya and Rasheem's connection?! Who is this mysterious other Lance?! What link does patriotism have to violence?! What is the current situation in Undella Town?! Enjoy!


    "Welcome! To the 2nd round of the Spring Expo of the PWT! If you're just now joining us, have a look at todays competitors!" the announcers said flashing all of the competitors on screen then scrambling them to divide them into one on one matches.

    "Hmm... Where is Yami? Do you see him Anthea?" Concordia asked her sister who looked frantically for Yami's picture until she discovered it in the bottom right next to Yuki's picture.

    "Oh my! Isnt that the boy named Yuki who claimed he was Yami's childhood friend? I cant believe they're going up against each other so soon." Anthea remarked as she continued to nibble on her extra butter popcorn.

    "Anthea, slow down with all that popcorn... Its not like its gonna run away from you." Cynthia said between licks of her ice cream cone as Anthea paused from eating the popcorn.

    "What are you trying to be funny? You think just because my parents left me in order to participate in a clown orgy circus that I think my popcorn will leave me too? Haha! Very funny." Anthea said as she took a handful of popcorn and poured it into her mouth.

    "*****- what the actual hell is wrong with you?" Cynthia said looking totally confused at Anthea who made a horribly ugly smile with popcorn kernels stuck in her teeth.

    "Crap, crap, crap... I cant believe that I'm already up against Yami so soon- why do I feel like this tournament is gonna be interrupted by some real stupid factor? (Cause, tis the will of plot Yami)" Yami said looking around to see if Yuki was in the room then sighing in relief that he was not.

    "My first opponent is that Misty woman from Cerulean City... I'll have to give it everything I have to beat her- unless I rely on plot power to bail me out, but even that can end up being one sided." Aya said as she sat down on the bench and thought about her strategy for her next match

    . "Oh wow, looks like I'm up against Mr. Lawrence~! This shouldn't be that hard after all!" Whitney said with a wink as she pointed to the match up board that paired her and Lawrence together.

    "Why you insolent little wannabe porn-star! I'll have you know that I have ruined many a crop with my Castform!" Lawrence barked at Whitney who rolled her eyes and waved dismissively in his direction.

    "Yeah, yeah... Wasnt Team Cyclone that team that got framed for causing the incident in Hoenn a few years back when it was really Team Aqua and Magma?" Whitney asked Lawrence who cringed after hearing those names and began to go on a rampage.

    "Yes... Yes, thats right! My entire organization was ruined because of those bastards Archie and Maxie! I'll never forgive them! Ever!" Lawrence said shaking in pure rage just thinking about what Maxie and Archie did to his comrades.

    "It's really not that serious, Lawrence. You were all bailed out eventually, weren't you? Get over it." Winona said as she put her head-gear back on and looked over to see who her first match would be, revealing it to be a mysterious knight.

    “Hmm... that's the old man who’s always whining over some princess named Sycamore... You should go easy on him, Winona- I think he’s mentally disabled plus he appears to be relatively elderly.” Flannery said as she held Brock in a choke-hold to make sure he did not runaway as Winona turned toward the mysterious knight who looked ever intently at Dawn’s image on the screen.

    “I must confront that young woman, even if it means I must ruin the dreams of these young Trainers and advance to the finals.” the mysterious elderly knight said looking around at the aspiring Trainers around him and feeling guilty for his decision.

    “The first match will start in a few moments... Misty vs Aya, huh? Should be interesting.” Sabrina said nibbling on a Duskull Burger as Mr. ? watched her every move. “This woman... Why do I get the feeling that we have met somewhere before?” Mr. ? said to himself as he studied Sabrina.

    “Alright! After a brief intermission I am pleased to announce that every single participant is ready to battle! Now, without further ado! Lets welcome Misty and Aya to battlefield!” the announcer shouted as Misty and Aya made their way towards the ring.

    “Hey there, my name is Misty! I’m a Water Pokemon Trainer and the Gym Leader of Cerulean City!” Misty said reaching her hand out for a handshake but receiving a cold stare from Aya.

    “I’m sorry but you’re are not only a stranger but also my opponent- if I was to shake hands with you, it would go against the pride my father has instilled in me.” Aya said instead bowing towards Misty and then proceeding to her side of the ring sending out Herracross in the process.

    “Well, I don't wanna make you be disobedient so I guess I understand... A little. Go! Starmie! Let’s do just as good as this girl is!” Misty said as she sent out her eager Starmie who was already pumped for a good battle.

    “If I remember correctly, folks- Starmie is Misty’s prize Pokemon! She’s been raising it since she was able to walk! This is gonna be a real show for us today folks!” the announcer exclaimed as Misty ordered Starmie to deliver a powerful Swift attack on Herracross.

    “Despite knowing that Herracross has a Fighting sub-type she has not used Starmie’s Psychic attacks on him... I dont know whether to be insulted or not- Nonetheless! Herracross, use Tackle attack on Starmie!” Aya said revealing her strange accent to the audience who look at her extremely puzzled.

    “Strange... From here it sounded like that girl Aya has some kind of accent...” Yami said to Alexa who shook her head just as puzzled as him while Rasheem looked at her overly infatuated.

    “My dear Princess... How could they send you into this cold world for such a task? To ask a beauty like yourself to do such a thing is simply cruel- How could they?!” Rasheem shouted prompting the others around him to look over in his direction thus embarrassing him.

    “Counter the attack with you Rapid Spin, Starmie!” Misty ordered her Starmie who went flying into the air and then went in to land an attack on Herracross but only ending up being flung into the wall by his brute force.

    “Impressive... But what else would you expect from a Gym Leader? The Gym Leader’s of my country are impressive as well... This battle is bringing up some nostalgia in me! Herracross! Attack with Megahorn!” Aya ordered her Herracross who concentrated energy into his horn and then leapt up into the air and landed a devastating attack on Starmie causing it to faint instantly.

    “Huh?! If she could do such damage... Why didn't she do it before?! Why did she use a weak move like Tackle?! Could it be she was toying with me?! THAT MAKES ME MAAAD!!” Misty yelled at the top of her lungs before she was doused with water by Juan’s Luvdisc from above her.

    “Calm down... Water type Trainers aren't meant to have such fiery personalities, you know.” Juan said from above the ring on top of one of the spotlights shaking his head at Misty’s unprofessional behavior.

    “Yeah, you’re right Juan... Sorry Aya- there’s this ***** inside of me that comes out whenever I lose- And whenever I’m lost, and whenever I’m hungry, and whenever I like a guy but don't wanna tell him how I really feel, and whenever I’m drunk, and whenever I catch a Pokemon that doesn't listen to me- so pretty much all the time.” Misty said attempting to shake Aya’s hand but only receiving another respectful bow as she walked off stage.

    “That young one is quite strange... It’s going to be quite exciting when I go up against her in the next round.” Juan said with a lecherous smile as he jumped down from the spotlight and escorted Misty off-stage.

    “... So with that it looks like Aya is the winner of the first match of Round 2! Lets all give her a hand!” the announcer exclaimed as the crowd applauded her triumph.

    “All of their recognition and praise means nothing to me... The only one that matters, the only one that should matter is... You.” Aya said taking her star locket from off of her chest and looking ever intently at it until she shed a tear, in a nearby corner Rasheem witnesses this first hand.

    “The next match will now begin! Whitney the Gym Leader of Goldenrod City vs Lawrence the former Leader of Team Cyclone! Let the battle begin!” the announcer exclaimed as the gong rang indicating it was time to start the battle as Whitney sent out her Milktank and Lawrence his Castform.

    “Castform is adorable~! It’s too bad I’m gonna have to knock some sense into it!” Whitney said as she ordered her Milktank to use Brick Break on Castform when suddenly the weather became Rainy thus changing Castform’s forme.

    “Hahaha! Dont tell that you thought you were gonna get off that easily. Me and Castform spent hours and hours training for this Tournament and were not gonna walk out of here empty handed! If- No, when I win! I will ask the board to fulfill my wish of restoring Team Cyclone to its former glory!” Lawrence yelled as Castform shot Weather Balls at Milktank who was relatively unaffected.

    “Hehehe~ Sorry about crushing your ideals or whatever Law-chan, but there’s no way I’m gonna let you win this Tournament! ... You see, you’re not the only one who has a reason for being here, Law. I’m here to expose of a threat to the entire order of the world... If this person continues to participate in this Tournament then its entirely possible that the entire world is doomed- there is no doubt in my mind that Goldfinger has negative intentions with being here.” Whitney said looking around all of the audience to convey her deep message when suddenly Castform uses Hail and hits Milktank with a powerful Blizzard attack that freezes it.

    “Well, Boo-hoo! I dont know who this Goldfinger person is but there is no way he is worse than me when it comes to evil! I once created the worlds most powerful Tornado using the power of Rayquaza-” Lawrence said before he was shot in the neck with some sort of poisonous dart causing him to fall to the ground in an instant.

    “Huh?!! Did Lawrence just die?!” the announcer asked in shock as the EMT rushed onto the stage and rushed him to the nearest clinic.

    “Why would someone do such a thing? All he said was the name of the legendary Pokemon Rayquaza and someone reacts like that?! What kinda person is so immature that they are so insulted by that?!” Whitney asked herself as she shook in both fear and anger looking around to see who the culprit but coming up with another, at the same time a piece of a web falls on her shoulder causing her to shriek.

    “Janine, that was totally uncalled for! What if the entire PWT is cancelled because of your over-reaction?! I’ll never forgive you if I came all this way for no reason!” Faulkner shouted towards Janine who was busy disposing of the evidence that could link her to the crime.

    “Falkner, how could you not be insulted when that pompous man said the name of the Pokemon that your family has worshipped for over 500 years? Why arent you just as angry as me?” Janine asked Falkner confused on why he was not outraged by Lawrence’s mentioning of Rayquaza.

    “Because I’m not completely out of my mind like you appear to be! Killing a man because he mentions the name of the Pokemon that saved my great-great-great-great-great grandfather from death?! Thats crazy! Janine! Either you report yourself to the authorities or trust and believe that I will!” Falkner yelled to Janine who suddenly snapped as her Arbok came from the shadows and constricted him.

    “Falkner... I’m sorry but I cannot allow you to cause any interference during my mission. I have come here from Kanto to complete 2 task... Assassinate the Shogun’s grandson Yami and collect Yoshiro, Boshiro, and Koshiro and bring them back to headquarters... Now if I were to turn myself in for defending your pride, I would be unable to complete said missions. So please, stay out of my way for the rest of the Tournament.” Janine said as she got to eye to eye level with Falkner then stood back up and proceeded out of the storage room they were in as Arbok continued to constrict Falkner to keep him down.

    “You wont get away with this Janine! I’m the 12th match of the round! They’ll come too look for me!” Falkner said in-between grips of Arbok’s tail desperately trying to find what ever humanity still existed inside of Janine.

    “... I’m sorry, but this Tournament will already have ended by the 7th match.” Janine said coldly before she left out the room, locked the door and then proceeded to slam it shut locking Falkner inside.

    “The 3rd match will now begin! Lets all welcome the Gym Leader of Lavaridge Town Flannery and the Gym Leader of Cianwood City!" the announcer exclaimed as the gong is rung to indicate the battle to start Flannery puts up a thumbs up for Brock who literally vomits.

    “I can only hope to God that this match last long enough for me to make my escape-” Brock said before he caught a glimpse of a very attractive woman in the audience and proceeded to make advances towards her much to Flannery’s anger. “Brock! You cheat! You’re mine and only mine!” Flannery shouted at her (husband? fiancé? Boyfriend? Sugar daddy? I dont know you tell me...) “something” who ignored her and proceeded to flirt with the woman and her friends at the same time.

    “Um... Flannery... I think I’m suppose to be your opponent...” Chuck said a bit disappointed and distraught that Flannery was paying no attention to battle at hand as his Poliwrath went in for a DoubleSlap attack on her Torkoal who used Iron Defense to partially protect itself.

    “Ugh! I wasn't paying attention you cheating saggy bastard! Torkoal use Sunny Day to prune this geriatric lard!” Flannery ordered her Torkoal as she made sure to make as many insults about Chuck as possible getting him into full battle mode.

    “Excuse me?! You’re really disrespectful, aren't you?! Poliwrath! Use Hydro Pump!” Chuck ordered his Poliwrath who shot a powerful Hydro Pump that should have ended the battle there but thanks to Torkoal’s high defense he was spared.

    “You foolish old man! I take it that you have never battled against a woman who has gone through child-birth have you?! Of course not... Alright then! It’s time for you to feel the flames of passion that come from motherhood! Torkoal lets finish this with an Overheat attack!” Flannery ordered her Torkoal who first let out some of its black smoke then hit Poliwrath with its most powerful Overheat thus eliminating Chuck from the Tournament.

    “And just like that Flannery gains a surprise victory!" the announcer exclaimed as the screen acknowledged Flannery as the winner and the crowd cheered and applauded.

    “Wow... That was so hot... (pun intended)... It makes me wanna go nail her to the wall right now- for the hundredth time.” Brock said pushing aside two floozy’s he had found in the audience and running over to Flannery to embrace her in a hug.

    “Oh Brock... I always knew that you still loved me, even though you flirt with every woman you meet-” Flannery said before Brock caught a glimpse of Erika and ran over to embrace her in a hug (or grope her, meh, either or...) but was kicked aside by Clair.

    “You moron! You’re not even gonna congratulate Flannery on her win?” Clair asked Brock who looked over at a particularly hurt Flannery who was holding back the urge to cry.

    “I just wish she would understand... She’s like DBZ, the first few times you watch it its the best thing ever until you’ve watched it too many times and you start to realize it’s just plot less homo-erotic groaning.” Brock said turning to Flannery as he said this and taking her hands into his own embrace and staring deeply into her eyes.

    “Brock... Are you saying not that we’ve had 8 children together that we can no longer be together?” Flannery asked Brock in an unusually calm tone as Brock shook his head and got down on his knees.

    “Its just that I dont wanna have sex with you anymore... Is that okay?” Brock asked Flannery who became overcome with passion and embraced Brock.

    “Wow... There is something seriously wrong with their relationship... It’s even worse than Yami and Yume.” Yuki said coming from out of the bathroom after washing up.

    “Oh Yuki, everyone was looking for you! You’re match against Yami is next.” Jasmine said pointing to the screen that showed Yami and Yuki as the next match of the round.

    “Damn... Looks like we’re gonna be battling each other early, huh? That means whoever wins is gonna be the one to kidnap Colress.” Yuki said looking over at Yami who was busy making last preparations for the battle.

    “The time has come folks! The long-awaited match between two childhood friends! Yami vs Yuki! One of them is on a badge quest in order to enter the Vertress Conference and another is on a journey for justice! Lets watch their convictions explode in this battle! Begin!” the announcer exclaimed as the gong was rung to start the battle Yami and Yuki shake hands.

    “I’m not gonna go easy on you just because we grew up together, Yami. If I was to lose this battle I would insult my fathers pride. I must win this battle in order to uphold the pride of the Victor Family.” Yuki said ending the handshake between him and Yami then rushing over to his side of the battlefield as Yami scratched his head.

    “Meh, all that family pride stuff is too much for me... If I lose, its my fault- not my family’s.” Yami said walking over to his side of the ring as Yuki sent out his Simipour to battle.

    “Oh, a Simipour... This is my first time seeing this Pokemon actually... I wonder, who should I use? I know! Go! Swadloon!” Yami ordered his Swadloon to come out of its Poke-Ball to battle as it practically jumped out of its ball to appeal to his master.

    “Listen, Swadloon... This battle is really important to me. If I dont win then the entire mission is gonna fall under Yuki’s hands and then the entire world is doomed, you understand?” Yami asked his Swadloon while Yuki kicked his shoe off onto his head in protest much to the excitement of the audience.

    “Looks like these two old friends are ready to start a bitter rivalry for us folks!” the announcer exclaimed as Simipour went in to start the battle with a powerful Scald attack that burned Swadloon.

    “Do you think it’s right for us to have them battle each other just so we can have our wish come true, Concordia?” Anthea asked Concordia who shrugged and looked intently at the battle that had unfolded between Yami and Yuki.

    “Can you feel it, Anthea? The friendship between these two boys and their Pokemon... It’s simply gratifying.” Concordia said grasping her arms to make sure that she didn't cause an outburst with all the emotion she was feeling.

    “Swadloon! Use Razor Leaf on Simipour! And make sure it bleeeds!” Yami said getting pissed that a Water type was doing so much damage to his Swadloon despite the type advantage he had.

    “You’re getting real petty right now, Yami! Simipour, lets end this with a Water Pulse!” Yuki ordered his Simipour to hit Swadloon with a powerful Water Pulse that not only caused Swadloon to become confused but also did fatal damage.

    “That boy down there is named Yuki Nagashi... He’s a resident of Aspertia City, and get this- his brother is the infamous community leader that exposed Team Plasma to the public 2 years ago.” Cecillio said reading over Yuki’s file to Yume who looked down at Yuki and had flashbacks of her and Yami.

    “Yeah, I know him... He’s friends with what's-his-face.” Yume said now turning away from Yuki and looking towards the wall as Cecillio closed the file and attempted to comfort her before he caught a whiff of a very strong scent.

    “That scent... My connoisseurs’ nose is telling me that our target is nearby... Him and his electric cigarettes.” Cecillio said taking his binoculars and looking over to see Colress standing just outside the ring to observe the battle even more closely.

    “Yes, yes, yes! This intense battle is just what the doctor ordered for my dying research! And here I thought this Tournament was now devoid of potential... Yami and even that weakling Yuki have proved me wrong alright.” Colress said taking out his research notes and adding to them the things he observed in Yami and Yuki’s battle.

    “... Colress... And if he’s here... Then that must mean that my mother is nearby as well.” Yume said looking around the crowd to see if her mother was nearby but to no avail so she continued to watch the match making sure to pay extra attention to Yami.

    “According to the old man the others have been able to find some sort of ship in the harbor, and they think its linke to Team Plasma. We’re investigating it now...” Cecillio said giving Yume just a little hope that she might be able to find her mother even if it was just a little.

    “Swadloon! Swadloon! Please get up... Let’s not be cliché and have some touchy feely ******** moment where I encourage you to get up with my voice alone... I’m gonna be honest with you, if you dont get up and battle I will do what I did that made Oshawott evolve.” Yami whispered to Swadloon who got up as soon as physically possible and started to evolve before everyone’s eyes.

    “Um... Is this like allowed? Cant this be considered cheating?” Yuki asked as Swadloon evolved into Leavanny ready to battle for Yami (so that its life would not be in jeopardy) and fired a powerful Energy Ball at Simipour thus eliminating Yuki from the Tournament.

    “Are you serious right now? How can I have the advantage at the start of the battle then lose it? God, I hate when plot prevails.” Yuki said running over the stage before he started to rage as Yami returned Leavanny to her Poke-Ball and noticed Colress looking over at him with a devious smirk clapping mockingly.

    “... Colress... It’s all his and Yume’s mothers fault that Yume left... No... Maybe its my fault too.” Yami said closing his eyes and thinking about that love that he lost that felt so long ago, Yume looks down at Yami and attempts to call out his name but is stopped by a sudden hand on her shoulder.

    “Yume... Was the briefcase brought to the assigned location as ordered?” a tall man in completely dark attire asked Yume as he chewed on peppermint flavored gum. “Y-Yes... It should go off at the assigned time as well... Which means we’ll have to start evacuating the people as soon as possible.” Yume said worried about the innocent people that could be caught up in the conflict as the tall man began to laugh.

    “Hahahahaha! Oh Yume, dont be a fool... No one will be spared- these humans who dare to watch Pokemon murder each other for their entertainment do not deserve to live like you and me.” the tall man said sounding more and more insane with each word he said.

    “What?! How could you say?! I thought the Resistance was just going to make sure Team Plasma was disbanded! What do other people have to do with it?!” Yume said backing away from the tall man as Cecillio came in between them to make sure that Yume was protected.

    “Sorry, but with that I’m done messing with you losers... If Yume is out so am I.” Cecillio said sending out his Roselia to fire a blinding Petal Dance in the air to allow for their escape.

    “... Cecillio and Yume know too much... If they come into contact with any outsiders it can be fatal the operation- I must assemble the forces and tell to eliminate those two... They are no longer useful to us.” the peppermint scented man said as he vanished into thin air to the shock of a passerby.

    “And with that folks... In what seemed like a matter of seconds! Roark the Gym Leader of Oreburgh City has been defeated by the mysterious Mr. Claus! Lets give this brave old man a hand folks!” the announcer exclaimed through his mic as the crowd was already in a frenzy over the old man’s quick victory.

    “Wow, it looks like I was bested this time. I’m gonna need to go back to Sinnoh and train ASAP.” Roark said modestly as he bowed to Mr. Claus then proceeded to leave off the stage toward the outer Lobby but instead being followed by Mr. Claus.

    “Hey, hey, hey, hey... Dont think act like you dont know whats up you smug little punk!” Mr. Claus said from behind a frantically walking Roark who looked back in complete fear that Mr. Claus might harm him in some way.

    “I-I dont know what you’re talking about... I’m just a small-town Gym Leader from Oreburgh City... I dont even know you, ossan.” Roark said attempting to move around from Mr. Claus but then eventually being slammed into the wall by Mr. Claus’ brute force.

    “Dont play dumb boy! No... You’re no boy... Thats no term to give to someone like you... You’re not even a man... Because a man would never do all of the terrible things that you’ve done... What do you have to say for yourself, Goldfinger?!” Mr. Claus asked Roark who shook in complete and utter fear but then started to smile like a madman and then proceeded to laugh like one.

    “Hohohohohohohohohohohohoho! This, this right here is completely unbelievable... How’d you figure it out, ol’ Saint Nick?” Roark said taking off his glasses and wiping them down with a cloth then putting them back on his face despite the cracks that he made on them.

    “I was able to narrow it down when we battled... You battle just like the real Goldfinger.” Mr. Claus said taking Roark by the head then slamming him into the ground with his immense strength as Roark laughs insanely because of this action.

    “Hohohohohohoho! My grandmother hit me harder than you, Saint Nick!” Roark said spitting golden spit on Mr. Claus’s face to his anger as he hit him repeatedly on his face.

    “Stop! Stop hitting Roark, Manager Wulfric! Goldfinger cannot feel the pain that you inflict on Roark!” Whitney said running over to an enraged Wulfric who let out a few more punches before stopping.

    “I’m sorry but this bastard... You know what he did... All of the horrible things...” Wulfric said clutching his fist in order to not punch Roark again for all the pain he was feeling.

    “I know, I know... But we have him now, so everything will be okay.” Whitney said trying to comfort Wulfric as Roark chuckled one last time and then Goldfinger slid out of his ear in some kind of plasma-like shape.

    “And now I’m just confused, Misty... I dont know if I mean anything to Volkner anymore... He’s so blinded by the hate his father possesses in his heart that he cant see I dont care about our age old wars.” Erika said in between whimpers and sobs on Misty’s shoulder as Misty tried her best to comfort her and talk her through the situation.

    “It’ll all be okay, Erika. I’m sure Volkner is just going through a lot right now... With his fathers constant belittling and the feelings he has towards you- he must be very confused.” Misty said holding Erika close to her as the plasma-like substance that is Goldfinger snuck through the crevices of the door and made its way towards Erika biting her on the leg in a snake-like appearance.

    “... Oh... Ugh... I’m feeling a bit fatigue, my dear Misty... I think I’ll return to my chambers until my battle is scheduled to begin...” Erika said with a dishearten smile as she held her chest in pain until Goldfinger’s effects eventually totally affected her body.

    “And the winner of the match is Volkner the Gym Leader of Sunyshorne City! He has successfully defeated mysterious Lance and his Umbreon!” the announcer exclaimed as Volkner began to walk off-stage not amused with the cheers and applause he was receiving, Lance looks down at Volkner and smirks before he makes a strange remark.

    “Ya’ know... Great spirits have always found opposition from mediocre minds.” Lance said returning his Umbreon, giving a final bow to the audience, then proceeding to replace his cowboy hat with a top-hat.

    “You’re really- strange.” Volkner simply said before he was unexpectedly embraced and then kissed by Erika to the shock and glee of the audience.

    “Uh-oh~ Looks like there’s a love connection between these two Gym Leaders folks~” the announcer remarked as Erika gave Volkner the longest kiss of his life that was really a ploy for Goldfinger to sneak into his body.

    “... Oh, Volkner! I dont know what came over me! Now everyone knows-” Erika said before Volkner pushed her onto the ground.

    “Get away from me... You Kanto trash...” Volkner said in a cold and paralyzing tone that broke Erika’s heart the second he uttered the words as his now golden eyes gleamed with some sort of ambition.

    “Volkner... Why... Why...” Erika said now rocking herself and crying indefinitely as Volkner left the ring and proceeded out of the stadium entirely.

    “I’m done with this little Tournament... Yes- If I want to have my dream come true then I have to work for it. That goes for each and every one of you so-called Trainers.” Volkner said giving a final victory sign then leaving the stadium towards somewhere in the East.

    “I dont know what I’m gonna do without Lucario... But if there’s a chance that I can defeat you, I will take it!” Maylene shouted in Colress’s direction as he lit an electric cigarette in order to get him pumped for the battle.

    “Thats right... Your Lucario was badly injured by one of the Vil Brothers Houndoom... So I take it that means that you’re stuck using Medicham for this round?” Colress asked Maylene who intensified the pressure she was releasing from her aura until even Medicham was bit shaken by it.

    “You’re a truly heartless man to talk about something so horrible in such a way! You have no empathy for anyone for yourself!” Maylene said as her Medicham reacted in anger as well to the intrigue of Colress.

    “Interesting... When a Trainer and their Pokemon are so closely bonded the Pokemon even begins to develop the Trainers personality, its so very interesting. I wonder, what would happen if your Pokemon felt pain? Would the Trainer also feel pain? Beheeyem... Lets test this theory with your Energy Ball technique!” Colress ordered his Beeheeyem who reacted and obeyed without delay firing a powerful Energy Ball at Medicham sending it back a bit.

    “Damn... This guy has more skill than I thought... If I’m gonna win this then me and Medicham are gonna need to pour in our heart and soul! Medicham! Use Hi Jump Kick!” Maylene ordered her Medicham who nodded then went in to launch a powerful Hi Jump Kick on Beheeyem yet to no avail as Beheeyem teleports out of the way.

    “This is a battle between two Psychic type Pokemon yet we arent evenly matched... There is no doubt in my mind that I will win this battle but- the potential that I can feel inside of you is bursting. As if you still have a chance to win this battle somehow.” Colress said intrigued by the potential that Maylene and her Medicham were exerting from themselves as Medicham went into Meditate mode in order to power up his power.

    “Thats because you cant decide the victor of a battle until the very end, even if you have the advantage now I can easily turn it around on you and release the potential that is buried deep within me and my Medicham! To judge a battle so easily will only lead to your downfall, Dr. Colress! Dont ever! And I mean ever! Judge me before I show you what I’m really made of!!” Maylene shouted at the top of her lunges as Medicham finished its Meditation and fired a powerful Psycho Shock toward Colress’s Beheeyem that did more fatal damage than Colress anticipated.

    “Amazing! Simply brilliant! The connection between people and Pokemon is simply magnificent! Team Plasma quest to separate people and Pokemon is being proved wrong right before our very eyes! The pure conviction and emotion that you and your Pokemon share with each Maylene is exhilarating me! I’ve never felt so much passion inside of myself before! Yes! This is my reason for entering this Tournament! And all thanks to- that Medicham.” Colress at first passionately making statements and then discreetly taking a remote control out of his left coat pocket.

    “I dont understand a thing you’re saying right now, Colress... But I’ll make sure that you lose this battle! Medicham! End this with Ice Punch!” Maylene ordered Medicham to hit Beheeyem with a ferocious Ice Punch but instead Medicham stopped mid-way through attack and grew a blank expression all over its face.

    “This is the end of the battle Maylene... You have given me exponential data to record into my research, so I must thank you. However, its about time that I ended this little charade and reveal my true reason for being here.” Colress said as Medicham leapt over to his side of the ring and prepared to launch an attack on Maylene.

    Suddenly, hundreds of Team Plasma reveal themselves within the audience and send out their Pokemon to attack the people and destroy the stadium.

    “What- What have you done to Medicham?! Medicham- Please... Dont.” Maylene pleaded with her Medicham but to no avail as Medicham fired a powerful Psywave at its master, just in the knick of time Maylene’s Lucario appears and shields her from the blow.

    “Oh, my. This is quite surprising... The bond is so strong between Maylene and her Lucario that it was even able to feel her spirit from her. Interesting.” Colress said before he used the remote control to redirect Medicham with several Team Plasma grunts who proceeded to run away with Medicham out of the stadium.

    “You bastard! You have a lot of nerve to steal my Pokemon! Lucario use-” Maylene said before she was knocked over the head by Hugo.

    “Sometimes a person needs to know when enough is enough... You already lost the second Colress used his invention. Lord, why is my niece such a fool?” Hugo said picking Maylene off the ground and walking away from Colress before he was stopped by his next remark.

    “I just wanna tell you that it was fun.. Seeing you in the flesh. More people wanna see you like, your highness of the wandering country.” Colress said mockingly to Hugo who merely frowned and proceeded on his way to get his niece to safety.

    Team Plasma continues to attack the people inside of the stadium causing chaos and havoc everywhere they go.

    “Rhydon! Use Horn Drill!” Blue ordered his Rhydon who fired a powerful Horn Drill on a dozen of Team Plasma’s Pokemon.

    “Uh-oh... We’re in trouble! That guy once won a Pokemon League! We’re no match for him!” one of the Team Plasma grunt said as they all ran away from Blue who chased after them for answers.

    Meanwhile, Mime Jr. is frantically running in place when he is suddenly attacked by a Yamask who is then promptly defeated by a Scizor.

    “This attack is indiscriminate... Even innocent Pokemon are being attacked by these monsters. The Tournament that could save Princess Sycamore’s life is no more...” the mysterious old knight said finishing off several of Team Plasma’s Pokemon with his Scizor in the process to Mime Jr.’s glee.

    “... When all hope is lost... There is said to be but one savior in this expanding world of ours.” Colress said standing in the middle of the ring while he unfolded some sort of flag that came from his pocket.

    “What is Colress doing now?! After causing all of this mess?!” Yami asked himself as his Lucario defeated several Watchog and his Golbat defeated several Scraggy.

    “As children, we sang a sort of anthem that proclaimed that a hero existed in this world- A hero that would stand for us and right our wrongs. A hero that believed in our potential as people and individuals. So why? Why when I aged did this anthem turn into meaningless banter for me? Why did the hero I once sang about become nothing but a fictional hymn? Why did the symbol of this hero turn into nothing but a simple insignia for me? Why? Why did this hero forsake me? Is it because this hero is really weak and simply hides behind the patriotism of the people to be powerful? Tell me... Why when this flag feels even the slightest flicker of fire- it burns like crimson?” Colress said first presenting the flag of the Government to everyone as if he was proud of its stature and what it stood for then taking a lighter from his pocket and then burned the flag not soon after.

    “... Colress... Is... Insane!!” a man yelled as everyone ran for the exit in a panic.

    “That idiot burning down the Governments’ flag! Doesnt he know that this Tournament was being broadcasted on national TV?!” Cecillio asked himself as he held Yume close against his chest to prevent the Resistance from finding her.

    “Cousin Lance! We have no choice but to react now! Let’s go!” Clair shouted over to Lance who nodded and sent out all of his Dragon Pokemon to assist in taking Colress down as Clair did the same along with Winona.

    “People will always overreact over the slightest thing... To think burning of a flag would cause so much hysteria.” Colress said as he snickered and chuckled at the people’s indescribable fear and terror- When suddenly the entire stadium begins to crumble because of an Earthquake attack.

    “What in the world?! Who’s doing this now?!” Alexa asked as her camera that was still rolling finally fell out of her arms and broke causing her to scream in anguish.

    “It was only a matter of time before this happened... The burning of the Governments’ flag is considered a level 10 crime, the worst level of crime imaginable. It was only a matter of time before a Government official made their way here, and the closest one was...” Jasmine said before a crumbling piece of the ceiling almost fell on her before Brock saved her with his Onix.

    “Cynthia! Please stop this! We can handle this situation with far less causalities if you just stop it!” Bertha shouted toward Cynthia who was gliding around the toppling stadium on the back of her Garchomp.

    “Yeah, so dude... Could you please refrain from burning down flags? Because its like my civil duty or whatever to eliminate anyone who would dare do such a thing, and all that crap.” Cynthia said to Colress who simply replied with a wink then teleported out of crumbling stadium with his Beeheeyem.

    “Cynthia... She’s going to far over this! She could have just attacked Colress rather than going through all of this trouble.” Blue said getting more and more agitated at Cynthia’s actions as she now began to attack innocent bystanders who just so happened to be in her way at the time.

    “My memory before the Spear Pillar incident is foggy... But I remember Cynthia being especially brutal when someone offended the Government.” Dawn said to Blue as she dialed a number on her X-Transceiver and then a few seconds later had a helicopter arriving to collect her, as the helicopter flies away from the crumbling stadium.

    “Well... I cant let her do whatever she wants to these people-” Blue said before he felt water beneath his feet to his shock as Lance ran over towards him.

    “Blue! This is the worst case scenario right now! Cynthia is about to activate absolute justice any second now!” Lance yelled to Blue desperately as the water beneath their feet grew higher and higher.

    “... Cynthia... That ***** is trying to flood the stadium... Isnt she?” Misty asked herself as she felt the water make its way up to her knees, the people inside the stadium’s panic reaches its peak as people start to kill each other to make their way out of the stadium.

    “Everyone! We have to secure the situation here! We’re Gym Leaders of the world! We need to save as many people as we possible can!” Flannery shouted to all of the Gym Leaders with unspeakable passion in her voice as tears fell down her face in waterfalls, all of the Gym Leaders agree and start to save the drowning and injured people.

    “Charla... This is quite an unfortunate situation for us... I’m sorry once again that I dragged you into this mess.” the King of Boaz said completely crushed by what was occurring in the stadium as Charla shook her head.

    “None of this is your fault, your highness. No one was able to predict that Colress would something like this... Come on, lets go home.” Charla said picking the King up in her arms and then sending out her Charizard to take them out of the crumbling and flooding stadium.

    “It’s alright... It’s alright... Just let my Water Pokemon guide you out of the stadium.” Misty and Juan said in unison as their Pokemon moved the people out of the flooding stadium along with Winona and Sabrina.

    “... This is horrible... This is the kind of things Team Plasma is doing to this world... I cant take this anymore! Yami! I’m going to the harbor where I think Team Plasma’s ship is! Feel free to join me- or dont, your choice.” Yuki said as his rage exploded and he jolted out of the stadium toward the harbor where he was 100% sure Team Plasma was located.

    “Wait! Yuki! Wait for me-” Yami said before he tripped over a Grass Knot and hit his head hard on the floor but remained conscious.

    “The grandson of the Shogun lies right here before me... Yes- this is what I always wanted it... To chance, the opportunity to kill you.” Janine said literally appearing out of thin air and pointing a poisoned dart inches away from Yami’s head.

    “Who... Are... You? I’ve never met you once in my life before...” Yami said studying Janine’s face to make sure there had not been some sort of past encounter between the two of them.

    “No, we have never met before in the past. But your birth has cost my family many setbacks... Because of that I can never forgive you!” Janine exclaimed in passion as she prepared herself to stab Yami in the head with the poison dart, suddenly from out of nowhere a Jolteon uses Thunder Wave on Janine thus paralyzing her.

    “Gee, that girl must be on the rag or something... Trynna kill a poor kid like you.” the mysterious Lance said helping Yami off the ground and dusting him off to boot as he smiled unusually happily given the situation.

    “Thank you... There’s no doubt in my mind that she would have killed me right then and there had you not come to save me.” Yami said to Lance who chuckled and then waved him a goodbye as his Jolteon followed in tow.

    Meanwhile... In the Lobby of the PWT...

    “I said stay away from Aya you creep! She already said that she doesn't wanna go back home and regardless of her gender I refuse to allow you to force her to abandon her journey!” Rasheem said injured on the ground as his Phanphy continued to land hit after hit on the tall man’s Pokemon.

    “Hehehehehe... Aya... You’ve taken to calling her that now? We both her know her true identity so why don't you give it up?! Me and my brother are gonna bring the both of you back to the Queen and then she’ll behead you little traitors!” the tall man said as his Pokemon dealt a fatal blow to both Rasheem’s Phanphy and Aya’s Herracross.

    “I... Will... Never... Falter... If I do then my entire country is in danger... You’re Queen- has no regard for the safety of my people!” Aya shouted to the tall man who laughed as his thought her conviction was humorous.

    “You know why you’re able to speak so well? Because of my dear Queen’s education system! So the next time you dare insult the Queen of my country- don't!” the tall man’s brother said slamming himself right on top of Aya and Rasheem at the same time, destroying Aya’s armor in the process bringing her to tears. “The armor... The armor that my people made for me... The armor that brought them so much hope... Is- no more.” Aya said now bawling her eyes out after what felt like a millennia of keeping her emotions to herself.

    “My dear Princess... Please don't cry, there is still hope for us.” Rasheem said as he gasped for air beneath the large behemoth on top of him while the two maniacal brothers laugh.

    “Hahahahahahaha! Oh please- the only way you all could escape this fate is if a miracle happened and some kind of superhero came out here and killed us on the spot-” the tall man said to mock them before he looked up from them and saw a terrifying figure in front of him.

    “It couldn't be... I didn't even know he was here... don't tell me- don't tell me that he’s come all the way to this region to kill us!” the tall man’s brother yelled now making a run to the exit of the stadium in fear of his life before being struck down by some sort of Solar Beam.

    “He shouldn't have run... I didn't even come here to kill you two, or save these kids for that matter. I’m looking for a man named Wulfric, you see... My master wishes to challenge his Gym- but he is not there.” the terrifying man said towering over even the tall man who shook in fear because of some past experience shared between the two before he orders his Pokemon to attack and is then promptly murdered by the same man as his brother.

    “... Is this man our Angel... Or our devil?” Rasheem asked himself as the man looked down at the boy and girl duo and frowned.

    “All of our men have been effectively evacuated from the building, proceed out of port as soon as possible.” Colress said after taking his first steps on Team Plasma’s ship being greeted by two high ranking officers.

    “Yessir! The only problem we could see with that is the threat that was sent to us several days ago by the Resistance... They said if we were to leave port they would destroy us the second we sailed.” one of the officers said showing Colress the letter that was sent to them a few days prior.

    “I see.... So we’re in a bit of a pickle right now, are we? Alright. I have an idea... The Resistance will never attack us if we have precious cargo of theirs onboard- call the Poke-Star Studios Producers over here immediately- Its about time that we had that girl honor her contract.” Colress said making his way to another side of the ship as the officers saluted him and made preparations to call Poke-Star Studios ASAP.

    In the back of the ship, if you listen carefully you can hear the sorrow of a beautiful woman.

    “Well, this is pretty distressing... Team Plasma has been in this harbor for about a week now and the authorities have still not taken action. Thanks for getting me hip on this, Skyla.” Cheren said fixing his tie as he stared precautious at the gigantic ship before him.

    “Well it was pretty hard to mix, Lol! When I saw it I couldn't take my eyes off of it and crashed into this hotel. The good thing is everyone’s dead so now nobody can tell on me, lmao!” Skyla said with a wink to the “camera” as her son Miles copied her to Cheren’s dismay.

    At same time... In small vacation resort on the Eastern coast of Unova... Undella Town...

    “This is the best time to be in Undella Town, if I do say so myself!” a very wealthy woman said to her peer as she dipped her diamond-crested martini straw into a rich layer of chocolate ice cream.

    “Ohohohohoho~ I must agree with you on that, Madame. I could never think of a better time to come to Undella Town than right now.” her male peer said taking a sip from his martini glass as a servant’s Glaceon used Icy Wind to cool him off.

    “Sir, you have received a call from a Madame from Kalos’s Kiloude City... She wishes to speak with you about the affair you are having with her son’s Kindergarten teacher.” one of his servants said picking up the phone from off the hook and handing it to his master.

    “She’s going to be more specific... Since I have quite the fetish for young women in granny panties~ Hello?” the aristocrat answered the call with a suave yet superior tone that drove some females around him wild.

    “Hello... My name is Mune.... Uyuyuyu...” a distorted voice said from the other end of the phone that startled the aristocrat.

    “This is quite peculiar... Why are you using a voice distortion device? Do you not want me to know your identity? This isn't one of Kalos’ notorious prank callers is it?” the aristocrat asked the person on the end who simply giggled and replied calmly and collected.

    “Uyuyuyuyu... No... This is no prank call, sir. I’m calling you to warn you about future events that will befall one of your most prized establishments.” the person on the other end said as the aristocrats’ interest grew more and more.

    “What do you mean by that? Is someone targeting one of my investments?” the aristocrat asked albeit mockingly as the person on the end caught on to his humor and laughed insatiably.

    “Uyuyuyuyuyuyu... You could say. You could also say, that my boss Devin, has grown tired of the setbacks that your business has been causing him, so he will be taking care of it shortly. You should know what establishment I speak of.” the person on the other end replied to his sarcasm with cynical retort, the aristocrat drops the phone and begins to run towards whatever establishment they were speaking of.

    “No! No! No! Anything but that! Please dont let that man destroy my slave auction!!” the aristocrat yelled as he raced through the crowded streets of Undella towards the towns main attraction, the slave auction.

    “Please... Please let me go... I have nothing I can give you... Wulfric is gone and there’s nothing I can do to make him come back any sooner... PLEASE!! Spare my life...” Nurse Joy said as she is held on the ground by two very large men as another one sneers over her.

    “Now, now, now Nurse Joy... If we were to let you go then you would contact the authorities and then we would have to destroy all of Snowbelle City as a result. All of this is Wulfric’s fault entirely... He should’ve known that I would be coming and that people around him would suffer if I was not greeted properly.” a man in a grass-covered cloak replied to Nurse Joy’s anguish with sarcasm and cynicism.

    Just as the man finished his banter, some kind of creature comes from behind a tree and begins to devour Nurse Joy as it sings a eerie song of death.
    What happens when two diffrent people connect through an unlikely adventure?
    Pokemon-BW- Dare to live?

    So how many Pokemons are there?

    Silly Jack, the plural of Pokemon is Pokemon

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    Pokemon: Filler Adventures and Pokemon: Rise of the Penguin respectivley.
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    Now that I think about it....that poster is a horrible advertisement
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    Wow, I'm just stating that I'm uncomfortable with one of the few decent pokemon on the train wreck that is Ash's Unova team getting shafted and you accuse me of impersonating an imposter?!

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    AN- Happy Holidays, everyone~ Like I promised I'm here to bring you the aforementioned Christmas Special! Be warned, there are major spoilers as this takes place after the events of BW2 (Why is he acting like its a television series or something? O_o) Holiday tales from Team Super Awesome GO! Enjoy and once again Happy Holidays make sure to spend time with your loved ones~

    Pokémon Heroes Presents: A Christmas Story

    "Look at these babies! Arent they beautiful?! Two tickets the award-winning SS Decolore! I told you that entering the Loto was stupid, Akira." Darien said to Akira proudly boasting to everyone else in the room about the (third prize mind you) tickets that he received from the lottery.

    "I didnt say entering the lottery was stupid, I said you were stupid... I dont know how you won when the Loto usually picks some semi-third world ***** and her 6 kids to win so they can look like a charity... Strange, they must have confused for a gutter boy." Akira said dismissing Darien's luck and going about her business in the kitchen.

    "Haters gonna hate!" Darien said sticking his tongue out at her in protest of her comments.

    "Only legit ****** say that, Darien." Akira said putting the dishes out of the dishwasher away as Yami woke up out of his sleep.

    "Oh my god...You two are so loud... Why did we come over here before heading to my moms house, Yume?" Yami asked Yume who was busy rummaging through the sock drawer.

    "Because I left my favorite pair of holiday socks over here when me and Akira were experimenting with marijuana- Oh here it is! I made sure it a manora and a snowflake on it as to not offend your parents religion Yami." Yume said slipping the socks into her suitcase then closing it back as tight as possible.

    "For the last time, my parents are Buddhist, they could care less what socks you're wearing." Yami said helping her off the floor and starting on their way to the door.

    "Alright, so its decided that me and Akira will be the Team Super Awesome Go representatives for this cruise?" Darien said so eagerly that his pants buckle was jiggling.

    "Yeah, yeah, sure... Unless Mune or Meowth have an qualms?" Yami asked Mune who was busy reading "Charles Dickens" next to Akira's fireplace and Meowth who was watching a rigged soccer game next to her.

    "Uyuyuyu... I have no problem with it, Leader. Me and Meowth will just stay here and watch over the house and Mime Jr." Mune said with a warm smile that creeped Akira out so she turned back around.

    "Hmph! I wouldnt wanna spend Christmas with one of you humans anyway!" Meowth said as he threw glass of hot chocolate at the screen because the striker keeps missing shots earning him a punch on the head from Akira.

    "Then its settled then, Akira and I will head off on the Decolore Cruise tomorrow morning!" Darien said over excited about being able to visit the Decolore Islands.

    "And me and Yami will be going back to Aspertia City to spend time with his family for Christmas." Yume said with a wink and a thumbs up earning a giggle from Mune.

    Meowth and Mune's Honey Island Christmas Story: A Story

    "Dammit, dammit, dammit! I had that game rigged and everything but those inbred bastards still lost against those damn squinty eyed *****es!" Meowth said kicking the furniture down including several tables and chairs.

    "Uyuyuyuyu... I take it this isnt your morning, Meowth?" Mune asked finally finishing Charles Dickens after staying up all of the night.

    "Pssh! Thats understatement if I've ever heard one! Today blows! It blows hard!" Meowth said in a huff as he sat on the floor and crossed his arms.

    "Well then, do you wanna go to Honey Island?" Mune asked Meowth as she straightened the chair she was sitting in.

    "How would we be able to do that when the kids have the tickets?" Meowth asked her a bit interested on what she was proposing.

    "Uyuyuyu... I took them while Akira wasnt looking and replaced them with tickets to a different ferry. The ferry leaves in an hour so make up your mind soon." Mune said with a somewhat devious yet caring smile as she collected her things from the nightstand and moved them into her bedroom.

    "Like I said before, why would I want to spend Christmas with a human?!" Meowth retorted as he sank back into his anger and depression.

    "So I take it you're gonna spend Christmas with a bunch homeless drinking penny rusted liquor outside the soup kitchen?" Mune asked Meowth with a very confusing smile.

    "... Fine, I'll be ready in an hour..." Meowth sighed as Mune nodded and went into the back of the house to take her shower.

    "That ferry was just lovely... I cant believe they served us unlimited breakfast, it kind of makes me regret taking Akira and Darien's tickets." Mune said walking along the streets of Honey Island along with Meowth stopping at the shops to observe the islands native culture.

    "Forget those little bastards... They were gonna selfishly keep us inside the house all day to watch that stupid Mime Jr." Meowth said remembering that he literally kicked Mime Jr. out of the house and onto the neighbors lawn.

    "Uyuyuyu... I guess you can see it like that... But we're really going to need to make it up to them next Christmas." Mune replied to Meowth who simply rolled its eyes and ran over to a shop that was selling yarn.

    "I'm sorry little fella but we're all of yarn, if you come back tomorrow we'll have some more." the woman behind the counter said to a devastated Meowth who for once in his life went silent.

    "All of yarn? How peculiar... Is this not a yarn shop?" Mune asked the woman who shook her head and started to explain why.

    "You see... It used to be that around this time every year for over a century this island would receive snow from a legendary Ice-type Pokémon from Kanto. This ice, believe it or not helped our crops to grow significantly during the Spring- but ever since 2 years ago this Ice Pokémon has not brought snow to this island." the woman said sounding depressed with every word she spoke.

    "I see... That is quite unfortunate..." Mune said feeling a little bad for the people of the island when suddenly an unexpected visitor popped into the shop.

    "Miss Annie! It's terrible! Your daughter Crystal wont get off the top of the lighthouse!" another woman exclaimed causing Miss Annie and Mune to dash out of the shop toward the lighthouse.


    "Young woman! Please get down from there this instant! This is dangerous!" Officer Jenny shouted through her megaphone as the young girl on the lighthouse shook her head and replied.

    "I'm sorry Officer Jenny but I cant do that! For two whole years my family has suffered because of a lack of snow given to us by the Ice Pokémon! If he wont come if we're peaceful and calm- then I'll make him come by giving myself up as a sacrifice to him!" Crystal shouted to the those below her as she braced herself to be taken by the Ice Pokémon.

    "Oh my god! Crystal! You dont have to sacrifice yourself, sweetie! The Ice Pokémon has just decided not to come to our island this year!" Annie shouted up to her daughter who shook her head and continued to brace herself.

    "I- I cant take this anymore... Everyone being so sad around Christmas time because we cant produce enough crops... I have to do some-" Crystal said before she slipped and began to fall off the tower.

    "Crystal!! Noooooo!" Annie yelled as her daughter plummeted to her inevitable death when suddenly Crystal was caught in the embrace of a body of a snow covered angel.

    "Please... Tell me... If I was to make it snow- right now... Would you go back down peacefully with your mother?" Mune asked Crystal who looked into her limestone eyes and nodded slowly still amazed at what she was witnessing. Mune closes her eyes, and like a miracle the sky begins to fill with snow clouds and small white particles begin to land on the ground and then everywhere bringing tears to the people of the island.

    "... Thats one weird chica..." Meowth said coming out of his depression to feel the snow landing on his nose as Mune delivered Crystal safely to her mother.


    "Why'd you make it snow for these people when even the Ice Pokemon from Kanto wouldnt, Mune?" Meowth asked Mune as he played with a ball of straw while walking along the empty snowy streets with Mune.

    "Uyuyuyu... I feel honored, thats the first ever statement you've made without swearing since I've known you... I guess you can say, I did it to repay God for saving me." Mune said stopping in the middle of the street to look at the beautiful snow coming down from the sky.

    "God? Wow, I didnt think that someone like you even believed in God..." Meowth said shocked that the scientific and cold woman believed in God.

    "How could I not believe after what happened in the Nature Preserve? At that moment, all I wanted to do was die... But Darien wouldnt let me... He saved my life and gave me a second chance at living." Mune said thinking about the events that took place at the Nature Preserve which caused her to giggle with happiness.

    "Didnt shouldnt you be thanking Darien rather than God? I dont know... All that stuff confuses me." Meowth said walking onward towards the port as Mune giggled at his comment and went along with him.

    Akira and Darien's Frost Island Fiasco! B Story

    "Whaaaat? Are you serious?! This really isnt Honey Island?! Then what the hell is it?!" Darien asked the Nurse Joy who continued to smoke on her cigarette.

    "****, I dont know... I think they call this piece of **** glacier Frost Island but they might've taken my suggestion into consideration and renamed it *****oronia." Nurse Joy said flipping through the pages of her magazine and taking puffs from her cigarette.

    "Oh ****ing great, Yami! Another Christmas ruined three years in a row! You must feel really proud of yourself right, huh?" Akira asked Yami who turned around to her and protested.

    "What was so bad about the other Christmas that we spent with each other?" Darien asked not able to recollect what had occured during the past holiday seasons.

    "Well, I dont know... 2 years ago you left me in a smelly motel with some serial killer named Otis so you could go bone some prostitute, and then the year after that you left me at the Marriot with no cable! I think I've some pretty ****ed up Christmas experiences cause you, Armstrong!" Akira retorted to Darien as she stormed out of the Pokemon Center to Darien's dismay.

    "Dont worry, she'll be back... The Snorunt wont let her get too far." Nurse Joy said never looking away from her magazine as she after she said that Akira was thrusted back into center with a Headbutt.

    "What the hell is wrong with those Snorunt?!" Akira asked Nurse Joy who shrugged then took a moment to remember.

    "Oh yeah, they're out there building some kind of deity for their racially bias God." Nurse Joy said peeking through the blinds to observe the savage ways of the Snorunt.

    "Are you saying that these Snorunt are heathens?" Darien asked Nurse Joy looking out of the window blinds in the other window as the Snorunt continued to create a very well-sculpted figure of some kind of Pokémon.

    "Or Satanist... Either way... We've been taught since we were kids to never leave out of her house during Christmas time or else would we be eaten alive by those Snorunt. I'm glad no one is stupid enough to go out there and mess with those- oh wait, your cousin just went out there." Nurse Joy said a bit surprised then shrugging and returning to the front desk to read her magazine.

    "Akira! Wait for me! Dont have adventures by yourself you jerk!" Darien said grabbing his coat from the rack. By the time he makes it out there Akira has already defeated all of Snorunt with her Beartic, Vanity.

    "Oh hell yeah! I still got it mofos! How ya feel?! How ya feel?!" Akira asked no one as no one in the right mind was outside at that moment as she held the leader of the Snorunt inside of her Poke-Ball.

    "Akira... What am I going to do with you? You just ruined the entire culture and ecosystem of this island- but you probably dont care..." Darien sighed as Akira did a little dance and then proceeded to knock down the effigy with Beartic's Slash attack.

    Yami and Yume Make A Home Visit! C Story

    "Are you sure I shouldnt have brought more gifts for your Mom? I know for a fact that my Mom would want gifts from you if you just married her daughter, but she's a ***** and she's probably dead so it doesnt really matter... But! Should I run over to Macy's and get more gifts?!" Yume asked frantically as the cab reached ever closer to Yami's house.

    "My mom wont care about gifts Yume, all she wants to do is meet her new daughter in-law... You're worrying about really stupid stuff right now." Yami said in the most comforting tone he could muster as he pulled Yume close to him for a kiss but was met with a punch in the face.

    "You're not supporting me in this desperate moment! You dont get a kiss until you give a ****!" Yume said crossing her arms as the cab reached its destination and the couple unloaded their luggage and paid the driver.


    "Wow, Yami... You never told me that you were privileged... I thought that you were one of those commoners who ate soup out of cups and drank instant coffee, I'm relieved to see my stereotype has been squashed." Yume said looking around Yami's spacious house and been amazed with the furniture and apparel.

    "For the last time, Yume- Just because you eat soup out of a cup and make instant coffee does not mean that you're poor!" Yami said attempting to correct his politically incorrect wife but receiving nothing more than the bird.

    "Heh... Now, Yami, where'd you pick this nice sweet thing up from?" his sister Kiko asked putting their coats on the coat rack.

    "The corner actually." Yami said taking off his shoes at the front door and proceeding into the kitchen.

    "What?!" Kiko asked him in shock as she followed him into the kitchen along with Yume.

    "... Oh! Yami! I didnt expect you to be here so early! You said Christmas not Christmas Eve!" Yami's mother Koko said greeting her son with a warm hug and a million kisses.

    " 'Sup, Yami... Havent seen you since you ran away from home." Yami's oldest sister Lorde said patting him on the head like a dog.

    "Nothing much, married a possible prostitute, took down a crime syndicate, lost at the Vertress Conference, same old same old."Yami said sitting down at the table next to his 3rd oldest sister Miyon and youngest sister Shion.

    "And you must this wife he's talking about, right? Are you really gonna let him talk about you like that?" Lorde asked Yume who shrugged and proceeded toward the oven to smell the cookies.

    "You cant argue with facts... And Yami's being a ***** cause I've put on the gates- if you catch my drift." Yume said nonchalantly as everyone in the room spit out of their hot chocolate in shock.

    "Are you s-s-s-saying that you two h-h-have?!" Miyon asked Yume practically shaking her against the oven.

    "We had to consimate our marriage or else it would be invalid... Did you all think I was kidding when I said I was married?" Yami asked his mother and sisters who closed their ears in shame and returned to what they were doing before they came in minus Shion.

    "So Yume, do you plan on having any kids with Yami?" Shion asked on the side in between sips of her hot chocolate surprising Yume.

    "Um... Maybe... When the time is right... In the future... Maybe..."Yume said a bit embarrassed by the question as Koko pulled the cookies out of the oven.

    "The cookies are done! Who's ready to start decorating?" Koko asked everyone trying to change the subject as soon as possible.


    "Cheren told us that you didnt so good in the Vertress Conference but he did fail to mention that he was one of the witnesses at your wedding." Kiko said sitting with Yami and Yume on the couch next to the fireplace.

    "Yeah, he was there... And a few others... It was kind of a small wedding though." Yami said remembering the wedding ceremony between him and Yume before his sister Lorde poured hot chocolate on his head.

    "Small wedding or not, you should have still invited your sisters at the very least." Lorde said in protest before she took a seat on the arm chair.

    "Sorry... It was kind of a rushed thing really." Yami said wiping the hot chocolate off of his head with a cloth.

    "Hey, can I ask you guys something? Where's Yami's dad?" Yume asked rather bluntly which caused the sisters to spit out their coffee and Koko to tense up a bit.

    "... Yami's father doesn't spend Christmas with us... He goes on camping trees with his boyfriend- I mean special friend every Christmas where they reenact Brokeback Mountain with shemale lumberjacks." Koko said with a dishearten smile as she continued to put the gifts into plastic bags.

    "Oh... I'm sorry for bringing it up... I didnt know." Yume said feeling bad that she brought up Yami's father at such a time.

    "Its' fine- hey you wanna know something funny? The reason my mom is putting the gifts into plastic bags instead of wrapping them is because she has this mentally disabled brother-" Lorde said before her mother threw a Poke-Ball into her mouth to keep her quiet.

    "Lorde, thats not very nice... Hey, Yami! Mama got the job at the Pokémon Center! Isnt that great?" Kiko asked Yami who nodded and poured himself another mug of hot chocolate and toasted to his mothers new job.

    "Oh yeah, speaking of which... I wanted to make sure to give you this before tomorrow so its good that you came early... I wanna make sure you guys know this is your wedding present and not your Christmas present." Koko said tossing Yami and Yume a Poke-Ball that held a Pokémon inside of it.

    "Hmm... Not to sound ungrateful Mama, but what kind of Pokémon is inside of this?" Yami asked Koko who zipped her lips shut along with Yami's sisters.

    "Whatever it is... I'm sure we'll make some use out of it." Yume said looking down at the ball, when suddenly a mistletoe is put in front of her and Yami by Shion.

    Yami looks into Yume's eyes and they kiss passionately in front of Yami's family to their jargon.

    Cecillio's Soup Kitchen Tale: D Story

    "Dear Akira-chan, dear Yume, dear Mune... I regret to inform you that I may be unable to make it back in time for Christmas... I know how this must hurt you, being without your dear Cecillio after all these months we've spent together. The moments that I spent peeping on each and every one of you in the shower, making you meals night and day... I must tell, that it is unfortunate that I have been sent to this horrible place to prepare meals for this mediocre people." Cecillio wrote to his most cherished of people until his pen broke because of the over exaggerated pain he felt.

    "Hey! The people are starting to arrive! Stop writing letters to your boyfriend and get over here!" the head chef barked at Cecillio who abruptly sat up from his chair and got into the chef's face.

    "First off! I wasnt writing to some greasy disgusting man! I was writing to three beautiful flowers that have rocked my world since the dawn of time~" Cecillio said overcome by his false passion as the head chef pushed Cecillio to the front counter where almost a dozen homeless people were waiting for their soup.

    "Oh god, how did I get stuck with Cilan and Cress's community service hours? This blows... I wanna be with my darlings~ On Christmas." Cecillio said scooping out scoop after scoop of soup for the homeless people albeit unwillingly.

    "Excuse me, could I please get seconds? Its a long ride to the North Pole from here." a man wearing some kind of poorly customized Santa Claus costume asked Cecillio who turned to get another pot of soup from the kitchen then walked back over to the front counter.

    "Yeah, they did say junkies are suppose to get second helpings- Huh?! Wait a minuet! Alder?! What the hell are you doing in a soup kitchen?!" Cecillio asked Alder outraged that he was about to waste another batch of soup on such a cheap old man.

    "It's been a holiday hobby of mine to impersonate homeless people and deprive them of soup for 20 years now... No one has caught on that it was my until now! Congrats Cecillio- now where's my soup?" Alder asked holding out his bowl for seconds as Cecillio snapped his ladle in half in a fit of rage.

    "Hey Alder, get seconds for me too..." Brycen said dressed in a poorly customized Rudolph costume handing his bowl to Alder.

    "Gym Leader Brycen?! What are you doing here?!" Cecillio asked reiterating his question as Brycen flexed his muscles.

    "The media likes to look holy and crap on Christmas so I make sure to hang around soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and Jimmy Buffet concerts during Christmas so I can get some much needed attention... The homeless people take pity on me because my family died on Christmas- At least thats what I tell people." Brycen said almost too smug about the death of his family to the point where Cecillio snapped with anger.

    "You two want seconds? Alrightie then... Roselia! Go! Give these two hopeless beggars some sloppy seconds!" Cecillio asked of his Roselia who came out of its Poke-Ball and fired a powerful Solar Beam at Alder and Brycen sending them flying out of the kitchen.

    "Dear Akira-chan~ Yume~ And Mune too~ Please send,nudes ASAP~" ---Cecillio
    What happens when two diffrent people connect through an unlikely adventure?
    Pokemon-BW- Dare to live?

    So how many Pokemons are there?

    Silly Jack, the plural of Pokemon is Pokemon

    Quote Originally Posted by Street Comedy View Post
    Pokemon: Filler Adventures and Pokemon: Rise of the Penguin respectivley.
    Quote Originally Posted by TheFonz View Post
    Now that I think about it....that poster is a horrible advertisement
    Quote Originally Posted by Street Comedy View Post
    Wow, I'm just stating that I'm uncomfortable with one of the few decent pokemon on the train wreck that is Ash's Unova team getting shafted and you accuse me of impersonating an imposter?!

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