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Thread: Reusable events?

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    Default Reusable events?

    This seemed like an appropriate place to ask this question. I wanted to playthrough my White versioon again but before I started I need to know If I can reuse my event suicune and celebi for obtaining Zorua and Zoroark if I trade them to another game and then back. Thanks in advance.
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    In this case, the Suicune and Celebi are the First known Event Pokémon that gain a hidden "used" tag when attending their respective ingame events in BW1. At least for Suicune, it was released alongside Entei and Raikou, which means that they are more common. (It was also an Store Event in some places as well as a Wifi Event.) (Celebi could be used more than once in HGSS where it had an another event where you could battle Giovanni of Team Rocket fame.)
    The only consolation I can offer is that Suicune can be used to unlock the Shiny Medal in BW2.

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