Hi, I'm an animation student at uni and I've started up a Youtube channel to put some of my work up already.

However, I want to start making animations of Nintendo characters and various other works (such as existing characters from tv shows and movies) as this will combine my passion of animation and video games.

The question I have mainly is does anyone know what the threshold with this is? In other words, can I use these characters as part of fair use and parody, and still make money from the ads?

Obviously I understand that these character's are Nintendo's IP and making money off their creations isn't technically 'fair' but when I'm taking in revenue from adverts for my work, is this ok?

Using egoraptor (who makes PokeAwesome and more if you weren't aware) as an example, a lot of his videos are based on games, but is done so in a parody kind of way. If I've posted this is in the wrong forum, or if anyone can give me any kind of direction on a better place to ask, it would be much appreciated, thanks!

And for reference my channel is youtube.com/djd91anim which currently has videos that are entirely my own.