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Thread: Searching for a Wish! (793)

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    And so this episode becomes the episode which made things right again, in terms of the opening and the team rocket motto. I feel like normality has been restored :P .

    I thought this was a wonderful episode. Given, nothing note-worthy really happened but I thought it was a good story of a young girl trying to heal the land she lived in as well as reunite her family so they could live in harmony once more. I also thought the final sequence with Jirachi granting Jemma's wish was just beautiful and it warms the coldest of hearts.

    Great episode, onto the next one!
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    Loved the music at the end, was a very nice episode. I'm really enjoying the DA arc actually, I know it's just filler but it feels more like pre-BW. Hopefully a good omen for XY.

    I had hoped for Doom Desire but it wasn't to be. I really do prefer legendary Pokemon not speaking in English, hopefully more will get anime appearances outside of the movies one day.
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    Extremely sad they didn't keep Chiisaki Mono as the ending theme, whether the original or the 4Kids dub version. I kinda hope it was a copyright infringement problem, not a conscious decision to chop imo the best vocal song ever written for the Pokemon franchise.
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    Copyright reasons. There is so much they could use from 4Kids and TV Tokyo.

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    Great episode. finally back to using the right intro!

    They FINALLY fixed James's part on the motto.. about time!

    This episode was really good, felt like a mini movie to me. I even teared up some at the end..... eesh a 33 year old male tearing up for pokemon... thats how powerful pokemon is folks.

    I was hoping we'd see Jirachi's third eye though.. ahh well.

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    I liked was how Ash remembered Jirachi, that was nice
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    this episode was boring. And this is coming from a Best Wishes fan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hero of Ideals View Post
    Copyright reasons. There is so much they could use from 4Kids and TV Tokyo.
    I'm amazed how they can be so stingy about their Japanese tracks for this anime in particular.

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    James STILL messed up the motto this episode: it's "all peoples," not "all people" as he said this episode. It's okay, though: I mean, it's better than "to unite THE people" at the least.

    The episode was okay as a whole, as was the dub. The twerps sounded good (Ash starts off good, and then gets weaker, until becoming average at the end of the episode), Gemma sounded like an actual kid (more than Ash and co. do, tbh), but TRio is overacting as always. James sounded super nasally, Meowth just sounded bad, and Jessie sounds like she's always squealing half the time. I'm used to it by now, but it is annoying at times. xD. 75/100
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    I was glad Jirachi finally got a episode. It was an okay episode though.

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    Hey! TPCI finally put the right opening in this episode! Thank goodness TPCI fixed the error, people were thinking that they're going to air the banned TR vs TP episodes, because of the N opening.

    Anyway, this was a beautiful episode, Seeing the Hoenn legendary Pokémon Jirachi in the anime was cool! Jirachi took a long time to make an anime appearance, but I'm glad that it finally made an anime appearance. I'm surprised that Ash actually recognized Jirachi, I guess it pretty much proves that the sixth Pokémon movie: Jirachi Wishmaker is cannon.
    Gemma was a really cute and nice girl, I liked her design and personality in this episode. Whoever voiced her in the english dub, did a darn good job. Her voice sounds like an actual kid, instead of an teenager and it helped making this episode emotional. I liked how determined Jemma was to meet Jirachi and make her wish to it, I'm glad her wish to make the land fertile came true at the end. I'm also glad that TPCI finally fixed James' Kanto Motto, I was surprised and happy when James said "To Unite All People Within' Our Nation" instead of "To Unite The People Within' Our Nation". I hope TRio will keep their motto this way for the rest of the DA episodes, it sounds so much better(and nostalgic). The last scene with Ash, Gemma, Cilan, Iris and Jirachi was emotional, but not as emotional as the Japanese version of this episode. But still, this episode is one of the best Decolore Adventures episodes in my opinion.

    The dub episode was much better than the last dub episode in terms of Voice acting and scripting, but it was a terrible in terms of music. I didn't like how TPCI replaced the instrumental of "A Small Thing" with the intrumental of "It's All Inside Of You". "It's All Inside Of You" is a good song, but it just didn't fit with the emotional scene at the end. They kept....I think only one piece of original music in the whole episode. Geez, I miss the days when TPCI used to keep all original Japanese music in the early episodes of Black and White, nowdays they keeps very, Very few Japanese music in the english dub episodes. I hope they'll keep more original music in the upcoming dub episodes.(which most likely won't happen)
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