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Thread: Latias or Bianca?

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    Default Latias or Bianca?

    So, it's a been a while since I've posted but...

    Yesterday I watched Pokemon Heroes for the first time in a while. At the end, Bianca/Latias kisses Ash, a confusing event that even bewilders Misty who questions to ask whether it was Bianca or Latias.

    Now, I know it doesn't really matter or whatever. It's not like it was ever brought up again. However, I want to know the answer purely from a detective standpoint.

    I'd hate to clog the first post up with my full detective analysis on it, and I want to hear all of your thoughts on this. I think I'll post mine a bit later.

    So, was it Latias or Bianca that kissed Ash? And why do you think so?

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    Pretty sure it was Latias, as their bond was the closest. HOWEVER, there are reasons to believe it could be Bianca too. I'll just post the reasons, and this is coming from my memory.


    -She was closest to Ash, and had an interest (platonic) in him
    -She wasn't talking
    -It also could be that Latias said goodbye for both of them


    -She drew a picture of Ash and Pikachu, of course though Latias could have given it to him. But it is interesting that Bianca drew it.
    -Bianca left her hat, and someone grabs the picture, that is hidden
    -If she did go to run chores, interesting that she never had a way to say goodbye.

    Clearly, it was left to be a vague, especially with Misty's question at the end.

    Though actually I think it mostly hints to being Latias, because everyone thought it was Bianca at first, and Misty's question sort of brings up "Wait...that might have been Latias..whoops." But then I always wonder if Latias even knows what a kiss means, as that's a human trait. She might have seen some people kissing in Altomare though and thought that's how you say goodbye.
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    I think it was Latias that kissed Ash simply because she was close to Ash and didn't talk.
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    Imo it was obviously Latias since you know, she actually bonded with Ash. Bianca barely spoke to him and she didn't seem to care about him much tbh.

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    It was Latias there's no doubt in my mind

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    OK, well lemme bring some doubt to your minds.

    First, let me say that I did just watch the movie but a few days ago. It's fresh in my mind and I've noticed a few little things that could hint at it being Bianca.

    1. When Ash and Co. drive up to Lorenzo and say goodbye, they then ask where Bianca is, to which he replies that she might have just left for the market, and they might have just missed her. It then pans up to Bianca's room, showing that she left her hat hanging on a chair. If Bianca was going to the market, she most definitely would have brought her hat with her. Since she left her hat that means she was home. I believe she left her hat on purpose, AND did not speak on purpose, to make Ash believe that she was Latias, perhaps to just avoid any awkwardness or embarrassment.

    2. Why would Bianca have drawn such a picture anyway? Bianca was shown to be an artist (and it definitely was not Latias who drew it). For her to draw such a picture depicting Ash and Pikachu, she must have taken some sort of liking to him, romantic or not.

    3. This is too inconsistent to be legitimate proof( and my memory is also a bit hazy), but throughout the movie Latias (disguised as Bianca) USUALLY runs by swinging her arms outwardly (there are times when does NOT do this, though). At the end of the movie, Bianca or Latias is seen running to catch up to the boat by swinging her arms forward (like a jogger or a sprinter). After kissing Ash, she also runs away using this running method, leaving it to believe that it was Bianca.

    Now, I know it would make a lot more sense for it to be Latias. She took a great liking to Ash and the two had a fantastic bond in the short time they had together. However, Bianca and Ash still had some friendly interaction, and Ash made great heroic efforts to save her and the city. An attraction could have easily have been there.

    With that said, I'm pretty sure it was Bianca. No guarantees, as it was meant to be ambiguous. However, I'd very much like to ask a staff member of the movie's production if anyone knows where I could contact them.

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