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Anyone else getting a bunch of low level "early game" Pokes via WonderTrade? I must be getting unlucky...

I've emptied a box of 4IV Ghastlys and got mostly Pidgeys, Flabebes, and other random Pokes. >_>
That sucks :/ I've had pretty good luck with Wonder Trade thus far xD That being said I've only been able to do it a few times since I have limited wifi accessibility, but when trading off my extra ghastly and honedge breeds, I got all sorts of cool stuff. didn't check the IVs on anything, but I got several holes in my kalos dex filled in xD

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No, that's people being lazy assholes anonymously.

It's considered lucky to not get that.
I dunno, I hear people say that but aside from the first like... week when no one had anything decent to throw at wonder trade, I've always gotten like 90% cool things, and 10% route 1 things xD

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It would be nice if they also could stop sending me prompts. Yes, I know I can do Wonder Trades. Yes, I know I can battle my friends or passerby...
YES UGH. Like I thought it was cool the first time each of the prompts showed up. but I figured maybe they'd stop after I'd done everything. nope....