Nanna Xayalith
Oldale Town

Before Devin could respond to her inquiry, the waiter approached them and interrupted their conversation. “Sorry to break into your conversation, but hurry up and order. The longer you guys stay, the worse my shift becomes, you got that?” he barked at them as he slammed a pair of menus onto the table. Nanna was shocked by the treatment they were receiving, but as she was raised to be polite she didn’t want to say anything about it.

Devin, however, made his opinion known. “You're a sh*tty waitor. Why are you even here? Fetch me a Swirlix-Shake and go away.” His response was extremely unexpected, as he seemed pretty nice, if a bit weird, this far. It seemed more interaction with people was changing him for the worse. Probably the influence of Thea and Sigur. He seems like he hadn’t had much contact with other people. To meet two who behave like that right away must have made him believe this was normal. “And your apron looks ridiculous.” Devin added to annoy the waiter even further, before focusing on Nanna once again and started answering her question.

“Mossdeep, huh? Well, I never saw much of the city, as mother didn't let me out of the house until recently on my way to Littleroot. But the glimpse I caught on the way to the dock was very pretty. It's a soothing place with a lot of beaches.” He said completely seriously. Wow, he’s lived there for years, but knows nothing about it. No wonder he’s so socially awkward, he spent his whole life pretty much alone. I must teach him how to behave in public. But his story didn’t end there. “Mother teached me how to dig my own grave in case I would die alone.” He added in a voice that made it impossible to figure out whether this was supposed to be a joke. Even if it was, Nanna didn’t like that sort of humour, so she decided it was best not to ask at all.

At that moment, Alex also entered the cafe and noticed his friends sitting at one of the tables. “Hey what’s up Nanna, Devin. Sorry I ran off, I had a few errands to do.” He said to them. Alex exchanged looks with the waiter as he took out a notebook. “A Medium Swirlex Shake it is.” The waiter said, luckily not reacting to Devin’s comments.

“I’ll take one too.” Alex said. The waiter took note of that and began turning away. “So…you guys having fun? Anything happen?” Alex said, striking up a conversation.

Before Nanna could answer the question, she tapped the waiter’s shoulder to get his attention. “I’d like a vegie burger and some iced tea, please.” After that, she turned to Alex. “I guess, you could say we’re enjoying ourselves.” Nanna briefly looked at Devin to check, if he agreed. “We didn’t do much, though. We just talked a bit and came here to get something to eat.”