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    Default Feli Chronicles [Revision]

    Author's Note: If you were surprised as to why I just deleted the thread of my original novel, I figured that my work either sucks for you guys despite the 8000 views that I have, or my writing is not doing it justice. Turns out that I'm doing the "Show, don't Tell" technique badly over the past 30 chapters I've posted after I got a harsh review about that said issue. What I hope now is that my revision has improved that I FINALLY did use the dreaded "Show, Don't Tell" concept correctly because you wanted me to be extremely metamorphic in my wording.

    So currently, I finished re-modifying 10 chapters. Most of the elements will be the same. But there will be a couple changes to it. All that I ask is for help on how you can show your story instead of telling the story. From what my reviewer on Ever Grande City forums told me, I'm doing the concept correctly this time.

    So, welcome to the re modified story of Feli Chronicles. Yes, this time, it's just Feli Chronicles.

    Prologue: Massacre

    “Run everyone! Run this way!” at the far distance of the dying motherland, an old man in his sixties, wearing monk like clothes as sturdy as his active, and not so bending down body, motions forward with his children like a town guard giving cover to the civilians it had to protect. His home is invaded by shadows clawing its way to any living, hungry like locusts after emptying the sandy dessert. Those minions –born out of negative emotions like an unexplainable eldritch abomination- seek only the legacy of their dark creed rise to power and placate the cradled morality of many innocent people.

    Blood continues to flood the planet like fish being swept away by the mighty river. Inside a tunnel high in the icy mountains, four people stand as souls cross eye to eye directly to the swarms of sharp gluttonous teeth in slow motion, behind an open portal of aquamarine taking every wave of biting, scratching, kicking, and punching. With rock like hands dating with the greedy psycho smiles shouting on a rally, monsters of unknown forms kept on bashing the shield anticipating the four people behind the shield to come out and let themselves be eaten alive. Just as the old man, with a weary arm, opens the swirling portal gate with his magical power, his blood’s metabolism crystallizes to ice on the thought of leaving his children alone. Knowledge fights over emotion politically and morally as two opposing armies over the “join with your children? Or save them and leave yourself behind” confrontation. Wisdom is too true too ignore, “Fall in love with emotion now, the fate turns to the path of death.” Trained as a monk and as a man who breaks the rules, his personal convictions surrenders, waving the white flag for the ultimate action that innocent lambs go through.

    “Master! Come on!” for one young man, the chilling winds shivers the reaching arms battling its inner truth, a cape turning to a flying carpet from the mercy of the roaring wind of the high, snowy mountains. The young lad usually obeys his master’s orders. But at this moment, his heart is moving across a jagged road, away from the knowledgeable road. He wanted his master to join them.

    “Please Master! We don’t know what to do once you’re gone! Please!” for the youngest girl of the batch, she’s on a losing battle fighting the reality with her isolating objections as her will keeps on waning from seeing her master’s wrenching grunts. Helpless, she grips on her older sibling like a student running away from the bully, hoping that big sister listens to her pleas.

    Alas, the elder sister followed the ideology of the dancing grass because precipitating water from her eyes is the only thing the big sister can do.
    Looking at his children like the eye of the storm, their fates are sealed to twelve o clock, “My students, if you don’t go now, we’re all going to die and many more others! My final order for the three of you is to escape! And … live on!” the old man sighs away his disappointment as the seal is slowly showing signs of teeth with knuckles and heels making spoiled dough with glass shards on the mix.

    With a shallow breath, his lips go concave for one last time: raising his acceptance to death, “I have nothing else to teach to you all. The rest is up for you to know. Teach everything I’ve taught you to the future children. Weep if you must, but … be joyous later.”

    With one hand pointed at them, the protective grandpa unleashes a pulsing psychic force with thin lines of blue green strings of wind pushing the children with explosive force … down, down, away from the guiding light as the portal seals the opening throat.

    “I’m taking all of you with me! Bless my children Feli, just as you have blessed a human like me,” with the old man’s last strength, he concentrates his remaining shard of consciousness sealing the portal with one last high five dance by his other arm, weaving the portal as a piece of special clothing. The other arm arms itself like a rocket launcher with nuclear power locked straight at the heart of the beast, holding such dangerous power only a soul could ever dream to create. Such extreme power comes at a tragic cost. Extinction. “Goodbye.”

    The final orchestra of death plays like the death of that one Vulcan civilization. Every volcano spits out orange blood after responding to the death of the planet. Tsunamis run rampant, getting the joy of illegal freedom. Earthquakes triggered cracks with shock waves splitting an old heavenly rock to many pieces. Hailstorms and rains make the world evolve to cruel permafrost of icy cold returning home to the beloved ice age.

    Outside of the planet, the shadows grinned after ridding the bothersome pests from their new home, ripping away their enemy’s religion, and their captive takes the bait. Pressing a couple buttons on a flat table keyboard, one long, wide cannon quickly points to their prey. Like a sniper hidden in the dark depths of space, a dark explosive laser tears the sky with a pulse, aimed at the old monk.

    At the old man back on the nearly dead planet, his glowing right hand holds a swirling white, spherical orb with eighteen curved lines locked on the pulsing meteor of darkness. Resolution ignites with eyes locked to its defiler as he throws it with sheer will power towards the laser; the shell of his body shuts down from the moment it finally disconnects. Finally free from the bonds of the living, as a soul, the orb pushes through the dark laser like a hot knife in cold butter. It is then that its fate was to kill every shadow living inside the flying donut-like ship lazing outside his home. And home-run his enemies die ablaze in rhythmic fireworks of orchestrated kabooms playing at the raven space.

    Please keep my young partners in company.

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    Default Revision of Chapter 1

    Chapter 1: Childbirth

    Hold on. What am I doing here?

    And what’s with you peeping on my privacy?

    Gosh I quit! But since you peeped at my privacy, I ask you to stay with me.

    Listen, *kiching*, or else.

    This may sound bizarre to you. But have you ever dreamed of having your purpose and desire coming true?

    Maybe you never find your happiness on your square block or on the dirt you’re hugging.

    Well then, if you are like me. Lucky kiddo. We know this reality is rather sunk down now.

    This story tells the story of a boy. A boy with a goal so vast, only those deities can ever dream of happening. But for this universal timeline, we don’t look at the boy. Rather…

    Our star is none other … than the boy’s mother. Visiting…

    Vitandes Cemetery. It is the last resting place of the peaceful dead. Filled with swaying windy grass and paparazzi of flowers, it resembles the day one’s traveling back in the times one lives through life, how much one’s achieve, how one’s actions evolve, and how one’s life contributed for their fellow tivanians and Vitandes, their heavenly spherical home. A few trees give a chilly relief for living beings visiting the cemetery. However, amongst the many uprooted man-made pills for dead bodies, one monument resembles a heroic beacon to the people of Tivanes. The statue is made out of six different colors of diamond resembling a body of a human being wearing a monk scholar’s clothes, somehow not giving the face any detail at all. What made the human crystal so special –if one looks closely at its chest- is the heart: carved with the most lustrous crystals emanating light. Though what’s left of it is that it sows the extinction of the human race. The last human not placated by the creed of corrupted human society somewhere in the distant galaxy.

    Entering the wooden entrance sign is a young mother tivanian in her early 20s named Celena Tanabata holding a basket of bouquet flowers with eight white petals –with a touch of yellow in the middle- like a night star of winter. Light yellow the rays shine on her white snow cappuccino skin for a mother adequate of a Filipina height. The refreshing morning breeze balances the building internal heat passing through her silk dress of petal white, along with a scarf of lavender with two stars found at the tied ends of it gliding with the gentle wind, pleasing the moment as she visits the monk statue with the ground beneath her embracing her silk, light brown wooden shoes in each flat step. If one looks closely at her right hand, a circular tattoo with a four-pointed yellow star line appears out when her light clothing’s sleeve was peeled out. It also shows whenever she felt like tugging her translucent sleeve in a slightly dulled form. Like a basic primary collage, it has red, green, blue, brown and white filling the inner edge spaces.

    Weariness slowly claims her as she pets her stomach, anticipating her soon approaching child.

    Unlike human beings, tivanians only need 6 months to give birth to a child thanks to their much more enhanced genetics. One could dub that tivanians are theoretically the ancestors of human beings; probably human beings living on this planet that evolved and changed in Vitandes according to a few theories.

    Kneeling next to the monument, closing her eyes felt the heaviness of the living fruit within her getting lighter for a bit, “Master, it has been a long while. Here’s a bouquet of flowers. I hope that its scent can be brought to the stars with you.”

    “Five years has passed since that day. I can’t get much sleep at the time from those nightmares before. But after every nightmare, it becomes a good dream. Ahh, memories when I’m sixteen. But lately, I hear voices. What could it mean?” her mind lost with the wandering breeze.

    A certain butterfly’s giggle lifts her back to the cemetery “Huh, what the…?” repeating once more, the giggle ringing a bit louder perhaps to someone who just winds out, lightens the aching pain.

    Behind Celena stands another wind-out tivanian who stands contently one and a half inch taller than her. He’s the man she’s been waiting … her husband, Lucas. With a skin color of light brown, it blends well with his working travelling bag. Being a traveler and a farmer carrying a backpack for long travel gave him the confidential effort of his perseverance in the field of health in a grade of B+. Packed with a buck to the brim travel bag, and the sun’s rays shining his light green travel clothing –Dark green farming shirt, color orange-sand sandals, light green short pants with gray belt-, the young man places his baggage lazing down next to him after the long journey. As he kneels down next to the monument, he begins meditating next to his heartwarming wife, waiting together for their living treasure to call out. Inside his baggage are plenty of necessities that he carries to this day, awaiting Celena’s child to see the world.

    “Hi there Celena. Visiting our master sweetheart?” Lucas raises a smile from asking her.

    “Lucas? Where’s Mien Rin?” answering with a raised hand, Lucas directs her face to a cozy redwood tree behind them where their big sister hugs the ground in her meditative sleep. Her name is Mien Rin Sanipela. As the tallest of the three, the slightly pink hue on her skin tone with deep lavender tone makes her smell and look fragrant with her rose red blouse, and sakura-pink pants from afar. If one inspected her head closely, she’s brainstorming love teasing thoughts from her lumpy throat.

    “How’s the baby Celena?” staggered from the size, his palm felt the little heartbeats that the fruit within his lover’s womb emanate. Celena shares a nod, “The baby could come at any time. I just hope that it won’t happen too-“

    The weight of her growing child within her womb wails to lay down now. Her belly shows signs of bulging and pressing like pressing ones hand onto the wet sand leaving a mark before getting washed away by the water, “Aaaahhhhhh! The baby! It’s kicking now! Ahhh! Lucas! Hurry! It hurts!”

    With Mien Rin lending a hand, together with Lucas, both best friends guide Celena to the tree. With Mien Rin doing childbirth labor procedures, flashbacks of the fortune teller’s advice he got yesterday rolls out in motion amidst his panicking mind.

    Inside a house in a village nearby the cemetery, an old woman shrouded in man-made silk rain coat rests its palm on a spherical orb put on top of carefully modeled table clothing. “Young man, I see that tomorrow is more than your simple tour to your ode master.” A fortune teller spoke behind the curtain.

    “What do you mean?” Lucas tilts upward in ponder.

    As the elderly woman stares at the orb like a telepath, a mist of scenes plays within the orb. A young woman nearly nude, an elder man holding something small and mysterious at its palm, and a birthmark Lucas never seen before, “Behold a shining cloud! For thy teacher returns a creed to thee lover thou hold. All found where thy never expect to seed the new star of destiny.”

    “I don’t understand what you mean. What makes my child so special?” he wonders with a shaky stomach getting to instinctive.

    “Such a confused Navanian eh? You will have to find the answers for yourself. Your time should be used wisely. Something … or … some form … may be looking from your master’s grave.” Due to the darkness of the room, Lucas never saw the elder look straight at his soul.

    “Celena! Deep breaths now. Now Push!” Mien Rin did the hard work of child delivery. As for Lucas, he had to comfort her all that he could as she faces one of her most draining moments that she didn’t brace herself with.

    Tears wash down with her shallow, rapid breathing, her head strained from her own howling screams. Her labor happens so fast. Yet, for her, it lingers on since forever. What was once Lucas’ seed and Celena’s fertile egg will be the child they have been embracing and preparing for six months. As the couple hears another voice crying to life, the heavy air within finally gets exhaled. Six months of careful health finally gave them a child, the living treasure of their love.

    “Congratulations! It’s a baby boy. Both of you, Lucas and Celena Tanabata, are an official father and mother. I’m so happy for both of you.” wiping the baby with a soft towel to remove the liquid mess sticking at the newborn’s skin, she makes sure that their child will be at its cleanest as she wraps the child with another clean soft towel.

    Everything around the couple seems to play an orchestra of joy when their child opens its innocent eyes eyeing its new world. The melody of awe rhymes with the joy everyone has laughing with tears of bliss.

    For Mien Rin though, as she ponders back at her master’s wisdom, the answers to her question shows on its own, “We may have been humans before. Just evolved yet untamed. With a different name.”

    “Lucas. Would you kindly?” with one arm holding her lover sitting next to her, she cradles her newborn. Sleeping like every other child, the warmth of its parents mellows down as it sees the new world after living inside its mother’s bosom.

    “What shall we name our child my love?” tilting his head at the sky, he whispers the lyrics of praise to the deity that gave birth to their kind. As he dubs it, Feli, is the deity who gave birth to the tivanians living in their home planet. Their goddess.

    “We’ll name him … Jireh.” sighing with relief, the baby cries out once more. Lucas can only raise a smile. Humming her own-made song, their baby’s cry slowly fades down.


    I see in your eyes
    The sorrow sweeping
    Let then my voice be
    Be the light
    Of your life …

    Hear me. Child of Hope. I am a deity only known to my own creation. Your journey with life should have been your end. Here I am, a goddess carrying you a new mission. One that can change the way you will perceive life. It will save your soul from ending up like the vanished dusts of space. Just has trillions of life’s creation ended in misery, unlike the people whom I saved I called my children and creation. Will you do this for me?

    Please keep my young partners in company.

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    Default Chapter 2: Auvelis Village

    Author's Note: About the sudden disappearance of this story, I truly apologize since I had lost my motivation working on this story for many weeks after I got a Harsh Criticism of my writing style. The sadder thing is that I never get the chance to really show some of the improvements that I developed for this story of mine. Now that I am back, thus, along with my Horror / Paranormal / Mystery Pokemon fanfic, this original story finally returns.

    About this chapter, I remember making this one while playing the music of Aspertia City of Pokemon Black and White 2 due to the fact that it brings me the mood on what it feels like to raise your child for the first time.

    Chapter 2: Auvelis Village

    “Wanna camp out here until sunset Celena?” as if Mien Rin is not looking at my condition, she’s occupying herself ordering the things that Lucas brought for our small camping site.

    “I’d rather rest back at Auvelis now. We can’t endanger the baby.” It’s a bit difficult to say as to why I to bring my baby back home. I get a bit hasty without carefully thinking about my condition when that twinge of pain burn and rip my lower stomach makes me yell in pain. Lucas swiftly hangs my left arm to his own body assisting me on standing up.

    “Celena. I know your reason but you should take it easy. Just have rest for now until I clean the opening that little Jireh made.” It tickles on the inside hearing about the opening she’s saying when my lover lays me down on that familiar redwood tree. Closing my eyes, I breathe in deeply and ease my body to remove the contractions inside my body.

    It’s something that I learned from my master back then. Then again, he told me that it came from our genetics. Whatever that is…

    “Mien Rin makes a good point. It is still early afternoon. Sit back and relax. Deal with the baby while I set our camp.” He makes a good point. I do need to make our baby happy and watch over him. Gazing at my newborn baby, its small smile eases my pain as I shed a tear.
    Back in the days with our master, many days we spent time together with Lucas and big sister filled me up with smiles and joy to my face as if my child has resonate our foster father.

    “Hehehe … no way I’m letting a child just give me orders like I did back then.” Now that I think about it, it damps me down a bit that I have to deal with many new things I refused to do way back then, “Does this mean I need to sacrifice my childhood in exchange for innocence? I wish it will not be my fate.”

    Standing up when the sky is late afternoon, Lucas and Mien Rin disassembles the camp for the day.

    “Feeling okay Celena?” As my husband always assures me, a nod is an efficient answer. All three of us begin walking the road back home with the warm path of Prosperity Plains invigorating our spirits in every step we take.

    As I look on the right, the beautiful scene leaves us in smiles and awe, “Look Jireh, butterflies!” swarms of different winged colors insects dancing towards the sunset delayed our schedule to admire its beauty. My baby reaches his arms out to the beauty with optimistic passion that laughter bursts within us all. This feeling, it’s a wonderful thing I witness and do as a mother for the first time in my life. Praying with a sense of hope, life will stay this way for me.

    Arriving at our abode, all three of us present our home with open arms, “Jireh. Welcome to Auvelis Village.”

    Our place is part of the Kingdom of Navanis. See, as a tivanian, our kin has five kinds of cultures each with its own kingdom. There are the Navanians living at the Navanis Kingdom, the Hivanians living at the Hivanis Kingdom just east of our kingdom, to the west are the Herbarians living at the Herbarian Kingdom, and there are Manavians living deep under the seas and oceans of Vitandes. I can’t recall what that other race is called living further west of my home though.

    Very simple you can call it, but we decide to live in this village years ago simply for the design of our homes that you can find at Herbardam. Very natural crafted wood and stone from how I see it, our roof is rather big and similar to a half-open book that it’s easy to see it first in a distance. It’s where my master used to live before he met us years ago.

    As we walk our way back home, our neighboring doctors wave their arms on our arrival, “Johanna! Avea!” with big sister joining them, the three of them are like old teenagers who seem very approaching just for everybody.

    The Lexyria twins Johanna and Avea are two of my big sister’s best friends rolled on a bandage. Those two are exact replicas pretty much in everything. But I do know that some things separate them from each other. Avea is the doctor who’s always a happy go lucky Navanian like me while Johanna is much more rational and compose like big sister.

    Avea, who happily waves her arms around her, pets lightly my baby’s head, “Awwww! Would you at that! You got an adorable baby Celena!” Jireh giggles at her sensitive touches, blushing at my achievement. Not a bad recipe since it’s natural for both of us, even if she’s older than I am. “Oh! Oh my Gosh! I forgot to buy my congratulations gift to both of you!”

    “Now now Avea. You know that it is recently living now. We better not make it cry yet. Its ears are too tiny. Plus, Celena shouldn’t eat cake or anything sweet just yet since she just gave birth.” Johanna is a bit more restraining than her twin. Even if she speaks kind of loud, Jireh just giggles at them instead of wailing at them as strangers.

    “But sister! Didn’t we plan all of this preparation from the beginning? So are you saying we should disregard our celebration to her baby?” running her downer mouth tells me she’s embarrassed that I didn’t get my motherly present.

    “I’m afraid so. If she just stayed with us at our hospital, we could’ve done it all for them.” I bet Avea must be muttering out to herself now.

    Avea and I agree that Mien Rin and Johanna just enjoy the things they wanted. Not. Knowing that Avea didn’t get to fulfill her promise leaves me sad to hear that from her. Where’s the fun for them? That eye-looking glint takes me back, “Sorry that we couldn’t keep our promise. Why don’t you three join our lunch? Hopefully that can be a way to make up for our unpreparedness. You and your baby may need a check-up.”

    Cradling at my baby child, we open the door of their clinical house where both of them usually do nursing. It is decently decorated with one big sofa hogging the room, pictures laying itself on the walls and a couple potteries and designs just there with the open cupboard on the left. The scents of doctoral tools are rather bland for medical purposes and stuff. The kitchen is sort of average: a furnace, a barrel of water, one fat block of table surface, and a hangar of small kitchenware. But they have four beds since they use the other two are for their patients in check-up. Like me.

    “Lucas, if it is okay for you, can you buy the needed ingredients for our dinner enough for all of us?” putting a hand on his arm, he brings out a paper sheet and his wooden ink marker; it looks like a rounded stick with a long bird’s feather stapled in between. It needs a bottle of ink to write something, right? Not exactly.

    “I’m on it sweetie. What would you say something good for tonight? Some mango crescent along with a little salad bento?” nodding at the meals, he walks away in a pace. Well, my appetite habits changed after our intimate night months ago. But forget about that one. I’m a mother right now.

    Johanna picks up a couple of things that she uses on examining patients. But I say I like the way our health system works. Tivanian Nurses are known to have aura spirit energies that can do different kinds of healing and health examination. I just don’t know the full details about nursing. Really, it does not involve getting the ancient surgery, which is all I can say.

    “I’ll be the one checking up on you while my sister checks up on your baby. Avea’s here.” After a little while, Avea presses her hands to both my child and my own forehead releasing two wispy aura sinking inside our heads. Our eyes are heavy shut. Since Avea is my best friend, I trust these two knowing the right way to deal with patients.

    Checking on Celena’s undergarments for medical necessities, I had moments where others shudder with unease from my previous patients. Others may hint me for peeping too much on my patients private patrs. But it doesn’t stop me from my job as much. We’re nurses – or doctors you could say – that deal with Tivanian anatomy. Now that I think about my early days as a student in nursing, I find it weird that we were ones spirits of these so called ‘humans’. I personally don’t believe in that. I firmly believe we are Feli’s children who guided all of us the way of finding the light to live our lives to the fullest – before we even walk foot on this world.

    “Now what could have happened to her delivery this morning?” I do a cautious internal check-up via Aura Channeling: a technique we doctors use to focus our aura to our eyes and hands, touching the host, in order for us to see the internal organs if there are any anomalies found. From the looks of her body, she seems to be healthy. Her womb seems to be reshaping itself to normal size. Nothing went wrong at least. Except…

    “If only you listened to us yesterday.” disappointed, I recall everything that happened yesterday. She insisted us that she can handle it for two more days. Yet we denied her to do so. Her cervix was close to be wide enough for her baby to slide down. Well I don’t know her choices but she paid the price: a mother giving childbirth to some unknown place.

    “Wake up. Wake up you two,” Avea gently nudges me when I carefully stand up while carrying little Jireh as we head to the clinic’s dining hall where everybody else are having a bite of mango crest. We have a lot of fun being together as a group of best-friends girls, though they playfully tease up Lucas at times. He’s always the silent one in most cases. Johanna seems to be lying down on her chair out of energy and a bit empty looking. I guess.

    “Johanna? Are you okay?” as I take a bite of the vegetable salad, she swallows the food she finished chewing.

    “Well … it’s … nothing. Just … exhausted.” Exhausted? She seems to be tired anyways.

    As we leave their place and wave our goodbyes of the day once dinner is done, Mien Rin calls me back, “Good thing is that both of you remain healthy. But my best friends seem to be curious with something, especially Johanna. They just want us to visit them tomorrow.”

    “It’s alright. Can’t she just tell it to you immediately? It better not be something bad about my child.” I ask thinking about this something that big sister’s buddy cannot spill out.

    “It’s more about good things.” Big sis gazes at the starry night sky.
    Night time arrives quickly. Just today, I finally get to touch and carry my child in my arms. I wished last night that Jireh would come out after tomorrow –which is today. But … Feli wasn’t listening.

    Arriving at our real house, we give ourselves a moment to appreciate on what we have. It is certainly simple yet it feels very natural for some of our doors and rooms were crafted in wood. Supported with a bit of soil and stone from Hivanis, it can be very sturdy, ensuring our secure as well. My sister quickly runs ahead to sleep at her bedroom. Lucas and I should have been asleep too by now. But we have other things in mind, like we need to tell this to her perhaps. We just find ourselves stargazing at the lavender sky on our garden. Its beauty –along with the sparkling stars- allures us all. Like the hopeful dawn where the stars, the sun, and the moon gives life to us while we are asleep, or awake, my child is right here with us.

    When a wishing star glides through the night sky, I whisper to Jireh that he should make a wish.

    “If I can have at least one wish, my wish is that both of us will show great example to our baby child as his loving parents.” With a gentle voice, I warm up to Lucas as we lay on each other’s shoulder passionately embracing our lips together.

    As my first day being a mother closes, we enter in our bedroom and give each other a good night kiss, sleeping with my lover and child, together on our one single bed. I love my family.
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    Please keep my young partners in company.

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    Default Chapter 3: Goddess Birthmarks

    Chapter 3: Goddess Birthmarks

    It’s another everyday morning for us both. While my twin sister, Avea, returns to her daily routine, I find myself solving an unsolvable puzzle inside my head from what I found yesterday. She didn’t get to see it by herself since she was dealing with Celena while I dealt with her recently born child yesterday, “That birthmark. Her child bears something I never knew before. A circle with seventeen lines spreading in a tivanian like figure. I don’t get it. How could have Lucas impregnate her with a child that bears something never found in our history?”

    “Sister. We’re out of food.” Hearing my sister’s quick call snaps me back to my senses.

    “Now I know what happened. We didn’t buy stuff at the market yesterday.” Occupied by the thought of us cleaning our larder’s food supply last night, my memory is making me a bit rusty. Suggesting to Celena that she had to get used to be a fruit eater and a vegetarian last night left me a lingering impression to prioritize her health.

    “Let’s get ourselves some breakfast from Mien Rin’s Place.” I never need an answer from her since she is my twin. Just before we leave our door close, I swipe an old decked toy: one that I played with my twin sister and Mien Rin since we were on our ‘seeking age of our lives’.

    Arriving at their place, our best friend greets us cooking inside their kitchen. After a bit of non-facial talking, she agrees with us to join-along their fresh breakfast meal. But I’m here fishing for more about the hours they had before during their visit at the graveyards yesterday.

    “So. Where did Celena gave birth to her baby, best friend?” shuffling my deck, her head tilts seeing my old deck.

    “At Navanis Cemetery.” As simple as both Mien Rin and I like to speak.

    “Born at a cemetery huh? Quite creepy,” In the midst of that opinion, we have known each other ever since we were young adults. And we've been through a lot of suns and stars together. But I get to know Lucas and Celena –the students transformed to siblings she has been raising years ago- when Mien Rin’s commanding master invited us to join.

    As Mien Rin yawned with a YOODALE-IHOU, I pass my sister a nod, “Mien Rin. You could use a bit of a break.” My sister just get straight to the kitchen and help our best friend with a helping hand on the fruit skinning. Scooping a fruit peeler –like an open scissor acting as the handle with a sharp blade metal in between the opening swaying at a forty five degree angle- hanging next to her, she starts scraping out the unwanted part of the apple like harvesting sheep’s wool.

    “Don’t worry pal. I’m fine.” Fine? Not really. From her not so firm fruit peeling, her face looks droopy from a bad morning wake-up-call.

    “Just set the plates for me. Is it okay?” Avea said to her.

    “Fine,” Thus, she is dealing with setting the table while I am leisurely reading one of the books I owned. “What do you mean … when you told me that it’s creepy?” I guess Mien Rin remembers our delayed chat.

    “You will find it hard to believe when I tell you this.” It makes me feel a bit excited. Once they discover this secret, it’s gonna be huge! From hearing that back-aching yawn behind the halls, the young sister of my best friend comes out in good fashion.

    “Oh really? Like to hide things from me huh?” seeing my best friend’s gaping mouth looking at Celena’s disastrous hair brought both of us laughing: spoiled attitudes take the moment of the spotlight.

    “Mmmph … morning girls. What’s the early arrival?” Celena, except her new baby, never looked so ragged like ever before.

    “What is your baby’s name Celena? You never even told us yet.” Now that my sister reminds her, I actively listen to her honorable words as a mother.

    “Yeah she’s right. We wanted to know the name you gave to your little kid.” I agree with Avea. When her cute baby’s little face steals the show, it plays along an indescribable babbling joy laughing.

    “Jireh is the name.” Celena feel’s so composed? Or is it just me? She sort of change drastically, unlike my irresponsible pair.

    “Oooohhhh. It’s quite an old name for being the provider of light.” to name your child closely to your master, I may never know what it’s like to have a master like the Tanabata Family.

    “Right.” Only a few of us name our newborn closely to our treasured tivani. It’s a personal thing to me.

    “Where’s Lucas?” looking on the kitchen, Avea calls out to me from the kitchen. But I kinda envy her a little that she’s an inch superior in the kitchen than me at times. Not that it’s a grudge though. It’s what I’m still improving now.

    “Meditating, my husband has a lot of thing going on already.” I recall him muttering last night to himself if he has confidence to raise our living child. Ever since that one day, our decisions often times go in random places. We are not planning straight as of now.

    A few minutes has pass, Avea sets up our main breakfast and calls Lucas to join us. Of Course, I kind of went under lactation from Johanna to give my baby some breast milk. I couldn't guess on which would be better. Letting my baby suckle on my milk? Or get my milk and store it in a bottle? Either way, my breasts are sensitively light pink as my baby sucks on them.

    After having a friendly moment of many chit-chats, Johanna shares us a different –observant eyeing- look on her face, “Everyone. Do you still recall what we know about the symbols that all of us Tivani bear? If you do, tell about its purpose.”

    “Every tivanes,” I cut of Lucas for the moment.

    “Simplified as tivani,” I imply.

    “--Were given symbolized tattoos of our residing lands here in Vitandes. There are five kinds of symbols that Feli, our Goddess, choose to bear on every one of us. She made a creed that no Tivanes will be born without one of her blessings for she has already educated us the way of the tivani before we were even born in Vitandes. We basically learn the easy ones up until such time that upon growing up; a tivani will know all of the teachings of Feli by heart, mind, and soul.” Lucas is my opposite when talking to others. He’s VERY informative.

    “Why are you asking us about this? What do you have in mind?” I ask.

    Johanna places on the table a deck of cards split into five groups with common symbols that are presenting that certain birthmark group, “You guys know all of these symbols and their corresponding kingdoms? Pick a card and tell me what birthmark are they.”

    The card with the sun is something that I know from someone, “The warm fire sun of Hivanis”

    The ocean wave card? I don’t have a friend with that birthmark, “The cool ocean water of Manaqua.” Lucas said.

    When Avea wittingly picks the card with a Brown Mountain, I get a glimpse of that one kingdom’s name that I easily lose inside my head every time, “The living earth stone of Tramore.”

    Johanna’s card with an Herbal leaf symbol reminds me of leaves found on flowers instead of trees, “This is the growing leaf forest of Herbardam.”

    Then Mien Rin picks the last card and places it at Jireh’s little hands. It is the birthmark symbol that I bear in my hand; a circle encompassing a four pointed star inside the circle wheel: the outer parts of the star are painted in four different colors, “Last but not the least … ‘the circle of identity of Navanis’.”

    “Johanna, how can the five symbols be related to our child? Does he bear the symbol of Navanis?” oftentimes, I just want Lucas to enjoy this game of ours whenever we play out of occasion. But that’s not the case now…

    “That is what I want to know! Check his chest. That’s where his symbol was marked.” Her loud voice of excitement lets her start cradling his little body as I unwrap the scarf that keeps little Jireh warm for a moment. As I separate his arms blocking my view to his chest, I see nothing. Johanna cuts me from responding that there is nothing on his chest. I don’t know why she is bringing a small, flashlight of sorts. It is a pricey item that I think is only available at Hivanis in a daily basis since the multitude of budging hard buttons on its side makes it a no ordinary flashlight.

    When she nudges the ON button, the light pans flat on my baby’s chest. The next thing that happens leaves us in motion stopping awe. The symbol on my baby’s chest is a shimmering gold version of my symbol. But instead of a Navanian symbol, my baby holds a birthmark where there is a small circle in the middle and seventeen lines forming some sort of tivanian body like sprouting straight metallic grass lines. It’s something I couldn’t believe my real eyes so easily.

    “When I saw this yesterday, I had the same reaction as all of you. This is why I hid it from all of you last night. I don’t want to give you guys some doubts of something I couldn’t control. So, do any of you three know something about this symbol?” Me and my husband nod side wards. “I see. What a kid you two have.”

    “I wonder. What does Feli have in store for us?” I mutter to myself. Lucas looks at me with concern as I just stare at my baby: a tivanian with a goddess birth mark never seen before.

    “If only our master is still with us, he may know something.” Lucas mutters at me, knowing how we feel when we lost our dear master. Mien Rin comforts us with a reaching arm wrapping at us both.

    “He already gave us everything that he could give for all of us.” She’s right. She knows him just like us; just maybe more than both of us.

    After cleaning the kitchen and the dining room together, we had a roundtable activity that my guests propose for us, “The market should be open by now. Care to join with us on the market?”Avea digs on our storage room to catch a package.

    “What for?” all three of us ask.

    “Since Lucas and you, Celena, are an official couple, the three of us will give you tips on how to keep your baby healthy and happy.” My best friend makes a good point. Outside of cradling my baby, everything else is a steep training I still need to learn, understand, and experience.

    “And … both of you need to listen to all of us attentively. Raising a child is not only challenging but also very rewarding. Both of you should already know that I was a baby sitter before. My best friends truly helped me before.” Mien Rin smiles, I bet recalling her good ol’ days with our nurses.

    “The good times.” Johanna is indeed pretty cute when she stares into her own space.

    “Let’s go then. Maybe my baby learns quickly like us.” It giggles at me when we get out of our house and begin our second tour of the village.

    Please keep my young partners in company.

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    Warning: This chapter contains bickering, slaang talk, and a couple mild sexual references.

    Chapter 4: Zoximayru and the Docs

    Everything is going busing-busy buzzing working busy on the market lately. The afternoon sunny day for us here in Navanis tells us it is “Market Time”; a schedule in my kingdom that has every restaurant cooking their unique meals for their anticipating customers. It’s also a good place and time to have lunch time with friends and family.

    “Seems the cooks are doing their routine already.” As I see the white smoke coming out of the windows, we enter a nearby food shop. I call this kind a Bistro Restaurant from its open window structure, tables with umbrellas on top, and allowing us customers to see the outdoors. The way our food market works is that they always start in the farm and ranch together. I find it a bit smelly at times though. That style of selling by itself gives us a bit of a healthy walk. I can’t run or walk very fast yet after I recently gave birth to my child yesterday. But this also gives us a quick and fresh access to freshly cooked food from the restaurants hanging around the soiled and farms smelling like poop. When we find the nearest table of six, we -Mien Rin more so- order our meals and have ourselves some time waiting at a round group table for our meals to come. My baby is so jitty jolly shaky from hearing the sound of flapping and cissing cooked food at the kitchen right now.

    “Lesson time begins now!” the smile of the twins are contagious for me to ignore.

    “We will start with affection. Tivanian babies are already sensitive to emotions. Hard to believe but they can already ask you two so many things through their ‘googooos’, their ‘wwaaahhhhss’, ‘mama’ and ‘papa’ wails, and even ‘giggles’. You just need to keep an eye on your baby all the time.” Johanna finishes it in time that my baby is touching at my bosom again.

    “It tickles. I’m just so sensitive there.” the more my baby’s little hands touch me there, those eyes smirking at me slithers my back.

    “Cel. I think our baby is hungry for your milk.” Lucas is looking at my baby playing with my bosom, my privacy just opens itself away.

    “Pervert!” Oh those doctors make us blush red even more. We just look away from each other as our baby ignorantly laughs at the things the twins told us.

    “Does your baby find us funny? I think we’re funny!” my baby laughs uncontrollably at Avea some more.

    And some more parenting were taught to us during our wait for the food. The twins got their quick meal first though. They served themselves some noodles with a balanced diet like theme. But we decided to have ourselves a family buffet special. A fruit carnival salad which had two bowls holding wet fruits and the other with dry fruits. Included on the list would be roasted beef with Hivanian Barbeque sauce. Both I and Lucas eat decently little but big sis is quite a huge eater able to have two to three plates of a certain meal. Lucas got infected by her a bit while we were young. It sorta happened to me when way back, my baby was still growing inside me that I needed to supplement the amount of meat Lucas did. And last, some fresh salad with honey mustard mixed with a lot of fried ember fries –my husband’s craved snack.
    It’s only then that I remember that we should be buying the things our baby need for today.

    “Ahhh … now we’re full! How about you three leave the shopping to us?” Avea, at times, kinda acts like big sis. Sometimes, she’s just right to some suggestions I’m forced to accept.

    “Well … we could just buy them after we had our fill. Nothing could go wrong though.” Lucas makes a point.

    “Unless you want to wait on a long line…” Johanna. You just kill the mood. “Besides, we don’t want to burden you three missing out your meals. And also, I recommend that you shouldn’t give yourself some early heavy work out Celena.” Though I hate being bossed around, I just believe that Avea knows more things than I do. I give Lucas the nod to give them our cash for our supplies, ’Five hundred Oseps’, along with the list of our other necessities for ourselves.

    “Here you go girls. Be careful about it.” passing the pouch to them, his over disciplined voice is something he can’t fix -even if it’s for me.

    “This is the thing that I’m always bothered around you Lucas. Too much code of honor you had.” Avea frowns unhappy.

    “Catch you three later!” As they left the place with glee, we finally receive our meals and enjoy our feast. Big sister tries recalling our embarrassing moments of our young days. I don’t like looking back at it.

    “So then, remember the day both of you got married?” Mien Rin! Why this?!

    “Mien Rin. Any other moment would do, but not our wedding. I beg of you to stop! It’s too embarrassing for both of us please!” Lucas tries what he can to defend our secret but she likes to go trivial in our big deep secrets always whenever she could.

    I used to behave around her every time she tells me to stop speaking funny and embarrassing moments. But now, she’s the one doing it all to us.

    Then an old friend comes back to us in the middle of our lunch.

    “CEL! LUCAS! MIEN RIN! OVER HERE!” Looking at our right is a relative of our old master. Zoximayru Ulirys waves his built up arms up hi at us next to the entrance of the restaurant with a rectangular carriage. The strong impact of his jump landing on the ground couldn’t match my husband’s when it comes to body fitness. It’s from his left arm where his source of heat and Hivanian birthmark blends well with his sun tanned brown skin wrapped by his orange level toned flavored jogging pants and undershirt. Just an under shirt –Sando as we call- minus the sleeves steaming out of his clothing is something hivanians can do; never get sweaty.

    “Zoxi!” this is the nickname we always dub him. I mean, his name was too much candy brain for me to eat.

    “If it isn’t ma’ pal’s students,” that big happy laughter defines him nicely for my book, “That woulda been embarrassing! With me getting’ some eye strain this age,” We’ve known him for a while during our time with our master. Unlike us, he is from another kingdom: a very rocky hot city to reside.

    “What cha got in there? Is that yo lil’ bugger you two? Congrats fo’ becoming an official couple! You made my best friend proud!” Just as he quickly gives us a bear hug, he takes a seat next to me. When he tries touching my baby with a soft touch, little Jireh just cries away before he gets the first chance. Leaving my baby for a bit, disappointed, he stares back lips flat glaring at us.

    “Really? You two really got to fix that kid of yours! What did I even do to ya’ lil’ bugger?” it kinda ticks my husband looking at him. Or is he just annoyed? I mean, Zoxi’s just being Zoxi himself. I don’t mind that.

    “You know that he’s still JUST A BABY! I think your kinda spoke roughly, which scares our baby.” Both of them did their usual bro fist. A weird thing they do with me.

    “Like I’m the one stupid.” Whenever Zoxi calls a waitress, I can’t help but wanting to smack him in the face trying to be a ladies man. He’s very terrible to my eyes.

    “Men.” All I could say within my mind nibbling on my mango pulp.

    “Fine…” out of all his annoyances, Zoxi’s content facial expression is something that always take time, “All of you having lunch here in the markets, I see.” My mango!

    “HEY!” he’s always a picky guy to me whenever it involves my favorite things. Mango, for instance, he gets it ahead before I get to do so.

    “Don’t whin lill girl!” groaning at his action -add that Lucas is giggled by that-, I find him very unfair, “What else are you three doing here anyway?”

    “We need some help on what we need to give for our baby, which is why we’re going shopping, and also resupply our larder.” After a bit of cradling, we -more like I- manage to calm down Jireh from crying.

    “Sorry Celena! As much as I want to help ya, I don’t know what is like to have a wife. I bet you can help ‘em right Mien Rin?” Zoxi hoist-fully carries again his box cargo. He’s quite muscular thanks to his routine habits back in his homeland. I just don’t know most of his habits there.

    “I will.” Add the mango he stole from me, big sis stole the last strawberry coated with powdered sugar. She’s lucky that I miss that last piece.

    “Ey here, Luc bud.” whispering, I lend an ear at him. “Did y’ tell them about today’s party?”

    “Party?” Did he tell me about this before? “A party? Since when?”

    “Why you justy little prong of a …. Uhhhhh! The anniversary of your master! Dear goddess!” Oh dear. I hated this whinning side of his. He just stomps and shakes his arms like nuts whenever something goes bad for him. Sometimes, I just want to avoid another crushing bear hug. “I invited you three as special guests! It starts today! Guhh. Just tell them that now before either of us forgets about it for her dear sakes. Or I’ll clobber you later with a hug.”

    “May as well tell my wife now. Getting hugged by him is something I want to avoid.” I say to myself

    “Sorry to interrupt your girly chat. But it has come to my head … that Zoxi invited us for a special meal for our master’s upcoming anniversary. It’s coming today in the late afternoon.” Is Lucas telling me something?

    “An anniversary? For our master?” I ask now that it’s a sudden arrival. I mean, any anniversary shuns away from him.

    “Yes … dang, I’m sorry that I haven’t told both you about this, my bad.” Lucas surely swears something spoiled; I may do something about that.

    “Heck yeah my boy. It just hit you in the head.” Fisticuffing my husband’s head, Zoxi shows his sign of disappointment, leaving him a bad taste.

    “Zoxi …”“It’s okay sweetie.” We give each other a quick kiss for relief. Not wanting for others to gaze on us, “I never know that we’re invited by Zoxi. Why didn’t he tell me about this before? Maybe he just forgot quick sending us a written letter before. Or are we getting old?”

    After paying our family meal, we arrived just outside of the restaurant chilling with the wind, “Wait… Where are those two doctors?” “What is taking Avea and Johanna to get back with the necessities for the baby?” while I’m lullabying Jireh, the farmers are walking back -tired yet joyful- to their huts waiting to have their own lunch served.

    “What are those two doing with you three anyway? You could just let your sis help you. If those two chicks are wasting our time, we will leave via horseback with or WITHOUT them. Those nurses…” After carrying his personal stuff, he warms up his body by stretching and twisting his arms coupled with jumping fitness.

    Well, he has quite a history with Mien’ Rin’s best friends for being the comical annoyer. Not really the prankster, as both of them kept calling him. They just make it a bit too personal. As I hear galloping on my left, those nurses of ours finally returned with saddles being carried by the horses.

    “WHO SAID THAT WE’LL BE LEFT BEHIND Zoxi?!” And there goes the doctor duet doing another payback act from what Zoxi did last week, with supplies and horses. Took them fast to be here.

    “What took you two so long buying our stuff!? We better have some change!” Mien Rin can be quite cute for a bit when she is disappointed or surprise. I just mock her in those early years up until now. Big sister’s alertness to time is not the attitude I like to have. At least we get One Hundred Oseps as change.

    “As usual, No spoiling!” from Avea’s waggling finger, I may be spoiled in a way. But I find her spoiled ego at her highest peak whenever Zoxi is involved and around.

    “ARE THOSE MY HORSES?! HOW DARE YOU STEAL THEM FROM MY TRAIN?! What is wrong-” I ignore the longer parts of their squabbling as he keeps whining now that Mien Rin’s best friends make Zoxi uncontrollably ramble at them. It gets more intense when he finds his co-workers eating food on a restaurant found at the other side. “Abandoning their posts” as he says to himself. Not much we can do from hearing his loud talking, “Ah I see. Not bad. I’ll let you girls off the hook. C’mon everybody, we CAN’T MISS MY TRAIN! We’ll be partying all day around Luxentum starting this evening. So I suggest that all of you to pack yourselves up for a long travelling day. This is a special favor from me, to you guys.” I bet he’s referring to us; not the doctors.

    “Are we not invited?” Johanna pisses with fist clenched hands on her waist.

    With a sigh, our guest is defeated in good fashion, “… since you got me again, fine. Don’t keep me waiting pals.”

    As we leave the market, we return to our homes, and pack ourselves for a travel day for our master’s anniversary. Their friendly rivalry is something I don’t like in a way. Who knew this time may change so soon.

    Please keep my young partners in company.

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    Author's note: Apologies for my absence. But my absence has been worth it since I had a family travel to Hong Kong and Shenzheng, China. Since I love travelling so much as well on the much, much later chapters, I'll be implementing some of my newly obtained experiences and knowledge from my travels in the past 4 days. Well then, here's chapter 5.

    On this chapter I've written though, the inspiration comes from one of my most favorite video games I've played: The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks. So from this chapter up until some certain chapters ahead, it's Zelda inspired.

    Somewhere on this chapter, the 8 clothes with description are, in truth, terminologies for varying video game characters. So I'll leave it to you ladies and gentlemen to guess on which character belongs to that clothing description.

    For those who need hints, click on the spoiler. Don't do so otherwise.
        Spoiler:- See hints...:

    Chapter 5: The Luxentum Express

    Midafternoon, near the stables at the eastern exit of Auvelis Village, the group gathers together with their things place on one of the wooden farm carriers. Next to it are the carriers –with a clothed roof upside down U for shading- for fellow Tivanian passengers. With Zoxi as manager, he let his friends’ payment go for their young new family. Thus, Celena’s family alongside his friendly enemies never tampers their cash.

    “Thank you for the trip.” Lucas said.

    “Eh ... no problem. At least that’s one promise done.” Zoxi breathes out viewing the open field.

    “And a couple more to go…” the girls still recall the debts that their manager has yet to settle.

    “Yeah girls … you’re right.” Zoxi just thought that he just ‘Knows these girls all too well’. Looking at his round-mirror watch, only an hour is left before the evening train fest leaves, waiting for him. With everyone riding the carrier’s passage seat, he notions the driver to get moving. Not without a plan to keep the twins busy and away from him and their cute little munch.

    With both carts heading to the train station post, everyone gives themselves friendly discussions, appreciating the beauty of Mother Nature, and sightseeing the vast view of Prosperity Plains of the Navanian Kingdom.

    “Really Mien Rin? I wonder what ‘your’ tattoo could mean for Feli?” Johanna may get very curious like Avea –more so- at times. Yet she’s Miss right as I dub her at times, a strange birthmark looking a black and white figure is embedded at my left arm.

    “Cmon best friend! I think you’re just hiding it from us you know.” I swear that this immature twin needs a punch in the face: by me.

    “Girls. Careful on what you say or Rin could smack you two in the face.” Celena, of all the girls I know, is the most childish of all. She may be my sister, respects me so well, her spoiled side gets in the way at times that I don’t want to deal with.

    “Young lady! That is no way of starting to be like a mother! You know that you are not a virgin anymore! Be mature right now sister. Don’t let that childish side take over your mindset!” Seriously! I mean that shouting to her! She may be growing up a few years ago but she is still, indeed, a little spirit girl not wanting to grow up to my eyes.

    “What’s the grumpy look big sis? All of us need a happy expression of a child! Don’t get yourself too hyped up to sprout me to maturity already.” Celena, I hate to admit before that, she makes sense. In a way I could not make up.

    “Really Mien Rin, too much work up in your mind is not a good indication for you. Have that childish enthusiasm brighten up your life too.” Avea digs inside her bag grabbing a scope and began peeking at the open window.

    Johanna, at least knows what I’ve been doing, “Let those two be. Just enjoy the scene.” Johanna lays down next to me. Upon checking on Celena and little Jireh, they were very happy to see the horses running with the wind on the valley we are crossing.

    “One day. Just one day. Those happy days will diminish as your little sweet child grows up. It’s just the start.” I thought so to myself.

    After a few minutes, we arrive at the nearby landing spot with a “Train Station” sign hanging on a post. We begin unpacking the carriage and place it on a train waiting station, according to Zoxi.

    “Here we are people! Hope you enjoyed the scene!” the horseman runs off the road with dust flying to the winds of adventure.

    “Why did we stop here?” As I’m about to ask Zoxi some more, I hear a whistle ‘woot’ approaching us.

    “Stand back people! Behold our finished product people! The Luxentum express!” Zoxi points his arms to our left and we can see something of a metal carriage emitting steam connected to much more carriages made of metal that doesn’t emit steam. Looking at the bottom side, there are wheels connected to it gliding on metal built roads with many sticks of wood latching in between. When it stops to our station and see the insides, I am staggered by its beauty.

    “This piece is incredible Zoxi! I never knew you could build something like this!” I’m playing a bit jumpy here with my baby too since his waving arms tells me that Jireh likes it as well. I’m sure that the rest are looking at it with too.

    “Whoaaah. This … is … wonderful!” Oh Lucas. I just give him a shoulder to stop his observant side from getting in my way.

    “We got no time for discussions people! Pack your stuff up on the train! We don’t wanna be left behind cause my crew can’t wait forever!” Zoxi carries most of the heavy stuff I have, being a muscled guy for the average Hivanian as we proceed inside the train. What I find beautiful is that there are bedrooms, comfort rooms, and dining rooms inside their own rooms within the express itself!

    “What’s this kind of carrier called Zoxi?” I ask while seeing my baby nipping at my breast. “Guess he got a bit hungry…”

    All of a sudden, this very carriage of sorts starts moving slowly, “Suppose you could you call it a steam train, this is built for transport like horse carriages. But this one is much more fixed for very long distances.” Zoxi sure is smart like our master.

    “Oh…” twisting my hand at the doorknob, I enter the room I choose to stay.

    “I think you may not get it much yet. But who knows…” I’m sure that master did something with Zoxi back then before our master adopted us back then.

    After placing our things on our chosen rooms, Zoxi leaves us a note before leaving the scene whistling through the corridor.

    “Enjoy your stay ‘til we get to Hivanis! Lunch will arrive shortly.”

    While we are fixing our things, Lucas is reading another book on a chair with the sketch of what we are riding now, “What do you got in there sweetie?” I ask him.

    “Just reading a book.” Thanks a lot sis. I can’t do a thing to stop Mien Rin from teasing me, or interrupting me.

    “Want me to tell you how this thing is built Celena?” I said yes and tell him to go on, “It seems that Zoxi and his team of engineers joined together to recycle Light Stones from Tramore and Hivanis. And they used it to turn something useful for transport. That is what began the construction of a forgotten project that was near its completion. They are still testing something on how long will the ‘Used Light Crystals’ last the trains performance though. But perhaps they built it for tourists who want to have a long travel.” He continues reading the book with strange pictures of lines that only he can understand.

    “Not bad for an idea he made. It is revolutionary.” However he managed this, the creativity was something extraordinary for my eyes.

    “Mister and Miss Tanabata. Miss Sanipela. Your lunch is here!” We just open the door to be greeted by a maiden wearing a dark orange waitress suit, “Manager Zoxi requested me to give these meals to you. You’ll be having some Peach Juice, Fried toasted Pork chunks, and ‘3G health rice’. Your fruit desserts and your baby’s meal will be coming shortly.”

    “Thanks!” we finally give our bellies the fill. That journey made me quite hungry. I mean, all of us are quite hungry. While we’re waiting for my baby’s dinner, I brought out my scrapbook.

    “What shall be our dress for tonight’s celebration sweetheart?” while we’re having our feast, a lot of fashion ideas are running inside my head for this festival will be celebrated inside this ride we’re riding.

    “Why don’t we LET our baby pick our clothing?” Looking at the pictures he passes to me, I knew immediately what he meant. We did this debate to each other ten years ago if we cannot decide what we should choose.
    Right now, we are carrying three clothes for this so upcoming anniversary to wear tonight. Each set has a theme that I get to name myself. I have thematic clothes fitting for a ‘White Princess holding a harp’, ‘Summer Clothing set with scarves’, and my old ‘Ceremonial clothing fitting for a Forest Girl’. Lucas, on the other hand, has clothing that fits the ‘Emerald Hourglass Hero’, a ‘Mediator of Spirit Energy’, and the ‘Bearer of Elemental Energy’.

    “Oh Lucas not this again! Just let me choose my clothing!” When will my sister ever learn to enjoy the moment? As I express a cocky face, I pass her my payback for teasing me back then.

    “Rin my pal. Sorry for blowing you a nerve but please don’t dampen the good mood. Our baby needs to be a boss once in a while.” At least my love knows me inside out. Looks like I’m gonna have fun watching baby Jireh choosing Mien Rin’s clothing. Maybe he will pick her ‘Lavender Fighter clothing’, or it could be the ‘Navanian Wind Geisha’ clothes.

    Closing her face to my baby, Jireh lightly slaps Mien Rin at her cheeks, “Fine. You two win. You better give me a good one Jireh.” She gives in as our baby began hand pointing at the colorful pictures. My child could end up like Lucas someday.

    Please keep my young partners in company.

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    Default Chapter 6: The Road Festival

    Author's note: Overall, I have already edited 19 out of 32 chaptrs from my previous work. But I'll just take it properly by posting at least one chapter if I can. But ever since my trip to Hong Kong, the chapter I posted yesterday was the one I had to make up for my absence. So this chapter would be the chapter for this week.

    Well then, here's the slightly modified chapter 6.

    Chapter 6: The Road Festival

    A lot has happen during our stay inside the train. My baby’s little arms seem to be reaching hands open from watching the distant white stars. Who knows? A part of me is giving fortune to my child. He could be the one meeting Feli herself, “Ain’t the sunset just looked so wonderful?” Lucas sits next beside me, enjoying each other’s company viewing the sky.

    “Mama. Papa.” are those? Little Jireh’s first words? After teaching him how to speak those two words last night, neither of us expect him to learn so quickly.

    This new joyful feeling, my tears glide down my smiling face until my lover warmly wipes my tears away with his hand. I’ve never been this soft in my whole life.

    Jireh. You made both papa and mama so proud of you.” Lucas and I pet him gently to make him relax. Our baby giggles as we follow along his moment of merry joy joining our moment of happiness. That is, with a loud bang, Jireh just stops smiling when he merely stares at the door. Both of us hear loud conversations going on outside our cabin.

    “What do you mean it might not make it in time?!” I’m here at the hallway having a brief conversation with the head of this train’s culinary team with his top white hat fluffing atop with pride.

    “F-forgive our temporary delay Sir Uirys. This special meal that you’re asking us to cook is challenging for only a handful of professional chefs.” This guy, Russo, was an acquaintance of mine during the grand construction of this train years ago. Being the cook on both occasions, this became the livelihood he has until now.

    “How long will their meal be finished cooking then? I can’t disappoint my pal’s children.” I sigh down asking him.

    “Five minutes after your presentation unless you extended it. But we could get it done if we got a helping hand or two who knows basic cooking skills, then I may be able to convince my two other expert chefs to help us.” A helping hand huh? Russo’s idea gives me an idea on what I can do with those annoying twins.

    Writing on a piece of paper, I write down the location of those two doctors. Along with it are my devious instructions for Russo to do with those two. As I give it to him, he agrees with my request, “See you after the party. Ok?”

    “You too.” As my fellow worker walks away for my given order, I wanted to check on my Celena’s room. So I take a walk … only to be met by her sister’s swift back fist.

    OWWW! WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU GIRL?! IT SEEMS THAT YOU’RE SEEING ME AS A STALKER EVERYTIME I ENTER! WHAT AM I TO YOU?” We gotta admit, minus Lucas, that he looks and acts so funny when he’s pissed shaking his arms and stomping the floor like he’s dancing horribly.

    “I dunno. But I remember you returning us the wrong debt back then. Maybe a …” Mien Rin and I just play along pretending to be innocent.

    “As for ya info, I ain’t a thief who just suddenly snatches stuff from yo own home milady!” though Zoxi could also be too serious on his voice. I guess he really is as bad as sour candy on dealing with women and girls. And Jireh himself. And as always, big sis knows what’s best for him.
    Zoxi moves us away to check on the window, “Oh I almost forgot. Were here at ‘Igmaragma Volcano’,” he then stares at my baby face to face. “Wanna tell you a great tale lil’ bugger?”

    I’m sure my baby just playfully giggles at his “not so funny expression” face without even knowing a single thing he said.

    “Alright. Lights flashin on the room as curiosity goes blam blam… and importantly letting those two …” whenever he tries to whisper to himself, I find him terrible with a capital T.

    “Importantly what?” My husband gets really suspicious huh? I wonder what he is now thinking. That impulsive attitude of his is bothersome not only to me, but for others too.

    “Errrhhhh … nothing. Just something to do with the train.” A sweat dropped mood for him eh?

    ZOXI! Once were done cooking, I’m gonna beat you to THE PULP!” both twins angrily yell out rumbling which is heard all throughout the kitchen of the train.

    “Calm down Mademosieles! We got some customers to serve. Don’t sour up them mood!” Russo, a Manavian chef, notifies the twins that their irrational behavior is disturbing the passengers with their personal argument. “And please get the juices done. They’re thirsty already. Or at least give them some water!”

    With no choice to escape their new job, the angry sisters mutter their inner rage at the food meals they must serve for the hundreds of passengers on board. Delicious as it is, they cannot eat it. Thus, their kitchen moment becomes their tormenting pit.

    Zoxi breaths in and out as he stares at the distant volcano outside the window while he begins wearing his white tuxedo set. “Once upon a time, during the creation of Luxentum, Feli left what was said two stones at the base of an empty cave. Every sixth year, the twin volcanoes erupt. Not ever stopping. These stones were the first couple living within the twin volcanoes. They lived their lives within the volcanic cave for many years.”

    “Whoa. However those two survive living inside remains a mystery to me.” I said to Zoxi.

    “Until, on the sixtieth year the two existed, a sudden eruption covered the cave as a whole. The couple has no way out as every exit that they built been covered in lava. As a testament of their relationship, they pray to their mother for her final blessing. Thus, they faced their last moments together before their bodies melted to the lava. Feli wept for both of them. Becoming the two spirits of Igmaragma, the two souls gladly accepted their destiny and made the volcano the source of bountiful gems every six years of its life span. Thus, the stones that the residents used are also blessed with the spirit’s protection. Making the residents live their daily lives more accustomed, even on eruption days. Some believed that the volcano is named from the couple of this legend. Magmari and Ignisia.” Tying the short, white necktie, Zoxi clicks an optimistic ego of himself.

    “Well anyways, completed my fashion, I suggest that all of you should come with me; a party’s about to burst tonight!” He leaves the room, until he pops his head on the door at the last minute, “And make sure all of you dress up elegantly. Train post number four is our locale.” He closes the door walking and whistling along the empty hallway.

    After Jireh finishes picking our clothes, along with Zoxi giving us company, we dress up ourselves and leave the room in a new fashion. Our baby can only wrap itself up with my sweetheart’s scarf since he’s getting used to it so much. I mean –diapers aside- he can’t wear anything else.

    “How do I look sis?” Walking on the train’s hallways, we can hear cheerful music playing pretty much everywhere. I find Celena a very good judge when it comes to outfits. Giving her a beautiful white petite kimono and a fan of yellow which matches my Green tunic (sleeves are dark green) and pants, it matches our current personalities: she’s idealistic, I’m realistic. Plus some brown boots to cover it up, though I decide not to include my dark green cap for this event. But she goes to the extreme of wearing her wedding sandals in public as if our anniversary gets invited too early.

    “I think it suits both of you very well.” As for Mien Rin, she has an odd taste of indigo apple gown look with really long sleeves like odd colored noodles. I still remember her exaggerating face when my child picked her current dress a while ago. Every time we wear this, she always smirks at us. I hope it’s not about the epic fail kiss that she’s imagining. We slipped down on the floor at that long past time.

    When we enter the post train, I can see quite a celebration happening.

    “Welcome to train post number four: Mr. Lucas, and Ms. Celena, along with madam Mien Rin. Please follow me for your reserved seats from our leader.” I bet this butler hands me a fruit juice of sorts, “Here’s a little something edible for your young kid.” I just nod and we follow. The party is lively, and importantly, nostalgic for me. The hallway is coated like maple wood polished by dandelions. Long tables with many kinds of food await our stomachs. Some crystal designs hanging on the edges of the trains which sparkles with the yellow orange lights. People are either chatting with each other on tables, some dancing, and young kids looking at the food tables. It’s like that kind of joy that I have way back then with master. Maybe something I miss…

    “Master, why are you joining that party? I can’t see its importance.” It was that time back then. Master brought me and my friends, before Celena and me got married, to participate on a running competition.

    He pets me on the head,
    “I bet this can help you recognize of having joyful celebrations with people.” He conveniently whistled over to another guy. “Excuse sir. I wanted him to join your race. He’s quite fast enough for this field.”

    I was agape to join randomly like this. With my friends cheering, I can’t get this kind of feeling. Why do I feel like doing this race track? It’s like I find it a spoiled thing.

    “I know you got used to being very solitude minded. But keep in mind that you need the joy of others as well. Discipline is good. But don’t rely on it too much. Look over there. Celena and her big sis are cheering for you,” He smiles at me. “Why not give it a shot?” then he watched the field as he gave me a smile. Was he being … fatherly … to me?

    Since Zoxi is not yet here, we just do whatever we want to do inside the train. Probably check the meals being cooked. Mien Rin is looking at the glass roof. But I did get a quick glimpse of the twins working in the kitchen, “Why are they cooking there anyway? Well, maybe they don’t want to join us this evening?”

    Minutes later, we find ourselves a seat near the stage. I bet the rest went to their tables too as Zoxi takes stage, “Silly dude.”

    “Good evening to all of you. Seeing all of you in your elegant looks gives me the feeling of the old times; especially the family over there wearing a white dress and a green dress. Fun fact, their baby matches the dad. Like the tale of two heroes; a hero and a princess who bear two symbols of a greater three symbol,” All of us giggle on what he naturally loves to do. Joke around. This time, his voice is solemn and composed. “But enough of that, time to share some good stuff about our Tivanian hero … according to the poster blabbering behind me.” He has weird ways to make us laugh by his own enthusiasm. I can’t take it easily. Johanna and Avea cannot also like me. How the heck does my girl ever take it so easily?

    “Five years … it does feel kind of long for all of us. He’s the one hero who saved our lives, and … my long time best friend. We really owe a lot to him, as if he really was the last of not just his kind … but also … our last predecessor who truly gave everything for us. I bet most of us already knew him. Wise, composed, approachable, sometimes strict and demanding, but most of the time loving and caring. Very caregiving even to someone like me.” He turned to the left just in time to catch a thrown candy. Looking behind the curtains backstage, he knew them immediately.

    “This train we’re riding in my opinion … is the ultimate achievement we did as a race. A project he told me that made him so proud. We from Hivanis and Tramore did the hard construction. Manaqua and Herbardam were doing the eco-friendly energy we used on this trip. Navanis did the entire master crafting of this place. There were a couple others too. But this train shows the united success we have as a race. I believe, along with our mother, our hero’s watching over us. To celebrate his achievements and our memories with him, we held a fifth anniversary toast here on the Grand Nation Project. The Luxentum Steam Train Express. Cheers everyone!”

    “Cheers!” Thus the people of Vitandes began celebrating the night all night, just having a good old time with everything on the table and the floor shining through the bluish night.

    Please keep my young partners in company.

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    Author's note: Now that I think about it when I post this chapter now, I added a little extra scene that kinda happened to me in real life. You know the feeling that you wasted your precious time doing something better since your friend requested you to do the chores while he/she gets to steal something from you all for him/herself. Simply, you fell into a prank.

    Yeah ... not good for those two characters from the previous chapter.

    And when I began writing this chapter back then, I was thinking of a dry plain under the sunset. Thus, I imagine Hivanis having the Gerudo Valley music from the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time.

    Warning: Contains scenes which involves mild nudity reference, organized pranks, pet possessiveness, Play Roughs (like the pokemon attack variant) , and water electrocution. Like, literally electrocute someone having a bath. Expect my try in comedy in this chapter.

    Chapter 7: Hivanis Kingdom

    And now, his journey to innocence begins. Hivanis will be his first trial. I now give you a portion of its life. My student, this will be more than just a test for you. It will be you destiny.

    “Yes maam. My death has its worth.”

    “I can’t believe that Zoxi did that to us! We fell for such a cheap trick! I’ll get my hands on him if I get the chance. Ugh!” there’s nothing that I could do when my twin sister loses her head.

    “I admit that it really sucks. But for once, he’s quite clever to use such a handsome chef to call us for a helping hand.” “Avea. We should pack our things soon.” Seeing her get out of the bathroom wrapped in white towels tells me that I should give myself a bath too. Removing my clothes, I enter the shower and turn on the warm water and begin my quick bath.

    Our pride just got washed away last night while our friends were enjoying a delicious exclusive meal that we couldn’t get to try. Maybe I needed someone fitting for us.

    It’s been a while when we recently woke up. I feed my baby some of my milk while all three of us have our breakfast inside our cabin. Not a bit later, we are close to arriving at the next pit stop of this train.

    “Morning friends.” Seeing my sister’s best friends expressing a bit of shame, I think I know what happened to both of them was not good.

    “It really is lucky for you that you didn’t end up like us Mien Rin.” Oh Avea, quite typical of her to whine about the moment here in the train. Just what happened to them last night?

    “End up what?” big sis asks.

    “Later.” Johanna just leaves with a sigh. I keep my mouth shut just to avoid spoiling what my husband saw last night.

    “Shall we pack up already?” my sweetheart asks as he’s packing his things in advance. Since I’m the one who just finish my breakfast as the last –I have to make my baby settle down on nipping at my breasts-, big sister does my chore for me.

    “Sure. But can you lend me a hand Cel?” he just receives a hand from my big sister.

    “Lucas, she just gave birth two days ago. If she works too much now, she’s gonna have a painful stitching operation. Done by me.” did sis just say stitch?

    I’m just gonna stay and sit still, “How long should I avoid a lot of activity sister?”

    “Three months. That is for your body to recover little sis,” that sigh from Lucas the moment Mien Rin answers me tells everything, he doesn’t like it.
    “You should have listened to us before Celena. Just like back then.” Hearing her wispy giggling is not a good thing that my ego has to experience.

    “Alright alright. I blame myself for giving birth at our master’s funeral.” Looking back at my persistent choice, it is inevitable.

    “All aboard! All Aboard! We arrived at Hivanis Station! Steam train inspection will start after thirty minutes! So we expect all passengers to leave the train immediately for repairs!” It must be the driver we heard talking to us by an “Emanator Crystal Box”, a cube wooden box with a green colored stone glowing inside covered in circular glass.

    As we walk outside, this heated air leaves me burning warm, “Well, here we are now pals. Welcome to my Homeland. Hivanis Kingdom.” Seeing his homeland for the first time gives me a ‘WOW! I like your place!’ feeling. The station is as red orange as the ground we’re standing. I feel the soil’s heat climbing on our feet until it reaches our head. As we look at the distant valley, unlike our valley back home, this place does not have much grass; more like lots of dead leaves and leaf-less trees everywhere. The station –along with the stores and other buildings- is unevenly built out of many red bricks, stones, and other stones and rocks I cannot tell. As I breathe the air itself, my lungs are getting slightly cooked from the inside.

    “I’ve read many tales about Hivanis but to be here … is something I’ve been dreaming to revisit. Everything here is just bursting with activity,” I can agree with Lucas on this one. I know him that he is always curious on many things. “Not to mention … it’s hotter than I expect. I may as well wear my hat. You should do it too Cel.” As he digs out our hats from our bags, he wears his hat before he sets my farming hat on my head.

    “I know what ya meant son. Guess that my best pal helped ya on expressing curiosity much more deeply, which is why I always loved my homeland with many reasons.” I find Zoxi act like a lesser version of our master. Too jolly, a jokester (oftentimes get pounded by Mien Rin’s best friends), not that very leading, and easy to distract. But still, never underestimate him. I believe that he shares a lot of things from our master that we haven’t known so far.

    Following him to a carriage station, I believe he’ll call a horse rider for us as he says. And call them he does by whistling loud in a strange way. Like a piece of leafy tone from his voice. Through the distant right, I see two horses galloping across the town until both animals stop next to him like dogs, just more useful and handy.

    “Hey there Rui! Hey Riu! Gauuhhh I miss ya two! Say how about we give ourselves a run to the springs?” looking at each of his horse, both of them are orange brown in color. One of them is slightly darker like wood barks while the other is a bit lighter similarly to a wood’s inner color.

    “You own these two horses? I never knew you also raise livestock like him!” did he rely have those two back then? I can’t pluck even a single memory of my past. What I find a bit funny is that I hear Johanna whispering with Avea about stealing his horses yesterday. Not only did I get a funny reason for her and her sister’s grand return yesterday, I guessed that from that event made Zoxi do something crazy.

    “Just what he said to me, ‘Ya always learn something new every day,’” It’s typical for Zoxi to smile that confident smug. “They have been my pals since I was a kid! Thus it makes me quite a field runner back on the days. Then again it’s the first time ya meet my pals.” He leads us to the nearest stables and tied both of his ‘companions’ to an empty wooden square carriage.

    “Then who gets to ride the other horse?” Johanna asks.

    “I had to say this to both of you ladies. But you two ANNOYED ME BY THE FACT YOU TWO GET TO RIDE THEM! Ma new rule for ya two, don’t ride my buddies!” he shouts out another ear breaking outburst.

    “Zoxi. Were sorry…” Avea sounds so confident that both of them are taunting our funny man.

    “Hmph … sorry eh?” It’s only then that the three of them are having a fistfight with each other until everything settles down. Light bruises all over themselves.

    “Enough idle chat! All of ya should place your stuff behind that carriage. Cause I got an old friend to revisit. If you guys are feelin’ too hot on yo day, there are a couple showers for you guys to get yourself wet with. Just don’t take off your clothes though! Bath with your clothes on and that’s an order! There are no towels in there.” he jumps out of the cart and runs to the left like a mad boss.

    “Hey wait! Where are you … going?” I fail that one question I want to say. Give it to my baby for laughing at me. I’m glad there isn’t a comic like this.

    “I got a bad feeling about this.” My husband whispers at my ear.

    “Oh Lucas. Don’t get yourself too sensitive. Lighten up.” I’m playing with my baby’s belly to end our commotion.

    “Guess whose back crew?!” Arriving at my hidden hideout, I and the rest of the train crew, who were my friends before, are doing their usual slack off routine. But I’m about to make OUR DAY interesting. “I brought us those twins who just made my day miserable,” Trying to sound manly here please, I just love doing it. “And my friends are here with a baby to boot!”

    “Those two? Gosh they make things bad for you!” one of my engineers just hit the note.

    “How should we prank them back?” though I cannot avoid the dumb drivers of our train, hearing different ideas from everyone, good and bad, always GETS MY MUSCLES PUMPIN. A bit later, I make an anonymous decision.

    “Not that I disagree with you or with me getting lazy to know something. Let’s mend those nurses a recipe for disaster.” I said to the crew.

    “Then what do you really need Zoxi?! Nurse them with fear?! I got it!” whoever of my workers said that, it’s a light bulb. Russo stands up holding a cord for me.

    “An electric cord--““Gather here.” I whisper my plans to everyone. Oh those nurses are gonna get it! Russo for me may be your everyday chef. For me, he’s the best in creating unwanted trouble.

    Later on...

    “Hey ladies! Sorry for being late!” getting the front ride as he checks on our presence, all of us are waiting for him to return. Our nurses were laid stone cold and sparky on the floor just a moment ago.

    “What happened to them anyways?” as he asks me ‘that’ moment, looking at big sis’ best friends, I recall that moment and tell him the bad moment.

    Sometime Zoxi is wasting. “Whew … this is getting too hot,” I know that Lucas told me that Hivanis is very hot. But being here ‘yourself’ is way more than just very hot. It’s hotter than touching fire. “Can’t we give ourselves some bath ti-“

    “We’re doing it now! CATCH YA LATER CEL!” our best friends jump off the ride running to the cooler wash room.

    “H-Hey you two wait for-“as I tried climbing the chairs, I regret hurting my hips and legs badly screaming out my pain. It’s like my flesh torn itself on fire. Lucas was the one holding our baby since my weary arms were too tired from carrying him. I trust him our child too.

    “Celena! Please be careful!” Lucas is always concerned whenever it’s about the hurts I had.

    “Sister! I thought I told you not to get yourself too worked up! Now look at you!” big sister always do things with too much discipline, much like my master’s way of training me. I hated those kinds of days. “Lucas. Turn around. Don’t you dare play perv like Zoxi.”

    My baby giggled a bit. “Paapa! Maama!”

    “I won’t. I’ll just … go to the showers. C’mon Jireh.” I feel reddish when he turned around and climbed down the carriage. He and Jireh are gonna have some boys fun time bathing. Possibly eyeing me out of sight, unlike me …

    My sister pulled up my skirt a bit to check on my undergarment. Even if it flusters me, she’s much like the doctor twins nurse too. At least Lucas and I find her ok to check-up on us whenever we got wounded or sick.

    “Just as I thought,” a sigh is all she gave me. “Sister. You need to stop exerting too much action for another month. It is just bleeding for a little bit. That means you need to avoid exerting too much activity for one extra month.” After a breather, she’s ready to speak again. Just as she opens her mouth, I heard loud screaming at the showers with sparks going random all over the housed shade. As the horses neighed, my child and husband escapes without a scratch.

    “WWWHHAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!” Awww Feli nooo! Not my baby again! As much as Lucas tried to stop our kid from crying, it did really little to my wailing baby to stay happy.

    “Sweetheart! Help me with our child!” As he climbed back, both of us did whatever we could to calm our baby down. Cradling, soothing, you name them…

    “Avea? Johanna?” big sister tried calling for them both. But the twins got out looking wet and skin hair fried and straight.

    “D ..-d-d-d-d-dd-dd-d-don’t b-b-bb-a-a-at-t-t-th-h-h t—ththt-ht-hth-ee-r-e-re-rre. AAAGGHH!!” Both of them spoke … rusty. That last screams ONLY MADE IT BETTER!

    I sigh as I continue lullabying to ease my baby’s crying. It’s one of those times that I want big sis to help me. Too bad she’s not doing it much this time since she’s nursing her pals back on the carriage.

    “Not much I could do to them. Here’s a little something for that cute fella of yours.” He gives me a red jelly of sorts wrapped in a small case. That is a food I easily describe as my favorite.

    “What is that Zoxi?” Lucas asks.

    “Taminiz Candy! I used to have this edible jelly when I was a kid. Don’t you remember?” This popular candy treat is something that I’m passionate not sharing with others most of the time. “Plus, it is edible for newly born babies with health benefits.” My husband tilts his head side wards about the candy. Zoxi makes his call and start our caravan travel to our next destination.

    Please keep my young partners in company.

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    Default Chapter 8: Steaming Gem Stones

    Author's note: Sad to say, but right now, my college class resumes once more. And it's gonna be a bit of a challenge for me to show things on the site.

        Spoiler:- an extra convrsation on the Author's note:

    Chapter 8: Steaming Gem Stones

    After leaving the station of Luxentum express, Jireh, like a happy rabbit, nibbles over his tasty and healthy dose of Taminiz candy. From all the colors and tastes tried, yellow is the baby’s most favorite flavor.

    “Avea just can’t help but picture little Jireh as a yellow Taminiz candy.” Avea just giggles at the wriggling baby laughing at the funny girl’s face. With mother and father sharing Jireh’s time, the wiser twin and the eldest woman set their eyes watching the two volcanoes sticking next to each other. That is until, on the far distance, a loud explosion bursts out spitting colored sparkling substances high in the air. The sky shows orange red smoke coming out of the opening. Followed with a shaking ground, baby Jireh isn’t the only one responding in silence.

    “Whoa girls! Looks like Igmaragma’s goin’ for the gem delivery! Brace yourselves for eruption day!!” Zoxi stares at another eruption from the distance as his optimistic side of himself celebrates by jumping joyfully at his seat, too distracted to hear his panicking begging to act now.

    “An ERUPTION?!” everyone else are left helpless in their driver’s misunderstood joy.

    “GEM DELIVERY? What the heck does that mean?! Are we in trouble?” fear of the unknown plagues the confident souls of Johanna, spreading her affected mind to everybody else.

    “Not really! And part time yes! It’s just that we can get ourselves some gems soon!” Hivanian rituals guide the celebrative man as Zoxi closes the exposed openings of the wooden cart. Unlike others, the one he’s using now is his Do It Yourself custom cart. “Now close the door on your side while I close mine!”

    “I knew I should not have joined you from the beginning! You brought nothing to us but trouble! How could you stay so calm and happy on a time like this!?” baby whining in return, Avea bickers back at her hated pal until her own bickering tires out.

    “You’re acting like a baby again Avea. I bet we will be fine.” Celena talks back to her whining mouth despite panicking amass.

    Curiosity gives Lucas the urge to knock on the roof when Zoxi ‘ssh’ed him, “I bet all of you were thinking about the upcoming lava to us. In fact, we are not yet around one of the Volcanic Rivers of Igmaragma.”

    “Volcanic …. Rivers?” big sis asks.

    “You mean … it follows the path to the ocean?” Celena cradles on her baby easing their inner screaming.

    “Half time yes -- half lack of words,” Zoxi smugs at everyone with a smile. “That means Igmaragma consists of river canals where the lava always travels while the gems are scattered equally all over the Hivanis Kingdom domain. And we’re close to that kingdom. At the end of those rivers is the big ocean. So let’s not worry at all about volcanic rock. We’ll only get rained by gems.”

    “Are you really sure!?” Celena’s husband stares at his master’s dumb pal in suspicion. “Is this related to the legend of your kingdom that you shared to us last night?”

    Outside the caravan, different colored stones come down raining across the orange land of the dry Hivanis Kingdom. The fast flowing lava travels down the volcanoes guided by the channeling rivers carved by the earth. As the caravan takes the hit of many colorful gems, Jireh wails out unhappy with all the noise going on. Avea thinks about her upcoming demise while Johanna and Mien Rin bash her on the head.

    “I’m so GONNA POUND YOU IF I LIVE!!!” Avea then swings her fist towards Zoxi’s happy head.

    “OWWW! You woman ….” Amidst the scuffle inside the ruffling wooden carrier, one big gem punctures the roof protecting the tivainians inside from the gems raining outside. With an emitting reddish glow lighting the dark room, the young navanian baby giggles at its light trying to reach it as if something is ringing inside his little head. Yet his mommy stops him from doing so.

    After about a few minutes, the colorful hard rain ends its rain. When the volcanic event comes to a close, both men are lifting up the roof of the carriage. Upon checking on the horses, none of them are hurt thanks to the metallic roof shelter covering them. As everyone else climbs down while Lucas carries both his wife can child on his arms, treasure troves of gems with varying sizes scatter all across the dried land ready for selling.

    “Zoxi. We’re just jealous right now.” Lucas. How could you say that to him?

    “Tell me then Lucas on why should I be boastful to all o ya.” I always see these two get their talk going non-stop once they’re making a comparison on two things.

    “The amount of money you’ll get from this amount of gems is way higher than our usual farming income. It’s just crazy to imagine on how much you’ll get with those.” Lucas makes a good point. We only earn so much from our own small garden. I can only imagine him happily getting money that will last him for many years once he starts showing it to the market.

    “While I disagree with you ma boy since we had to endure six long years just to get these gifts, you Navanians are luckier than us Hivanians since you guys have a better daily income thanks to your massive farming lands, while we’re just sitting ducks like dried lava.” Then again now that he says that, I think their livelihood is way harder than ours. Probably, I’m not patient like him. Enduring six years to get your work and profit done? I cannot do that.

    “Shall we start grabbing some of them?” As I see the colorful plain glow to life, I want to have some of it.

    “I got them! You three are just too occupied with each other.” Seeing my big sister holding gems on her hands already, I’m envious at her temperance. Or was it haste?

    “Hey! No fair!” she always gets ahead of me in many things while I let myself stay behind tending my child.

    I think all of us start picking up the gems we wanted to get. Our jokester pal gives us some nice baskets for collecting these shiny minerals and thus, we begin our first gem harvesting experience. My baby’s nudging himself from me but after the punctured roof vanished from my baby’s view, Jireh cries again. Oh dear…

    “Big sis! Please help me over here! I can’t tell what he wants at all!” I did every way I possibly can. But it seems it only made it worse, even with his favorite candy.

    “Sorry … mom.” She teases back from a disance.

    “D-di … did my big sis…ugh!” “Mien Rin! You’re not helping at all!” I face away from her and give myself another try with the two doctors nitpicking each other. I think they haven’t picked so many as of now. “Any of you two know why my baby’s crying now?” I try yelling for help. And they never respond to my pleading plea.

    Alone with this task, I lay myself on the side of the carriage where the roof’s hanging, shading me from the sunset, while I can hear knocking above my head as my child’s cry continues on.

    “O Feli…what am I going to do? I can’t believe my sis and everybody else just ditched me! And my baby just won’t stop crying. Is this what it really likes to be a mom?” I thought of the agony and confusion that I’ve been ranting to myself … until it hits me in the head.

    OOOOWWWWWWWCCCHHH! Watch it!” I whine out a bit louder above the punched roof seeing the two men’s laughing faces.

    “SORRY THERE CEL!” Sigh, men.

    Looking at the ground, I can see the ruby colored gemstone they just thrown on my still healing head. Once I pick it up for me and my son to see, Jireh stops crying out the tears that kept on making his scarf clothing wet. For something that’s the size of my apple hand, my Baby tries taking it away from me

    “Is this … what he wanted? Why would he like a gem?” upon having that thought, his happy go lucky giggling is either saying “Mommy! I want it!” or something else. Asking myself if it’s natural for a child of his recent age to already choose something like a gem, I remember having to choose only necessities; not something with obsession. “Shouldn’t he bond with Lucas and me first?” I find my baby tivani weird.

    “Hey Cel! What are you staring at?” Johanna snaps me out of trance. “Hmmm … guess you found your first gem. I think you just need someone else to pick it up for you.”

    “Thanks A LOT…” don’t ask why I speak sarcastically at her.

    “Got something bad going on?” even if she asks, I hate giving out my disappointment.

    “Nothing. Just Jireh.” I lay my back as she leaves me alone again.

    Once Lucas climbs down the carriage minding my presence, I just pass my baby to him along with his little gem, “Don’t … speak. My turn to get some gems, you already had your fun. Don’t throw that gem though. Our baby likes it somehow.” With my Jireh at Lucas’ arms, I had to coocoo him to be patient. Hopefully, daddy will take my chores for me.

    After a bucket of collecting for us all, we ride our way back on the carriage and continue our journey.

    Arriving at a three floor wood and stone house with hot springs steams releasing steam, my husband looks at a figurine next to the dark brown door, “Is … is that…?”

    “Honey?” he gives me worries as I cradle a shoulder on him. I think my baby is also looking wondrously to daddy from the look of his eyes. Yet, I don’t see a sign of worry. Maybe…

    “Seventeen years ago,” Zoxi sighs. “Me and my best pal found you on the entrance of my first hot spring over there.” He raises an arm over to the right of the wooden gate, looking like a mini house with wonderful crafting.

    “Anyways, let me give you guys a nice hot spring. Gosh it’s a tiring day. Oh, bring at least one favorite gem for each. That includes the baby. I got somethin’ to amuse ya’” Bringing our luggage, we enter inside his hot spring building. With us girls changing on the other bathroom –Jireh sticks with me- while Lucas and Zoxi do so on the other, we strip our clothes wearing only the undergarments. As the men come outside with only shorts, if Zoxi’s body macho, Lucas is my fitting slim that I love. The hot springs itself is like what most spring are like: polished stones on the side and bottom shaped like a circle, and natural hot water. But the twist to it is a stone like well with a hole in the middle. Once we lay ourselves on the spring, we relax our bodies with our gems behind us. Courtesy of our oldest member, he places his orange colored gem. It is when the stones illuminate the spring to an orange hue. We have ourselves a chit-chat as of everything that just happened today. Until my husband points out the figuring he found outside.

    “Lucas, you never told us … that he …” Johanna is left speechless.

    “Nah. I ain’t his dad. I was just about to adopt you as my son out of pity in the cold night way back. Our hero arrived a bit later after bringing ya inside Lucas. I remember him taking you as a father figure. But after ya left, you kinda called me …. Uhhh…”I guess he is flattered. It makes wonder what he is flattered.

    “Uncle?” What? I know that he is adopted like us. But he’s also adopted by Zoxi?

    “Why didn’t you tell me before?” I ask.

    “Hmmm … I guess so you said. I dunno what he said to you. Even I can’t fathom why he wanted me to be an uncle figure for you. But it sure was a long time. The only thing I clearly remembered was that we debated to whom you will belong to ma boy.” Zoxi just closes his eyes as we look above the night starry sky twinkling.

    “Somehow, I feel like this is the place I wanted to revisit sweetheart.” Lucas picks up his green gem as he walks forward to the center and removes the other gem. Placing his green gem, the hot spring glows to a bright green like a forest leaf. I comment back on his color of choice.

    Sometime later:

    It is getting late. Everyone else is sleeping at their rooms while my baby and I are still enjoying the hot springs. I guess adding a blue gem moments ago by Johanna regulates the right temperature for both of us. He’s only getting his first hot spring experience now. Jireh is holding his gem as he tries reaching the stone well at the center.

    “You want to make the spring color red?” ask I ask him, he giggles out loud. I find it as a yes from him.

    “I’ll help you make it red.” The spring that we are using is fairly deep that can reach until my stomach. Giving him an extension, we place it in the center of the spring pillar. Then I remove the blue gem. Once we give ourselves a seat to the hot spring’s edge, I hug my baby gently. But … I’m quite … tired. Weird … is this … overusing … the springs? Better do a … lullaby.

    Thus, I sleep from my own lullaby.

    Please keep my young partners in company.

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    Default Chapter 9: Fever Blister (Part A)

    Author's note: Personally, this is the start where most of the remaining chapters got changed for the past months. and I've gone a bit daring here. But this chapter is quite long in some sort of way.

    What I'm using right now in MS word is size 11 Calibri Body. Most of my chapters right now last up to 4-6 pages. So, do you want me to split each chapter that I'll be posting onwards?

    Now, welcome to the modified Chapter 9. Beware of that disturbing content from Earthbound.

    Serious Warning: This chapter contains scenes involving abortion, dead fetuses, voodoo tattoo references, and near death illnesses. This chapter is officially Rated SPG.

    Chapter 9: Fever Blister (Part A)

    Here I am. Feli’s light. Your wish … shall be done.

    “Langit Lunggati” (Heaven Desire)

    “Mmhh… huuhh? … where … am I?” This place … is so … gray … and dark. “Jireh? Jireh! Where are you?!” Wait! What happened to my baby? “Wait – what’s this place? It feel’s … empty,” Walking as much distance as I could, I’m completely nowhere. Until, breathing and dripping tears echo all around me, stopping my tracks. “Jireh? Is that you my baby?”


    “Huh?” Is that … a voice?

    Huh what? I have no name. Why are you here?

    ”Who’s there?” everywhere I look, nothing comes out. It’s as if I’m inside someplace I never know.

    Who’s … there? I am nothing. Even if there is that something you’re looking for, I’m still nothing. Why are you here?! Don’t you dare find me! I am not a part of you or what you seek. Get out now!!

    “What makes you think that I am part of you when I don’t even know who you are? Just … just where am I? Who are you!? I just want to find my baby child!” the confusion hits me so hard as I panic around with fear.

    … Child … baby … child. What is … a baby … child?

    That question leaves me stumped. I have not much of a choice, “It’s … something … that a father … and a mother create … to make a new life. But why ask me this?” faint echoes of children play around me around me; fear embraces my paling skin as this world slowly turns blue. Slowly, the voices fade.

    … … You hear something over there? Something … faint?

    “Now this one’s … a girl?” on the distance, I hear faint screams getting close to me. On the right side are voices of revolt while on the left, voices of threats opposes the voices on the other side.


    “Someone’s in trouble!” gasping, I find myself in an unknown pit sinking not just me. I found a child closer to the deepest part of this sinking thing. Everywhere I look at this swirling pit, cloudy lines and figures glide around the vortex. Through the clashing voices, seeing figures of tivanians during their growth stage inside a mother’s body in the form of clouds leaves me shivering all over. The deeper I go, the baby figure slowly turns back to a fetus. Until … it turns back to a separated egg cell. But the bottom of it is an empty blue void eating the cloud figured egg. Amidst the danger I’m in now, determination kicks in as I dive deeper to save the falling child.

    “Hold on Child! I’m coming!” try as I might, I feel myself being pulled away from that child. Through the upward tug of war, cloud figures of pointed sticks and other mysterious pointed objects collide with the fetus figures. Those children cries lave me very broken inside. In every cloud fetus that get struck, I scream out in pain as if my womb is struck by those things before I feel like my son’s previous home being ripped out of me from the inside.



    “Celena! Jireh!” running swiftly with a bucket of warm water from the springs, I place it on the floor while Mien Rin attempts to shake them up awake yet failing.

    “Lemme go! I have to save him! Lemme GO!” Celena’s screaming combined with my child’s endless wailing, I’m in a difficult position by something I cannot comprehend. Their eyes are shut tightly by the nightmarish experience both are having now. Telling my best friend to stand back, I grab the bucket ready to make a really humiliating action if it turns out to be a false alarm from my wife.

    “Jireh! Sweetheart! Wake up! Wake up!” my heart is pounding out of fear for her and my child as I swing the bucket on my back and forward the water towards them, washing them away with the hot spring water. In a snap, the warm liquid washes their fears and screams out with life. After a while, they regain their senses. But my baby is shivering despite being wrapped up in a warm towel. I guess that is the aftermath of whatever they experienced. I bet Mien Rin felt it too until now. I just can’t bear it.

    “I’m sorry about that. But sweetheart, what happened?” even if I ask, she gives me one answer. I still find it as no response. All I could see is a tearful face from both of them. I did what I can to comfort them with a loving hug. I pity them both now.

    “It’s okay. Daddy’s here for both of you.” I caringly speak while I wipe off the flowing tears from their shocked eyes.

    “It’s okay sister. I’m here for both of you too.” Mien Rin joins along easing the pain both of them are having as she wraps around her blanket.

    “EVERYONE! WE GOT SOME BAD NEWS BEARS! MY SISTER IS SICK!” seeing Johanna panting with fear, the rest of us follow where she’s running.
    Just walking up moments ago, my wife and child weren’t the only ones screaming. Avea was also involved.

    “Just how sick is Avea? Johanna? Are you listening?” seems that she misses my quick question. I head back to Celena and tell them my instructions. “You two just stay here okay? I’ll help our friend.” I pet my child and kiss Celena to reassure them. With a nod from Mien Rin, we pursue Johanna.

    When we arrive on her room, behind Zoxi is Avea being desperately treated, shot me in the back of my mind.

    “What happened to her?” It gasps me to ask.

    “Simple! WE DON’T KNOW HOW AT ALL! OR WHAT COSTED IT!” Seeing my uncle figure serious is a once in a blue moon. “Just look at her.”

    Poor Avea. It seems she is seriously burning up on skin color. She has quite an orange tone on her skin as she winces in pain. She couldn’t even open her eyes. Plus, she has unusual scars wrapped all over her body, chained with this unknown sickness. The rest of us just stared in horror. The sight of her only made Johanna cry a lot harder. Her breathing is raspy like a tired athlete.

    “I tried what I could. But it isn’t working!” it makes me feel sorry to Johanna. My wife catches up with the inevitable look of shock to her before she closed our child’s eyes not wanting to see another scary thing with its naïve eyes. Her forehead has a towel with a bag of ice already melted to water.

    “This is not just a fever or any kind of anomaly. This is something grave. No tivanian ever gets a fever in my homeland. Everyone, gather your stuff! We are now leaving to reach the capital,” Then he just immediately ran off to the gate. I guess he’s preparing the horses. As everyone else left, he calls me back. “Lucas! Bring Avea with me over here!”

    I’m a bit hesitant at first. But Celena gives me the nod. Thus she let me carry her to the carriage. Arriving there, I can see that he is feeding his horses a little bit more. I’m sure of what he is talking about. Hivanis Keep the Hivanian Capital.

    A few minutes later, everyone and everything is set for our emergency run, “Just what is going on now?” I ask myself.

    Part B coming right now.
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    Default Chapter 9: Fever Blister (Part B)

    Chapter 9: Fever Blister (Part B)...

    About two hours later since our leave in the morning, we arrive at Hivanis Keep. A sign of two ‘volcanic rock made Keeps’ resonates on what the legend of their history shows; the first young couple of Hivanis. Their houses are made out of rocks and stones of varying designs. While the ones at the front of the entrance are balanced squares and rectangles, from the distance I find houses with bizarre structures. At the very distance is a stone building reflecting light like a crowned crystal, my guts tell me that it absorbs the sun’s light. One particular building looks like a piece of decorated jumbled blocks molded in unequal formations, some form a half diamond roof with a one-third remain of a perfect square, in a linear direction to the right. For the few amount of plants available, grass like stones are wrapped and buried around their roots.

    For a keep found on the volcanoes, our horses have a bit of mountain climbing going on carrying our weights. Gladly, its location isn’t very high. It could have been worse for our sick woman if Hivanis Keep lasted another half valley higher.

    “Hello to all of you. What brings you here? Looks like ya guys had been a rush this morning.” this teenager Hivanian currently catches us. This adolescent girl has a hair tied by a headband with tiny stones blings wherever her head tilts. With her miner’s equipment speaking to us her career, she places down her bucket of glittering gems on our carriage.

    “We need to visit your hospital. We got a friend who recently got sick this morning.” Zoxi jumps down grabbing some wheat from his mini saddle bag. When our guest climbs in to check on Avea, I hear those ladies trying to silently grab a piece of gem. “You two better not give us trouble now.”

    “Fo’ the gems ya too gothere, pay me twen’ny fa’ive hundred oseps,” I don’t know how this hivanian knew my wife’s devious act. Maybe I didn’t hear the faint clinging after all. It chuckles me to hear my wife, and Johanna’s grunted groaning with my baby’s little pleading act, “Oh dear! This is waaaayy alien ill. Sir, follow my directions.” After giving the detailed directions, she gently removes her headband passing it to my Jireh.

    “I’m a bit jealous at you my child. Getting too lucky for your first few days...” I think to myself.

    Arriving at an established hospital built out of smooth polished yellow white-ish stone, another doctor in common doctor’s white coat and light blue apron arrives on the scene just going to the hospital. I think he must be a professional one just to the look of his gray mustache talking to me, “He’s quite old.”

    “Doctor! We’re here in need of help for our patient. Glad you came-” With Zoxi speaking in desperate breathing and weary arms, our doctor raises his finger objecting our uncontrollable speech to stop.

    “Calm down now people. I need you two to carry your patient to our emergency room. Hurry up and follow me--.” As he’s about to run, Johanna reaches out holding on to his left hand.

    “I’m a nurse from Navanis. Please allow me to help you on saving my sister.” While a part of me just wanted to tell her to stop with the lines ‘Everything will be fine. Let him handle this.’ Johanna seems to literally and figuratively plead for her sister’s life to be guided. The strength of her love to her sibling is so strong as if her sister is her missing half. Then everybody follow inside with Zoxi, along with me, carrying Avea to the emergency room.

    “Avea! Hang in there!” Johanna’s willpower and plea battle it out in every step. “Just hang in there! I’m here for you!”


    “Hello to everybody. This day is a mess for today. I may as well introduce my name before talking about your friend’s condition. I’m Doctor Taitoko Kexiya. Call me Taiko. May I know your names?” With a humble bow, he looks back at ‘Zoximayru’. “No need to tell your name Sir Zoximayru. We know that you are the founder of this hospital. Welcome back colleague.”

    “I’m Lucas Tanabata, along with my wife, Celena Tanabata. Here is our recently born child, Jireh Tanabata.” to Taiko, such polite gestures from the young navanian father is appreciating to have when first timers step on his terrain.

    “I’m Mien Rin Sanipela, eldest sister of Celena.” She lightly shakes his hand.

    “Johanna Lexyria. Twin sister of Avea.” Despite a sad sigh on her part, Taiko has nothing against it.

    “Hmm … ahem. On the topic. From my past knowledge, we had no data at all on what her sickness could be. A ‘Navanian’ getting an orange skin tone with fever like a ‘Hivanian’ with mysterious scars is completely new. Normally, when we have a ‘Navanian’ undergoing a conversion, what happens is they undergo a transition of their birthmarks. Where only the white and another color remain intact and the other three colors fade away. Until such time that their physical figure changes to their remaining color. Hers is not normal. But one of our doctors tried to bring an empty orb of water. But this is what happened when it was placed next to her. Nurse, could you bring the orb we used during the operation?” He calls at the hall where a nurse dressed like him gently carries a spherical, warm red stone.

    Once the orb comes to view, the bright ruby red color shines the mysterious black markings that Avea had been carrying moments ago. Everyone’s words else fell to the unknown silent void.

    “What I find surprising are the markings latching at this watery orb. I dunno what exactly happened to it, but the sickness your friend seems to transfer itself to the orb; which means good news Ms. Johanna. Your twin is cured but in need of rest for a night.” Just as Taiko finishes, Johanna mercifully hugs him in relief to know that her sister will be fine after Johanna’s inner storm finishes plaguing her sanity.

    Congratulations. My child.

    You did what is necessary for her. Our next goal starts next year.

    “Was this … the right way?”

    Ask yourself. It’s a necessity to know yourself as well. Now go.

    Please keep my young partners in company.

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    Warning: This chapter contains mild sexual phrases and references to swearing at the same time.

    Author's note: Wow. A lot has been revised now that look at it. I hope you get to enjoy this re-modified work. But, starting next chapter, plenty of scenes are added and retconed in the upcoming chapters.

    Chapter 10: Errands.

    Sometime has passed ever since we’ve met the doctor. Avea seemed to be doing just fine but Johanna insisted they will both return to Navanis once her sister will be healing up. I just hope they will be okay now that I look back upon that.

    We are walking the hallway to get some fresh air after holding some medical scents all over us. My baby coughs away at it just as much as I do so myself.

    Minutes Ago...

    “Will you two be joining with our field trip once Avea’s up again?” Sometimes, big sister ignores my call if she has to deal some stuff with her friends. But I can’t do anything with it. Neither Lucas’ rational talk could knock sense at her.

    “… We’d rather … head back home. Just somewhat … homesick. I bet that’s how she feels … even if she’s still sleeping.” Reading a book, she wraps a finger on her cup slowly sipping her bitter tea.

    My baby curiously eyes both of them with intent. Who knows? Could he be looking to something I couldn’t see? Probably the source of their relationship? I have not a single word to tell it.

    “You may not get it much yet little Jireh. Not unless mommy is giving birth to another sibling next year.” As much as Lucas and I are holding our outbursts, she pets him lightly while giving us a faint smile. No way I will get myself pregnant again.

    “Johanna, don’t beg us to procreate again. Our child is already more than enough.” Knowing the hard responsibility we’re having now, he protests our disagreeing “No” like me. Just as he finished his phrase, those down leaning eyes and lips of Johanna is what neither ours couldn’t avoid nor predict.

    “Hmmm … more than enough huh? Lucas, try farming your sweetheart a sack-load of interaction tonight and harvest ten more. Better load it up my little girl. Jireh might want a sibling next year.” All we did was froze and passed out of that daunting request. Not only she encouraged Jireh to have a younger brother or sister, she seems to be leading his innocent mind instead of my rather not-so-stellar leadership.

    “Ten more? … I can’t take it anymore!” I outburst my annoyance and leave the room.

    “Be thankful that I’m not beating you up now!” Just like me, Lucas laves the room and slams the door.

    “Really Zoxi … you took an awesome idea for us to do! Our plan during the station was a success!” Ahh it’s nice when I get to have a sense of laughter, though my fellow co-workers and I back at the express have tendencies to go too far. “That sickness is NOT our fault though! Electricity NEVER DOES THAT! We only just-“ of all the tivani to enter our private conversation. No way could I beat up my crew to shut up if all of us are just like that.

    “QUIET GUYS!” all of just halt our bodies quiet. Maybe our inner egos flinch out from hearing that one particular wailing kid.

    “What’s all the loud talk going around here?! Can’t you at least show silence for the patients? Our baby just woke up again.” He really has adapted my pal huh? Should have raised him when I had the---

    “Hello? Vitandes to Zoxi? You’re ignoring us again.” Celena. What really happened to you? Let loose a bit of fun here and there.

    “He…heheehehehe … Uhh how about you three just, do an errand for now AND LOOK! HEY TAIKO! GIVE THEM AN ERRAND PLEASE I’M SORRY I CANNOT HELP FOR A WHILE SO THANK YOU ANDGOODBYE!!” I just slam the wooden door shut with my arm. “Gosh that was too close for comfort.”

    While we wonder as to what’s going on with Zoxi and his strange pals, our baby just laughs a lot of things from what I can tell as “He’s funny!”.

    “Well that’s unexpected.” Both of us felt the sweat drop from my husband.

    “Well … Sir and Maam Tanabata. Am I Right?” Looking behind us was that gray bearded doctor who assisted our friend. Unlike the other doctors wearing those white and blue green clothing, the light orange lights allures to his green uniform and light brown pants and sandals in every word he echoes.

    “Yes. Are you … by the way … Taitoko?” from Lucas and my view, he may be getting white aging hair and beard. But his approachable voice eases my husband’s logical ego while I feel like hugging this wise guy.

    “Yeah, though call me Taiko instead. How about we get to know ourselves first while we head to my room? Just curious.” We just nodded and follow him through the hallway.

    “Tell me. What brings you two here at Hivanis? It’s easy to tell your race from your birthmarks that both of you are Navanian.” Both of us find him the kind of doctor who wears those crystal clear circle mirrors at his eyes like a house glass window. Local beliefs said that it is worn by any tivanian who pursues knowledge and curiosity, or who has troubles seeing things visually clear. But we don’t see that a lot on our time.

    “We were travelling back all over Vitandes.” I said to him.

    “A vacation I see. Any relations with Zoximayru Ulirys? He seems to know you two so well. I mean, why is he giving you some company?” Taiko asks.

    “We are friends with him.” Lucas takes my lead.

    “Friends huh? Then I bet you two should know that he is our hero’s best friend,” We give this doctor a nod. “But I remember him giving me stories about our hero’s children … or so adopted children they said. I don’t know much. But that’s the thing he always tells to his friends while letting us speculate those children.”

    Lucas lends me an ear as we debated whether we should tell him more about us. I agree with his idea since he’s friendly enough not to even know us.

    “Thanks for that conversation. But can you repeat that part you are saying about our hero’s children?” I attempt to lure his curiosity onto a timely approach for his shocked face.

    “What for? But … guess it doesn’t hurt much. I wanted to know those children. Something about our hero having children that are adopted.” He fiddles his glasses.

    “Do you know who you are talking to now?” Lucas implied our doctor. “They could be with you now,” I know my husband tries to be humorous if he possibly can. “Wouldn’t it be awesome if those children are with you now?”

    As each of us grab and tilt his head to us, that mouth wide “gasp” leaves all of us smiling with laughter, “C-could you two be … Now I get it! Okay! Apologies for my unprepared tolerance!” “Zoxi, you lucky bastard.” “We can get to know each now perhaps. I’ve been waiting to meet you two for years now,” Like every other time, he looks at our baby with a soft awe. “My oh my! A recently born baby huh mister and miss Tanabata. He is indeed looking healthy. Cute too.” My child giggles out his cheeky face.

    “Our friend Johanna checked both of us up.” when I tell him her name, his cowering hands cover his face for a bit. That’s so priceless.

    “We named Jireh as an honor of our master.” Lucas looks back at the picture of a house hanging on the wall while he nuzzles at our baby.

    “Jireh … hmm, not exactly our hero’s name. But more of a closely meaningful term.” As he mentions ‘meaningful term’, it hits my head something I wanted to know back then; when Johanna told me to ‘Check his chest. That’s where his symbol was marked.’

    “Mr. Taiko. We want to know something that we don’t know about.” I propose as Lucas catches my idea.

    “Curious couple huh? Well, I’m willing to answer that.” That tilting of his head and eyeglasses tells me that he’s willing to listen to us. Maybe a little too close as if he is eyeing us too close. My little boy is just being himself giggling at Taiko.

    “It is something about our baby. Something so new for both of us. Like a checkup.” Lucas follows my proposal.

    This giggles him for a while, “You two remind me of my sibling and her husband during their early days as a family. I went to the point doing more than just teach them health. I even did parenthood. Lemme see what you little fella holds.” As Taiko grabs and twists the knob, we finally enter his official hospital room number 646.

    Taiko did his usual stuff on checking up our patient. But for such a growing old tivani, he’s a kid at heart, which is also what our goddess wanted us to realize. I find her really wise on the meaning of life.

    “Hmmm. This kid of yours doesn’t have a birthmark? Cause I’m not seeing one. This tivani seems to be … unique.” Jireh, for him, is ‘unique’ but I find it strangely not lavishly impressing.

    As the glint of light hits my eye, the light of has blinded me for a moment, “I think my friend uses something like a flashlight like those.” Grabbing on to the flashlight inside the glass cabinet, he stares my child’s body on bed stage. But stupidity hits my thoughtful head when nothing’s showing up as he sets it aside and pick up the glittering, cocktail colored flashlight.

    “Before I forget, please return this to your friend that helped me with your patient. She kinda left this behind. Finding this kind of flashlight is very handy for us doctors; yet it is one of the rarest items to find.” Taiko says.

    “I bet you wanted to keep it to yourself.” The irresponsible and spoiled side of me makes him reveal his familiar flatter face.

    “If I could, I will! But … I can’t if she owns it…” Lucas and me had enough of playing his emotions around and let our doctor continue his gentle, analytic check-up using Johanna’s pricey gem made flashlight looking for that familiar symbol to reveal its true form once more.

    While Lucas and I stare with awe, Taiko is mouthful on awes than our awe of awes, “This … this is new! You two … must have something very unique on your genetics! This is a completely new symbol that I happened to find on this day never found in all the clinical books I’ve been studying for the last twenty years! It’s amazing! You two should be really proud of your child!” that expressive gratitude about his happiness for me and my newly founded inner bliss saves my day from what I had last night.

    “But in all honesty, I don’t specialize in birthmark origins. I’m sorry that I can’t give you the answers that you need. Maybe someone else knows these things.” I bet that light grunting sigh of his means knowledgeably disappointed.

    “Thanks for trying sir. We’ll get going.” With Lucas ending our chat while I pick up our content baby warmly wrapped in my scarfed clothes, just before we open the door, our doctor whistles back at us.

    “One moment please. If you two have some spare time, can you do an errand for me?” Taiko asks us an errand?

    “See this box at my table?” Taiko pointed a box wrapped in colorful wrappings. “My sister’s quite a farmer. I wanted to give this to her myself. But I’m occupied for only one more day of my business before I can go home and rest. Will you deliver this to her?”

    “We’re okay with it.” after a bit of husband-wife talk with Lucas, we settle our agreement.

    As we are about to step out of his working room, he whistles back at us, “Oh thank Feli for bringing this family for my aid. Yet, I am very sorry for getting you involved in my request. Since you two are guests, I may as well give you the map of Hivanis in case you get lost. Just follow the mark of the map. It’s where our house was.”

    Since we thought that Mien Rin would be sad to even take a step away from Avea’s bed, I give my family an activity for us to do. Hopefully we’ll get it done before night time comes down.

    “Sorry big sister. Hope you’re okay staying behind. I’ll let you stay with your best friends.” I thought so to myself.

    Please keep my young partners in company.

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    Default Chapter 11: Bittersweet Event Part A

    Author's note: Once Again, I'll be splitting this chapters into 2 parts now due to length constraints. So, hope you enjoy this next chapter.

    Oh yeah, before I forget, some scenes are now added on this scene as it looks on another character's view this time.

    Chapter 11: Bittersweet Event Part A

    Tightly squeezing this watered towel, the drops of water crawl down my smooth hands, “You should go best friend.” Johanna’s dry palm rubs on my left hand after she places her coffee cup on top of a lamp desk making it warmer.

    “But … I can’t! Not when either of you are badly hurt.” My loyalty to them is just as important as the undying loyalty to my still maturing little sister. But I felt like getting tugged by two ideas conflicted with each other within me.

    “Your sister, along with your best friend … now daddy to your sister, would need you more than we need you.” She assures me looking at the open window view.

    “Celena could do just fine. Somewhat…” that last part left me an empty filing inside. My tongue just felt too unorganized after everything that happened this morning.

    “Really? I don’t see your assuring side now. Do you even think you know how to get back home without her? Maybe you find it okay for your new family to get lost just too soon.” No response for me to counter her responsive choice of convicting ideas. “Both of us are older than our siblings.”

    “But Avea is just about as old as you-” my voice climbs a bit too loud for how I want to talk back some sense at her.

    “Yet I still treat her as my little sister,” her even louder, even if she sounds so assuring, still leaves me weaker than my best friend. “You have been ignoring Celena much more ever since her child was born days ago. While she needs it to experience the true meaning of parenthood, she’ll never make it on her own. She’s not like Lucas, yet Lucas is not like you. They both need you. Especially Celena.” those words hit back at me now that I see within my mind my memories of me ignoring her on collecting the gems back at the plains. Not to mention, I haven’t taught her some more serious lessons that I promised her months ago. My breathing pumps in and out in discord.

    “I would normally want to join with you Mien Rin. But I still have more important responsibilities with Avea compared to you and the new family. I’m certain that one day you may have to leave us behind for a bit of time to deal with much more important things. But don’t think we won’t be best friends like in our young days. You and the Tanabata family are welcome to visit us anytime. Mind your sister.” As my best friend opens her book again, I turn away from her.

    “I see…” walking out the medically odorous room, Taiko shoves the open door. Sucking all the air his limping body he need, he wearily eyes me with haste.

    “Goodness you’re still here Miss Sanipela.” The leather bag clenched on Taiko’s hand outweighs the amount of things he could normally carry.

    “What’s the fuss?” Mien Rin yawningly asks with cranky arms stretching towards the ceiling of the room.

    “I forgot giving this to your two friends who already left.” Taiko opens his bag where gems are bursting glowing lights.

    “What?! Gimme that,” wind speed Mien Rin swipes the heavy bag of gems as Taiko gets the rest he needs. “…and tell me where she’s going!”

    “Taminiz Village.” Without a word, Mien Rin sprints out of the hospital with Johanna and Taiko running a distance behind telling her where to go. Unaware of the voices leading her to the correct direction, after saddling her chosen horse picked up in the same stable, she let her horse gallop without looking back.

    Thus to keep an unpaid rancher happy, not blown out mad, Taiko’s and Johanna’s profit –most from Taiko’s pay- have to cover Mien Rin’s out of nowhere gone payment.

    After riding down the volcanoes and going half way throughout the plains –with fewer jewel stone leftovers-, we give ourselves a break stretching our bodies facing a cozy, shady apple tree. Jireh’s little copycatting antics barely give him any result of making fitness results. Just as Lucas attempts to climb up the tree I ask him for that one sweet, drying, and blooming edible red food, distant galloping thumps the ground along my right side.

    As my young man climbs closer, it gets closer quickly as if those gallops are going the same direction our rides. “Celena! Lucas!” that booming yell shakes him out of the tree while I instinctively step forward in the wrong direction just to avoid getting pancaked by his crashing to the ground with dusty smoke. As it clears out, that stomping hoof left us looking at big sister in serious talk.

    “Hey! Where the heck are you three going without me?!” I thought big sis will be staying with Johanna since all three of them are best friends in a bouquet.

    “I thought that you’ll be staying with your best friends.” I assure myself of her said intent back then.

    “You are right about that. I wanted to do so badly. Yet something tells me that if I’m not here with both of you, both of you will really mess up badly.” That negative point sings us awful omen.

    “Are you saying that we’re not responsible enough to raise our child?” though he speaks sternly, Lucas sides with me on this case.

    “He’s right. I bet both of us are good enough to raise Jireh. Right son?” gliding my fingers at my baby for a bit, he giggles with joy. I’m confident that both of us can do it.

    “As much as you two try, both of you are in serious need of teaching. Both of you are still irresponsible in some way or another.” Big sis …

    “N-no were not.” Lucas replies back.

    “Then it’s settled. I’ll join with my family. That’s official!” Just great, she really means this time.

    “Fine. You can join us.” It sucks to be corrected by big sis as Lucas and I wave our inner flag with shame.
    “So where are you two going?” even she tries to play grumpy, I’m used to it too.
    “We are doing an errand.” Lucas did his turn on carrying our baby, who finds him quite comfortable too.

    “For who?” Maybe for once, she’s right that I’m forgetful. I think she doesn’t even know where we are going yet.

    “From the doctor that saved Johanna’s twin.” I open the map that Taiko gave us. It was written and marked as ‘Taminiz Village’.

    “Jireh. That’s not for you,” Big sister’s swift hand snatches away on what I glimpse as a gem. Cooing our baby not to mind that, we avoid having another unwanted cry echoing our ears. I find our baby being a quiet one at most. “Taiko forgot to give you two this bag of jewels. Told me his sister needs these.”

    “Apologies butting in. Where’s your destination abound maam?” fixing his hat, Lucas and me ride the caravan once more with Mien Rin hitching her horse again. “Here.” I show him the marked X.

    “Taminiz Village then. Here we come! And enjoy the view! Hyah!” thus, we resume our next return trip to Hivanis. Taminiz Village.

    Part B of Chapter 11 coming up now on the next post

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    Default Chapter 11: Bittersweet Event Part B

    Continuing from the previous Post...

    At sunset, Taminiz Village appears on sight. It’s been a long time since I had fun in here when I was still a kid. Master told me that many residents living here will always have a farm on their backyard farm but of course the soil they use will overall be the property of Taminiz Village: a rural village home to the popular and classic ‘Taminiz Candy’. This town had fairly nice squared houses that they got since they mixed it a bit of wood but still, it was stone that they always use. Being a ‘Taminiz Candy Making City’ means that you cannot avoid the sweet sugary scent of candy, it’s all over this village.

    “Taminiz candy special available today! Mango Float flavor is the flavor of the day! Order one while you can! Four pieces for only five oseps!” Trust me about this place! Its candy shop paradise from hearing that candy shop owner calling out to its customers.

    “Mama! Mama! Papa!” And just like me, my baby finds it very eager just to eat a single piece of that candy. Normally, I’d rather avoid it since he needs sugar control. Too bad I didn’t feed him this morning. I decide to use the discount on that shop. After I said yes, he giggles through my shoulders. Stopping our ride at that one mango candy shop, I buy four pieces of Mango Taminiz Candy for five Oseps and continue our ride while I feed my baby. The candy looks like a chopped piece of wooden pencil. But eating it will make it very jello, being reactive to our wet tongues. I remember trying one strawberry flavor before that it melted inside my mouth. It is chewable like sweet jelly. At least they know how to make edible yet healthy candy for babies, “Mama! Papa!” such a child that we have … loving both Lucas and I.

    “Is this the reason why couples wanted a child?” could this be the true answer? After going for a bit of riding, we find our place of residence. After getting the payment done, we wait near the door.

    “Hello? Anyone living here? We’re looking for Taiko’s sibling.” Mien Rin knocks on the door as both of us deal some things with our lovable baby who is sniffing the aromatic air around him.

    “Coming,” a male voice opens the wooden door, “Guests? … Hmmm … I’m not sure what brings you three here. Are you here for my wife?”

    “Are you … Taiko’s sister’s wife?” Even if Lucas starts the conversation, I just give this hivanian guy a quick nod.

    “Yes. In fact, mentioning Taitoko’s nickname tells me everything that I needed to know. All four of you have something that he wants to give to Keema. Right?” that man asks as we nod back at him again.

    “She’s at the back of the farm but I think we should just talk more about ourselves some more in our backyard farm. Come,” With ‘Keema’s man’ leading the way, his farm is only about half the size of our master’s farm. By his physique, he is a bit like Lucas but his height and muscle and skin tone is another story. “Oh … guess both o you glimpsed at my left hand. I really need to cover this.”

    “Hivanian. Right?” Mien Rin assures.

    “Today. But I was in all truth a Navanian like you little lady,” His swaying arms gives me and my family a wondrous impression. “But to the looks of you young man, yours is still undergoing changes. But I think your dominant element would be some Herbarian traits. Hey Keema! We got some guests sweetie pie!” as our guest calls out. Moments later, we get to meet his wife entering her house in a unique way. She’s quite like Lucas but with more feminine traits of Hivanian spicy slenderness. It makes me feel so small and too tasteless when her basket full of crops is just hanging on her head without holding it with her hands.

    “Guests?” very happy, gasping face expression pops in immediately. “Are you two … also married?” as we said yes to her, this Keema squeals out as loud as a humming bird. “Oh my goodness! You two are so adorable together! I could have at least prepared something delicate for you two!” Maybe her screaming is too energetic AND too loud for my ears.

    “Uhhhmmm … hello? Who are you two anyway?” I wave my hand just to give her a hello.

    “I’m Keema Wesnu, Here with me is my husband, Imtrimi Wesnu.” Really weird names if you are asking me when Keema brings down her basket of fruits.

    “Call me Trim if you want.” And our guest ‘Trim said’.

    “Sorry for the hassle but could you lend a helping hand,” I bet seeing Keema’s facing their farm field tells that big sis is here for another field work. “Don’t worry. We’ll give you something good for the four of you tonight.”

    Seeing their farm close to completion of harvesting every last fruit that they got, I bet that their special giveaway awaits us. So we lend them a good hand. Minus me since my baby would rather cling on to my chest still and my inner body is still sore from carrying my child when he’s still inside me.

    Later that evening, we have a dinner with our two guests. During our cooking time for some ‘Taminiz candy’ specialty, we add a bit of knowing each other, ‘Course it would be boring without a someone to talk with’ for Keema anyways.

    “How old is your baby? Cause he is quite small.” Trim puts up a smile on his face in some way that all of us laugh. Jireh just finds them very funny. I guess he just finds them as gentle as us too.

    “Recently born.” Mien Rin does the doctoral filler since ‘me and my love’ are not so fond of it. In the middle of them all, my baby is sucking and touching my breasts drinking the milk I naturally created for my child.
    But looking back at what we did in the kitchen a while ago was something quite a disturbing mess for Mien Rin’s disappointing opinion.

    “Celena. Come here for a moment,” Keema peered through the kitchen opening as I entered and found myself a seat. “So how is your experience so far for being a mom?”

    “Seems very good as far as I felt.” covering my liability made me gullible on my mouth. “So what’s the call for me here?” Just before she went to the question, she told me on how bad of a mother I was to lie at her.

    “Have you ever tried giving something that you did yourself for your child?” she asked me while mixing the ingredients inside the cooking pot.

    “Not yet.” I said.

    “How about YOU cook some ‘Taminiz Candy’ for baby Jireh?” that suggestion left me standing here at the kitchen.

    “Really?! Is it easy to make?” clamping my hands, I think that I could finally cook my favorite snack that I always liked when I was still young.

    “Who says ya canut’ ma yun leddy?” her weird way of speaking creeps me out though.

    In a nutshell, I did quite a mess on my cooking. Cooking Taminiz Candy properly took me six times to finally get it right, just great that my left hand got burned into the recipe back at the kitchen too.

    During my conversation with Keema and Mien Rin, Lucas and Trim are having a men’s father moment of their own; probably learning about being a dad and also something that I overheard about Keema and Trim having a son of their somewhere.

    Until, something round from Lucas’ bag falls out.

    “Ohh. Now I remember. We kinda forgot to give this to you.” Lucas hands over the baggage that Taiko delivered to my big sister moments ago.

    “No need to tell. I’m sure that’s from my brother. He’s quite happy for a single man,” Giggling at her statement, as she unwrap the gift, she stares at it with stars all over her eyes. All of us (minus Trim) are startled. Ain’t that… “Oh my goodness! I’ve never expected my brother to give us something so beautiful!” I’m just dumbstruck. “Here you go little baby. Hold on to it. Lemme get my papers and—“

    “Lucas! That’s the stone!” Mien Rin reacts the quickest while we catch up to see this one orb holding that unknown sickness. I just grab that orb and place it on the table without thinking. It’s just gives me a sense of foreboding. Just when Keema’s husband is about to pick it up, I snatch it away. “Lucas wait-“

    “Celena! Just hush!” with a light shove, I back off nearly falling on the floor. “Mien Rin. Tell me! Did Taiko just dump that thing onto the bag when he gave it to you?” Out of fear and anger, Lucas pushes me back some more as he takes the stone and passes it to my sister.

    “N-no of course not! When I checked it before I left the keep, it wasn’t there! I’m sure that it was with Taiko!” Mien Rin’s confusion is plaguing all over us.

    “WHOA THERE YOUNG LADY AND FOLKS! No hurt but all of you are getting quite tense on that thing! What. The. Heck. Is going on here?” Like I should not, Trim. You nearly ended your own life when you nearly hold on to it!

    “Don’t you know what’s in this one?! Both of you nearly killed yourselves!” I said frantically. But, “Oh no! What am I fearing? Why am I feeling like this? What am I seeing?”

    “Heyhey! What the hassle goin on here?” that is until Keema faces me. “Miss Celena. Are yo okay?! Seems like you are spooked by that present that my bro’ gave me! I just hope that my man didn’t do somethin to ya. Or the other way around that is.” Oh no, I have to do something. I made quite a mess from angering Keema now. “Young man, do something to her. Seems that she just saw a fading spirit that rose from the ground.”

    “Sweetheart. Just give some composure to your reaction. Let me handle this.” Lucas makes it easier said than done for me.

    “It’s easier said than done! This orb holds-“ Just as I heard ringing bells, after a few seconds, I remain quietly speechless. “I don’t think there are any bells outside. But ... was all of that noise coming from my head? It better not be. I’ve got to convince them that something’s wrong with this orb. Those symbols attached to it are the reasons Avea got seriously ill. Those voices in my nightmare…”

    “I hate repeating it again maam but you are making yourself look insa-!” Just as Keema continues talking, the orb that big sister’s holding shines a very bright red that envelopes all of us inside screaming with fear, even my own baby. Then I just pass out.

    Well, that leaves the next modified chapter for next week. Keep your wits up now for some major changes while maintaining the direction of the story.

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    Default Chapter 12: Gateway to the Soul Part A

    Chapter 12: Gateway to the Soul Part A

    With the room finally clear, a female silhouette walks inside sticking to the shadows stealthily picking up a wailing Jireh calling out to its loving mother. Despite her correct way of carrying a navanian baby, the child’s crying never stop for the stranger’s arms are not that of its mother.

    “I’m so sorry little one. But it has to be done.” The female stranger says as her hands glow emerald green massaging the child’s head. With hand motions as smooth as silk, the stranger whispers indescribable words of an unknown language. Then Jireh falls down asleep and unconscious.

    “If your mother dies within you, my mission will be failed. Better stay strong. Celena and Lucas.” Chanting the mysterious language, the female stranger’s body slowly fades to dust. The particles of magical dust slowly penetrate itself to the child’s body without leaving any bleeding wounds.

    In an unknown empty blue valley, a tune of a heartbeat and the grinding sound of a trillion gears echo all over the place. The valley empty from life. Trees and grass? Rocks? Water? Only air and an invisible ground reside on this empty valley. On the empty floor lie the family members of Tanabata and Wesnu. Moments pass since the gears and heartbeat noises continue as both parties uncomfortably stretch their bodies just to wake up seeing the emptiness of their location.

    “Where … are we?” Both couples ask themselves.

    “Celena. Lucas. I’m glad you’re still okay.” Mien Rin opens her arms as she gives her sister and best friend a reassuring hug.

    “Miss Celena! I want answers from you as to where the hell we are right now?! I don’t know as to what that thing brought us now. But you three have some serious answers to give me now!” that tonal hostility from Keema tells Celena that both Keema and Trim aren’t happy.

    “Keema! Sweetie! There’s no need to be mad at her,” Understanding Celena’s cluelessness and fear, Trim defends her innocence as he pulls his furious wife away to avoid unwanted physical conflict. “Besides, she didn’t want this to happen anyway. I know that we are at some scary place. So I can forgive you sir and maam Tanabata. Start thinking now Lucas. Cause I’ll let her fury loose if you don’t so.”

    “Thanks for understanding Trim. My wife doesn’t know as much as I do too.” Lucas says before he asks, “Has any of you seen Jireh?” everyone turns their head in different directions hoping to find any sign of a child wrapped in blue blankets.

    Murmurs are bursting. Something within Celena is driving her to be worried for her child, “Where’s Jireh? Where’s my baby? Where’s my child?” the more she thinks about it, it slowly turns to a murmur that everyone else hear as she repeats those three similar questions over and over.

    “Celena. Celena! Wake up!” distracted by Lucas, all of them are looking at her.
    Whistling at everyone, Trim passes his side to everybody else, “Why don’t we just go in some direction? Maybe we could find the exit?” With no questions ask, they head northeast.

    Moments later, all sound in the environment is lost as the blue empty valley darkens. Until a few seconds later, a mysterious music is being played all around them.

    “Don’t just ask what is happening. What is that?!” Mien Rin looks below the floor as the ground shows unknown ancient letter symbols glowing on the ground.
    “Ain’t these marks the one Avea had?”

    The symbols float on the sky and arrange themselves in a mysterious order like decoding a message. All that they did is stare at the ancient message through silence in awe and fear; all of them asking themselves many questions, but two things stay in their heads asking. ‘What is going on here? What are these symbolic lines of letters represent?’

    Two minutes later, the script blows itself apart like a piece of dynamite ignited inside the boxes. Eventually, portions of the world crack open as craters and canyon with lava form. Mountains and volcanoes rise from some of the open cracks as the blue sky turns to a dark red sky.

    The other half of this chapter is coming right now on the next post. It's too many for one post for my taste...
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    Default Chapter 12: Gateway to the Soul Part B

    Author's note: Continuing from the previous post, this part of my previous chapter 12 is where a lot of changes to my story's flow while maintaining my initial plot for this series. So if something is just out of synch for you, tell me then on what it is if you want to.

    “HELP! SOMEBODY!” I turn my head to my left hearing a child’s voice on top of a distant mountain that has just risen from the ground just now. I don’t know what kind of volcano is it.

    “Battle stations! Ready!” turning all of our backs, a horde of strangers shakes the ground with their harmonized stomping of the ground. Their lustrous black and violet armor and their height twice more compared to my height give us this sense of fear and intimidation. “SOLDIERS! EXECUTE THEM!” as that command is said, I immediately tell everyone to run back. As those armored strangers continue their pursuit, we kept running. But for most of us as we continue on, we are getting exhausted. Our hopes are fading fast the closer our executors get closer to ending our lives. Shoot us with their arrows and javelins, or cut us to pieces with their swords and axes, they want us dead for reasons none of us know.

    But it turns out we are not alone. A larger group of smaller people with white-red armor head towards us. Before we could react, one of the members of that white group appears in front of us with a white smoking entrance. But unlike the others, this one is as tall as my wife holding a wooden staff with the top tip curled in a tight circle. Raising its arms, a tall spherical shield surrounds us before it points its stick towards the black horde releasing a thunderstorm at the tip, shocking them in paralysis.

    “Strangers, we’ll take care of that horde for you. Get the child and escape this world. Follow its cry. No time to ask. Just DO IT!” this male sounding like a young boy said as he slams the stick to the ground where a caravan with four white-red stripped horses appears at the side. We immediately ride in as I whip the leash telling the horse to bring us out to safety.

    Amidst our escape, the white armored group and the black armored horde are still fighting each other. But for the little ones, they are on the brink of losing for only few of the black armored guys fell on the battlefield. With no direction as to where that child’s cry is coming from, our hopes of surviving this desolated are falling down. When Celena spots a shining light sparkling on the mountain towards the west, fate gives us a saving grace for my eyes. With a quick heave, I tilt the left side of the whip downwards as the horses turn left heading for that distant mountain.

    “H-how did you find us imposter?” on the middle of the mountain road, a mysterious woman cloaked in black cloth asks what seems to be the very leader of the black armored horde that just destroyed every last one of the white armored soldiers and magi. The black armored man carries the thickest triangular sword with a large, red hexagon shield as it stances for battle. As for the woman, she stands ready to rescue the imprisoned child carrying the baby.

    “As to how, I cannot tell you. But you will pay for you crimes.” Taking advantage of saying that last word, the black man thrusts his forward towards the cloaked woman. But the mystery woman thrusts her left hand forward as a teardrop shaped shield blunts the swords attack with the sword’s tip hitting the leaf pattern.

    “Looks like I have to drive you out of this by force you imposter. Don’t you ever think I knew what your kind did to us.” Shoving the blade away, she swings her right arm as hundreds sharp leaves fly directly to the armored man who just positions his shield taking all of the hits. Seizing the opportunity, her shield releases a spherical pulse towards the hoard’s leader, exploding on contact. Just before the cloaked woman could even react, the armored leader charges forward with his shield against his enemy who just heavily shoved for damage.

    Dazed from the force of the shield, the armored man walks slowly towards his female prey. He raises his sword upwards to deal with the final blow. But he stabs the ground instead for he finds his oppose a possible opportunity in the future, “You know what, you are not my intended target. But I’ll leave you be for now.” The armored man lifts his sword as it glows violet with a rectangular translucent, violet wall surrounding him, “With a parting gift!”

    As we arrive closer to the mountain path, the ground starts to shake hard where the path gets thinner as the ground opens up with massive cracks and an ocean-full of magma boils below.

    “Sweetheart! Let me help you!” my wife recklessly tries to get on the driver’s seat with me. But the shaking ground nearly drops her off the caravan if it wasn’t for Trim and Keema rescuing her at that moment.

    “Celena! Are you out of your mind? We may end up falling together!” I can’t believe that I had to argue with her as she gets a wild seat next to me. But why? Why now?!

    “I can feel it! That kid holds our child! Both of them are trapped!” we silently stop talking for a bit. “Follow my lead! I got a feeling that I know the safest and quickest route.”

    “Our child is at the peak too? I’ve known her for being quite a misleading girl that I love! But can I trust her on this case where our demise is coming?” After a moment of hard thinking, I put on some faith on her. However she gets that idea or info, I just trust my decision to believe in her. “Lead the way sweetheart.” I place a hand on her hand as I continue guiding the moving horses.

    With Celena telling me where to go, I focus on the road and lead the way. Even if we are running away from the hoard, we can clearly hear the loud clanging of their heavy armor. As if those things are like runners that never get tired despite the heavy equipment.

    As our dangerous escape keeps getting worse, I can hear chunks of the ground getting blown away from behind us, “Lucas! We’ll slow them down for you. Just focus!” Whatever Mien Rin does mean to slow them down will help us.

    “I got no idea ‘bout this power of ours. But tossing fireballs from our hands is awesome!” however Keema stays happy at such a serious moment, I ignore thinking about it for I have bigger worries to deal with.

    “Just focus Keema! Mien Rin can’t do this alone!” I wanted to thank Trim right now, but I just keep myself quiet about it and let them do something to our escape.

    Throughout the climbing ride, we have done many turns just to elude our predators while we arrive closer to the mysterious woman who just rescued the imprisoned child carrying our child. The world all over us is falling apart as chunks of soil fall to the magma alongside other volcanoes and mountains. The mountain we are crossing has just begun to fall apart. All we need to do is to head for the exit and we can leave this world with our child. At least that’s what my wife told me a while ago.

    “Hey!” having my attention from the voice, this stranger cloaked in black cloth is carrying our baby running at the top edge of the cliff to our left like the wind. He or she is pointing to the edge of the cliff motioning his or her arm, telling us that this stranger will jump on to our ride near the exit: a light blue swirling portal to be precise.

    “Celena. The way he -- she is asking is risky. Should we take the chance? It’s just too dangerous! Our child may be killed in the process if she misses the jump!” Mien Rin makes a good point.

    “Should we? Hold on!” she is not yet sure? A part of me wants to tell Celena that she must answer now the closer we get to the portal.

    “Celena! Hurry!” I am hesitant as we are getting close to freedom. But we can’t leave our child behind.

    “Miss CEL! Don’t lollygag now! We’re gonna die soon by these things!” Keema just makes me want to smack her mouth after this. I can’t disagree with her as the rocks above our only escape route starts to crumble down

    “GO!” as my wife shouts the command, that stranger just jumps while we haven’t reached his or her line of range yet. To make it worse, Celena gets out of the front as if she is the one reaching up to Jireh. All of those few moments give me a frightened vision whether we missed it or not.

    “Please. Make it with us. Don’t die yet my child. Celena and I can’t bear it if we lose you!” I just close my eyes and make my final whip; hoping for the best as we pass through the mysterious portal.

    Please keep my young partners in company.

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    Default Chapter 13: Family Moments Part A

    Chapter 13: Family Moments Part A

    Amidst the midnight winds of Hivanis, the house of the Wesnu family emanates a warm red light within those few moments before it fades to nothingness. Everyone just slept at random spots of the house, amnesiac on what happened in that desolated world.

    “Goddess Feli. I’m afraid our opposers has just intervene themselves with the chosen family.” The black cloaked woman said as she sets everyone up on the sofas and chairs.

    “My child. Destiny is changing. Better return to me soon.”

    “Yes my lady.” Setting the sleeping baby on Celena’s arms, she walks outside the house. Closing her eyes, her feet glows to blue until she runs far from the house like the wind in a blink of an eye.

    “I’m … I’m back. What just … happened? Uhhhnn … Ji … jir …jireh?” opening my eyes, I find myself sitting on a sofa inside a house. I think this is Keema’s house. But that memory in that place hits me inside my mind. “Those … things. They’re after us … and our child. I caught my child alive. Yet … the other. What happened to the other two?” It didn’t take me long enough to feel another warm feeling. My child is sleeping on my arms. “Jireh! You’re okay! Mommy’s worried about you!” I whisper to his ear as I shed my tears in front of my child once more.

    Waking up now, the dawning sun is easy to see rising from the open window, “My baby in my arms, but what a really strange dream. It is scary. One bad dream up to another…" Looking at the other sofas and chairs, everyone else must be sleeping as if they exhausted themselves.

    “Waaahhh! Mama! Mama! Waaahh!” Oh dear. Not again. I notice Lucas and Mien Rin mildly waking up from Jireh’s crying.

    “Could you keep Jireh down? We’re still tired.” With big sister mumbling at me, I have no choice but to do it somewhere else. She’s not the morning person type since we’ve been together as sisters.

    Whispering at my baby, I lightly sing to him the song that gives him ease during his recent birth. After that, he falls asleep. I enter their kitchen and begin making some mild tea. But of course, I have to breastfeed my child again. It’ll help him get big like us in the future. My child’s sleep didn’t last long once I finished making my coffee as he happily nibbles at my breast drinking my milk much later.

    “…Mama?” Is Jireh looking through my eyes? Why do I feel like adoring him? It gives me a feeling of worry that he is worried about something. I don’t’ want him to get too tense in his early days. I want him happy. I can’t let my inner troubles get in my way or on his way.

    “Wanna gaze around the place?” I ask him through a whisper. His giggly reply tells me he’s eager. I quickly sip my mild, warm tea and leave the house. As we wonder through the farming fields, I find a nice tree for us to relax ourselves. Within the horizon, I can see a small line of yellow orange linings on the sky. The sun must be coming back now to the sky. Though it’s faint, its warm presence is still existent for my skin as I lie down onto the tree’s roots.

    “Look Jireh. It’s the sun. It is such a beauty. Isn’t it nice? The sun gives us warmth when we feel cold and sad. Whenever I feel lonely, I wait for the sun to rise another day.” I hold on to his little hand to ease his pain, just how master accepted me as his young sister years ago. Lucas enlightened me as well when it comes to love. Every time I look back on our love story, our relationship has been bumpy when it comes to our original personalities. Yet I’m the one who ask him to marry me in the end. How sweet I was.

    “Mornin` there youn’ lady. Last night sure is weird eh.” Keema? Why is she here telling me that?

    “What is weird last night?” I ask.

    “Nah. Nothin to really mind my girl. I dunno know what I’m even askin. Maybe I just had a bizarre dream. But it surely is weird. Not like I min’ about it dhough. Don’t let it get over your head miss Celena,” She gives both of us a pet in the head. “Are you an early bird Celena?” she asks.

    “Quite much,” I answer. “Keema. Where’s your son?” now that I look back, I wonder where their son is.

    Looking at her face is quite a mix, as if she is both happy and lonely altogether, “Oh … ma boy is quite a man if he was here. Guess ya heard it from my husband’s yellin’ last night. He left our place five months ago as a traveler. I dunno what he may find. But … I have faith with my son’s choices. He may be back with something for me or not, I’m always welcome to him no matter how much my son may change. Life is like a relationship between crops and farmers, or gems and magma. So love your son with all of your heart just as you love your little man.” Both of us are sitting under the tree as I think over the many possibilities that my child could do in his own future. Yet all of the options on raising Jireh are so daunting for me.

    Sometime later, she gets up, “You should head back to our house now. Your husband seems to be born a natural cook. You’re lucky to have him as your husband. The scent of his food is unique.” After she walks away, I head back with my child to their house.

    In the kitchen, Lucas is cooking another set of healthy meals again for us. But this time, he makes a little bowl of Taminiz candy for our baby. It has a strange green color on its form. But nonetheless, he nibbles and licks it like a rabbit happy about carrots. I try one out for myself if mine is still better compared to his.

    “Wow! How did he learn to cook one so good in one try?” Now that I come to have a bit of my baby’s meal, I think Lucas does cooking better compared to me. But I’m still better with chores and people compared to him: my achievement that he has still to complete. “Jireh seems to ask for more sweet heart. Our baby likes your candy more compared to mine.” he giggles in excitement when I say that to Lucas.

    “I think our kid is hooked to this healthy treat like you do.” Lucas smiles cutely for Jireh as if he is also close to him like me. Then he returns to the kitchen to cook more healthy candy for him. I’m sure it’s healthy since I tasted veggies on it.

    “Oh honey.” Calling him back, something in the back of my mind tells me to ask him this.
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    Default Chapter 13: Family Moments Part B

    Continuing from the previous post since its too long... (the previous post lasts for 2 pages. But this one is abut 3 pages already

    Chapter 13: Family Moments Part B

    “Yes?” he turns back at me.

    “ … What can you say about our child? So far?” I ask him.

    Time stands still for us both wondering how he perceives our new lives now, “When I think about this, it reminds me of those times when we’re just students to our master. We’re competing with each other as to which one of us is much more tamable. I still remember on how hard it is for me to make you so disciplined … no thanks to your simplicity and contagious optimism.” My husband lightly pets me on my shoulder.

    “Seeing you being so restraint to me is something I enjoyed. I used to really annoy your seriousness since you’re smile often intimidates many. While you and Mien Rin are doing most of our master’s request, I’m the one that he often had to order around. You’re just too disciplined. But it seems the more I do so, the more I lose my own perspective to you. Maybe I did tame you in the end of it all. I still smile and a bit lax in many things. But I somehow understand on how your disciplined personality can win the trust of more people than I do. I mean I’m just la lazy girl back then.” Oh Lucas, those were the days we had back then now that I recall it.

    “Now that you said that, I learned to be optimistic in some times thanks to your optimism. But of course I don’t let myself get carried away most of the time. Yet I think that even if you tamed me in the end, I still tamed you on your disciplines and responsibilities. Maybe we’re still on even ground after everything we’ve been through.” Lucas said.

    “Mien Rin’s the exception though.” As I say this, he agrees with me in laughter. “But we need to be good parents now. And it seems I’ll be the loving and caring one to both of you. Promise me that you’ll be the one nurturing our Jireh. Okay? I can’t do both to our child.”

    “Of course sweet heart. We’ll do it together.” after a quick kiss, Lucas runs back to the kitchen to settle the next batch of candy he cooks for us.

    After our family morning breakfast, we check on the backyard farm just to give them our goodbyes and bring big sister with us to return home.

    “Oh hey! Look whose back!” What a surprise for us three. Zoxi comes back with our fellow doctor joining his sister. I change my mind as we hang out at the tree I took a rest this morning. In fact, Mien Rin’s having a talk with Taiko.

    “Aww heck yeah big boy! Seems you’ve grown soft to your little bugger eh?” I bet he gives Lucas quite a hug. While I smile for him, Jireh still cries at his face. “Oh no! Of all the little children that liked me, you only give me a cry when I only do things to make ya happy. I still remember how to deal it with ya.”

    It is indeed another candy. But I just pick it up and eat it for myself, “Spicy sweet strawberry flavor. Lovely.”

    “Good gracious woman. Why did you even take away my gift for your little fella?” Oh big guy, my child just giggles at you when you look so disappointed.

    “I gave him enough healthy candies for the morning.” My sweetheart lay down next to me. Both of us relax under the shades of the tree. Zoxi is left to do some chores with Taiko and everyone else about the farm.

    “Ey’ ya two, glad both o ya’re here! Say then, will the two o ya’ be able to do some farm harvestin’ fo’ us?” Trim just land down some empty baskets next to us.

    “What for?” I ask.

    “To make it up for your overnight, yo three may as well help us fo today’s harvest. Turnips just gon’ boomin’ today. At least we’ll pay you a fair amount. Consider it as my brother’s request for not paying his service yesterday.” Before I could reply back at Keema’s offer, my husband silences me with a hand. As to why he stops me, Mien Rin steps in.

    “We’ll help you guys, but on two conditions. My little sister can’t work big time like us. She just gave birth to their baby five days ago. Two, her husband will help us at least thirty minutes later in the field. Family bonding issues. I’ll take their places instead.” It didn’t come to me that she would save us time for our bonding moment together. The older couple take their time to decide on how we are gonna fare, even by whispering. Looking at their expressions remind me the way we need to be disciplined to our master during lessons.

    “Your sister’s right about that proposal you two,” Did Trim just agreed? Never knew that Trim can be just a worker. “Lucas, normally I’d be like a straight to the point kinda guy, especially on important working days. I decided to lean a curve this time. C’mon. Even yo child need to luv an know ya a lot too.”

    Then Keema joins next to our talk, “Since yo two are pretty young, especially you Celena, we decide to give you two a better idea. I’ll let ya two ride our carriage and tour our farm at your own leisure. After twenty five minutes, you two head over there so that we could harvest all of da turnips we raised.” Like a double fair job, we agree with their terms.

    Touring their farm makes our day worth spending. There are lots and lots of plants everywhere like rainbows are sprouting from the ground. My child is admiring the scene. With the three of us cradling together on the front seat, we feel like we’re in a fairy tale now. Lucas married me. I loved him just as he loved me. Jireh, our child, is our great joy and treasure living with us in our world. Of course we have to head to our route twenty five minutes later. What surprises me is when Zoxi joins with big sis as our replacement for the work we should ‘owe’ the Wesnu family. Just as they finish placing the turnips in the cart, Zoxi does what he does best.

    “I don’t like disturbing your family moment but I think you two forgot something upcoming on your home.” Zoxi’s telling us about something upcoming?

    “Upcoming?” Both of us ask.

    “Did you three just FORGOT everything about Navanis five days later? It’s an important Vitanian event for your kind!” When he said that ‘five days later’ festival, all three of us are hit hard in the head.

    “THE VITANDES FLAVOR FESTIVAL!” All three of us are shock like big time. My baby only cried louder. I guess he kinda whines again to Zoxi in a form of a cry.

    As Mien Rin and I want to beat the heck out of him, Lucas is holding us back, “Zoxi! How dare you not say it to us from the get go we left our house?! Plus you --- (the following lines are many words of mild profanity and whinning)

    “They are indeed … the most childish of families I’ve ever met bro.” I pat my brother on the head

    “True … True. Like good ol times sis.” Taiko, even if both of us change, we enjoy past company too.

    “Looks like those three are gonna have one heck of a misadventure. Like us, cherry blossom.” Trim gave a peck kiss and blushed. Just like how we treated my bro when he helped us become parents.

    “Lucas. Good old memories about my days with my married sister and her husband.” Saying that gives my brother such feeling of ease as he sleeps standing on the ground.

    “The family forced pay day me to pay the horse they forgot to pay. Looks like I have to bring it back.” Walking away, Taiko focuses on his new quest as the ranch retriever of the day.
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    Default Chapter 14: Akiko Yoru

    Author's note: An extra scene here is added to ths similar scene that I posted back then. I just felt like this chapter could hold its own with that one scene I decided to add on this chapter for that one character coming here on this chapter.

    In fact, I'm not sure how many of you my readers still remember Akiko Yoru. I decided to extend her story on this arc for a little more extra bonding time. Credits to my fellow writer, Fiery the creator of the Pokemon fanfic The Fantasy of Reality, for giving me this character to my original novel. In act, I haven't been seeing her for many months already to see her story being revised. I kinda miss her. She could be gone for good. Or she just gave up on her most successful fanfic ever written in fanfiction. Yet, I'm thankful for the things we did as Pokemon fanfic writers years ago. Hopefully, in this writing, I could at least relive the spirit we had together as internet writer friends.

    Chapter 14: Akiko Yoru

    “Ugh … you three should have thanked me for bringin your baggage’s left behind at Taiko’s ol hospital!” I hate to admit my ignorance but it’s a bad act on my part. “And please you four should give yourselves a bath!” In the end, he hit us girls in the head with his fist … lightly. Lucas and Jireh are lucky ‘cause he’s a guy and he plays soft when it’s about babies. “Just get it done and we’ll ride the train back to Navanis.”

    After our preparation, we give our goodbyes to the Wesnu family and hitch ourselves on Zoxi’s caravan back to Navanis.


    “Next stop. Simplicity Fields Station. Please pack your things for arrival.” With Zoxi dealing with the farming tools he bought for us, as we leave the train, Lucas and I carry the rest of our stuff. But I have to carry some of my sister’s stuff since she cannot do heavy work after giving birth to Jireh.

    “It’s getting close to evening.” I said to them.

    “The traveling horsemen are hard to find in stations like these country roads. Seems we can only travel halfway on foot before we sleep from exhaustion.” Lucas’ has a point.

    “But with all of these things on our backs, we may as well get some rest for the night we reach halfway to Auvelis.” Zoxi points out his logical sense. I just find it a perk for him. Our master really changed him in some ways despite keeping his pranking traits.

    “Are there any other residents closer to us Lucas?” I ask. Who knows?

    “I never explored this part of Navanis before. Just the trip to this station a few days ago.” Well, there goes our quick ticket back home my best friend.

    “What should we do now?” Just as I finish asking that question, a horseman comes in just in time.

    “Whoa there Navanians. What brings your group here at the station?” This guy is your usual horseman with a carriage. As he notice the station and our baggage, he responded, “Returned from a trip huh? So where do you live here?”

    “Auvelis Village.” Lucas said.

    “Don’t worry. Get in here. I’ll bring you guys back home.” As the horseman waves his hand to his ride, we ride on and get back home early.

    Returning to Auvelis does seem to be refreshing. But the town is beginning to bloom some colors on the approaching night. Upon seeing their house, it has some flashy green designs of leaves and flowers hanging on ropes tied on the roofs. Stopping at their house, everybody places their stuff near the gate. But of course, where’s the fun without the two girls?

    “Celena! Mien Rin! Lucas! You’re back!” Those nurses give them quite a returning hug. “Have you heard about our upcoming festival?” both girls ask. The family just nod while Zoxi has to deal with other stuff.

    “So how’s our backyard doing?” Celena inspects through the second floor of their house. It still looks fine. But she knows that they don’t farm their food big time. They do it on their backyard.

    “It seems fine,” Avea replies before giving her twin the cue. “I bet your family can still work here for our village.”

    “But Xianix village needed a helping hand from us. Our farms are already full with tivanian farmers that some of us are just dealing with decors or just living things normally.” Johanna finishes.

    Just as the big guy places the last baggage, he gives one last whistle, "Well, time for me to leave. I'll see you guys another time." Zoxi did his farewell and leaves the scene.

    “I think we just need some goodnight sleep for now. Right Celena? It’s already getting late night time.” As Lucas asks, Celena agrees. And after some farewells from Zoxi and the doctor twins, all three of them took the night pill and hit the white sack sleeping on their bed.

    In the depths of a vast forest, a cloaked woman leaps through the branches of one massive tree seeking her old house she considered years ago as home. Arriving on one wooden tree house close to the top of the tree, she slowly twists the door knob quietly walking inside. Her intentions are personally driven by desire, uncertainty, condolence, and guilt. The midnight winds blow inside the house flipping pages of a writable book. Taking notice, the cloaked woman silently swipes it.

    She’s been going inside this one particular place time and time again just to see what is new on that one book that she’s been reading from time to time. But on this one particular page, it is the truth she wants to know now.

        Spoiler:- Click to read the letter:

    Try as she could to face the man sleeping on a bed behind her, she couldn’t remove her coat, “B-brother. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry for leaving you little brother.” Tears run down on her covered face the more she peak on his once brother’s face.

    “I’m sure that he finally understands the price of his actions my child. Now I ask you this once more. What I’m giving you is another chance to achieve a great destiny. The chosen one’s spirit has been in conflict with another spirit within. I fear that the two will face an unwanted future ahead of them. But in the end, only one will live. The other will die. You will be my vessel to guide the chosen’s mother to their destiny. No matter what happens, only reveal yourself to the chosen ones the time is right to guide her. Do you accept?” a motherly voice echoes within the woman’s mind. Such conviction lightens her belief.

    “I’m ready to serve your duty. Goddess Feli.” Without moving her lips, she telepathically speaks her chosen destiny using her mind. Her telepathy was a gift that she naturally had ever since her ascension to death. As for her destiny, she finds as a way of continuing her support to the man who criticizes her being most of the time.

    “Life is such short lived. Yet life is such an everlasting presence. You finally gained the life you lost years ago. But … one day, the day when shadows of our ancestors return, the harmony of my creation, my children, will relive the tragedy of their ancestors. I wanted to avoid that for the next upcoming generations. I believe, you will be part of that upcoming fate. Time’s running. Better go now my vessel.” as Feli ends her speech. The cloaked woman places back the book on a table before leaving the house. Gazing at the distant land, her body slowly fades away with the decayed forest leaves flying to the farmlands of the Navanian Kingdom.

    It is another morning and another day dealing with my child. Getting up from my bed, I pick up my baby and head to our backyard. I just find myself slowly getting used to my new biological time clock, “Just like back at Taminiz Village. I wake up on the dawn of morning once again. I hate waking at this time in the morning.”

    “Ummm … hello?” is that a young woman? I hear a young voice calling from our gate.

    “Huh? At the dawn of sunrise?” I ask myself. As always, I carry along my baby with me. Upon opening the gate, I see a woman sliding her hand on her long bright red hair. She keeps in a high ponytail using some kind of Herbardam plant tie. Her bangs are fairly clipped back. On the short side, she has green eyes that are darker than my husband’s. The way she dresses up is casual outdoor set of clothes with a farmer’s hat on top. She has somewhat of a ‘childlike’ appearance compared to me. It’s as if she’s like my fourteen year old self.

    “Good morning … maam.” I find this woman sounding like a young girl.

    “So … what brings you here my child?” I ask.

    “Oh wait I’m sorry miss! I am not a child. I’m nineteen now.” The way she presents herself to me gives me an impression that she needs a bit more time enjoying her previous life.

    “Why are you here anyway? It’s still too early in the morning.” When I try looking at her face, she seems to be quiet, too quiet to speak perhaps.

    “Well … I … I need some help.” At first she is quite slow on talking before she goes too fast. I bet she blushes her outburst in front of us. My baby’s giggling gives us a light laugh before his stomach gurgles.

    “It’s still fairly cold this early morning. How about you join with us for breakfast?” I propose to her.

    “Ummm … is it okay? I haven’t had a meal when I left early.” At least I know she is quite soft spoken.

    I give a nod and let her enter my home. I let her seat in our living room that gives quite a nice view to see the backyard of our home. There are mini tables, candles, and other furniture craftsmanship.

    Just as I’m about to cook some breakfast, Lucas give me a morning hug, “Cooking huh? Want me to have some time with our son?”

    “Sure.” As I give him a kiss on the forehead, I tell him that our guest is a good girl and I have breakfast to cook for us.

    Jireh looks happy the way he waves his arms to papa.

    Once I did breakfast for everybody, it’s a decent mix of eggs, fruits, veggies, tea and coffee, and some meat. Lucas and I were quite small eaters on meat but it’s Mien Rin who eats them most. I am not sure about our guest though, “Everyone! Breakfast ready!”

    After all of us gather at our diner, we have ourselves a nice breakfast with an ongoing conversation with our guest.

    “Who are you anyway?” I ask our female guest.

    “Akiko.” She seems so faint on tone when I’m with my husband and big sister.

    “How old are you anyway?” it’s big sis who asks this time.

    “Nineteen…” she blushes again when she looks both at Lucas and Mien Rin.

    “Can you show us your birthmark? You look like you don’t live in this place.” I request her since I haven’t known her origin kingdom yet. Her figure looks weird to all of us. She kind of turn around and lifted her ponytail hair for a bit. Until her birthmark is clearly seen. It is like Lucas’ birthmark.

    “Have you gone through some strange occurrences Akiko?” both of us, without big sister, ask.

    “What do you mean?” I gotta admit though, she does remind me of my own naiveté before.

    Lucas shows his left hand with the birthmark that he has, “Akiko. I think we kind of shared similar birthmarks. My wife here is a pure Navanian as of now. Both of us somehow began showing traits of Herbarian traits.”

    “I … I didn’t know. So … am I still a Navanian?” she seems too curious or is it her naiveté again. By this time though, our breakfast is done.

    “I ain’t sure as well. But I think you and I are still Navanians. Just a feeling.” He rests assured to her. We just hear some horseman caravan near our gate. I wonder what it wants now.

    “Miss Akiko? Miss Akiko? You and the Tanabata family are needed right away at Xianix Village.”

    “Ahh. Is it okay for you guys to join with me for the day? You guys don’t need to bring anything. Well, maybe some things for your child. I’ll tell everything along the way.” Akiko seems quite slow on things I guess.

    After bringing a few things for our baby, all of us ride onto the caravan and head right over this ‘Xianix Village’ as she says.
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    Default Chapter 15: Farming Life Part A

    Author's note: It's been a while and I'm sorry for the delay since my exams are around the corner. So be thankful that I'm still giving this 2 part chapter tonight when I should be reviewing now. Even beter, I found my missing friend just now. Hooray!

    After the breakfast they offered to me, I request them to bring some things that their baby would need since my farm had no milk and clothes for their child. Along with other things, whoever owned this house must have quite a reputation back in the past. Maybe that tivanian left their things for this family.

    “Well. I am Akiko Yoru. I am a resident from Xianix Village,” With me speaking in a group of people, I feel nervous even if they are so kind to me. I mean look at them. I am talking to a family. But after they showed their hospitality to me, I feel that I can trust them with confidence after what happened this morning. “I am a recent resident of Xianix Village two weeks ago,” Sometimes, I just feel that being with a wife who married someone handsome makes me feel left out. “I am here looking for a helping hand with our farms. I figured that I should be looking for you guys.” I show my blushing in front of them again. I don’t like doing that so much. “Hehehe … It’s my first time here at … Auvelis.”

    “But if you’re a recent resident there, how did you know us?” Just when the eldest of them ask me, I just blush quietly like crazy. I can’t even speak out that one guy who introduced me to these people. He’s so charming that I just fainted from thinking about him!

    “Uhhh … Akiko. Are you … alright?” Celena closely approaches me. But her baby starts ruffling my hair, and poking my forehead with its tiny hands.

    “Your baby is playing with me so much.” I find it so funny even if it’s quite disturbing that I mutter about it to myself.

    “Akiko. Wanna know what is like to hold a baby?” Celena’s letting me hold her baby? Just before I could ask her if it’s permissible, she places her baby at my arms. I think their baby does what every baby does: hugging a person’s body warmth.

    Maybe I should have a husband someday, “Celena’s baby huh? … He has an adorable look. Not to mention, a very innocent view of life. I hope … that he stays this way. Like all of us tivanians.”

    Xianix Village comes to view after a short ride. Everywhere you can see, there are so many plants of many kinds. From fruits to veggies, every kind of flour, and every kind of tree with fruits. On rare cases though, I find some plants that I don’t usually see a lot. Houses are a bit clustered though, unlike in Taminiz Village. Even the houses are in the middle of the farming grounds. While our village themes more for Herbardam, Xianix is a stronger emanation of Tramore thanks to the amount of stones that are buried on the ground just to mark the roads of this place. That is why I find the routes very traditional. The only thing I can recognize is a house next to a cave. What’s a cave doing here in her village anyway?

    “So … uhm … Akiko?” I raise a hand. “Yes?” she reacts to my question.

    “Where’s your farm?” even if I ask her, she only points her right arm through a certain direction to the north east. It didn’t take long to see such an elusive house. I bet it maybe something crafted like our house but with a touch of Topaz sparkle. It’s as if it was raised from the depths of Vitandes. It is a bit smaller compared to ours. “There? I can’t see it very well.”

    It’s until my ears pick up on some ruffing leaves. “Mien Rin, I think stealing an apple may be a bad thing.” Looking behind, my big sister is holding an apple at her hand. Of course she would ignore my husband’s orderly notes. But Lucas, he’s just bad at whispering to anybody most of the time.

    “I think you’re hungry now. Right? It’s okay though. You can have it.” Did Akiko just allow my sister to steal something?

    “Told you I was lucky Lucas.” Uuuuughhhh! Lucas and I are erupting envious heads right now. She often gets what she wants by doing something dirty without getting caught.

    “Mie Mie! Hahahahaha…” Jireh? How am I going to teach you to be mannered in the future once you grow up in the future? I should be the one carrying you now. Why did I pass you to her?

    “Looks like your baby sides with me mommy Celena.” I knew that she will often spout a joke on how cute I was whenever I get angry. What she just said is only one of many. It could be that she’s testing my mannerly discipline if I can teach my child to be polite. That’s just how I feel about it.

    “Haha. I don’t find that funny big sister. You just insulted me.” He gives me a hug as both of us are dealing with big sister turning to a mischievous kid again.

    “I’m sorry … papa Lucas.” Both of us just put out until we give out a sigh.

    “Quit spoiling yourself…” Lucas finishes our annoyance on her for us both. In an instant, I pick my baby away from my bad sister.

    “Uhhh … am I … disturbing your … conversation?” from her down tilted blushing head, we nod side wards as I sit next to her. “Look over there! Ain’t that nice?” as Akiko let us see her home, I can see her house for a bit built out of wood. Even my baby in Akiko’s hands joined with her hands, “Plus that adamant and funny- Ahhhh!” I don’t know what happened for a while, but seeing my baby pull down Akiko’s hair and tie is quite funny.

    “OOWOWOWOWOWOWWWOOOOWWW!! MAAM, DO SOMETHING! YOU COULD HAVE TOLD ME YOUR BABY HAS QUITE A PULL!” it only gets funnier when he licks her hair. Maybe it reminds him of the red taminiz candy that I cooked for him back at Taminiz Village. My guess is that the tied part of her hair, shaped like a bulb, looks like candy to my baby’s eyes, “MISS CEL! PLEASE DO SOMETHING! HE BETTER NOT EAT MY HAIR! I AIN’T A FLOWER HEAD CANDY TO FEAST WITH!” I think I will let my baby have a bit of fun with her for a bit as I. After a while, with a bit of cooing, I pick him up and feel his happy giggling carrying a bit of red hair strand on his hands. Big sis is holding off an urge to laugh out loud. I am giggling quite a lot but my sweetheart got my face shut up as I look over her frowning expression. If only Lucas could let loose some of those laughter like I do. I just tease her dilemma for the knack of it since I enjoy having my child enjoy what he wants to do.

    Nudging my child to stop, he let her prideful hair go. “Maam, is that … even possible? A recently born baby being that strong to yank my hair?” Poor Akiko, without her leaf hair tie, it’s as if her hair becomes a scattered blooming petal. “My hair…” we leave her alone weeping at the mess my baby did. “My poor hair. Eaten like candy…”

    “That … I don’t know. Celena … am I really muscular before we were married?” Lucas asks.

    “I just remembered you being so strong. Not the kind of strong like Zoxi nor our master. I think it is a mix of both.” My baby seems to look sad for a bit when he sees his crafted creation to our guest’s hair. In just a few moments he laughs at her broken face again all the while licking his mouth savoring whatever her hair tastes. I imagine him saying that her hair is candy.

    “Haiwee. Suwee.” My baby giggles

    “Well, I’m very sorry for what my baby did Akiko. I never even thought that he could do something like that.” as she is fixing her ponytail hair, I hear my big sister’s smacking face palm. “Let alone mess up your hair.” As I’m about to wipe off the icky goo she has on her hair, she shrugs me from helping her.

    “Not that the baby did it bad at me. But,” Akiko tops it off with her soft giggling. “You guys are … a strange family,” Okay. Akiko was normal until her voice starts to dim out. I think she is the weirdest of us all. “Let me do this for a moment for licking my hair.” Just as I was about to back off, she plays with my baby’s cheeks by pinching them. If only Zoxi could see my child laughing on such teasing attitudes. “You naughty little boy.”

    Continued on the next post...
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    Default Chapter 15: Farming Life Part B

    At Mien Rin's perspective...

    Arriving at Akiko’s house with her farm fields, she orders us to get ourselves clothed with farming equipment. Coming out of her house changed, Lucas and I look like some kind of brown clothed Tramorian in a farming suit but Celena still kind of stays the same even if when she is wearing some farming clothes because she’s wearing one of Akiko’s spares due to her small height. I just don’t know if both of them can get along.

    “Now that you guys are set, most of us are doing the hard part that we got no extra room for watering the fields.” Akiko tells us as she is watering the field she’s standing on while pointing out her other co-workers in the distant parts of her farming field; though I get a glimpse of Zoxi running with one of his horses.

    “So you want us to water the fields?” I assure.

    “Yup,” I’ve got to be thinking funny but Akiko is blushing a lot even in the simplest of talks. “Don’t worry about the payment though. I’ll give it to you guys once the festival’s over.”

    “But Akiko … I thought that we will only work for today.” I just feel jumbled as to why she told us not to pack ourselves some stuff for an overnight back then. I bet she catches herself that quote as if she just forgets something to add up. “Good gracious. She’s like little sister in some ways.”

    “Oh. It will only be for the day time you guys will work. I’ll make sure that you guys can return home before the sun really falls down at night,” She raises her watering can to the northeast. “You guys can start over there.”

    “Uhh … Akiko. My wife just recently gave birth to our child. I don’t think she could work much big time. Let alone on watering the gardens.” If I learned something from Lucas, then it would be his sense of reasoning. Why does he always switch favors? One time, he acts like me. Then he acts like little sister.

    “Ohhh … I apologize to you Maam Celena. He never told me about that. Perhaps, I can make your job much easier for all of you three.” Akiko says while she waters the soil next to her feet. All three of us ask while my baby stares at her inquisitive face as to how.

    “You three will be delivering the seeds to our farmers instead. Also, you three will inspect our water canals if they’re flowing properly. When there’s a clogging, please fix it. I bet that’s easy enough.” Guess what? Now I can join my friend’s love trip. Thank you is all I can say.

    “Seems I’ll be looking for your replacements! Gosh, you guys will at least have about four to five hours to get it done. Enjoy!” Seeing Akiko go ahead makes me wonder if she’s the moody one or not.

    “Hey Akiko wait—“she is so a child for not listening to our guest’s instructions.

    Ignoring that silly moment, we may as well pick up the bags and start our work. I bet the following days would be like ordinary routine for us of course. Though I can’t help but feel like both of them let me do their work sometimes. They still have so much to learn, and Akiko is certain not a good example on responsible maturity.

    “Got anything to teach me now big sister? Better do it while you can since you called me an irresponsible mother.” Grabbing the fork, she passes it to her husband, ready to pick up the weeds clogging one of the water drainage on our left.

    “Lucas. I hope that you and little sister can handle Jireh. He may be easy to manage as of now. But once your child becomes a kid, it only gets harder. It only continues further when he grows to a teenager. But as an adult … be ready to face something difficult for all three of you.” I thought to myself.

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    Default Chapter 16: Flavors of Vitandes Part A

    Chapter 16: Flavors of Vitandes

    This day today is a festival that we never forget to celebrate. Almost. Every one of us has been dressing up as of the moment. But we didn’t have any breakfast since our lady farmer, Miss Akiko Yoru, will be joining with us wearing her green clothing gown set today that seems to match the color of emerald forest leaves along with her long red hair tied and polished with a yellow leaf string as the pin, “How’s my look Mien Rin? Ain’t this nice?” I have to say that the way she elegantly talks feels quite energetic.

    Mien Rin gives herself some fairly lavender clothes but she likes clothes that are quite travel fitting and slim. But the sleeves of her clothes are pretty long for a woman to have. ”You just made yourself the dancing queen today Akiko!” I bet our shy girl just covers her face in the middle of my own giggling.

    “I agree with her. A lot of young guys will fall in love with you.” Meanwhile, Lucas is wearing blue clothing along with a blue cape resembling some kind of ancient hero. The cool thing about him would be the stick that our master has used before he passed away. It is old yet it’s still holding strong. Combine it with his wicked looking hat, his style kind of look like our master’s successor.

    For my own costume though, I still wear my white scarf. But I change myself to cappuccino flavored kimono clothing. To tie up my hair, I use lavender colored flower tie. Master used to make me wear this when I was young. I remember being used to hating it until I took a lover’s kiss to the lip.

    And I’d rather not forget my baby child. I just wrapped him in a white scarf. But I gave him a bit of a yellow bandana just to make him look cuter. Costume him with a bit of purple wrappings makes him more mystique. The way all of us are dressed feels like being wrapped in a lot of clothing.

    “Shall we visit Amenam Town? It’s the central location of this month’s festival.” Akiko asks as she twirls a stick all over her fingers.

    “What are we waiting for?! Let’s get going!” impatient as I am, I run ahead with everybody else catching up with me to the carriage. I don’t mind if my husband or big sis calls me childish. But this gift also came from Feli herself.

    Moments later, here we arriving where the center of our festival begins: Amenam Town, the Navanian town of festivals.

    This is Amenam Town. Or I call it, the Navanis Festival Capital. Since it is a town of festivals, any kind of business and houses built in this town for almost every kind of festival pops in my mind. Need something for Herbardam’s festival? Amenam’s got it. Want a simple crystal from Hivanis at a modest price? It has them. Needing fish feed for Manaqua? Come here in Amenam Town. It’s like the seller of raw products here at Navanis. Other races that visit this call this town “Product Market Capital”, or PMC for short.

    But today, a lot of stores are open. From homemade food restaurants to exquisite specialties, you name them all. Want a mix of Hivanian and Tramorian food? They have it.

    Our first stop to try is a home-made restaurant cooking something sweet.

    “Hey! Welcome to our appetizer cuisine!” A chef in his casual wear is baking something on brick toasters. It can easily be described by the white smoke it is emitting. “I see you guys as a family group eh? Here! Try this one!” He passes on to us what look like crackers in a leafy food. But it strangely glows under the sun.

    “Oohh! How did you make this glow sir?” Probably Akiko reacting to its glamour, what’s the point of it when we’re just gonna eat it?

    “Interested eh? I had a dad who works in Herardam, giving me these edible leaves. I came from Lexan Tramore Province where I often cook steamed pastries that glow in the dark. Hence the sparkles on my food.” Wearing some mittens, the baker yanks down the wooden seal releasing all the white smoke stored inside.

    “Lexan … tramore?” Lucas does think he can be smart at times. But I guess he’s still coping up. Good for him for I don’t want an intellectual, yet boastful husband.

    “Never heard of that place yet? Just find something or someone who knows about the Tramore Kingdom after today’s festival,” The casual cooker feeds himself with one of his meals. “Give my meal a shot! Best recommended if you are eating healthy. Got toxin issues? My biscuit’s got it for you.”

    Little sis is the first one to taste it. After that one bite though, she’s going rabbit mode. “It tastes great! Akiko, try it yourself! It’s so sweet!” Sugar tooth siblings are difficult to deal with. Those days taking care of sugar loving kids at that daycare taught me the tiring way.

    “Okay.” As our lady farmer grabs a bite, her face just … stops moving.

    “Akiko? … Are you …” As I look at her, she just collapses on the ground. As if she just pales out, her voice is a bit raspy. Sweating and panting too.

    “Thirs … ty.” The boys just drop their mouths.

    “OH DEAR! HANG IN THERE GUYS!” the shop owner just began digging his stash as he returns with a big glass of water mixed with something white, “Give this to her, quick!”

    Without a word, I have to feed it to her throat as I hold and tilt her head before I direct the fluid to her mouth. After a while, Akiko regains her senses as her sweating also stops.

    “Uhhh … what happened?” Our friend from the past few days seems like she has amnesia upon waking up before her stomach grumbles, “I’m a bit hungry.”

    “Geesh! You three could have told she was allergic to Steamed Bas Leaves,” The shop owner returns to his cooking. “Better be careful next time!” Then he begins calling for more consumers to feed as we leave. The rest of us are fine after eating the biscuit. It is decent. Until we come to a trash can as Celena begins vomiting the food she just ate followed by constant sweating.

    “I’m not eating those things again.” It giggles me to observe the two squabbling to each other again.

    Continued on the next post...

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    Continuing from the previous post. (this chapters lasted for 4 pages)

    After that unpleasant feed to my sweetheart and our guest, we find ourselves walking the park near Bravery River and its restaurants. Amenam Town resides to the River of Navanis, which tells me most of the foods being sold here are Manavian cuisine. A female maiden wearing blue clothing all over approaches us, cute looking but my wife is cuter.

    “Welcome customers! I’m your maiden leading you to some of Manaqua’s cuisine exclusives you won’t find anywhere else!” She must be jolly so to speak. Not to mention trying to be cute. As we find ourselves a seat, I carry my child with ease. Though I’m not as good as Celena, I’m holding fine thanks to his approving smile. Well, Jireh’s the boss.

    “What are you guys serving us? We want something for all five of us.” My sweetheart chooses our order. Normally, she has a sweet tooth flavor. But I guess she needs a big fill after puking out that biscuit, “Another lucky day for my baby.” Well, it’s more on stopping my baby from trying that leafy snack.

    “Right now, our latest family buffet is ‘Manaqua Crest’ filled with best quality veggies from Herbardam. Unique fishes from Manaqua, and some meat from Tramore and Navanis add flavors to it. The perfect meal for a family wanting to be healthy!” I guarantee a nod for all of us.

    “Shall we call this a cheer?” I raise a glass of water.

    “Cheers!” all of us enjoy this part. All of us share the meal evenly. But for our baby, he has to take the nutrients from the soup. Regardless, he enjoys it too. Normally, he should be nipping at my sweetheart now, but time gives us an evolution to make cuisines suited for newborn children. Weird, but we did it.

    Guess what? Its snack time! All three of us, not sure about Akiko though, enjoy crispy snacks. I’m a big eater of things sweet. Mien Rin is a big eater of fruitees and meat. Lucas is, yes indeed, our snack guy. Arriving on one shop, guess what …

    “What flavors do you have for your Ember Fries?” a familiar girl comes asking at the counter. Behind her would be our familiar friend and a guy she love pounding with.

    “OHHH HHIII THERE!” All three of us loved doing this to them while we were still young way back then.

    “Looks like your friends came at the perfect time!” Looking at the restaurant they’re shopping with, they are buying the biggest bucket of fries for ten tivanians! Imagine like buying a large size Ember Fries times ten. That’s a lot!

    “Celena! Mien Rin!” both of us give a ‘hi-five’ to the twin doctors. While Lucas, Akiko, and Zoxi deal on a conversation among themselves, we have time on our own going woman and mother things. After that, we find ourselves sitting on chairs circling a large round table for us to play the “Fries Game”.

    “You got quite a cute guy here. I think he’s handsome.” Akiko lends me an ear.

    “Really?” I ask.

    “Of course! The way he makes me laugh is priceless. Even if your husband is a bit stoic talk, try giving him a bit of light to it.” Could he be the guy she flattered a few days ago? It better not be.

    “As much as I like too, I love Lucas the way he is. But … I guess it doesn’t hurt.” I said back to her.

    “Are you two ladies leaving your place in the game? More fries for us boys!” Zoxi is playing jokes with us again.

    “NNOOOOO!” both of us pout as everyone else laughs at us both.

    “Well then, its snack party time!” Of course, Zoxi leads the ‘fries’ way. We shuffle the flavored fries a while ago. Which means every piece of Ember fries we get will be a different flavor. Our bucket has a mix of the following powder flavors: Cheese, Barbeque, Sour Cream Onion, White Cheddar, Pizza Flavor, Nacho Chip Beef, Fried Bacon Powder, Spicy Cheddar Pepper, Sweet Corn Powder, and Sweet Cream Cheese.

    It is fun to enjoy the meal with everyone. A good way to enjoy with everybody! While all of us suffer from one of the ten flavors, we try it all on my baby. After ten small bites, one bite for each flavor, I’m dumbstruck that he is able to eat all ten flavors just fine and dandy.

    “Celena. Your baby just kept getting weirder.” Johanna spoke as if she is groggy.

    “With a universal tongue…” our fire man lays down on the ground looking at the sky.

    “Who also loves red gems! Right son?” Lucas? Please stop encouraging that moment again all the while you pet his head.

    “Like when he messed and licked my hair back then.” Did Akiko just let her anger off on my baby?

    Too late. Jireh is crying again. Now she meant it for real. Jireh starts crying on me again. I don’t like to yell at her. But I feel so insulted.

    “Akiko! Watch it!” I protest to that. “Take it like a woman! Now look what you’ve done!”

    As for the doctors, they find Akiko much Like Celena. At least for Avea, she has something to play jokes with. All the rest enjoyed is a bragging right of the childish women. If only Avea took part of their hassle. Better yet, all of the girls, the guys will be laughing before getting pummeled by their hands on their faces unconscious and silly. Jireh will be laughing happily blind of the serious argument.

    That is how the Festival was celebrated with a happy, and hilarious, moment.

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    Default Chapter 17: Birthdays and Farewells Part A

    Author's note: Happy holidays to everyone in advance. When I started renovating my novel, this chapter receives the biggest change in terms of plot. I feel like one character needs one more spotlight "Huzzah" before Christmas comes to my country after tomorrow.

    Also, this is split into two parts again. Too much events on one post for me.
    Warning: This chapter contain scenes involving feces, and natural pass away (dying).

    Three years has passed since my child’s birth. Seeing my boy growing up had left me a lot of moments to remember. From his first walk when he was two years old, my first issues with Lucas on doing the household chores as a mother, those elusive sleepless nights that we had from Jireh’s constant crying, my son speaking out a few more words like hungry, want that, or hug me, and the many more lectures that I had to learn from the twins, and our friends from Hivanis. Yet I still abandon a bit of my responsibilities to the family while I am busy with something else: either from exhaustion, or just let everyone else do it.

    But for this day, all of us are preparing for my son’s birthday tomorrow. “Celena! I’m waiting for you here!” with her energetic attitude, I need to ride onto the caravan before Akiko gets too close with my husband unintended.

    Just as I’m about to step out of the house, my leg is tug by that familiar wondering face from my Jireh, “Mama. Wait me.” Kneeling down eye to eye, I reach onto his head and pet him on the head followed by runny footsteps behind him.

    “Your kid moves a lot Cel. Do something about that once you come back.” Seeing my best friend panting is a familiar sight ever since he learned how to walk quickly and hide himself a few months ago. “Aunty Avy find me. Tag me.”

    “Mama will be back tonight Jireh. I’m making my present for your birthday tomorrow. Stay with Aunty Avea and Johanna until I’m back. Okay?” as I hug him once more, I look at his eyes one more time.

    “Mmmhhmm. Stay Aunty Jo, Aunty Avy. Mama back.” Seeing my son return to Johanna and Avea’s care, I walk out of the house and ride on the caravan.

    “Not letting you off his watch again I bet,” Sighing is the only thing I give to my husband. “I know that you want to be with him all the time. But you are doing good. Our boy is not supposed to find out his present for tomorrow. Don’t you ever forget the deal we had.”

    “I know I know. I skipped a week of raising him which gives you two weeks,” after that sigh concerning my responsibility, “You’re right. I’m sure they can handle him well.” Wiping my forehead with my hand, Akiko starts commanding the horses to get moving by the leash.

    Returning at Akiko’s farm, we do our usual routine like checking the drainage, get ridding of unwanted weeds, planting seeds, or harvesting veggies and fruits. After giving ourselves some lunch, she leads us hiking on a country road I had a glimpse years ago. The walking helps me a lot on watching the amount of food that I’ve been eating until now, “So where are the materials you have been telling me Akiko? I wanted to make that scarf soon for him.”

    “Here they are.” Looking at Akiko’s arm pointing to the right, we look upon a small bunch of trees close to each other forming a natural canopy. “Trees? How the heck are you gonna turn wood to something soft?” seeing my husband getting slapped by big sister leaves me laughing on the inside. “You give us girls an un-impressing respect Lucas. Try to simplify your social skills some time.” That line of hers leaves my husband saying that he’ll just stay quiet for now. “Geesh. Just asking.” humiliated I guess.

    Entering the shade of the trees, big sister places down the basket filled with materials she has been carrying for us on the way. “Lucas, you with me. Help me on grabbing the leaves from the trees. You get a hundred. I get the other hundred.” Just as she starts climbing, she instructs the rest of us to dig out the resin of the trees: the sticky square lumps that are light brown sticking on the bark of the trees. I find myself grossing out from the resin’s greasiness messing my hands. But big sister keeps on telling me to be quiet and stop whining, even if it means my face getting blobbed by the popping bubbles forming on the empty shell of the resin.

    “How are you doing there you two?” Akiko jumps off the trees creating a strong, yet gentle landing.

    “How am I doing? HOW AM I DOING? This is just gross compared to farming out soil!” Digging up fertile soil is one thing for me. But this tree resin, it’s just as gross as dealing with my baby’s toilet time.

    Minutes later, as we gather up the things we need, she places their collected leaves on one of the two big wooden bowls paired with two wooden pestles, “I need you two to pound these leaves until they turn to lumps of pulp. I and Lucas will deal with the resin you two collected.”

    “At least I won’t touch these for long.” Relief is all I feel in my thought when our quiet girl carries these resin away from me.

    Holding on to my pestle, we start pounding on the leaves with it. What leaves me surprising to see is that the leaves are oozing out some sort of liquid which carries a strong, intoxicating scent. At least I can manage with this. “Akiko. What is the name of these smelly trees are we using?” big sister asks as she wipes her forehead with a spare hand while pounding on the contents of the bowl.

    “The tree we are using is called a Licloth tree.” Akiko waves her arm all around the trees insisting us to look at them. Looking at the leaves, they are as dark green as a murky swamp floor. The branches are very light brown on the outside which is opposite of the very dark brown color of the inner trunks of the tree that holds the resin.

    “Licloth?” I ask.

    “Yes. Licloth trees can produce two out of five of the best materials needed for many kinds of clothes. My clothes are made out of these two materials.” She raises her arm letting us look on the leaves both of them have picked up moments ago. This gives me such curious. “What are those two materials Akiko?”

    “The leaves produce Liquid Cotton Pulp. The resin you just collected produces Mud Oil Resin.”

    “But why does that resin produce such a smelly popping bubble every time I collect the solid resin Akiko?” it makes me wonder as to how this tree has two of the best materials for clothes where one smells so intoxicating while the other is very smelly.

    “Unlike other trees, these trees can convert wastes and dead natural products more efficiently to soil and the resin we’re using now. The beauty of this resin is that once you cook it up, you can weave it to a thread that can make anyone’s clothes either very warm or very cool.”

    “Akiko. This tree turns our poop and dead leaves to soil and this, ugh, smelly resin. You buried your wastes on these patches of trees Akiko lemme guess.” seeing her nod on big sister’s question gives me a disgusted look on what we’re doing now. So the pungent scent came from her wastes that turned to soil and the resin on the tree trunks.

    “Worst job. EVER!” I scream out my disgust once more. I’m not doing this ever again.

    “No present for now then.” the clanging of Akiko’s stick leaves us watching her slowly walk away. “Call me when you’re done. Then I’ll make the cloth for you.” This is not the first she teased any of us. At least I’ve faced worse from my husband’s uncle figure.

    “H-he-hey! Don’t I mean it literally Akiko. I didn’t mean it literally. It’s just-"

    “Gross for you.” Lucas?! How could you?

    “Lucas! Stop teasing me!”

    “And I thought you’ll do whatever it takes. Looks like I’ll take Plan B then.” Don’t ask me on what plan B is. I’m sure that it will only hurt me in the end.

    “F-fine. Help me out here.” I said as we continue our routine just so we can make our present for my child. But later on, Akiko would turn out to be doing the harder parts on making my son’s present with me. All I can hope is that everything I’ve gone through has been worth it.
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    Default Chapter 17: Birthdays and Farewells Part B

    Continuing from the previous post....

    “Watch where ya’ pinch me kiddo!” I came here moments ago with Trim just to give ourselves a break from our work and have a chat with them. Ever since we met that young family back then, we’ve come to like them very much. It’s their child that gives us such friendship. It’s been ten months since we hung out together. Seeing the two doctors that my bro aided three years back then gives me an impression he comes searching for that one girl he wanted to be with. But I find it too late for him to even have one.

    “Keema. You’re good at this little one. Tell me, where did you get that experience?” I forgot that I’m also dealing with Cel’s twin friends here. They think that they already have the best experience when it comes to child care. Honestly, they are good for me don’t get it wrong. Since Jireh just messed those two so badly, I had to step up and do something about it.

    “When it comes to discipline, neither Luc nor Cel ever taught ‘im ta respect others yet.” I said to the clumsy one for I find the other more responsible.

    “But we taught them to teach him discipline.” Whine and complain all you want you two. I don’t care if you’re honest with it or not.

    “With very little detail. Sadly for ya two, he only listens to papa and mama. Now he pinch me on the nose.” I said to them while looking on their baby that I’m carrying now, I raise my hand and say ‘no’ just as he tries to pinch me again with his little growing hands.

    “Those two had missed so much things. Slow learners I guess,” My husband agrees with me seeing the mess that Jireh did to those two unfortunate girls. “Guess he started messin’ around when he just go walkin’ fast. Just look how much he grown. Steady fast.”

    It takes Trim and me to educate this hyper energetic yet somewhat spoiled child on walking with us. Now that those two pass out of tiredness, it should be working for him. But it backfires at us for the most part partnered with a few instances this little cutie obeys us from not scratching our legs, and toying our faces. After careful examination, we find their child to be obedient. It’s just that he reminds me of my own child. “That energy and optimism. I miss ma boy…”

    “Shugs. Looks like ya’ quiet ya’self.” As handsome lays his arm on my shoulder, my mind flashes back on those past years raising our very own boy.

    “It’s just. I miss seein’ him.” I said to Trim while this clumsy kid totally changed to a quiet child as if it’s eyeing every move that I make, which gives me the creeps.

    “I see. I’m sure our boy will come back someday.” Kisses are a daily thing for us. But hugging me right now makes me feel so warm on the inside.

    “The same hug ma’ son pass onto me before he left…”

    “Jireh! Papa and Mama are here!” I should normally be the one calling him instead of Lucas. Long story short, I got tired of talking and screaming too much from working on my child’s gift hours ago on my farmer friend’s stack of poop trees. Jireh was not the only popping out of our house.

    “Keema?” looking at me as I ask…

    “Celena?” I look back at her in shock

    “Trim?” with my husband continuing the chain…

    “Lucas?” we didn’t greet each other the way we wanted to be.

    “Uuuuhhhhhh…why are you two here?” wrapping my arms around him, I carry him once more. I had to admit to myself he’s getting slightly heavier for every month he continues to grow.

    As Trim steps up, he said, “We just … uhhhh what’s the word? Catch ya three a visit!” with their arrival said to us, we walk back inside our house.

    Frankly, our house isn’t even decorated for the party. We just arrive back home with a big mess of cluttered furniture. Don’t get me started on how pissed the three of us are to our guests here. They can whine all they want as to how spoiled our child may be. But I kind of forgive Keema and Trim for training our baby since they said to us that we haven’t taught our child not to toy with them when he’s all by himself yet. But still, those two also messed our house. Apologies come in later as I said to myself. Luc suggests that the three of us, along with Akiko only, that we should have a dinner party on the same restaurant we just visited days ago. My friends and guests will be doing our chores for tonight. No questions asked. The sight of those messy rooms haunts me back after dealing with those smelly trees.

    “Happy Birthday Jireh!” having the location of the celebration changed moments ago to one of the nearby restaurants tonight, Restos as I call it, the family chose the food for themselves and me to feast with. I still feel bad for the rest of their friends. What they did is just not right thanks to their impulsiveness; yet, seeing our celebrant’s eyes grow brightly with joy gives me one last happy look at this family. With the love and care they give to their child, and hopefully to others, the life our goddess has given to us becomes a meaningful thing in the autumn of one’s years. But it’s time for me to go soon. For I need to revisit my family soon.

    “Jireh. Mama and Papa have a gift for your birthday today. Now close your eyes.” As the innocent navanian closes his eyes, I hand them over the scarf we crafted as both of them wrap it snuggly around his neck, placing the tip of the scarf on top of his little hands. “Open your eyes Jireh.”

    The moment the child opens his eyes, I felt the strength of his ultimate bliss. It’s not just the scarf that they made for him, but the moment he cutely says his first complete sentence.

    Jireh Tanabata says, “Mama. Papa. I love you!”

    The whole family performs a hug filled with tears of happiness. “I am very proud of you and your family. I feel as if I’m already part of this fulfillment that I’ve been seeking. It is time for them to be tested for years to come…”

    With one more look to them all, I shed a couple tears for their blessings and turn myself around, “Celena. Lucas. I … have to go.”

    “Huh? What do you mean Akiko?” I don’t expect Celena to be the one asking that question. It’s Lucas who naturally does the asking.

    “If it is okay, could the three of you follow me to Navanis Cemetery? After finishing our dinner of course…” as I ask that question, they give me the yes I wanted to hear. Yet, I hate asking that to them. For they will know is something I don’t want them to learn too soon.

    Arriving at the cemetery, I stand next to the tree that Celena laid down when her child was born. Or so she says to me. Yet, I have to mix the truth with a lie. It is for the better good.

    “My friends, it’s time for me to tell you the truth as to why I asked you three to come here.” I breathe in one of my last remaining breaths.

    “My life … is coming to its end,” It hurts me to see their shocked and confused looks. “My heart is … coming to its … final … beats.” Sitting on the tree looking at the magnificent statue, I force myself a smile just to ease their pain. I’m doing this for Jireh even if his confusing tears are dropping down on my chest.

    I have a bit of coughing issues making my last words a bit difficult to pull off, “Girls. Lucas. Jireh. Don’t be sad. I should be … the one … thankful … for being … true friends with … me. Your family … fulfilled my wish. You gave me … the joyful meaning … of being a family.”

    “Akiko. Don’t die yet for us please! You’re too young to just end your life too soon!” I’m sorry Celena.

    “Forgive me. But … I’m actually … forty years old. And you’re luckier than … me. I’m an … infertile woman. I cannot bear … a child like you. So please, don’t cry for me girls. Just, enjoy and remember … the good times. I’ll always be on your hearts. Even you, little Jireh.” Placing my hand on his chest, I’m happy that he is not crying so much while calling the nickname he just made for me. ‘Kiko’.

    “Feli … calls me. Stay with me. Until the peak of midnight.”

    Arriving at the scene thirty minutes before midnight, the Wesnu family and the Lexyria twins end up finding a Tanabata family weeping for the approaching end of a dying Akiko Yoru laying on the tree looking at the statue that the Tanabatas called their father figure. As twelve midnight hits, Akiko’s body become lifeless with her last smile. Eventually, her body glows a deep green hue all over her body slowly sinking inside the tree until it vanishes where the leaves shine a powerful emerald green light illuminating the night sky shortly like a morning sun before fading into nothingness.

    Please keep my young partners in company.

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