Ah, Starmie. One of only two Pokémon that have been OU since gen 1, the other being Dragonite IIRC. A special move pool comparable to Normal-types, with the exception of Fire attacks and Focus Blast, coupled with 100 Sp. Attack and 115 speed, Bulk is decent, if you're willing to invest in it, with support moves to match (Rapid Spin, Recover, etc.). Starmie is one of several 'Mons that suffers from four move slot syndrome: do you run Trick + three attacks or just four attacks (double STAB + bolt-beam) on a choice set? Do you run Spin, Recover, or just a Psychic attack to go with the other three attacks on a non-choice set? Of course, the not-too-common dual screens set is allowed only two attacks (or one if you opt for, say, Recover). The attacks themselves are a matter of preference (i.e. power vs. accuracy, or in Scald's case, the chance to burn; if you pack a Psychic attack, whether you want to hit the physical side or not). Even nature is a matter of preference (i.e. does it boost speed or not?), as is ability (though I prefer Natural Cure).