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    2-4 Archeops
    3 Sableye
    3 Darkrai EX

    4 Juniper
    4 N
    3 Skyla
    2 Random Receiver

    1 Computer Search
    4 Crushing Hammer
    2 Enhanced Hammer
    3 Plume Fossil
    3 Potion
    2 Super Potion
    4 Ultra Ball
    4 Dark Patch
    2 Energy Switch
    1 Town Map
    1 Super Rod
    2 Tool Scrapper

    6 Darkness Energy

    The idea is to cut out evolving with Archeops to mess with RayBoar, 'Stoise, Empoleon and Trevenant Accelgor, while playing Hammers around it. Healing process is potions for sableye and Super Potion is for Archeops, as it is never going to have energy on it. Please reply.

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    If they go turn 1 and bench a squirtle, boar, trevenant/accelgor and start spamming for mew, you lose on your strategy (I personally have no problem playing a turn 2 stoise most games running the list at 4-0-4).

    Granted you have a good strategy If it seems uber consistent however it's not, for instance, the 6 hammer take away from search or draw based trainers which increase the playability of turn 1-2 archen which is your decks purpose, against something that runs garbo makes your matchup harder as now half of your deck is potentially useless, why that is is due to a majority of decks that run either thundurus, yveltal and dark patch, thrive on cards being in the discard, moving cards off of the active 70-90% of the time gives the opponent more options in setting up attackers from the bench instead of having to think about only taking out one thing on your side of the field, hammers aren't that good in this current game structure as they used to, against players that aren't as experienced yes they will scramble, but once they figure out how to deal with it and carry on is another story.

    Lastly, 6 darkness, 2 super potion and no profs letter leaves your deck in dangerous situations where it doesn't have to many options to attack, leaving sableye as your only saving grace, where sometimes that can be good, however in most games, such as plasma where dealing 70 dmg can be accomplished by turn 1, same with yveltal, big basic/faries, etc, even if you make a come back and play 3 dark patch, they ko-ohko that darkrai the next turn you have to slow play a sableye 2 turns, that's five prizes in your 2.

    I would say you need more energy to have more then 1 darkrai setup w/o having to waste dark patch unless you need it, as well as adding in level ball or some thing that consistently push out archeops by turn 2, playing 2-4 makes archen less consistent, but archeops more, sometimes 1 will be prized and that 1 will be the 1 thing that makes you deck fall apart, if they catcher it GG.
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