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    Here is another cheap decklist, it holds an auto loss to virizion/genesect and fairys (since slurpuff is a stage 2 it's not as fast as virizion genesect but still consistent non the less), It also has a hard time against blastoise (but it one shots keldeos so who cares), but if you're in a format with alot plasma, darkrai/yveltal, garbodor, rayboar, etc it is very devastating.

    3-3 trevenant (trainer lock)
    3-3 accelgor deck and cover (paralyze and poison lock)
    2 mew EX
    1 mr.mime
    1-0-1 dusknoir

    4 DCE

    4 shauna
    2 colress
    3 N
    4 juniper
    4 skyla
    3 ultra ball
    3 level ball
    2 super rod
    4 float stone
    3 rare candy
    2 virbank
    1 computer search
    2 muscle band
    2 tool scrapper
    1 town map

    There are some additional options, such as taking out 1 float stone and 1 rare candy for 2 escape rope or a 2-0-2 dusknoir line, there is lots of flexibility and dmg options with both muscle band and virbank versus the gothitelle version.
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