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Thread: The Worst Part of Your Day?

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    My HP laptop was having issues earlier today, from being unable to start, dealing with computer crashes, having repairing and restoration difficulties, and internet being highly unresponsive, all that made me have no choice but to use my old Toshiba laptop. Thankfully, both of my laptops are working fine now, internet response is good again, and my computer problems are over (for now, at least).

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    Today has been quite bad so far, and it is only 9:43 AM where I am at the moment.

    1. I woke up to see that my cat had thrown up on the landing of my stairs. I was home by myself, so I had to clean it up personally. I nearly threw up myself, but I got most of it cleaned, with only some minor stains left, which I sprayed with several pet odor and Febreeze sprays.
    2. This one is not that bad, but still somewhat irritating. I made my morning cup of coffee, and I found an abnormally high amount of coffee grounds in it. I had to pick them out from the top, and I think I had most of them out what I finally got to drink it.
    3. This one is making me really sad: Stephen Hawking died. Seriously. I have high interests, talents, and expertise in physics, and I own and have read many of his books. I have also seen him on some of my favorite TV shows, so I am really familiar with him and his work. Again, seriously. This is so sad, not only for me, the entire physics community, but society as a whole. Sure, there are other notable physicists studying important scientific topics and conducting research, and I am not saying that Hawking was necessarily the most notable of all of them, but still. This just feels so devastating for some many parts of my life. I mean, he died on Pi Day, 2018. What a way to ruin a fine mathematical holiday.

    Who knows what may happen next today? I sure hope some good things.

    4. I just burnt part of my lip eating some rather hot noodles. The burn is still noticeable after several minutes later, and I checked a mirror, and I can see the burn. Seriously...why...?
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    Tuesday work for me
    what should have been an easy short day (5 hours time) turned extra big (almost 9 hours)
    I work at restocking shelves on grocery stores (where I live, either Safeway or Albertsons)
    Tuesday had 3 main things that slowed me down, a lot

    first one was the potato chip aisle, had to spend almost an hour organizing them, or I couldn't fit in the new chips

    Second thing that slowed me down was in middle of my work, there was two broken jars of marinara sauce in one case (box of 6) had to spend long time cleaning

    Worst of them, was when I was one/third finished, I cut myself with my box cutter, bled almost thirty minutes, or its how long I spent controlling bleeding by adding pressure, couldn't get the bandaid on until bleeding stop and pat dry
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    I've been having some odd stomach issues this morning. They seemed to have cleared up though. ^^

    Also, another nor'easter seems is gonna be happening in my area mid next week.

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