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Thread: Johto teams, opinions?

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    Default Johto teams, opinions?

    I might get my hands on copies of the 2nd Gen games and i thought of Pokémon to put in the teams. Note that i intend to put one of each legendary dog in each team, along with a starter. Suggestions for movesets and stuff are appreciated.

    PKMN Gold:
    - Typhlosion
    - Steelix
    - Umbreon
    - Kingdra
    - Ursaring
    - Raikou

    PKMN Silver:
    - Feraligatr
    - Ampharos
    - Miltank
    - Entei
    - Skarmory
    - Hitmontop

    PKMN Crystal:
    - Meganium
    - Alakazam
    - Heracross
    - Gengar
    - Suicune
    - Dragonite
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    (Crystal) I think you need a Pokemon that can easily kill alakazam/mewtwos. Gengar won't be able to because of its horrendous attack stat (since ghost type-attacks are physical) so something like a Snorlax with Shadow ball. Meganium isn't the best grass pokemon; Vileplume would be a good choice.

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    Do you intend to catch the legendary dogs in gold and silver with master balls, or did it not pop into ur your head that they flee?

    you need a pokemon with mean look in order to trap em, then you catch em.

    Good luck.
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    For Pokemon Gold, I'd suggest replacing Umbreon, Steelix or Ursaring for Xatu, to cover your Ground and Fighting Weakness.
    For Pokemon Silver, it's pretty balanced, but watch out for electric types.
    For Pokemon Crystal, it's pretty balanced too, but watch out for Ice types.

    If you need more help, PM me with the movesets etc, and I will see what I can do.

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    Thank you. I have paralyzed Entei and Suicune in Gold but they're not the ones i am after. Raikou is one fast mofo, i need an extremely fast Pokémon to catch up with him. Thinking about sending my Haunter from Crystal to Gold to do that job for me.

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    Please read the Rules. You must include the moves you intend to give each Pokemon in your OP. Please be sure to edit this.


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    In Pokemon Crystal I'd watch out for Fire and Ice Types. In Pokemon Gold I would watch out for Fighting types and for Silver I think it is pretty balanced.
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