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Thread: Your 'Trendy Phrase'

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    Default Your 'Trendy Phrase'

    What is your Trendy Phrase?

    Mine is 'Teleport Abra' at the moment in Ruby and Emerald.

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    Mine is "Just Dance" on Sapphire and "Lotad Bubble" on Emerald. I haven't played my main Ruby version for a while so I have no idea what the trendy saying is in that game. Honestly though, I hate the trendy sayings. I always tried to change them but that kid in front of the Dewford Town Hall was always stubborn and refused to accept new ones.

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    Mine was "Deoxys Deoxys"

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    My current phrase on Emerald is "Non-Stop Synchronize".
    I must have gotten that phrase from the last time I mixed records with one of my other games.
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    "Adult Toys" is the greatest Trendy Phrase ever and I am always sure to use it.

    (Adult Liquid Ooze is also acceptable.)
    I used to be on this website in like 2007 when I was 11-12 years old. I'm going to assume that every single post I ever made during that time was horribly cringeworthy and I fully apologize for and shamefully redact everything that I ever said on here when I was an annoying prepubescent brat.

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    My current trendy phrases are:

    Ruby: "Cool Hariyama"
    Sapphire: "Cool Hariyama"
    Emerald: "Cool Sunny Day"

    I have the same one on Ruby and Sapphire for some reason. Might be because they both have dead batteries and/or because I have mixed records with them. Or something else, I don't know.

    Regarding the trendy phrases in general, I have some memories involving them. First from one time when I had found Feebas in a special spot, and two of my friends changed the trendy phrases in their games to the same as mine which made Feebas appear in the same spot in their games. Second from the first time I ever played Ruby, had just started the game and my English knowledge at that time was better than in previous generations but still far from good. I had understood that I was supposed to deliver a letter to some guy named Steven who could be found somewhere around Dewford Town, but I had no idea who he was since everybody was talking about this "New Letter" which confused me to no end...
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    Mystery mew.
    Not sure why I named it that 3 years ago.
    Probably when I was exited when my cousin first showed his mew.

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