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Thread: Celebrating the Hero's Comet! (798)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shneak View Post
    This episode had some great Team Rocket dialogue. Comedic with a supernatural twist makes it stand out from the rest of the DA! episodes. My favourite exchange was between JJ and Iris/Cilan when they were escaping the ghosts.

    Jessie: Respect your elders!
    Iris: What does that even mean?
    Jessie: You're a kid!
    Iris: YOU'RE A KID!
    Cilan: Can we do this another time?

    Also, it was hilarious the way they clapped when they boys managed to move the statue. Like, LOOK AT JESSIE'S FACE!

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    I guess Jessie doesn't care about being called old anymore. What with her using a phrase like 'respect your elders'.
    Or maybe I'm taking that too literally?

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