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Thread: Slipping Into Sinnoh! (PG)

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    Default Slipping Into Sinnoh! (PG)

    Hi, everyone! It's been a while since I completed my last fan-fic, Purple, Grey, and the... Secret Dimension!? I'm here to announce that this will be the sequel to it! This story will take place directly where the last one left off. We'll join out heroes Purple, Grey, and Brittany once again as they fight Team Galactic this time and fight to get back to their loved ones. (If you didn't read the first one, I'd highly reccomend it. This one is a little bit more fast paced as there is a lot that is going to take place. If you read the first one, you'll understand this one.)

        Spoiler:- PM List:

        Spoiler:- Character Biographies:

        Spoiler:- Chapters:


    A courageous hero named Purple sacrificed himself in the battle at Twist Mountain. He, along with his friends Grey and Brittany, set out on an early adventure to collect eight badges from the Unova region. Meeting a lot of Pokemon along the way, they succeeded! Many legendary Pokemon helped in this. A mysterious trainer named N surprised the gang at Victory Road and aided them in a way that they don’t even understand at this point.

    As for their whereabouts, Grey and Brittany are at the Pokemon Center in Opelucid City, the city known for its citizens’ connections with Dragon-type Pokemon. The gym leader, Drayden, stopped by to give them his condolences, but he had challengers awaiting him. They were talking to a strange woman. Purple ended up at the top of Spear Pillar in the Sinnoh region after battling in the Secret Dimension! Reunited, Mars and Jupiter went to Saturn, the other commander of Team Galactic.

    No one is sure whether Purple is even alive. How will he manage to get back to his friends and family when Sinnoh is on lockdown from the activity?
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    Chapter One: Enter Mira! Milling Through Mount Coronet!

    “We’ve got planning to do, kid. Therefore, we’re leaving. Have fun trying to find your way down the mountain in an unknown region,” Mars mocked.

    “Saturn and I have catching up to do. Jupiter, come along, dear.” Her luscious red hair swept over her face. She hugged Saturn again and glared at Purple.

    “I am not your ‘dear’.” Jupiter crossed her arms, obviously angry. Her purple hair tossed in the breeze, and Saturn looked at her reassuringly.

    A dark yet whimsical voice whispered in Jupiter’s head: Go to them. Stay close, and do not stray. We will need them.

    With that, the three commanders flew off in a previously unnoticed jet behind Purple. The black jet had a huge ‘G’ scribed on it. It was the same thing that was tattered on Team Underworld’s jet. Purple wondered if Team Galactic was doing more than just backstabbing Veronica.

    Purple was alone. In a region he was unfamiliar with, he was alone. His injuries were still bad; aching as they were, he wanted to pass out. He knew these weren’t normal wounds. He would have to find Mars and Jupiter and have them explain what was so special about the attack that maimed him. And then it hit him. He only has Duosion in a region that’s on lockdown.

    To make it all worse, he had lost his special baseball cap. Even though it was solid black, it was the only thing that held memories of his father. Purple slipped into a flashback: he was standing in the kitchen of his home. His father had sat him down in the mahogany chair that accompanied the main dining table in their quiet Mistralton City cabin. His mother was also there, but she appeared to be lost in thought.

    “Son, I don’t know how to tell you this.” His father almost grimaced at the thought of whatever he wanted to tell the young Purple, but he wouldn’t let it show. Purple saw it anyways. “I have to go away on work. Well, it’s not even that…” He paused. “My work is dangerous, and I may not come back.”

    Tears welled up on the inside of Purple’s black eyes. Purple heard his father, but he didn’t believe it. His father was the one that had given him his Ducklett. He had gone away on a special trip for work that had taken him to the Moor of Icirrus. Caressing itself over the serene facade of the lake, Ducklett flaunted. His father knew Purple would love it, so he brought it home to him.

    “It’s time to say goodbye. Purple, I may be home tonight. I may not.”

    Purple threw himself in his father’s arms, and they had a brief embrace that Purple would cherish for years. The last words he would ever hear from his father were ‘I love you’, and he said that as he laid the cap in Purple’s lap. The boy’s mother didn’t say a word; she walked away. His father left. Purple waited in that mahogany chair until midnight that night. Nothing. Purple clenched his fists around the cap. He put it on and passed out in that chair.

    Purple snapped out of it and looked ahead. Dilapidated pillars rose up thirty feet in the air on both sides of the Spear Pillar. The Spear Pillar was like a battlefield: it was a flat top of the mountain. Pillars ran across the slick sides, and the rocky slides slid down into eternity. At the end of Spear Pillar was a giant rock. Blue and pink ripples spiraled in the rock- they were the rock.

    From the recent battle, Purple was in no shape to be traveling. His Trio Badge t-shirt was torn to pieces, the Trio Badge barely visible. Before the battle, his mother had sent new clothes to Opelucid City, the place he was staying; a new shirt, a pair of pants, and a pair shoes were in the package. The shirt was the same because his mother knew how much he adored the Striaton City gym leader. The shoes, however, were yellow and black, which were Purple’s favorite colors other than purple. He put on the new jeans with the shoes and shirt and had gone straight into the battle.

    What good were the clothes now? They were torn to shreds, and he had no clue where he was. He was glad that he saved the Unova region, but he wanted to be with the ones he loved. He wanted to see his mom again; he wanted to fist-bump Grey and congratulate him for helping save the region; and he wanted to hug Brittany and make her his girlfriend.

    He noticed a break in the cave. An entrance was carved out! He didn’t know how big this cave was, but he knew that was his chance to get out. When he got close enough, he peaked in. He saw nothing. Out of the silence that lurked within, a bone-shattering explosion knocked Purple back onto his backside.

    “Abra! We need to get out of this mess!” A shrill shriek came from inside the cave. It sounded like a little girl who was running from something. That idea was right.

    Purple managed his way in, the pain getting worse. He was hoping he could somehow buy time so the ban would cease and he could get healed with the Secret Potion. When he got in, he saw a little girl and an Abra. The girl had long, dark pink hair that looped around into bright yellow ponytail holders. She was pale, as though she had never seen the sun before in her life. Her apparel consisted of only pink and white- not a very good variety.

    Black ghouls were the culprits. They chased her around the rectangular room. It was a normal brown dirt cave. She and Abra were not going to give in. Purple limped into the middle of the room and motioned the girl over. He released his only Pokemon, Duosion, out of its Poke Ball. The two trainers stood back-to-back, their Pokemon in front of them ready to fight.

    “Duosion, start with Trick Room!”

    Duosion flew up and released an aura wave. Within seconds, a pink wall that glinted green appeared in the room, surrounding them. But, more importantly, it shielded them from the Pokemon. Purple took out his Pokedex, and it read:

    Duskull, the Requiem Pokemon. It loves the crying of children. It startles bad kids by passing through walls and making them cry.

    “They’re Duskull. I’ve never seen them before. Hmm… According to the Pokedex, your screaming just now did not help!”

    “Nice to meet you, too. I’m Mira.”

    “Oh, sorry. I’m Purple! I literally just arrived in Sinnoh.”

    “Can we save the chit chat for later!? We’re kind of being attacked!”

    “Right,” Purple said. “How do we fend them off? Trick Room will only work for so long. Eventually, it will give in. We’ll be dead.”

    “Buy me some time. My Abra here is trying to master Hidden Power. Its Hidden Power is of the Dark-type, so it will help.”

    “Duosion, you heard Mira. Go out and use Thunderbolt!”

    Mira and Abra ran off into a corner of the faux room. Abra stood firm and summoned a Hidden Power. The glowing white spheres appeared and then dissipated quicker than Mira could blink.

    “Again, Abra!”

    They did this several times, but it backfired every time. Out of nowhere, Abra disappeared. “Not again,” Mira cried.

    “Keep it down,” Purple scolded. “Your cries are upsetting the Duskull some more!”

    “Abra’s Teleport attack isn’t stable either. Abra randomly teleports a lot. Hopefully it masters Hidden Power while it’s gone.”

    Duosion stayed out of the room and launched its attacks. A group of three Duskull kept using Shadow Sneak on Duosion. Duosion finally fell to the ground. Not able to get up, Duosion struggled. Purple and Duosion were both down at this point. Two of the Duskull threw themselves at Duosion, but reluctantly, Duosion deflected them with Psychic.

    Duosion was seriously beaten. With the lack of energy, the Duskull started to break the barrier with ease.

    “We’re not going to last,” Mira snarled. “Stop them!” She shrieked.

    The Duskull roared and broke the barrier. They filled the shattered room and started to attack. Purple spheres of Shadow Balls flew all over. Purple returned Duosion to its Poke Ball before things got out of hand. A Shadow Ball roared toward Mira. She screamed at the top of her lungs.


    The explosion shook the room. Abra was back! A Hidden Power had saved her!

    “Abra… You mastered it!? Alright. Let’s battle- you and me. Attract!”

    Abra jumped and winked. Pink hearts swirled around it and hit every Duskull. About half of the wild Pokemon were affected. The ones that were had hearts for eyes and aimlessly wandered throughout the cavern. The other half, however, were very angry.

    “Abra! Use Hidden Power to knock them out!”

    White spheres were summoned. This time they stayed. When Abra launched the new attack, two or three hit every Duskull. The ones that were infatuated snapped out of it, and they all left. Abra jumped into Mira’s arms and they screamed for victory.

    “If you don’t be quiet, they’ll come back. Now let’s go. We need to get out of this cave.”

    “Okay… To be honest, I was lost. So, I’m glad I found you,” Mira admitted.

    “Since Abra mastered Hidden Power, maybe it mastered its Teleport, too. Wanna try?”

    “I can’t exactly walk out of here in this condition. I guess I can try.”

    They huddled around Abra. Within a couple of seconds, they were outside. Behind them was the entrance to the cave. On the horizon, they could see a city draped in darkness trying not to be captured in the night via street lamps.

    “That’s Eterna City,” Mira informed. “That’s where we’ll go. There’s a hospital there.”

    In Unova, Grey, Brittany, and Fennel are still at the Opelucid City Pokemon Center. Fennel explained that she does research on dreams. She continued to explain that three of her “dream” Pokemon went rogue. Skyla and Elesa each caught one. That left one. A Xtransciever went off right after.

    “Hello. This is Fennel,” Fennel said, answering the phone. She was a slender woman, about the same size as Professor Juniper. She wore clips in her hair that resembled her Pokemon Munna. “Mhm. I understand. Thank you.” She hung up her device and walked back over to Grey and Brittany. “That was Clay, the leader of Driftveil City. Along with his Seismitoad, he managed to catch Landorus, the last Pokemon.”

    “That’s great,” Brittany cheered. She had barely been able to catch her breath two seconds before. Now she was practically jumping for joy. “Grey and I have a few things to do before the plan starts. Meet us in Nuvema Town tomorrow afternoon.”

    Grey and Brittany left Fennel.

    “I just got Grey’s Pokemon from Nurse Joy. They’re finally fully healed. Drayden’s battle hurt them a lot more than I thought it would. Our next stop is Nuvema Town. Are you ready to go?”

    “Yeah,” Brittany assured. “I wanted to wait here with Keldeo, but Keldeo already left. I hope it does alright in its training with the Swords of Justice. I’m worried about it.”

    “Keldeo will do just fine. I’m kind of worried about Zorua and Zor-“

    “That’s what I was forgetting, Grey,” Brittany exclaimed. “I want to take them to Juniper’s lab so they have somewhere to stay. N left, so they’re homeless for now. Please! Let’s take them with us.”

    “Alright. Well, we’ve got a friend to rescue. Let’s get started,” Grey determined.
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    Chapter Two: Energizing in Eterna City!

    “Good job, Torterra! Jumpluff, use Energy Ball!” A young woman in a green shawl was commanding her Grass-type Pokemon. Around her were Torterra, Jumpluff, Roserade, Bellossom, Cacturne, and Vileplume. Jumpluff flew up, summoned a swirly green sphere, and launched it at a nearby rock. The rock exploded, and shrapnel was sent into the air.

    Purple and Mira dodged the debris to the best of their ability. Nonetheless, they were still pummeled with tiny pebbles. They made their way to the young lady and tapped her shoulder.

    “Who’s there?” She yelled as she swung back, backhanding Purple in the face.

    “Um… Hi. My name’s Purple, and this here is Mira. Are you by chance Gardenia?”

    “The one and only!”

    “Cool. I’m kind of in a hurry. We went into Eterna City looking for you, but a commoner told us that you were away training. I see what he meant. Anyway, I challenge you to a gym battle!”

    She smiled and said, “You’re quite the enthusiastic trainer. We’ll battle a three-on-three battle- here and now.”

    “Gardena- um, ma’am- I only have one Pokemon.”

    “Okay, then. Roserade, come on over here!” She jumped, and, when she landed, posed with her Roserade. If Roserade wasn’t a Pokemon, they could have been twins.

    “Duosion, battle with Roserade! Start with Psychic! Lift it up, and then drop it as hard as you can into the dirt.”

    Duosion flew over and used Psychic on Roserade. The Bouquet Pokemon was slammed into the dirt, but quickly recovered. Roserade ran across the field and jumped. The Bouquet Pokemon was several feet above Duosion. Roserade let out blue, red, and yellow sound waves that even knocked the sound barrier. Duosion slammed into the dirt three times harder than Roserade had been. Roserade, still in the air, summoned a red orb and launched it to the sky.

    Duosion levitated as high as possible, knocked Roserade down with Shadow Ball, and sent a Flash Canon roaring at the red orb. It exploded, and Roserade staggered a glare at Duosion that said, Do it again, and you won’t like what you see.

    “No! One does not simply destroy my Roserade’s Sunny Day attack! Roserade, again!”

    Another orb was shot into the air. Duosion chased the orb, but was knocked into a tree with another Round attack. The weather immediately changed; sun rays soared down on the field, and Purple felt the heat searing the back of his neck. Mira, sitting on the sidelines, started to sweat. Roserade posed next to Gardenia as if saying, I told you so. Eat my dust.

    “That Roserade is a brat. Duosion, knock it out with Flash Canon!”

    Passion filled Duosion’s eyes as it knew that Purple was injured and needed the badge for information. Duosion mustered a courageous grey beam of Steel-type prowess. Everything was going well. It was halfway across the field when it stopped. An attack was blocking it from reaching the other side and ultimately knocking Roserade out.

    “Keep that Solarbeam strong, Roserade!”

    “We’ve traveled and conquered Unova. Duosion, I know your attack is stronger. Do it!”

    Neither attack gave in. The Solarbeam and Flash Canon attacks were sent in opposite directions- one east and one west. Trees on either side pummeled to the ground. Roserade, upon its shoulders, summoned a gigantic Weather Ball. It looked as if a nuclear explosion was taking place inside a huge, powerful attack. Heat and power emanated from the Weather Ball.

    “Purple! That’s Roserade’s strongest attack! I’ve challenged Gardenia before, and that’s the attack that knocked me and Abra out of the gym challenge. You have got to be careful,” Mira encouraged.

    He nodded and commanded Duosion to use Trick Room. When the Weather Ball was launched, it was caught in an invisible room. Purple had Duosion make it invisible by making it less powerful so that Gardenia wouldn’t notice.

    “It’s just stuck in midair. What’s going on? Roserade, fix it!”

    “Duosion, block it!”

    Duosion levitated over and floated in place between the attack and Roserade.

    “Roserade, use your new attack. It’s time for Poison Jab!”

    “How can you have five moves!?” Purple questioned.

    “We’re that powerful,” Gardenia arrogantly answered.

    Roserade’s flowery hand glowed a light purple. Roserade charged and jumped for the Weather Ball. Duosion moved out of the way and disintegrated the Trick Room. The Poison Jab that Roserade used jammed into the attack. The attack consumed Roserade. Fire punctured Roserade completely. Incinerated, Roserade crumbled to the ground. In flames, the grass all around it blazed briefly.

    “How were we beaten? What kind of wizardry was that? Roserade, return. You all,” she said, pointing to her other Pokemon, “That’s the kind of thing that we’re going to have to train against. Here you go,” she finished, handing Purple the Forest Badge.

    Along with the talented gym leader, Purple and Mira entered Eterna City. With the battle taking place, the sun had started to rise without any of them even noticing. At the entrance to the city, Mira departed from the group, saying she was going off to train with Abra. Gardenia and Purple went into the city.

    “That over there is the great Palkia Statue. It’s sacred to Eterna C-“

    An explosion rattled the entire city. The Palkia Statue went from the delightful gray of granite to the pitch black color of obsidian. Purple managed to grab his Pokedex before things went awry, but his Pokedex had no information on the Dragon-type Pokemon. The statue exploded. Shrapnel from it knocked Gardenia and Purple back into a dozen rows of bicycles.

    An older man ran out of the shop in from of the bikes and yelled, “My bikes!” He then had a meltdown in which he passed out, ironically falling on one of his bikes.

    “Yeah, we’re okay, Rad,” Gardenia stammered, rolling her eyes. She got to her feet and offered, “Here, grab my hand.” Purple did, and they were both up. All that remained was a foot high base for the statue. “Look!” Gardenia pointed to the sky.

    A massive figure hovered in the air above the statue.

    “Giratina,” Purple whispered at the same time as a young woman who stepped out from behind the statue.

    “Jupiter. What are you doing here?”

    She looked past him absently. It was as though she wasn’t really there. The voice inside of her whispered, Be weary of the boy. He threatens your every move.

    Jupiter snapped out of it and walked over to Purple. “What happened? She asked. “How did I get here?”

    “What do you mean? Oh… You really don’t know. You see… Giratina up there blew up the Palkia Statue.” Purple pointed to Giratina. Giratina let loose a roar that shook the entire city. The tendrils all over its body had converted back to a forme that Purple had never seen.

    “That’s its Altered Forme. In our world, it can’t be in its Origin Forme. Giratina must have gotten out of the Distortion World when we got out. Something tells me that Giratina is highly upset and did this to get our attention. I think it was asserting its power. It wants us to know not to mess with it,” Jupiter informed.

    “How do you know so much?”

    “Well, Chiron, one of our old commanders, did a lot of research on Giratina, Palkia, and Dialga. He created the Red Chain that helped us a few years ago. I must be off, twerp.” Jupiter walked into the depths of Eterna City.

    “Wow. I’ve been beaten in battle and now my city was attacked by Giratina. I’m out,” Gardenia said, depressed, as she gave Purple the peace sign with her hand.

    “I think I heard there was a hospital here. I guess I’d better look.”

    Purple stumbled through the city, muttering curses as they went. He was in so much pain that he could barely stand it. He passed a building that looked like it came directly from outer space with the dark blue paint and the “outer space” theme. According to a map he bought, it was an old building used by Team Galactic.

    He managed into the Pokemon Center. He gave Nurse Joy his Duosion and hopped over to the video phone. He called Cynthia. He figured she would have to be back in the region if the region was indeed on lockdown. No answer. “I guess I’ll keep going,” he stammered.

    He passed Rad Rickshaw putting the bicycles back up in their rows. He apologized for the accident, but the shop owner was no longer mad. He hobbled over to an abandoned house and took a nap. In the corner was a table with notes and books on it. One note read:

    Dear Professor Oak,

    Our region isn’t exactly doing so well. I know you have a vacation home in Eterna City, so could you possibly come for a while? The legendary Pokemon Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres have appeared and are swarming all over the region. Thank you in advance. I beg for your expertise.

    Sincerely, Professor Rowan.

    The note looked decrepit. It must have been a few years old. The problem had most likely already been solved. After a nap in the abandoned house, he went back out to look. He finally found the Eterna Medical Hospital in the southern corner of the city. Nurse Joys greeted him. He was taken directly back into treatment. He knew it wouldn’t be permanent, but he needed something to help from the big battle. He knew he had to get back to his friends and get the Secret Potion.

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    Chapter Three: Enter Cheryl! Mira's Soon Return!?

    Trees. That’s all Purple could see. He had gotten temporarily rejuvenated at the Eterna City Hospital. His Pokemon had also been healed. He was now ready for the day ahead. The young hero had traveled just outside of the city and into the forest.

    “The map says this is Eterna Forest. This should put me right en route to Oreburgh City- the next city with a gym. Maybe gyms will be my only way of getting information after all.”

    A familiar, shrill shriek filled the entire forest. Purple managed to find the person matching the voice just in time. Surrounding the girl and another trainer was a flock of wild Murkrow. The Murkrow steadied their Icy Wind attacks and launched them
    “Happiny, come out and use Light Screen!” The other trainer commanded this. She was clearly older than the younger- maybe even Purple. She wore all green: a dark green dress that went down to her feet. Folds in the dress made it even more elegant. She delicately threw the Poke Ball. A tiny pink Pokemon came out, put its hands up, and summoned a yellow screen that clashed with the bright blue Icy Winds.

    Little damage got through to the two trainers and their Pokemon, Happiny and Abra. Purple ran up to them and said, “Mira! Long time no see.”

    “Happiny, would you please use your Thunder Wave attack? I’d be forever grateful.”

    Happiny jumped and jolts of electricity zapped all of the Murkrow. Some fell to the ground, and some flew away. This was their chance to escape. Purple, Mira and Abra, and the girl and her Happiny all ran. From the trees behind the fainted Murkrow, three Honchkrow flew out and started chasing them.

    All three of the Honchkrow gathered Dark Pulses and fired them. Thankfully, they all missed, but the kids had no clue where they would go. The forest was huge, and they were running out of time. The Honchkrow were closing in on them.

    “Abra! That’s it. Jump up here and use Teleport,” Mira ordered while running.

    Abra jumped and landed in Mira’s arms. Purple and the girl grabbed on, and just like that, a multi-color ray made them disappear.

    When they woke up, they were in a torn down building. Purple leaned up, Mira and the girl following. They were in a triangle shape with Abra in the middle. Abra jumped into Mira’s lap and nodded on her torso. Abra was proud of itself for saving them.

    Purple looked around and didn’t like what he saw. They were in a mansion, but it wasn’t a normal mansion. It had been left unoccupied for years, it looked like. The door stood wide open, however. Purple got up, and Mira did the same. She picked Abra up, but Abra floated via its Psychic-type power.

    “Oh, and I’m Purple,” Purple said, introducing himself to the new girl.

    “Yeah, hi,” she said, distracted. “I’m Cheryl. But we have a problem. Happiny’s gone!”

    “I think we have a bigger problem than that,” Mira stuttered, looking around the mansion.

    They were right in front of the main door. From there, it was a big room. Staircases on both sides of the room led to the second floor. On the second floor were three doors, each guarded by a strong Ghost-type Pokemon: Dusknoir in the middle, Gengar to the left, and Spiritomb to the right. Behind them, the door slammed shut.

    “The map on my Xtransciever is telling me that this building is called the Old Chateau. It also says that we’re still in the Eterna Forest,” Purple read.

    “Hap-“ Cheryl started to cry. “Happiny is gone. The door slammed shut, and we’re stuck. Those Honchkrow could seriously harm my poor baby.” Tears poured down her face.

    “Stop crying!” Mira demanded. “We’ve all been in worse situations than this. Abra, you use Teleport and find Happiny. Cheryl, you take the right door; I’ll take the left; and Purple will take the center door. Understood?”

    Purple stood in amazement. Had Mira really just taken initiative?

    “Understood,” the two trainers answered to Mira.

    Abra shimmered and disappeared into a pink pile of dust. The three trainers split up to their respective doors. Their only way out of the Old Chateau was to battle the Ghost-types and find out what they’re hiding in the rooms. Mira was first to start her battle.

    “Porygon, come out and battle! Start off with Electroweb!” The small Pokemon came out of its Poke Ball and floated over to Gengar. Out of its nose, Porygon swiftly wove an Electroweb. The attack covered itself in electricity and entwined Gengar. Gengar didn’t seem fazed at all.

    Gengar stretched out its long arms and legs, and the net broke.

    As quick as lightning, Gengar had smacked Porygon off of the balcony and onto the first floor with a single Focus Blast. Mira told Porygon to use Recover, and it did. When it levitated back to the second story, it looked fine. Gengar attempted it again, but Mira was prepared.

    “Porygon, use Mirror Coat! Make it work!”

    The Focus Blast hit Porygon just as hard, but Porygon had activated its defense beforehand. When the smoke cleared, Porygon was enticed in a shimmer, and Gengar was on the ground. Gengar could still battle, though. Mira gave one last command.

    “Do your best with your new attack. Try Tri Attack!”

    Porygon’s nose glowed red, blue, and yellow all at the same time. Fire, Ice, and Electric-type attacks all charged out of Porygon and slammed Gengar into the wall, knocking it out.

    “That Mirror Coat was so strong that it enabled even your Tri Attack to work on a Ghost-type like Gengar. Porygon, you’re the best,” Mira cheered as she hugged her Pokemon. “Return for some rest, buddy.”

    Cheryl also had a plan.

    “Makuhita, come battle Spiritomb,” she nimbly said. “Watch out, hunny. That Spiritomb looks dangerously strong. Battle strong!”

    Makuhita approached the floating Spiritomb and opened its mouth. A blinding light flashed out of its mouth, and Spiritomb was temporarily shrouded in a wavering red aura. A Foresight attack had been put into place! Makuhita jumped, but Spiritomb was no fool. Spiritomb’s eyes glowed blue with a Psychic attack.

    It worked. Makuhita was paralyzed in midair. The Psychic was disabling its ability to simply move. Makuhita countered it with Detect. Makuhita closed its eyes, but when it opened, they were green. Psychic stopped working, and Makuhita fell out of the attack.

    Higher up, Makuhita made both of its arms glow white. Makuhita, still in the air, charged toward Spiritomb. The wild Pokemon knew not to try Psychic again as it would fail. Cheryl’s Pokemon crossed its glowing arms and sliced them open onto Spiritomb. A successful Cross Chop had landed! Spiritomb crumbled against the wall.

    Spiritomb, with its last breath, summoned a tiny Shadow Ball. Makuhita wasn’t a fool either. Makuhita jumped up again, and, before it could launch Shadow Ball, landed onto Spiritomb with a Heavy Slam attack. Swirls filled Spiritomb’s eyes. It was out.

    Both Cheryl and Mira’s doors opened. Two down, one left.

    “Cheryl and Mira both used unique strategies. We don’t have time for that,” Purple said, confronting Dusknoir and releasing Duosion. Something was nagging at him. It was as though he was weak- a trainer who was solely filled desperation and despair. It was the same feeling he felt at Spear Pillar: he was alone, other than Duosion. He yelled back to the others, “Catch Spiritomb and Gengar. I have a feeling we’re going to need them!”

    The girls nodded. They both threw Poke Balls, and the two Ghost-type Pokemon were caught. They picked up the Poke Balls and retreated down the stairs to the spot where they had teleported inside.

    “I hope Happiny’s alright,” Cheryl muttered.

    Happiny was alright. Abra wasn’t. The three Honchkrow had fired Dark Pulses at Happiny when Abra shimmered in front of them. Abra had collapsed, and Happiny was still fending them off with Thunder Waves that weren’t working. Happiny put up a yellow Light Screen that barely kept them alive. While it was up, Happiny leaned over the wounded Abra and used Refresh. Happiny touched Abra’s head, and healing waves soared all over the tiny Pokemon’s body.

    Abra got up. The Pokemon was still wounded, but it was alive. That’s what mattered. Abra leaned over and saved Happiny this time. One of the Honchkrow surrounded itself with wavy white energy and shattered the Light Screen. It was one strong Sky Attack! As it jolted toward them, Abra leaned over and touched Happiny. Abra’s eyes shimmered for a second, and they both shimmered after. They were saved, now standing in their respective trainer’s arms.

    Cheryl and Mira cheered.

    “Duosion, Psychic!”

    The battle was raging. Duosion was having a hard time trying to control the Pokemon, even with Psychic. Duosion had managed to get a few damaging Shadow Ball and Flash Canons in, but it wasn’t enough. That’s when it happened. Dusknoir forced its hands out, and they glowed with a fiery ambiance. Purple knew what was coming. If he could backfire the attack…

    “Duosion, set up a Trick Room now! Hurry!”

    Duosion’s eyes glowed like always, and the invisible room trapped the horrendous Pokemon. The room shattered, but Duosion took no damage. Purple knew Dusknoir was using a Pain Split attack, so he had Dusknoir take its own energy. Dusknoir crumpled like the others, and Purple caught it.

    “I’m so glad I taught you that move,” he said, smirking. He hugged Duosion, and the door in front of him opened.

    From inside, they all heard the shout of an innocent Pokemon.
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    Chapter Four: Gambling with Ghost-Types!

    Cheryl shrieked, “Happiny’s gone again! Look! So is Abra! And Duosion! What’s going on?” The trainer looked like she was having an epileptic seizure. “They’re all gone. Out of nowhere. I can’t breathe.” The trainer almost passed out.

    Mira helped her over to a chair. They made it further into the Chateau. Now they were in a long room with a custom table to fit the length. It was precious mahogany wood. Chairs lined both sides, and fresh food steamed on the table. Nice china made it even more fancy.

    “Maybe their disappearances have to do with the screaming Pokemon we heard,” Mira wondered.

    “It very well could be,” Purple agreed. “How about you two stay here, and I go on ahead?”

    “No. Splitting up is not a good idea,” Mira argued. “We have got to stay together.” Everything blurred. “Hello?”

    No one answered. She was now alone with a pitch black room. Abra, Cheryl, and Purple were nowhere to be found. All she had now was her Porygon, and Porygon was wiped out from its previous battle. The lights came on. No wonder she felt sea sick! She was spinning on a giant wheel like she saw when her parents watched Wheel of Fortune. The panels weren’t money or vacations either. The panels read “Eternal Damnation” and “Loss of Soul”.

    The wheel stopped. As if by bad luck, the wheel stopped on “Eternal Damnation”. The wheel disappeared, and Mira was consumed in the darkness. It enticed her. As much as she didn’t want to like it, she was enjoying the evilness that penetrated from the darkness. She was falling through eternal nothingness. She was succumbing to it.

    You could have longevity with us, the darkness said. I know all about your dark past.
    Stop it, she thought. This is not you. They can’t possibly know about that.

    Cheryl sat in the elongated room. Everything was still. Nothing was moving. Of course that’s when everything started moving. Every piece of silverware in the room levitated into the air. The knives, spoons, and forks flew to the opposite sides and stabbed the walls. Blood flowed out of the puncture marks and onto the Chateau floor. Cheryl tried to hop up, but she was glued to the chair.

    “I’ll drown in this blood!”

    The blood was up to her knees. She was panicking. The room was taunting her. She didn’t know how, but the room must’ve known about her fear of drowning. Cheryl constantly warned herself about where she was. She was afraid when she entered Eterna Forest because she feared the leaves would pull her in and suffocate her. That’s why she asked Mira, the first person she met, to walk with her. Despite all of her efforts to survive, the blood would get into her lungs and she would stop breathing.

    “Goodbye, Makuhita,” she said as she threw the Poke Ball across the room.
    The ball sank in the blood. She let out a few ironic blood-curdling shrieks as the blood was around her throat. After a minute, the blood was up to her bottom lip. Everything froze. She had her head tilted back to prolong her life, and so she saw the face come out of the ceiling. The ceiling woke up and started talking to her.

    “It doesn’t have to be like this. This blood… It’s the blood of humans and Pokemon who have refused the Chateau in the past. You can join me and have eternal life. Join me, child,” the voice said.

    Cheryl nodded in refusal. The blood retreated into the floorboards and the room disappeared. Her chair also disappeared, and she fell into the abyss of nothingness.

    Cheryl smacked into a solid piece of blackness. Mira smacked into it right next to her. A voice filled the darkness. Their skins crawled. Cheryl was quivering with fear. She was covered in human and Pokemon blood. She wanted nothing more than to be out and with her Happiny- the one she couldn’t find.

    “Join me. Join me now, and you can go. Refuse me, and you both shall perish.”

    Mira had heard the voice before. “You’re the same voice that possessed Jupiter of Team Galactic, aren’t you?”

    “Jupiter is one of my many servants, yes,” the voice said. “You two can also work for me. It’s the best job in the world. I control everything. Join me, and you can have that.”

    The girls nodded, and they fell even further into the void.

    A Poke Ball appeared out of nowhere and fell onto the floorboards in the elongated room. Purple walked over and picked it up, Makuhita popping out. Makuhita made a bunch of gestures that Purple didn’t understand and tapped the Poke Ball. It went back in. Purple gave the Poke Ball a wry look and put it in his pocket.

    “How did Cheryl’s Makuhita just appear out of nowhere? How did Cheryl and Mira just disappear? Where did our Pokemon go?” He let out a frustrated grunt and walked into the next room.

    The room was fairly small. Directly in the center of the back of the room, a Ralts was being terrorized by a Pokemon that faded in and out of light.

    Rotom, the Plasma Pokémon. Rotom plays practical jokes, which it carries out by embedding its plasma body in electronic devices.

    “So, you’re Rotom. Why are you harassing that Ralts?”

    Rotom pointed to corner of the room adjacent to back right corner. A lamp came on that showed Abra, Happiny, and Duosion in chains. Rotom had taken all three of them and was harassing Ralts all at the same time. Who knows what else the Pokemon would do?

    In the right corner on Rotom’s side of the room, Cheryl and Mira appeared. They crumbled like pastries and hit the floor. Cheryl’s entire body was tinted red, and Mira looked like she had aged fifty years. Wrinkles covered her face, and age spots took place all over her body where she should have been growing into a young woman. Purple had to help them, but he didn’t know what to do.

    “Makuhita, come out and help please. Your trainer is hurt and could really use you.” Makuhita did so. Makuhita walked over, crossed its arms, and single-handedly broke the chains on the three Pokemon.

    Abra and Happiny ran over to their trainers. Their trainers were now passed out- not even a Refresh from Happiny worked. Rotom twitched as if being possessed. An echo of perpetual doom filled the room. The feeling of giving up and quitting filled the once adventurous Purple. He fell to his knees and burst into tears. This wasn’t him. He would never give up and cry- especially in front of his friends, passed out or not.

    Purple got up and ordered Duosion to use Psychic. Rotom flinched in anticipation for the attack, but it was aimed at Ralts. Ralts was picked up and dropped at Purple’s feet.

    “Don’t worry,” he comforted. He tapped a Poke Ball on the Pokemon’s head, and he noticed a smile form on its face as it was consumed by the aura. “You’ll be safe from Rotom. I promise.” He directed his attention toward Rotom now, but he got distracted. “Is that blood?” Indeed, blood was coming out of the walls- but only in the corner that Mira and Cheryl were in. It also looked like Mira was having terrifying nightmares.

    “I’ve got workers everywhere,” the voice, now controlling Rotom, said. “Please, make this easy. Your journey to stop me will not be easy. Before now, you didn’t even know of me. Your duty is to stop Team Galactic, right? Good. Go for them. Meanwhile, I’m behind so many other things.”

    The voice left Rotom.

    “Duosion, Flash Canon the ceiling,” Purple commanded.

    The Steel-type beam slit the ceiling in half. Rotom levitated out of the way, and the attack missed it and the girls. Abra teleported the girls and Happiny out. Duosion knocked the unguarded Rotom down with Shadow Ball, and Ralts appeared. Purple had used the Flash Canon as a distraction to let Ralts out and let it Teleport. Ralts teleported Rotom and appeared at Purple’s feet. Purple returned Duosion, and Ralts teleported him and Rotom out. Purple, Rotom, and Ralts appeared in the spot where they had originally appeared in the house: right in front of the door.

    Abra, Happiny, and the girls were there too. Rotom disappeared. Coincidentally, Purple’s Pokedex floated out of Purple’s pocket and floated in front of him. It startled him, but the Pokedex started speaking:

    “Hi, I’m Rotom. I want to apologize for the inconvenience. I’m a generally good Pokemon. I watch over the Chateau and protect it. I had Dusknoir, Spiritomb, and Gengar watching over the three doors in this room because we’ve been experiencing strange activity. That activity being the voice that possessed me. I want to sincerely apolo-“

    The Pokedex fell, and still talking through it, the voice interrupted, “Trainer, give over the Pokemon. You have them, and I need them for my army. If you give them up, your friends will survive. I know things about them- dark things- that will only cause you harm later on.”

    Purple took out the three Poke Balls and wondered if it could be true. In such a short amount of time, he had come to know and like these two people. They were like friends to him. He couldn’t put the Pokemon in danger either. They were only protecting the Chateau- what Rotom had told them to do.

    “Not a chance. Now, Rotom,” Purple yelled. The voice and Rotom were both inside of his Pokedex, so he hoped Rotom had thought of a plan.

    A Discharge attack sent thunderbolts sparring every which way out of the Pokedex. The voice stopped talking, and a wave of energy emanated from it. It dissipated, and the voice was gone. For now, Purple was happy. Rotom came back out of the Pokedex and wandered off. Rotom came back and tackled Purple until it found what it was looking for: a Poke Ball. Rotom was coming along.

    Mira and Cheryl came back to life. They hugged their Pokemon and returned them. They remembered the events of that day and shivered. They came over to Purple who was returning Ralts. He now had Duosion, Ralts, Spiritomb, Dusknoir, Gengar, and Rotom- a full party.

    A roar pierced through the room. Purple, Mira, and Cheryl shimmered and reappeared in the middle of Eterna Forest. Something was different, though. The Pokemon were acting very hostile. The voice must have startled all of them! A flock of Starly were coming for Purple and Purple alone.

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    Chapter Five: Come One, Come All! Meeting in Nuvema Town!

    “That blasted voice… I don’t know who or what it is, but when I get my hands on it, I’m going to strangle it.”

    “Purple, calm down.” Mira was running next to Purple and Cheryl, the birds in fast pursuit. “We have to get rid of them.”

    “No.” He stopped running.

    “We’ll be attacked,” Cheryl whined, her high voice cracking as she stopped.

    “Rotom, come use Thundershock,” Purple ordered. “This is getting serious."

    The Pokemon that he had just befriended came out and shocked the birds. Every one of them fell to the ground while shrieking, “Starrrrr!” Only one Starly got up. It was pretty clear to all of them that it was the leader of the flock. It walked over to Purple and puffed its chest out demanding a battle.

    Purple took this the wrong way.

    “Fine, you runt. I’m usually the nicest person ever, but this voice is getting to me. With being injured and being played by it, I want to pull my hair out! Starly, this is over.” He threw a Pokeball.

    The ball opened after failing on the third shake.

    Anger seethed in the trainer, so Mira encouraged, “Calm down, Purple! I’m serious. You’re a very competent battler. Calm down and enjoy a battle with it!”

    His attitude changed almost immediately. “Fine. Rotom, would you like to continue battling?”

    “Ro, Rotom!”

    “Good. I’ll need your type advantage. Rotom, use Thunder Wave!”

    A weak bolt of electricity soared through the now nighttime sky. Starly jolted with electricity and toppled onto the emerald grass of the forest. Clouds were setting in for the night, and the group could hear the cries of Murkrow and Honchkrow all around them. Wind gently rustled the foliage and grass around not only the group, but also the fallen Starly.

    Starly lifted its head up and furiously flapped its wings until it got into the air. Starly knew Rotom from around the forest, so it knew all about Normal-type attacks not working on Ghost-type Pokemon. Starly was limited. Starly illuminated its wings with white light and slammed them into Rotom. The Ghost-type hit the ground hard, an appendage stuck in it.

    “Rotom, get up! Uh… Use Electro Web! That should do.”

    With one appendage stuck in the ground, Rotom knit the best web it could and launched it. The net sprung to life with ferocious golden electric currents. The net hit Starly, knocked it out of place, and enclosed the bird Pokemon with a pain that no other could. Starly yelped with all its might, but the battle was over.

    “Rotom, give the final blow. Signal Beam!”

    A purple, pink, and green sphere appeared at Rotom’s mouth. A beam fired out of it so fast you would think it was a canon. The attack caused mass amounts of smoke to cloud the anterior of the forest. Both squinting, Cheryl and Mira thought they saw a shimmer right before the smoke settled in. A birdlike Pokemon flew up and gust the winds away with strong-as-steel wings.

    “That Starly evolved, Purple! It’s even stronger now,” Cheryl said. “Catch it for sure!”

    Although it had just evolved, Staravia was still weak from battling previously. The bird was still weak and paralyzed. Purple had his chance to hone in and catch it. A genuine smile adorned Purple’s tough yet sweet face as he threw the Poke Ball one last time. Staravia engrossed itself in the ball, letting itself get captured. Mira and Cheryl, as though they were cheerleaders, hollered from the sidelines. She was smiling, but Cheryl was still worried.

    “Don’t worry, Cheryl. I know the way out! Follow me!” Mira stepped up and had Cheryl follow her. The two gals waved back at Purple, and he gave them a warm smile that anyone would be glad to have. He had friends to get back to, and he was one step closer to getting there.

    “It’s good to see you both,” said a young woman with a white lab coat showing her off. Brown hair swept across her face, swaying as she talked. She stepped up, and the electric door to her lab opened. Worn down kids stepped up.

    “It’s good to see you, too, Professor Juniper,” Grey exclaimed. His dark gray hair swooped on his face, covering his left eye. He flipped his hair, and Brittany hid her adornment.

    “Professor… We have guests.” Brittany side-stepped, and Zorua and Zoroark came into the light. “We’d like you to keep these two at your lab since their friend N can’t take care of them at the moment.”

    “I’d love to have them! Bring them back,” Juniper declared, smiling the entire time. Grey loved the way the professor could make anyone be in a better mood.

    The Professor’s backyard was a vast expanse of anything a Pokemon could ever dream of. Zorua and Zoroark ran off into the backyard and started playing immediately. To the left, a crystal clear lake inhabited many Pokemon such as Oshawott and Corsola. Coral and lily pads decorated the lake in a fashion that was definitely Juniper’s. From the edge of the lake to the border of the lab, voluptuous trees covered the backyard. The middle of the backyard was clear grass, however. A Snivy used Vine Whip to swing from tree to tree. A Tepig was practicing its Heat Crash attack in the rocky area to the right. An Accelgor zipped across the field with such serenity.

    “Guys, come on out,” Brittany shouted as she threw four Poke Balls into the calm air. A white light flashed, and four of Brittany’s Pokemon appeared to her. “Now, I’m going to leave you four with Professor Juniper until I’m done finding Purple. Is that alright, Professor?”

    “Sure. Your Mandibuzz, Lucario, Glaceon, and Azumarill will be safe with me. Grey, you too?”

    “Yeah. Here goes,” he said. He released Golurk, Jellicent, Vanilluxe, and Lilligant. They joined Brittany’s Pokemon and started to play.

    A ping from the front of the lab gave the call that someone was there. The kids, following Juniper, went to the front door and it opened. Purple’s mom was standing there. The young woman was in sheer devastation; it was obvious she had let herself go since Purple disappeared. Her normally pampered brown hair was tattered; her face was different colors from tears distorting her makeup; and she was wearing week-old clothes.

    “Please, come in,” Juniper whispered. Purple’s mom gently walked in and sat on one of the yellow chairs.

    Brittany and Grey told her the whole story again. The tears became unbearable, and she had to excuse herself. She was gone for a good ten minutes before she came back. Grey took her to the lab part of Juniper’s Laboratory and said, “Here. We wanted you to have Purple’s Pokemon. He would have wanted you to have them.” Grey handed her the five Poke Balls and walked back to Brittany.

    “Yes, uh-huh. I understand.” Juniper, who had gotten a phone call while Grey was giving the Poke Balls away, walked back over to the two youthful, kindred teenagers and tells Brittany, “That was your father. He just arrived in Unova and is in the Conference Hall in the back of the building. He said there’s something important he wants to talk to you about. Oh, and Grey, he wants you, too.”

    Grey’s face turned to a stunned red. He was clearly blushing, but he turned to hide it from Brittany. “M-M-Me?”

    “Oh, come on, you big dork.” Brittany grabbed Grey’s arm and pulled him to the back. The two passed the backdoor exit, the one where they let their Pokemon out. They started down an extended corridor. They passed all kinds of doors. A bright, fluorescent red light flashed in the crack of an oak wood door.



    A dilapidated sign on the door read: Fossil Restoration. The sign was so old that it looked like it would crumble into tiny spicules of microscopic dust at any moment. The door slammed shut, and a man yelled, “Get away! No! Stop!” Fear emanated from his soul.

    When the two reached the end of the corridor, Brittany tapped on it, and the small impact pushed the door right open. Standing inside was a younger man in khaki shorts, a green golfer’s polo, and a French-looking hat. He had quite a bit of facial hair. Standing next to him was a slender young gal, older than Brittany, which looked rough around the edges. She wore a red bandana but the rest of her outfit was blue.

    “Dad? Sapphire? What are you doing here?!” Brittany’s face filled itself with excitement. The room they were in was simple. All that was standing between her family and herself was a table. She ran over, jumped onto the table, and tackled her sister onto the floor.

    When they hit the floor, the girls heard an “Oww!” come from under them. Brittany got up, and, low and behold, there was Ruby! Ruby was standing behind Sapphire, and Brittany hadn’t even seen him!

    “We thought we’d come surprise you! After everything you’ve been through, I figured I’d at least give you your Hoenn starter Pokemon like I promised when you started your journey,” her father, Professor Birch, explained. He reached his hand out. He was holding a single Poke Ball. “Here is a special Torchic just for you.” He got a huge grin on his face, and Brittany snatched it.

    Before they could reunite, Birch had made his way to the threshold of the room in which Grey was still standing. “I couldn’t forget you, son. You looked after my daughter.” He handed another Poke Ball out. “Here is a special Mudkip for you! Oh and here…” He caressed his bag open and grabbed a third Poke Ball. “Give this to Purple when he gets back. He’ll have to come back eventually. In there is a special Treecko.”

    Sapphire, in the blink of an eye, was off of the floor and out of the room. Man, she was quick. Brittany and Ruby followed, Birch and Grey tailing them. When they found Brittany’s sister, she was out back on the far side of the battlefield.

    “Come on, Brittany. We’ve never gotten to battle, and I’d like to see your prowess since you’ve earned yourself eight badges.”

    Brittany accepted.
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    Chapter Six: Dueling for Daddy's Love!

    Tepig, Oshawott, and Snivy, the starter Pokemon, gather on the sidelines. The battlefield was just like the ones at Pokemon Centers: a dirt field with white paint outlining the sidelines and the middle of the field. Accelgor and Corsola also joined the starter Pokemon. Birch and Juniper stood at the door to watch, while Ruby and Grey took seats on a bench to watch. Brittany and Grey’s Pokemon that they were leaving at the lab came to watch next to the bench.

    “Come on out and watch this battle, you two!” Grey let Mudkip and Treecko out as he says this. Brittany nods and throws Torchic over and lets it out, too.

    “No need for a referee,” Sapphire grunts. “I’ll beat you. Blaziken, trusty partner, help me out!”

    “Cinccino, I need your assistance! Use your Tail Slap!”

    Cinccino purrs and then dashes off. Cinccino isn’t very fast, but its tail can pack quite a punch when hit. Brittany’s Pokemon jumps once it reaches the other side and vigorously swings its glowing appendage at Blaziken. Blaziken dodges by leaping thirty feet in the air. Blaziken opens its mouth, and a five-armed Fire Blast erupts from the Pokemon’s smoky mouth. Cinccino manages to dodge, but almost the entire battlefield is melted. The only parts that aren’t are the very middle and the four corners.

    Blaziken lands in the right corner of its trainer’s side. Cinccino is standing in the middle. Cinccino, being the obedient Pokemon it is, spews a Bullet Seed attack at Blaziken. Blaziken pulls a fast defense in which its body released flaming purple Will-o-Wisps to block the attack. The emerald seeds hit the fire and burn instantaneously. Blaziken swiftly releases a twirling Flamethrower which encases Cinccino’s body and knocks it into the mud.

    “You might as well give up now, sis,” Sapphire smirks.

    “Not a chance. Cinccino, get up and shake it off!” Cinccino does, and Sapphire’s jaw nearly hits the ground.

    “What!? You can’t do that!”

    “Look it up, sis. Cinccino’s body is covered in a special oil that lets its body just shake mud right off. Cinccino, Thunder Wave!”

    From the middle of the field, Cinccino’s body enveloped itself in burning electricity. Rays of this shot at the corner that Blaziken resides in, but Blaziken jumped to the left corner and evades it. Another Flamethrower is launched at Cinccino, but Cinccino jumps this time. Cinccino’s tufts of hair in the back glow dark orange, and multiple Rock Blasts knock Blaziken back.

    Grey’s eyes were glued to the battle as if a young girl was watching Cinderella or Rapunzel. Grey turns to Ruby and gawks, “What a fast paced battle! They’re really into it!”

    “What do you expect from those two?” Ruby sarcastically said. He smiled at Grey, and Grey returned it.

    “What are you and Sapphire?” That got Ruby’s attention.

    “What do you mean?”

    “I mean, like… Are you two friends or more than friends?”

    To this, Ruby answered, “She’s my girlfriend. I never thought I would like her, but I do. We’ve been together for a long time now, and I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. Why do you ask?”

    “Oh, nothing,” Grey says to himself. “I think I like Brittany,” he blurts out.

    “Really? When did this happen?”

    Grey says, “I don’t really know. I’ve just started realizing that I do. I would never try anything, though, because I know how she feels about Purple, and I know Purple’s still out there. I would never jeopardize their relationship, especially since Purple’s going through so much.”

    “You’ll never know if she likes you or not if you don’t ask or say anything,” Ruby says, winking. “Let’s finish watching the battle.”

    Grey goes back to his stupor.

    Blaziken is jumping from corner to corner, around the entirety of the battlefield. Cinccino is turning every which way trying to pinpoint it, but it’s just too fast. Brittany orders a Thunder Wave on the left corner of her own side. Cinccino does, and Blaziken is too fast. Thunder Wave didn’t even touch it. Sapphire screams for a Sky Uppercut attack.

    Blaziken zips from corner to corner, Cinccino getting even more confused. Blaziken approaches Cinccino with the Sky Uppercut so quickly that Brittany and Cinccino didn’t have a single second to block. When the blue arms of Blaziken make contact with Cinccino’s luscious skin, Brittany’s Pokemon flies off and lands in the pond. The Corsola and Lotad still in the pond drift away, scared. Cinccino surfaces with swirled eyes. Sapphire won.

    “Brittany, I’ll give it to you. Most people don’t even make me sweat at this point, and I actually started to worry when I battled you.”

    Brittany gives her a half smile and walks over to Cinccino. She praises Cinccino for its hard work and returns it to its Poke Ball. When Brittany walks over to Grey and Ruby, they stand up like gentlemen. Sapphire joins them and they go inside. Juniper is waiting for them. Someone else is with her, though.

    “Fennel? What are you doing here? First my family, and now you?” Brittany’s face was bright pink from embarrassment. Losing to her sister was getting to her more than people originally thought.

    “I have personally brought Doctor Fennel here. She, I, you, and Grey will be traveling to Victory Road to get the Reflecting Mirror needed to maybe get Purple back. We leave in a half an hour.”

    A shimmer of hope nudges at Brittany’s insides. At the same time, however, she has a weird feeling inside of her. Due to spending so much time with Grey lately, she’s been awkward around him. Could I be starting to like Grey? She thought.

    In her half an hour, Brittany talked to her dad and sister outside on the bench next to the battlefield. Grey and Ruby bonded inside with Professor Juniper and Doctor Fennel. Brittany’s eyes welled up as she hugged her family. She despised herself for leaving them so abruptly, but she could be close to getting him back.

    Grey, Brittany, Juniper, and Fennel board Juniper’s new plane and take off. Juniper’s new plane was a light tan color with Oshawott, Snivy, and Tepig outlined in lighter shades of blue, green, and red, respectively, on the right side and a Minccino cleaning a Poke Ball on the left. The runway was to the west of the lab. Birch drove them there and said his goodbyes. The propellers twirled, dirt swirled from the breeze, and the plane took off into the benevolent sky, the sun smiling at them.

    Juniper and Fennel sat in the front two tan leather seats with Grey and Brittany in the back. Brittany stared out of her window, and Grey awkwardly sat there, wishing she would talk to him. The Pokemon League was practically straight north from Nuvema Town. The majority of the trip was just ocean, but they did pass Lentimas Town, Reversal Mountain, Undella Town, and Humilau City. Juniper even turned around once and said, “You see that mountain? It’s called Reversal Mountain. My assistant Bianca is currently there researching a legendary Pokemon.”

    Passing Humilau made Brittany think. She could see Marlon, the gym leader, and his Pokemon training in the open, water covered gym field. She had really won eight badges. Sapphire had always won her dad’s attention, so maybe she could make him proud by getting even better. Sapphire also had eight badges, but hers were from Hoenn, which made dad even prouder. What could she do to make him proud?

    Passing the Giant Chasm was fun. Grey’s eyes were stuck to the window like white on rice. They had seen a giant ship docked outside of another cave. Then when they got to the Giant Chasm, ice cold mist was spouting out of it. It enshrouded the plane, but it only briefly lasted. When they got out of the mist, they could see Victory Road!

    The plane landed on top of Terrakion’s Chamber. When they entered Terrakion was gone, but Brittany spotted something. An old, decrepit piece of papyrus was lying in the middle of the chamber. When she read it, she was stunned. The petite piece of paper said that N knew they were going to be there, and that’s why he had maimed himself when they were here the first time. Why does that even matter? Brittany thought.

    Fennel, with her long violet hair wafting in the wind, skipped to the middle of the room and threw three Poke Balls into the air. The legendary Pokemon Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus come out and hover in the air. All three roared, and Brittany recoiled in fear. Grey skirted over to her and put his arm around her.

    “You’re safe with me,” he whispered. The girl blushed, but she hid it.

    “Oh, Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus- the almighty trio. We ask that you reveal the Reveal Glass for us!” Fennel chanted this as she kneeled down on her knees. The three Pokemon roared, and they were suddenly outlined in a vast white glow.

    The cave started to tremble. Vibrations and shock waves were sent out of the cave, disturbing the Pokemon in the area. Pidove scattered from trees and flew off into the descending sun. Linoone and Heatmor ran as fast as they could. A loud bang crashed into the entrance of the cave. A large, brown Pokemon was standing there, blocking any light from coming in.

    “Terrakion,” Brittany whispered, recoiling back into Grey’s arms.

    A white circle appeared in the middle of the cave. The circle shook, and it started to rise from the ground! The closer they got to getting the mirror, the more the Kami Trio were being enraged. Tornadus snapped. Tornadus flew up and used Air Slash on the other two. The razor-like attack hit Landorus but was dodged by Thundurus’ Thunder attack.

    Landorus and Thundurus summoned astronomically strong Hyper Beams that raced toward Tornadus. In response to this, Juniper ran in the way and called, “Meloetta, I need your assistance!” She threw her gentle arm in the air, and Meloetta came out.

    Meanwhile, Terrakion summoned a Stone Edge that it was preparing for the Kami Trio and Meloetta. “You shall not ravage my home,” Terrakion screamed with passionate anger. Terrakion sent the Stone Edge flying. Brittany was right in the way.

    The Kami Trio was fighting, Meloetta was trying to calm them, and Terrakion was trying to fight them all! Brittany and Grey were in the way of a super powerful legendary attack, and Fennel was in the midst of summoning the Reveal Glass! What could be angering all of these Pokemon?!

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    Chapter Seven: Enter Juniper! Operation: Save Everyone!

    Brittany hadn’t had this kind of fear since she was a kid. Being surrounded by the Kami Trio, Meloetta, the shaking cave, and Terrakion made her want to canoodle with her father again, like when she was little. Growing up in the Hoenn region was different than being in Unova. Different Pokemon and different people made for an interesting home.

    One day, Brittany was playing with a beach ball on the coast in Lilycove City. Professor Birch, Sapphire, and she had traveled there from Little Root Town to do some research at the local Safari Zone. They were staying at the Cove Lily Motel, and her dad had already gone off to do work for the day. Birch had given her the three starter Pokemon, so she got dressed and took them to the beach to play.

    The beach was beautiful. White sand filled the beach like words in a book- there was plenty to go around. Little pieces of Stardust or Heart Scale would peek up out at you every now and then. Staryu and Wailmer played out at sea, and families played on the shore. Brittany was lonely, but she was glad to have the starters.

    “Let’s play,” she squealed as she released them one-by-one. They all jumped into her arms and hugged her. She brought her favorite blue and yellow striped beach ball, and they played all day.

    Treecko would Pound the ball to Mudkip. Mudkip would Water Gun it over to Brittany. In return, Brittany would pass it over to Torchic. One time, though, Torchic used Peck too hard, and the ball rolled over into the vicinity of a fighting Seviper and Zangoose. A Pearl was lying in the sand. Brittany guessed that’s what they were fighting over. Brittany, being too young to understand, ran over to get the ball.

    Seviper blazed a Poison Tail, and it was heading straight for Brittany. The tiny girl released a scream ten times her own size and she wasn’t struck. Treecko had jumped in the middle of her and the attack to help her! Torchic and Mudkip had been hit by Zangoose! All three of the Pokemon in her care were injured because of her. The little Brittany started to cry.

    “Aye, got a problem with my little sister? Combusken, Fire Spin that Seviper!”

    “And Mud Bomb that Zangoose, Marshtomp!”

    It was Sapphire and Ruby! Before she knew it, it was all over. Sapphire took her back to their hotel room, and Ruby took the starters to the Pokemon Center. The Pearl that the Pokemon were fighting over was given back to a wild Spoink, its owner. She owed her sister big time. Just like the starters had been swatted down, Grey’s Pokemon had been swatted down. She felt that same depressed defenselessness that she had felt as a child.

    “Emboar and Braviary, come out and help,” Grey screamed as he shoved Brittany to the ground and threw the Poke Balls. “Braviary, use Crush Claw! Emboar, use Arm Thrust!” Brittany hit the ground, and the Pokemon advanced toward Terrakion.

    Braviary’s claws shined with a crackling white and red, and he managed to crush a few stones before being flown back behind Brittany, unable to battle. Emboar stepped up and, like a Hariyama, Arm Thrust the stones into a fine powder. One stone, however, smacked Emboar in the face and knocked it back. Emboar and Braviary both didn’t stand a chance. Grey recalled them both and got Brittany. Terrakion prepared a Hyper beam and aimed the malevolent attack directly at the kids.

    The Cavern Pokemon’s face held irate feelings of anger and sadness. Terrakion, along with the other Swords of Justice, had just helped save the modern world with Brittany and Grey, and now it was attacking them. Something just wasn’t right. Terrakion hurtled the orange, destructive beam in exact alignment with the kids. And just like she’d been saved as a kid, a figure jumped in-between her and Grey and the Hyper Beam.

    “Hydreigon, use your own Hyper Beam to counter! You two, get back. Go help Meloetta!” It was Professor Juniper!

    “Uh, th-thanks, professor,” Brittany was barely able to mumble. With more confidence in her voice she said, “Wait! Over there,” she stated, pointing to something on the cave floor. She ran after it even though Terrakion’s attacks were in-between her and the object.

    “She must have picked up a few things from her sister,” Grey whispered.

    Brittany did a triple front flip over Terrakion’s Hyper Beam, grabbed the object, came back, and landed next to Grey. She and Grey ran back to Meloetta and encouraged it. Its control over the Kami Trio was getting lesser and lesser.

    “Brittany, your Cinccino! Get it to use Thunder Wave! The only one it won’t affect is Landorus.”

    “Good idea. You heard him, Cinccino! Thunder Wave!” Cinccino flew up toward the legendaries and let loose the attack. Thundurus and Tornadus slammed back into the wall, enveloped in blue and yellow sparks. Landorus shook it off and flew up.

    Meloetta kept chanting. Brittany, Grey, and Fennel could hear it, but the Kami Trio sure couldn’t.

    “Just a little longer,” Brittany promised Cinccino.

    Meloetta soared up to Tornadus and Thundurus and sang to them. The tranquility of it even reached Juniper and Hydreigon, who had completely blocked Terrakion’s Hyper Beam; consequently, it had left Hydreigon open for attack since it was in La La Land. The redness in Tornadus and Thundurus’ eyes subsided, and they flew down to Fennel’s side. With the help of those two, the Reveal Glass was coming faster.


    Meloetta fell to the ground and collapsed. Landorus, from up above, hit Meloetta with a Stone Edge. Brittany ran over to it, but Landorus would just attack again.

    “Cinccino, Bullet Seed. Serperior, Twister!” She released Serperior, and the snakelike Pokemon twisted its tail so fast that a cheetah wouldn’t have been able to catch it.

    The draconic Twister attack wrapped itself around Landorus. The Bullet Seed did minimal damage, but every little bit helped. The Reveal Glass was two-thirds of the way out, but the other third would only come with the help of Landorus. Grey gave Meloetta a Hyper Potion, and Meloetta soared up to Landorus. Wrapped in the twister, Landorus writhed to get free. Meloetta sang its melody of love to Landorus, and the redness that was dwelling subsided. Landorus went back to the other two members of the Kami Trio, and the Reveal Glass completely surfaced. Fennel grabbed it and gave it to Grey, returning the legendary Pokemon in the process.

    The cave started shaking even harder than it had been before. Terrakion sent Hyper Beams soaring in every direction. Fennel grabbed Juniper’s arm and motioned her toward the exit. She got the kids out with the mirror and Meloetta, but she stayed with Juniper to fight. “We’ve got to stop Terrakion,” Juniper told her.

    “Musharna, use Psychic,” Fennel hollered as she released the sleepy Pokemon.

    Musharna snapped awake and, eyes glowing pink, telepathically grabbed Terrakion. The Cavern Pokemon couldn’t move! Juniper commanded a Focus Blast attack, and that’s what she got. Terrakion’s body slammed against the wall of the cave, and rocks piled on top of it. Musharna drifted over and lifted the rocks with Psychic. Terrakion was fine! Fennel ordered it to sleep with Hypnosis, but Terrakion’s head glowed orange with Sacred Sword before Musharna could.

    Terrakion’s sword grew a good ten feet out of its head. It slammed it into Musharna, and Musharna hit the ground hard.

    “Putting it to sleep is our best bet, but Musharna will just get hit again. Distract it,” Fennel said. “Then we’ll use Hypnosis.”

    Juniper nodded.

    “Hydreigon, send a Focus Blast up into the air. Make it strong, too!”

    Hydreigon mustered a powerful blue Focus Blast and lodged it into the air. Terrakion’s eyes followed it. Juniper ordered for a Hyper Beam along the walls, and Hydreigon did that too. Terrakion just watched.

    “Now’s our chance! Musharna, use Hypnosis!”

    Musharna’s eyes glowed light blue, and sound waves were sent out of its Dream Mist. Terrakion’s eyes grew heavy, and the Professor and Doctor snuck out with their Pokemon. Their Pokemon were returned and the group headed back to Nuvema Town where Sapphire, Ruby, and Professor Birch were waiting.

    “Go. Get out!” A shriek filled Veronica’s head as she sat in her cell, lonely. Her blond hair was matted, but the red and purple dye was still visible. Luckily, she was able to change clothes once admitted to the Unova Region Prison Ward located in Opelucid City. She now wore blank white jeans and a white t-shirt that had an Eevee and Buneary on it. How appropriate.

    Her cell was small. For trying to destroy the region, the Pokemon League Association decided to give her the smallest cell in the prison. Only a bed was in the room, and it was hard as a rock. After being arrested, Veronica’s Pokemon were taken. Her precious Eevee, newly evolved Lopunny, and Gothitelle were gone, and she had no clue where they were taken.

    “Find a way out. Get out and gather your troops! You’ve got a war to fight!” The Voice snapped in her head. The cold, chilliness of it gave her brain freeze like it did with Jupiter in Sinnoh.

    “Who are you, and why are you in my head?” Veronica was spooked.

    “It doesn’t matter. Go!”


    “Figure it out,” the Voice snapped.

    A hard knock at the door startled Veronica, as she was on edge from the Voice. A prison guard came in and informed her that someone had come to see her. She nodded, and he led a girl in to see her. A tall girl walked in. She had blond hair like Veronica, except hers was longer. She sat down on the bed and began.

    “I don’t like betraying people like this,” she said, her voice shaking.

    “Tell me. What’s going on?”

    “I’ve been trailing them like you said. They’re current position is the Trial Chamber at Victory Road,” the girl informed.

    “Get me reinforcements, and get them to Victory Road now. I’m busting out, and I’m starting by capturing Professor Juniper and Doctor Fennel.” Veronica got a sly look on her face. The girl left, and Veronica pretended to sleep. Her plan was setting into motion.

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    Chapter Eight: Roark and Rowan: Adventures in Sinnoh!

    On the trip back to Nuvema Town, Brittany and Grey stayed in the very back part of the plane, two rows of generously spacious rows between them and the professors. Brittany pulled out the object; it was nothing more than a decrepit piece of what looked to Grey like papyrus. It was folded multiple times. Brittany unfolded each layer of mud-covered papyrus slowly, so it wouldn’t crumble right then and there.

    She read, “’Grey and Brittany: I know you will be back at the Trial Chamber. Danger awaits not only you two, but also the ones you love. Terrakion’s rage is only the beginning.’ That’s really strange.”

    “Strange? Talk about creepy! That had to have been N. He’s the only person it could have been.”

    She sighed. “Look! There’s more.” She read through and finally came up with what it said. It was some sort of riddle or puzzle that they needed to figure out.

    “Friend from foe, you won’t tell,
    From these two powers, the regions fell.
    As these forces again arise,
    Friendship will lead to the ultimate demise.”

    The kids just stared directly at each other. They didn’t know what was coming, but they knew that N was somehow in on it. Oblivious to their surroundings, the kids didn’t notice another plane pass their window. This plane, though, had a wretched “G” on the side. It was tattered. That could only mean it was Veronica’s.

    The old Galactic plane hovered under Fennel and Juniper’s plane and kept up the same speed as the other plane to keep up. The top of the Galactic plane opened, and the blond-haired girl rose up to the air on a metal pedestal. She was in a one piece black, skin-tight leather suit. Her blond hair waved in the tenacious wind. She grinned and jumped up to the plane above. Like a Politoed, she stuck to the plane above with her webbed and pronged fingers. The stealthy girl whipped a pen out of her hair, uncapped it, and used its laser ability to cut a three foot diameter hole.

    The metal she sliced with the laser fell down into Lentimas Town. With being so high up, she wasn’t sure if she heard a scream or not. She shrugged and hesitated to go in. She swallowed hardly and jumped up into the plane. The teenagers were still enticed in the stare. It was almost as if they were traumatized. She took the pen and stuffed it back in her hair, grabbing a cloth at the same time. She silently waltzed up to the pilot and copilot’s seats and covered Juniper’s mouth with the cloth. The professor’s face drooped down- she was out.

    Fennel, who was controlling the aircraft, let out a scream that startled the kids out of their stare. The girl quickly did the same to Fennel. She grabbed both of their wrists and dragged their limp, frail bodies to the hole. The kids hopped out of their seats and raced to the hole. The girl was only a few feet away from the hole, while they were rows and rows away. The girl stuffed the bodies down onto the metal pedestal, which sunk back into the opposing aircraft.

    “Torchic,” Brittany yelled.

    “Mudkip,” Grey scrambled to say.

    “Attack!” They said simultaneously.

    The Pokemon launched a barrage of Ember and Mud Bomb attacks, but the girl was as flexible as one of those cool stretchy erasers you would get as a kid. She jumped into the air, twirled a few times, and landed perfectly in Veronica’s airship.

    “Get up, Gible! You won’t beat us, Roark!”

    “I admire your rock-hard passion, but this is ours,” Roark exclaimed. “Isn’t that right, Cranidos? Zen Headbutt!”

    Cranidos grunted and ran across the battlefield. Purple had made his way through Wayward Cave and into Oreburgh City, challenging Roark as soon as he entered the Oreburgh vicinity. Roark accepted quicker than any other gym leader Purple had ever faced. To Purple, Roark was a mix of his parents; Roark had the adventurous and compassionate sides that his parents had. Purple was really enjoying the battle; Duosion and Roark’s Graveler had previously tied, so the match was up to his new Gible.

    Cranidos’ blue and grey body flew the air like a jet plane, with its head glowing pink. To counter this, Purple yelled, “Gible, knock it back with your DragonBreath attack!” Gible opened its enormous mouth, and a light blue wave of air knocked Cranidos back onto the ground. Stumbling, Cranidos was able to get up. “Trap it with your Sand Tomb!”

    Cranidos opened its mouth again and rose into the air. A faint white light outlined the small body and ground shook. Grains of sound from the battlefield rose and trapped Cranidos halfway up its body. Only its arms and head were still out. Cranidos tugged away at the sand, but it was as firm as settled concrete. Without a strong force, Cranidos wasn’t moving.

    “Finish it!”

    Gible, in the air, made its claw glow blue as it soared down at Cranidos. Cranidos erupted a frozen Ice Beam, but Gible knocked it right off with its Dragon Claw. Gible came down with the Dragon Claw and made an impact so strong that Cranidos was not only knocked out of the ice, but it was also sent crashing into the gym wall.

    Roark stood amazed.

    “And to think that I just caught that Gible.”

    Purple got his badge and left for Sandgem Town right away. He passed through the Oreburgh Gate and Jubilife City. He encountered many creatures, but he needed to focus on Sandgem Town for the moment. He rattled the Poke Balls in his pocket. In the few days he’d been in Sinnoh, he’d caught Staravia, Ralts, Gengar, Spiritomb, Dusknoir, Rotom, and Gible. When he looked up, he was already entering Sandgem Town.

    Sandgem Town was quiet. A young woman was playing with some device in the grass. Purple thought she was one of the trainers he had met in Accumula Town at the beginning of his journey. He was racking his head trying to remember her name; was it Platina? The Poke Mart and Pokemon Center were nestled in the town, not busy at all. The only other notable thing was the Pokemon Research Lab.

    The doorbell rang when Purple walked in. A researcher approached him, but Purple waved him off. He walked right back to Professor Rowan and greeted himself. He was stern and didn’t smile whatsoever. He said that he remembered Purple from the beginning of his journey when the professors were meeting in Nuvema Town, but also that he couldn’t help him.

    “But wait! I have some valuable Pokemon for you.” Purple was hoping it wouldn’t come to this, but he would be willing to give the Pokemon a safe home at the lab if that’s what it meant.

    “Oh, you do? Who are these Pokemon? Would you please show me?”

    “Fine,” Purple said, releasing the Chateau Pokemon.

    A look of bewilderment filled Rowan’s face when he saw Rotom floating in front of him.

    “You caught Rotom!? I myself couldn’t even catch it.” Rowan was in utter shock.

    “If you’ll help me, all four of these Pokemon are yours for the taking.” Purple cracked a grin, knowing the Professor couldn’t resist this temptation.

    Rowan took the four Pokemon to the lab’s backyard to join the others. It wasn’t as nice as Juniper’s, but it would do. Rowan took him back inside and sat him down. He called Platina in, took away the Poke Radar she was using, and asked her to get the two of them some tea. She did as told, and she looked a little peculiar when she saw that it was Purple sitting there.

    “There’s not much I can help with, if I’m being honest,” Rowan sighed. “I only know of one plan of action for you to take.”

    “So, what is it?” Purple was growing impatient.

    “Battle the gyms of the Sinnoh region. Get the eight badges and challenge the Elite Four of this region. With them being the strongest, they might know more.”

    “I already have two badges. That means I only need six more!”

    Rowan explained, “Good. The region is on lockdown because of Giratina; otherwise, we would just send you back. I heard from Juniper that you’re injured, but I don’t have anything for it. I’m very sorry for that.”

    “It’s okay; it’s just very painful. I had to stop at the Eterna City Hospital for a little while.”

    “I would suggest going to Hearthome City. There is a gym and a hospital there.”

    “Thanks for the advice,” Purple exclaimed.

    Even though it was very brief, Purple was glad that he had the time of day to talk to Rowan. He had Duosion, Staravia, Ralts, and Gible. Surely he could beat the Hearthome Gym. He hobbled off, knowing that it would take him a while to get to the city. He trained with Ralts along the way, trying to get him to open up and not be afraid anymore. Purple could tell Ralts was getting stronger.

    Purple passed through Oreburgh City again and headed to Mount Coronet. Something was different, though. A sign was posted that was advertising something called the Pokemon Battle Extravaganza. An escalator led from the base of the mountain to the smoothed top. Purple hopped on and rode to the top. There he saw a sign up booth and trainers everywhere.

    The top of the mountain was the size of two battlefields. Half of it was an actual battlefield and the other half consisted of the various booths, the trainers, and an entrance to the inside of the mountain. It was all dirt, but you would never realize it with the festive balloons and decorations that paraded the mountain top.

    “Hi, I’m Purple,” Purple greeted. “Can I still sign up?”

    “Of course,” the lady said, almost sneakily. She signed Purple up and announced, “We have our sixty-fourth contestant signed up! Let the battles begin!”

    Trainers all over the mountain top threw their hands up and vigorously cheered for the festivities. A few of them seemed shady to Purple, but he told himself that he was just being paranoid after what he’d been through.

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    I like it. Now im no good at reviews so il leave hat to someone else, also is there a PM list? If so add me please!

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    Quote Originally Posted by InVicta View Post
    I like it. Now im no good at reviews so il leave hat to someone else, also is there a PM list? If so add me please!
    There is one, and I'll add you!

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    Chapter Nine: Mauling it out on Mount Coronet!bhbh

    “Alright, Ralts, spotlight! It’s your big debut, buddy, and I know you’ll shine!”


    “Shinx, come out and battle Ralts,” Purple’s first opponent said. “Shinx, start off with Fire Fang!”

    The small Electric-type sent itself charging at Ralts. Flames enveloped its mouth as it charged, but Ralts sidestepped and Shinx slammed into the dirty mountain top. Ralts turned around with a Confusion attack that lit up its eyes in light blue. The light blue aura picked Shinx up and tossed it back onto the red dirt on the opposing side. Shinx reared up on its back legs and roared in pain.

    “Finish it,” Purple roared as Ralts sent neon green leaves straight into Shinx’s face. Shinx stepped back and fainted. “That was really easy,” Purple exclaimed. “We could win this!”

    “And Purple advances to the next round- the top thirty-two,” the announcer says, ecstatically.

    All eyes were on Purple as he got in position for his top thirty-two battle. The stands were filled with thirty-two losers from the first round and other observers of which were just watching. Purple noticed that all of the booths seemed to have shut down after only one round- even the concessions booth.

    Something’s up, he thought to himself.

    “Either way, let’s go, Staravia!”

    His new opponent was a shy little girl, no older than nine if Purple had to guess. She had already sent out her Grotle, which is why Purple stuck with Staravia. Grotle’s green body briefly glowed as it launched moss-colored Razor Leaves at Staravia. Staravia aerially maneuvered itself in a circle around them and pirouetted down into a Wing Attack that knocked Grotle onto its back. Grotle squirmed around but couldn’t readjust.

    Purple pointed hardly at Grotle and yelled, “Stop it with Astonish!”

    Staravia let out a moan that made the entire audience cover their ears, some even ducking into the stands to try and stop it. Only one entity wasn’t affected- a Soundproof Whismur in the stands. The purple aura waves made Grotle stop squirming. Staravia looped down and hit Grotle with two back-to-back Wing Attacks that, causing a lot of pain, knocked Grotle back into its trainer.

    The little girl started crying and returned Grotle to its Poke Ball. She struggled to her feet and ran to the inside of the cave.

    “Just like the first round, this one was super easy. Three more rounds to go,” Purple muttered as he left the battlefield.

    “It’s time for the third round! The first battle is Alexandra versus Purple!” The announcer shouted. The crowds roared.

    “I guess it’s your time now, Gible!” Purple let Gible out, and Alexandra stepped up to her side.

    Alexandra had a look on her face that could only mean danger. She was a normal-looking teenage girl; she was slender, had glasses, and was beautiful. Purple would have gawked at her, but she started to talk. Her talking sent Purple into a trance. Eterna Forest. Jupiter in Eterna City. The Old Chateau. The Voice.

    The voice spoke through the girl in its eerie way. It said, Give up now, Kid. I’ve got forces ready to tear Unova up- the same with Sinnoh. I’m all knowing. I’m more powerful than you’ll ever be.

    Alexandra threw her Poke Ball which released her Togetic. Togetic flapped its tiny wings that sprouted Magic Leaves and sent them at Gible. Gible slung its body into the ground with a Dig faster than anything Togetic had ever seen. Togetic flinched in fear as Gible resurfaced behind it and jumped up. Once at Togetic’s level, Gible slammed its glowing blue arm into Togetic’s acute body. Togetic’s body caressed the air as it fell. The groove of its body caught in the wind and gentled its fall.

    Gible opened its gigantic mouth and roared a DragonBreath attack. The wispy blue attack surrounded Togetic and took away the gentleness. Togetic was falling towards the ground a lot faster now. As a last minute decision, Alexandra demanded her Pokemon to use Ancient Power. Rays of light brown shot out of the Pokemon in every direction. They all aligned at Gible’s stomach, and it exploded. Gible and Togetic both hit the mountain top hard from their attacks.

    Struggling, Togetic got up and gracefully performed a Double Team that had the crowd in awe. Gible, freaked out from being surrounded, stared in disbelief. All of the Togetic flew in with glowing Brick Breaks. The Fighting-type moves all hit each other as Gible slung itself into the ground again. The real Togetic was hit by two Brick Breaks and fell to the ground again. Gible resurfaced next to Purple.

    “Looks like the tide has changed,” Purple said. “Use Dragon Claw to end this!”

    Like Mach speed, Gible had slashed Togetic with a flaring blue Dragon Claw. Togetic collapsed. The Voice left the girl, and she also collapsed. When she awoke, she was in the stands watching Purple’s next battle.

    “Duosion, finish this with Thunderbolt!”

    The announcer said, “And just like that Purple has beaten Alexandra and Togetic in the top sixteen and Clyde with his Yanma in the top eight. Purple is advancing to the semifinals!”

    “I can’t believe how quickly this tournament is moving. Even my newly caught Pokemon are smoking the competition. Time for the next battle,” Purple said, talking to himself.

    The announcer started up again. “Purple will now face Tim, an aspiring Mamoswine trainer who looks up to Pryce of the Johto region.”

    “Okay, Swinub, let’s battle!” Tim threw his Poke Ball to release Swinub. Swinub turned around and tackled Tim, licking his face like a dog would give kisses.

    “Ralts, you’re up again.” Purple hugged the Poke Ball tightly. Someone had to show Ralts that they cared. Ralts obviously wasn’t treated justly at the Chateau.

    “Swinub, use your Icy Wind!”

    “Ralts, counter with Confusion!”

    Ralts Confusion took the Icy Wind attack and formed icy spears with it. The spears were lodged back at Swinub, making it weak. Ralts used one Psyshock attack, and the battle was over. Swinub was already out!

    “No offense, but how did you get this far with that Swinub?” Purple asked.

    “I didn’t use Swinub in the previous rounds. I used my Dewgong. I have Swinub and Dewgong because I admire Pryce so much. I want to be as strong as him one day!”

    “I’m sure you’ll get there.” Purple smiled to the boy, and he ran off with Swinub. It was time for the final battle!

    The announcer came on for the last battle. “Here it is, folks! The final battle is Purple versus Buck! Purple and Buck, report to your sides of the battlefield!”

    “Battle strong, Torkoal!”

    “Gible, I need your assistance!”

    Buck was a young girl with all red. Purple confused her for a boy at first, but she was just a tomboy. She had rough skin, probably from roaming around in harsh areas, caves maybe. Purple was trying not to judge, but she looked like her hair was all in knots. Even though they only briefly met at the beginning of his journey, Purple immediately thought that Ruby would have a heart attack if he saw her.

    The girl that had signed Purple up at the beginning crept back and hid behind the entrance to the cave. Purple saw but paid her no attention. He assumed she was harmless.

    Torkoal combusted and a vast white Overheat, double the size of a Flamethrower, impacted Gible and sent it flying into the cave. Purple started to panic, but then he noticed the ground under Torkoal started to move. Buck didn’t notice, and Purple was glad to have the element of surprise. Gible shot up out of the ground, launching Torkoal into the air. Torkoal can’t adjust well in the air, so Purple had the advantage at the moment. Gible looked fine, but it wasn’t until it landed that Purple noticed how exhausted it already was from that Overheat.

    “Gible, don’t let them see that you’re tired. Jump and use Dragon Claw!”

    Gible nodded and dashed at Torkoal. Torkoal, against all odds, managed to turn and shot another Overheat. Gible stopped its Dragon Claw, opened its mouth, and let loose a DragonBreath that extinguished the attack. Torkoal used Withdraw to block the attack and then used Rapid Spin to knock Gible out of the air.

    Gible got back up and soared with another Dragon Claw. This time, the Dragon Claw jabbed Torkoal in the gut, causing it to fall into the not-so-solid earth under it. Torkoal’s impact started to cave-in the mountaintop under it. A small hole the size of Torkoal appeared in the top.

    “Gible, use Sand Tomb to stop it from falling!”

    Torkoal fell in the hole. Buck gasped and recoiled in fear. Torkoal’s head stuck out of the hole, and Buck had a small glimmer of hope. Sand pushed Torkoal out of the hole and in a weird way cemented the hole. Gible, however, wouldn’t let Torkoal go that easily. Gible encased Torkoal in the Sand Tomb, rendering it motionless.

    Gible almost collapsed from exhaustion, but it was too haughty for that. Gible is the kind of Pokemon that would rather finish the battle and collapse than call it off and get help first. Gible roared a DragonBreath that practically deafened Torkoal forever. Then, Gible swiped Torkoal so hard with a Dragon Claw that it knocked Torkoal out of the sand and rendered it unable to battle. Gible collapsed next to it.

    “I can’t call it!” The announcer yelled. “Gible knocked Torkoal out first, which would make Purple the winner; contradicting that, though, was Gible getting knocked out.”

    “No need to call it,” a voice interrupted. Purple turned everywhere but couldn’t place it.

    Old Purple-head walked out of the cave entrance, sending a motion into the air. Two weird-dressed people jumped out of the audience and grabbed Gible and Torkoal in electric nets, zapping them so that they wouldn’t resist. They ran off and jumped down the mountain.

    I will always win, Purple. Stop trying to resist me. I now have two extra strong Pokemon to back my army up, the Voice said, emanating from Jupiter.

    Purple ran after the Team Galactic Grunts, Buck following closely behind. Knowing he was still injured, he jumped off the edge instead of hiking down. He was plummeting to what was maybe his death.

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    Yay! I'm so glad that you've finally gotten around to releasing the sequel Like the previous one, I love all of the characters especially Mira because of her unique personality. I like that there's an overall mystery going on in this one and there feels like it has a different feel than the previous one, well at least to me. Good job, and keep it up Stanley!

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    Chapter Ten: Beauty or Stength: The Ultimate Decision!

    Hearthome City was huge, exciting, and beautiful; it was the perfect bundle of everything. However, Purple would not be enjoying it. He just nearly escaped death from jumping off the mountain. Duosion had come out and used Psychic to catch he and Buck. Purple and Buck ran into the city, chasing the grunts. Purple practically burned the rubber off of his sneakers from running, but he wouldn’t stop. Cobblestone made up the entire city- the roads, sidewalks, and everything else. Purple thought it would never end.

    Purple and Buck came to a four-way intersection, so Purple went left and Buck went right. He was sure he saw the grunts split up. This way they could take them both down. Sadly, Purple only ran into some place called Amity Park. Huffing and panting, Purple sat himself down on an off-white bench. Amity Square was even more gorgeous than the city, Purple thought to himself. Looking around Purple saw multiple trainers playing tag or chasing their Drifloon, Psyduck, or Pachirisu.

    He was only just past the entrance, though. He didn’t realize he had run right past the admittance lady. Hydrangeas and lilacs were embedded around the bench and around the entire perimeter of the entrance. The entrance area was just a rectangle that led to stairs to the main attraction. Amity Square was bigger than Purple thought. Beautiful trees and flowers decorated the facility in such a way that Purple felt rejuvenated just from being there.

    “Ahem,” the entrance lady coughed.

    Purple turned around and said, “Oh, I’m sorry.” He continued on to explain the situation to her.

    “That’s really tragic. Just let one your Pokemon out and you can stay for as long as you want. It’s a company policy,” she said, rolling her eyes.

    Purple nodded. He decided to let Ralts have some fresh air. Contrary to Purple’s belief, Ralts didn’t like the looks of the flowers. Purple thought Ralts would love this place. Ralts hugged on Purple’s legs, and they headed to the exit. Something caught his eye, though. A young lady was talking to a patch of flowers.

    “Come on. You’ve known me since I was born! I’m here to take you home!”

    Purple could see people staring at her. She was attracting a lot more attention than she realized. Purple decided to walk over to her and ask if she needed help. Before he could even talk, the lump of flowers moved! It jumped into Purple’s arms! The flowers started nudging its head at Purple’s chest.

    “Shaymin, you’re supposed to come with me, not some stranger!” The girl complained.

    “Shaymin!? You mean-“

    Shaymin finally showed its head and squealed, “Shay!!”

    “So this is where you must have ended up after the fight. That makes sense Mount Coronet is so close to this city,” Purple examined.

    “You kn-know Shaymin?”

    “Of course. We fought a big battle together. The battle is technically still raging, but Shaymin and I were sent into a portal that dropped us in Sinnoh,” he explained.

    The girl looked like she’d seen a ghost. Purple got the feeling that she didn’t believe him. She snatched Shaymin from him, not meaning to be as forceful as she was.

    “I’m Marley, by the way. My family has been watching over Shaymin for generations. When Shaymin went missing, we were deathly scared. We know all about the Secret Dimension- our family even has a way in to check on things- but Shaymin wasn’t there when I checked. I’m just glad you’re safe,” she explained, hugged Shaymin tightly.

    After saying that, the girl left with Shaymin. Purple was glad to have seen Shaymin was safe and would be going home where it belongs. He wished he had that for himself, but he’d get there eventually. He picked Ralts up and asked it nicely to use Teleport to take him to the hospital that he was told was in the city. A flash of pink and yellow brightened the entire park. They were gone.

    “Are you crazy!? A Pokemon’s looks doesn’t matter; it’s about how they battle!”

    “You’ve lost it! A Pokemon can’t possibly battle well if it doesn’t look good!”

    “This doesn’t look like a hospital, Ralts,” Purple squeamishly said.

    Ralts had teleported them into a building almost identical to the cathedral, but he could see the cathedral through a window. Where am I? He thought. To his left was an eloquently dressed woman in a purple dress. She spoke with a delicate accident that invigorated Purple. To his right was a younger woman, but she didn’t appeal to Purple. She had scars and scratches all over her. She wore a lot of pink, especially in her hair, but Purple didn’t see how someone like her could be girly.

    “Girls, girls, girls- I can settle all of this. Just have a tag battle with me!” Purple gave affectionate looks to both girls; they looked at each other; and they nodded. They’d do it.

    A referee came out of nowhere and announced, “This will be a tag battle. Both sides will use two Pokemon. Go!”

    The girls introduced themselves as Fantina and Maylene as they escorted their Pokemon out. They’d be using Mismagius and Meditite for the battle.

    “Are you okay to battle, Ralts?” Ralts reassured him. “Okay then. Staravia, I also need you!”

    “Staravia and Ralts, huh?” Maylene questioned. “We can beat them easily.”

    “AWWWW. YOUR RALTS- IT’S SO CUTE!” Fantina was already across the field examining Ralts.

    “Fantina, get back to your position. If you don’t, you’ll be disqualified,” the referee stated. Fantina did so, and the battle started.

    “Fantina, I’ll use Foresight so you can hit Staravia with Ghost-type attacks, okay?”

    “Yeah, whatever,” Fantina responded. “Make yourself attractive with Lucky Chant, Mismagius!”

    Mismagius glowed with a pink aura that made it even more beautiful. Mismagius started to gently sing, and Ralts’ eyes looked like they had hearts in them. Ralts was infatuated with Mismagius, and it wasn’t even by an attack! Meditite pushed forward and started to battle. It held its white hands out. A white sphere formed and flashed Purple’s Pokemon. Staravia could now be hit with Ghost-type attacks.

    Meditite took the battle into its own hands since Fantina was worried about looks. It swiftly ran across and clapped its hands closely in front of Purple’s Pokemon. A sound wave burst out from it, knocking Staravia and Ralts back and slamming them into the ground in front of Purple’s feet. Ralts stumbled to get up, and Staravia haphazardly flapped its wings until it was mobile in the air again. Meditite retreated and prepared for the next attack. Maylene was using a hit and run tactic.

    “Let’s really infatuate Ralts! Dear, use your Attract, s'il vous plait?”

    Mismagius winked, easing salmon pink hearts from its body. Mismagius controlled the hearts, sending them straight towards Ralts. They circled around Ralts, Ralts being ignorant to the fact it was being attacked. The hearts enveloped Ralts, and the deal was sealed. Ralts was infatuated. Mismagius began to encompass itself with flames from its Will-O-Wisp attack. Irritated by this, Maylene ordered Meditite to steal the Will-O-Wisps with Confusion and turn them on the enemy.

    “Staravia, protect Ralts! Whirlwind them!”

    Staravia, ready to guard its partner, swooped down, blocking Ralts from the enemy’s view. As if an agile fan had been placed there, Staravia used Whirlwind to stop the Will-O-Wisp. It barely cut it, though, because the attacks had gotten too close. Meditite was barraged with the returned Will-O-Wisps, but Mismagius danced around them. Purple caught Maylene looking at Mismagius as if she herself could learn from Fantina.

    Under Maylene’s command, Meditite dashed across like the speed of light and made Ralts fall on its back with a powerful Low Sweep. Fantina gave Maylene the same look that she had just gotten. Mismagius closed its eyes and winds like those from a Tornadus whipped through the building, slinging Ralts and Staravia around, finally crashing them into the ground.

    “Ralts! Staravia! What was that!?”

    Fantina answered, “That, dear, was a magnifique Ominous Wind!”

    “I’m not gonna let them cooperate now and win,” Purple mumbled more so to himself than anyone else. “Ralts, ride Staravia over to them! Staravia, use Wing Attack!”

    Ralts hopped onto Staravia, and Staravia’s wings glowed an intensely bright shade of white. Fantina was shocked by the flying Ralts, but Maylene acted like it was an everyday thing for her. Boosting Staravia with Ralts’ Confusion attack, the two advanced onto the opposing side extremely quickly and smacked both Pokemon in the face with Wing Attack. Ralts jumped off of Staravia’s back and waited for Staravia’s nod.

    Staravia bent its Wing Attack into a Steel Wing that knocked Mismagius and Meditite’s heads together, sending them flailing to the ground.

    “Ralts can’t attack! It’s infatuat-“

    Fantina was cut off by Ralts hurling and demolishing the opposition with a powerful Psyshock. The entire battlefield was shrouded in debris and smoke from the attack hitting the dirt ground. Ralts waltzed over to Fantina as to say Don’t tell me I won’t attack. Fantina was taken aback, but she admired Ralts for doing it. Fantina and Maylene returned their Pokemon and both grabbed little pins from their respective pockets.

    “Here is your gym badge,” they said in unison.

    “I, Maylene, am representing the Veilstone City Gym. Here is your Cobble Badge.”

    “And I, of course, am representing Hearthome City. Take this relic Badge as proof of your win. That battle was magnifique!”

    “Y-Y-You’re both gym leaders!?” Purple was flabbergasted. He had come so far and didn’t even realize he was battling two gym leaders!

    He peacefully took the two badges. He was up to four badges now! He realized after checking his Town Map that he would have to cut through Veilstone City anyway to get to the next gym, but he’d not have to worry about fighting there.

    “Come on, Ralts. Teleport!”

    With the flash of light, they were gone. Successfully this time, the two wound up in the hospital.
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    Woah. 2 badges at once?

    Different. I liked it.

    But I didnt like it as we wouldnt see a single battle.

    But that doestnt matter as we had a big battle anyway.

    Nice chapter, keep up the good work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by InVicta View Post
    Woah. 2 badges at once?

    Different. I liked it.

    But I didnt like it as we wouldnt see a single battle.

    But that doestnt matter as we had a big battle anyway.

    Nice chapter, keep up the good work.
    Thanks! I'm looking forward to sharing more chapters with you guys! I've already written up to chapter eighteen and posted ten of them. But I keep writing and posting.

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    Chapter Eleven: Spotlight, Unova League (Part 1)!

    “We’re here,” Clay grunted.

    Clay, Lenora, Brycen, Skyla, Elesa, Marlon, Drayden, and Burgh had ventured to the Pokemon League headquarters located north of Opelucid City. There, they would face the Elite Four and eventually the champion, Iris. Drayden was feeling uneasy about his former prodigy.

    “Don’t forget our goal,” Lenora reminded. “We’re here to get information. That’s it.”

    After losing Juniper and Fennel, Grey had taken over as pilot and flown the two back to Juniper’s lab. They regrouped, but they were still frightened. Knowing the professors would want them to continue their mission, they called upon the gym leaders. Grey figured the Elite Four would know more than anybody, so the gym leaders would have to fight them first.

    “Thanks, Brittany. Check on that Mandibuzz of yours for me, will ya?” Skyla said, turning off the PC. She had just exchanged her Pokemon with her reserves at Juniper’s lab.

    After everyone was ready, the eight gym leaders left the makeshift Pokemon Center and entered the Pokemon League. A rusty bronze gate crashed behind them- they were trapped. The room was huge. A large statue stood in the middle. No one could figure out what it was supposed to be, but Drayden assumed it was some sort of dragon.

    “This room is awfully boring, color-wise. It’s all the same beige color. How about I paint it?” Burgh’s face lit up when he thought about the paintjob he could do in there.

    “As much as it really does need some adorable décor, be quiet, Burgh,” Elesa said like a bully from elementary school. Burgh felt like the kid that was always made fun of or left out of activities.

    The gym leaders finally decided who would battle who. Since there are four members of the Elite Four, two gym leaders would face each one. Skyla and Elesa decided they would have to stick together. Brycen and Lenora hit it off early on, so they were perfect together. Marlon and Drayden stuck together, contrasting personalities and all. That only left Clay with Burgh.

    As for who was in each room, the gym leaders didn’t know. Skyla and Elesa irresponsibly ran into a random room. The others chose random rooms also. Much to their surprise, Skyla and Elesa would be battling Marshal, the Fighting-type member.

    “And who are you fine ladies?” Marshall grunted.

    “We’re gym leaders, but more importantly, we’re here to battle you,” Skyla answered.

    “Dang… I was just headed over to Grimsley’s to play Russian Roulette.”

    “Oh, Brycen, stop it.” Lenora and Brycen had been hitting it off since they first met each other. Their flirting was getting worse. They were supposed to be focused on battling and winning.

    An eerie looking woman glanced up from her stack of books. “Excuse me? Can I help you?” she asked.

    “Um, yes,” Brycen said, straightening himself up. Seriously, he said, “We’re here to challenge you to a battle!”

    “Fine.” She moved her books. “Come out from the shadows, my friends.”

    “Are you ready for this rad- er, exciting battle, Drayden?” Marlon tried to hide his silliness again.


    “Will you two be quiet?” A man snapped, rising from his card table. A Liepard was wrapped around his leg, purring all the way.

    “No. We need to battle. Now.” Drayden firmly said.

    All the way to the last room, Burgh bugged Clay. He talked his ear off, but then they heard rustling. When they finally got to the last room, a bed just sat there. A woman rose from her eloquent bed and got up.

    “What are you doing in my room!? Get out!” Caitlin snapped.

    “Ma’am, calm down! We’re here for a battle! That’s all,” Burgh retaliated, trying to calm her down.

    “Ugh,” she grunted. “Musharna and Gardevoir, battle these fools!”

    “Leavanny, curtain!”

    Clay rolled his eyes and released his Excadrill for battle. Excadrill, Leavanny, Musharna, and Gardevoir took their places. Caitlyn got back in bed and went back to sleep. Burgh fretted over this, but Clay knew the battle had to go on either way. Knowing that, he commanded Excadrill to lead the battle with X-Scissor!

    Excadrill’s claws glowed green as it dashed across towards Caitlin’s Pokemon. Gardevoir summoned a bunch of hearts to throw at Excadrill. Seeing this, Burgh commanded Leavanny to knock Excadrill out of the way. A Razor Leaf hit Excadrill’s claws and knocked it onto the ground. The hearts missed but soared towards Leavanny now.

    “Look what you did, you kid.”

    “That’s what you think. Leavanny, counter with your Attract!”

    Both Leavanny and Gardevoir became infatuated!

    Excadrill mustered its strength and got up. Musharna was already on the offense, though. Hypnotic waves sent Clay’s Pokemon into a pink and purple trance. The fluorescent waves knocked Excadrill into a trans hypnotic sleep. Excadrill was asleep in the middle of the battlefield! Musharna’s eyes glowed green as a green screen enveloped Caitlyn’s team and then disappeared. A Reflect had been set up!

    Musharna gathered the energy around it and transformed it into a powerful Psyshock. Instead of aiming it at the enemy, Musharna attacked Gardevoir. That’s when Clay realized it.

    “Burgh, Musharna is going to release Gardevoir from its infatuation! We’ve got to do something,” Clay also fretted.

    “Too late…”

    Gardevoir’s eyes returned to normal as it sucked all the life out of Excadrill with a powerful Dream Eater. Musharna steadied another Psyshock that blew Leavanny out of the battlefield. Leavanny snapped out of its infatuation and stumbled back onto the field. Losing the last bit of its energy, Leavanny threw its arms down onto the field. A red force field erupted from the battlefield, engulfing all three of the other Pokemon. Critical damage was done to all of them. Gardevoir and Musharna were barely hanging on. It would be close.

    “Burgh, I have to give you credit for that Struggle Bug. It’s the most powerful one I’ve ever seen. Y’know, you’re not as dumb as everyone says y’re. I’ll have to start givin’ ya more credit.”

    Burgh’s eyes started to water. “Th-thanks, Clay.”

    “Don’t get wimpy on me now, ya hear.”

    Leavanny threw itself towards Gardevoir with a powerful X-Scissor. Gardevoir, on the defense, used an Ally Switch attack. Musharna was now in direct alignment with the attack. Leavanny slammed into the Reflect attack, however, and bounced right off. Leavanny landed next to the passed out Excadrill. All Leavanny could do now was try another Struggle Bug. And that’s what it did.

    The Struggle Bug blew the Psychic-types back. The awakened Excadrill slammed an X-Scissor into them, knocking them out. The gym leaders had won against all odds!

    Caitlin woke up but dismissed it all.

    Suddenly, the two leaders and their Pokemon had been transported back to the main room. In front of the statue was a little panel. It was beige like the rest of the room, but one quarter of it was blue now. Light radiated from it.

    “That must symbolize that one of the Elite Four has been beaten, Clay!”

    “Let’s hope the others can persevere.”

    “Don’t think I’ll go easy on y’all just because you’re a couple of pretty ladies, now. Y’all are making me miss cards, after all. Sawk and Mienshao, let’s show ‘em!” Marshall grunted again, and his Pokemon took the forefront.



    The girls squealed. The two of them were usually more professional, but this was like a field trip for them; they were bound to make it fun.

    Grimsley slyly stated, “My Liepard and Umbreon will destroy you.”

    “Yeah, whatever. Jellicent, come out for the win!” Marlon screamed. He gave up on trying to impress people. “This battle will be rad!”

    “Druddigon, come out for battle,” Drayden said.

    Brycen cringed. “Shauntal is really creepy.” His whole body shivered. Lenora was unfazed by Shauntal, however.

    “Audino, come battle this weirdo,” she said, normally.

    “Beartic, back up Audino,” Brycen said, his voice shaky.

    Two beings came out of the shadows. A Chandelure and Froslass hovered down to the battlefield. Shauntal joined them, smirking the entire time.

    “Okay, what gives? Why are you so creepy?” Brycen asked, out of the norm.

    “Creepy? You think this is creepy?” She hysterically laughed. “I’ll show you creepy. Chandelure, give them the spookiest Fire Blast you’ve got! Attack, attack, ATTACK!”

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    Note: This is a little shorter than the other chapters. I don't know it ended up that way, but it did. Enjoy!

    Chapter Twelve: Spotlight, Unova League (Part 2)!

    Chandelure spouted a gigantic Fire Blast out of its mouth in the shape of Beartic. The flaming attack raced across the battlefield, and the gym leaders were dumbfounded by the brute strength of it.

    “Audino, jump in front of that attack!”

    “Lenora…” Brycen was speechless.

    The attack hit, but a screen could be seen through the smoke from the fire. Audino had set up a Protect to help save itself and Beartic. On the offense, Beartic’s white body covered itself with cerulean water and swam across the field, slamming Chandelure with the powerful Aqua Jet attack. Beartic jumped out of the water in the air and sent an exuberant Brine into Chandelure.

    A flash covered Beartic as Froslass emitted a Thunder Wave. Beartic disappeared when the attack hit. Two more Beartic landed on the ground. A frigid Frost Breath escaped both of their mouths and hit Froslass hard.

    “You sneaky gym leader! I can’t believe your Beartic knows Double Team! I’m the queen of strategy here, you fool. Froslass and Chandelure, use your Ice Beam and Hidden Power!”

    Chandelure levitated back to the air next to Froslass. Milky white orbs surrounded its body. Chandelure hurled them, and Froslass gave them a nice coating of ice with Ice Beam as they soared towards the opposing team. One of the Beartic disappeared- the fake one- and the real one was slung back against Audino.

    “Audino, head straight in with Fire Punch!”

    “Cover Audino, Beartic,” Brycen screamed a little too loudly.

    Shauntal just cackled. “You know what to do.”

    Froslass summoned a black and purple orb in its hands. It was a milky opal color in the middle and dark black and purple as it got more towards the outside. Froslass slammed the orb and itself against the ground. Powerful gusts of wind raged out of it, diminishing the fire surrounded Audino’s fist and slinging it back to its own side. Chandelure gracefully danced around the gusts.

    “Ah!” Lenora grunted. “You purposely used a Ghost-type move on a Normal-type Pokemon to nullify the move, knowing it wouldn’t do any damage.”

    “Let’s try something new,” Brycen suggested.

    “I know just what to do,” Lenora responded.

    Audino surrounded Chandelure and Froslass with pink and blue aura. The Psychic attack gave a little bit of damage to both, but barely any. Audino jumped like a ninja and forced a Fire Punch onto Froslass. The Psychic lost control on both Pokemon. Froslass’ body sizzled from the heat as it sunk through the air. Chandelure quickly retorted with Fire Blast. Audino slammed into a pile of books, knocking one over by the name of My Summer Romance with Volkner.

    “The gym leader from Sinnoh? Really, Shauntal?” Lenora questioned. “Gross.”
    Froslass arose, and Chandelure went back on the offensive. The Ghost-type Pokemon created purple spires of fire with its mind. They danced around Chandelure’s body, and then hit Beartic one and at a time. When they were done, Beartic’s entire body went up in one huge flame. Beartic was burned by the Will-o-Wisp.

    A gigantic eye appeared above Chandelure. Small dark rings spouted of the eye, hitting Beartic one after another. Beartic would not be able to battle soon.

    “Combat that with Heal Pulse,” Lenora screamed.

    Audino waved its arms back and forth. Pink semicircle waves enveloped Beartic, fighting the Hex. The Hex was doing more of an effect than the Heal Pulse, though. Audino would have to finish it before Beartic is unable to battle.


    Audino enshrouded both Pokemon, which stopped the Hex attack. On cue, Beartic got up and used an Aqua Jet on the two Pokemon. Both Pokemon flinched majorly as Beartic hit them. Both of them fell to the ground. The gym leaders had done it! Shauntal returned her Pokemon, and Lenora, Brycen, Audino, and Beartic were transported to Clay and Burgh in the statue room.

    “You guys won, too?” Burgh eagerly asked.

    Half of the panel was lit up. That answered his question.

    “Double Team.” Grimsley calmly commanded.

    His Liepard and Umbreon both used the attack, surrounding Druddigon and Jellicent. The circle of Grimsley’s Dark-type Pokemon intimidated Jellicent, but Druddigon stood firm. Jellicent, in order to avoid attack, floated up as high as it could. Druddigon charged right in and used Flamethrower to eliminate as many copies as possible.

    Liepard and Umbreon both jumped, the only copies left. The duo both sent pulsing Shadow Balls in Druddigon’s gut, causing it to falter. Radiating beams knocked Druddigon onto its butt.

    “All of your Pokemon’s moves are synchronized!” Drayden gawked. He grunts and stood firm, not about to give in to Grimsley’s tricks.

    The Dark-types leaped and launched Iron Tails. Their tails turned grey and then black as coal. As the tails were in line with Druddigon, Jellicent hurled itself in front of the attack. Jellicent made the funniest looking face that Drayden had ever seen, but Drayden didn’t think it was funny when he realized what it did. Cursed Body had been activated! Neither Pokemon could use Iron Tail anymore!

    The two Pokemon retreated and retorted with a barrage of Shadow Balls. The Shadow Balls dissipated when they came in contact with Druddigon’s Dragon Claw, but a few hit Jellicent. Jellicent shoved Druddigon out of the way with its flappy hands and endured all of the Shadow Balls. Dark Pulses radiated even more now. Jellicent wouldn’t be able to last another hit.

    “Control your Pokemon, Marlon,” Drayden argued.

    “Jellicent knows exactly what he’s doing,” Marlon responded.

    A ghost in the same shape of Jellicent ascended out of Jellicent’s body and slammed Liepard and Umbreon. Both became weak while Jellicent’s energy was restored. The Pain Split was a success! Jellicent let loose a Confuse Ray on the two, and they slammed their own heads into the wall repeatedly.

    “Hydro Pump!”

    “Focus Blast!”

    Much like Keldeo had done with its own Focus Blast and Hydro Pump, Jellicent and Druddigon combined their attacks to make one strong Focus Pump. An astronomical splash knocked Grimsley’s Pokemon out. Drayden, Marlon, Jellicent, and Druddigon were now standing in front of Lenora, Burgh, Brycen, and Clay.

    “What? Huh? How?” Marlon rambled.

    “Let’s hope the girls are doing okay…” Burgh whispered.

    A giant creature entered the Champion’s Room and approached Iris, the Unova League Champion.

    It said, “Join my army, Iris. I know everything about you. Everything.”

    “Go away!” She screamed at the top of her lungs, but she was too far underneath the Pokemon League for anyone to hear her. “Hydreigon, Archeops, and Druddigon, come defend me!”

    The three Pokemon came out of their Poke Balls in a snap and dashed into the being’s face. Relentless attacks ensued, but no damage was being taken. In one swipe, all three Pokemon were hurtled into the back wall. Iris returned her Pokemon.

    “They were taken out so easily,” she whispered to herself. “So quickly, I lost.”

    “That’s it. Lose your confidence. You need me, and I need you.”

    “No.” She raised her head up high and released her other three Pokemon. Haxorus, Aggron, and Lapras simultaneously attacked. This trio actually did damage, too! An icy, pale blue chunk of rock fell of the entity. In one swipe, though, these three were defeated also. Iris crumbled to the ground crying, her dress practically swallowing her whole. “No. You won’t win.” The champion got back up; however, a shadow entered her body and possessed her body as soon as she did.

    “Yessss,” the Voice hissed. “I now have the champion of the Unova Region.”

    “I will now serve you, Lord,” Iris said to the being, bowing.

    The creature disappeared as soon as it had come. Iris had joined the Voice’s army of trainers and Pokemon alike.

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    Chapter Thirteen: Enter Iris! The Pathway to Sinnoh!

    “We’ve been fighting for a long time,” Elesa stated, panting. Emolga, Swanna, Sawk, and Mienshao were all putting up good efforts.

    “I’ll use Hurricane to stop them. You use Thunder,” Skyla replied.

    Swanna gracefully flew over top of the opposition and furiously flapped its wings. The Flying-types were tired of fighting and if it meant putting all of their strength into their last attacks, that was okay with them.

    The wind in the room picked up. Skyla and Elesa grabbed their heads to ensure their hair wouldn’t get caught in the attack. A column of air surrounded Sawk and Mienshao. No amount of Ice Punches or Brick Breaks would compromise the attack. Emolga spread its wings and rode the wind up and over Swanna. On top of the attack, Emolga sent a line of electricity in the form of a Thunder down on top of the Pokemon. Sawk and Mienshao fell to the ground.

    Swanna and Emolga retreated back to their side and perched on the battlefield. Sawk and Mienshao got up. Swanna put its last gusto into a Bubblebeam. The parade of bubbles bashed against the battered opposition. Emolga kissed an Electro Ball goodbye. Emolga and Swanna had completed the Elite Four mission.

    Elesa, Skyla, and their Pokemon were teleported back to the statue. The ground started to shake. The fourth portion of the statue lit up in blue. The statue began to descend into the ground. The girls quickly returned their Pokemon, and all of the gym leaders grabbed on to the statue. They all rode it down until it stopped. When they stepped off, they were at the entrance to the Champion’s Room.

    The entire room was filled with sand. One would think that they were at the Desert Resort of all places, not the Champion’s Room. A million steps were between them and Iris, it seemed. After climbing all of the stairs, they approached the room.

    The room was destroyed. It was like an astronomical battle had taken place there and Iris lost by a landslide. Iris’ Haxorus, Lapras, and Aggron were knocked out cold on the ground. She was returning them to her Poke Balls as the gym leaders were walking in.

    “Iris? Could we talk to you?” Burgh asked.

    “Go away.” Iris dismissed it immediately.

    “Iris. We’ve trained together for so many years. You’re the champion for a reason! What happened in here?” Drayden questioned.

    “None of your business.”

    “Please, Iris, just talk to us!” Elesa pleaded.

    “We even beat all of the Elite Four just to talk to you,” Skyla added.

    “I don’t care. I’ve got business to take care of.” Iris walked out of the room, shoving Marlon and Lenora out of her way.

    The group of eight gathered in the middle of the room. They all investigated the room, but there seemed to be no evidence of what exactly took place. None of them could place just what tore up the room.

    “I believe I’ve found something,” Brycen said, picking up a peace of light blue slab. “It’s freezing to the touch. It’s definitely made of a really hard type of stone, but no stone is this cold- only ice is. Maybe it’s ice and stone?”

    “I’ll look into it for you,” Lenora offered. “I might have a book on it somewhere in my library.” She took the slab and put it in her apron pocket.

    Two women walked into the room. One looked like she had just woken up and the other like she stayed up all night reading. They were none other than Caitlyn and Shauntal! The women walked over to the group and properly congratulated them on beating the Elite Four. It was no easy feat, after all.

    “We saw Iris leave and thought we’d see if you guys were still here,” Caitlin said.

    “If you guys didn’t want to battle our champion, what did you want?” Shauntal asked.

    “Info,” Marlon answered.

    “That was an awfully quick answer, gym leader,” Caitlin scoffed. She said it as if being a gym leader was a bad thing.

    The gym leaders told the two Elite Four members all about the information that they needed. They told about the battle that took place in Twist Mountain, about Purple, Grey, and Brittany, about Purple being lost, about the Kami Trio, about obtaining the Reveal Glass, and finally about losing Professor Juniper and Doctor Fennel.

    “We’re so sorry to hear about all of that,” Shauntal sympathized.

    “Normally I turn people away when they come to me, but I’m starting to like you guys. Here’s how it is, folks. I used to run a Battle Frontier Facility in the Sinnoh Region. My coworker Darach is still there running the Battle Castle.” Caitlin said.

    “Brittany and Grey did say that those two Team Galactic freaks were from the Sinnoh Region. Maybe that’s where Purple ended up,” Drayden pondered.

    “I don’t exactly know how the Reveal Glass works, but I’d be happy to come with you guys and help you out. I could contact Darach in Sinnoh and see if we can find your friend,” Caitlin offered.

    “It’s not gonna be that easy,” Shauntal said. “In order for the Reveal Glass to work, you have to have something that you and the recipient both cherish. You stick it in the mirror and it’ll show you the person.”

    “No problem, then. I have the Gold Commemorative Print from the Battle Castle that should tie us together.” Caitlin said, impressing herself.

    “Then I guess you’re coming with us, Caitlin,” Elesa cheered.

    “I’m gonna stay with Shauntal,” Lenora blurted out. “I mean- I’m gonna stay and study this ice slab with her because of her vast library.”

    With that said, the seven gym leaders and Caitlin left the Pokemon League, leaving Lenora behind with Shauntal. The seven gym leaders went their own ways, but Skyla flew Caitlin to Grey and Brittany in Nuvema Town first. Their first mission would begin from there.

    “Where are we?” Fennel asked as she woke up, everything still a blur. Everything was fuzzy, but she could tell she was in a jail cell.

    Juniper was already awake. From across the room, she said, “Veronica’s jail cell. She escaped somehow, so this must be her doing.”

    Fennel frantically grabbed for her Poke Balls, but they were gone.

    “Don’t even bother,” Juniper sighed. “Whoever did this to us took all of our Poke Balls. Hydreigon, Meloetta, the Kami Trio, and your Musharna are all gone.”

    “Not gone- out there!” Fennel was pointing out of the cell. Outside of the cell was a simple gray table. On the table were all of their Poke Balls.

    “What the-? I leave for a few days and I come back to this?” Drayden, upon arriving back in Opelucid City, was seeing Underworld grunts all over the city. The Pokemon Center, the gym, and the jail were all blocked by grunts.

    “Impressed?” Veronica hissed from behind. Drayden turned around just to see Veronica. She had gotten her Pokemon back. Eevee charged at him, but he simply sidestepped to dodge it. He called forth his Altaria who just pushed it back with its wings. “Oh, you dolt! Return, Eevee. We have a lot more training to do.”

    Veronica retreated back into the jail. Drayden quickly followed. As soon as he got close, Underworld grunts sent out their Pokemon, Vaporeon and Flareon from the previous fights. Barrages of Hydro Pumps and Flamethrowers barreled at Drayden and Altaria, but one Dragon Pulse knocked both Pokemon out. Altaria and Drayden pushed forward into the building.

    “That’s it! My flower hairpin!” Fennel exclaimed. She grabbed the pin out of her hair. She approached the iron bars that separated her from her Pokemon. With every ounce of her and Juniper’s hope, she threw the pin like a dart and hit one of the Poke Balls on the table. She didn’t know Poke Ball from Poke Ball, but she was hoping it was something good. Out came Meloetta!

    “Great job, Fennel!” Now listen to me, Meloetta,” Juniper said. “Use Relic Song to transform into your Pirouette Forme. You’re more aggressive then and can save us!”

    Beautiful singing filled the room. Meloetta transformed. Meloetta grew angry that the iron bars were separating her from her best friend, Professor Juniper. The Pokemon started punching and kicking the bars with a melodic Close Combat that only Meloetta could perform and ascertain. With the bars weakened, Meloetta used Psychic to finish the job and transformed back into its Aria Forme.

    The bars were all over the room as if someone had taken a can of paint and just aimlessly splattered it. Regardless, it was a job well done. Juniper and Fennel stepped out of the cell. As soon as they did, the blonde from the plane walked in. This time she had a mask on so nobody could identify her. She grabbed a Poke Ball from her waist.

    “You’re not getting out of here,” the mystery girl grunted.

    “Wanna bet?” Drayden rhetorically asked as Altaria smacked the girl unconsciously to the ground with its wing. Drayden returned Altaria, and the two women grabbed all of their Poke Balls from the table.

    “How on Earth could the two of you competent ladies get taken like this?” Drayden asked, dumbfounded.

    “I’m not quite sure,” Fennel responded. “I don’t remember much at all.

    “It’s time to find out who took us,” Juniper said, kneeling down to the barely breathing corpse. Altaria sure had knocked the breath out of her, whoever she was!
    Juniper yanked the mask off of the young woman, taken aback by what she saw. Juniper started to cry. Sheer betrayal sank into her heart as she saw who had done this- who was aiding the enemy.

    “Bianca!?” She cried out.
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    Oh snap. Never expected it to be Bianca!!

    Nice chapter I cant wait for the next one!
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    Okay! Sorry it took so long for me to get around to reading this. I justvhavent been able to sit down and read lately.

    I still love the story. I have been waiting for the sequel for a long time, and I nearly had a heart attack when you told me about this. This one has improved a lot since the first one. I'm a little curious as to who this mysterious voice is and how it fits into the story. Was it the mastermind behind the story? I'm excited to keep reading! Keep it up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by InVicta View Post
    Oh snap. Never expected it to be Bianca!!

    Nice chapter I cant wait for the next one!
    Quote Originally Posted by Klizcool View Post
    Okay! Sorry it took so long for me to get around to reading this. I justvhavent been able to sit down and read lately.

    I still love the story. I have been waiting for the sequel for a long time, and I nearly had a heart attack when you told me about this. This one has improved a lot since the first one. I'm a little curious as to who this mysterious voice is and how it fits into the story. Was it the mastermind behind the story? I'm excited to keep reading! Keep it up!
    Thanks for the feedback, guys!

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    Chapter Fourteen: Getting Gible from Galactic!

    “Oh, you’re awake! We’ve got great news!” A Nurse Joy was standing over Purple who was lying in a hospital bed. “While you were here, all of your Pokemon were healed and given spa treatments. All of them are fresh and rejuvenated. OH! How could I forget? Your Ralts evolved into Kirlia while you were out from your treatment! You’ll be able to see your newly evolved Pokemon as soon as you’re able to get out of bed.”

    Purple felt on top of the world. He could do anything he could before the accident with Electivire! But he knew it was only temporary. Soon he’d start to get bad again. His entire body would throb and ache again, the poison setting in more and more. Without the Secret Potion from Brittany, Purple would never fully heal.

    He hobbled out of bed, his feet still asleep. He made it to the door and out to the elevator. When he arrived at the front desk, he was told that his Pokemon were in the spa area. The electric door opened and there were his Pokemon! Duosion, Staravia, and Kirlia were all frolicking in the water. Plants of all different kinds spawned out over the sides of the room. The room was circular after the entrance, the plants looping around it. In the middle of the room was the big pool. It also acted as a hot tub. Upon seeing their trainer, the Pokemon tackled Purple.

    Purple laughed with glee as he hugged his Pokemon. Kirlia was wearing some kind of necklace, but Purple assumed it was nothing. He returned them all to their Poke Balls, and that’s when it hit him. “GIBLE!” He shouted so loudly that the entire hospital heard him, all seven floors. How could he have forgotten about Team Galactic getting away with Gible and Buck’s Torkoal? And Buck!

    They split up and never regrouped!

    The Nurse Joy from before entered the room.

    “Purple? May I have a word with you?”

    “Yeah, of course,” he replied.

    She reached into her scrub pocket and pulled out a Poke Ball. She gently put it in Purple’s palm. “Inside of that Poke Ball is a Chansey. Chansey’s Refresh attack may be able to prolong you until you get the real antidote. Keep it. It will make a great addition to your team.” She winked to Purple and walked out of the room.

    With a new partner in hand, Purple left the hospital and headed for Veilstone City. He had seen a news report on one of the televisions in the hospital’s lobby about suspicious activity there. If Team Galactic was there, so were his Gible and maybe Buck.

    Purple immediately left for Veilstone City via Route 209. He left the city “where hearts touch each other”. The trip took a few hours, turning day into late afternoon. Purple trained vigorously all along Routes 209, 210, and 215. Kirlia and Staravia were growing quite strong after the gym battles and training they had been through in the short amount of time they had been with Purple.

    “Is this finally it?” Purple panted as he exited the Veilstone City Gate and entered the city.

    “How big can this building even be?” Buck thought to himself. After splitting up from Purple and never hearing back from him, Buck decided to head out alone. Being a treasure hunter, Buck was good at finding things. He had seen the Galactic grunts come into the building, but he lost them. He’d been wandering the building for hours looking.

    The Galactic Warehouse was huge. It wasn’t elaborately decorated like Jupiter’s was in Eterna City, and it didn’t need to be. It got the job done. Any trespassers who weren’t defeated by grunts would just get lost. The size of the building was a sort of backup plan. It was working on both Buck and Purple.

    Purple had been attacked by numerous grunts. Their Magnemite and Golbat were not match for Kirlia and Staravia. Purple kept them out of their Poke Balls in case of more attacks.

    “Torkoal!” Buck blurted out as he ran into the room that held Torkoal and Gible captive.

    Gible and Torkoal had been removed from the electric nets since the encounter on Mount Coronet and were now in somehow floating in clear tubes that were pedestalled up in the center of the room. Two grunts charged at Buck, but called forth her Baltoy and had it use Drill Run. Spinning like a top, the Drill Run pushed the two grunts straight to the ground. One more person stood between him and his Pokemon. The man’s back was to Buck; he was facing the columns. The more Buck persisted to rebel against Team Galactic, the more red rays came down from the top of the column and zapped the two Pokemon, draining their energy.

    “The machine that is zapping them has energy from the broken Red Chain we used years ago. It’s draining their power.” He never turned around.

    Baltoy tried another Drill Run. The attack pierced Torkoal’s column, but it wasn’t enough to fully shatter it. A grunt came from behind and grabbed Buck, cupping his mouth to silence his scream. The grunt pulled him into the hallway and took off his light blue wig.

    “Before you scream- it’s okay! I’m Detective Looker of the International Police. I’ve been undercover here for a while, so I know just how to get your Pokemon out. We’ll need a distraction.”

    As Looker said that, Purple came running down the hallway, Kirlia and Staravia following. Grunts with their Magnezone and Golbat were trailing the teenager.

    “I found our distraction,” Buck sneered. “Baltoy, Drill Run the Magnezone and Psybeam the Golbat!”

    With a few attacks from Baltoy, the grunts were defeated and sent running. Purple thanked Buck and was informed of the plan. Purple returned his Pokemon as he needed to to succeed in his part of the plan. Looker put his disguise back on and handcuffed Purple. He brought Purple into the room with the capture and Pokemon and said, “Lord Saturn, I bring you Purple, the one that threatens your plans.”

    For the first time since they had gotten there, Saturn turned around. He paced over to Purple and yanked the cuffs. He dragged him over to the right side of the plain room and touched a panel. His handprint was recognized and a secret door opened. Now was Buck’s chance. Buck ran into the room, commanding Baltoy to persist with multiple Drill Runs.Torkoal’s column shattered into a million pieces, grabbing Saturn’s attention instantaneously.

    “You pest! I’ll just have to lock you up as well.”

    Purple slipped out of the handcuffs when Saturn turned around. From behind, Looker grabbed a crow bar out of his boot that was tucked into his pants and whacked Saturn in the back of the head. He fell to his knees and hit the ground hard. Gible’s column shattered next and they were free! Gible and Torkoal hugged their trainers as thanks for rescuing them.

    “Hurry, get out of here. He’ll wake up soon. There’s a warp tile over on the other side of the room. As soon as you step on it, it will take you to the entrance of the building.” Looker ran out of the room and regained his grunt persona. The kids did as told and warped to the entrance.

    “It’s not gonna be that easy,” Mars purred. “Purugly, Shadow Ball.”

    Nothing was standing between them in the door. Mars and Purugly were at the service desk, so all they really needed to do was evade the Shadow Balls and escape.

    “As soon as we get out use Selfdestruct,” Buck ordered. Baltoy nodded.

    The kids got out of the building. When they did, Baltoy hovered in the threshold and grew intensely bright. The Pokemon exploded, throwing itself outside into the sheer darkness of nighttime. The façade of the building crumbled inward. Team Galactic would not be pursuing them.

    A shadow covered the building and Buck and Purple for a moment making it darker than it already was. When it cleared, Purple made out the outline of Giratina flying over Veilstone City. Giratina was heading south towards Pastoria City.

    “I’m following Giratina,” Purple yelled as he ran off after it.

    “And I’ll stay here and check on the rest of the city,” Buck said, knowing Purple couldn’t hear as he had already run off.

    “How could you?” Juniper screamed out to Bianca. After being knocked out, Bianca was tied up to a chair, her feet and hands bound.

    “Professor! What… happened? Where am I and what are Fennel and Drayden doing here?”

    “Oh give it a break,” Juniper retorted. “Why did you kidnap Fennel and I?” After a minute of no response, she screamed, “ANSWER ME!”

    “I… don’t know.”

    Juniper stepped up to Bianca like she was going to hit her. Fennel grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

    “I’ve known you since you were little! I gave you your starter Pokemon two years ago. You and your Tepig grew together until it was an Emboar. You competed in the Unova League and became my assistant after losing. You were gonna be a professor someday. You had everything going for you. Why this? Why now?”

    “I told you. I really don’t know. It was as if I was possessed,” Bianca answered.

    “When Veronica was put here in the Opelucid City Jail, she said that she was possessed in her statement. Maybe something is actually doing this… It would explain those two Galactic girls, too,” Drayden said.

    “Come on, Juniper. You’ve said and asked enough. Let’s go home,” Fennel said. She pushed Juniper out of the room. Juniper seethed with anger. She let herself get betrayed by a close friend and colleague. “I’ll take you back to your lab and pick up Grey and Brittany for the rest of our mission.”

    “I’ll make sure Bianca is locked up. She won’t escape like Veronica- who I still need to find. She ran in here earlier… Where could she have gone?” Drayden wondered.

    Bianca’s voice completely changed. It turned demonic. “She got away. She’s gonna bring the Unova region down and make it hers. Just you wait.”

    “I know all about your shady past, too, Juniper,” the Voice added.

    Juniper cringed. She had to get out of there. The duo left, leaving Drayden to deal with her.

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    Chapter Fifteen: Persevering in Pastoria City (Part 1)!

    Two days has passed since Purple and Buck fought with Team Galactic in Veilstone City. Purple had ditched Buck and pursued Giratina, who had been flying south towards Pastoria City. Over the course of the two days, Purple had been strengthening all of his Pokemon with trainer battles and wild Pokemon battles alike.

    “Psybeam, Kirlia!” Seaking was unable to battle.

    “Staravia, use Wing Attack!” Tangela was unable to battle.

    “Use your Dig attack, Gible!” Shieldon was unable to battle.

    “Try your Pound, Chansey!” Houndoom was unable to battle.

    His Sinnoh Pokemon were really growing! Purple was approaching the almost coastal city. There was a beach right outside of the city, but the gate into the city cut it off. As he neared the gate, however, a trainer confronted him.

    “I’ve been waiting all day for a good battle. Battle me, kid!”

    “You’re not much older than me,” Purple said confusedly.

    “Glameow, come strut your stuff!”

    “Really? A tough guy like you with a Glameow? Chansey, come take him down!”

    Glameow raced across the field, claws extending from its paw. The claws glowed and then slashed Chansey’s face. Chansey, upon getting up, started to wiggle its glowing fingertips back and forth. After a moment of wagging, a Magma Storm attack rained down onto Glameow. It was unavoidable. Scarlet lava rained down onto the opposition, knocking it out. The trainer roared in fury.

    “Buizel, come show this punk!”

    Buizel raced off as soon as it was released. Multiple Aqua Jets tossed Chansey throughout the sand laden battlefield. Like a strong trooper does, the Egg Pokemon got back up.

    “Use Frustration!”

    Chansey took a few steps back and then started to sprint with a faint glow. When Chansey hit Buizel’s body, the impact sent the Pokemon flying into the city! Its trainer ran after it, Purple following after returning Chansey.

    As they ran into the city, the trainer asked, “How come your Chansey uses Frustration?”

    “You see, I just got this Chansey. It still isn’t familiar with me, thus Frustration is a stronger move for it. Once it fully likes me and trusts me and we bond, it will learn Return,” Purple respectfully answered.

    “Over there!” He said, pointing to the entrance to the Great Marsh. He grabbed Buizel, returned it, and ran off to the Pokemon Center to heal his two Pokemon that Purple had so easily beaten.

    One of the Great Marsh workers approached Purple and said, “Did you see what happened to that Buizel? When it was sent soaring into the Great Marsh from that battle outside of town, Giratina attacked it! That’s how it ended up unconscious out here!”

    “So you’re telling me that Giratina is inside there?”

    “Yeah!” The worker walked off. He didn’t seem scared, just a little bit worried.

    “Now hold your britches, young man. You can’t just go fight Giratina,” a man said while walking up to Purple. He wasn’t wearing a shirt, but he was wearing blue pants with black around his thighs and an orange belt and orange sneakers. He wore a partial blue mask, making his eyes and mouth visible. “My name’s Wake- Crasher Wake- and as gym leader of this here city, I can’t just let ye go battle the powerful Giratina. It would be slaughter.”

    “See, sir,” he said in a rude and sarcastic tone, “it won’t be slaughter. Come with me and you’ll see. And if you’re really a gym leader, you’ll try to help.”

    With that said, Purple walked into the Great Marsh.

    The Marsh was in pure devastation. Pokemon were running around chickens with their heads cut off. None of knew where to go. There was nowhere to go. Giratina was in the center wreaking havoc and destroying their home. Tangela and Carnivine were swinging from trees trying to find trees that weren’t on fire to rest on. Barboach, Wooper, Quagsire, and Whischash were lying on the bottom of the ponds trying not to be noticed and avoid Giratina’s attention.

    Land-dwellers such as Bidoof, Bibarel, Shroomish, Breloom, Paras, and Parasect scattered throughout the forest of the marsh as Giratina acted on its wrath and fury. Fires were spreading like crazy from Giratina’s Will-o-Wisps. Flames erupted in every nook and cranny of the Great Marsh. Smoke filled the air, bellowing out into Pastoria City. When Purple turned around to view the entrance of the marsh, Nurse Joy and the trainer from before were coming in. They met up with Purple in the midst of the attacks.

    “We’ve got to evacuate the marsh,” Joy said. “These Pokemon didn’t do anything to deserve this!”

    “I agree. Let’s set it up at the entrance. We need to get the Pokemon’s attention, though. How can we do that without alerting Giratina to our location?” the trainer asked.

    “Leave that to me. It will alert Giratina, but I’ll be ready to fight it. Chansey and Duosion,” Purple called. “Help this trainer and Nurse Joy evacuate the Pokemon!”

    Joy, the trainer, Duosion, and Chansey set off to gather the Pokemon and bring them to exit the marsh.

    “Kirlia, Staravia, and Gible, I hope you’re ready to fight,” he said while letting them out. “We’ve come a long way in a short amount of time. All three of you have. You’ve been defeating gym leaders, battling Team Galactic, and training your butts off. It’s time to show everyone how far you’ve come. I believe in all of you, okay? I do. I love all three of you.” A tear welled up in Purple’s eye, but he brushed it off so his Pokemon wouldn’t see. “Let’s fight. Aim your Astonish at the sky, Staravia. Kirlia, use Magic Leaf at the Astonish. Gible, use your DragonBreath attack inside of the Astonish!”

    The red sound waves of Astonish roared into the smoky, burning skies of the Great Marsh. Kirlia twirled in a nonstop pirouette and Magical Leaf swirled around the sound waves all the way up. Gible opened up its gigantic mouth and released the DragonBreath. The light blue, wispy attack spun in the middle, almost causing a tornado of the three moves. All of the Pokemon started to follow it to the exit. Joy and the gang ran to the exit and prepared it for all of the Pokemon to exit.

    Nurse Joy picked up her phone and called for her kids. “Paige? Yeah, I need you and all of your sisters to come to the Great Marsh entrance right away. Bring all of the Pokemon Center’s supplies. We’ve got a lot of work to do.”

    Giratina was sure to notice the attack. The grumpy Pokemon leaped into the air in the blink of an eye and slammed onto the ground in front of Purple. His Pokemon discontinued the attacks and focused on Giratina. Giratina could do his worst but Purple would never give up. He had more determination than ever before. Everything was on the line for him. If he could get Giratina to retreat back to the Distortion World, Team Galactic would have no way to harness it and use its powers for their own selfish, greedy use.

    Instead of attacking Purple’s Pokemon like he expected, Giratina focused on attacking the weak and defenseless Pokemon that were being evacuated. Outside of the Great Marsh, Nurse Joys and trainers alike had set up stations to tend to the hurt Pokemon. Various Pokemon were treated for burns, being hurt by Giratina’s moves, and many other things. They were doing the best they could, but there were too many Pokemon to tend to. They needed Giratina to leave so the Pokemon could go back to their home.

    As if a rifle was firing, Aura Spheres were shooting out of Giratina’s mouth and landing themselves on and around the wild Pokemon. Holes were being formed in all of the dry land. Pokemon were falling in, not being able to escape. Aura Spheres that hit the swamp part of marsh just created walls of water that protected itself if any of the wild Pokemon rebelled and tried to defend themselves.

    “Listen here you big bully,” Purple yelled, throwing a rock at Giratina.

    Giratina changed its focus. An Aura Sphere was heading right towards Purple and his Pokemon!

    “Kirlia! Control it with your Confusion!” Purple screamed. The Confusion attack was nullified and didn’t help at all. The attack was too strong! “New plan. Slow it down with your DragonBreath, Gible!” The wispy Dragon-type move hit the attack but only managed to slow it down a little bit. “Staravia, go in with your Wing Attack!”

    Staravia soared at the attack but didn’t illuminate its wings with the attack that Purple was hoping for. Staravia tucked its wings in it tight, and its body burst into flames. The flames turned blue. With wings now out, Staravia crashed right into the Aura Sphere with its newly learned Brave Bird attack. The attack was stopped, but Staravia’s body cratered into one of the holes in the ground.

    The next series of moves were easily avoidable. Aura Spheres, Shadow Balls, and Will-o-Wisps were sent at Purple and his Pokemon for a long time, but Gible, Staravia, and Kirlia managed to evade them all. They were even able to combine their forces and stop some of the attacks. Staravia would practice its new Brave Bird attack on some of the weaker looking attacks, but it could only do it for so long due to recoil damage.

    Giratina summoned an extra powerful Aura Sphere. It launched the attack at Purple’s Pokemon. Giratina was thinking a step ahead. Being on the ground and so strong, Giratina could sense where Gible would come up from its Dig attack. The second Gible resurfaced, the Aura Sphere smacked it back into the ground hard. Giratina sent two Aura Spheres out now.- one at Kirla and one at Staravia. Like a graceful dancer, Kirlia pirouetted out of the way of one. Staravia aerially maneuvered its way out of the other one. Sadly for them, though, they ran into each other and fell just like Giratina wanted. With Kirlia and Staravia crumpled on the ground together, Giratina sent one last Aura Sphere down on Purple’s Pokemon.

    In the nick of time, a mainly orange aquatic Pokemon flew up into the attack and ceased it with Ice Punch.

    “You’re welcome.”

    “Wake? You actually came!” Purple said, relieved.

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    Chapter Sixteen: Persevering in Pastoria City (Part 2)!

    “I took a lot of thought to what you said to me. You were right. As a gym leader, I’ve got to defend my city. Floatzel, use Ice Punch on Giratina,” Wake firmly said. His Pokemon leaped up to Giratina’s face and slugged an Ice Punch across its face. That only made Giratina madder. Giratina roared, and Floatzel slammed into the ground. “Why did you choose these three Pokemon and not your other two, Purple?”

    “These three are perfect for battling and dodging Giratina. Staravia can aerially move around its attacks; Kirlia can teleport away from the attacks; and Gible can use Dig to dodge the attacks!”
    “That’s clever, if I do say so myself,” Wake applauded.

    “Thanks! Behind Giratina is a bunch of swamp water. You have more Water-types right, Wake? Let them out to fight!”

    “Right! Gyarados and Quagsire, it’s time for battle!” He tossed the two Poke Balls into the air, and Gyarados and Quagsire appeared to the left and right of Giratina, respectively. “Steadily use your Ice Beam and Blizzard attacks on Giratina!” The Ice-type attacks were doing little damage to Giratina, but it was still some.

    Gible regrouped with Staravia and Kirlia and they regained their battle poses. A Shadow Ball was sent at them, but their attacks exploded it before it could reach them. Giratina went on a sudden rampage and started slinging Aura Spheres in every direction. Unfortunately, one hit Purple’s Pokemon. When the smoke cleared, the Pokemon were struggling to get up. A sudden burst of light blinded everything and everyone in the Great Marsh. When it finally went away, three new Pokemon were standing in front of the Mistralton-native trainer. His Pokemon had all simultaneously evolved into Staraptor, Gabite, and Gallade.

    “My Pokedex says that Gallade evolves from Kirlia when holding a Dawn Stone.” And then it hit him. Kirlia had been wearing a necklace ever since he left the hospital. The Nurse Joys at the hospital must’ve sensed that Kirlia was male and would be evolving into Gallade soon and gave him the necklace.

    Purple exclaimed, “Let’s try your new moves! All at once, guys! Gallade, use Psycho Cut; Gabite, use Draco Meteor; and Staraptor, use Brave Bird since your new Close Combat won’t affect Giratina!”

    Wake added, “Quagsire and Gyarados, use your Blizzards! Floatzel, keep up with Gallade and use Ice Punch!”

    Quagsire and Gyarados cemented Giratina in place by using Blizzard to freeze the swamp water all around it. They then started to work the Blizzard up Giratina’s body. Staraptor was next. Staraptor lit up in Brave Bird and rammed itself into Giratina’s stomach. Giratina’s head hurtled over to its chest in pain. With its head lowered from Staraptor, Gallade infused its sword arms with Psychic-type power and ran for Giratina. Floatzel followed with its fist enclosed with ice. Ice Punch and Psycho Cut knocked Giratina’s head backwards, hitting its back. Giratina repositioned itself to its normal posture, and Gabite steadied its attack.

    Gabite summoned its Dragon-type move and sent the orange ball into the air. Once high enough, the Draco Meteor blew up and each meteor fell back to the earth. Meteor after meteor hit Giratina. It had had enough. Tired of being hit with these moves, Giratina jumped up into the air, shattering all of the ice. The ice shrapnel hit all of Purple and Wake’s Pokemon, causing lots of damage. Giratina flew off into the sunset. They’d been fighting all day, it seemed. It was almost night time!

    The two trainers returned their Pokemon and exited the Great Marsh. All of the trainers and Nurse Joys were about done with the wild Pokemon. Great Marsh workers filled the marsh and immediately set to work fixing it up. The Pokemon were finally returned to their homes.

    After a while of walking through the stress laden city, Wake finally turned to Purple and said, “I’m sorry for what I said to ya, man. I’ve been really busy lately. I’ve had a lot of hard decisions to make and didn’t even know if I was making the right ones. But all of that aside, I’d like to present you with the Fen Badge.” The gym leaders pulled the badge out of his pocket and laid it in Purple’s hand.

    “Th-thanks, Wake. I can honestly say I wasn’t expecting that. But I can’t just take this badge… Battle me. We can heal our Pokemon from the fight, but meet me on the beach outside of town at ten tonight. We’ll battle there.”

    With that said, the two went their separate ways. Purple healed his Pokemon at the Pokemon Center, getting his Duosion and Chansey back from Nurse Joy in the process. He took a little power nap since he’d been battling and fighting all day. When he awoke, his Pokemon were all ready for battle. He grabbed them and was off to the battlefield.

    Ten-o-clock came, and there was no sign of Crasher Wake. Eleven… Eleven-thirty… There was still no sign of Crasher Wake.

    “I know I already have the Fen Badge,” Purple said aloud, “but I’d still like to prove it in battle. I guess I was too stupid to think that he’d actually show up.”

    Purple started to walk away when he heard, “Where are ya going? We gonna battle?”

    “Where have you been, Wake? I thought you were gonna ditch me! We were supposed to battle an hour and a half ago!” Purple was furious.

    “Sorry.” That’s all he said. After a minute of silence, he said, “I’m a huge wrestling fan. I wrestle. My Pokemon wrestle. There was a special wresting tournament on the television… I got carried away.”

    “Whatever. If we’re gonna battle, let’s do it. My first Pokemon will be Staraptor.”

    “Mine will be Floatzel.”

    “You’re starting with your strongest Pokemon!?” Purple was astonished. Wake just chuckled.

    Both Pokemon came out of their Poke Balls and were ready to defend their trainer’s pride. Staraptor flew in with a Steel Wing, its wings glowing charcoal black. Floatzel countered with a chilly Ice Punch. Both Pokemon took critical damage. Staraptor turned red and then blue and soared in with Brave Bird. Floatzel summoned a Whirlpool that guarded it, but Brave Bird went right through it. After hitting Floatzel with the Brave Bird, Staraptor repeatedly slapped and kicked Wake’s Pokemon with its wings and talons. Floatzel collapsed and couldn’t battle further.

    “That was quick, Wake. What happened to Floatzel being so strong?” He chuckled again.

    “Here’s your real opponent,” he said, throwing a Poke Ball into the air. A blue and white flash occurred and an Empoleon stood on the beach in front of Wake.

    Empoleon, the Emperor Pokemon and the evolved form of Prinplup. If anyone were to hurt its pride, it would slash them with wings that can cleave through an ice floe.

    “So this is your strongest Pokemon, eh? Staraptor, Close Combat!”

    Staraptor went in for the kill, but Empoleon summoned a powerful blue sphere in its mouth. It was a Hydro Canon! The Hydro Canon forcefully rushed out of Empoleon’s mouth and smacked Staraptor in the face, pushing it into the sand. Swirls in its eye determined its fate.

    “One hit and Staraptor’s down!? UGH. Gallade, come show them how powerful you are!”

    “Hydro Canon and then Metal Claw!”

    Empoleon summoned another Hydro Canon. But this time, after sending it at Gallade, Empoleon’s bladelike arms turned charcoal black and slashed at the attack, making it ten times more forceful. As the attack neared Gallade, Gallade teleported. Gallade appeared in the middle of the battlefield. Unexpectedly, Empoleon set off towards Gallade with a Bulldoze attack. Empoleon was charging, making the ground shake. Gallade almost lost its footing. Wake made sure Gallade couldn’t teleport by making sure he couldn’t find any balance!

    Gallade hit the dust. The Bulldoze sent Gallade flying. Like a ninja from different anime Purple had seen, Gallade leaped into the air and came down onto Empoleon with a Drain Punch that restored its own HP. Empoleon got back and stared Gallade in the eye.

    “Remember when I said questions to ponder? Empoleon is my question. I got Empoleon as a Piplup when I started my journey years ago. We’ve trained together ever since. But Empoleon got an offer by Marshal of the Unova Elite Four about a month ago to train professionally with him as a Pokemon wrestler. I don’t want to part with Empoleon, though…”

    While Wake was getting sappy with the story and not paying attention to the battle, Gallade took it upon himself to keep hitting Empoleon with Drain Punches.

    “Enough of this battle. Empoleon, use Swords Dance and go hand-to-hand with Metal Claw!”

    “You too, Gallade! Use Psycho Cut on the Metal Claws!”

    Empoleon charged up its attacks with the weird dance move and made its arms glow black. Gallade’s grew pink from Psychic energy. Metal Claws and Psycho Cuts collided like a sword fight- a duel. The Pokemon were acting as knights. Neither Pokemon was giving up. After about ten minutes of the dueling, both Pokemon were becoming increasingly tired. Gallade gave in a little bit, and Empoleon started to strike and end it.


    It was a decoy. Gallade jabbed Empoleon with one last Drain Punch and ended the battle. Wake ran off and hugged Empoleon, hugging it as he did. He walked off without saying a word to Purple. Purple had killed Wake’s pride.

    “He’ll be okay after a little while,” Purple cheerfully said while returning Gallade. “You battled well, buddy.

    The aspiring trainer checked himself into the Pokemon Center to sleep for the night. He could sleep well knowing he actually earned his Fen Badge and didn’t get it just for doing his duty as a Pokemon trainer. Gallade and Staraptor were being treated downstairs by Nurse Joy while he slept.

    When he awoke, he got his Pokemon back and was told he had a message. When he got down to the receptionist desk, Nurse Joy told him that there was someone outside looking for him. He ran over to the front door. The electronic door slid open. Facing the opposite direction was a tall woman with long, blond hair. She turned around and found Purple staring up at her.

    “It’s nice to finally see you!”


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